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THU HR 2 042122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 22, 2022 12:25 am

THU HR 2 042122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 22, 2022 12:25 am

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Hey kiddo how is the health to learn anything. Yeah that ripping power uses spontaneous joy. The I contest let you do 50 destinations worldwide from 249 adult drop in for next winter now and save my donate and listen to the podcast W all right be in Illinois pledging 100 do you know 100 no gray just came in and told me if you going to donate what credit card you have to have an email what that's that's cool.

What about all these people. It credit card with no emails what you say about that Craig. Okay.

All right. Okay is that it's a PayPal thing, always passing the blame okay right arrived. Yeah, yeah, that's what that's what I like to do. I like to write checks and I like pink as he still takes it simply on the lot. During hey I wanted earlier all talk about this drag queen story. Our at Oklahoma University. All this is happening at colleges all across the country this drag queen thing is spreading like wildfire and what they've done and this will help people understand this one.

Drake Windows 8 story a crayon story about a blue crayon who was mistakenly labeled Dr. Cranmer was born his red and the stories uses an allegory for transgender is and this is how they normalize the stock to two and three and four-year-olds. This poor blue crayon was labeled as a red bicycle new horrible doctor when there was board and put into the crayon box itself solely to an adult but this is how they're getting through to the children at that age and that is those younger ages are so susceptible when they implant things like that. Maybe I was put in all the doctors pick me wrong. Maybe I was a red crayon known. This is the kind of thing that they're doing and I'm looking at. I've got a pile of stories of people that are coming out now and telling they had to transition back. They had to go word I'm looking for dark can think of it, but in the transition and there are several ruminative coming-out article in sub stack by Susie Weiss and they were talking about how they were having mental issues at school and they were ignored until somebody mentioned in all this transition and transgender and one woman said as soon as I said I was trans. Well, I got all the help I needed all hands on deck, but what I just said I was having these identity issues and mental problems. Nobody help me and the talking about what another woman so you not tell you but will usually know of these of these women that were, and wrote that article on sub stack. Okay, so the and wait a minute, tell us we need to know something what color Cranmer. Would you be I'm red white and blue ribbon through so you three commands she said are you will you call a transgression of a patriotic crayon. If I had to be a crayon and I think you better stick to your days, you don't have the comedy club circuit starved to death. I thought that was pretty funny. You don't have allowed.encouraged you think today people are starting the week of the parents with this whole trans thing in the damages been so would we done so many articles on the damages done to children. The damage and I hear you take visible where these masks you put these master these five and six-year-olds and you know they can tell the way you identify people and identify their feelings by their facial expressions so these kids can tell if you're smiling when you talk to Bill if you're frighteningly talking to the outlet so this has a psychological effect on the children. It is like I gotta cover my face will why am I that ugly her so that I have to cover wine we all cover their faces and then you talk about being confused listen when I was a kid in and you know in grade school. If a teacher would've said that the are you sure you're a boy, maybe you're a girl and a boy's body, they would've said something like that that teacher would've been fired on the spot. Okay. And probably you know examine for mental illness or some kind of the wood today and it's about destroying it's about destroying the hearts and the minds of the children we have an extremely wicked and the meter there a lot of people that are transition that wish they had to call their treatment hideous barbaric father saying what they're doing to the children, child abuse and their doing damages to reversible these are people that have gone through this and though there actually even calling it cultural Marxism there. Waking up and the saying D is a smart cultural Marxism. Whether these were things to destroy the children destroy the family destroy the faith so they can have the government control and I'm looking at a list of the probably a dozen people and one of the things is that a lot of the times the news agencies and newspeople would not listen to their story didn't want to put out the truth about how they had 20 trying get back to normal.

How they wished. They totally regretted the transitioning and the sum of things they did there were permanent and story after story, but the mainstream media and most even like dental news does not tell these people story no legal and hidden whenever the narrative is whatever those at the at the top of the cultural Marxist pyramid. Whatever whatever they say this is your narrative. You no doubt they will go a lockstep and I remember Liz.

I remember hearing these liberals talking to St. if if we say whenever we say we say it long enough we say it over and over if we keep repeating it over and over right right now when you say that brings one to my story by Bob on throughout their stolen election.

72% of Democrats think Hillary Clinton lost because of Russian interference. 72% of these Democrats surveyed still think Hillary lost because Russia interfered in our election. If you say the same thing over and over again that people will believe that they Talk about Russia collusion Russian collision that was how many years that they were doing that and it's amazing to this day there but looking down through that. There was a lot of even Republicans, 47% of likely US voters thought it was likely that Russian interference change. The 2016 election 26% say it's very likely. These were independent. This is proof that there what they do works. These people here something over and over and over and over again it sticks in their head and they become the gospel through them and is proof that it does work folks even even now, today, after it's been disproven and present totally disproven and amazing that the mainstream media doesn't really cover what's going on with the durum report or the actual factual investigations that are disproving everything that's so frustrated with every single day, every single day Peter, we come out with more information on the election fraud. Damian Wheatley found a balance every day and now you have a number not what was was at Wisconsin that the in Arizona now viewable a lot of they want to decertify that election knew they wanted to certify it.

Stay all today, April 21 bailing complaint charges more than 300,000.

Georgia developed unverified complaint now filed with the Georgia state election board charges that these were unreliable. He recorded on unverified poll closing tapes reports just the news: counties advanced voting poll closing tapes or a fraudulent uncertified unsigned and unchecked false representation of over $311,000 that no court could legally and this was filed by David Cross who runs election proof Georgia and that of the several other independent journalists are working with him in jail you know you had D and every day here was today's yeah yeah every day every date de Illinois female DNA never noise ablaze 100 now a male D and Virginia placed 500 but we didn't get any pleasure from those trans things out there just male and female, is always been pledging around craftspeople of donated ranges, male and female, no in between is okay so can affect our audience probably is a lot of people who are antichrist already and we have anonymous pledges $25.30 go so thank you one and all. A lot of people this term of the Lord tells us to give as we are able. We get a lot of small 510 $20 donations all the time and trust me folks without your donations that size we would never make it three get a lot of those, and we thank you and we bless everyone of you.

That's all God blesses you.

We can just thank you for the Lord says in Scripture. When you support a ministry like this. It's doing his work. You get to share in all of the blessings of the ministry in this ministry encompasses the king's word school of the Bible there is a prison ministry right to life. There are couple of us that are involved in hospitalist as a trucking ministry and also my friend. Anything that praises the Lord is done by any of those groups within the ministry.

Any blessing you get to share in it. When you donate to the ministry you have God's word on not mine right and indulge in any state any better than that thing that's went right now for the few phones that they would like to donate, which is not on the Internet CK glove for website and a lot of people out there like Joel and I we we don't not crazy about computers. We really not know if I had my way if I could undo all of it. Go back to the way things used to be before all these computers and all this came in I would do that I would do that okay and so because there there is so much life was much better, much was better back in the 50s 60s when neighbors talk. So there you have more for this Facebook stuff arrived in front of the drug 500 people friending me on Facebook or some and nobody knows anybody really talks to them talking about Jesus and little signs and you don't really it'll get to know people at all. It's a very dehumanizing world is getting worse and around where we live, we still like to drop in and visit have people over really talk face-to-face without masks. It's a great thing about this, we used to go to places and people would be there. Like you said, talking they would have these little smiling phones and I would actually talk to one right in right now, today, by some chance a family should sit down on the dinner table.

The children of their own wall have smiling phones and the rest house all the time even out here the be five or six people will be three or four of at the table to start of their phone occasionally look up and say things are. But he also expected her phone to go see what it is friction, the outcome, I would. I remember something, since a few years back for five years ago we went to Washington DC for the much life you were on the bus with us and you remember the woman that you are sitting next to what she was doing already there something on that horrible phones all time. Well you said I in it because I was sitting there and I ices them was the dead, your neighbor, there is not a very good very much click on the conversation because you been on that and you said that's not the State Department. Did you know she's talking to. She was talking to the woman three seats in front of her right right now that I solicited to this credited to somebody and that's what I remember I was the one we came up with that and I and I said why don't one of Jesus which you know on the phone thing that's wonderful about teaching maybe teaching in my humanness as I haven't. I have I have five classes and I may have almost 100 students there all 20 years old. They grew up with with they always had the Internet for the most part they always had iPhones. Everything is always been connected and their only frame of reference is his heaven and cell phone, or having some kind Internet conductivity they get information almost instantaneously on each other through social media sites, but what they can't do they can't interview they don't know they don't have the social skills just to talk to somebody like were talking right now and and II can't tell you the, the number of hours that I spent trying to coach students through the interview process so they can get jobs in the graduate and that that's the that to me that really jumps out exactly what you guys are saying when when it comes when the rubber hits the road and they really have to engage in society how do they do research if they everything is this instant gratification.

I know in my research I got library pastor and a library of books we read and study and it takes time and a lot of concentration so the young people I meet their attention span is so limited that it seemed like a something more than a sentence or two. They Sit down and read well. The research is wonderful.

I eat when I'm teaching class and I'm trying get a factor in an Alaska student may pull it up on your cell phone.

Tell me what's what's wide tell me what you know what's the stock price of Apple today or what's going even though an instantaneous.

We got that day.

But lately, and more disconcerting is that we I'm certain not trust basic websites and whose controlling those websites and what kind of information were getting used to be Wikipedia. You can get a lot of information. Now there's a Verizon is that it don't use it anymore and write a compromised employee on absolute focus. We have approximately Joe, we have practically 33 minutes left. 888281 we got here from you and the phones are gone dead quite another dead they were there were going good for a while but their dead 888-281-1110. You have the folks that make their weight in an open phone call they want to take it they want help you was on the air for this week.

I haven't heard we don't have much room are Canadian viewers and nurse couple states assume like we haven't heard from. We haven't heard tonight. We haven't heard from Texas. We haven't heard from Lucy limited me. Should I did. Yeah I know, I don't think we have in Texas. We have not heard from Tennessee. We have not heard. We did hear from Arizona.

I believe yeah we we have not heard from Arkansas we have for Martinsville know and whatever miles on Internet radio night. I don't think we've heard from California tonight.

Delete delete from California know that's right folks know what we did gets couple from Pennsylvania and when I come from Michigan and so of those who when were telling you that we barely just barely stayed on some new stations out there were not kidding. We were trying to tell you and I gently Joe tells you often we don't get paid for what were doing, where here as long as we can be here to warn you about what's going on. And you'd be surprised how many letters we got from people thanking me think of me thanking me thanking me from telling them about the boys in the spoke about the kill shot. The thing that they call vaccine right right now we we are at.

We need approximately 30 403,400 go tonight. Three. We are 3400 short of our goal and we have approximately 30 minutes. 31 minutes to get that 3400. That's more than $100 a minute I got some real good nerves got some people fighting back. We now have a lot of Republican states 21 Republican states are serving the Biden administration in court for a Temporary Restraining Order to stop the title 42 public health order to prevent them lifting that on the May 23, rollback date three states started Arizona Louisiana and get all Missouri initially sued the Biden administration early this month to stop the move Dan title 42, and now we've got all these other states signing on so now there are a total that I say of the 21 now so it sounds like there's some states starting to fight back against the federal government stand up to some things but got different states that are signing up the help of work on the border crisis then were seeing people stand now and fight the government. And that's what we need. We need you to everybody out there to realize that everybody has a part they can play they can if you're older and crippled can be part of the prayer team. You can get involved especially local politics. Your local election year collection staff and poll watchers and others are thinking the other things. There is a sometimes I have a election commission judge is a name I think what is this election judge. Some states have different offices of the local level and the Democrats are pouring out millions of dollars in training people to run for these jobs to take these jobs and I don't see this kind of thing happening on the Republican side, conservative side, and this is going to be a battle in your local city's counties and state governments, and people don't get involved may not be the big victory. Everybody, thanks for all this is what we've been telling you any warning you about okay what happens with happens with the Republicans. They have this tendency like when Reagan was elected a setback on their laurels.

Once Trump was elected you know the. The cut is low so you know we got a cup in there now surely to be in there for another eight years right but we told him remember remember November 3, 2016, 2016. The very night to become one the election we told him.

Remember, Joe. We said the next election in 2020. You will see election fraud.

Unbelievable as enemy worse than anything you've ever seen. Okay and we were exactly right.

Exactly what, what, how do we know that well because you had all of these you had them little Marquis Facebook telling people he was going to spend any spent what over 400,000 400 million 400 million 100 million during the election and he is come out now. Said he is not going to rig another election is of faith that Connie Minnesota pledged 300. Thank you, Connie Arnold in Illinois pledges 150.

Thank you Arnold okay I think this has put us down to under 3000 now Tony in Parma pledges 120 little in Michigan pledges 200 very good.

Thank you both. We've got about to leave, got actually only see 27 minutes left in tonight's program to raise the rest of what we need to raise a boy so that again that's about it. But a dollar a minute about about hundred dollars and hundred dollars and you felt like one of that phone call. Thanks.

But anyway we got those 420 million Zucker box and all thought that almost alone could about the election secondly had because of the cultivated the government put all these mail-in ballots and allows pellet harvesting and we showed the pictures and told the stories about the people coming in taking pictures of them stuffing the balance in the ballot boxes and where they're supposed to be only one person with one ballot. His gut boxes of them and then there was a course. The information that the media is about the Hunter Biden in the oh all the bad overseas business dealings and scandals before the election and we know the media research Center said hey enough people were interviewed that that if they knew and heard the news that the time they would live not voted for Biden and it was enough people to swan the elections right there. There's three things just there, each one of them were enough to change the election by itself, let alone all three of them combined. So somebody says I do you know the election was stolen.

Well, there's more proof the liberal media just doesn't want to put it out there and show it to Lou in Michigan pledges 200 and Jodi in San Diego pledges 100.

Thank you lose the you finally here and yet also we got San Diego and that Parma Parma is not initiated, I know we are unaware about where I was right. Then the rover will render no okay breaking through the votes. Catherine Engelbrecht and Greg Phillips. US intelligence started tracking Americans after the 2020 election geo-tracking fence was set up around the capital before January 6 to catch people likely to attend the Trump rally its right to the multivendor founder Kathryn Engelbert and Greg Phillips spoke with Charlie Kerr, Charlie Kercher discussed the upcoming movie did this to Susan movie 2000 meals to that.

This is all about what they were doing with packing fraud, which is based on the incredible work they did find evidence a massive massive widespread voter fraud in the election.

And again, you know, Fox News took a big shock and credibility to that there credibility got them because you had people on there like bread.

Sandra Smith Neil computer oh Chris Wallace, all of these where they were going along with the narrative. But you know you and we send this over and over they lightly flat out like no learner percent fed up Engelbert Art Engelbrecht explained how the dirty voter rolls. The mass mail-in voting campaign and the outside influence of Mark Zuckerberg 400+ million was used to find the drop boxes used in primary democratic stronghold districts in the 2020 election Phillips, who had been working with Engelbrecht for years told Kurt that that doubt about how to actually receive led them to look deeper in the cities like Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Wisconsin and and and and Arizona. We started to put together the sort of pattern that each of the challenges that everybody seemed to be most up in arms about and some basic pieces that seem to be the same. Philip said he explained you had Bella collect his people out knocking on doors to click belt a set of collectors a collection point for us – house for all the belts the billing the bundling of the balance and then the casting of the belts. But what we were calling mules and the drop boxes filled told Kirk, this is a conspiracy. This is organized crime. That's exactly what it is its organized crime. Some of those drops and the people taking their cell phones in their taking a picture of all the belts they were stuffing them so they could get the get paid for it and that was on film, but being radio we could shut we told people about the films but how many of you saw on any of the major media of those films being shown to the public but yeah I don't remember seeing anything on the media you had to go on the Internet to find III sorta wonder how much longer this is going to trickle out because I thought we were told last year and 1/2 that this was the big lie and you know that in those words are actually those of the red flag for me when I read an article in somebody talks about the big liar somebody does a new story about the big lie. I want to say what will wait a minute here. I I could even accept that maybe there was an election flawed.

But don't you think we ought to take a look and act. I personally think there was fraud involvement. Don't you think we ought to take a look and this information keeps trickling out every day there's another news article or story about what's happened that the tarnish the 2020 election. It really has to be bothersome and and why, why, they just ignore it in the mainstream is beyond me. Lots not be under their own by the court is owned by the clear that the so-called mainstream media is simply a part of the Democratic time is collective there. So here I miss and admit the truth. Okay, admit that there was a rush or colored in the trunk wasn't working with the Russian okay hike never ever stop the fullback down. I can see ready no Peter in Portland pledged 200 Anthony in Mesquite Texas pledges 200 Beverly in Cleveland pledges 200 Wanda and Texas pledges 1000 crime not on Holland in Boston pledges 50 MBTA Cleveland pledges 300. Arrearages talk about of the lies coming in MSNBC. This was the date Nicole Wallace compared what Gov. DeSantis and Yunker in their education bill. She compared it to Russians, soldiers raping children sees.

Think about that that was dehumanizing what they're doing to the children dirt there is like they were being raped or dehumanizing them and how cruel they are to the children and it's like they're doing war tactics nano these people continue to get a platform. I just don't understand that daily. It's just so wrong on the collect adults. They gave Bill but I read the bill we read it aloud on the radio. It has nothing to do with not saying gate the word gate can be said in the classroom of the child brings it up.

The teacher can answer it that I was saying were not going to teach this kind of thing to children under the third grade will be back right after this mortal coolie is manhandled and is this long before he moved away only now I crime overtaken our city gangs taken over paying out more and more will bear the lead and seems to me there what we call the gradation is great nations going about the home and how we know our Lord. Family how you knew the man no go anywhere back your back and listen to this quote Trump endorsed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Carrie Lake on securing the southern border. As governor, I will not take any orders from Joe Obama Biden. He is illegitimate. That election was a sham that will hear the truthful lady boys is a pretty one to Arizona gubernatorial candidate Carrie Lake recently appeared on the real American would then bald is because the invasion of our southern border in Arizona where thousands are born into our country each day as it is, as it was happening there. Joe Obama is bringing them in the idea of there's going to be there going to get the word okayed to burn lewd murder when they get the word.

This is the whole idea. They've gotta find a way and you know suppose, by any chance that that like in January 6 with a 20 something FBI agents was found behind that like in Michigan to let you going to have the deep state the dark state.

The FBI and CIA involved in using these to bring down this country to bring down the very currently live in dirty people there. There were homeland security. Well, the gateway report of the massive ways of illegal immigrants are preparing to storm the southern border, Joe Obama Biden ends the cup era 42 on May 23 18,000 people per day over the 500,000 per month are expected to invade the United States. Many of these people are dangerous criminals and victims of human trafficking. Listen to this because it's only a few of us that know this but when a country is invaded. It's an act of war right but you see a lot of people out there Lala Landers the clueless. They don't understand because they've been down way on down the Mendonca way way on down by the fake news media doesn't cover the border stories and then somebody like Fox does that give the stories of those get caught and people forget that about 60,000 people a month are what they call God always other busy handling the women and children in the babies and all the stuff there's hundreds of miles of border that are vacant and we talked the other night about how the cartels of all these drones and they can find where there's nobody guarding this is where they send all the young men.

Overall, the drugs all the problems. 60,000 people a month. But God always think about that inner coming from 144 different countries in the world. We have no idea who they are but this is mostly where they get pictures of him sometimes from drones.

They are young single men snaking through now that that could be an army of trained assassins trained saboteurs, we have no idea if the visit we are thinking the worst will hear people who were homeland security are supposed to be thinking of things like that protecting us from the worst things that could happen 600 that that that's almost a million guideways a year close to it, because that's only a guess they have the could be more.

Now it might be less, but it could be up to a million people, but that to me is a frightening thought is that you guys going again. I think the rank-and-file and homeland security really want want to do the job correctly, but it's it's I mean it's the top guys and in the administration that are running that agency and I just think we have to recognize that they were doing a good job one.

When Trump was when Trump was at the helm and incomes Biden and incomes, replacements and everything just goes to pot right away, the encrypted rear gutter destroyed Rhiannon outlet anything from that stand that seems to be the Biden agenda.

That's like a narrative that is the progressive narrative became the seat again one of one of the things about Putin.Lena were not when not in any way in and supporting Boudin but one of the reasons that they are so against them is because he is anti-one world order he is and I Trump is anti-one world order others.

A few out there hungry presidents that are anti-new world order and the you know they believe in the sovereignty of the countries flow and of course all of us are anti-new world order is the antichrist global system already there you go.

Now you talk about keeping another medium is closing Hunter Bidart was accessing Defense Department systems and is governments password was his favorite men's clothing store in Beverly Hills. That's right now to see this guy has committed high treason.

He is committed high treason. The problem the reason he can commit high treason and get away with it is because we do not have an apartment of justice. We do not have a Justice Department again and we got we don't have a good jail date. We don't have a Department of Justice DOJ whatever America will and you know Mary Garland is his will. Please click is that the resident apartment season is a dirty cop lights have to say I don't like to use those words but he is. He's is bought and paid for service. He was hotter.

Biden was flying all over, and therefore steer all over the world are different business deal and what was it all from the Secret Service lost all the records couldn't find the records of his trips or flights or anything. Come on. Governments redundancy and record-keeping. They just basically knew he was flying around doing things and they just kept their mouth shut because wealthy utter Biden week we can't say anything so we had a whole government to disclose her eyes to all kinds of horrible things and the right to be one of them have not be able to talk and tell the truth. Already Joe we right now are about what we're about 500 short about $500 over goal right now you know 500 isolates about 530 short of our goal right now and so on out there I bet will rise up and help us tonight regretted not only make our goal but we need to try and catch up a little bit because for two nights.

We got pretty far behind. You still have to try and make that up tonight and tomorrow if possible. Folks already. I want to say two things very quickly folks out there that are not on the Internet and a lot of you are not on their you like me in my Amity at my office in the church and that we have to be with you. We have an address in the address for the church is doers of the word or the radio ministry is WR the simply W are the 14781 Sperry Rd. is 14781 Sperry SPE RR Y Rd., Newberry any WBURY is any WBUR why Newberry, OH 44065 again WR that you and 14781 Sperry SPE RR Y Newberry any WBUR why OH 44065.

We really need to hear from you after this week, folks, we won't be you know we will be doing all this again for another month so. Also, don't forget to visit our to view our sermons listen to our radio shows and sign up for our free newsletters and hide the children because you'll know why people say we have the face for radio when you see your pictures on the website right but don't listen.

That newsletter isn't is good. We get a lot of compliments. We send the new articles that you that they did not want you to the information they do not want you to have okay is the what I do I take mine when I get it. I make copies. You can hand them out at church. You can hand them out to your friends and neighbors. You can hand them out at work and you will one newsletter becomes 4050 that saves the ministry a lot of money and we reach, and maybe 10 times the people anymore so go and do likewise. All right, let's do this to limit we play the clip here about two weeks ago about a fellow that had the contents of Hunter binds laptop from hell and easily written one of the important of Sweden or summer yeah Norway ever which country okay Denton Denmark.

Denmark. Thank you. 00 that he was regular numbers of 88828111108882811110 specialty plastic front right for any debit card or credit card. On the other number is 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 in craze leading back when his hands behind his headset and they come to you soon be that comfortable. You got a good quality making answer that telephone again) paid by the hour that automatically more colorful yeah okay anyhow of the IPO elite panic, they panic is laptop from hell contents to be released to the public of politicians, Hollywood celebrities and members of the British Royal family are likely very, very nervous right now is the contents of Hunter binds laptop from hell are to be are said to be made public.

I found a lot of things that Hunter thought he deleted that there still on the hard drive. This is what that I can think of a guy's name that's doing it, but a finding that huge trove of information that the government apparently couldn't find that he Yeah this is an IT specialist that could recover deleted flat files I that's I know you're talking about members name either meant they renamed that's the title of that when you do it on national radio can think of a name something else out. Probably 1 o'clock in the morning and welcome them into Margaret alleges $50 in Minnesota. Ego is a right we have about 10. We have possibly four minutes left four minutes left out one quick story. Often, people liquid. This is just all these things are happening United States well.

Most everything is happening here is happening in Europe. Like for example right now in the United Kingdom. They were putting out a family sex show aimed at kids and it finally at children five and over really literally five and over theater company was called an alternative to porn and it was to help little kids learn about sex porn masturbation stuff and nudity and finally the people rose up, and had such a backlash that they shut the thing down 38,000 people signed a petition. Children should not be desensitized to the side of naked bodies are introduced to topics about adult sexual pleasure and honor non-anon.

They are fighting the same fight over there as we are here and some of the people in jolly old England are waking up. They've been had. Their schools were doing the same garbage to their children there. Waking up also. So it's not just here.

This is the one world order. There doing the same thing in France and Germany and England that they're trying your folks so know it for what it is. Know the truth and that will set you free is coming in this region of the antichrist world system. This is the instrument, and I know that there are people out there that are saying this is the tribulation period will it's it's not the great tribulation. But I think we are very very close to the start of that and everything. Things started right and so you know when I truly believe the church to be gone when that when that starts guys would Bible got a name for it, Joe.

It's Jack Maxey. He has 450 GB of deleted material 450 GB. Yes, that's yeah and he's been hiding. To be able to get it though he's not even on a day he was. Switzerland is where he that is in Switzerland but hands, hiding all yeah will. He's trying to be protected from powers that be that I can.

Some people like to have found him, but the putting all this is going to put it out once it's out there there's no way to stop once it's on the interviews. A number of people Jill like another weed on the radio program. These virologists that are in hiding right now and then telling the truth were out of time for you and that the time for tonight and them one thank you for being here with us tonight Peter, thank you. It's a real privilege in your an icon of beacon Allah. So, I can simply tell fortunate I am to be asked, what were to have you here in Cancún. The good work that you're doing and at school board okay thank you note also that especially over there teaching the young still young minds molding it's it's great to have you there. Well Joe got his answer our prayer. We got a big one. We got it a $10,000 donation or pledge rather than those another place so from Florida to Florida and he wants to remain anonymous to brave the good Lord for that he meant God says don't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing, and it felt like a man who knows the Scriptures that we God will bless your week and thank you for the Lord is one of federal absent grounds and treasures in heaven, and plus we got to his shrieking your pledge is $7.10 right okay thank you thank you every hundred $10 is harder for a lot of people to donate and thousands of others you got in approximately four minutes to Holly was to have four okay we got about three minutes show tell us how we can avoid hell you get to heaven, will give her some unoriginal scriptwriter first Peter and his same blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again to a lively hope for living hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead to an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled that fate if not away, reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time God saying that he sent his son to be that Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world. For those of us who would believe on him believe he was the Messiah that he came from the father that he died in our place, and he's made an offer of mercy, that if we now call upon the father and Scripture tells us. I tell you the truth, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again, we see that in John 33 and we all know John 316 for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall have everlasting life are all sinners, we need a Savior. So we call upon the father if we truly repent a heartfelt repentance that are to put Jesus on the cross.

We asked for forgiveness.

We will be forgiven and then what we do. We asked Jesus Christ to become Lord of our life. All of our life without reservation. We asked him to give us that indwelling of the Holy Spirit and that when that happens, that is our spiritual baptism because Jesus said I am in the father. The father in me and I am in you. What, by the power of the Holy Spirit, we become then with the indwelling three become a child of God, the child of the kingdom joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life, and we become that new creation that new spiritual creature and we have our down payment on ever lasting life. You know, till we had a prayer request tonight and I I think I misplaced it.

I had it was for a way to him and I got it right here in some we want to just pray for Clint Clint were slanted WW 00W and he has a brain tumor. So we are asking right now.

Emily follow a guy we just want to hold cleanup and asked father God, Lord, that you would touch him that you met we might receive a complete and total healing you would had to around about and at this time to be a comfort to him and his family.

We asked us in Jesus precious name (everywhere father right and he works it did the 00 WR 00W there in Chardon. Thank you. Encompass just about out of time now.

So how much time do we have okay thanks again for being there. Peter and Joe that it's that time. Where will we say good night God bless God bless.

And always, always, K5 writing the thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W WL not on the next time for meditation was right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content held educational learning new trick. Yeah the trick to a happy, fulfilling life. Maybe I learned the Mountaineer unleashes my inner peace. Rhythm power the whole cruise all induces spontaneous joy.

Okay, that's nice guy. Comcast lets you do with 50 destinations worldwide from 249 adult drop in for next winter now and save it by

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