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FRI HR 2 040822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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April 14, 2022 10:47 pm

FRI HR 2 040822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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April 14, 2022 10:47 pm

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Earlier buying a car by my calculator. I already use capital one how to navigate her stomach lining Prequalified instantly instead of all that you know those things and purge your credit score didn't pack my credit card at now going to dealership for a test drive and make the purchase sounds too easy. Oh, it's just easy capital one what's in your wallet terms and conditions apply.

Find out more capital navigator donate a listen to podcasts WR that you pulled out here is incredibly important. We also talked about, there's been a rule change in the Federal Register of the rules right that now study even going to the fiasco which was that the amnesty judges, which was all a farce. They can actually sign off and amnesty. They get administrative people down there sign of an interstate at the border when the 18,000 a day or come across is that correct right my opinion this is a mass of silent fraud rubberstamp operation there handing the authority to grant asylum to front-line regular asylum officers you can see them say oh my God on my get persecuted back in Honduras and they can stamp asylum right there, or within within a month or so they can stamp asylum in your written. The reason why this is a asylum front, middle, is because all of those persecution stories are bogus.

They're not, you're not able to verify personal requirement to verify any of it and so in order to clear the backlog and legalize everybody so that there's not a bunch of illegals running around the country. You'll just have a whole bunch of asylum fraudsters running around the country so that's a very important thing. It needs to be litigated.

I think that we need to go through the courts in an adversarial back and forth to see whether that is legal is not what the wall requires asylum but will not demonize the people going up there their economic migrants. We understand and but that's not what asylum is about. That's for the game in the system. There gaming the system. They are exact.

This is my first article of impeachment against Biden there initiating and exacerbating an invasion of the southern border of Russ boat one more time just walk people through your argument at the center for renewing America you would Cuccinelli and others about the constitutional authority that the state governors, attorney generals in the states have, to protect themselves from invasions or event. So under the Constitution.

There's two primary provisions that we look to number one article 4 section 4. The guarantee clause that says the federal government has the responsibility to the states from invasion and then article 1, section 10, clause 3 says that the states cannot do certain things unless they are facing with an invasion. And so it generally keeps the commander-in-chief responsibilities at the federal level, unless they are facing an invasion which they are factually and we know this, and we have proven this along the border. So this allows the commander-in-chief of the state to be able to issue rules of engagement to Sheriff's state troopers national guardsmen to say we want you to interject an illegal immigrant coming across the border return them to massacre across the border and that will stop the flow over time and that is the only thing that will stop the flow. A lot of things are very important, but until the flow understands that it is being reversed and returned and people are being returned to their country. That is what is most critical to be able to stop what we are seeing. We were able to accomplish than the trump administration because of a number of policies that were kind jerryrigged together to deal with current law magnets that are already in place and we were able to do that.

Some great people.

I can Cuccinelli and Stephen Miller were able to accomplish that. But right now that flow is rampant, because they put a neon light along the border and write what we need now is leaders who are not mother May I leaders we need people in Iraq and asked for permission to be able to use as constitutional actors in themselves to read the Constitution and come up and do what is necessary to protect their people from this invasion. Russ, how do people get to you at your twitter getter and how to get to your your your center so you find more information about this with them in the ramparts of the swing America is the website and they can get me an address about all of the social media channels hears we know the politics we win overwhelming on this.

That's where Karnak is a smart guy he sees and he was pulling punches how much the Hispanic working-class and middle-class are coming with us. Also also need Seymour killing Arizona mass those in the Cortez Masters and Nevada and in the center in Georgia and even Hossein in New Hampshire say well we need a plan together so that he can't let 42 off because they know they're going to get swept away by this the politics are obvious. Russ boat thank you hero and patriot every goat's center and follow him.

This is were nonstop on this thing already back.

John returned to last you this now Texas is there going to Gov. out there in Texas is load all these illegals to come in, put them on buses and take a ride to Washington DC and with their but the Biden regime says that he can't do that to these illegals that come into a state of because it's a violation of their first amendment rights.

What's the problem with that you vote or equivalent criminal where they came in and how do you have right click on through the criminal other than criminal going to give them a right so that in that governor.

These fees under invasion soon. Does he not have the right to to load them all up on buses and taken to Washington DC with all of this.

He starts up what I've heard there you have the right to build up they voluntarily agree to locate her okay with that but couldn't line hundred apartment ready to go, and that it because you want to go to Washington where the president cool give you a blueprint for the White House and Congress. You can move it, because it cannot jump on the possible date of the Reports that that's what I because you got all those Democrats in Washington really have a heart for these illegal aliens tilted all your favorite article. Now you heart attack after any kind hearted all you know you see here in Ohio I think we all know people who have died as a heroin overdose is where is that coming from this coming straight about the border and over the board and when you talk to the Democrat about the deed truncated here in America you talk about what's happening in rural, especially rural America.

Michelle and I have worked with teen challenge and a lot of people that are not in the nation. I come from a generation actually grab a 90 when people work back on heroin. People were gigantic, they smoke pot where they did their or crack addict believe a whole generation that is addicted to heroin and their dying every day that wonderful pastor in northern Ohio reflected that he got a guy and you've got, you got the job coming over you. I'm thinking coming over to another Democrat you not care about American at all his people. It's said all this is the deadly thing Ohio leads the country in this place that no and no. Here's the reality and tell me if I'm wrong, but this is an actual factual reality that you will hear on any of the fake news media. The Biden crime family is working hand in hand. There with the drug cartels of the human smugglers to do everything they can to help them out. Even given himself owns whatever they want to bring the fit mill in the federal school from China into Mexico as words get and then the drug cartels from their their brain and then here to kill the people know what's happening is a lot of that goes directly to the Somali Somali little group there or in Columbus where they have well and some of the places are such so many Somalians that actually inflate fly their own flag and those Somali neighborhoods that they they have built of the like little glue countries there and they're very very very much involved in human trafficking, and so here again, we've got we've got an antichrist communist and Joe Biden Job this country cannot survive another year, Joe Biden. He's were were being destroyed to rapidly. We've got to do something.

We've got to do something quick would you ladies agree after lately. I don't think I've lining it all. After that we are doing or feeling.

Fervently we are feeling the if we don't get it all going to go to hacking handbasket at the same time God is giving it the ability and the greater the anointing calling at that actually do something about it.

Okay, so now what are things about your ministry there. You ladies is the you have a you have an ability that has been built some years ago I did active in the pro-life movement. John knows I was in the very beginning with Dr. Jack Wilkie, Lynn back in Columbus when we started right to life Ohio right to life with and I was on the bore for 21 years put they were infiltrated they were infiltrated and that's why we startle Ohio pro-life action so but anyhow we had up. I was trying to activate the pastors.

I was trying to get them off their debt behind another dozen feet and so we called a pastors prayer breakfast on the Saturday. Now if we had told him that we could have a meeting that will last you guys to help us stop that the abortion of baby killing up there at Hillcrest hospital.

They we probably wouldn't have been able to come but we didn't tell that we just said is going to be a big pastors prayer breakfast and really good food and that we had these is the pretty Christian ladies. There were cooking the food now so they came and know they deceived me just walk out there unite.

I was is the plain dealer is to say the firebreathing hellfire preacher right so I lay low and I look Terry Terry was like you look very pretty pretty and gentle young lady and she came out and she said pastors we need you to lead us we we really need some bold, then we need you men to be bold and lead us and you're not your your you haven't done that and and and so please it's actually even cried a little bit which he talked about their murdering the killing little babies and you pastors are leaving the site should she cut it to two of them that were there.

It snuck out and I and I know who they were. To this day the kind of bent down credits they got the back door but in the reason for that is that she introduced me and I got up there and I and I priest idyllic were looking for people.

The righteous has bold designs to killing babies appeared this hospital and you guys every one of you. You know that you are supposed to be standing is supposed to be doers of the word not just hearers only, is supposed to have the guts and the courage to go up there and be bold and and not dishonor God with the lack of courage and so I told him that and two of snuck up with the others all followed me up there we went up there and it turned out we had like 700 people come out altogether and it was an amazing turnout and so but you see, I probably I would know I could look at those guys to activate them but like Terry that that she got up there and when she told him that we ladies do what I was in and your families what you lead us that poke to separate them.

Okay and that worked out, and so you girls can do the very same thing, and I imagine this is likely what you're doing in your mind that moment where Ryan only took one topic and I and others will follow know I would.

My my cracker men tonight are there any men there listening you can beat outline and leave other men will follow and the women in your life will be just like John Adams wife Abigail and support you and lift you up.

Absolutely you know what things are always a lot better when men act like men and women Ackley women three city in our church. That's all we have the families there all all the husbands of men and all the wives and women we went with any of those in between things that you be out there all right very good said no, what were talking about the border. There again, we have we are being invaded our country has been invaded and the Biden crime cartel and that's exactly what they are there, aiding and abetting the Mexican drug cartels and the human smugglers out there and up. John a huge blow to fake news and the FBI zero guilty verdicts in case of the alleged plot to kidnap let the governor Witmer looked who in the world who want to kidnap her. Okay, think about that.

Who but anyhow, you don't suppose it was made up of rogue FBI agents the deep state. Do you there was burning, there were more core guided Gorman in that cabal when there were ultimately criminal. I think it would have been FBI agent and that the group you know I have friends that were FBI agents safety.

They were set out all the time to actually have three. I did three radio programs with FBI agent sitting in the studio with me and they were there because of the death of crested called and said that I had going on the air in and said I was going to kill Bill Clinton. I never said such thing I said below, you do he listen to the tapes of our program so they so we know you never did in the ice with a what are you doing this it will week week I want to sit in a wheel three, that's what I was out of three in the afternoon. They said one of the whole shop turns radios on wheat and these were the good guys.

These were the white hats. These were FBI agents that could could hit lift her head up and not be ashamed they work. These were good cups clean cups not like we have today. We know those folks. The older ones now that of retired. They are so ashamed they are so ashamed of Chris Ray's FBI, but how they betrayed American.

It's just unbelievable and so here I mean is getting out is getting out that Lily asked those ladies is a really smart what you think the Democrats cannot afford an out of fear election. They can afford the notice of her election will is will this decimate the climate of the Democratic I'm this party so anything to go to do to try for more pride in your Ackley right they can't afford it. People arriving up and people would vote overwhelmingly to get ready people waiting really interesting question. I don't know what is it here because adding elected all the Republican designer Ryan with a fall all the way down and for a touchdown and fell.

Honestly, if I'm making a prediction it's alien now dictating they're going to do something they will do anything I a covert thing or something economic laugh likely at that and I don't now they cannot word the house out back the Republican because the investigation into dividing lead all the way to Clinton and goes all the way around, though after earning what you think that anything million-dollar question. Well, I think they're going to cause a false flag there. I things are going to have some kind of something to distract.

Now the state of Washington. They virtually let decided that they're going to legalize election fraud in the state of Washington is going to be the only voting it will be by paper ballots and they're all set up because again, that's a corrupt, corrupt state and but they know that too many people are watching now I know I don't think Marquis Zuckerberg to spend another $370 million to to flip as he wanted 15 million votes and even right now there's a number of states and more more growing Wisconsin was to the decertify the election. You got the link is there effect. I had a whole list of them of states that the one of reverse that election because all the evidence come out now with all the election fraud and so they know people get me watching you Be like it was before the FBI's been pardoned with content with tracking would be different when a father needed prove especially with the voting by definitely can find yet election officials telling people that they can vote without a drivers license without a proof of ID. If they simply said they were in definitely let me think could never leave the house in time and you had 50,000 in previous years and 250,000 absolutely and let me say that I was just looking for these articles.

There was damages a massive massive.

I watched as they unloaded in Michigan as the trucks came in in the middle night after all. Republicans have been barred from watching the results they were cutting cold, but I trucks came in and unloaded thousands and thousands of ballot and on the boxes.

It had written right on it. Ballots for Biden. We just the corruption was unbelievably so what happened there in Georgia when they when the Republicans were sent home and of the first thing that happened was the become of a circle in the boxes out from underneath the tables and so and when you know I was looking for that because I had always articles here here's there's one Alaska hands over election to corrupt Democrats outcome election will have all this is Alaska to all mail-in ballots. Oh no, so that you got that one Alaska to softcover election huge GOP officials and more than half of the Wisconsin counties are calling for decertification of the states 2020 election result. So you got more than half of the Wisconsin counties are calling they found without hundreds of thousands of votes. Let me see bombshell notices the goal of this niche in the city who Biden FEC numbly admits her name is not legal document attesting voting machines used in the Georgia illegally switched votes for one candidate to the other. I mean they're right out front with her with her crime is like they felt that their prayer is that the being a Democrat, you get a free pass right like Hillary for now I will play another clip and then now might not play this whole clip but this is one of the reasons God is angry with America got is very very angry with America. In this clip has to do with well with organ harvesting and you know he always wins when you talk about organ harvesting you think of China. But there's another country that's doing it, would you play the clip they poured through years of descriptive documents.

Some executions of death row inmates and they found inconsistencies that indicate that the inmates were not brain-dead when Chinese surgeons tore out their vital organs to be used in transplant surgeries. This is something that we had reports about this for quite some time. As a matter fact going back at least 20 years ago I remember I have mentioned this once before in. We subscribe to the Titus before the social media but you could subscribe some these bulletin boards were people would be talking about homeschooling and some other issues and you can get on there. I would get on there but want one of these times there was this predominantly the mothers that we get on and they were organizing a visit to the bodies exhibit these plasticized bodies that come from China and they put the actual human bodies that are plasticized. As you can see the skeletal system but can also see the muscles in some of these of the circulatory system and in so no will talk about that. I looked at whether sent that you know this is not something that you want to be supporting because a lot of indications and rumors and discussion that some of these bodies had shown up I think was a guy in Germany was plasticized indemnities getting his bodies from China.

So that showed up with had with gunshot things like that is like, you realize that the people that are executing in China. In many cases are just people who have opposed them politically, and if you really want them to be able to profit from this.

But then we see and had many many stories about how they were marking people that were political prisoners for organ extraction and now you have this study where they went through and they found indications just like we have said, with the HEK cell line that you had to get that from the baby while he was alive just like these babies are being used to create trans-humanist mice are Nikon humanized mice, but they mix in human organs with the mice so they can use them as test animals found she's doing now.

So when you look at this, said the HEK cell line of humanized mice, you realize they've got to get these organs out well the person is alive in the same things happening this so they said to me the cases that identified in the Chinese government reports, they realize that tearing out the organs was the cause of death for the inmates like the transplant surgeon become the de facto executioner evidence suggestive of such behavior has emerged over many years the People's Republic of China researchers concluded the China has breached the medical ethics standard known as the dead donor rule see a lot of people just assuming that when the easy baby parts for their pharmaceutical testing going from a dead baby that you would just make good use of the step. Maybe that's not the way that works is not the way that work here either.

Doctor should not kill people transplant organs into another person or two transplant organs into a mouse so that you can do mad science like patches doing the NIH.

The FDA, the University of Pittsburgh.

A lot of these organizations in conjunction with Planned Parenthood have been doing this for quite some time. Anyway, what is happening in China trying to systematically kill political dissidents, members of religious and spiritual communities that it disapproves of an order to sell their organs to wealthy buyers and so who are they coming out. Well I met you many times the number one group is not the leader's number-one group is been following God. The only people that they talk about an American press of the week because that ethnic group is, but ironically Muslim but they also ignore Tibetan Buddhists and Christians house church Christians are the ones that are coming for many this case, leader of China's transplant sector wrote in 2007 that effectively 95% of all organ transplants were from prisoners and dozens of examples of problematic removal of organs. A study found that, given the donors could not have been brain-dead before the organ procurement. The declaration of brain-dead could not of been medically sound if the reports are accurate indicate that heart and lung procurement by the surgeon. One is the cause of the prisoners death directly implicating the surgeon and the execution doesn't it implicate Planned Parenthood I doing body parts for hire in an old and hold them harmless and, Harris and Javier Becerra who is now the head of HHS Health and Human Services house that for hypocrisy. The two of them as California Atty. Gen. went after the whistleblowers to destroy their lives and to protect Planned Parenthood. And yet the reality is it's the FDA and the NIH. The biggest customers of this murder for hire at the abortion clinic again back to China as China is a communist totalitarian government that regularly imprisons individuals for things that they call crimes such as picking corals and provoking trouble. That's one of their things that we we talked about the fact that the Polasky was arrested SWAT team been arrested because he was getting ready to go to speak to truckers and the charge was mischief while in China they call it, picking corals and provoking trouble. Same thing.

Typically when someone is perceived to express disagreement with the government, or to hold illegal religious beliefs. We found the physicians became the executioners on behalf of the state and that the method of execution was part removal study's findings are in line with the testimony that we've had from Inver. Cody, it was who was a doctor.

He described things in his timeframe and 2019. He told the China tribunal is an independent organization with a trip to China tribunal is an independent organization created to research evidence of international law crimes by the Communist Party, so he told that China tribunal that he was personally rushed into extracting the organs from still alive. Death row patient in East Turkestan with the majority of the worlds Uighur people live and he did that back in 1995 China tribunal published report following its investigation, accusing the Chinese state of committing crimes against humanity by systematically killing people for their organs, particularly following Don leaders Tibetan Buddhists and house church Christians, China's global Times newspaper celebrated in June 2021 that it had more than 100 times more volunteer organ donors that it did in 2015 2015 was when voluntary donation became the only legal channel for supposedly in 2015. They stopped taking the organs from prisoners. Except now, after they stop that they wound up with 100 times more another still doing in prison and they're doing it to a greater extent. So when you look at Planned Parenthood. The people who have been the ones that you hire to do murder to obtain body parts for found she's mad science experiments and again as I mentioned when I talked to this people are far more upset about how he tortured puppies and guilt for his scientific curiosity and research resist science science research who don't mind overcrowding. This is the law only now I got crime overtaken Norris city gangs taken over paying the now more and more. Will there never seems to me there what we call radiation is great nation is going out when all powerful fear. You now you know the name and yeah way past time ladies do you know your heard of the mountaineers of the boat yard.

We are the indigenous people from what is known as Vietnam. They were the original natives in that area of Vietnam and when the Vietnamese that you have there today. Those were immigrants that came in from China and they they overtook and they brought with them. Communism and so here the number of those bodyguards who were pastors were friends of mine.

They hid they had to hide past today, for example, was a good example. He was a pastor and he had gone to a friend's house and while he was gone of the communist blue his house up with the rocket and when he got back they went after pastors had no family left the recon and he ended up hiding in the jungle for 18 years, from the communist until he was rescued by our special forces and a home they came in them. I was I would that I preached on three of the churches in North Carolina you have a large large group of mountaineer people that have gone there to to live and I want my patients rated churches in while we were out to lunch and we had gone to Washington DC. I spent a whole week you're going to all the human rights organizations and and here's why. The people there in Vietnam. The way it was set up the mountain yards. Those that are left.

The government, if you can't can't afford to give you so much land to farm that if you can afford the give me the money within the farm they Produced then they take you, and they literally sell you and while I was having lunch with these other pastors. One of them got a call.

It was from his daughter who was sold by the government to Saudi Arabia and they they allowed him you know, the Saudis allowed her to have two talk to them you know over the smart phone is weak. They could see each other than visual and an audio and she totally right there. What we are that this is the last time that we will see each other speak to each other because they're going to harvest my organs today. Yeah, and that took place there. Now another one we raised money for to get past her knees. Nice out of there with Ray, who had a raise enough money to to that and bought her back and brought her back here, but unfortunately by the time we got her back and she had developed cancer but she had told us that while she was there that she saw two young girls to young teenagers very on there were literally frozen alive to keep to keep their organs and she that she witnessed this now was happening. You talk about the "ultimate wickedness with these these babies you got these women that are literally go out and they'll get pregnant and will carry a baby to full term and they sell it. They sell that baby Tobit witnessed to to be experiment on out and they've got a number of the greatest of these women are wicked to the bone. Okay, but they some of them have drug habits or whatever, but those sell these babies to to to go ahead a little experiment with. They do know these babies admit that's happening here. The University of Pittsburgh is a horrible place. It said evil evil. It's a horror house out there because as one of the places they do this and and of course the FDA.

Our government is involved in, and this just horrifying evil. Evil is there that was Sarah that he mentioned there that guy like camel hair. Both of them one after deleting who exposes the one after the people for closing the evil yeah Memphis there is an animal he's a beastie known over and in Jude is verse 10 it talks about. These are beast refers to the type of people as beast and now this is an evil like you've never seen and that's was what is happening today. That's one of the things that were fighting so hard to stop. We've got to stop the child killing in this country.

The murder were standing in the shadow of an angry God) return learning, no doubt about it. So anyhow that's probably the coolest skeleton I've heard in a long time. Got your playing from work that the fellow the sameness of all yeah Alex Jones zero clip. That's David Knight actually bring your literally time to cut everything you you got the organ harvesting if you talk about what we cover our show all the time. Michelle and I are what we've been trying to get to wake up to be doing your mailing and one thing I Michelle you really think you thank you thank you thank you and like you said you ladies have a you have a great opportunity to to make to shame the pastors you know we talked about these prissy preachers some years ago they would when I used to refer 25 years for 25 year job returning.

You know this. I chose any three neo-evangelical preachers to debate me on Romans 13 that we have with more mics diddly I chose any three.

I would take on. We can 25 years and never got one taker that night and they try to use a pervert. Romans 13 to try to justify not having the courage to stand up.

See Romans 13 means exactly what Romans 13 says and and they would use that to try to justify not having the courage to do in the urine.

You and I went to church a very large church in South Oklahoma and that particular church. Now the Patrick day.

We are not getting involved in political issue. Where did it with the word of God. I have my own opinion on that what you hear. Well my pay I get taken from the Bible. If you ever heard of the doctrine of the lesser magistrate. There I presented some 50 years ago and priest of the many many times faster. Okay, here you go. Listen looking to find out if I if I were to people ask, you will what does the Bible teach unsaved baptism is is baptism by sprinkling is that all right. Well I would say if we take a look at the New Testament.

You won't find one case, not one time where anyone was baptized, other than on their profession of faith, so that leaves out if it's and also by immersion. So in every single case you find people were baptized by immersion upon the profession of faith that some of the baptism and so I say let's take a look at what God's Word, the Bible says so you started in Genesis and you go to Revelation. Every profit every priest, every great preacher every single one of none none sued this light, Jesus himself, but every single one of their faith and their politics were inseparable. They were one of the same. What one of the same. Okay so these pastors. These are prissy preachers and you couldn't when they say were not to get involved. See, I can understand you're not you telling me that you're not salt and light because right now let me ask you this, when you get saved.

Are you aware of the kingdom. Okay, so now you people misunderstand the passage of Scripture to where it says render to Caesar what blows the Caesar render what to gobble plugs to God and most people think that there there there telling you that that means that your you have to pay your taxes and listen to the Caesar know.

So when Jesus said he meant exactly what he said and this is why the Pharisees and Sadducees in her audience. Where were taken back because he says render to Caesar what was the Caesar into gobble up was the got will what the Bible says the earth, and the fullness thereof belong to God, the earth and everything on so if you take the earth and everything on it and everything on it belongs to God, including Caesar.

What was the Caesar, you got it. That's what the Lord Jesus was telling them yes okay and so what when the people say will what did he say these well rendering the Caesar will blow the Caesar and the guy will blows the gun they civil, according to the work. I will belongs to God and that's why they were taken back because they had to say well gee it's a everything blows to got right and so you thing and I love it. Remember the for the five points we just talked about a divine healing government real, it's real I mean real human government divine legitimate our government is not legitimate. Remember what the third point was the third point was that God Dominion of man for himself, because he made man in his image. When the Lord Jesus said show me calling whose subscription or whose images on their it is that was Caesar's. Okay with Caesar was made in the image of who God so the point that he was getting across to even Caesar belongs to God.

Without powerful man that won't treat him like.

I let out Satan. I didn't write any of that I was I would write John we just read it right right so anyhow yeah you I you ladies would love our church you would love doers of the word because we feel we go in depth into the Bible we take the teaching to another level that the most most places you don't. You got too many places like what we talked about the 501(c)(3) CR church is not a 501(c)(3). I don't know if you understand that put when you're a 50. People not be that what we placed on this years and years ago when about the 501(c)(3) seat. When you pick when you signed a contract with the state, then you agree that you're a corporation, you become a corporation corpus means nonliving means you are not living creation. The state and so you agree in a contract or covenant with the state that you're not living creation. What is what is the Bible the body of the bride of Christ.

The body of Christ is a what living living bride of Christ.

So then when you're a 501(c)(3). You also agree okay that's the state is your head. You agree, I contacted the state is your head what the Bible says the Christ is the head here with your 501(c)(3) you have maybe have a Board of Directors is your corporation.

See if you agree. Covenant with that. Then God says if you if you agree and you place yourself what under a Wiccan master then you have to you have to obey the wicked methodology all and so now because if you don't have to even entered into that then then you are crossing both the wicked master and God, okay, say here see under the Bible tells you that under the church. Christ is the head and the under shepherd the pastor of the local assembly is under him well under the 501(c)(3). They go by Black's Law and the word they don't use the word for shepherd or pastor. They use the word agent the pastors is an agent and is got to definitions. One of his intercessor between the assembly in the state to look like as a spy for the state against his.

But how, but again was therefore six my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge right just make turning you got four minutes. You know what to do with it.

Okay. Learning folks we might become a lot of crude about what's going on and always be our we live in, always evil being manifested, we heard about what kind but here in the United States. Taking life babies out of the woman doing the same thing that maybe evil is no other way to describe but because it's being done here doesn't make it in any way softening of it just shows you the wickedness of man and there is an end result of this wickedness command called the great white throne judgment in the Bible when at the book of Revelation chapter 20 where everyone everyone who has not received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is going to stand before Christ and judgment of the great white throne and the end result of that is a place called the lake of fire. That's where people go that deny Christ as their Lord, because God is provided a way to keep holy God is holy and sin cannot come into they can't click can be no sin in heaven, so that the penalty for the wages of sin is that the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ. So he sent Jesus Christ sinless without sin, the only begotten son of God could die on the cross and shed his blood to pay for the penalty of sin that we deserve. Peter Carson if I could Bible says he took our sin and we were given his righteousness. That's it.

That's some critical, but that's what it took to pay the price for sin. Christ dying on the cross and shed his blood and then we have to believe that he rose again the third day bottle equipment that any returning that is the only way to heaven. There is no other way because that penalty must be paid. So when we confess Jesus Christ, the Bible says whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart. God raised him from the good you will be saved. That's got from and then of course it involves repentance.

Repentance means were walking and sin in their life without Christ, we turn hundred 80 an hour walking with him as our Lord and Savior and and following his work problem. His work so repentance and confession of Jesus Christ is not needed for salvation and eternal life in heaven with the Lord as our Savior yet concerning thank you thank you Jess then sucks you need to do that tonight till 2 miles. Many people go to miles and be hundreds and even millions of people will be here, but this time tomorrow and most of them have no intention of dying but is not to call ladies the computers go to ship me off so I just want to say thank you we we got to get you two girls Bagley and Michelle back here very soon and them until tomorrow. Get ready, we want to see God bless good night and always, always keep Friday the invite. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right what's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

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