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WED HR 1 021622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 16, 2022 11:06 pm

WED HR 1 021622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 16, 2022 11:06 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now what we put, we put we put we quote we have approximately six hours, a radial tie left to raise money to stand here for another whole month.

And though think it was about Will Pastor Joel will have to tell me about the how much do we need Pastor Joe is what anything about my $98,528. Well we know the quite that much now because we can add knockoff about 12,000 on that. Okay so we need that by this time next month and since it's very important we do that now we have today been pledged that we have in on the board, the Lord of the board. None of them the mighty Andrew hello Pastor and everyone. And here in the studio. We've got fluttered about little Lisa anything everyone all right to get out there going Internet telephone okay that we have on the other room and there the radical Randy on the other phone was one week and of course you just heard way out yonder we have Pastor Joel Larson, the Missouri parson.

Highly unpaid professional assistant back once more then we have a special guest tonight a lot prettier than us. Joe, Dr. Sherry, tenpenny hey Sherry good to have your good to have you back.

It's been a while. Listen we got a lot to talk about tonight already were going to get. I had a Bible study. The title of my message was the black robed Regiment and we preached out of Galatians 421 through 31 and also from taking from the chaplains and the clergy of the revolution and so this has to do with what's happening in Canada and with what's happening here with what you're doing and what we're doing. We been in his bed allow for 50 years this year and so were going to pick it up and I want you to come in as we go through here I have this is some of my commentary but I want you and pathogenic comment and then when I tell people what was going to happen on Saturday in Canton Ohio something big coming up so we really picking up where we left off and this is my commentary just as the clergy of the revolution were feared and hated by the tyrants.

The treatment of God and that and today the true man of God are real minority among the majority of well get along, go along duck tail run and compromise prissy preachers and today those that are standing fast in telling the truth.

Joe Biden said that those preachers there preach the old-fashioned way are going to be charged with hate crimes. Well guess what you you're the one is going to be charged by it with a crime and it's by God Almighty himself. Remember that and so so what you think.

Unit Sherry, I wish I wish it half the pastors in this country had the courage you as a lady have to stand up and fight back there.

Now it you think that the thing that you think about Mary, mother quite the rocksolid note claim that you were inspired by God to give birth to the son of God, and that's a pretty radical position now, so there's a lot of really strong women. Women in the Bible. I think that went back Well You Know Esther and Rahab the Harlot That Their Life Was on the Line Is the Old King Was Having a Bad Day. Esther Could Lose Your Head and Rahab Had She Been Captured. That Was High Treason and They Did. You Did Not Die Slowly for Committing High Treason in Those Days Those Ladies Has Encouraged Her That You Know That We A Lot. Now You Know All the Top Deck That and All of Those Things That You Know at That Position That They Can't on Because They Can Be Accused of Being Over-The-Top and What We Need Right Now. If Wrong Leadership and Mostly We Need Strong Leadership from Man to Step up to the Plate, Leader, and Then Most Important People on the Planet to Step up Absolutely Right, There's a Nice Commentary. We the People of the United States Of America and Our Neighbors to the North, Canada Will Never Know. Not Ever Bow down to the Tyranny of the Antichrist Death of Credit Communist Oppressors.

We Will Never Accept Baby Killing Because It's Illegal. We Will Never Ever Accept the Killing of the Elderly in the Nursing Homes so That Crooked Judges and Prosecutors and Nursing Home Operators Can Steal Their Estates.

What You Think. While I Everything Right Now Number of the Tractor, the Market Longer and Everything I'm an Incredible Man Sat around and Said You Were Tired of People Talking about.

We Need to Do Something and You Bring in the Power like the Calvary Coming Any People Lining up along the Road and on the Overpasses and It Will on Firing Me. I Feel like What's Happening Right Now Is the in Canada and Iowa It's like the World Water If You Don't Prevail, and It Continued His Own People. They're Getting Hot in Here That Parent Introductory Nail and That Will Give Power Every Other Tyrannical Month. There across the Country to Do the Same Thing for the People You're Right Afforded Them Back and down Prevail. The Win for the Entire World. It Is You Judge Joe Obama Notice Joe Biden Trying to Encourage Baby Castro to Bring the Max Somebody It's Probably Because He Was Having More More Police Officers Are Residing, They Said We Will Will Quit before We Will Arrest These Fees Are for Our Citizens Here What They're Doing to Them, They're Doing to Us. You Have the Army. The Army Is Already Told Him Know What We're Not Going to Go out When Not Going to Go against Her People. That Is Not Obeying the Law. Another High Park Received the Extreme High Hypocrisy by Baby Castro. He's Calling These Clickers. These Are Peaceful Patriots. He's Calling Them Saying That Their Terrorist When He Encouraged Burn Load Murder. He Encouraged at the File Saying That There Were Just Exercising the Civil Rights Baby Castro You Are a Liar You Are a Coward, Baby Castro, Unless You Repent Because You Have Committed Treason against God and Country, and by the Way, He Doesn't Have Very Much of a Respect for God Are All Baby Castro Here Listing You Need to Repent or You Going to Be Burning in Hell. That's X-Ray from God's Word Bible Right Directly Affect Dr. Temporary Was Totally Right, but the Sad Part Is, It Took Our Neighbors in the North to Help Awaken Country and I Have Been Telling People Well We Been This Ministry Is the Voice of the Christian Resistance We've Been Telling People for Longer Than I Care to Think along with A Lot Of Our Lives 50 Years. This Year That This Is a Revolution. The Communists of One World Order Are Trying to Take over and We Have the Spiritual and Physical Battle in Hand and We Must Join It to Save the Future for Our Children and Grandchildren. It's Really Sorry That It Took the Canadians to Give the Americans an Example of How to Fight Back. Sherry Is One of Those Documents We've Had with Dr. Scott and the Others We've Had She Sold out.

She Is Sold out to God and Not the Farm and the Problem Is You Here. I've Had More People Tell Me Come to Me As a Pastor You Know I Am Bewildered. I I Had Trusted My Doctor I Am and I Trusted My Doctor and My Doctor Told Me, Encouraged Me to Get the Shot on Believable and You Know I Had Two of Them That Encourage Me to Get the Shot and Well I Gave Them a Little Piece of My Mind and That They Told Me That I Had Been Listing to This Information Is in the Here and Now, Here You like This When Sherry We Will Never Accept the Genocide of America by the Hands of a Completely Corrupt Government Run by Mad Fiendish Scientist and Corrupt Politicians. Those of Us Who Truly Trust in God and What He Has Given Us for Our Healing. The Herbs of the Apothecary Will Never Know That Ever Trust the Sorcery and the Wizardry of Big Pharma and Its Cauldrons. We Will Never, Never Surrender to Their Depopulation Genocide by the Bio Weapons When You Think Well I Hope Dark Red Parents 300 Million People in Their Country, and Nearly 8 Billion People around the World Because Our Current Rolled over and Rolled up Their Arm Given Their Worries and Their Concerns in an Internet Conversation to God and Taking I'm Really Worried.

Take the Quarry from Me and Removed the Air Out Of My Blog. I Need to Trust You and Not at Track before the People That Not Ending Her Out Of Here and If They Got It Out Of Fear Than They Were Bow underneath the Wrong Person in the Wrong Answer the Wrong.Bowing That Aren't yet on the Start Start. I Think I Got a Convenient and That They Have No Concept Whatsoever That They Verify the Capital of the Holy Spirit and They Have Got Me. Most Major Defilement That They Almost Do at This Bio Weapon That Goes in the Right Damages Your DNA Crafted for Me Is the Text down Here and Meet All Likely Catholic and He Did It Because You Wanted to Go on a Cruise. You Know What's Happening Here Is Remember Going Back to 2020. I Said in March 2020. I Can't Believe People Are Falling for This. I Cannot Believe They're Falling for This.

The Way This the Scam to Make and People Were Telling Me That I Was Right Wing I Was Nuts in the Senate and Is You Folks. I Don't Believe It Was like Little Chicken Little. This Is the Biggest Scams of the Teaching of Evolution and That Was Probably Most of Those People Believed in Evolution, but Here You Have the.

The Fake News Media. What They Call the Blue Step. The Blue Step Is Is When All of the Fake News Media and What They Call You. These Are People That Are Contracted They Sign a Contracted a Contract to Give Their Net to Stay with the Word They Use Is Narrative That's Another Word for Law so When They Signed Their Contracted Liars and I Was Listing to Mr. Stephanopoulos Tried to Convince Rand Paul to Say That. Well, the Election Wasn't Stolen Red Pole. Remember Which Webelos This Is Tough Enough about Your Your You Live You Live in Your Life and Your Light over and over and out Sick Guys Watching This and He Says All Liars Will Have Their Place in the Lake of Fire and Leslie Stalls Another One You Know When Pres. Trump Everything Pres. Trump Said Was True. And so Here We Will Not Accept the Blue Step of the Fake News Media and When They Come out and There There Saying That Dr. Tenpenny Is Giving out False Information on. I Remember the They Hit Piece of That the Plaintiffs Eva Wrote about You out There Unbelievable That You Were Giving This Information You Know That Was Mild Compared like New York, Washington Post. Now the Financial Time Brian William Mall and All of Them like My Heart When I Get the Money down at the Many Columbus the Night before. After the Facility Really What Happened. I Think You Know What Log You Got Bigger Catholic Even Though I Find at That Point in Time, Yelp 400 Interviews I Felt Extended Now, 400 Interviews. Treatment of the Client. We Got Moved beyond the People That Know Me in Real Time and I Don't Care What You Need to Do with Consequences Are People Meet Your People Are Not Hearing This Message Board You Need to Move Me Bigger Catholic Left You All the People Started Hearing about Dr. Terry I Will People Get Magnified like That All the People That like Me and I Read All the Mainstream Media Row All Of A Sudden Started Hearing Dr. Never Been Told before I Get My House and I Thank You Lord Rightly Needed. Well, You Know Sherry, We Have a Whole or Listers of the Plain Dealer, His Readers and We Took News Articles and We Let Them Know He Was Putting out Misinformation and Here You Know You Had to. They Were Sated to Tell You That If You Get the Shot Spoons and Forks Will Stick to You and Them Again. We We Went out and We Said Here That the Science Is on Her Side.

All of Those Frontline Doctors We've Had in Here Agreed Only with What You're Saying and Again the Hypocrisy of the Fake News Media and It Is and That's Why They're Losing Listers Ship to Know the Seat Is Lost 80% of His Listers and Process It Was Okay and so and People Wonder Why You Know the Fake News Media.

Leslie Stalled Doesn't Understand What They're Losing Listers for Such a Rate Okay Got to Go to Linda from Chicago Plays 100 and through Leno That Is Lena Thank You Lena and Peru and Illinois Pledges 1000 Think You Prove Number Is 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Right Now, Folks, We Would Need 48 We Are $4900 Short of Our Goal Tonight 4900 Short of a Goal, We Need to Hear from You Know We've Got Virtually Just Tonight and Two More Days This Week to Raise Money for the Entire Next Month.

No Sherry, You Got an Event Coming up Is Very Important That This Coming Saturday from 9 to 10 in Canton, Ohio and out What You Just Tell Us about It Because Telling What You're Doing with the Monies Going for about an American Floor and Put on by Our Garden down All of Last Year with the First Line) Almost One Month, or about One Every Three Weeks without across the Fence at First Talking about Government Election Fraud and Problems Affecting All Kinds Are All Kind of Amazing Topic and Quite A Few of the One That Ohio Friday and Saturday This Coming Weekend Getaway for You and I Got It out, Reawaken American Floor. You Can Get to Check That They Have like They Have All the Events That Are There Speakers Are in Everything and It's All Day Friday All Day Saturday and I'm Actually Thinking at 2:00 PM on Friday the 18th My Topic Here Is the Intentional Distraction of the Fall, the Spiritual Ramifications of the Covert.and That's What I Put My Pocket on the Friday and Then for A While I Thought Back.

Well We Talked about the Massive Fraud of the Thing You Know the Nonsense of the Foes of That Thing All the Problems of the Shot. The Last Two Years. Lord We Talk about It Here and It Was about the Two Questions That Had Not Gotten Answer One. What Why Are They Doing the Second Question Is Whether the End Game and I Kept the Third Question. Totally What Can We Do to Recover from Allowing Our Bodies to Be Injected by This Path That Will Permanently Thinking on Friday at the Coming Friday At-Bat at 2 PM so the Next Morning Fox for Having Fundraising for My Bath Time Planning a Line of Thought, or That Any Lifecycle or We Can Read That What Were Doing Because Right after That That the Trackers That You Hear People Talk about Is Something about It.

Why Would People Talk about How That Healthcare Is Why the Change like That Will Not Now. If Not Now, When Not so Right.

I Started We Are Making Money to Start the Parallel Healthcare for Something to Start Right Here in Northeast Ohio, with Brief Entries That Were in the Process of of of the Locations Already Picked out the Third, Maybe 1/4 in Ohio. Then We Have a Rollout Plan to Take the Clinic Won't Be Able Will Be a Smaller Clinic about 40 505,000 Ft. Okay on Respiratory Care Earache Ortho Sinusitis Lung Think They Have Obeyed. They Need to Get Early Aggressive Treatment with That Amazing Treatment All That I Gathered Some People up and around the World That Really Work Unlike Anything They're Doing at the Cleveland Clinic You Later Metro Week That Would Appropriately Diagnose People of Corporately Treat Them and Will Also Have a Way inside. Her Long-Term Care for Your Son Matthew Been Damaged by the Thought or Your Cardiovascular Activity Damaged by the Scott and I Partied by Five Point up yet. I Thought My Pipe Located inside the Fleet Have To Stop Please Come in Contact so Where Were so the Only Thing Keeping Us Back from Rolling This out in the Big Way off like Everything Else down the Time and Money Raising the Money That Goes into a 501(c)(3), Every Doubt All and Contribution to Help Grow America's New Healthcare System so They Can Contribute to This Was Going to Will Tell the Folks of PayPal Commingled Card. The 10th 2010 and Lied down the Camp. Any Alliance or You Can Buy It for Listening, I Wanted Some Other Amount As a Donation Button on the Website That You Can Donate with a Credit Card or I Don't Think for Itself Permanently Banned from PayPal Final Step to Take out That Plaintiff inside That the Checkout Area and Every Dollar Count of $10 $25 $2500. You Know We Had Somebody Donate Several People Donate $10,000 Because They Just Believe in What We're Doing with the Capital Equipment and Buying the Building. Our First Round of Rain That We Need to Raise in the First Year Is about $8.5 Million, so It Takes A Lot by but by Building Three Buildings Got Him on the inside Rebuild Amount of Medical Data, the Art Medical Equipment Hire the People at That over 500 People There on a Letter from the Cleveland Clinic in University Hospital That Have Already Called Me and Said Please Hire Me.

I Don't Want to Work at Beastly System Anymore so Right Here in Northeast Ohio Working A Lot and It Really Really Well. I Want to Be a Big Part of That to Depend on Those You Neither Tie Whenever I Can Help Any Way We Can Help.

We Will Help and Will Will Will We Artie Made a Donation Would Make Another One so I like Artistic Cleveland, Ohio and America Year and I Live on the Left Medically When I Fall down Here You Know I Gotta Be Part of the Build out the Implementation. Putting All the Orders of the Systematic Approach Tired the Right People Get Everybody Trained and You Know What It Felt Funny. I Didn't Want to Do This Project I Did and It Just Kept Coming up and I Kept Praying about It Bring about Everything the Lord, Are You like Really Door What You Want Me to Do Any and out You Know That the Expressway Says That If You Want to Hear God Laugh Telling Your Plan to Be Alert If You Really What You Want Me to Do That. You Gotta Have All of These Doors Open and Fall Forward like Dominoes. I Think Thinking Because the Hard Work and Struggle.

LET Here God Laugh Every Single Thing That I Wanted You to Move This Forward. People Are Common Combat and Excellent.

I Can Put in $25 I Can Put in 100. I Know People That Have More Money.

Yes Let Us Help You Get You Hire Me in the Lord's Work, Saying, You Know, but Carry on Pain and the Ring over There and Quit Complaining about It, Not the Entire Work That Already Coded As Soon As You and I Will Go Three Week and We Will Get One Here for a Road Trip. (Oak Brook Smart Hours of Surgery When You're Talking Dr. the Word Gravitas.

Her Mind. It's an Odd Word but I Remember Back to You. Remember When All Of A Sudden Good News.

Every Liberal Reporter in the Country Was Using the Word Gravitas. One Very Cold Chamber around Me Were Born, I've Never Heard That Word What Is the Whole World Should Realize) What the Spell Turner Was Talking about When He Was Talking about the Blue Step. The. The Echo Chamber Circle Chambers Are All Parodied the Most Unusual Word That Most People Never Heard about Because What I Started That Show the Talking Heads When You Had the Original Medco and the Others, Chris Wallace. I Told Him I Says They've Learned a New Word Here and so Every Time They Would Come up with a New Word and It Would Do That I Would. I Would Hope Sherry, Did You Notice How We Knew That When They Talk about the Stealing the Election. Election Fraud. Not Only Were They in Complete Lockstep and Said Exactly the Same Thing but Not Here Something Little There Was Was They Did This Little Thing This Little Quirk before the like That.

They All Did That and Then They Said There's No Evidence of Sacrament, This Little One after the Other. The Mother Was the Better Practice That to Do That to the Lie. The Weather Did We Auto for Lighting We We Audit) We on Chris Wallace. We Noted That the Smith Was a Sharon Smith or Whatever from Those of the New Caboodle and the Reason We Went after Fox News. Sherry Was Because They Claim to Be Fair and Balanced When When He Noticed It Was, We Know That the Delay Would Deny Line Most of My Point Was the Word near You Really Appropriately.

Dr. Tim Perry Is One of the Report That Really Does Have Gravitas down Here with Your Correct Usage of the Word, so I Want to Throw That out There. They Came up with This Word but Even When They Don't, Why They Still Can't Get It Right Even Wonder Now Try to Make Something up for Your Role Will the Fake News Media Choose Much They Hate Her. You Know She's Doing Something Right Right Well More Than Thinking about No Publicity Right Yeah Yeah You Can't Pay That Much for That That Type of Getting Your Name out There Right after They Did All That Stuff Back in July, Tractor like Many People, That Dr. Looking Looking Me up and Was All about and Felt Was Irrelevant When It Got about Failure 2015 Became an International Event.

I've Got More Radio Shows and More That That You Could Take You out.

The More They Say Horrible Things about You Calling Me Only Defense but They Have His Character Fascinated in Mudslinging and Name-Calling like Kindergarten I Claim Playing with the Bully in the in the Kindergarten Class Think They Don't Have Anything I Need to Call You Name Do Everything You Ever Argue Facts or Logic or the Bible. There's Always a Motion or Name-Calling and Everything Is about Getting People Worked up Emotionally, but They Never Back It Was Actually Never Get All of Your Reports Created on Their Was like You Said Attack with the Names Were Character Assassination or Something They Never Fight Fair Well in the Early Days in the Morning. You Know You're Covering This Is What Happened the Early Days of His Radio Program. They Went after Me through the Fake News Media and I Made a Commitment That Which Everyone Attack. I Would Give Him Better Than I Got and I Did That Every Single Time When They Went after Me. I Had, I Really Want after the Plain Dealer I Had a Blue I'm Not Sure If It Was Remember Carl Monday When He Was Doing His Fake News Reports. I Went after Him Because They Went after the Common Law Court. They Put Complete Put a Complete Total Petition Story out and to His Station Called Me and Said Please Pester You Go to Backup and All This You Can't Take This to Personalize This When You're Lying about My Myself in the and the People That Work with His Ministry.

Yeah, I Take It Personally. And so You Have To Do That You Have To Fight You Always Got to Give Them Better Than to Get.

We've Done That All of These Years Will Give Them Better Than We Get so This Was Sherry's Doing Sherry Tell Us Again about Saturday. Tell Us Again about Posterior Printer Paper to Write This down, Don't Listen and You Can Find out All the Information That I Get That All This Money Does Everything Everything out All the Operational Building to Get Equipment for the New Tenpenny Clinic and You Can Find It by Going to the Planning Alliance That Work the Antennae Alliance That Argument Breakfast from Eight till about on Saturday Morning and All the Details Are on the Website Where the Location near and All of the Right to Get Together Hear More about What Planet Is All about Athlete (I Am but Everyone Called It, or Anything Else or What Were Planning and Just Come to Be Part of the New Change. I'm so Proud to Say That the Start Right Here and I Will Go to See, Hopefully, Should the Lord Terry We Will See Clinics.

We Will See Independent Doctors That Are Not Owned by Big Pharma That Will Care More for Their Patients Than They Do about Keeping Their Job and Being Associated with One of the Big Hospitals and so Praise the Good Lord after You Put Her on the Thursday Morning Prayer List Every Thursday to Keep What She's Doing in Prayer. I Was Fortunate to Core Experience for Her and Second Chronicles and Talk about Not Having to Fight the Battle Yourselves over Judo Jerusalem Not Be Dismayed Tomorrow Go out against Them for the Lord Will Be with You and Never in Isaiah Chapter 41 through, Though Not for I Am with the Peanut Dismayed, for I Am Thy God I Will Strengthen You Today. I Will Help Jay. I Will Uphold Thee with the Right Hand of My Righteousness, so We Will Keep You in Prayer and We Will Ask Our Listeners out There A Few Million People to Hold You in This Mission of Yours in Prayer and That We Know the Right Hand of God Is with You and Sherry If You Can Remember Tell Michelle to Contact Me.

A Little Earlier When You Have These Events Coming up to Contact Me and Will Plug It Because like I Said We We Want to Jump in with Both Feet on This Thing and Help You out and Needs to Be Done and I Know That There Is Hundreds of Doctors out to Real Doctors Again Who Are Willing to Be a Part of This to Sign up. It Would Be Really Good to Get One to Be Nice Again to Be Able to Not Have All of These Clinics and Methods That Are What They Call Will Today. The Cold Woke When I'm Fed up with Woke What about You like to Talk about It Now. Now Thank You Don't Embrace Ignore Them like They Should Be to Just Ignore Them Then Maybe They'll Go Well. The Medical the Integrity of the Medical Association, Especially the AMA Has Really Suffered.

I Mean, It Is Taken a Big Hit of the Credibility and Trust Ability Not Many Many Doctors out There Today Has Really Fallen Coming People.

People Just Don't Trust Him Anymore. I Will.

I Was at the VA and I Was There Was a Fellow Sit Next to Me and He Only Had One Leg and He Was Grumbling. Grosvenor Is Also What's Wrong and We're Talking Lisa Will Is That I Come in Here and I Want to Give Me That That's Shot.

The Vaccine I Told Him I Didn't Want One That I'm in Here the Next Thing Emily Got a Little of My Arm and Now They Tell Me I Gotta Take the Backups to That Okay and so He Went in and I Gave Him the Shot When He Didn't Want to Totally Didn't Want Them so There You Go Home and I Had a Gun. I Just Got a Letter Saturday from a Family from a Fellow Little Refill Her Who Said That His Entire Family.

His Entire Family Took the Plug. The Poisonous Plug in and He Said He's the Only Ones Left the Sibley Ball Died One by One All and so You Know Right Now Were Fighting a Fire Control Certain Members of Storage Yourself Today.

Video FDA Executive Christopher Cole and a Hidden Camera Interview He Got to Talk by Project Veritas One of Their Journalists and This Man Christopher Cole Said Biden Wants to Inoculate As Many People As Possible. Quote You Have To Get a Manual Shot by Me.

It Has Been Formally Announced yet Because They Don't Want to like You and All Round Everybody up, and While He Was on Camera to Acknowledge the Financial Incentive Fertilizer of the Drug Companies to Promote These Additional Vaccinations. She Said, Quote It Will Be Recurring Fountain of Revenue Might Not Be That Much Initially but If They Can They Can Get Every Person Require That an Annual Vaccine That's Going to Be a Recurring Return of Money, a Fountain of Revenue Growing into Their Companies. Sibley Funerals so Close Together As a Preacher Recently and I Was Talking to Funeral on the Corners of the Corners with the Embalmers through the Funeral Home in and They Were Telling Me That There Are Some Strange and I Mean Ungodly Things They Said That in These People Are Dying When They Cut into Them to Do.

The Autopsies, the Rudder and Horrible Horrible, like Their Veins Are Almost like Caulking or Something I Wouldn't Think of As Sherry and I Am Back Again Really Thought about It Here As Other People That Are Talking about It and What I Think Is Actually Happening at the Modification Tiny Little Micro Reader That They Identify Four Different Countries Now Paying Germany.New Zealand and the UK Identify Microcircuits Anything There That Are the Size of the Fraction of a Grain of Right and They Can Assemble, Disassemble and Reassemble on Hyper Coagulant Ability messenger RNA that the chemicals are think that around the messenger RNA particular unifies and with Dennis.conduct hyper- likability with that plain English term for that.

If I can make your blood picky and so is mom is your heart beating and nadir even on an anticoagulant either a medical line or a natural anticoagulant on you know as long as your heart you got circulation and you Like, well, at picking holy man when you die in your heart stop beating your blood circulating that caught my eye croaking antibody for the fight of the particulate matter that the inside as he sat at dream water becomes fact that now it can coagulate and it becomes a long ribbon of light late and it just because it stopped flowing dark. The coagulate were quite large blood clots to some people because I was reading were several embalmers were all saying they were fighting these mysterious blood clots and it sounds like you're talking about the blood spots in the lung in the brain in the heart one thing Rudy was talking about and what the embalmers are talking about. Like in the vein like your long veins in your arms anyway when I go through your veins and he can't put in embalming fluid because there they think that like long like rubber like latex) because they involve all that hyper coagulant below the material in their glide getting the shot flowing in and start taking together Ron because we have approximately a one hour four minutes left until his radio program and we still need to raise 48 were $4800 short of a goal 4800 short of a goal. Folks eight a day.

We got to hear from you. We really got to hear from you at 888-281-1110 we are the voice of the Christian resistance nationwide and this is why they're there totally snug.

The Department of Health and Human Services and that and Biden note Joe Obama start to say now that people that continue to say what were saying right now are going to be charged with misinformation for putting putting out propaganda and disinformation. These trying to threaten to do this but the psycho stop as we are going to continue, we will obey God and not Joe Obama 888281111088867796738886779673 Mary from New Jersey pledges 100.

We need to hear from you right away after your saying that we are part of the black rubric director of going back to the founding fathers. The British hated and fairs.

Remember, the black robed Regiment and the government today hate spouses like you and anyone preaches like you do recruit for about the same principle reminds me there was a young man, Pastor John Peter Mullen and he was a pastor like his father and he was preaching. Ecclesiastes 31 euro for everything there is a season and the time for every matter under heaven well 20 close to the sermon.

He said in the language of the holy writ. There is a time for all things. There is a time to preach at a time to fight and he threw off his robes and he was wearing the uniform of an officer in the Revolutionary Army and that afternoon he headed up 300 men from his church marched off to George Washington, who became a colonel of the eighth Virginia Regiment served all through the war and during that time he was promoted to Maj. Gen. went on to become of a member of the Constitutional convention served as a Congressman from Pennsylvania, but we need doctors liked up to join the battle. We need pastors like to join the battle and really no Joe, I resolved you know Jill I wore a black rose suddenly when I preach the message of the black robed Regiment.

I was someone sent me a really nice black robe and that what was one of the patriots out there named Harry and but do know I couldn't wear my uniform underneath the didn't fit anymore. It's been a while so you know, again we see we were kind of people we need to stand up now and realize America.

We are in a battle whether you're a Dr. Werther you're a lawyer word to your pastor or just the patriots.

This is the time to stand up enjoying this battle because we are fighting a tyrannical government like England, only now it's our own government turned tyrannical honors and there will be the patriots stand and fight. And if we don't we lose if we stand there is enough of this battle.

We with four state legislators are now calling for 50 state audit decertification. Note this Congressman: 24 Congressman are calling for 50 state audit decertification were appropriate impossible convening of the US House of Representatives.

So that's a start.

204:4. We need a few more runs to get that probably reporter called her local congressman all across America regret stations from New York to San Diego down to Dallas and Tampa all across America get on the phone so your Congress critter get involved in join that group. Well here, Biden Joe, Obama is asking the courts not to allow not to allow the evidence brought out my that we companies that again many of the millions do not allow he sees begging the courts, not to allow a Dominion the evidence and all the proof that they have against Dominion to be made known through the US District Judge Amy Totenberg is considering releasing the redacted version of the report by University of Michigan computer science professor Alex Halderman and found some interesting things it always makes me wonder what they found when the government is trying hard that's desperate to keep something from being revealed to the American people. If it's good news for the government. If Dominion got a clean bill of health.

They would want to broadcast from one end of this country to the other kid listen Michelle Sylvan Florida plates 50 thank you Michelle and Phil, Sherry Chinese made covert, 19 test kits handed out to over 100,000 Super Bowl fans listen to them in the Chinese made.

How stupid is that. I mean, when are people going to learn I would not take a test kit from China. Would you Can't have anybody. I'll know while repeatedly cramming up your nose when you're healthy as a sign of mental illness and so continually on healthy people that we know God. They are in and they may very well be impregnated with micro technology going up and fight. If you're no crazy. It wouldn't be just about not taking it would be not taking it at all anybody ever right very good.

I know that took they tried pushing that tour you that's going to get into a lot of these playspace the government offices and we just we simply refused and more more people are refusing people are starting to stand up to starting to awaken when I was him I was just absolutely amazing how how easily people fell for this hole skimmed everything in the even today there are still there were no and then you see them driving in the car with the mascot inside of but it's a horrible thing.

It's a horrible thing with her doing to the children with these masks on. It's in the here and I've heard these Mother's Day work. Complainant crying about their children having to wear a mask in school. Tell me get them out of the school get him out of there. Don't put them in the school worked with were there abusing children that way. Get them out okay if you have to homeschooling or whatever. Or just keep them at home there. Much better to be at home because what they're learning in public forces them that would force a mask of a child you don't want them to know anyhow right there all every now you're telling her that I finally wait to come from moving your muscle exercise income cannot breathe out carbon dioxide. When you breathe it out to go out in the air as I finally wait when you're breathing all day long you're causing the body to become more liquid destroys your immune system and future cancer cell so all day long like your breathing and possible but the math on little particles and on the inside of your map fitting on your date all day long because you're being a compliant, obedient slave by putting a facemask on the only time I ever wear math because I have to run an airplane that because I have to get you far to drive 4050 if not, no violent, but what earning me There is when you go to the airport to heal. Thank God. Walking through the airport. Now they're using nylons or finding out the women's pantyhose is one of the things that they're using to put on his mask, but you know we had and people would use me as Sherry is the arrogance of some of these people I would with the post office and there were several of us, America and his woman was in there wearing a mask and she was having a bad day and she looked at because all of his people always guys we have faces up and we weren't wearingdivers and she lets off on one guy and who actually wasn't with us when he was in there without note with a face and she's yelling about how you're having your yard care about other people you should be wearing a mask and I just sent to work.

The only reason you were in Damascus you have a mustache and will note, and then that was it. Jesus set up to do and say another word.

It went over it was too much for Sherry and overloaded her and Jesus went out the door now know what she may not have had a mustache, but she got when she had come in so well that arm. What I go to and after that Door and we have our vitamin there. We also have our T-shirts and mugs in North Carolina called art apparel. I love art teacher. I mean I really love them were creating new ones all the time and the newest one in development right now going to say on the front.

The diagnosis code from a phobia at 40.9 definition and irrational fear of their form of mental illness.

COBIT 19 we have made the entire world mentally well by making them have a severe case of Jeremiah phobia ruling on the diagnosis code in the category of mental illness. All the people paralyzed everything and you know you somehow qualify for everything where love anybody now and on and on and on form of mental illness, cramming acute your nose when you're healthy is a form of mental heartbreak and come back.

I know you you only committed for a half-hour with edgier for an hour and we are welcome to stay the rest of the program but my guess is you probably want to get some beauty sleep in any type will be back right after this and will be right back.

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