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WED HR 2 021622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 16, 2022 11:59 pm

WED HR 2 021622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 16, 2022 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to podcasts WR all right were back in the Jim Daly list. Would love to have you stay and help us raise money, but we have to get on to doing that and again very quickly. One more time. Telephones how they can help you out alliance that works. What were you laying on her breakfast on Saturday morning on your on the Longley glare that other commitment so whatever just create the portal or delaying M like that is happening right here in Northeast Ohio were going to be starting healthcare clinic that will be the beginning of the new paradigm in healthcare and felt up Catherine am so grateful. Thank you so much for having me on and in sharing this with you listeners and as this holdout as we continue to raise money and get the capital we need to get this going. I'll be back deal and we can share this with everybody here, Northeast Ohio and beyond. Thank you God bless you for all you do and for being a real doctor and for being first of all, for being committed to God and not the system proved true. True men who think so much and I didn't like it. So Joe and I were in this new with both feet so anything I can do you call me will help think about God bless and have a good night thank you so much.

All right, Dr. Sherry timpani, a real real doctor arrived, Sylvia from sandstone giggle was his 50. Thank you, Sylvia folks know I've got the approximately 49 minutes left and I've got a raise and a 49 minutes. $4800. We need your help we really need your help. We just what you would like to timpani is doing up there were fighting back and just think about the seven doctors that are committed to you to the patient's okay and not only by big Pharma because that's what we have big Pharma.

The woke were tired of it were so fed up with with this whole woke they were so federal parties.

These corporations and of got no wonder no one note dignity, no integrity. They are going to don't like the NBA and that where China slave labor were in China were people or worked to death children or work. Sometimes 16 hours a day, but these will corporations to make money for these will corporations and there you go. Coca-Cola innovatively lost all integrity. I could buy and I won't drink another coke because it's all about making money they can make a lot of money, drink a lot of coke and trying and they can turn her head look the other way when it comes to human rights where told him about the book by Peter Schweitzer red-handed how American elites get rich helping China when the Peter Schweitzer is good out there trying to promote his book but it is something that everybody should read if they don't real if they're not up on this, because he's basically he went and looked in the socio-Chinese restaurant and I did this on their all of the leadership calls are strategy elite capture video lupine and American business titans with lucrative contracts or special deals that get them to look the other way as Beijing rises globally as a power and he said if we can capture them will sweetheart deals another benefits we can effectively lobotomized United States by making them unresponsive to our thrifts and were talking about how over greed to get all of the American big corporations of Silicon Valley and the Biden family. Of course, sold their souls for the Chinese market for money and power and fame and that's why I was just thinking, like Dr. tenpenny going out there risking everything following what God is called her to do or would you rather go see a doctor. The following God being obedient to him carrying about the Lord because for the Scripture say as you do to the least of these my brethren, my brothers and sisters. Jesus said you do to me or don't really listen to big Pharma, big corporations that have sold out America for the almighty dollar to get rich. Joe the last five years. Over 100 known the last five years hundred doctors and what were talking about people like Sherry timpani and those that are natural natural path doctors dissident unless five years over 100 of them have died mysteriously the deaths and that and seems like it always was the were exposing anyone that was exposing big Pharma ended up a room temperature and other areas. We talked about this happening before two other people who were saying things I shouldn't say this is not new is no New Jersey pledges $150 thank you Vince 888281. We really gotta get after folks 888-2811 another time. 11108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 joke.

I got a situation right now. When asked the folks here in the Cleveland area of Joe sumo Joe sumo if you're out there by any chance I've been trying to get a hold of you.

Joe is been as Joe was a real brother in the Lord is been very very ill and the last time we talked and was it was in the hospital. He's had two phones and we been trying to talk to them in a dozen answers phones in the Joe would call me every couple days he hasn't called us. We haven't been able to find we have in vilifying Joe at all. They put them on a ventilator because they shut out family and everybody just the first time in the world.

Usually when somebody's really speculative family and this time when people are sick they put them on a ventilator. Keep the families everybody totally away so nobody knows what's going on will just have to pray that's not what's going on with Joe. Yeah we do, we do so. In fact, this playwright not heavily following that we went over the Joe up what I do know what the situation is I don't know why that we can contact them. Certainly I was his pastor if he was to have died. Certainly somebody was supposed to contact me if that happened, so Joe if you're out there in your listing by any chance, or if anybody out there knows brother Geronimo nausea I can give us a call. Let us know here we need to we need to know so all right. The host of the fire donates $100. There you go my listeners River corrupt upper doctor turned, during which is fabulous but this ministry was set up as been running for a long time, like a partnership between you, the listeners and pastor Ernie and anyone working with him your money pays the bills. Nobody in this ministry and this is the honest with her curve as ever taken any money in salary or benefits, or gifts. We all are volunteers. We donate our own time around town around treasure and to keep this going. So when you donate everything goes to pay the bills in the ministry to keep us on the air and that Scripture makes it very plain that when you supported ministry.

It's doing God's work and pastor Ernie. I've called them when I first turning I knew right away he was the watchmen on the wall warning you spiritually warning you about other dangers and politics in the country that were undermining our one nation under God that whatever you supported ministry is doing his work and his will you get to share in the blessings that ministry in this ministry has King's word school of the Bible of prison ministry right to life ministry has pastors that striking ministry – is let myself it's been years in the hospital seven teaching and that so any good that comes with the Lord blesses you get to share that blessing so you can lapse in crowns and treasures by helping divider donations. God will bless you. We can thank you God will certainly bless you. You have his were not amen joined weekly. Gotta get the numbers that we got to hear from people right away as we went another time. 88828111108882811110. The link utility give the numbers I give the numbers out got 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. The folks are in their by the telephone waiting for your calls folks all right, dad in Michigan just pleasure.

75. Thank you, Dan. We have a we have a long long way to go yet tonight. Here we have a lot of listeners across this country, different times of different places, but we have to have our stations become self-supporting and pastor Ernie through our prayerful consideration was given several big special deals of low rates to get on some new stations and took it.

But the bill and of the low rate is gone and we have to not pay a higher rate so we really need you if you want to hear from us the station you're listening to asked to become self-supporting with Bill pay the bill with donate with donations from that area from that listening audience out there Reginald. I know we heard from you we we have to hear from you folks. We really do want to give you some other news but we gotta get the phones ringing, so please call in the week we we can give you the news.

Now this whole thing with the Durham report, Hillary is going to Hillary them and be making more arrests okay Hillary. She has enough on just about everybody there in the deep state okay. I was talking to me tournament couldn't even follow the stuff will close out the durum wheat we need to pray that durum is actually because today in government to get anyone legitimate in the judicial specially and it appears that durum is for real means even the even truck think she's actually for real. So here if if he is for real.

Praising the Lord. We need to pray for him for his safety. Because this is going to Hillary and again the problem we have is that we don't have a Department of Justice there is no one is going to have to go after the guy can overcome this guy can overcome these things and so we need to we need to keep that in prayerful pray for durum that that the Lord keeps them alive because wouldn't it be something that if if Hillary was not above the law.

After all, and remember the deep state Chucky Schumer and all of those working together within the deep state.

Everything that trumps the Joe we had the best president in our lifetime we been around a while since Ronald Reagan, the very best even here's a guy that was that built the economy out. He begot Americas the prestige back in the world. People other nations once again had respect for us. He fought against the abortion. He was one of most pro-life presidents that we that he was very profoundly pro-God in all the time he was doing. You know he was being attacked constantly being attacked by the unclean by the deep state by those people out there anti-God anti-family anti-American those people out there that would do anything for a buck empower.

I just know the end of the swamp filled with snakes constantly attacked him. The fake news media low-lying liberal media. I meet completely.

There is nothing that there is absolutely nothing with any redeeming mirrored value within that entire fake news media out there and here even even bit by being attacked continuously he still have is the best economy in a liquid with an and here. America was was independent.

We were energy independent. We were exporting fuels and liquid. Joey has done for us.

So here Rob from dollars pledge is 50. Thank you, Rob. Remember your guppies screaming liberals who are very rich were backing your liberal media and right now, when the Durham information came out the videos all of a sudden turned to crickets were taught about the other night certain places like ABC, CBS and BC they spent thousands of minutes covering of the Russian collision. In fact they did about 20% of the broadcasts against crop in the Russian collision, but all of a sudden it cracked cats.

They are not talking they don't know what to say. You've got to remember these people. We don't have multimillionaires or billionaires that own this is just a ministry and we have to depend on you.

The listening audience to survive were not like CBS or CNN that have all these rich people, parent companies who want to push an agenda pouring money and so they can give you disinformation analyzed. We have to count on the every day Christian out there and that's why your donations all count. Whether it's five dollars or 5000. Every donation counts and you are the only support we have and it's really in your hands. Whether this ministry stays on the air and continues to fight this battle long for Massachusetts pledges 30 and Marie from Massachusetts pledges 50 thank you Laura think Emily 888-281-1110 and we couldn't had them sponsors we we can have plenty responses, but they would've they would've attacked them. Look what they're doing. My pillow dry L.

Franklin valvular going after him horribly affect all just thinking you've never gotten a Pulitzer Prize. The New York Times and remember the Washington Post shared the Pulitzer Prize for quote the only source relentless reported coverage of Russian interference in the meantime you been on the air about 49 years telling the truth and they've never offered to give you a Pulitzer Prize to get them when you lie I wouldn't take you to be here you go pick Biden's current SEC Chairman Gary Gensler was Hillary 2016 campaign CFO when money flowed from her campaign to pay for the scandalous scandalous crop lie truck Russian line please. The current head of the SEC in 2015 and 60 was waiting Hillary campaign and it seemed they died is nothing the entire Biden regime is entire there all his staff there. All of those.

They're all corrupt. Absolutely there's there's none that are not corrupt here he goes along the same with Hillary's campaign finances saved thy millions flew from the campaign to entities with sole purpose of making up a Russian collusion story that eventually led this by candid and present from that.

This is treason. Again, there was a time in this country.

These people would've been would've faced the gallows. The gallows have if we had if we had a Justice Department today, which we don't. If there was an independent Justice Department today if there were clean cops and not dirty cops. There were clean cops in a Justice Department Hillary Clinton and then a whole bunch of and most of of the Bidens people would be facing charges of treason, but we we don't so it's up to us. We the people, one way or the other week that we've got. We've got to get justice done and where we start is what were doing here tonight.

You were shined the light were exposing the stuff we are exposing them already. We gotta say here is the Maryland okay Maryland and Brooklyn pledges 50 not 503 okay Barb in Cleveland pledges 200 Beverly Cleveland pledges 200 Ruth of New York pledges 212 was happy when only 200 pledges praising the Lord James in Randolph, Massachusetts pledges 600 what it wouldn't you know it's it's a strange thing because it we had a run here are people pledging 100 and we had about 10 people knew the data pledge under the role now all these people pledging 200 hundred moments towards doing that we keep it up. Okay, we need to help young. We certainly do 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 okay the renters and here let me see what we have now. Okay, so where we had a 30 alright so we have 3000 we need right now 3000 will note, we need $2099 network note 2000 902,900, 22,900 and where were at their ego wrapped right… I was doing try to do the messy because what to do in supporting the amount that's a minute, and that the amount that's needed. Yet since I got to do that in my head that they have been ahead of them. For one thing we we need to talk about tonight for important Tucker Carlson used the word Canada counsel democracy and I think he was totally right when he said that their calling these peaceful protesters there talk about their violent there were waiting in all of the German flags in the Third Reich and all this out. Swastikas and he's calling them criminals now Canada has been our closest neighbor trading partner. One of our well we got those longest border in the world between us and Canada were kind and intertwined and what happens in Canada really really matters and I totally believe what happens if there will be a preview of what happened here. If the government goes after these people goes after calling them terrorists and I was hearing today are Department of the was at the which Department of Homeland Security were already stain any truckers that are thinking about starting a convoy. They're going to be and are called terrorists and were going to go after them out.

What Trudell is been up there. They were taken away people's licenses they take away their insurance.

They threatened their companies they work for.

There are doing some things are far beyond any power that the Canadian government is ever had and they're using some emergencies act that doesn't fit what's happening at all.

There's no violent insurrection with people shooting taking over General Building shooting police anything like that old joke Rosen Pennsylvania pledges 100 Nick in Texas pledges 100 and Ellie in Philly pledges 30 think you think you think we had to write.

We've got to understand is the they're clamping down on passports and travel restrictions are Canadians are allowed to leave their own country unless they you know obey and observed the people could be bankrupt destroyed and the government has the power not to do all these things there freezing assets and they have no court order to do any of this is just Trudell it's illegal what he's doing is illegal and and so what's what's happening here now a number same thing yet here you go conservative MP. This is from my site news MPP Re: hello there tells to go to the end of the covert restrictions, the power trip is over no more more. These are like governors and open letter, the MP for Colleton, wrote that the that the MP was dividing Canadians by targeting those who have chosen not to be jabbed. He goes on to say, a member of the public belonging to the conservative party of Canada has told Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the power trip is over and that all covert measures should be removed at once.

Do not allow your spike towards the trucker protesters stand in the way of doing the right thing.

This is not saving face your pride in your Eagle came from public interest in a joke out of it enough people are aware of the fact that you had the same may use the very same company there in Canada. The very same election fraud tremendous amount election fraud in Canada to know actually lost the election he only got actually one third of the vote, but they they did with their what they did here and so different, dirty, political correct, but what you just read part of Canada's waking up with what you know what they did yesterday to go government announced they were going to regulate crypto currency forever, and the Deputy Prime Minister Canada came out and said were broadening the scope of Canada's anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules so they cover crowdfunding platforms and the payment service providers they used.

In other words, you Even get money to these people you can help them. There gonna control crypto that is not committing more free market. What were saying is big government really getting brutal tough and this governments corrupt. Trudell has bankrupt Canada mismanage the government and Biden is watching wanting to do just right is doing the same thing. He's bankrupting our country is mismanaging these making up laws. He's not following the Constitution. Trudeau's not following the Canadian Constitution and I see so many similarities that, if this isn't something Canada that will spread here and we will have a really really horrible vest on our hands till I think the people is spoken in Canada.

You've got to get when you had 7000 semi trucks. That's not even a mention in the amount attractive. The farmers have had enough of their people want their freedom. People know Canada is been Dave had their freedoms they have had the the phone on the back of their neck a lot longer than hear the difference right away, Canada and in America. Here is America's armed American design Dave they managed to disarm Canada and you know when they make that movement and and I know that they want to. They're going to find extreme resistance here in this country because the people they don't trust. Not only do they not trust the government joke, even many many urgent are jumping out from the Democratic Communist Party. People are walking away from that more more of the politicians and switching a part of this and it gone too far this whole woke movement. People of had enough they want their freedoms. They're not and I couldn't take it anymore and so that's why your OVERCOAT dear. Remember back when we were having the riots that Maria had the liberals were all trying to raise money to pay the bail to get the rioters back out in the street.

They were calling a mostly peaceful protest and these people have a right.

We understand why they're out there the same thing with going on in Canada there a while back. Some people burned about 50 Catholic churches remember that yeah Trudell didn't declare an emergency when churches are burning didn't declare an emergency.

In fact, he issued a statement and he sympathized with them. He said oh it's understandable given the shameful history we all be coming more aware of the shameful history of the Catholic Church. It's understandable there burning church as well as understandable that their here in America. People were writing burning stores burning car lots and dealerships in churches and in robbing liquor stores in and out or live murder going rapid.

What I'm trying to get across tonight folks is this is happening all over the world. We are having this revolution. This communist revolution trying to take over the world. July get you the numbers 88828 when I got a raise money.

July going to raise money to 81111088882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 and you seemed in Australia. He seen in England you see an island is seen exactly people say enough is enough with this standing up and they're pushing back here shock reports alleged CIA exploiting loopholes to cast secret dragnet on American citizens right nine years after national security, administration whistleblower Edward Snowden disclosed the United States was keeping a massive trove of information on its own citizens obtained via a secret digital dragnet to death.

Aquatic senators are alleging that CIA has assembled a similar kennel clandestine nine stockpile of our data gets pretty bad when the Democrats actually admit to it.

According to the hill the late the late Friday released a report suddenly grabbing the attention of just because concerns are over privacy and become widespread in the late targeting everyday Americans as well as presidential candidates.

The report was sent on the same day special counsel John Durham alleged in a court filing that lawyers for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign and pay tax to infiltrate servers in both will allocate I'm missing a whole line here and we been on top of these old allegations. Here the Western Journal and will continue to report them as sinful as they unfold.

You can help us in our battle to bring America the truth by subscribing them according to the Associated Press, a heavily redacted letter was sent by Democratic Senators Ron Wyden in Oregon and Martin Heinrich of New Mexico. They ask intelligence officials to detailing program which allegedly collected bulk data on American citizens.

Citizens in secret and operated outside the statutory framework that Congress and the public believe govern this country can get is that there can suite in recent money. 8882. That's was happy we got the steep state and remember Kennedy wanted wanted to do away with the CIA. He wanted to break them up in East he saw the CIA as a threat and boy have they become that and then the very same thing with Pres. Reagan. He wanted to do away with the CIA and so I get it it's instantly begins become broken these agencies and become rogue and so anyhow what are you going to do list. Let's think about this Joe look. This investigation leads to Hillary okay so if there is an actual say there wasn't a message engaging the real one. Durham's Durham as it is doing real and how are we going to get any help let's say from the FBI.

All of those at the top will be involved in the K unless there's enough people indicted, and they turn on each other. We have some people redesign quit and maybe if enough people redesign and shame or are indicted by Durham that they'll be some people step up and take their place that will actually follow the Constitution and law that's possible that the people are outraged enough and demanded senator who took donations from big Pharma blocks the vote and build to lower prices right 88 folks listen. The phones are lighting did not light enough we got here from you. They're not lighting up. We got here from 888-281-1110. It was important very important for us to bring you, Dr. Sherry tenpenny because what she's doing can save a lot of lives if we can get actual clinics that are not owned by big Pharma. Going back to it to add to know where we can get doctors and hospitals with integrity again where they care more about the patient's actual hospitals and clinics to care more about the patients that they do about making money that we can get that that's what what why working so hard here but what we can do it if we don't hear from you and and we we have right now about that 17 minutes left. Tonight is so we have let me see Ellen for messages and pledges. 100 Paula New Jersey pledges 50 and Jeff from Detroit pledges 15 okay thank you so Deuteronomy of the book of Deuteronomy. In chapter 16 says every man shall give it. He is able, according to the blessings of the Lord thy God which ye have given me. We give according to what we've been given by our heavenly father and God does make it.

Luke basically paraphrasing God says if you give. I will make sure that you can continue to give a set for with the same measure that you meet with all it shall be measured to you again so that's a director buildout give him he'll make sure that you can continue because the he knows what your needs are. He knows what is going on better than we do ourselves right. Absolutely Diane Denton Texas pledges 50. Thank you. Listen to this Joe Sen. Mike Crapo from Idaho. A major recipient of pharmaceutical and insurance industry donations on Thursday blocked an attempt by Sen. Bernie Sanders when Sanders is trying to lower the cost the fourth of autumn cutting Medicare prescription drug prices and have a bill that would/prescription drugs Joe, I I'm a little hesitant on this because I I love the decedent people save money but I don't like the drugs I mean big Pharma visitor part problem. Bernie wants the government to make up the difference is not that he is not an hourly use against the corporations he makes it sound like but it just wants to use our taxpayer money to help fill in the difference so well on those stories is not what it seems.

Yeah hey Joe, just one anonymous from New Jersey pledges 500 and them. Mark from Juliet pledges 500. Thank you that we got to 500 pledges and a little crazy that I think your quote okay let me see where were at. Now we just read it in okay right now where we need about 2500 bucks for about 2500 and we have 15 minutes.

15 minutes did to raise 2500 to make a goal for tonight so make a bad joke and say are you and I could pledge 25% of our salary to the note from the radio ministry, but we don't get any money for the radio ministry. All the work you've done on the radio for 4849 years you've never benefited one penny for C from Dallas Texas pledges $50. Nancy from Dell's pledges 50 already here. Joe, you know, we get an airplane.

Did you know that you never cleaning out here.

I wanted to like about one of things we have defined about one of things like I keep telling people if you love you kids get them out of the public school if you love them, give them of the public school he got a limitless die because they've gone, but getting do away with that so-called Department of Education is not it's an apartment of indoctrination but here after school Satan club takes new aim and arch enemy Christians, the Satanic temple recently opened an after school Satan club and the Malloy in Illinois elementary school as part of a nationwide campaign to push back against the Christian goods that let Lois and here if the people in that school. If the those in the school were to pull their children out you would see no other schools allowing the Satanic clubs to come in okay but here it goes on and sees the good news clubs offered schoolchildren for regular hour classes.

In other words there there just to counter the Christian clubs that are there) are gonna just be you know you're not gonna really push Satanism to select all the children know that there are Satan worshipers are providing this wonderful afterschool film project for you believe that yeah I got the croplands in the middle of a Florida swamp, but Christine from Colorado pledges 400 and I think I know this is already. Thank you Christine all right there were just lucky out there and Connecticut little town called Enfield. The parents woke up to finding out thorough school district was asking the eighth-graders all kinds of things about sex oral sex were kind of sexy like what are you doing at 13 years old and they got really offended and are now fighting back the superintendent said well it was just a mistake if it was really a mistake not part of an agenda which we know it is why did the teacher go ahead and teach the classes. When the teacher to say this is wrong, but I I thought of something that Enfield, Connecticut. There was on my brain. Well, in 1741, July 8 and Enfield, Connecticut, Jonathan Edwards, America's most famous theologian, preached the famous sermon centers in the hands of an angry God, and now we've got in Enfield, Connecticut there trying to teach little 13-year-old daughter oral and Anil Saxton all kinds of other weird stuff. It gets worse and there, but I thought what an odd place. I think maybe Enfield, Connecticut needs to hear that sermon centers in the hand of an angry God again. Yeah, all right. 888-677-9673 phone 888677967348882811110. We have approximately 10 minutes left tonight to raise the I think what we need.

We I believe we need now what 2100 I think we got and will see you in a few minutes Eric comes now is coming right limits in which we need.

A carrier pigeon flying with the message now hello hey wait a minute after any of the low-tech program we actually need 1100 $1100 $1100. You know, praising the Lord for that 1100 short.

All right, somebody has to do me a thousand. Someone cannot hear a thousand Glenn was going twice. Give me a thousand.

All right overlord may just touch somebody's heart about their Lord has blessed them.

Over the well in businesses and professional practices in the bank occasionally catch us up tonight so I want to get in one more story value, get your children out of the public school system in Campbell County, Wyoming where I got in all this is conservative country. Well, there is a war going on and the fight has been the parents are trying to request criminal charges against librarians, a library board chief walked away from the job in a county commissioner reached and left his office, and it's all about a book called sex is a funny word by Cory Silverberg.

They found this in their school and the parents are mad as can be but but the interesting thing was I found out from the Federalist is not just an author of textbooks, but he's the founder of the sex shop. Now that's his business running the sex shop where in the sex shop. The whole idea is to have sex education workshops for parents of children 7 to 12 and he found this is a founding member of come as you are cooperative the shop in Toronto, Canada, and what was amazing is the American Library Association has given him awards for his wonderful work in helping children and the yellow pledges 100 and Steve in Michigan pledges 109 with nine children fulfilled 900 we have nine minutes when we need 900 we have nine minutes look Joe here this without one thought here.

The American Library Association pushing books like this in the public. From across the nation. This guy is not an authority is not a trained sex educator, a run, the porn shop and they are giving him awards and letting his books teach the children in America's public pool system already here you go president come police a statement unloading another totally and I mean totally corrupt and shameless mainstream media. The fake news media is covering up one of the biggest crimes in world history and president Trump is calling the media out that historically were calling about our rating. Take the mainstream media is in the US is gotten worse, not better.

When president Trump came on the stage and one the toilet to that until 2016 election. The media had a choice either continued their lying and boy do they like what George Stephanopoulos I just could not believe this guy lying to the American public or change to become honest and respectable. The unfortunately chose the former and are getting more and more dishonest by the date the media lies by not only by not only sharing false stories with the American public, but also by telling that many many stories that the American people need to know Hillary Payne for spying on the Trump administration is a huge story that the fake news media totally ignores just like your silence on 2020 stolen election.

There you go. All right, folks, we have approximately now seven minutes left. 88828111108882811110 and we were's were still 900 short, I think our son. 8881 Bible verse Revelation 21 verse eight with the careful and unbelieving and abominable, and murderers and warmongers and sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death, covers a lot of those people on the left testimony yet. Listen to this Joe is John Hopkins University conducted its own biowarfare foreign policy with the Chinese Communist Party. The Gateway pundit is documented numerous instances where US universities have trained or collaborated with scientists of China's people liberation Army using taxpayers dollars in here, here, here, here's this leader goes on. It is now well known fact that US taxpayer money was provided by Anthony Fakih, the national Institute of allergy and infectious disease to Peter that six echo health alliance of the art which was then quietly funneled the China Wuhan Institute of virology, one of the Chinese military connected constant institutions responsible for laboratory origin of the Cova 19 virus and of these people are openly committing treason. We got truckers that just want their freedom. They just want to be able not to have and have vacs where people being fired because they don't want to take the poisonous poke didn't want to take a bio weapon in her arm, and here you got to committing high treason.

Write out the open committing high treason and not not being punished for poor truckers another want to be in quarantine for 5 to 10 days every time he crosses the border between the US and Canada and these people all of the coal alliance we talked about them last night there refusing to turn over any paperwork that they were ordered to give figure of the Chinese there at the Overland lab. They have all the paperwork that documents the results the research we don't have any. We just gave them money and where did you get for all that money that you gave and that you got from patchy wealth that are in control of all the accounting and blocks. Now, I mean this is ridiculous folk somebody is lying totally having millions and millions and millions of dollars were given and gifts to the Chinese scientists work for the Chinese Communist Party you listen to this Johnson & Johnson quietly shuts down production of the Cova 19 jab talent while here it well I'll tell you, according to the report. JJ shifted focus on making it experimental but potentially more profitable vaccine to protect against an unrelated vipers that's that's what they're telling you allocate the ground are going after new virus. What the work is to New York. The New York Times reports that show all the American company which has already fallen for falling far behind on his deliveries to the poor countries late last year quietly shut down.

The only plant making usable batches of vaccine. According to the people familiar with the decision you think that that this got anything to do with all of those people that are getting blood clots and dying ticket highly possible minutes.

Also, countries like India started handing out I've American tablets all over the country giving them to everybody and also the Cova started going down down down down down down maybe that also had something to do with it because of the vaccines are expensive, even having met current at the time that all the started was like $40 for adults, for a person that hundreds of dollars so maybe that has some to do that also may have all right we have seen three minutes, three minutes left. 888-281-1110. I'm not quite sure how many of which we have left. I did see that some phone lines ring and hopefully we'll get that what we need 900 I think we need 900 left.

Somebody out there who can bail us out tonight recovery trying to reverse the dictionary night and adult keep us from dropping any stations. He talks 281-1110 or 888-677-9673 folks were latent we need about. I think about 900. I'm not sure. It may probably be less because it looks like tape some calls that come in and hopefully that we gotta do that and can we are running out of time and so hopefully that somebody up there. The Lord will laid on your heart. Meanwhile, we need to give an invitation because this will rent how much time do we have the mighty Andrew okay all right here we go.

We're down to about four minutes to and we come into this time where all this stuff is going on right now I'm looking at. Zalewski invites Biden to visit. You can look in all these headlines and you know what the time is coming very quickly. All of the stuff is going be forgotten for sure.

I mean, it will be remembered and is so many things that are happening right now that is showing you what we watched the film in the church about what it went. They are doing with these vaccines where there there making people there, changing the DNA and people making them less human.

Joe allocate now adolescence. Throughout Joe the last time anything like that was done goes back to Genesis chapter 6 when the fallen angels against God's orders to women and they quietly created these other creatures that were not fully human beings decay and an you saw what happened there. And again, remember hearing here. This is an interesting thing the world out there, the Communist Party, they want to depopulate our plant in of the of the gates and applet but God's going to do some depopulated and they don't on they don't know that I can end up with a pristine patent in plan at all for themselves, they can end up in a very hot place. That's a reality, and the fact of it is most people even end up in that hot place. Joe is so here I want to say this, praising the Lord.

Andrea Andrea in Andrea pledges 500. Thank you, Gloria. And where is that an affiliate pledges 1000 thank you. We went over our mark we just minimal crazy good Lord we needed it because we were short last night. Thank you one and all. Amen. And anonymous religious from Illinois pledges another hundred thank you thank you thank you. We went over we exceeded their goal for tonight and it was a telephone but anyhow Jim. I guess it is very quickly folks the most important thing to you in this this light when I keep preaching about making a salvation short. That's the most important thing to tonight as many people go to sleep. A lot of them are not going to wake up in the morning. You don't want to be one of them. You don't want to die and you simply don't want that to happen. You want to repent one do exactly what Jesus said he made a very simple he did for you. He he did it. He did all that have a list, and he did this he did for you.

What you could never do for yourself.

Believe me and all you have to do is pray to the father ask for forgiveness of your sin asked the Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life.

All of your life completely and and you keys gotta be first he's gonna be first, and if you do that than you will become a new creature, you will become a born-again believer in air of the kingdom. You've got God's word on an element asked is there anything more surely God's word is nothing more sure than God's word. You will be and what with the Holy Spirit.

Again, you've got God's word on that. Do it all right. We have Leo and from Lex Massachusetts pledges 400 and Bob from Michigan pledges 100. Thank you, and blessed night. Thank you Lord. I do what I want to thank all the folks out there on the list is out there that keep us here on the air.

Keep us going. Jill, are we going to fight with every ounce of energy we have yet we do that we people knew how busy our lives were there and be amazed. People look at me and my standing joke. If I had a regular job that actually have a lot more free time. Yeah. But I want to thank all of you folks out there list into us. I want to encourage you out there to trust in the good Lord trust in the good Lord have faith and well were out of time for tonight so as we get to this time every night. We always want to say good night God bless left early and always, always, always remember, keep fighting, fighting the fight flight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right much left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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