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MON HR 1 030722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 8, 2022 12:24 am

MON HR 1 030722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 8, 2022 12:24 am

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What's Right What's Left
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Dr. clean that's DW OD why The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio right now and welcome to the program and didn't notice the voice about the rational system faster drill faster and a little regular apps… Covered the was feeling better and went back to work a little too soon and I'm afraid you're going to have to keep him in Percy's back to so I have a lot of help title of tonight's Bible study is going to be be a doer and idea, pick up because our guest is Jan of faith action. The starter of the heart will heart beat Bill and she is definitely a doer of the word welcome Jan, glad to be here with you pastor remember just you and I alone so I guess we can get along before you know this is the thing any friend, pastor needed a friend of mine and I think your your spot on about praying for him. Maybe that's something we could lead with because that we certainly need him back in the battle.

We definitely do. I was gonna discount our targets you introduced or would you like to profess turning I would just have to pray with him on the phone an hour ago and it is like him to jumping to work too soon, and that is that is like pastor Ernie but but I think you pastor. If you're listening. Just relax and do and recover. English establishes go to the Lord in his behalf. Thank you. You're the same today.

If you were yesterday you healed every single person who came to you.

You're the God who raises the dead and and tell Colby did not think you and so that we just thank you for healing pastor Ernie. We just command the sickness to go, just as you have the authority to two to Kirsty the fig tree week, we cursed COBIT, the virus that we commanded to leave his body and we thank you father that you paid hundred percent pastor Ernie healing and I just pray that he does not receive it, and that when he he rest tonight.

He will wake up fully recovered and and be able to rest even longer without without any guilt or any condemnation to be able to take a Sabbath in you as a as his body heals and I just I just praise you and thank you for this godly man who is has been such a leader for so many years and I just pray. God heal and restore strength in him.

Even if you rest. We pray for restoration in Jesus name, amen. Thank you much for that starter book of James chapter 1 and start work versus 22 through 25. I don't know you hear about productive. This information if you got back to you but if you're there got your Bible going to start like I'll read a line you relying don't go ahead and read it because I'm gonna go get it right now.

Okay. All right. James 122 but be doers of the word and not hearers only, saving your own selves may be a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man beholding his natural face in a glass a hold of himself and relatives way, and straightway forgive what manner of man he was brought whosoever looked at into the perfect law of liberty, and continue therein.

See being not a forgetful hearer, but a jeweler of the work. This man shall be blessed in his deed. So we say we got two things are God starts off explaining dental just being a hearer doesn't mean much. You can listen in, go to church listen to the Bible study. Listen to the sermon. You can listen to the hymns. You can be well educated but if you're only a hearer and dealt well like Janet's Jan Porter's faith action. If you don't take your place and put it to an action being just a girl only you are deceiving yourself as far as what God is expecting from your own psyche, demands that we be not just hearers but we be active boats, and he's given us enough things to do as far as that goes.

He's told us where our true what witness to his work. We are to run to the battle were to read when we hear something wrong rebuked evil. We are true will go to later. We are to save those that are being led to slaughter the many things that we are told to do by the Lord and is just time but if you just look into that mirror man beholding his natural face looking in the glass you're seeing just what a reflection you're not that person. That's just a reflection you're looking at, and the one who want it says Lucas in not just to the mirror but looks into the law of liberty. In other words, God's law, then you become a doer of the word, a doer of the work. Also, and describe says this person shall be blessed indeed, so much through my life I have seen so many people who feel religious because they are hearers they pay attention and they listen but I've gone into a lot of churches visiting traveling or you go in and there's a lot of talk but you look at what the church's mission statement is what the church is doing and often there's a lot of entertainment with very little God's word is not always followed. Scroll to chapter 4 in James and longest skid meter I had an equipment breakdown the day and am having a little trouble here, so bear with me in verse four and chapter 4 talks about who is not who is with enmity with God. The adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God. Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God, is blocked claim to the point if you are a friend of the world. If you are part of the world and all its woke nurse all its political correctness exposure an enemy of God.

God is not happy and he calls you an enemy. What then are you, what's the difference well we go over to verses 11 and 12 speak not evil. One of another brother and he that speaketh evil of his brother and judges his brother speaketh evil of the law and judges the law. But a fellow judge. The law thou art not a doer of the law but a judge. There is only one lawgiver and one who is able to save and to destroy, who art thou, the judge just another. We have one judge and we have one lawgiver I Lord Jesus only tells us in a sensor we are to be a doer of his loss felt God, lays out there you're back Jan where to be a doer of the work.

A doer of the word and a doer of the law, simplifies what God is asking of his children and yeah and it points to the fact that Christianity is not a spectator sport a lot of people that they think is a common and I member Don Wildman gave a speech shot many years ago I brought an inland. I was the national director of the Center for reclaiming America brought me to give the speech about what Christians do we go to church. We hear sermon we go home. That's what Christians do, and it is repeated of all the problems were facing. But it's Christians the church they listen and they go home and that's what they do and that the point of the whole thing is we are to be salt and light in the dark became culture and not here's the thing that I think a lot of people are hung up on Stacy Metro want to be a Christian.

All those things you're not allowed to do what they don't understand is what Christianity is, is not a checklist of of of the of the do's and don'ts of what you're not allowed to do. It's actually dreaming with God and doing the impossible. When we started out 11 years ago to to introduce a bill to keep hearts beating. They told us it was impossible and I think you were on some of the shows when I pass Ernie and and we talked about how you know there was a blockade in the Senate and the rhinos work for keeping this bill from coming to coming to a vote on and here's the deal. I do this that the state of Ohio model is true because Jesus is the one who said it, he said, with God all things are possible, so I knew that this was going to pass. I didn't know how long it was going to take.

I didn't know how hard it was going to be. I didn't know I was there to be slandered with over million dollars when I took on the Senate President something it was worth it.

God delivered on his word that with him all things are possible and, as you know, now there's 14 states with heartbeat laws including taxes and I have the privilege of the of recruiting the Texas sponsor's name is Brian Hughes is in the state Senate and not enter and it was interesting as it is I was looking for somebody like Ron Hood recanted Keller led the charge on the Ohio heartbeat built by the way they're both running for governor, Lieut. Gov. that sat next to him supporting got away and and so I want for somebody who was a man after God's own heart like a Ron Hood Museum in Texas and heard this gentleman speak.

Brian you speak and want to get used to this time at the podium at an event in Dallas where I was speaking and he used his moment in the sunlight in the spotlight to present the gospel and pastor Jock I heard that I said – my guy and I didn't even know it time that he was thinking was that not only the goal willing to be the sponsor of the Texas heartbeat built what he was chairman of the committee that heard the bell that is you know is that bill that is enacted that is saving 40,000 children here. You mentioned a minute ago about rescuing those that are being carried away to death in an installment of 2411 work or the commandment we haven't and not in installment 3131 eight and that is that we are to be a voice for those going to die and that that's where we are right now we We kept holding on to that promise. That we serve the God of the impossible, what they said is important as it was impossible is now inevitable 14 states of cash, heartbeat laws, and now we know the pathway to victory. If the text is like bill, which I'm told is a is pending now and in I want other state will were going to see the end of abortion, here's the best news nobody seems to know and that is the supreme court has reviewed those bills now four times the Texas heartbeat bill for reviews by the Supreme Court and you want to know something, even though the railing against it. Even though Elena Kagan is saying all who's the genius that found the kink in the armor and who violates our commands. My latest report doesn't give commands and rights, goodwill been overturned literally hundreds of times right but but what even though there there screaming and shouting about it, guess what, they don't have the balls told her turn it and so here's what I know. When you live the Christian life. That means you get the opportunity to do the impossible, because it's it's all about what God can do through you, I've heard it said the only ability you need to serve God's availability and I found that to be the case. That was the kid who was afraid to give a speech in class and asked that we not really up to me to put my faith action. It got me that the somebody who has that gifting or has that talent. But when I found out about what was happening to children in our country. I had to I had to swallow that fear of public speaking is that you know what what matters more is the fact that there are 4000 children that were alive this morning that tonight her dad that that trumps any fear and apprehension, we may have as a Francis Schaeffer put it this way said. He said that that faith is not a leap in the dark.

It's ceasing to call God a liar need there comes a time where where we have to act like the word of God is true and and I just believe that right now. God is looking for someone to agree with them and I want to encourage those are listening in upbeat people want willing to put your faith to action because your to be able to see historic changes that see the impossible bowel to the name of Jesus as spoken through your lips. There's nothing like that. There's nothing like seeing God do the impossible. And that's what he's done. I can do it, and in many ways, but especially, of course, the most recent in passing, heartbeat bills, parking laws around the country and and and the one in Texas saving 40,000 children a year and work through Scripture and many, many times God waits for his time and noted Abraham and Sarah, his timing is not our time. He waited until there were certain there was no way they were going to have a child at the ridge, but I want to read what we've been talking about this saving those that are being led to slaughter. Let's read God's actual words that comes from Proverbs 24 verses 11 and 12, 11, 12, sorry I misspoke. Like I said, sometime it Proverbs. Sorry about that kind of slowly through the FL forbear to deliver them that are drawn under death and those that are ready to be slain can't get any clearer than those that are drawn onto – those that are ready to be slain as you can't picture an abortion when they go in and scramble the brains of Littlechild in the womb that your you're missing the point, FL say this, but all we knew it not not here to ponder the heart, considerate, and either keep the price. Soul doth not he know it, and shall not he render to every man according to his works.

So many people try and say well I were never going to have an abortion so you know I'm being good about following God's law and not to have abortions in our family but when you look at what he says if we don't go out there and prevent try to save those that are drawn to death those that are about to be slain, especially those that are innocent and this is what God calls murder and if we haven't prevented it. We are guilty the mixer clear looks at the heart he knows that we know were supposed to do something. So when we will not be willing to take action and go out and stand in the sand, the unborn, the innocent if we do not strive to prevent that shedding of innocent blood that God hates then we are being not only disobedient books of collective your watcher crime happened. What is it under the law. If you see a crime happened and don't report if you're found guilty archer. You know it's it's it's like we saw in the Nuremberg trials that those said all you nauseous following orders or or you didn't see it guiding really know a lot about not excuse that that's not get you off the hook and it certainly not with God, but usually goes beyond this, and there's a lot of people who who will want to tell you this I I I'm tired of people who tell you what you want to hear. And they say give you all the slogans that you get that you agree with right about America first and then throw light by night. They aren't they really just throw it out throw everything Corolla American oil open up the Keystone pipeline all the things you want to hear and then they go to Washington or Columbus do whatever they please come and tired of it and I think that right now where we are is a workplace apparel. Our country is in dire circumstances and and we just don't have time to to to check out if people really mean the things they say and and the thing that I've learned certainly in the last decade of my about the battle for life is that but there's only really one way to tell the difference between the real and the rhino and that his actions at that.

You know it's it's it's something that that we need to understand that the actions are what you believe everything else is really just talked political slogans it's it's it's it's worthless. And so I know Sager's talking the talk remembers walking the walk in the real good at talking the talk but when it came through really going out and fighting for your country like the craniums are doing the results were people willing to walk the walk. That's right, you see all the all the posted. People say I stand with the Ukraine and someone that said yet yet the woke people who say they stand with Ukraine didn't even stand for national anthem. I am not so sure that they they really are taking a stand words again mean very little and and so when when it came time to to see what were going to do to get our country back.

A lot of people of believe this lie at the enemy is said that all well you need to say our politics, which is just like the enemy to say hey you know what I'm staying where all the action is where all the decisions are made, where where the policy is set Christian just sit back and let the marks is one thing see how that goes, it's it's absurd. And so I yeah I guess I didn't remember back in 26 2015 I ran against the president of the Senate. That's not a real popular move, but I'm tired of rhino. I'm tired of those Republicans in name only to say what they eat what they eat what they think you want to hear and then they go and they do the opposite and so I threw my worst food in the of the radical liberals that we fight the RIC was very cozy good deceivers and the drivers of the most dangerous their liars just come out with it at that elevate that's what were dealing with and they're the reason why we have a problem when the Republicans had the majority in Congress wasn't that long ago, they said they were going to repeal Obama care on it defined Planned Parenthood. They were good. They have the opportunity to pass the federal heartbeat bill which by the way, had more than than 100 hundred 74 cosponsors more than any other pro-life bill in Congress and they refused to bring it we will go out and so part of it faster on I'm just so tired of it and I said you know what we cannot afford to listen to people slogans for another campaign cycle for people that we don't know if they really mean what they say because we wanted actions the magic and so I actually have filed this on Friday I filed to run in the 13th congressional district is in stomach County in the northern part of Stark County. So it's Akron and Canton and the surrounding areas and I'm on the run for Congress and then I'm going to see if we can. The reason why is I want to fight for liberty as hard as I thought her life and that by the way I want to invite people to want to come to breakfast for hosting it to breakfast with David Barton. Remember David Barton of the many speaking engagements met him several times. He is a rock star. My opinion is absolutely amazing historian only we could tell you what the founding fathers had for lunch to be speaking at our faith action breakfast. It's going to be this coming Friday, March 11 at 730 in the morning.

I know it's early but it's worth it. It's at the Weymouth country club.

And if you are if you want to get tickets, you can still get them right faith number two to take tickets all the way up until up until Thursday night so that we can reserve your breakfast and you can be a part I will be speaking there, but David Barton is going to be our keynote and that you're not gonna want to miss this evening to talk about what what were allowed to do and what the Christian role in politics really is.

It is going to be a very enlightening opportunity. In fact, I encourage you to not only get your tickets you can order table and tables of H that means if your couple well you just invite three more couples you got a full table on, but I would encourage you to invite your pastor because what I'm finding is pastors, many of them have believe the lie that they've got to remain silent during the election cycle. If they're not allowed to sleep on issues that God says something about the truth because it's easier to feign ignorance just just preacher good gospel message I preach salvation and that solo that I really need to do and they hide behind you and what they need to understand is if you want.

You can wring your hands you play in every every night when you watch the news or to can put your faith through action and change it. This is what I did what I've learned pastor looked I've seen God do the impossible and and what I can tell you that there is now a place in America that doesn't kill children whose heartbeats can be heard.

9/10 babies in the state of Texas more than 100 babies a day 40,000 a year and I'm telling you this, if we can end abortion we can get our country back to understand all those great hammering errors in the gloom and doom.

It's a game over for America not true.

I believe America shall be saved. That is what I believe. I believe it for that bit at the time that the judgment it will, revelation will play out. Just as it's written, but I don't believe that time is now and that time.incidentally, as we have done something we haven't done for all the elections that I've been around that is with. We followed 22 up to it to the beginning the Greek second Chronicles 714. You know that we prayed a reelection where where we humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways that an in and you know and and and seek God's face and got to hear from heaven, forgive our sins and and heal our land right the part we have always forgotten was the turn from our wicked ways.

Part I remember that note was that we've got a little break.

We've got to go to order to pick it up right after the song's way is to qualify for an in Ray and in and in and in and a and welcome back to collapse, and we hope he is getting some rest tonight is been rather sick or just turning inward investor buddy to pray for him our special guest tonight the door of the word Jim Porter from faith to action announced tonight that she is no motion was announced before but she did make it clear tonight. She is running for the 13th congressional district there in Ohio and I am excited about that because we needed some way you can count on trust. In fact, before the outbreak about being tired of the rhinos in the promises of way back I realize for many many years ago give away all the way. I don't need to do, but I realize that God cannot bless the mission that is going directly against his word and I remember thinking of all parts of the Bible talk about cell shall not most not, cannot, will not shed blood, and there cannot be any more innocent blood than that of an unborn child is impossible and God cannot bless the nation that is destroying that creation of his in his image that he gave us as a nation of people that he meant to be a blessing.

We cannot continue without God's judgment following. And when you say you're running. We need more people like you to step up and realize the only way that I truly believe this with all my heart. The only way we will turn this nation around that we will save this nation from a spiritual collapse of coal or the financial and physical collapse. As of this nation repents and stops murdering God's precious precious gift to us the gift of children with all my heart I believe that I think that is the key to the future of this nation.

Would you agree with Regina. I would tell you what gives me great hope is that while we been marching in. We've been debating and we have been talking for 49 years. We now have a victory that is again the closest it is the most spectacular is the most significant victory in 50 years. That is the Texas heartbeat law that protects 9/10 children. We have inflicted call around to make sure that they were killing children.

We try to make appointments in the end and and they're not killing as long as those heartbeats can be heard and by the way on this bill, what with the way it's drafted and you can get the actual matter where you live and understand pastoring out reaching across America wherever you live, you can just download the model bill. We've tweaked it based on the Supreme Court arguments that have happened recently, so that not only can we protect every child is harpy can be heard. We can actually act the beat feet. The chemical warfare on the unborn. The plant bees in the RU-486 because you have to find the law to prove to prove to test whether or not there is a heartbeat.

Prior to taking an abortion medication prior to having surgical abortion prior to killing a child you got a note there is that child has a beating heart that sharp beating heart can be detected, then that child is protected so we look at second Chronicles 714, and we see the prerequisites for God to intervene to protect us to heal us to forgive us think that we have a place in America that done the very thing we talked about doing for first for five decades and that the pathway that now is available to every other state, because the Supreme Court does not have the vote to overturn it.

Otto I know that because they review the Texas heartbeat law four times and if they have the boat they were struck down.

I think there are many people who are still stunned that this bill is is enacted.

It's today protecting children, not someday, but today protecting children what I've learned in the last the last decade of my life.

In particular, that if we had done what other states had done.

For example, South Carolina South Carolina has a family caucus that says answer me and my house we will serve the Lord, you know what they did. They voted as a block this family caucus joined together and said Kate Republican leadership if you want your budget or these bills that are important to you and you give us a vote on heartbeat and you know what they got it in the same happened in Arkansas with State Sen. Jason Raper the hero there who introduced the bill and they took a group of senators over to the house. In this case is that if you ever want one of these bills that you care about to come through the Arkansas Senate that you bring the heartbeat bill out of the logjam in committee, you bring it to a boat, you bring it to the floor and you pass it out of the house and guess what they got it we had legislators in the Ohio house enough to band together and it would've cost me a decade in my life. The past is through introduce it five times over come to be told and and and that you know and keep really battering up against a brick wall. This is what I've learned.

If we can do that in Congress we can bypass the leadership and I can't tell you I met directly with then Speaker Paul Ryan and I explained to him that we have the votes to pass the heartbeat bill. We had 174 cosponsors and 44 additional boats needed to pass the bill and he wouldn't do it.

And so what I want to do is I want to go and I'll make in alignment with some of these leaders who are the Marjorie Taylor greens of the kind the kind of people who aren't there to be a career politician there to make a difference.

What I want to do and and so it it it the way week we can get things done not only on the life issue, but the critical issue facing our country right now is the liberty issue with what the government did with that with the vaccines. So this idea you know what what's called Nuremberg amendment what thing it basically says if you violate the Nuremberg code which requires informed consent before you conduct any medical experiment, like the weapon is pastoring very clearly points out.

And guess what were to take your funding.

That's the power that Congress passes the pursestrings we can remove funding from states that require a forced vaccination for education for travel for medical treatment for the purchase of goods and services. We can use that power of the purse that shut out the those that are are are are hosting sanctuary city that violate the law on immigration and end and we can secure our borders.

These are the kinds of things that we can do that instead of just railing about how how bad things are in how things need to change. We can actually join together as a group and say if you want our vote on on the budget. The things you care about.

Then we need to start making a difference in repealing Obama care needs to be on the table, balancing the budget. Don't talk about a balanced budget only talk about it more. Trillion bailout another trillion bailout break break back to break our backs better.

You know with with with another Biden upland this is this is got to stop and and I just believe that we needed. We did not only have a valid balanced budget but we begin that by cutting funding to the to the enemies of America, the enemies of Israel. Our greatest ally in the Middle East.

I just believe there's a lot we can do besides talking and I remind him if you know a person of action. Am I want to go put my faith action and do it and want to review some like your red trumps art of the deal because so many people want these issues a long time ago I was in the right to life movement throughout my wife and my work Board of Directors of a large maternity home in crisis pregnancy center losing money and well getting the video ultrasound machines and should molest as a counselor for many years. A lot of the women looked brokenhearted because they realize what they've done for abortion so I know the pain and stuff you're talking about the agony, but when you look at this whole thing is sit back and realize many people wanted these things for an issue because they made a career and they made a living out of activism I saw with the National Rifle Association almost certain high-paying jobs. People got the travel of so many times it was more important to keep the issue going them to actually solve something and when I came to that realization, I realized how corrupt this nation really can be because so many people and became an economic factor, not a religious one, not a moral issue not let's do something for the good of the nation for God, family, country, but they may jumps out of it but you know they've been using for decades had been using babies to get elected, recognizing elections, the state babies that is not how it's supposed to get rid of abortion that would be one point off that they couldn't run on and I think so many people are loath to give up any of those planks to play politics of politics and become far more important than the actual running of the country actually saving children actually improving lives… Become a oh what's the word I'm thinking industry a cottage industry. Yeah, I think that's right. And that's what I – what we need to stop and and and again if you're not sure who to vote for. And everybody's telling you what you think you want to hear on there's one way is only one way to tell the difference between the real and the rhinos. And guess what that is, its actions, if it's actually $100 they've done, and so forth. For the last 40 years I've been I've been actually not only a defending life, but remember what energy for second we talk about the Keystone pipeline you want to know what you want to know how to fix it to dry up the support of of of of the Russian armies quit fueling further oil. It turned back to the Keystone pipeline back on its absurd that we are not doing this and was a time when not brought be ours, but I would be on past journeys program talking about, you know, we need to do.

We to send a message to Congress, and I suggest we send the pink slip voted for Obama care voted to increase our tax things on the pink slip was if you voted for the cap and trade member that what that was threatening to. We basically threatened to fire those would restrict and penalize our energy use and we sent 10 million pink slips that space could you take use of all the pink paper stock in United States black accumulate paper flat. He would be from from from the ground the top of the Washington Monument three times what we do we send them out and it was heard. It really was. But you know what cap and trade was was never passed, we can join together there there really are more of us, and there are them and even if there weren't what I know is that God is famous for working through remnants that a beautiful thing. We have a God that doesn't need a majority. Look what he did with Gideon now is a parent on your army could do a 300 because that way you can't take the credit.

I'll get the credit because I'm the one to give you the victory.

And so that's that's really what I'm doing. On either people said to me chance you know you need a lot more money than you have it and you know initially I was in a race with the trump endorsed candidate will demobilize that's not the case anymore told the spring to mind a very good friend of mine and I said your politics are too big and your God is too small and so you know we always get the victory right away. As we saw with the heartbeat bill but you know what I'm to step out and I'm going to come to put my faith into action and I'm going to fight for liberty as hard as I thought her life and and what the voters do in Summit County. What they do in Stark County work on it were to find out but III guess what what I would like to do is let people know you want to find out more about the campaign, you can do and people say why are you why you put the folder in there. Well, I wrote several books is Folger a lot of people storefront is Janet.

I have to fight myself Folger Folger right Janet Folger Porter porters my mitt my married name, but might but Folger is my maiden name, and you know it's funny when we were gathering signatures for petitions.

People said hey you know you sign for Janet Porter and they said what what was her name before she got married and they said Folger.

All you all sign that they think they didn't know me as Porter but they knew me as Folger.

That's why were going with Janet Folger for that's what it was when I ran against the Senate so that we we pick up those people who know that I've been in this movement back in the day it 80s and 90s we worked the past. A lot of those bills on the on the books right now II was the one who was lobbying to pass the parental consent in Ohio got that through the woman's right to know law. The 24 hour waiting period. The fetal homicide law that the patient protection from starvation or dehydration. I lobbied to get those into the Ohio law books which want to know what the end of the day. It wasn't enough because all we've done is really regulate around the edges of abortion and I wanted to, and I'm tired of talking about it prior to March about it is time for the killing and in the heartbeat bill is the closest thing we have two of victory in in again in 9/10 cases, organist. The children protected.

It may just be that the abortion mills are to stay open for a fraction of their business and that's really that's really what we need to do is is something different.

If you want different results.

You gotta try something different. That's what we did think they said it was impossible.

We were blocked by all the establishment including the right to life groups, but but we still we still plowed ahead. It took again a long time to do it but but praise the Lord victory has come and and that and that the pathway is clear for other states to follow. And that's exactly what they're doing now you Janet Folger yes you can. I've made a video explaining what one running in and what it's about. Got my positions on everything from gun rights, and by the way, in my my latest book. This is a hard feel about guns. My father was an Army sergeant.

I pretty PS I am very much against any effort to restrict or remove guns from law-abiding citizens.

In fact I wrote my book heartbeat away which I dedicated to Pres. Trump by the way I wrote no politician who supports gun control should get armed protection paid for by the citizens they are trying to. That's what's happening in Congress right now the world, armed protection. They got all kinds of of of of Secret Service all kind of people that are guarding them and they're trying to disarm the law-abiding citizens, which is not can happen on my watch. If I get an opportunity to be a voice on the go do that and so County different people around the country. These liberal certain things were due from the police have a large contingency of armed bodyguards. Most of the most former policeman set out surrounding them. They don't want really to do from the police read a little bit you trying get close to them and you gotta go through some really tough guys you know and of the same hypocrites we say leave the borders wide open yellow cry about Ukraine but they let our borders by anybody walking that that wants to all the violent criminals are common in the illegal drug use, the sex trafficking that that that they just opened their arms for all of them but they got a wall around their homes. You know that there's that impenetrable where they live, but they do they want to leave the rest of us open to this kind of of assault and calling out to tell you this, it it's time for for Natalie to make America great again. It's time to make northeastern Ohio great again. You look. I looked in the definition of of of Summit in Summit County is is where where I'll be representing as well as Stark County. Looking at what that means. The summit is the highest point. It's the it's it's the at the top, it's the it's the highest level that can be attained. The summit ever thought of Akron is really that it or the Akron area Summit County area is the highest point know what it's time for that to happen is time for them to fulfill their their name that they've declared over there counting the same way we see Cleveland is been the joke of America. You know what that needs to stop. We need to we need to start speaking life into this northeastern Ohio area. We need to start up advancing policies that puts America first the put Ohioans first Stark County.

Stark is is what is clearly distinguish or delineate, and I think that's what I'm trying to do in the selection estate look yet.

A lot of people say a lot of nice things and then you have someone who's done it was actually spent the last 40 years. Mentally I give it. That would seem like a metal but I can't get right now when you are very young I was old yeah I started very, very young, but don't tell you I work two to draft legislation to protect religious freedom of Ohio business owners I was the one back when I had my syndicated radio program.

I was leading the effort to reverse the policy, which prohibited military chaplains right to pray in Jesus name we lit up their phones every day and it was Sen. Warner And Kleinschmidt. That's right.

I was there.

It is at his his trial where he was.

He was removed from office for the crime of praying in Jesus name. And because of the calls that came in leading the charge week. We actually shut that down and and and reversed the policy of the chaplains in the United States military can continue to pray in Jesus name. You think one person can make a difference. I'm telling you they can result say otherwise. Right. I mean this is the thing I was the kid was afraid to give a speech, but again it's all about the God that is in us and and we can see God do the impossible. We talk about voter fraud after the 2 to 2020 election. I put together some videos and send them out to my email list to get them out the in social media for as long as the let them stay there right but are supported by Gen. Flynn in Sydney, we had over well over million views on multiple platforms talk about the voting glitches of the Dominion machine, but this is nothing new to me. I was standing with Judge Roy Moore, the voter fraud that took place that I stood in 2000, in Broward County, Florida, and was part of the recount team without with with with the Bush Gore race that met that election back in 2000 with a declared the state of Florida for Al Gore.

Remember that in an essay on the only want to get it back on my knees and I pray for God to change the results of the election and then I put my faith to action.

I joined the recount team. I was there is part is not just I want a couple of quick stories is is I was still in there and and at the recount team against voter fraud 22 years ago. It is now. Oh my goodness they were they were talking about how they're going to do things fairer and how they're gonna count the ballots. We don't have ballots. Now we need to have paper ballots so there is no government so I stood there all of the media is of the world is there. I'm literally all over the all over the globe.

They got their cameras and microphones. They're all aimed one. When I stood next to the guy spouting this this nonsense about how to be fair shake in my head when you try to get any attention. But I was like this is ridiculous and this guy walked away and that they started asking me questions. I said well I'll tell you what, why, I disagree with this because 32 out of the three people were judging this race Al Gore bumper stickers on their car where you think this is going to be so they started started asking more questions and guy came up to me from the from the Bush campaign. He said you only only certified people are able to speak to the media. He says, but you speak to whoever you want. So we stood against voter fraud and continue to stand against it, but we we got a green in our elections. I will say one good thing about Ohio is that we count those mailing ballots. The absentee ballots before we County others. I'm told that not only Ohio but North Carolina and Florida do that and what that means it think they don't know how many folks they have to cheat, you gotta come up with make a difference now.

They shut down election data shut down all the polling place and wouldn't you know it we find all these ballots out of trucks and suitcases from under cables and all of this nonsense is been proven that that that's what we need to understand is that there's some safeguards we need to put we think we have some of those in Ohio. I didn't know how many votes they needed to cheat with and and that's one of the reasons why we saw the victory we did for president from but it's it's it's it's time to put something in what with the power of the purse strings in Congress if you don't have paper ballots. If you don't and we need to not have a voting monthly need of a voting day will you come in person unless you're disabled and that's that's one of the things that the president talked about. I was down at seatback a week ago, and that's one of things he talked about you know what we can do this, we can say if you don't have voter integrity if you don't have a voter ID to make sure you are who you say you are just like with any other anything else if you don't do that than we think we can dry up your fonts in your state and connect those state funds it in the budget and that that's one of the things I want to do is realize we have the power of the purse strings as a high. It's high time we use it. I was thinking that the doctors took couple minutes or before Bert top of your brick of a guess you could fail. I don't have a voter ID but I don't have a vaccine test coordinator if you know the one that's within this hypocrisy, we just let it happen, we ignore it instead of saying no, wait a minute you know if I have to have this and they have to have that you realize that's how you fight zero goose gotta be one of those things where you take a stand and bring out a price to pay and that's what people out on the element of the other side sale price. I will say this I I'm show so adamantly against vaccine passports is not one of the other. If we need to stop that that is absolute tyranny and we need to make sure that never happens. It's come to other countries it cannot happen here, but if you use your drivers license you need it to mean do anything whether it whether it's by alcohol. Whether it's put your education. What I mean.

I had to show my drivers license or traffic with the budget deployment you need to show the ID in order to hop on an airplane and yet you don't you don't require is that racist and it's it's absurd that these people and their talking points are making no sense and were letting them get away with with absolute ridiculous ridiculous and absurd lies in their life in a racist policy.

It's an accurate accuracy issue and will take it up story room start off the top of the hour.

Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry had to WR that you are you mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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