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TUE HR1 020822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 9, 2022 12:04 am

TUE HR1 020822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 9, 2022 12:04 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Welcome to another division was what was left. I'm ready about 30 senders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this February 8 Tuesday 2022. No is on the board but is never bored when he does this radio program because he never knows what I'm going to say the mighty Andrew that's right Pastor, I never know, but I am ready if I'm not sure but him. We have way out yonder in Missouri right in the back roads. Every since wellies no longer had a mule, but he did have a mule, but today's got a truck, none other than the Parson Joe Larson over another word that highly paid professional familiar here ready to go to work already. And of course I am their hero and it's tough in the hell anyhow we got to do is we get right into the message. No joke telephones are there to get pen and paper because his action. This is action Tuesday folks, you know you we are doers of the word not hearers only see minerals this a few things you can do at the bottom of the hour really give your phone number to call you here in Ohio would get to bills that are passed out of committee. We gotta get him to the floor for a vote.

And these are constitutional carry. These are constitutional carry.

We constitutional carry citizens. We got the constitutional right to delight the Constitution says is to carry a firearm. We don't have to tell Caesar what kind of a firearm.

We have seasonals were to come in and and get it wind, with its registered or and so is constitutional carry and of course we we recognize that people really should know how to handle a firearm before you carry one, but there's a lot of us that the learned of how to handle a firearm to know how to handle a firearm know when to use a firearm and we shouldn't have to go down and register when Windows is not necessary and so just to pay another tax and and then just to let the opposition know that we have a fire or when the soak in Ohio constitutional carry should be. We need to get a past.

Then there's another thing that were going to have you to do. We have a make telephone calls Hilliard teacher training features radical gender activist really give you the phone number of the superintendent of the hill Hilliard division high school, David Stewart and we need we need a thousand people to call in and let them know were watching what you guys are doing. We don't want our children with unwanted children abused by that transgender absolute wickedness, but I'll read you what the whatever people have to say about that when we get there. Right now we getting started reminder: always bring your listeners program how comfortable and paper handy because we do give out a lot of information websites, phone numbers, how to contact her for people information meetings in your neighborhood area. That's a good idea to always have had a paper told handy when you left let you know what you chase a thousand to 10,000 folks if we can get a thousand of you to call they could chase a million. We need to work yet. We need to really we gotta get after world war. This is a spiritual board is a spiritual war, and we finally get his powers of the satanic powers satanic powers and the the antichrist death.

The credit communist collective is rising up like a wounded Dragon known as time is short and we have to rise up. Remember who we we represent. Remember who we represent and separate children of the kingdom where the daughters of the living God, and he says now is the time delay of crowns and treasures in heaven. He says he will fight in the Lord side who shall I send who will go for me in and we should all say here I am Lord, send me know. And speaking of that, the with the title of the message was the Jew according to the word of God and we left off talking about 10 the first believers. The first believers were Jews where they Joe exactly while their leader wasn't here are gratifying about my death, my boss.

Carpenter. Well, I want you to go to Rome attempted to read verses 28 and 29), for he is not Andrew which is one outwardly made or is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh, but he is a Jew which is one inwardly and circumcision is that of the heart and the spirit and not in the letter crazy is not of men… Right should now hear this is little confused with the Romans input.

But here Paul is a Christian and he's talking about the Jews that were converted so they become Christians.

And so there Christian Jews entity right and so now here, so to be a Jew meant that you were God's family and Eric to all his promises, but Paul made it clear that membership in God's family is based on internal, not external qualities right not correct or derivative of the heart of the play. So speaking of that, when would you go over to Jeremiah for an readme verse four Jeremiah 4 and verse four. Right Jeremiah 1 second almost there stuck on page 5 learned Jeremiah 4 verse four circumcise yourselves to the Lord and take away the foreskin of your heart. You men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem, lest my fury come forth like fire and burned that none can quench because of the evil of your doings citizen is he referring to repentance their Lord. Yeah well yeah circumcise in your are giving yourself of the Lord, proving that that's from the heart not circumcising your play Kathy heartfelt, so what is referring to Jenna Jim, I was told the people here to break up the hardness of their hearts as a plow breaks up the unplowed ground and so here the good kings of that daylight.

Josiah had tried to turn the people back to God. But the people had continued to worship their idols in secret their hearts to become hardened, Joe. I mean really hard toward the God's word is that what we have today. We have a lot of that going on world a lot of hardened heart determined to do it their way ignore what God promote autonomy and sodomite marriage and abortion every other evil thing under the sun.

Now I was a claim to regarded shirt, cowboy, Christian on my their hearts are truly hardened as God, and it still now want to. I was listing today.

Mike had up on the Internet of these girls is college girls that were making a mockery. They were laughing about abortion about killing little babies. The wickedness of these horse girls. These are very hoarse to ghosted there that are wicked they were doing them. But anyhow, so here we see that that the first believers were Jews, the very first believers were Jews no here Joe we take a look at. Well, there's one more what it would go over to John chapter 23 verse 24 through 31.

No, wait a minute. Did that one. Let's go to, what about those that rejected the very first to reject Christ.

Who were those that rejected Christ good.

Isaiah 53). There are three got startled verse one. Yes, that would verse one and read through down to about that verse six and then pause okay, who hath believed our report and conformity arm of the Lord revealed pretty shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground. Yeah, no form nor comeliness.

And when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire is despised and rejected of men, a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. And we headed we hid as it were, were our faces from him. He was this by we seem to have not Shirley. He had worn her griefs and carried our sorrows, yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities. The chastisement of our peace was upon him, and with his right. We are healed all week. All we like sheep have gone astray.

We have turned everyone to rezone way and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all the light. When you think that you never hear that the passageway date we just read all you never hear that right out in the synagogues today when the Orthodox because that is the suffering servant of Messiah that is the Christ right so wait a minute, wait a minute the wall we have disk in Revelation chapter 19 we see he's a king.

He's he's a mighty mighty warrior.

He's he rides a white horse on his thighs, written his name. He is the King Lord of lords and King of Kings. This doesn't sound like a Lord of lords and King of Kings to me about her claim of the Lamb of God particular where the world became the Lamb. And when he comes again he will come of the lion of Judah, then they will feed at a hearing on the white horse without they had this passage right they had decided they had this, along with many others about not being born and wrapped around her quite a few other referral so that investment. So then why is they had this why isn't then in fact you know you know who else rejects the snatches they were the Jews with the Muslims to absolute why is it that they had the Scripture, the head of this passage. Why is it that they don't recognize the Lord Jesus Christ and I mean he could not possibly not possibly could. This passage of Scripture describe, or pertain to anybody else. So why is it there was conflicting they want they wanted to like back in the Old Testament when the Israel had God as a leader. They had and made their way and they said we want a king like the other nations, one of physical King Goleta, but they had God himself what they wanted that physical King so well received.

They still have the same problem. They didn't want the Messiah came to take away the sin they wanted a king to lead them to victory. So got it give the judges and the wood to judge according to his his standards. That wasn't that.

But they didn't want that one good enough for no less than the victory that wasn't good enough. They wanted an earthly king. They want to be like everybody else, like the liberals in America, we want to be like Sweden. We want to be like her may really be like Frank to be like everybody else. Okay, so Samuel Ms. Nathan.

What did they say to the people they said if if you have this King he's going to take your daughters and make them work for him is is Baker is an irregular tournament of soldiers or workers.

Gotta take away your well going to take away your freedom loving and went down the list of electric King would earthly king and a federal welfare wanted anyway. We want a king like other people in the Tutsis to go out to war we would date if they had been obedient to God. Who would've thought the battles where there were been victorious for the OKC says I may have been defeated or were God was brought victory when I followed Israel when they obeyed him they got there victory. Let me go back to Romans Isaiah 53 verse 71 he was oppressed and the he was afflicted. He opened not his mouth. He is brought to a lamb to the slaughter as a sheep before the shearers is dumb, so that is not what they do when he was before Pontius Pilate was silent.

And independent location of trying to get out of the sentence that he was going to be given he was taken from prison and from judgment and who shall declare his generation, for he was cut off of the land of the living, for the transgressions of my people was he stricken a word hung on the cross for our records. Cut off from the land of the living.

There was still and what were our friends of the transgressions of mankind occasionally made his grave with the wicked. Another service crucified record centers okay and with the rich in his death. Buried in a rich man to because he had done no violence, neither was there any deceit in his mouth. They killed. Shed innocent blood.

And because only Christ could be a sign-up fee that Lamb of God record take away sin. Now here, since this next one. Sacrifice not been noticed. This next one. You gotta listen to it very very very carefully listen to it. Okay because now yet it pleased the Lord to bruise him. He has put him to grief when thou shall make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days in the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand and now Nella master this, the Lord, there is who you are well know, it's always Jesus was always referred to the Lord what I Lord okay now know did the was was Jesus forced delays life done climb up on the crossing or voluntarily know why. Why would you please him to do that. I mean it was a horrible horrible death are ordered. And because this was the only way to take clinical man requiring them to be able to stand in the presence of a perfect holy, righteous, God and the love us enough he gave his life for us so when now shall make his soul an offering for sin, he shows the penalty. The penalty the wages of sin that he shall see his seed, he shall prolong his days in the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in his hand to think that's possibly referring to his resurrection. Okay, no longer under this data imply that after his resurrection, because a wealth prolong his days he will rise and live forever and is the pleasure of the Lord because the is one who will be in charge of everything in heaven and earth all power in heaven and earth will be given him by the father right now.

Listen to this, when he shall see of the travail of his soul, and shall be satisfied by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many, for he shall bear their iniquities. Now by his knowledge shall be to the righteous servant justify many does that tell of the enormous family of believers who will become righteous, not by their own works. Joe not by their own okay bye-bye the Messiah is great work on the cross by working in a known rate in your before he went to the cross. All of mankind who would accept his offer call upon his name and become a born-again believer. So they were counted as righteous right okay with a bad been born yet still counted as right as soon as he smiled in a way he was happy because he knew goes forward, and he would bear their iniquities, even those that are yet and all will be born tomorrow, next month, next year so so the life of sin was stripped away when when they made that confession, a profession of faith and then they were clothed with over the clothed with Christ righteousness time. His righteousness locates a low righteousness of God himself. Therefore will I divide a portion with the great, and she shall divide the spoil with the strong, because he had poured out his soul and the death he was numbered with the transgressors and bear the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

And so I called our intercessor right) Eric Custer here you created your automated he took our place on the cross is on substitutionary death in your place in my place. It took our places and died for the sentence that that's how he made intercession with the father she paid my sin, that your sins that agitated of the father okay turnover to Matthew 26 and readme readme verses one through four. Matthew 26 and verse one through four, Eric cared about Jesus. All the same. He said under his disciples. You know that after today is a repeat of the Passover and offender management training to be crucified, then assembled together the paper. He described the elders of the people under the palace of the high priest who is called Caiaphas and consulted that they might take Jesus by subtlety and kill him, but they said not on the feast day rest or be an uproar among the people. So Caiaphas was the really high priest during Jesus ministry Brian and he was actually the son-in-law of Annis the previous high priest. Now the Roman government taken over the process of appointing the political and religious leaders here and Caiaphas served for 18 years. Joe longer than the most of the other high priests, suggested that he was pretty good at cooperating with the Romans Romans right now. He was also the very first to recommend the Lord Jesus died and another was what remember what he says is better than when men die for the whole nation elimination diet for one man right okay now. ] Hundred hour Robinson struck right on the okay so is this something like right now with what they did that, we would expect the deep state to do today is this is this the type of thing that you would expect to come. Other Democratic Communist Party which would you expect the FBI to be involved with a plot like this.

Would you date currently better than we experience our introductory word things from happening goes back to the cognitive model of the unjustified mania felt always. It doesn't matter what you're doing only matters the result that we stay in power. Why did he wipe out why. Why were they so afraid to rest and during the Passover because that was a very important race that was going back when the person set the stage early for right out and everything when the blood was put on the door posts in the angel of death that night attacked all the firstborn of all living things. Romans animals except for the children of God, and they were saved by that blood was a very very special time that the and bringing attention to Christ. He said he came was the son of God is below budget. So what would be the what would be the population of Jews in Jerusalem at the time… Under very high so be very very high high percentage of Jerusalem. No, no, were a lot of these people for farmers and that the didn't have a whole lot of love for these rabbis who were stealing from the people I was -30 people more than craving merchants that own money changers accounting so that you would've had him come from all over the place 100 hundred years.

The inhabitants of the more of the wealthier one. Okay now it was an interesting thing because here in Matthew and Mark that they placed us event just before the Last Supper mount John places it just before the triumphal entry. Okay, so they what what was they do and they were given an accurate count as they were perceiving it went right very thought so. That was was the goal of was their goal. The Gospels here to give to give a chronological account. Another was that thing happened in chronological order. While there were more trying to develop spiritual what was going on but of importance.

Christ. So if you try to study Scripture and in chronological order. Are you going to have a mess on your hands very okay down. This would make it without the referring to the weekly trying to trim the timeline on that holy week together with what what my prescriptions are quite everything at the very extent a Bible study, and most people will not affect, time and effort already. We got here from Molly take away a Molly on March 11 and 12th.

Bob friends but we tend to the Embassy suites in Independence as the MC on the nationally acclaimed bringing American Idol tonight convention to introduce such renowned names as not most of the daily wine nine.

Again openness is powerful condition story is riveting.

David Naughton from wall buildings and many more. This 13th annual educational conference is presented by the cuts by the joint at this because one of the most significant educational platforms in the nation designed to equip and engage all those involved in this debate, a civil rights issue of old times the rights tonight to focusing on Pratt action, getting an education, even rights tonight is paving the way back tonight help us to bring America back tonight on March 11 and 12 for information and registration going to bring America back tonight.old bringing America back tonight.old hopeful 56535245446535245 let folks at the listen I will be Lord's will, he loads willing I will be there with what our staff was. I was loved. On the 11th. On that Friday, the whole day if I can be there the whole day but that will Be there on Saturday because I've got two other commitments that were made a while back we got got a lot of things happening here in Ohio as were trying to take our country back is a way we want to take the state back in. We want to have a rhino wiki Safari right now. We got coached waiting culture in the air go ahead and good evening Joe, Dr. Leroy will thank you my let you know all about you. What a fine and out and got a guide for all these years you gave a people across the airway. The truth of Jesus Christ, you let them know all the corruption that going on what you give people good open remedies and how to take our country back. So I wanted to let you know as well as everybody else. Note the importance radiometric because you two guys and you Geico warrior are making it out your list. Thank you Joe that her coach with those yet we are at war and we want to thank you both of us. For those kind words. Because you know when we were grown-up people to expect too much out of us, but we fool them that we joke. We want to thank you to especially many times the beloved electric brother. All you do for the Lord of the country and you're already taken a stand and always making out the one of the few people that are willing to do that. Yeah well well I but my question I was out did how did things work out with your friend there who had the surgery on his neck I believe was at his neck. Yeah well brother Dan Dan Craig Fairbrother, Ohio is one of the elders of our church for many years.

Her pastor Mark Valenti a wonderful path of People's Baptist Church here and run like the 100 surgery and it was a very dangerous procedure that it was a 50-50 chance that it could have temporarily vacant through his upper body and lower body now though all use out there. We appreciate like emails out of Facebook surgery went really really well, there's a good chance he might come home tomorrow. Procedure, but we want to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus right for his wonderful, wonderful protection from the physicians who did the operation. A man that so you have nothing all right get ready coach I got some work for you to do.

We need we got a couple things coming up one gun owners of America. Joe and coach. They here in Ohio we have two bills now this is the closest Ohio's ever been to getting a constitutional carry bill in the in our desk. You know, we have either not a twentysomething of the states have one okay so yeah in order to make Ohio the 22nd constitutional carry state we need to keep up the pressure in both chambers, and while we are at it, send messages to governor the line urging him to sign a constitutional carry in the law it will make make to his death. It makes it to his desk and it's gotten so now I hear your elected officials must know what you want them to continue pushing both constitutional carry bills for. We have two bills. So here is what they are there Senate Bill 215 in House Bill 2271 again there Senate Bill 215 in House Bill appointment notice that 71 his house built 220 722227 now here is the phone number you can call in and get the in it until the put you in touch with your state rep or a State Sen., then number is 614-466-8842 614-466-8842 and here you really need to to call us folks you don't really have to live in Ohio just call it and tell them you know you need that constitutional carry.

Just like they have another states that your out we have it in Missouri and there was all this gloom and doom of the okay corral like running in the street and they give you all the spare tactic. You know, garbage, none of them came from Missouri. We have it on our local story walk in the supermarket to get it from coming in from their farm and husband-and-wife are both wearing a gun and there have been public nobodies unlock an old electric they got a baby in the stroller electric babies that you don't even notice it, but it's a very safe place. People don't mess with you because everybody's arm and the crime, crime, none of the stuff that they claimed would have ever came to pass his feasible integrated athlete, but he is glad we did it Missouri to help out Joe tells amen amen well again. The reason the death of Krantz don't want the reason the death and the rhinos is because the death of Krantz and the rhinos like control.

They like to control people. They will they want they want to force the their ways upon. They want to force you to wear masks they want to force you to take a poisonous poke. They've always want to force the one of Forrester's sodomy. They want to force their there every kind of sin upon you, and they don't like it. If you're armed and and because wife Joe Bartlett, the death or credit Communist Party is in such a cartel is a it's a crime cartel. The there's there's nothing it's totally communist but is totally corrupted. Joe Biden we've been telling people that the Biden crime family.

The Brighton Biden crime cartel is the working hand in hand with the drug smugglers working hand in hand with the human traffickers we been telling you that well guess what the big news today on Fox News. It appears that the Biden crime cartel is working with the drug cartels working in cooperating with the human smugglers will guess what do you imagine that right along, and we been telling you that consider and capture real quick we are to what you been playing for years and years and years by finally found people are waking up because a great critical race theory Mac need not a mandate all topic teachers union was all the had five Barack Obama when he changing forward Joe you are on the radio and everybody walked forward after standard you been on radio. What are because right now it will be there at every front. Because thank you Donald Trump or do anything else that either put the master bank that tried to put transgendered. That's why they're going out trying to pass a bill they can't take away our guns because they know they got it right but ours. Not because if we think back then it all help you break those out there. Try it out. You know by Obama told us what he was going to do about Obama said I would hot. I would like to have somebody in the White House and have an earpiece where I could talk to for my basement and give them instructions. Now he's telling you flat out right. How is going to work with and so what you have in the White House now is Joe Obama. That's is donate all you folks out there is Joe, I'm so Joe Obama locate and so here when surrounded work Obama Barack Obama the entire cream for an hour, national security interest Babson and all those people all came from Obama's select group yeah what you remember when Obama make that statement. I need an army between the age of 20 and 25. Outside of the military member and I called them they called Reagan powerful military call number murder and antiphon burned my Internet you want to make your product America all Democratic primary Democratic governor and most importantly Democratic attorney general that would not then they got the department they got the apartment all Democratic and think about what people had to stand there and watch Barack Obama's boy and girl go out there and going America to give our our contribution in the middle finger and don't forget they said is very important that the so-called mainstream media, NBC, ABC, CBS P, MSNBC, and especially see then that you tell the lies you're supposed to tell will tell you what lies your detail and you are paid your contract and liars. You are contracted to lie so you get out there, NBC, ABC, CBS, remember, make the people think you're on their side and you tell the lies that we tell utilizing exactly what I'm not wired my fellow curtain and I don't want everybody to listen, especially if you are a person of color, Barack Obama is a traitor. His own right. You know what they are .3 zone race and I'll tell you why I'm looking at an article just came out with 1630.

The coaches mentioned 16 big-city recorded record high homicide rate urinal. Re: Chicago, Los Angeles, Billy Lanning and all the all group and what it is blackmails were the number one overwhelmingly number one demographic killed in all the cities like Chicago, there were 797 homicide victims 648 were black. That's a huge percentage agreed on the list Louisiana statin search hundred 5/133 were black in Columbus, Ohio hundred 35/204 homicide black city after city after city after city phenomenon. So what we have we have in those cities. That's for the big abortion clinic*plan credit amen murdered children, 40% of the babies are aborted in Italy are black, yet the Blacks only make up 16% of the population elected who is behind the drug overdoses on the street that is big news out the day Obama around Obama is getting out the utensils and crack pipe all the dying, mostly of the drug overdoses of Blacks in the inner cities should Kmart's still off black supposed to know that Joe Brown funny thing my tells me I have to tell the truth you and now you know it's going to happen met Maxine what is going to jump out at you at the gasoline station go yellow. She going to scream into Mike and in my backyard and and yeah will I have my own counseling station.

She going to jump out at you can scream that almost a week's critical when overhead is good to get wet on your face and you going to get direct you're going to get, director, rate the FBI coming out you it out on foot, not information that make it the FBI love bad that I will coach you were with me.

You and I were on the best attorney was somewhere speaking and we did an FBI report this for several years ago and it was showing all the different crimes of violence in the shootings and the murders. This is the same story that we told over and over and over on this program. Warning people that the victims of this violence were mostly black shooters and the perpetrators were black, but the Democratic Party is done as using the lack Americans is pond political pond or a power play Tuesday and maintain in power and yet who is suffering the most. The drug overdoses, the poverty, crime, the murder rate that is mostly the black Americans that are suffering and the people that are imposing a spell on them are the Democratic Party, the very ones who are promoting black lives matter and and big corporations giving millions of dollars made it here.

These communist BLM leaders very rich, but show me one thing in any major city where the black children of that help the murder rate than health crime rates are drawn down for any of all this money is gone one better good to show me I can't find it anywhere close to know all of that, Joe. You know the fake news media has spent so much time and effort lying and lying about that they're not you, not supposed to know that I made an element right if there was ever a black president, the wonderful president Donald Trump loved America because he gave us the greatest economy brought on the manufacturing jobs back.

He got a knapsack. He rebuilt the NDA, the military did more than my Norton 358 but yet now, a prosperity wave with every body no lights out. You know why coast just let me talk you ferment to you guys you guys don't understand Coca-Cola Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola tried to tell you about being white. So if you look at a glass of Coca-Cola. It is what color is black.

Right now listen, I was now in the but you got understand this because here, look right now. We just had over almost 30 inches of snow out over 30 inches of snow that snow is white. It's all white. How do you think how do you think that's exactly right because that snow was made white by old rich white people, and Donald and Donald not let me ask you not just stop it for minute so you guys are laughing look you say frosty you see Frosty the Snowman right, what color is probably what color what color or okay now right so if you go right now it did inner-city and and and and all the little black children have to make snowmen installment away. Have you ever seen glossy the Coleman have you ever seen the white children out there making a Coleman know and you can blame Donald Trump on that in the Russian white okay I would go with Procter & Gamble. They're the ones behind that okay you gotta go to see what I'm working that I have toilet paper directly here that it can double them on every yellow member Michael knew of the toilet paper is courtesy of Daniel Mary's father never to represent what we thought of United Nations running our military soldiers. Anyway, I've got house culture question Robert got them online coach is Ohio State buckeyes yeah I this week at Ohio State buckeyes are having sex week, Gyan earning I have for years talked about different colleges what goes on during sex week and some of the very cratered.

There was a class on how to wipe it off the razors and now to clean your reps and audit. Having some of the stuff that happens at some of these, I don't know about Ohio State that I got enough reporting on once all of the nation is a lot of really weird stuff but this week there at Ohio State University. Several departments are sponsoring this and they have a good day this week to ask students to help thank the abortion provider APPC student advocates for sexual health and several departments like the Department of women's and gender and sexuality studies in the College of social work are providing the aid and they have a big park where there doing Valentine or abortion provider so the students can thank the abortion provider for the work, wonderful work they do the valuable work they do for reproductive rights, how they deserve appreciation just I'm hitting a couple highlight there making greeting cards are going to be mailed through all the abortion providers punctures your spending your hard earned money to send your son or daughter there to participate in sex week and thank thank people for the cheap cheap Oreo birth control using abortions rather than not listening to the Lord saying in your wasting an awful lot of money that I Jill this is were going to tell you something and I did know this joke. You know what a Buckeye is Joe Miller, buckeyes know all a Buckeye. Joe is a worthless nut is good for nothing. Okay, that's what a bucket. It's a worthless nut and that's where why they're doing those worthless things they're doing down there at the I was thinking I wanted one guy wanted to take out the quarterback in Ohio make the Heisman Trophy candidate my mind you that management born-again Christian, every 90 feet TV cameras on him. The first thing that I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus right when I'm I wouldn't be here about Ohio State thinking there's a lot of born-again Christian when X TV cameras under the very first thing when they take interviews. They thank the Lord Jesus.) So there's a lot of good Christian men down in Iron Man underwriter cannot know who you out there is both on that is a lot of drug trade act of color. If the parents weren't aware, I figured out one way to get some attention after Whitley and Columbus don't know what goes on, you know, in Columbus.

Also, you have the international community country of Somalia. You have you have some with actual flags son flies Somalia flags. The disallow you trade in the human trafficking is in Columbus is outrageous. Now you're talking about Joe.

Do you remember we report on a couple years back in Chicago. In Obama's area. There University.

They had sex week and the students actually got credits they actually got credit survey to having sex upon the stage in front of people where people could watch they were given credit for it for having sex. I remembering yeah and the was one of the Democrats was a female Democrat who was stark naked in her thing was people would go by with a stable input Staples in her rear end again real yeah and that would end and they had they would have been in the paper lyrics to show that it was unbelievable but that my daughter called. Thank you North America time. I have prepared and I will leave a comment about anybody who claimed to be a Democrat anymore, not your friend. Your enemy there my name out there, they are our enemy ladies and gentlemen vote them out of office and everyone of you normally get on this. Even if you're born-again Christian. Get on your knees everything will then get closer to God about an equity get better return and you might come home before your kind.

You better get." God spending eternity in hell doesn't make it a lot bulkier. God bless and thank you for the kind God locate coach keep listing because after the break were going to have another pastor here in the that's that pastor's name pastor Arthur and that pole Polonsky employed his. He got it fiery message so will be listing to to pastor right after right after the break before we go to the break. I gotta tell you about this. Get your phone number.

The Ohio value voters flubs. This is them another when those commercials Hilliard teacher training features radical gender activist here most of the Hilliard workshop time professional development was spent on the gender issue. Gender binary is the idea that there are there are two genders. She explained, and that we are color-coded from birth, so it's unfortunate.

Amanda believes that we are stuck in this gender binary and you better fit yourself into your box and those who get outside the box. Make others uncomfortable, so it makes it like it is like this something that we should be. We should be feel like it's was forced upon us, whatever sex were born with no understand that the non-binary kid who comes to talk to you as a totally different world view of gender and that's okay. She said no it's not okay. Objectively speaking, a non-binary adolescent has unattended emotional issues that has been convinced exploring biological denial in the solution.

The results are often too personal and met medical disaster. Now listen, Amanda will long be gone by the time the experiment comes to full rotten fruition. The teachers were introduced to the notorious propaganda graphic the gender unicorn and were sent home with gender unicorn coloring. She's to fill out themselves because it's a perfect world, one should be able to identify oneself using at least 27 genders of the speaker explained that Jens the kids are totally into pansexual.

In fact, the majority of kids coming to Kaleidoscope now. She says a using the label pansexual. How horrifying that sexual chaos is exploding in our schools are encouraging children to embrace it. So what we need to do folks you need to call this number. This number. The man's name. He is the superintendent of Hilliard Davidson high school and his number is name is David Stewart David Stewart all across the country needs to hear from a thousand of you. 614-921-7000 614-921-7000 tell them telling you enough is enough to get rid of no more teacher training features radical gender activist that is garbage that is child abuse. Call them and tell them that that is child abuse and so (and David, what David Stewart just a right will be back right after this with a hole in my heart out right away. Good. Good night good.

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