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TUE HR2 041922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 20, 2022 12:12 am

TUE HR2 041922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 20, 2022 12:12 am

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She is running for Congress in the that's the 16th district is 1313 13th District and so anyhow you were referred to me the partial-birth abortion bill when we put that and I remember working on that. We spent a lot of time with the wording it in the beginning it was called the brain section abortion bill that was what was was and they change the name. For some reason people thought that the name was the politician thought the name was too strong to be out well when your first time, like the way you blazed the trail and and you know you are some things to change. I knew that I knew that they would hardly go that's what he called the matter is called the federal heartbeat protection act that matter and be known as the heartbeat go and I knew that from the onset it doesn't matter what you call partial-birth abortion. It is brutal and that's what what I saw. Where were legislators who previously called pro-choice.

They they saw that were now talking really about infanticide where child is 4/5 of the way outside of the womb where they stuck the child.

Golly Chuck tucked the brains out of the child collapsed the skull and it is terrific coming out when I saw for the first time we introduce the bill for the first time in America I saw legislators and the other side of the desk for me break down and cry other tearing up either. Remember the leadership that that were pretty hardened and you know pretty pretty seasoned but I realize wait a minute, there's something different about that. They get it understand the brutality of this ultimate form of child abuse and we did we lead the way.

But what a lot of people don't know is behind the scene. They killed this bill. We are pro-abortion speaker at the time, Joanne Davidson, you remember all you killed.

What happened was a lot of Republicans they had been. They went to a reception they didn't have a quorum to adjourn the committee so they only recessed committee, so it wasn't officially closed. What happened was it was Marilyn Reed. Some of the and and and and the Democrats.

Marilyn Reed was Republican.

The Democrats are joined her and they got together and they had a aerobic committee meeting and they voted to kill the bill without any Republicans. The other Republicans there.

Without the chairman being there in the speaker world to be okay.

This is official company.

She said was okay and I remember being in the room pastor with all these legislators we all said all yeah well Jan we try. You know what will get them next year and and and I just remember something rose up in me and said now we we serve the God of the impossible. Don't tell me this can't be done, and so we I remember like a movie where somebody had told me was it was then rep representative Lou blessing put the idea in my mind years before that there were such a thing called a discharge petition that could pull it with enough signatures you could pull a bill out of the hospital committee and bring it to the floor for a vote and that's what I proposed is that it had never worked in all of Ohio history and that we set out to do it and we got it done. I remember that you actually that we had to run some people down. Then we have to go in and actually drive some of the state legislators there to the meeting.we will we. We actually have down everywhere you can imagine, it was only one represented in all of the house that that actually help me. His name is Ron Hood is running for governor. He's the guy I want to be vote for for Gov. Ron Hood is been tested in the fiery cutout gold and he was the only newsletter who join me in that effort. We went up and down the halls. We stock elevators. We women restaurants.

They were in bars we went after these guys we had. I believe less than 24 hours to get them and we got up and ended. Again, that's 50 name the 50 legislators and we had to track down and get their name on something they had never even heard of called a discharge petition. Most of them didn't know what it was. I remember right, as the bells were ringing in pastor at repertory Lee James Bill Patton of yesterday is African-American Democrat champion and he signed the discharge petition is a very liberal good was a little guy, but he's trying to bring the bill to the floor and while the liberal friends that he had were calling for him to speak on the floor under Mark Lally who was my boss at the time it right like he said to take him to live it while the liberals calling for him and I just I had complete confidence. I knew he would not sell us out. I knew he was going to be pro-life, because I also knew that this man representative Tori Lee James was also the youngest of 18 and so when he stood up and he said is this really what were talking about at 88 talking about pulling a child sucking out their brains, because I am glad that my parents were not are not alive to see this day with this is happening in America. It's happening in Ohio and he actually gave the speech a liberal Democrat gave the speech that won the day on Ohio's partial-birth abortion. The first one in the nation just so many stories, but I know that that once you seen Goliath fall. Once you seen the giant taco there is no one who can tell you it can't be done.

You want to know why I have such hope for America because I seen Goliath quality I've seen.

I've seen victories that that never should have happened. By the by the estimation of the world and yet so we don't follow the world we follow God impossible. You're absolutely right knee were talking about really good. He's going to be.

I believe it. I think this weekend in the eye other than those who were he was going to be speaking and doing that again you're going to be a teller so you will be this weekend sure I'm going to be speaking in Copley. It is this Friday at 67 7:00 PM, I'm digging up the addresses I talk to. Here it is that St. Luke's Church and the address you want to grab a pen. It's Friday that I told people live video link BabyCenter me online but there's a place where I will be center that's Friday night. I'll be speaking at St. Luke's Church in Copley near Akron, and the address is 3810 Ridgewood Rd. 3810 Ridgewood Rd., Copley, OH 43244 321 so it's 3810 Ridgewood Rd. in Copley, and the information is all a Janet Bolger there in the video. I appreciate your planet.

But if it were to talk a lot about not just the stories but what we can do moving forward. There is a pathway to victory. Just as we see now with the heartbeat bill. There is a pathway to end abortion of the Supreme Court. The best news nobody knows that the court, the Supreme Court of the United States does not have the votes to strike down the most protective wall in the country.the Texas heartbeat bill that's even more children than anything else ever has on and guess what that means Roe is that lazy gentlemen were always dead. I don't care what the decision is coming out in June. If they don't have the votes to strike down the Texas heartbeat bill. That means we have that we can save 9/10 children right now.

Today to do it all over other states were to do it here in Ohio as well. Already we are 2500 short where 2500 short of our goal right now we've got approximately 40 minutes left in the program tonight we are 2500 short so we need to hear from you know I see that the Randy Guilfoyle pledges 25 Stephanie from New York pledges 53. So from Cleveland pledges 40 and the Dumas Philip Anthony Anthony from Akron pledges 35 hours vote think you think you of the week. We need to hear from him. Phone lines are open it. 888 were running out of time to wait 11110 were looking for some matching pledges look we pledged 2800 kit with at least one personal match that 2800 or 8888677967300 Ron Hood run is going to be a long weekend is killer and he is going to be. Let me see this weekend looking at the date April to Thursday will that's traditional Thursday, April 21. He will be of the Trinity Gospel Temple at 16, 12, 1612 Tuscarora St. in West Ohio so that's this coming April 21. There you go. Thursday right now Jim couldn't because were the Bible tells you then times the intelligent as we get closer and closer to the Lord coming back. The righteous will become more righteous and the wicked will become more wicked. The divide is going to be much greater. Now we're seeing I'm seeing things happening. I'm seeing I'm seeing parents seem to be carrying more for the children now days in the running for school boards for 15 years on the radio.

I was telling people if you love your children if you love your children if you love them, get them out of the public schools there, finally doing that they're doing that large numbers another put them in private Christian schools are putting them on their homeschooling, but there pull them out of the wicked. The public school systems gotten more more wicked they found more more pornography, pornography, and textbooks the funding of public schools that work toward giving children the boys in the spoke of the. The death shot without her parents even knowing about it willingly known were seen the critical race theory were you know the they're trying to turn people against people turning the children against their parents were seeing all that and then on the other side were seen on our side becoming more finally, this is kind of late, but finally becoming active in receiving our people thinking of school boards there winning the election of the school boards all across the country discussed the the Democrats in a real panic. No, I got an article right here green energy company. Please guilty after their windfarms kills 150 bald eagles, no listen hundred and 50 million dead American babies. It doesn't matter that much to the Democrats, but hundred 50 bald eagles know they're getting their attention may be, they might think you know maybe these windmills would such a good idea what you think it very interesting. Now they care.

All of a sudden now they care. Yeah, there goes no person is good news. Twitter rejects months offer most so DeSales must team up to make Twitter at all for it. Can't refuse okay. Most recently announced that he would be attempting to purchase one of us on Twitter, in a bid to create true free-speech platform was offered to buy Twitter in this entirely $54.2 billion for sure whether or 854% premium on this year's actual value Twitter's Board of Directors, which has led the company to adopt numerous left-wing biased censorship policies has fought back by initiating a poisonous pill.

A method of diluting most shares in order to weaken his current standing reset yet to be confirmed reported in the case that musk is about to launch a counter move by teaming up with various additional investors as it turns out, however, musk is already of.

According to WJ XT during a news conference on Tuesday. Hopelessly amiss in the sentence is already well point to figures and held them up as was a been a part of this DeSales and most of the team of lawyers is currently reviewing how the state can hold the Twitter board accountable for breaching their judicial their fiduciary duty is important to note that must previously use this exact language and what is platform. There is a warning that the board may soon face legal repercussions for breaching their fiduciary Judy would not be nice when that be nice if we had and we had legitimate judicial system. The problem we have is we have it. We do not have Department of Justice where we can bring these people for example in front of me here.

I've got we have it GOP announces arrests are coming after acquiring Hunter Biden's laptop. The big guy is going down there is the article today and no law and order news and so according to Representative Darrell Isaac GOP has gained custody of Hunter Biden's left upper middle is looking over discussed incontinence and he goes on to say, it has to be followed all the way back to the big guy said Eliza Seto, Fox News on Sunday, referring to an email from the left of that discuss questionable business ventures in China with the big guy, a reference to his father Joe Biden would stand again 10% were going to need a special prosecutor but in the meantime were investigating.

Yet we have the laptop and the laptop is a treasure trove of book the bit oblivious not listen if if the Senate if we take back the Senate that we take back the house and I they were going to do that okay is there any way to help.

How can we actually get a Justice Department again brought cake president right so so that's why what were doing now is were building for what's coming in two years from now, and I believe the trouble come back I believe will be reelected. I believe we clean up the voting system.

But what is going to take is is is a Congress and the White House.

But here here's the thing, and the lesson that statement that that was in Congress need to learn.

I remember I was sitting in Congress and speaking's office. I was doing an interview with Dr. James Dobson and he and he asked about what the likelihood we would get the subtle heartbeat bill passed and I explained that we had worked at that time. 2017.

We had Republican house a Republican Senate and Republican White House. We had pro-life justices being ushered on the Supreme Court.

I said this is our window. This is our opportunity. Republicans have the majority will they use it and you know the window closed. Lance got ended because the Republicans did not act. They did not deliver on their campaign promises. They did not end abortion for children with beating hearts I believe they lost the majority and that that's what happened and what what we need to do is learn the lessons that Republicans when they get in charge what they do is date they date date they wanted they care more about power. They want to use babies to get elected rather than use elections to protect babies and that got a change in the only way can change of the lessons that I learned especially the last decade we got the band we got a plan together as a block besotted South Carolina we saw in Arkansas with a group stand together that the legislators that if you want your precious budget. You want these bills that matter to you that you give us heartbeat and we had legislators in Ohio willing to do that it would cost me a decade of my life this bill through. And that's what we gotta do in Congress. We need to get the freshmen we need to join together before the hooks of the swamp. Get all the promises the perks and the payoffs get get Made in the deals that are cut.

We got get to them before that happens and we join together and that's why put together the America first contract if the 10 things we most want to see and I can't wait to see them very good. Now you know if we had. Similarly, Jim Jordan, the speaker of the house in a different world. We have wouldn't it would it would really be or Josh Holly is the speaker of the Senate majority rear their day cruise you look McConnell is a rhino and that's that's what word it would've hurt her so much is these rhinos in the enemy walks among sister there always waiting to find out the you know what it's gonna take and took to the seller vote basically the highest bidder in the deal and were so tired of betrayal.

We are just so very tired, betrayal, and so now that's what they're going I've been telling people where until people pass or if you want someone to walk in the fight rhinos justified for the sake of fighting, fighting to get something done. Pick somebody who's done that already. And that's what I spent really the last 12 years doing around the country were fighting the rhinos who have been blocking our bill. The problem in America. It isn't just the Marxist on the left that are running the show right now it's the winos on the right that when they get the majority they keep us from doing the things that need to be done to right this ship to bring our country back on course and that that's where the lessons I've learned I want to apply am I wanted I want to build a team and I want to get in America first contract. You can check it Janet Folger you can scope it out and needed help. If you if you if you believe that big Dick, the evidence of what we've done so far. Again, the only way to tell the real from the rhinos that the bake from the real is is the actions and results and what we have brought to this this this effort. They said what sets China today.

What sets you apart from your opponent and that's it.

Action and results.

On the one that knows how a bill becomes a law and it is brought that about not only in Ohio on a score bills but also in the country and and and and these are against impossible odds different demand can be just a milquetoast try to build what we end abortion in the state in America but doesn't kill 9/10 children, 40,000 a year and that is just the beginning because now the momentum is unstoppable at the Texas style version of the staff in Idaho conception bill with the civil penalty is passed in Oklahoma, we got a bill ready to go in Ohio that has the Texas civil penalties to tweak our heartbeat lot others around the country. It's happening and if we can do that if we can end abortion. We can take our country back and you need somebody in there that learn the lessons as to how to get, you need to tell the people you 13 congressional district. Oh, what does it cover it all in Summit County just died just east of of Cuyahoga just east of Madonna County, south of Cleveland and in the northwest portion of Stark which is Canton so it's Akron Canton a little sliver reported Christmas party can't and you can find out more about what we want to do in Copley subpart of Summit County and I'll be there on Friday at 7 o'clock, spell out where to questions. Bring your tough question. I'm ready to answer them Biot be at the St. Luke's Church spoke their week or two ago and I'll be there again on Friday at seven. The address 3810 Ridgewood Rd. 3810 Ridgewood Rd., Copley and that's that that's that's that's not very far from Cleveland. If it's in Summit County, just near Akron and it's going to be worth the trip were and talk about how it is we can get our country back. I'm I'm tired of talking honestly uncharted.

Just as I said in the abortion debate outfit unstick of marching. I'm tired debating I'm tired of talking timely ended in what I'm her complaining about everything that's going on in the world today.

There's gotta be a way to get it back and I believe that God is giving me another idea. Give me an idea that worked out pretty well. The last time with quickly keeping heart beating with the federal and the state heartbeat bills like I believe you given me another idea I want to tell people about it on Friday.

Hope you can come St. Luke's Church 3810 Ridgewood Rd., Copley, OH 44321 red Villa Michelle of Florida placed 30 Frankie Cleveland budget 25 Gloria and Sellafield pledges 35, the number focuses 888-281-1110 888281111088828111104 888-677-9673 going to hear from you. This is very important. This is really important. We hear from you. 888677 we have.

I have virtually 10 hours in a weeks time to raise enough money actually was little less because were really close.

Adjusted 9 hours because we we don't get a full 60 minutes allow ourselves to raise enough money to stay on for the rest of the entire month as opposed we need your help.

No speaking of that limit you the number again 888-677-9673 888-281-1110 Jim there are people out there that need to to run to this battle and hope people help you in their campaign and and people like you and I campaign because were the Bible is James 122 says BU a doer of the word, not a hearer of the word, not a hearer only be a doer of the word, not a hearer only DCB in your own self deceiving your own self know a lot of people will say you know what, and I've heard this so many times I can't believe how many times I've heard this put an end from other pastors whether set it up. Brother Sanders, we appreciate what you do.

I mean we just really appreciate. Which would you do, but you are just not called to get out there and and run to this battle….My calling to do that this that what God's Word, the Bible says. The Bible says that from Genesis to Revelation. God gives us three missions three missions of very clear no stuttering won the Grey cup first and foremost, the great commission. Matthew 28, 18 to 20 and then from Genesis to Revelation. Genesis to Revelation. He tells us that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God to fail failing to resist tyranny is always disobedience to God giving in to corruption is disobedience to God. And then he does in the staff told the ground, don't backup and hold to the tradition of the apostles. Those of the three missions no generally tells you real doer of the word, not a hearer only DCB in your self people to say we know why my nights abortion will pray for you, but I could lift a finger to help you people out there listening and of people like you that need help in those campaigns. They need to come forward. They need to come up say look, what can I do how can I how can I help you, we've got it. We've got everybody's going to work and focus again were up against dark, deep, deep, dark forces of this is a really a real spiritual battle out there. The antichrist system so Jim and I was telling you before that the righteous are becoming more righteous with the wicked things like they do, and whether experiment in the babies having paying women to get pregnant and deliver full full-term babies and taking these babies alive and in removing their organs from their doing that it's evil, it's wicked. It's evil to the core.

We all know about the things of the phone she did with the experimentation on children and puppies. These people are wicked. It is evil so that the wicked are becoming more wicked and the righteous are becoming more righteous about what we know the Lord Jesus, and many are called but few are chosen. Many will come up you will enter that again God expects us to be zealot Christian soldiers busily after I don't think I'm called. The great commission. I don't feel called to obey God, not were supposed to be salt and light in the dark and decaying world. You remember it is that the greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. I remember I talked to pastor not too long ago face-to-face is not called to the pro-life battle really I said because skill thou shalt not kill. It made the top 10 downloaded and installed the top 10 Commandments and when Jesus said it, if you love me you'll keep my commandments were commanded. As you know, in Proverbs 2411 to rescue those that are that are being carried away to death in Proverbs 31, eight to be a voice for those appointed to diabetes or commandments. These are not options to choose life so that we and our children will live.

This is this is God's voter guide and so what we need to do is understand that God is given us what we need to to occupy until he comes because greater is he that is in it and he that is in the world that we got understand and that when you have a biblical worldview. It changes everything it it it it not only addresses the be at that that that the government mountain but it's it's the all the areas of influence. If it's within the media it's within entertainment it's within science community and the family to church. It everything you know what all of the earth. This is the Lords and the fullness thereof. If it's God's world and were supposed to occupy were supposed to be running this place as it says that the earth is the Lord's, but that but but that the heavens are the Lord given the earth to the sons of men were supposed to be running the show and we got to step up and realize that it doesn't take up a huge majority. You have to wring your hands and say can never be done. God is famous for working to remnants. That's what he does.

He works beauty from ashes right now our country. Looks like it's burned and burning to the ground but God works beauty from ashes.

He worked good from great evil. And that's what we are right now Arend is rising up I believe he's given us a pathway to victory, not only on the life issue, but in taking our country back on the liberty issue as well and I said it many times that are running for Congress to fight for liberty as hard as I thought the life I hope people come Friday night Lutheran Church in Copley Ohio. Very good event from Chicago bridges 20 Mike and Becky from Oregon was a 25 and we got along so we've got some more coming up here let me see you were the pick that up okay bowl include pledges 100 is a prayer request for his mother Maria. She has heart. She has heart a fib aphid and is going through cardio shock. Please say a prayer for a just so you know what he entered my screen is going almost gone very dark in here so is very hard on it is not like W and Ellis pray for Maria heavenly for the work that we just want to hold Maria up Lord I don't know her but I know Bobo has been very faithful and helped us over the years. The Lord we want written of the person you want as the people of their listing to us. Everyone is listing to me. See God's Word, the Bible makes a very, very clear, much prayer, much power little prayer little power. Everyone every single one of you folks listing to me either need prayer now or you will and so remember what Scripture says those who show mercy receive. It's a right no bones mother need your prayers to join in with me as we lift her up heavenly father again.

I want to lift her up and asked father that you would touch her. My first first prayer for her because I don't know her Lord is not saved, and to receive Christ as his Savior. When that's where for her Lord is that you touch her that you might receive complete healing and and blessings in every area where she needs that in my third is for her and everybody else's listing out there that is saved, that they would turn your their desires towards you. More and more every day in every way at all times without any reservations. This is what we ask in the name of the Lord of Lord and the King of Kings, our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus will be back right after this would more about me and way to qualify for me and and and and and and and Ray and all right to secure the dickens out of old credits of the rentals of their right thing. You November. We got remember May 3 movies on May 3. Do not kid right here in Ohio, May 3. Okay so let's admit you pledges 100 under L and hopefully Illinois pledges 1000 until he felt when he was a 2010 we have matching everybody of their match match those initially matching of the 1000 from from Andrea who commits that 1000 fermented right now we are $1000 short of what we need were 1000 short, we have approximately 15 minutes to reach that 1000 work right now so given that I did one matching gift one matching gift of a thousand of their to make that so here are the bugs out there. We were talking about that this this is the time right now where God is calling us gently to run to the spell know Jim look in the wages of sin is death in America his sin. My sins and and we stand in the shadow of a holy and a just God working to see some really dark times that Kate Joe Biden is going to do everything in his power to destroy this country to reduce is the Third World status are less so what's going on. Union Pacific Railroad begins restricting rail shipments of nitrogen-based fertilizer during spring planning system in early March, Tucker Carlson invited Iowa corn and soybean farmer been wrenched on on his top-rated program to discuss the massive and flip inflation where about deceiving food prices. Remember we were reported on this even a year ago we were telling you right away because the start as soon as the others. Joe Obama got in that White House. But recently, especially the last couple months we been telling you folks, is going to be the stimulus shortages and stimulus shortages. The stock up on things and the prices.

This is again he's trying to reduce America.

The Third World status. No here because undersea writers top-rated program to discuss a massive massive inflation. We are about to see in food prices here at home. According to race.

Grocery prices may increase of two 1000 okay this 1000% do the Russians sanctions on fertilizer here. It's embarrassing how little people know about about fertilizer what it is with the means and tells us the implications of the sanction. I know that the they know a lot about fertilizer their Washington DC there filled with soaring fertilizer prices are likely despite food prices right said if you are upset that guesses up a dollar to get two dollars a gallon. Wait until your grocery bills go up to over $1000 a month and may not be manifest itself in terms of price, it could be quantities will empty shelves and must be starting. I'm sorry I just wanted to make sure I heard correctly of $2000 a month is incredulous. Carlson said that would be the average family of four spending $1000 a month for food that's a lot you know and when when new meds that with gas prices and again, well while Biden is sending our reserve our strategic reserve while he's sending it to Europe.

I don't know what to take with you to take a look let me ask you this, because even if we have this massive like they're talking about this, read the salami red states and by the way they change that. Remember back until the time of of the Reagan the Republicans were blue and the communist Democrats were red, they don't want to be associated with the color red for good reason for you to come is his recall rents but here out will when we are looking at this and say we take generally take Congress and we would like to say 5060 seats.

We take the state Senate. There will be. I know because you got people like Jim Jordan Max Gates and others they will impeach Biden. He is broken. These is a criminal. The entire Biden crime cartel. It is that he's working hand-in-hand with the drug cartels and the human smugglers okay and the evidence is out there to impeach him no, there is different scenarios of their the note they're talking about actually is a mindset to appointing Donald Trump as speaker of the house of this would be interesting here and so I mean where our country cannot cannot we cannot take three more years and Joe Biden.

We can take another year. Right now we don't have a Justice Department and we do have some of the military is with us. With America. The others are there bootleggers and I wouldn't give you $0.10 for the Pentagon up there right now. So what you think. You think that's it. I mean we cannot wait to 2024. Biden cannot will be gone by then leaving. Well, what organ at work to do whatever it takes work to do whatever it takes for long to take because working to get our country back. I do not believe that God is done with America.

I do not believe this is that the end of the world and that the judgment of of mankind.

I don't believe that.

And I'll tell you why I remember in 2021 of the book that the we had a big prayer meeting there called the return that Franklin Graham had another prayer meeting there. I remember the prayer that I prayed was was unlike any other time, but I never prayed forever election. We pray second Chronicles 714 if my people, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I hear from heaven, forgive our their sin and heal their land and every every election we've always prayed that but that year was a different prayer than any other time I've ever prayed that prayer at that time in 2020. There were 10 states that had in fact turn from their wicked ways that had passed heartbeat bills.

11. When you count Alabama that it had passed a bill to protect children from conception there now. 14 is now built is now state that it ended abortion in nearly every case, and I just believe that while it looks like it's the darkest of times. This is when were seeing the breakthrough that we've prayed for by decades we we been marching over this we been we've been we've been crying out to God for the end of abortion and we are on the brink working seed probably and in a little over a month, probably too much time the end of June I will go see Roe versus Wade crumbled to the ground. I mean, I'm telling you things look easier if you watch the news.

If you watch this great state run media you're really pretty depressed but on the tell you something to get him. Jesus said that that that those who who who keep their eyes on him. If you we are our organic art are keep our focus on Jesus to keep us in perfect peace and he's going to give us the strategies we need to take it back and I believe that's what's happening at work were taken back in the area of abortion despite what it looks like right now despite the Supreme Court justice that was just confirm that doesn't know the difference between a man and a woman. I mean after all, she's not a biologist really actually absurd where we are right now the absolute, deliberate, deliberate destruction of America but it's time now for America to rise up and weak. The good news is we have an opportunity before us coming up in in just over a week. On May 3 we got election and and you know what we got a proven candidate who's got a track record and again that's what you got fine because words mean nothing.

Slogans are worthless.

What you need our action and results – what that's what I I believe I bring into the to the student to the race and if you want to find out more. Come, come to St. Luke's on Friday.

It's in Copley Ohio and now were going to spell out the plan how to get our country back with the lessons I've learned, having fought this battle alongside with you pastor or a fort for just about four decades of being in this battle, beginning with regulating abortion with the parental consent and the right knows it needle homicide in the partial-birth abortion band. The first one but I believe that what we have now is an opportunity for us not only in life but liberty because because that that's really where our country is most in peril right now. One of things I want to introduce and I and I'll talk about this on Friday in the America first contract is the constitutional rights restoration act. We've got to do is we got bring back those constitutional rights to been stripped from American citizens not only in the Defense of marriage act, but also in the personal account are fuming in the in the patriot act right now. We got people that are still sitting in jail or what for the crime of of exercising their there really there First Amendment rights, violated the law with trespass violations, but the fact is there sitting in jail. While there for six, seven, eight and 14 amendment rights are our art are completely ignored look if you are if you are an American citizen. Those rights should not be stripped from you.

Just because somebody calls you a name character Justin Trudeau of the fastest to the north. They call truckers terrorists suddenly they freeze their bank account they can do whatever they pleased. That cannot happen in America and I believe we need a constitutional rights restoration out for that reason. Very good. The phone lines are open at 888). Another time I want to say thanks to Timmy Guilfoyle replaced 20 were running out of time.

We need to hear from you. We really need to hear from you right now we don't have much time left. We have seven minutes in the program left 888-281-1110 week would we came short last night. We can afford to come short again tonight. We can 216-901-0945.

That's 216-901-0945 are 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673. We need to hear from you right now folks are sitting there on the phones waiting in there waiting in their waiting so give us a call were running short of time and we are the voice I could tell you this look 50 years on the radio, we've never once compromise would never was compromised. I will be talking about some things this week right now because there are some people out there that are angry that were telling them what they did that they don't necessarily want to hear okay. They don't want to hear it. Okay, work comes to God's Word, the Bible is clear is repent or perish now you know Jen and God was willing to spare Sodom and Gomorrah for 10 righteous men and I think you know we we have a number of rights that I see more more people are our own rising up but folks, the time is coming shorter and shorter. The days of our fewer and fewer between now and the Lord's return. Believe me, he said, is coming back, and he will be back for us believing what God says he will do. He has done is doing and without fail will do and I will you be ready for that again if you don't have a burning desire to serve God to get out there and to serve him better and I know many many many people. Jan, a lot of folks have a profession of faith but no faith without works is what dad so works is evidence of what faith means salvation.

All right, very good, so think about that for you folks. You folks out there.

You know you told me about the passes that is not called. I never get a Presbyterian preacher and a prayer breakfast one day he was sitting next to me in the recent past centers. I really respect what you do out there saving the babies in that of a deal pastor I could never preach the way you do in my church if I did that I would I would offend you. I would offend too many of the women in the congregation because too many of them had abortions and so I don't offend myself, let me ask you question the night and I got admit that that hit me. I said dummy, don't you think that if you been preaching against that horrible sin that awful awful sin of killing children that you might not have so many women in your congregation that committed as soon as he said you know what you got a point, you've got a good point there.

He said by the way you lie.

Women that are sitting in those churches that need to be healed.

Know the first way to get to the healing place is to repent persons that have taken place at the only way the wound can be healed. That way the blood of Jesus can wash that out and then instead of an open wound, which is an invitation to the enemy. You got just you got a scar that God can use to to have a testimony to save other lives and on to say that that that's one of the problems we have our wounded women wounded man in the church that I participated in this bed are afraid to tell anyone what they need to do is confess it and remove it have to have God remove it as far as the east is from the west and then become a powerful voice for the voiceless – I believe the remedy that that is missing by the silence in the pulpit. You're absolutely right. Douglas in New Jersey pledges 1000 and so we have research here for a few more minutes, so we needed we need to hear from you is still time to hear from you know I'm the listen carefully, because what I'm going to be saved in a few minutes is the most important part of this program in the Bible to memory came forth from God hear you. He spoke of his beloved son, Jesus. If you are not sure what will happen to you after you die you don't don't you redundancy would Jesus will say, why don't you, if you reject Jesus you will be judged one day by his word here you go and if any man hear my words, and believe not. I judge him not quite come to judge the world not to judge the world to save the world, he that rejected me a receipt with not my words have not have one. The judge him in the word that I have spoken the same shall judge him in the last days. If you do not believe in Jesus you will die in your sins. Him I said therefore unto you, that you shall die in your sins, for if you believe not that I am he, you shall die in your sins on the 24 for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Romans 323 Jesus said, you will not get to heaven without him there is no other way. Hear ye him. I am the way the truth and the life for no man cometh unto the father but by me. John 14 six then if you do not believe in Jesus you are already condemned to burn in hell to hear me you folks up there. This is what God says if you have reviewed believe the Lord Jesus you already condemned here.

You him either believe that him is not condemned but he that believe with not is condemned already, because he is believed in the name of the only begotten son of God, look folks out there and what is going to die.

That's not the tragedy to die in your sins. That's a real tragedy.

You can undo that. And God made it easy for me to really easy for you okay Lord Jesus did all the heavy lifting. He took your place, and he suffered a lot for your sins and mine. So what you need to do tonight.

How much time do I have.

I don't know half minutes okay there you go, were running those things happening here. Real fast in the studio. So here is what you do, you pray to the father US for forgiveness of your sins. Do this, just pray to God the father asked forgiveness of your sins. That's the Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations and if you do that you got God's word on it, you will become a new creature the born-again believer and heir to the kingdom and will be indwelt by the Holy Spirit folks from their you're on the road to eternity on the road to eternal life. So that's what you do, don't try to wait till tomorrow because you may not have it tomorrow so all right. We hell. I gotta say this boy Judy from Michigan pledges 150 thank you Ellie Ellie from Philly pledges 30 Greg from Indianapolis pledges 100 a griddle from Texas pledges 20 and Cheryl Sharon from Ohio pledges 50 praising the Lord.

We went over we went went over our our goal tonight which we needed to do because we came short last night and the were still to be here for a few more minutes, so close to what were here 88828111108882811110 or are 888-677-9673 Jan I want to thank you for being here with us tonight and know in organa really do all that we can to send you to Washington DC and that you are not. I know you call me Jan, but on the ballot is going to be Janet just so were clear that the website I hope to see people Friday night at St. Luke's church and thank you Pastor for all your doing for being the voice of the Christian resistance for always being on the forefront never compromising. I don't know if if if I'm not known you for what 20 years 30 I least I actually more more exactly closer to 40 and I've never known you to watch a compromise. You've always been ahead of the curve.

You've always been a voice and soak in the final minutes. I do want to encourage people and I'm out of time tonight were good with time is going were coming up to the end. So until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless. And always, always, always, and I do mean always keep fighting the fight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right once posted by Pastor Ernie sender to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WR WL please tune in next time. Mission was right once left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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