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April 22, 2022 12:24 am

THU HR 1 042122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 22, 2022 12:24 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be recorded by radio brought what's right what's left is coming to another additional was white what slip I'm really about attorney Sanders and indeed this is the voice of the Krista resistance on this 21st day of April 2022 and tonight is standing by these the guy on the dials he does it with a smile, courageous Craig leaving everybody its pledge week. It is pledge week now they've got grid. That's right, Ron and Barb Ritz. We got the Ritz here to say hello. Hi. These are volunteers or other gentle with us. And of course we have over there radical Randy okay he's like there he goes to their national stress. Everyone was like to ask you for that.

I will ask a favor for everybody to like this is pledge week.

You all are very generous people we love you and your kind to us, but no one asked for one grace tonight from everybody here if you, Joe Bob plastic tonight. Would you please call 1-888-281-1110 and that's 888-281-1110 and the thing that I'm asking for more. So obviously we appreciate the remuneration that you give to us to keep us on the year but please be patient with us because were trying a new system tonight, hopefully to make a good for those of you been asking for, and we just asked you will be patient with us because she this is our first night on thank you very much. Be blessed. No stress. Everybody all right very good credit and debit cards tonight. I threatened that with you last night but we do it again tonight and here we have.

She speaks 500 words a minute.

Always good evening everyone the right place.

I come back and get Lisa come get her. Anyhow and then we have way out yonder that dusty old backroads preacher other than the person Joe Larson and I cannot. 500 words a minute or not but I will glad to do what I can know we have a special guest here tonight and Joe disguise almost normal. I don't know. So anyhow, he is the professor of business at Notre Dame University and he is on the Rocky River school board and it's none other than Pete Corrigan, Peter Corrigan, I thank you very much for the introduction. This is good of an introduction as I've gotten, he's almost normal. That is right and last but not least, one who is not likely means normal. Their hero Yours truly me there you go you that you're right that we like. I really get a charge out of a night when I do that he hero thing would make turning them: Italy they got such strange expressions on their face and so anyhow you ready to roll. This is up pledge, we pledge, we pledge, we pledge week so right, so no right off the bat we get we got like the phone lines of folks in them. Joe asked her what do we need to raise the well I guess I don't have to be paid by mid-May right yeah it's them by the 15th. So what we need to related 15th I need is the argument I may write I need $66,654 by 15 May. Now you might say well how do you do that because I know that during pledge week. You guys don't raise that much money know you're right. But what we do by pledge week.

This is how we can figure what what is going to come in until we gauge what we expect to come in by what we get in and pledge me because normally five times the amount that is pledge actually comes in because the vast majority people don't call they don't play they just they just send it. They listen to the program. We go to our website which is W and then they just send it and now I'm looking to see if because I think we made already gotten a pledge but I'm not sure I don't see that it's a new night here so yeah there is a new night and that that is Carly claimant has placed 200.

Thank you, Carl and claimant denied the 21st, not the tornado you are right on both counts.

All right, very good. All right, so we start tonight. Joe day what I want to do. I will read this article and this is a good article and I will do this in stead over Scripture because actually has the Scripture.

And it did when I want to use this fellow here is on the very same and by the way, Peter Eaton really like, you gotta just jump in here, I get a word in edge what you get a jump in and so where on the very very same mindset as this fellow Jonathan Brinker Brickner is written or and that he has something called the debris and review and starts like this show is there ever was a time in human history to be watching for Jesus. It is now. I have read Paul's description of perilous times in second Timothy 31 through five now therefore, my son is strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus, and the things that thou has heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men shall be able to teach others also.

Thou therefore endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that war is content with himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier and if a man also strive for mastery yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully. That was some good Scripture, but that was a second Timothy three which we need to second Timothy Timothy to howl again.

I occasionally do some very dumb things. I know that was good and have a go to second Timothy three now three actually reversed 301 through 71 through seven second three this know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous posters, sprout blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, breakers, false accusers, incontinent tears, the spiders of those that are good traders, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away for of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. That's because there is never learning the truth… And those that sneak in the houses Joe loser church houses that is referring to and today will be a perfect example of that.

We are prosperity churches where correction in the getting everything but the word of God, the truth and so he goes on to say Joe that numerous times I written Bible studies on this passage, along with many blog posts with my past. Examination of the text did not adequately prepare me for the wickedness and the deception to this rampant in our world today compared to what I once thought the day in which we live is perilous times and steroids apart from an expectation is fine firmly fixed in Jesus and his imminent appearing.

I could not cope with all that I see my blessed hope of seeing the appearing of the great God and Savior Jesus Christ has never been more precious to me than it is now. Titus 213 that could help in the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ. The expectation of Jesus appearing as the anchor of my soul. During these chaotic times and I think he just spoken for a lot of us, as an thank you, dear, dear.

Let's first look at why we need such any eternal perspective before we focus on the necessity of placing all our hope in Jesus food shortages when we have some articles on this here even before the war in Ukraine. Many farmers in the US waste concern over the rapidly rising cost of fertilizer and someone and if they could even play craps this year. Now with this conflict, showing no signs of ending this crisis is much, much greater for American farmers as well as for the world. Ukraine is a world leader in barley exports and many refer to the nation, is the breadbasket of Europe because of his sweet exports. The blue and gold flag of Ukraine depicts the blue sky above with golden wheat harvest below together Ukraine and Russia account for 36% of all exports in the world. In Revelation chapter 61 through 8 inch Revelation 61 through eight describes the first four seals that the Lord opens after we are in heaven.

The third horse of the apocalypse is black would symbolize the deadly famine which we will overspread the world during the beginning of the tribulation in verse six we read about the critical shortage of two crops.

Revelation 66 and I heard a voice in the midst of a for me to say I made her a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine blazoned that he prophetically down with what's happening today little difference in the money back. Same idea is it a coincidence that the shortage mentioned above were sent are the very crimes that the Ukraine experienced into other that Ukraine exports with nations will not be able to do this year. I don't think that accordance that I don't believe in coincidence. Keep the predictions of devastating food shortages for later in 2020 are too numerous and varied for us to ignore the fact they have already begun in some places violent riots are happening in Peru because of the high prices and going shortage of food in Germany, the leaders of grocery chains say the foodways will soon rise 30 to 50% in Argentina. The high cost and limited supply fuel may cause a strike with one of the largest transport headquarters of grain in the country.

Walgreens is already limited the purchase of baby formula in the US due to shortages and the cost of our groceries will continue to rise throughout 2022 and will cause severe problems in many nations, especially for the poor and those on fixed incomes in second Thessalonians 211 and God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.

The apostle Paul writes about a future strong delusion that will lead multitudes astray during the tribulation. While I believe that this prophecy awaits the future fulfillment. We see evidence of the great deception everywhere we look, this the strong delusion is already affected all the chosen people throughout the world, especially in America for far too many Christians believe the lies that life will return to normal or the church will rise up and somehow stop the onslaught of evil in the world.

Yes, there are pockets of revival and I praise the Lord for what I hear. However, Scripture tells us the lives of varying globalist will succeed in setting up their world government over which the antichrist will rule for brief time before the Lord destroyed both him and his kingdom the multitude converging prophetic signs tell us that we live in the last days of human history as we know it. The mainstream media keeps people in the dark regarding the true agenda of the elite powerbrokers in our world through their allies in the mainstream media. They feed people with an endless, endless courses, allies that keep them from recognizing the reality of the world and infer the world government that the Bible describes the beast in Revelation 13.

Sadly, many mainstream media Christians do not recognize the signs of the end of the age, nor the dangers inherent in our world for the spirit of the antichrist gains more control each and every day evidence regarding the nearness of our the New World order in the tribulation. He emerged world and the words you will government summit held in late March 2022. At the summit of global leaders Pippi Milgram, globalist elitist.

We played we played this here this on on the air several times this clip we are on the brink of dramatic change that we are about to do and I'll say that boldly we are about to abandon the traditional system of money in accounting and introduce a new one in the new one. The new accounting is what we call block chain image digital.

It means having a almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy, which will give us far greater clarity over what is going on what he means is far greater control right plus we need that the light of those phone lines. We haven't had one causes the first caller called in Carl we got to hear from them. We've got here from you at 888-281-1110 we have all these volunteers in here tonight they're just sitting there staring at the phone lines. Nothing is happening and ate something. There were able care credit credit and debit cards for the first time ever in this ministry.

Ernie and I have never been the high-tech people 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 we've got here from it. We really got here for me.

We have approximately 2 1/2 hours the rest of this week that to raise that money that we need to stay on the very station that you listen to us right now and so here Mr. Malmgren also believes that many nations including US will have digital ties. Monetary system in place this year.

Not a decade from now. By the end of 2022. Once this happens, these illegal wills will merge with electronic currencies of various nations of the one world digit digital ties currency which will further clear the path to the Marxist New World order conditioned by the globalist worldwide monetary system will provide the coming Antichrist with an essential tool needed to control the buying and selling of all people, for the first time since John opened the words to Revelation 13.

The technology exists for the mark of the beast, and soon The system of exchange will further pave the way to it. I do believe that these globalist will allow the midterm elections in America to disrupt the progress that they have made in comparing I do not believe that these globalist will love them midterm elections in America to disrupt the progress that they're making and prepping the US to accept the New World order. I don't know how they will do it just that they cannot allow it to impede the plans and that's what we've been talking about for a while here. In recent blog post a reported a high number of abortions that take place in the world each year Nevada site is also widespread evil that's become all too common in the US a proposed law in California would make infanticide legal for week after birth, they they want to do it for 28 days after bridge over the recent blog post that reported a high note. The demonic practices of abortion, infanticide, all alone. Verify the prophetic warnings of Psalm 75 84 in the hand of the Lord. There is a cop in the line is red.

It is full of mixture and a poor account of the same to Greg zero all the wicked of the earth shall ring them out and drink, but there's so much more going on with the sex trafficking and the promotion of fridge and the reason in the mood, lewd, belligerent growth, child abuse, right the LB GT cube which sloughed belligerent, gross gross transcripts are square and queries agenda and other data that they had some other things that dominating the agenda to grade school children is institutional child abuse is demonic for legislative need to passively keep teachers from promoting the lewd, belligerent, gross transcripts and queries lifestyle the children's in the kindergarten through the third grade when kindergarten teacher complain because the law meant that he could no longer promote his sodomite lifestyle in his class of signals. All of that around the University of Oklahoma had a drag queen story hour geared toward children as young as to errors. Children tier 25 so another going down to two-year-olds.

They also went in the state capital had a thing with them. The satanic statue center where they want will allow where you would have a nativity scene, they would have that again Disney openly admitted that they not only promote lewd belligerent gross transgressing where agenda to young children, but they also plan to increase such grooming of children is for such things.

All these things wouldn't qualify for the twilight zone decades ago.

Now they are mainstream how close was we live in America to God's judgment. Those outside of Christ. Now is the time to look to Jesus, your Savior, the one who bore punishment for your sins on the cross.

John 316 for God to look good. Had you all your hair dryer. John 1412 04 God's love the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life just hours before a sacrifice that Jesus said I am the way the truth and life no man comes to the father except by me that John 14.

Fix it. I love the simplicity of the apostles.

John's words in first John 511 and 12. First John 511" worked on. Sorry dear of that I didn't. I have drawn my first inheritance.

First John five you get here in and this is the go-ahead and this is the record that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his son. Slover has the son has life Mozilla does not have the son of God does not have life.

Life knowing Jesus as your Savior equals eternal life if you continue to reject Christ suffer from forgiveness and eternal life, you will likely face a horrifying future.

During the rapidly approaching tribulation. And apart from Christ, you will endure an even worse fate in hell that is a fact. Please do not delay call upon the name the Jesus now. Romans 1013 says go in Joe call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

For those of us securely in the arms of our loving Savior, now is the time to recognize that we may be with Jesus in paradise. In the very near future. Now is the time to hold our dreams and aspirations loosely in your hands and you life of the perspective that values eternal realities over the temporal things of life.

Romans 818 for I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us now is the time for all of us to turn our eyes upon Jesus. He alone is our hope amid a world headed for destruction.

All the hopeful will result in disappointment only eager expectation fixed on Jesus. Eminent eminent eminent appearing will see us through the traumatic times that may lie ahead for us just before Jesus appeared to take his home. Philippians 320, says conversation is in heaven, and whence also we look Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself a joyous exciting the forever venture starts with Jesus is eminence appearing. If you have doubts about the validity of the pre-tribulation rapture. Please consider reading my book, the triumph of redeemed and eternal perspective, the claims our fears in perilous times what we call is our fears in perilous times which is now available on Amazon in this book. I explained this is the implementation of an eternal perspective that we as followers. A man now.

We want to say here Lori in Oregon pledges 50 thank you Lori in Oregon.

8888882811110 or 888-677-9673 will be back right after this.

With more than about some folks in this country who all began to dream the sea when the morning came, there was across this nation be thinking in this essay I so please those of you that want to donate with plastic 88828111108882811110 or you go to our website. WR that you It tells you all the different ways them that you can donate and also tells you of the different areas where my Sunday morning services on so the messages up there on the Internet and it tells you where to go, how to find something 888-677-9673 888-677-9673.

All right, we have Stephen Michigan pledges 50 of thank you Steve Stephen magic Michigan pledges 50 and oh only pledge 212. Thank you. All right, thank you so.

Remember to carry it right one know he's really changed. Please Dennis affect regulation without a camera while crown enough to remind folks that we are totally listener supported no one in this ministry has ever since the day Pastor Ernie started on the radio about 50 years ago, is taken a dime in your mouth, salary, or anything we all donate our own time around talent around treasure to keep this thing going and were here being a watchman on the wall.

It's what God called Pastor Ernie and those of us that work with him to do and your donations pay the bills and that way we don't have to trust sponsors who panic when we say things that the government doesn't want you to hear and the IRS is not happy. Things like that so it's a partnership between you and the ministry a true partnership. Your donations pay all the radio bills and being a ministry, we have to be able to make each radio station rebroadcast on totally supported be able to be self-sustaining and that is one of the big problems we have some stations that we might have to go on off and once religious station. I don't think we've ever gotten one back in the playlist fillets very, very close, but by God's grace and by God's grace alone. We didn't go up.

We have begun opening the year in some praising the Lord listen Richard, a Michigan pledges 50 Barbara North can budget is 25 those numbers again if you want to pay by credit card. It's 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 and really go right now to art. I guess that IP Corrigan pita the public education system with the menu you are tell me some encouraging news about some of the students that are starting to awaken tell us about it – or so I have that kind of an interesting career I worked in multinational. I was a COO and spent time all over the world including Argentina was interesting that he talked about Argentina a little while ago I went through some very tough times in Argentina and and wheat we actually when the when the government collapsed, the Argentines were were facing a hunger issue about 20% of the population was on hunger under hunger stress and I was some task to go down there and help help salvage our business and make it healthy so I got to watch firsthand the effects of what can really happen when a government implodes on itself when government policy turns on its own citizens. Fortunately were able to pull that out and back. I went on other things with I finish my term with that company and essentially I retired and I did. I took up the mantle of teaching. I'm a professor right now it is at school called Notre Dame College of Ohio. It's not not not University of Notre Dame in South Bend, but there's a Notre Dame collagen in Cleveland, Ohio, and I teach business and I been doing it for about 66 years, seven years now. I used to have students that will come in that were I would say fully indoctrinated and they would.

I would ask him simple questions like what you think about $15 an hour wage and they all wanted $15 an hour, and there was a subtle shift about two years ago and it went from students who just bought the bought the mainstream party line to students who are now looking at things with with it much more judicious.

I so I have students and how that are not believing the media, not believing the mainstream media not leaving the message there.

They're getting from the government and the reaching out for some kind of learning some kind of teaching wherever they can get it.

They know they can't trust the media and that's that was almost an overnight shift that wasn't gradual. It happened, it happened before Cove Ed and I'm it's like I just want to tell all your listeners that there's hope there's real hope when when you're not when you're standing there sitting at Ground Zero watching it and watching that change. It's really encouraging whether similar encouraging things to you Civil War look since you called coded value and before that a number of different organizations of taken a real hit work and its credibility. One the medical associations, people don't trust many people are scared to death to go to hospitals not I've had more people tell me they feel so betrayed by their own doctors so betrayed because the doctors told him that to get the poisonous poke to get the, the, what they call the VAX which was really in a death shot essay and people are dying left and right into this very day. People are dying left and the right and you won't hear a word of that on the with what they call the mainstream media because the bought and paid for by big Pharma. Now we see in the medical Association but also the public education system took a massive hit. When parents start of finding out what the children were being taught in the public full system that caused outrage and a lot of people wheezing across the country and other this past election that they had for school boards but tell us what he reducing sure it it happened in our community. I think it started with parents actually watching what was going on in the remote teaching with students and and I have direct experience with remote teaching.

I had to do it and covered with my my university students, but it's very very easy for students to fire up a camera and then just it's often running you don't know who's in the room who your teaching to presumably at your student, but I think that's what happened in school systems all across the country and I think parents started the look and listen to what was going on and and took out took a step back up the Hudson said wait a minute. This is what we thought was happening so spent a slow may be more than slow, but a bubbling up of of outrage from parents who were saying this isn't what we what we bought into in school systems all over Ohio.

I can speak for Ohio candidates stood up like myself ran for school board positions and and we've won quite quite a number of them. We want to quite a number Northeast Ohio and and we've won a number of them across the state. So we have more of an ideological shift in my own system. I was actually the swing vote to change from a progressive school board to more of a conservative, or moderate Fort Worth conservative board and and that's led us to. I would say more, common sense, logical, rational thinking and decision-making, and it statements really encouraging the progressively just another word, not a for antichrist communist that is greatness in which you have a tomb for the NEA has been timeless for forever. The NEA's become his we told people back. Back in the 70s. Okay about them. So they've taken a huge huge hit pedophilia. Pedophilia is rampant of pedophilia is rampant amongst the Democratic I'm his party and parents are starting to figure this out even even a number of Democrats are starting to say you know what we we going to do something and we got a change in school boards. What you think Joe pater textbooks top 25, 30 years ago I started screaming about what was in the textbooks what they were taking out what they were putting in.

There would be a paragraph on George Washington as the pages on Marilyn Monroe in her marriage is and who was out of the one that like that.

The took drugs and died in the textbooks are going crazy. Many, many years ago and I want our parents waking up most of their textbooks are in schools yeah that that that's actually right now an issue in our school system we have parents taking a look at the curriculum and taking a look at specific textbooks I am and stepping back and saying wait a minute wait.

We have some issues with us and they're raising the issues with the school board and the issues are being raised to the curriculum that the person in charge of curriculum for the school system but but that really takes an effort to come from the parents that were fortunate in that we have a school board that can can stand up for this and and can express our views to the school system and do something about it but a number.

School boards don't have that yet, so I digested Derek their dirtiness soft walking away and and and ignore it out. So I encourage people to really get involved and find out what's going on in their local school systems, and, and, if necessary, either stand up and run for school board themselves or find candidates that can that can run and be put on these on these boards and do something about it right. Barbara and Annette Harper Valley Florida villages.

50 Joe in Pennsylvania pledges 100 day nail in Massachusetts pledges 50 anonymous in Illinois pledges 1000 on Diana in Arizona pledges 100 Eric in Cleveland pledges $10 right now we need conflict comprising 42 4200 short of our goal for tonight.

4200 and we have approximately 54 minutes to get that soap again if you if you going to help us with by plastic credit cards. It's 88828111108882811110 okay or 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673 right is a lot was happening about this mess. The masking out the what what is it. First of all, and I'm listening to these people and their say, well, you can continue to wear a mask needed to be safe those idiots to the day that I went and I hate to say this but they are, those masks are absolutely.

Do you know good they don't stop any virus right in the box when you buy those things. It tells you in their these will not stop any light from the box okay so went when someone says I'm wired to wearing a mask safe was I wearing underwear if they say will that won't stop any viruses. Either we are mask okay and you might might go ahead and say everybody knows and people where mass to wear underwear that might help to back.

I've been vilified for saying something real simply deny that I expect we took mass off fairly early in our school system and and it was from the standpoint of superintendent was a risk and we had people calling us murderers and all kinds of stuff for about two weeks and then all of a sudden the case is dropped and the noise and went away little everyday folks listen to me. Please listen. It's got nothing to do with stopping the virus is a bug control is about control its is to get you to learn to heal like a dog and to it's got nothing to do at all, it will not stop a virus is simply about control: Joe is always been the entire history of education from the art states of Sparta all the way up through and I've done research on it. No lectured on education was designed so that the people would be obedient to the state no matter what curve was put in front of them. They would believe what they were told by their beloved government that's been the history of education in the world in a paragraph absolutely mind is trying to now he's these promote gauge Obama viewing the Obama Biden. I believe right now is polls has him down his ratings in the 20s right now this man. He wants to increase the amount of children in her murder by abortion.

He's that very wicked is an ungodly and Joe Biden is in antichrist he is in antichrist. The day is long. He wants to increase the amount of children that are killed by abortion. Now he's also now he's wanting to push extreme really extreme environmental guidelines on us, which would which would really take up heard our economy was shut down more businesses more than ever before. Now I wanted to say about that here. We talked about this a little bit before plan starvation grain deliveries by rail to be partially halted, a devastating dairy herds and meet operations nationwide.

This is being done on purpose.

They want to control you buy the food, Bill Gates, by the way Joe Biden is bought and paid for. He's owned by China folks the whole Biden crime cartel is owned by China.

He is in debt to China not to American Joe Biden is not representing you and I is representing the Chinese and so they brought up between Bill Gates and the Chinese government. They bought up the largest landowners in America how I got I got a interop here and I have to say something.

I was on the show like an 11 years ago that.

Do you remember what we talked about. We talked about genetically engineered seeds all yeah and and we talked about the control of the food supply. This was like 12 years ago.

This is this is your conversation with me and we were talking about the hypothetical nature of it and the control of the food.

This food supply 12 years ago yet and here we are. And now it's facing us it's it's come right to our doorstep. I just like I wanted to remind you that we have just blown away by you. What you remember going back all the way back to the 80s.

We were telling you about the depopulation movement and the globalist the population we told you what they were going to do. I said in our meetings. They reinstate Ms. Wright to Rocky River where you're at right they had their meeting is there. The World Health Organization Sierra Club plan predators. The ACLU and they were openly talking about means by which to depopulate our planet and a emotional course with starvation wars. One of the major things that they said they would live vaccines would be would be at that's exactly what they're doing. They're doing that now in the fake news media isn't in cahoots up to their eyeballs with the globalist are a part of it and that you know you I got a new function reasonably when Tony call your local funeral homes and ask them if they been busy lately. While I want II was in. You know I was in a corporation and we're doing imports and exports around the world and these problems with supply chain problems with the soup food supply that they're very solvable or very solvable problems. Their policy on policy initiatives that have shut us down there not some there's not there not something that we can't control, and just to tell you from being a professional doing that for 435 years. I know how to solve them. I know we can do but it just seems like every time we try to get some saw the government gets in the way. Well, that's exactly they're not trying to help us right are trying to break while you remember the Cloward what were seen as Cloward Piven and action. This is exactly what's happening to bring America to its knees so we can foment the communist revolution to have a one world order.

But I got some good news where the heritage stayed not far from where I live in Missouri is the heritage seat where there are many farmers have come together and they are growing and raising up the old seeds that will reproduce and selling them and they sell them all over the world and that one of the big areas that a lot of that stuff is raised because of all the other seeds are controlled big corporations control the patents that these heirloom seeds are being grown in Missouri is one of the biggest suppliers of heirloom seeds in the world and it's amazing how many people stocked up and realizing that the future we Be controlled if people can raise their own food their own gardens and that is part of fighting back from the grill guard not Glenn and I have another one the many years now, but I'm going to do in this year and so I and the need to get some OCs DNA in Arizona pledges 100 American and Cleveland pledges 10 Audrey New York pledges 50 Annie and Maple Heights pledges 40 and Nancy in Wisconsin pledges 50 thank you thank you thank you think there was a recorded or triggering associates can be vacuumed field impacting camera oxygen absorbers and they last for about 20 years. They can also be frozen and laughs 25, 30 years and there are many things people can't do it on the safe people say what their wealth here could have a supply of heirloom seeds and if you need to turn your backyard into a garden let you know. I wanted to talk about control again. You got understand what you got the lead got to obey God rather than man got to do that. So this thing when they when they come back because they will. They live in a come back and try to force the master site again.

Biden is going to be hosting a summit where there their goal is to make to vaccinate every single living person in the world became world gay. That's the goal now, but not not all the vaccines and the like. Those that you see these politicians is a get them there on TV. Other vaccines a little different than the rest that their vaccine usually is sailing saltwater okay eat and how you will let you know that well you see I happen to know a lot of doctors front line doctors and they know their doctors and it's a common practice. Everybody knows what is going on except for except for Joe sixpack is not there fleet in a vehicle here.

I gotta just go because this describes it so perfectly.

If you go over the Proverbs chapter 2 and Proverbs chapter 2 it it describes communism to the core, really, let me just go here and Proverbs to post is in again. We've had this all along you've had this all along here. This is well image the legal order, and I was starting and chapter 1. Locate okay let's go this. He says this, my son, of sinners entice the consent though not if they say, let us lay wait for blood list work privately for the innocent without cause. Let us swallow them up alive as the grave and whole, as those that go down into the pit that's describing abortion, euthanasia, folks, we shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil cast in that lot among us. Let us all have one purchaser. This is that the right until my son walk and not in the way with them.

Reframe my food from their path for their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed blood. Now he goes down spin and he says in verse 20 wisdom cries without she unearthed her voice in the streets. She quiet and she plays the concourse of the opening the gates and she unearthed her word say how long you simple ones we love simplicity and the scores delight in their scorning and fools hate knowledge is exactly that describes perfectly our society today perfectly so up to break understand we have for the break. Okay so we come after break, we see that we have anymore pledges italic last no I know that car representative Cory Busch poured out $10,000 and more private security during the first 1:45 thousand 22 pushing her security goes to $300,000 as she continues to demand and call for defunding the police yesterday, a place that are fired get hired her security detail to keep her safe policy screams the fund. The police already.

888 influences that if you limit that don't implement credit card it's 888-281-1110 we really need to help you. We came up short two days this week we can afford to do it again tonight and so will be back right after this was a whole lot more.

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