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TUE HR2 032922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 30, 2022 12:05 am

TUE HR2 032922

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

Donate and listen to podcasts WR or at were going to play a clip from Stu peters and his gifts with the Ruby and outflows listen very carefully to this week. This is replacing his good luck tomorrow evening were going to play another very very interesting clip but go ahead and and take away money.

Andrew Health and Human Services you know the people who brought you lockdowns Dr. Fauci and mandates have not brought you something else. This month the FDA put out a draft guidance for industry on human gene therapy products incorporating human genome editing packaging is now to discuss what all hell is this some pouring over these FOIA document dump from Pfizer half the stuff is already out. Anyway, I don't mean to disparage it, but there are a few new pieces I've Artie reported on I'm digging through the FDA's guidance documents for industry which is even though it sounds like a suggestion there actually expectations are pretty solid and this is the way we've always had to run clinical trials. According to these parameters will let me slipped in this month and they've been actually creating guidance documents since 2015 is our documents that tell industry companies in the pharmaceutical industry how they want them to run studies till to look at safety and efficacy in genome editing human genome editing is right there in your face and you know Stu, this is why I want to reiterate it so incredibly important to stop calling it a vaccine.

You've heard Dr. David Martin Sager using the words of the criminals will take this let me take this one step further by continuing to call it a vaccine you really rooting you in that under the DD parameters for developing vaccines you apparently which I don't agree with anyway but you apparently don't have to use as many safety type studies. You don't have to do as much follow-up. You're really off the hot and not sure who preview created those particular laws and regulations. But first, for the purposes of our discussion, they they they are really we know there gene editing.

We we've seen them in the bios. We've had it analyzed of the companies themselves. Madrona hacking the software of life are talking of Pfizer talking with the EMA, the European medicines agency, which is the equivalent of the FDA in their meat documents and they didn't think anybody would see arguing sort of end asking the EMA to let them live with just 50% of those vials containing mRNA and the rest of it is sort of a leeway that they can do anything they want, which is the number one issue facing America right now is these shots and you write the typical vaccines because they don't protect you provide immunity from anything as a matter fact they have negative efficacy are more likely to get sick after this injection.

They are also not experimental shots and experimenting with anything that experimented with the stuff out way back when when they develop the stuff. These are not experimental. This is a planned bio weapon and by the way, these are not adverse events or side effects. These are intended and planned consequences. This is exactly what they wanted to happen. Here's the deal if you let him keep calling it a vaccine.

And you're not calling it gene editing human genome editing their getting away with not looking at safety have used the words of the of the criminals.

The FDA itself is laid out on certain parameters and unjustly give people the titles on the March 2022.

Drop of this new guidance document is called human gene therapy products incorporating human genome editing draft for guidance. Our draft guidance for industry from 2015 is really telling Stu's call considerations for the design of early phase clinical that human trials of cellular and gene therapy products only tell you what they say in this document. Two or three important points. They say that this is unique material. It is known to have prolonged bioactivity in the body. There are huge unknown that the level of unknown risks they say are not only expensive but there are huge. They also talked about the uncertainty they also talked about the persistence in the body that there are evolving effects. Severe immune reactions that will occur over time and that there's no way to control it once it's inside when you look at this crisper technology, which is really just an acronym for a long sentence have basically says where to go away and we can we can chemically sniff out a portion of your God-given genes in a in a line in a double strand of DNA and were going to insert something else now you have to be very sure that there is a precision to that when you put it inside a dynamic human body's do you have others so many other hundreds, maybe thousands of processes going on your living, breathing, dynamic organism no idea what's going to happen to your body with this over the years.

Some of the guys it simply does exactly what happened just like we had no idea. In March 2020. What was really coming our way, with the scope of 19 is pandemic and there was outbreak and was in China in a penguin or back in some lab in a week and all this other crap out those people knew way back as early as 1990 documents prove 2005 2015 Dr. David markers a great job of the snow.

Dr. Brian artists coming out to hit this as early as 1990 and they know exactly what this stuff is going to do to build the absolutely in fact one of the comments in this guidance document said this is not for healthy volunteers, which is normally part of phase 1 in the beginning of the human trials you have to dear Mary Ginger five or six people you test a little bit of it to get some pharmacokinetic parameters. They say it's not for healthy volunteers. And yet, when Germany and Pfizer are actively seeking the approval or author emergencies authorization for six month old baby is now up through the lifespan. This is incredibly dangerous. It's never been used in humans, it has never been properly studied. It's not ready for any kind of prime time and were just about to find out you know what what what's happening here so they know because it created guidance documents for the pharmaceutical companies. What this is mass. This is a combination of programs to mass genocide.

It's disarming immune systems.

That's why they want to keep taking it. It's a frightening mission.

The more graphing you get in your mind the more you are filled with what is going to potentially be self assembling circuitry for the ability to control functions in your body externally from an external source and I'm not getting jersey theories not actually basing this on a whole host of evidence documents is more than just patents which is possibilities. This is known information and if you watch the Dr. J really show all this week here and see it all laid out, especially the show today's which is immediately following this program don't miss that.

You can find it on rumble over formation network Dr. J Ruby shows exploding, and it's because educators about things like this and it was sad thing is we have talked about how this is the number one issue pressing America, but of course were supposed to think that it's Ukrainian and food shortages and all these are things which are imminent. These things are coming. This is the number one issue they are changing your God-given DNA and meanwhile Congress that this was publicly discoverable all of the stuff you found it absolutely these are this is our United States government talking about this stuff in these memos in these releases in this guidance that they're actually publishing and hoping there's nobody will discover because her doctor to do a press conference on one's last time you saw Pfizer over dharna doing a press conference or the FDA for that matter not doing that. They don't care little care because Congress is so compromise of exhibits to which brings me to my point. Still yet, even though our government is acknowledging all of this stuff by their own writings by their own publications.

The HHS, the Department of Health and Human Services, the FDA are putting the stuff in writing not one single elected representative has called any attention to it at all absolutely in the scary thing is to talk to some experts. Lately I've said I can't seem to get an answer from Dr. Robert Malone how do you reverse this thing. You created what these other lives not the only expert on the planet with some of these other experts have said to me as it's likely going to take another injection in the scary part of that is due again, you can't control this stuff when it gets into the dynamic nature of the human body. So you have to send something in to try to correct it, but that itself can go haywire and create all kinds of problems and I just want to emphasize.

Please don't bring babies and children for this until you know much more about this with whoever you are out there that thinking oyez you know my six month old is eligible now Dr. J Ruby 50 so much deducting the show coming up. Immediately following this course you wrote Brian and Joe. Those four years good all way back to the late 1980s I would go into the meetings they would have these menus and there would be the World Health Organization it would be Planned Parenthood Sierra Club. Do you feel you always for lift groups and the topic of the purpose would be talking about the populating the planet good all way back there and they will. Their goal was to reduce the Earth's population down to 500 million people now. It's an interesting thing because they didn't know I was so I said and there they spoke openly. They talked about the different ways of doing the course abortion and euthanasia in the debrief. Talk to of wart studio to start wars of the control and famine, starvation and but one of the main things he talked about was vaccines vaccines know a little later on when Bill Gates came in on the on the scene and he was with his vaccine. So on and so forth of the referred to at one point we are in Africa. The owners of the human papilloma is what is that they call the pebble little fire. I remember you HPV current and give others the human papilloma virus within outdoor they were talking about how actually eight times as many girls in Africa that got the vaccine died from the vaccine then died from the HPV and and when that happened. They stood and applauded their these of these are people are talking about the populating the plant note who's involved in all of this.

Folks, let me tell you that the mainstream would they call mainstream media is up to their eyeballs in their there is no no antichrist life that these people would they call it the the narrative. They don't they actually have their contract directly contradicted the life course they don't use the word like use the word narrative so whatever that the so-called narrative is. That's when the echo chamber connection and you hear repeating the same thing in the look you right in the and they will live to knowing full well knowing that they're doing that to you and fill in the hell the allegory gravitas power of attorney.

Yes, I remember that there are a member of that was was a leader because nobody knew what that word people were scrambling but was on Fairbury liberal news tell that word in the burglary report is that many people were grabbing dictionaries and beverage really every time the note learned a new word you would hear repeated over and over and over to but anyhow, so there you go. So what were talking about. This is the days of the Lord Jesus referred to as a time of sorrows or this is the evil day that were limited in today. No, the good news is there's never been a time in history that we could shine that we could play some more crowns in heaven right now. This is our time to run to the battle and said third time to fight and this is no time to be afraid because you know it's an amazing thing when you hear people say I'm so afraid that of dying, you gonna die right if you're going to die. You might as well die fighting on the Lord side, my right and so that's what we got. We got to get that message out to the people of theirs that would leave got a good no you make it a ball point there to Brian here in we talked about Daniel being the sheriff and we need to go back. We need to take it back to our local government put something that the use happen to enter their territory and also in chapter 6 for a good and over the three presidents of room. Daniel was the first that the princes there were hundred and 20 princes under so there was also a president. Yeah, the referred to as president and Sheriff's and so you see he's referred to thereto as a share of the but anyhow, here let me let me take that back to what were talking about if we turn judge turn to Hebrews chapter 13 Joe and and read verse seven and 17 in Saybrook.

13, seven and 17,007. Remember them traveler rule over you throughout spoke.

Remember to use the word of God is faithful, follow considering the end of their conversation.

Verse 17 obey them that have the rule over you and submit yourselves for they watch for your souls, as they that might must give account, that they may do it with joy and not with grief, for that is unprofitable for you. Okay so measure this if you're a governor in your professing Christian are you to go to the pastor the medic out and say what saith the Lord God like King David did like the kings of old movies is he telling you does not apply to kings and governors and senators and congressmen heard her grammar errors will review okay so should pastors understand that and should pastors get up and make sure that they preach that gospel thus saith the Lord God and boldly do it and and lead the people and not not be afraid of losing their 501(c)(3) so should they earn about where he made that very euro yeah that that's been part of my my heart recently is to see the pastors and churches, but take their rightful place in the fighting at the helm. Where were the one you'd expect, and for our elected officials and be back in the day when when I will be elected before they got sent to Washington before they met with a publicist or anybody they met with the minister. From there, there region and the minister said this is what the Lord wants you to do in Washington is that that's what the that's what we're fighting to get back to church ministers to be a theoretical clinic that we had what was called the black robe Regiment was still actually have today.

I'm a member of the Black Rd., Regiment and that's that's pastors who who hold to the word of God and they understand that just like the founding fathers, most of those that led into the battle were were pastors and many of those that the witness signed the bit Constitution and the Bill of Rights were pastors and so this nation was nation as one nation was founded, one nation under God and does. That's why she was good because Shoji was great because she was good with the America is lost as the Bible says that all nations of forget their God are turning to where all nations of forget the gutter turn into hell. Hell okay and so this is who we have to stand and fight back, but it's not just the pastors that the Christians are supposed to support those passes are to all believers. But our job is to lead and to so that's what we're here for tonight and I get worn a lot by people all the time pastor. Please be careful. You know, here's your you're saying things it's making the FBI needs other people nervous of his weight we've exposed Brian. I mean, we've really exposed a lot of corruption over the years.

A lot of it and so but again, here is the other thing to you hear these people saying how can we win there. There's too many of them were surrounded, you got that whatever they're all against us. Okay, not did the Lord Jesus that he commandos to go out and fight the fight and what did he say about the victory that Victor Hewson he said he'll break okay to bring the victory with her so we don't have to worry about the victory part right, we just gotta follow orders.

Be right victory been one of the line follow you like a fortress. He kept twiddling the curbs down my Victor authority during the day. He's whittling it down through the faithful who will obey him will go up fight fight the good fight of faith came in right of Brian Brian telephone should get about to the fifth Delaware and all the information absolutely pad drip after unite with Wallingford pastors and ministry leaders to come and have a time of the worship prayer and praying for a nation and our state of Ohio and at the local government officials and and it's going to be at the house of restoration in Milford, Ohio at 1487 State Route 131 in Milford and our website is HOFR Lord Hunter's phone number is 513-575-2011 and I would I was just informed by tech that we will be having food afterwards. We are partnering with Vince Schechter to young lady sitting in this for Milford. They do a lot of stuff for nefarious and bounded on the EM. Some pizza so we will have no worry okay very good. Now were going to kind of shook things up a little bit and go over here to some fast-paced articles of very very fast pace. Articles one we want to do. I want to start out with folks you all familiar with world news daily and here Joseph Ira was a good friend of mine was way back when when he first got started, but now today David the Cotillion Art is heading things up over there and here there is there going after their trying to shut him down.

You know, Facebook and Google other try to they tried but will they have the monetized world lives daily, and so anyhow world news daily is made some help right now where going this ministry is going to send them some help world lives daily has been on the cutting edge. They have not compromise they been right there in black. They have not stood down and so I just wanted tell you here that that they could use some help. If you want to send a donation to world news daily of their address is WND 588 Street Pope, PO Box 100. That's 588 Street PO Box 100, Hawthorne that's Hawthorne, Nevada, and the zippers 894-158-9415 and so I would I would do that the word would get deftly get to do it here because of like I could tell you they their verified if they will stand and they will fight and so we've got to stand and fight with him so I praise the good Lord for that. For those folks there. No couple double fast articles I want to say here. This is something that you haven't heard folks for we've got of them pretty good information that they tried to poison Justice Clarence Thomas. That's right, stories that the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thompson was admitted to Sibley hospital in Washington DC after physicians diagnosed in one of viral infection are false and said high-ranking white hat military sources who claim the nation's tenured conservative justice ingested a near lethal dose of the him tasteless, colorless order. The stadium is a chemical element with the civil TI and atomic number 81 is a great post transition metal that is not found free in nature when isolated daily resembles template to scholars when exposed to air sellable thallium assaults, many of which are nearly tasteless are highly toxic and there were historically used as rat poison and insecticides use of these compounds have been restricted or banned in many countries because of their nonselective Texas. This toxicity because of its historic popularity is a murder weapon the alien has gained notoriety as the poise is the poisoners poison and the inherent inheritance powder ahead of of low falling ill. Justice Thomas and his wife Virginia dined at Monsey in an upscale eatery in downtown DC. Several hours later he experiences them, such as difficulty concentrating guesstimate astronomical distress, shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea, initially attributed the symptoms to a nasty case of heartburn and night gastrointestinal reflux because disease and taken Tums and Mylanta to ease the discomfort when his symptoms worsened. And his complexion grew pallid, his wife and she insisted he visit the hospital as Sibley hospital physicians tested info: 19 negative administrative battery of tests that included a comprehensive blood panel in the buyer. Tenor Sherry competent physicians diagnosed her with a nonspecific upper respiratory viral infection and ordinary person would have been sent home with antibiotics, but Justice Thomas owing to his position on the bench was admitted to for observation. We learn the next day. That's Thomas got sick and was admitted to Sibley will it arouse suspicion for two very important reasons. First, we heard that before the deep state might try to take out conservative justices in retaliation for several hours the rest and impediment. Second, for the people saying judicial prominences customer well right now is alert blog articles elected to go the whole way but right now they're going after their trying to impeach him. Joe you want to take that one. I heard her prematurely. Very liberal.

Here's a constitutional attorney. He used them on the liberal side says there are absolutely no grounds for impeaching Clarence Thomas and the whole thing started by that Johan Omar their Democrat Congress critter fermented Minnesota and because some things that his wife, as is there conservative activist and so they don't like that. They're saying that because he's on the bench, his wife, funeral, character out be an activist Participates anything of Virginia and all.

Thomas and that this creates a conflict of interest, but the city one of the things they claim as she does. She believes that the election was stolen by Triton and they're usually not the as grounds with their one impeach Clarence Thomas because his wife. The statement situated.

The election was free and fair. So her Turley central millions of people believe that the election was raked and many millions still do and it's still there is no evidence that she encourages violence or dollars in the capital building or did anything impeachable and she is like all the rest of you out there entitled to her opinion so that should pretty much settle. Thanks one of the best constitutional voices out there and I'm sure would hear the same thing from others that you know our present-day don't want to put anything much out that the narrative is that much less believe you have got nothing to do with the US press. Let me just tell you this, even even 38% of the desert grants have said they believe that there was election fraud that the election was stolen. Now we we told you remember going all the way back.

What happened in on November 3 of of 2016, the day the night did trouble in the election.

We made a statement right here live on the radio that the election in 2020 was going to be the most corrupt in it.

We set right like that.

That night you would have voter fraud, unprecedented voter fraud far beyond see what they failed to do in 2016. They said we are not going to fail again remembered Mark Zuckerberg says will not fail again and he spent $370 million, 370 million came right out and said that he can influence and he could turn over 15 million votes and so there you go earlier. Go block Sen. Barbara boxer calling. Thomas R: router and one alliterative victory out to impeach her husband but I remember was boxer back in January 2005 letter challenge to George Bush's victory over John Kerry there in Ohio charging Republican stole the election so she received praise for that challenging out to the Republican stole the election in Ohio. And so all her colleagues praised her bed now. I guess you need Thomas Virginia Thomas can have an opinion. I do remember something very special about that time over that election. Remember John Kerry when on C-SPAN and they asked him if you could attribute your loss to one particular thing, what would it be you remember what his answer was Urdu was Christian talk radio in Ohio.

Well, he said, AM talk radio in Cleveland in Cleveland, Ohio, and that was Jerome Corsi inmate we broke the story all about Mr. Kerry how it changes name from: how is the initials were to be JFK care which we told the whole story about the Swift boat. How I hate the throw a grenade into a sand pad got hit in the backside was some rice try to get a Purple Heart. We told the whole story about what the men his men thought about it so we exposed all of that and carry center Christian talk radio career and not your own course I were very Christian, yet what he actually today, and I remember listening to them and when he what happened was the RNC called me and said we've got your back and I will ensure of that was a good thing and not what you think Brian you could go either way on that with the Yeah, that made me look a little nervous already depend on the yeah you're right the limits of fastings and you just jump in here and give your, commentary, report this day will take action against Texas for order: sex chain procedures were children, child abuse and them. This day has become a hotbed of pedophilia. They have been for years. We talked about this for years that whole Disney group down there are very very prone. In fact, recently they had a rating arrested a number of Disney employees, but this bit of will and and I believe that a lot of these missing children of gone through Disney with the with the human trafficking down there, but the hear of the human rights campaign LGBT Q activist organization purchase an ad in the Dallas morning news earlier this month announcing that more than 60 major companies have signed on its open letter opposing hateful attacks. In other words, that means if you've got any kind. First of all LGBT that slowed growth belligerent transcription queers actually added to Q queer part on themselves at any minute. Put that on of the folks listen to this God has said that that's an abomination in the sight so their argument is when God and nobody's ever win an argument with God. The capability to reward the map to Christopher Rufo posted put up a video of a virtual meeting there Disney executives were responding to Florida's parental rights will and the executive producer for Disney disclosed that her team had already implemented her quote. Not at all secret gay agenda that she and her colleagues are adding clearness to the children's programming and another one corporate Pres. Kathy Burke `listen as the mother of one transgender child and 110 sexual child. She supports having many many many LGBT QI a characters in our story. She wants a minimum of 50% of the characters to the LGBT QA and racial minorities. So here it is. They came out in public. The not at all secret gay agenda by Disney's top executives and we have it on camera right very bad letter to DIA new to me, you know, I don't really know. I did know that the editors that, as you know, Jill. Now I can't remember anymore.

The growth belligerent transgressing couriers and I know what PAI stands for now intersects probably or something but idiot and that the worker probably work. The NM Hunter Biden's laptop laptop now a national security threat. Again I say that wasn't real. Now that they have real real yellow along but they will do anything and everything to try to keep the focus.

The fake news media, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC are all there.

I did is to keep our attention off of this you know and that's what they try to do. They gotta protect the collective but here we I saw some of the photographs to come off that some of the pictures and that whether some that we you really can't talk about Americans and I him. His pornography but but the the one that really got me was here. You got Joe Biden Joe Obama as he called you want to see this there's this little boy he needs the boys about I would say four or five years old and and Joe is got his hands. He's got his hands on this little boy's face you know and he's his lips are about 1/2 inch away from his little boy he wants to try to kiss his little boy in the loop and palmitate just something so evil about that met the look and the little kids face that that whole the whole entire Democratic I'm his party just so filled with pedophilia. I minutes. It is filled with pedophilia.

Nowadays and a lot of the stuff coming back now. This is why I went you know, you know, Brian.

A lot of this was happening why the FBI and others are trying to hide this there's a lot of them involved.

Not only were they involved in the cover-up and that but there's a lot of them involved in the pedophilia and so all of the a lot of the higher of services. This mindset out there today that if you if you're powerful enough, you can do whatever you want and then and so here and another there no trouble is got that lawsuit against Hillary. The problem we have the truck passes we don't have a jet Justice Department is no longer a separate branch of government is literally a part of the Democratic Party and the Eric Mary Garland. He's just a dirty cop. He's as crooked as cookie gets a really, really even a cop. Drifter Democrat activist program.

The role of crop leveled when they call Atty. Gen.'s. They called cops of the content aggressive. To activate background for me telling me anyhow just a collection of plastic case parts and electronic circuits under Biden's laptop computer. Abandon a repair ship has been in the headlines for months already is revealed is trafficking with prostitutes is influence on bio labs in Ukraine.

His business deals involving overseas power players and influencers goes on, it was revealed by the New York Post just before 2020 election but I collection of legacy of social media companies conspired to suppress the reporting a move that a poet is a just allow Joe Biden to win the election.

Otherwise he would've lost. Now the laptops are being described as a national security threat. It is Margaret my God cleaving a senior contribute to the Fed was to clerk for federal appellate judges for years he wrote about her concerns. She cited a recent daily mail report that link Hunter Biden's financing a US military bio weapons research program in Ukraine. The daily mail with access to the copy of the hard drives that Russian governments claim that Hunter Biden help finance US military bio weapons research program in Ukraine may well be true that the reports is according to emails and correspondence obtained by daily mail from hunters abandon laptop. The report explained that the email shall Hunter help secure millions and millions and millions of dollars of funding for meta-biota, and Department of Defense contractors specializing in research and pandemic causing diseases, and he also introduced meta-biota to an allegedly corrupt Ukrainian gas firm charisma for a science project involving high bio security level, absent great wealth. One of the things I'm not going to the goes on. This is a very long article and deepen the rate yellow think this is part when I got part 243 but anyhow you have what it with what they found was they have come up with a cold. Like over 19 but one specifically geared to affect people of the Russian nationality.

People of the Russian nationality with their specific genes and and they were that was done right there in that that Ukrainian and the Russians knew about that and they want and they busted up that lab with the that's what they're doing nuts but it's all biological warfare. We got a stop to this insanity. These people from Vermont Pfizer in Madura and they found she and the whole group.

These are like mad scientist. These people need to be bought. Now they know this, that if we should possibly have such an college fair and honest election.

If we had a fair and honest election. The Democrats okay after that election would be a will there be very few of them left wiped out, and it would be no greater shipment heard about right and what they know that they've got to do something because if that happens, then you know what will happen, we would will end up with and at some point, with an actual Atty. Gen. an honest one and we get dropped back in office is a lot of scenarios because they know the if in fact they when they can appoint corrupt speaker of the house.

We talked about that last night right. Her current injury could be recoded unknown to most people. It's not a requirement in the Constitution for the speaker of the house to be an elected official, and he would literally do behind the house reprimand he would he would impeach Obama he would he would lead he would impeach Obama and and what would happen there.

Okay so people say what happens if if he impeach Obama you have to pay showed Kim Harold to Woody I think you have to go after bunch of people yeah well and there'd be investigations and like you have a whole ramp all Jim Jordan.

You've got Ted Cruz a whole lot of them were just itching to be able to go after after the death of Kratz okay and so they realize that so they've got a come up with everything they can to keep people's attention of what's really happening very one of the big things.

The greatest car US Congressman that gate word questioning a FBI cybersecurity official about the other Biden laptop that the Bureau took custody of way back in late 2019 and he asked a cyber division director Brian Horton grand if he knew the whereabouts of the laptop that this Justice Department investigation into Hunter Biden business. I don't know the answer FBI official said. And that's astonishing 58 as the FBI cyber assessed whether or not under Biden's laptop would be a point of vulnerability, allowing America's enemies to hurt our country and these thing he gave some long statement about title 18 section code which Bob and then he said well the Hunter Biden laptop is not within the purview of my investigative responsibilities.

Wait a minute, this guy is what cyber division assistant director looking at cyber attacks dangers of things that are on the Internet will we know that we think the Russians have gotten hold of some of the access to the have a copy of this hard drive and so here's this guy he's when you want to know whether their international business deals kickback shakedowns that are on this laptop that would make the first family subject to some sort of compromise gate that and the sky repeated the F8, the FBI, we don't know anything about it. So if you lost it and out, then this creates a vulnerability case fast and they said we have multiple lines of investigative responsibilities at the FBI. They're all available in public source right, so we don't have an FBI anymore. It's gone if totally corrupt, they can't only know where the Hunter Biden laptop is the confiscated gimme a break love. This is what we again do you remember when Jackie Schumer said to about Donald Trump. You go ahead if you go up against the intelligent committee. They've got a ways of getting A's from Sunday to get your right and because they were working directly with the death of grants and and dark money and include all kinds of corruption looming again. The Democratic Communist Party is up to his eyeballs and everything because where the Bible calls sin. Everything I've often said that if you could invent a new sin tonight by tomorrow. You have it in the platform. Another greater time and a little slow getting thinking about your you got appointment.

It is so anyhow. But here now you know it's like, but Donald Trump next vehicle rental would I put them up there right when Ronald Reagan is the best president of my lifetime and I go back with Harry Truman and so Donald Trump was was one of the best presidency did exactly speedily said he would do the deal when a president is positive. It was a leader around yeah I know that's a no-no and in the you actually had two senators got got overheard saying you know if he keeps doing that there'll no expect all of us to do it. Meeting keep their promises. Their problem and what anyhow little humorous.

Matt Gates also wanted to put the contents of Hunter Biden's computer into the Congressional record and Democratic chairman Jerry Nadler, New York, loss of words stuttering mumbling in objected to the inanimate unanimous consent request after consultation and he finally insisted that well further investigation is needed. Apparently he sat there with his mouth open for quite a while and then had to go confab with Ms. partners and combine that in the Congressional record Was great. I got a message for Jerry Nadler from God's Word, the Bible, Jerry Nadler, is when the Bible says sodomy is an abominable sin Jerry Nadler God says sodomy is an abominable sin so you know what God says repent or perish.

Jerry Nadler repent for the Cessna Clinton appointed judge rules 12 more likely than not, committed crimes when he attempted to instruct Congress in January 6 that's a lie told by liar that is a lie told by liar Trump told those people debate to be peaceful. The peacefully go up there. I heard it myself and everybody else hurt himself and so that is a lie told by a liar, liar, feather played the lake of fire. By the way that federal judges name was David Carter, US District Court David Carter and Clinton bought and paid for judge impacted from the late late that what everybody more people back where you have given it though. Let people would be at the capital. Started out in a light truck, heard the ground in the new logo might not happen without good to keep everybody back right flag with Kevin Berry. You're absolutely right, and pastor Brian Shuttleworth. You get the honor you've got four minutes you get the I could you give an invitation telling people how they can get to heaven and avoid hell.

Over not overcomplicated leave that you described died practiced in route from the grave. We can believe in our heart and confess it with her mouth in the Bible. We shall be saved and we get an opportunity to do that we can be forgiven of our sin and walk forward with him and walk into a newness of life and that is the most important decision you can make and that know him and to seek after him every day of your life. Anyway By the flesh daily and walk in with him and we surrender our lives to him and he makes a way for us and we likely a fragment of people you got about two minutes to do that coherent okay you are after me. Heavenly father I come to you today and I need you tonight believe in my heart that you died on the cross for my and I confess with my mouth that you died on the cross he rose from the grave and I think you forgive me of my sin help me walk with you when I stumble help me get back up and keep walking with you. Thank you. Thank you for helping me find the body of believers that will help me to believe on you every day to give you praise in Jesus name, amen. Thank you very much and again out there, but I did think it was ever regretted getting saved and going to heaven. I have never met one person regretted the cane out. You have out there that have gotten anybody going to heaven.

No, well, you know, do you think that both in heaven and hell, they're all believers now empty. They sure are sure no one believers in heaven or hell in and to the folks out there listening, I would say 100% of the regretted die right and the Bible says is supported. All that was to die and then the judgment and so here now there is nothing more accurate than God's Word, the Bible, you've got 2000 years of history here showing the accuracy of God's Word, the Bible close. There is no better explanation in existence of where everything came into existence. What were doing here why were here and where were going and it speaks with absolute total authority. That's the word of God and so the author listed tonight. You know what you don't want to run under tomorrow's night all across this world. By this time tomorrow. Many many people that are here right now will not be here.

There they will died, his status as Dennis ascended died but boy are ashamed today, but to die in your sin, it don't get any worse, and you don't have to do that Christ paid the price. He took your place upon the cross he did for you okay and folks all you gotta do is recognize that realized that he did the heavy lifting. He tells you prayed to the father asked for forgiveness.

And once you've done that you will become a new creature, a born-again believer into it with the Holy Spirit you got God's word on it and is nothing more sure than that line about the computers you shut us off so get back with me to know that we need to get back together above. In the next couple of days, and them and so we get it and I thank you for being here tonight and I look forward to seeing you there. On the fifth so until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless and always always always does do it really okay fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right once left posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another edition once right once left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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