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TUE HR2 020822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 9, 2022 12:02 am

TUE HR2 020822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to podcasts you are right were going to hear from our friend here and that is pastor Arthur said as guesthouses were already people were tortured and yes how do you think the second floor and die for and it is not the prize that we have to be willing to pay society is our time for two years we have been bouncing for two years we have been trying our best to reason with final billings.

Bully was never stumbling into acute stealing from you all the time they had they had appetite since greedy dogs. Howard the way I are you on this important anymore, just watching with you giving will you stop fighting when you stop defending the rights of the free Canadians and now some for whatever reason, just before we are going to get off freedom I'm telling you right all thousands of people willing to come to support you. Now you think about what you say we check on Ponce say does today and yesterday every single minute I got thousands of messages thousands. I mean, this thing never stops people saying what," coming to the medical treatment for coming to support will bring it. What do you need one thing you are coming thousands upon thousands of people coming and not forcing the office right you.

I remember you have the power to keep it that way. Just because it feels like.

Yes, some of you might know. Yes, you might take a price.

I'm not going to change you that is pleasant and beautiful on concrete in jail facing the biggest guns in the country.

It's not. They don't think this well over there, especially when your pastor three days on concrete two nights I've been a half-hour tobacco. My doggy did not allow me to sleep for three days and two nights they arrived they stripped they can check on my leg yet. I'm still here with you. Those people don't vapor Connie here with their bodies and are telling you that they represent the law know that represent the represent lawlessness. There are stairs for the biggest market there is. Can you spot off to you for the first David two years Risa spent not hold the forts and this is our Alamo Soviet if you want to be here no one is stopping you can take your car or your truck and you can go visit Riley is a church Raleigh in Edmonton. You can join them know I would think of you as a collards. Everyone has to face the Giants of the lungs, but I'm telling you it is this huge opportunity right now that we have been keeping God has given us this moment in history. Why is international media. All watching you right now. That's where during 1980 date it was edible order to assure the Protestants to kill them, but because of the American media. They backed away from doing this because they knew the whole ward will see what is happening in times in 1980.

Right now the whole eyes of the entire award of fix this little place and you can do the right thing. Or you can pipe in the hall and around parliaments legislature fine but I'm telling you there honking around parliaments.

Right now we are going to be honking for.

Not really afraid of Omaha they're afraid, is this people coming together and catalyzing this polished people did the right way.

They said we shall not cooperate with the villains.

We do not want four-day KGB Russians. We will not want for you anymore. They walked out of their jobs, our virgins walk out computer jobs based on the guy with the driver.

Say your employers, your implementing those mandates out or not you my money and I will will not want for you Yvette prevented everyone would do that within a week on the management people, we have started something that they cannot stop something have to be have to use psychological walk for transfer. General fear or rescue way short of some spicier writing RS and yelling and screaming the same message Risa spent times when I will have to say in 1981 pencil thousands of Polish people were arrested in 1981 they all closely doubting people they said and one that belongs to the movement would be our resident anywhere.

My wife's mother wanted to escape the house.

The communistic how she was caught. My wife was born in prison, I know what I'm talking about. I know because I lived through it and I'm telling you, for the sake of your children.

Is your opportunity to hold the fort to not break the line don't do it. And may God make our home is all because we don't fight with guns and swords we don't find with tasers and the police vehicles. We don't we just want the wagon worked hard to achieve something and provide father. Finally, we just want to be left alone because along they keep coming in, he would never God when you get the first job is when I called you two years ago the classes be sure they going to come for you as well get us. We all are eating this pickled together. You see them stopping through his most 12 jobs for everyone of you is because this boy, I usually get up wrangles we have to stop them in the middle of them are running the last 80 2K. It was hard it was hard to see machine guns, check stops in minutes are everywhere in Thompson. It was better hearts was their heart.

You could go on for a few so many people arrested so many people tortured so many people beaten, and yet they humbled did God's any 1989 the Iron Curtain got broken burning wall has fallen and eyes of the Lord was watching all of God's only doubting his become a symbol of freedom and resistance, 1989, Poland had the first free election after the second war we don't have elections, and the more friends and teachers of you think we elected officials, owing to, we have no say democracy and the more we lost democracy. Canada is not a democratic nation, and the more those two years didn't show your dog and you must not, we need our country about how you going to get your country by another to stand up, stand and trousers are coming to help you write right you know what happened in June.

It was in the fourth. The dirty cops the dirty cops came to his house to the rest of the night and so works where nobody repaired everywhere. Hearing about it right. Yeah, that's what they do this with the this would they do here. This is what this is what the dirty cops did on that January 6 if you you know people don't understand what that was all about.

Let me give you an example of that here folks. First of all, I don't want to say this, we support the police vehicle open in our neighborhood. You will see it in the end you will see that my garage a big flag over the thin blue line and you'll see them all. Three. We support clean cops joy remembered.

You remember when those cops were taking bribes out of the abortion mill they came in there. They were laughing about her walking out with an envelope full of money in their hands and laughing when I had called them because I was attacked on their by two horse and when I called the cops they would American course they would into the abortionists office.

Of course he went there but on his desk was an envelope with Sticking out and they come on those idiots head where I can sit and I asked him don't know Jamaican office please officers. They said no and the late they told me for dinner where they do what they were laughing and I told him my cell can help you guys out because I got the names and their badge numbers right there at first I went and reported them in the course. The corruption in the city clearly meant to do any good. But then I went on the radio and I told folks. I said if you are. That's right I said folks out there these police officer said did not make enough money so if you need security that will do anything for a booklet, so their grandmother.

I mean if you have child porn or dogfights or cockfights or whatever and you need police officers that have absolutely no water, no integrity though do anything for money.

They call them and I give their names and badge the phone numbers out where they were at well because I got some calls from people so here. Remember what happened after that.

When I went back out to the bloodied abortion mill to preach. There was always one car would always be watching me all the time. Now there were two and when I was there.

A car pulls up real slow as I was preaching up there and I figure well here we go, and the cops that Pastor Sanders is and yeah, he said, you see that car over there.

I said yeah there watching the oyster girl was watching me. The simple goal, but this time it's different this time is different. Those guys there.

You gotta watch your back pastor they wanted to have a contract and you there watching you and were watching them and we want to thank you were speaking on behalf of of the good Klopp cops the honest cops in the department. We want to thank you for exposing because it's dirty cops like those to think it was all a bad name. And that's exactly what happened here in the dirty Capitol police chief here. This is an article not what I said that folks I'm I'm reading the article right in the article it says dirty Capitol police chief manager released a statement on his spying operation on the GOP representatives something doesn't add up.

This is an article by Jill hopped in here as reported earlier, The Capitol Hill police dressed as construction workers broke into representative Troy nails office during the November break the dirty cops took photos inside the Texas Republican's office and they came back two days later to harass his staff using legal photos illegal photos that they took just days earlier.

These are nasty policies. Things are working these with the Democratic Communist Party. These are deep state dirty cops.

The capital place with spinal representative natives who spoke out against Nancy Pelosi, the sham January 6 committee and the dirty Capitol police murder of Ashley Ashley Babbitt. They murdered her. We saw them murder and up because they were dirty cops and and that's in Washington DC district and enemies district limit dirty cops DC dirty cops and so here say that what was happening when it goes bad like that. It goes got here for a top down is is bad for the tides is gone you a fish rots from the head down and that's what's happening in their but it wasn't just wetness. They were spying on the capital. Please also spying on several other Republican lawmakers according to political capital. Please have been secretly spying on Republican lawmakers is January 6 protest and riot representative Kelly Armstrong, Republican of North Dakota, said that he is unaware of any members that of any members know about this new practice in place so there you go. Well, my administration is quiet for really recognize the FBI they recognize the IRS recognized me department in here this you know everything is about the revolution at total transformation of America.

Barack Obama said no that's where he was bringing we were bringing the total transformation of America fighting has pretty much everybody Obama have on taking orders, probably from a fight. Obama can't prove it but I'm at the farm on and what we see as a nation in the throes of a revolutionary communist revolution were all powers going to the federal government are trying to nationalize the elections there trying to change the Democratic demographics for the voting by changing the maps and election maps everything they're doing is about maintaining our government. Nothing is about what is good for the citizen what is good for the nation, or what is your supporting freedom. The consternation everything they do every out effective government military is about centralizing power top-down management becoming part of the one world order is the obvious to everyone would have to bring right here you go. This will make it quick and those that you many of you sent in for those five books and what's the reason you haven't gotten those five books yet with Dr. Cassie was because we didn't we didn't have.

We have three of the five would not all fun and so we been waiting and waiting and waiting for the shipments to come in and apparently they've been shipped. So when they come in as soon as we get old. It will start going out so you get your book so just want you to know that no definite credit corrector member director, the death or credit plan to steal the 22 2022 election was built around Obama's corrupt AG nationwide redistricting effort known as Republicans would fold knowing the Republicans would fold this right now America's Enterra position flying corrupt Obama holdovers are running the country based on the stolen election within millions of invalid ballots that, if any, anyone and everyone says that that election was stolen as a liar is not a bit of truth on and you will find one of them.

It will come on his radio program was set across from me and said it only times I said that this because they I would love to get Brett Behr and Susan Smith see you know, of course, we'll expect CNN CNN and of their fallen apart by the way they're known for lying.

Okay, see Fox Fox news tells people warfare bells were fair about and then when they do, they told us that that we should believe them and and not our lying eyes as we watched as we washed and washed and washed all of the all of the evidence of election fraud take place, which we warned we warned it was could have aware that we told it was going to happen and then got a bigger work. Her electric project or create everything and we were right on the money yet and so I think I'm not sure but I think Chris Wallace would oversee them before imploded with them. I know a little Fox and I think this way when he went over there with the homosexual guy that was on all I care. Three.

In order that I forgot his name, partly because it wasn't worth remembering.

Yet when you have here illegally and read this article only said they get away with it. The they can because it seems that only a few Republicans are pushing back when they said that the Republicans would would cave. They knew exactly right. You remember what happened on that day. First of all, remember Pres. Trump told Pentz Mike do the right thing. Mike Mike pence had the duty he had the duty he had the duty to say. You know what where's there's a lot of evidence here that there's a lot of corruption we want to take. We got the law states we need to look at this and would not certify illegal ballots and and so he said list. He should've said let's take 10 days and look at this before we certified that's what he should've done. But that's not what he did is that what he did it all okay are you crime he couldn't hearing the outcome of the election that wasn't his job job is to put all all the electoral college. Check the assertions.

The charge of crime of ballot harvesting and illegal voting in things like this look into it. That's all that he was authorized to hold on things while the Congress was allowed to investigate itself by saying I'm not allowed to change the outcome. That was never the intent he was never allowed to change and outcome. Just put on hold while there was an investigation. Yeah, there's a life so right.

There is a Christian who is not telling the American people the truth will hear witnesses knowing the restricting info knowing that the Republicans would fold.

I could never believe you are here you had your Sen. Holly use. You had some like vertebrae from here Jim Jordan you had a handful of of people with heart and integrity and honor and I couldn't believe his than some of the people that that's the folded and I right there. I watched it the Republicans the folded right in front of our eyes. Okay.

And one of them will, of course, who was one of them was Sen. cotton.

The other one I could not believe it was Marsha Blackburn. I've always really like about I've always thought you said, and she folded in it is. Informed by people what we've got to get rid of her, he is the writing all and sheep's clothing, and I know he's coming out at inappropriate times and he's done more to help the Democrats.

Anybody I can think of because he doesn't consistently be always say thanks a good conservative stance whenever really important. Like right now we see the Dems are realizing how bad this next election is going to be so. They're starting to treat their starting to play this redistricting game I mentioned earlier but we've got a lot of Republican rhinos that are going along with it voting for.

You got one on the Supreme Court here in Ohio got a rhino on their so right.

So what we've got the enemy to work on our own party.

So it's not just the loyal quote opposition. The communist really have the agents provocateur with underway yet. And of course that that whole strategy was put together by you remember Eric Holder and Asher grew and so limber that there those officers as border officers were killed with guns.

That Holder had given to the drug cartels), called craft. You, the plan was to use no here, you know, to overthrow to this whole now they're planning on their plate know what in the midterms by the same thing. They say that they are totally proficient at election fraud.

That's with the Devon did and they are two election fraud. When Elvis was to rock 'n' roll right so the plan was to use lawful welfare to steal more seats across the country and redistricting efforts while Republicans cower for 10 they don't see was going on but and boy you have that in the past year and a former Atty. Gen. of former US I'm not going to save Carla present Barack insane who sent Obama, Eric Holder has developed gerrymandering strategy in which he aggressively gerrymandered state legislative district and state congressional districts throughout the nation. The Wall Street Journal reported that Holder success was a result of his suit to blue strategy for Obama was destroyed in the 2010 redistricting cycle.

Under the national debt. The credit redistricting committee. The holder was responsible for creating Holder was reportedly instrumental in reducing the aggressiveness of Republican legislators by developing a plan under its auspices.

Okay, so let me explain front of the listeners redistricting away. The Republicans were trying to correct a good honest client were there voting districts, set up bike to school districts were set up to be a certain segment of the population covering a certain area and the Dems from the going into the redistricting. It looks like a child trying to draw mouth like a little narrow Scripture goes up along the road back down and overhear a little loop.

It looks like a nightmare for map reading looks like somebody was having far too many tequila sunrises when they drew their map but it's on purpose to make sure that you got a whole district of totally one-sided work. These are safe zones for Democrat and is no way to win a fair election were just recyclers covering over a school district you got a mix of people and you got out of a fair playing field and the company simplify the way. That's a simple answer there redistricting is just weird convoluted designed to do nothing but maintain power all about power folks.

One thing that's happening. Jim is the death of cancer jumping ship to just today this morning as I come in I came in that and that you had to Democrats under that would changing parties, they said that that that did the party has left them. They have become so corrupt and I mean now I couldn't. You know they had already stalked. But what offices these halides they may have been Congressman.

They may have been state reps. I don't know but they said that they were changing parties because the the Democratic I'm his party had become so corrupt, so corrupt they could no longer in good faith stated party that it become that corrupt. That means anybody with any any integrity left in this land I'm telling you when I tell you I don't think two-tiered is possibly not even one that the credit Congress person that's not totally corrupted. How could you stay in their and if you had if you had any honor any integrity, any decency, how did you stay in something that had become so totally corrupted. You couldn't, I'm not a person current rubric. Favorite go back.

Here years ago on this party your current from the blue dog Democrat started changing their ago after our capitalist system they go look at the failing well it's failing because of their corruption. The Americans committing suicide because it is become a corrupt crony capitalism, not a real capitalistic system FairPlay now but crony capitalism the space early on what crime using business using money using politics to what gain wealth and power and goes back to the Democrats are masters look at the richest people in Congress are the Democrat Nancy Pelosi's one is that we should be allowed to play the stock market and my you know my husband's 10 wealthiest U.S. Senate to so designate the top 10 anything in the house, the richest, most powerful are also the richest that together most powerful politically are the riches these people got there because there corrupt, not because they're smart because there corrupt member would take Harry Truman said he said any politician against rich, whether in office, you can bet your crook exactly mailed it is rightly been proven right over and over again, but you notice how seldom we ever hear that mention Pasternak here breaking bombshell fusion GPS didn't only work on steel dossier. They worked on nearly every key antitrust narrative coming from DOJ. That's the department of Judas.

In the molar. The molar corrupt gain document provided in a DC court case against fusion GPS shows that the company was involved in much more than the garbage steel dossier or behind the Trump was a hoax.

The company was also behind the alphabetic Carter page Papadopoulos metaphor in the Trump family lies and smears as well. This is the little did we know that the associated fusion GPS with a steel dossier or was actually shortchanging the company's efforts to harass and take down the president of the United States Donald Trump. The company did much more than that a document uncovered of the DC case with fusion GPS shows that the company was working on nearly every piece of information eventually used by the molar getting. I think our president, Trump, and so here you go, Trump came and quietly was a non-politician. Here is a businessman tried to practice corrupt crony capitalist system and he tried to make the rules or regulations make a country run for the benefit of the not for those who are corrupt or playing the system for all work to get wealth and power.

Phone lines phone lines and no open at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 phone lines are open again.

888-677-9673 you have a question or comment. Give us a call and that wintering up quite a thing that I pictured the gridlock comment: okay hello hello is in the air and turned on that radio. I have a good you know you I do not think you yeah you have to check out his new movie 2000 and you' look on that and you have a trailer and it tell you what exactly happened in the dropbox in 2020 helpful record everything that when you don't yet I know that I know all that we talked about all of their told people to go see see here here's the thing. Tell okay, let's see, let's see that you have these crimes and you have all the eyewitnesses and have all of the evidence. Okay, and enough, but what you don't have is a Justice Department you don't you say this Justice Department has to be the one to bring this to trial. And if you don't have a Justice Department which we don't have. There is no longer is it just a part of the corrupt death. The credit party America is a dirty cop.

He's a he's corrupted own only thing that that we can't do it. Everybody wanted everybody want not know know everything you even even the guy would be able to get by the all right.

Everybody does really great at stuff like this happen before where the truth was there. Unfortunately, very few people caught on to anything. You were willing to stand up and fight yeah still still awake yet so we still have. You still have time to correctly yesterday because God the Lord is on our side. And that's really battle and tears were supposed to just be obedient and it says: whether the victory is his call whether we have time and not to correct it doesn't matter where I am and I am glad that you put me on Tuesday the King James version because I like that better. It is the Bible wouldn't even allow there, their use in your and your so I want to do that I put you are you. They are stiffening with burden of but I still I feel like like the detect, because it all true. I write very good. I got a move on. Thank you.

Okay I did you say Sean was there. Sean Europe next year America because flexibility can hear me okay calculator you can go ahead there, chemically quick.

I want to comment hello are you there hello Sean hello are you there, let's go to jail you don't back deal. Your disconnect yeah Gail you're near go ahead and I can hear you hear about the micro endowment report last evening on Lindau. Frank said that an errant now and there were 13 members of the state legislature that compiled and nine page resolution that is calling for the electorate to be dropped. All yeah yeah that yeah that happened several weeks ago that that you know that happened several weeks ago we reported on that that they came together okay okay but I'm glad I'm glad that you got the word out here because I heard it yesterday. Yeah yeah you see what is happening so fast.

I made rickety on-air for five hours a night not get all the important stuff that everybody should hear the just there that many attacks on our freedom going on and all at once.

What we've got coming up during the midterms. The death of parents are going to do everything they can. They can they know that they cannot win a fair and honest election when they can't. And so they're going to have to do what they do best and that is try to corrupted.

They may not be able to do as much as they did this time. Remember little marquee over there from Facebook that way anyhow he he was one that was big time involved in flipping votes using his all his.

He put tons of money like $300 million into it, but that he's been losing a lot of money. Facebook is is there there dropping coming there going down quickly okay and I encourage people not to use Facebook not use it okay and so but our prior art cited is certain to grow is growing stronger and fighting back. We have to get rid of the rhinos in the Republican Party literally And I that you gotta do first. That's, that's where you start to start their right mind. I know your writing and I just now how the meeting everything fell to live by me. I would know what you guys. We thank you for because being part of our audience. Believe me, is much as they hate me date they hate you to likely listing in the they want this program. Believe me, they want this program off the air in the worst way of escape not care about the right side, yet absolutely not and I got some words to for you. You heard the pastor preaching here from Canada. You know the they arrested him and I get those cops that have got no honor, no decency, no integrity you think we're obeying orders and you're going to go out. Let me tell you something God has said touch not mine anointed God has said touch not mine anointed you might think that. Well we can go ahead, we see how pastors have been killed throughout history For you. What you don't know what is happened to those that killed and believe me when what I'm telling you now in Canada right now there's a Iver.

I heard a report today that as many as 600 police officers are going to are ready to resign the ready to resign rather than to arrest the truckers and I and that means that there is someone there that have guided Arner some the still have some some integrity that haven't become like whipped dogs and so that's what we need. We need we need the that's what you need in Washington DC district and you know dirty cops that is so bad what they've done that district has become so corrupted, so absolutely corrupted and nearly we got prayed that God will do whatever it takes to bring those people to repentance.

Whatever it takes to bring those wicked evil people to repentance, because right now they sold their souls and got a whoring in their there like on a tight rope over that burning lake of fire. They don't repent. They will surely perish after January. Yeah yeah and then not being treated very well, but that's going to come back wanted to know that's really good to come back and bite those dirty cops. Again, I feel it, God is not mocked, he's not Mark I'm not already got the word civil disobedient time we started not listening, obeying their croak corrupt government and obey God, not man.

Well, we've been doing that for 50 years. Here we have every human into the corruption from day one policies bid no compromise. That God might think. I thank you in. God bless you and thank you so much for: there you to when we have next there Nathan you're in there about record. You will learn that I, Mary Crowley, Congressional Congress member. No only part of the population they want to get Congressman or congressperson elected and the big bear on the bring my when we yeah right. Bringing it is taught in the public phone system at one time it was coming, getting your kids on homeschooler Christian school or they might learn the Constitution and our form of government.

A constitutional republic.

We are not a democracy party political party of 14 and 20 right wing party elected not you, not like a like you and I already thank you I got a move on this so we got Dan Dan your next and I like to thank you, happens not and I'm across the lake carry over here over Ontario had been running on the path to unite in regard to the truckers up and on the nape like a perfect month of back when Obama was the president and you want a Canadian job because the might get a visit from the Arctic BMP without path and go right ahead and stand up for liberty in your real phone differ for the Lord in your blessing from Jesus. But anyway, after not doing a fine job that I have for Prime Minister Nick and I am a conservative and a lifetime. We have had its unlevered leader Stephen Harper the famine happening people in this country to liberalism and member Michael Savage that wrote about the phrase liberalism is a mental it is an confirm the term people that want to give liberty, and the left wing politics and the sound of people member must set about American Americans have too much freedom and the prime minister that led to print off with him on the way through the famine member that they got elected. I remember when Christmas Day 1971, and as was the path we are thinking about prime minister dictator because a conservative with the bribes in Canada between the new party from the left was a good Christian practice management plan and they don't go to the balance that ends on election day. Either that you might get by without you have not have right now. A little dictator and a bunch of thinking they can rule out the poisonous pulp. But anyway, back to standards in your team.

God last year on the Lord Mayor Charlie on the many many years. Thank you very very much for those kind words and we really support in Canada yet we do we support we have in in a week. We have this to come in here and we were going to this summer is going to get interested in you can bet you can expect the FBI and the others to to do their false flags.

Mina and I had here years ago we had a lot of friends. People in the in the FBI and they they could hold her head up. You know they can hold her head up and say they were because back then the FBI fought communism informed communism. The thought against but now it's become.

It's become what it used to fight and and I know that there are agent split limitation people that are people that are more ashamed of Chris Ray than we are the ones that that are still there and have it retired yet nape scene was happened to the agency and the they remember the glory days, and they look back and they say well look what we become, and and and I know it's the same thing like with the liquids happened to our military liquids happened to our military are all concrete after I go back to that Declaration of Independence. We all these heard to be self-evident, that worded everybody can clearly see it, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator for with certain unalienable rights, that means right that cannot be taken away, that among those rights of the right to life liberty and pursue our happiness comes freedom and liberty come from God, not government.

They have never been granted by any government in the history of the world. They only came as a gift from God Almighty. Absolutely this is why my my place to all of you police officers out there is obey God rather than man listen. The Bible is very clear.

You must obey God rather than man someday you will be standing before Almighty God, not for you.

Police chief or baby Castro Lisko and Claudia Claudia here and there and Patrick out front got both you for all your all on your continent on your wisdom on your intelligence and all your truth telling. I tried to continue to thank God that we have somebody who will have all of the above criteria to teach us to kick every one of us so I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you and I will continue to listen and God bless you and keep fighting the fight in thank you and good night.

Thank you Richard for card were not all that smart reader. The Holy Spirit guide and direct and rework heart now and keep doing it and also limit.

Thank you both for your military service.

I get I get on it so much thank you thank you thank you thank all of that right back at you and I know that I know this Claudia could see the attendance doers of the word Baptist Church and so well. Y'all have a blessed evening.

God bless you.

Love you.

The Lord is made and we rejoice and are glad right amen all right yeah I recognize that voice.

Who do we have the next. We may not have time to do another one we don't we don't have time to do another one and so where will we start each program out with the word of God, and that's what we end each program with regard because you know what everything in between.

Someday will be forgotten, but not the word of God, not the word of God. The Lord himself said that heaven and earth.

The past but his words will never pass away and see that's what we hold on to it so all of this you know where were going through the time. As you know, Solomon said it's a time for everything in the time that we're being called to right now is to do those three missions that God has given us, and that is number one.

First and foremost first and foremost, the great commission. That's number one job one is to reach the people with the gospel is working to do right now job to and that is to resistance to tyranny is obedience to God. Resist. And that's what our brothers and sisters in Canada are doing right now the resisting the tyranny and again I I advise you police officers there and here that you need to do something you need to understand you need to obey God rather than man you need to better understand that the reckoning will come with the Lord Jesus touched up my anointed which are doing is wrong. You need to obey God and not little Castro and so and then the and then the third one there would be to steadfast holy ground and not give up some, so as we go back going back to the very first one reaching the people with the gospel folks out there again is wheat we say every night at this time. The time will come when the only thing that will matter to the only thing that will matter to is your standing with the Lord Jesus.

You see there's no in between. You either are you are near the saved are your lost is no in between. Okay and you will die.

And when you die got God as he did stutter. He made it very clear it's appointed all men once to die, and then the judgment and when you die you will hear so will end up in heaven or hell. That's a reality you've got God's word on and believe me you don't want to go to the letter.

Okay you believe me you wanted what happened. Now you can't buy your way in. There's only one way. There's only one way of getting there, the Lord Jesus Christ, that he is the way the truth and light, that there is no way to the father but through him and and so here's what you do. This is what he said principally got recognize the fact that he died he took your place of substitutionary death upon the cross is the only sinners can be saved and that's the good news right right so here's here's the thing. He says here's what you do, you pray to the father you ask him to forgive you of your sins. Only God can forgive sins only got you, pray for the father and ask him to forgive you of your sins and then you asked the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life.

You remember when I get I want to emphasize when when the Jews when Christ was on the cross and and now they were mocking. The last thing he said was father. They know not what they do well, forgive them father will the only way they could be forgiven was to call upon that very minute they crucified and acknowledge him as the God, the son of God and the Savior but anyhow that's what they had to do knows the refused well. Didn't they didn't fare well that's what you needed to call upon the name of the Lord and you will become a new creature, a born-again believer in air of the kingdom and he will be on your way. Well you to to eternal life and immortality. Now you've got God's word on it. So until tomorrow.

We want to say is we do at this time every night. Good night God bless and always, always, always, let's do a Joe K Friday. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resisting once right. My pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry.

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