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MON HR 2 020722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 8, 2022 12:06 am

MON HR 2 020722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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February 8, 2022 12:06 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR they are not brought my room and not why so be in the long we would be like you will will will we get you you you and will will will focus there you go where standing with our Canadian brothers and I can tell you it makes me feel good to see them standing up that Joe, you know we got a dictator here in America to we got. They got the deep state they got the dirty cops, but all they don't want they don't like Frito-Lay like control complete control over every aspect of us even though they know that they've known from the beginning what we sent for two years, we've told you that those masks do more damage than good. We told you all these things about the poison the pokes they think they're killing people they've known. After killing young people.

He known that I've lost friends of mine who trusted, who trusted the government you should never you cannot trust us government folks you cannot you can trust God. That's it. You cannot trust is corrupted is gone very corrupt and so anyhow something struck me remember Thomas Crane. They wrote back in the revolution. The times that try men's souls. What we obtain too cheap, freedom.

We esteem too lightly.

Dearness only that gives everything of value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price and it's good and it would be a strange indeed, if so celestial an item article as freedom should not be highly rated Canada all euro Canada with its army to enforce her tyranny has declared she has the right to bind in all cases whatsoever will not. Governments are trying to do in Canada, United States they're trying to bind the citizens. In all cases, control. I got thinking it was Karl Marx. Remember these proletariat workers of the world were to rise up against tyrannical governments right the working class people. Yet all of our liberal socialist their calling these truckers and working-class people criminal and or saying or having an insurrection not yet, but it is totally the opposite.

Remember the communist only you know whatever they say the opposite. If they accuse you of stealing because they're stealing FAQs you are killing us because their shedding of blood and were saying this so clear and we something what people can do this new dear dear go as a Christian fundraising site and the truckers are switching up there to give stand for a free Christian fundraising site and we have to remember those go fund me had $10 million for these people up in Canada for the convoy and they decided to be politically correct and not give them the money. In fact they were going to just give the money to whoever they thought it should be given to until there was a huge backlash another dinner well working to try and hear God how to give it back to the donors yet. The reason is because several Atty. Gen. told they can't do that. That's illegal.

We can show you to jail. So folks don't do go fund me don't you know we can't support the enemy do not use, go fund me. Don't donate your money to go fund me. Let it dry out and have people go over to go spend me private gifts and gone start give stand that's the question what I wrote website for fundraising. It's totally free. Give Sandra address support the cause of freedom and that's one way you could do it or you spend your money, money talks right faster. Okay, yeah, and here's how intoxicated you seen one of the very very worst out there. See, then they're going to going productive lust. It was 80% of their listeners are going down you seen people that you seen little little marquee therefrom, not from a Facebook he is going he's going down he's there they're losing with a cover. They have lost a tremendous amount of money because it ever since he admitted that he came out it admitted that he took part in other the election fraud.

The election fraud, flipping the election so now he's going down now here you can see go fund me forget go fund me. The word is out to go fund me now I'm looking to see them go down the same tube and give sending go gives in the go is what we will promote we have to stay together our freedom. It's it's it's about our freedom. The court, the government, the Democratic I'm his party is completely corrupt. It is completely corrupt. There's nothing about him that is not by news and there is a dictator just like to know that so-called Department of Justice department of Judas is corrupt is run by dirty cops and their anti-God anti-America here right now.

Let me just reach in this article Joe here at will before health.

Remember, go fund me supportive back and keep her occupied shouts.

Remember when I had the child chop and even though there are the illegal Capitol Hill with Thomas zone Seattle there were people that were murdered there and they still allowed everybody to donate to antiques on go fund me, so they allowed BLM NT Federation funds when people were murdered but they don't want to get upset when people are honking horns on the truck drivers on horns and make noise like member to every Cisco call come out I won't I won't I can find not buying the coat problems. I will not buy the product. I know they may want to just coat because not just coming out and saying it white people need to be less white, but they know what's happened in China and they're willing to go to China, even though what would China is doing. How are human rights policy how they're doing and no that it's all about money. So I will piety copilots because I've got I better than that I'm better than to do that the did you gotta have some honor and some integrity see these people there. They care about money they care about the bottom line and what you stand up once America wakes up to having to getting there on her back in their integrity of folks we can bring America back to one nation under God.

Listen many of you out there listing to me.

Remember the way it was in this country. Even back in the 50s, things or people say well we don't want to return to that. Leave it to beaver her father knows best. Hey let me tell you something. America was a much better place, a much cleaner valleys so much better so much cleaner so much safer back in those days that it is now walked her home was when I was a kid we could run around the neighborhood no darker even after dark on a warm summer evening. There wasn't any crime. Kids were picked up. The children weren't raped. I just remember it was a wonderful wonderful time to be a child. Back in those days. Jill put the criminals in jail right those that were committee like burnt gluten murder though side those people went to prison for killing people and burning and looting.

Today they get there held up there by NBC, ABC, CBS, all the fake news media out there, so we have to fight back if there's any decency you'll fight back. The Bible says what you got a resist of this until blood and death. We have to fight back and we have to do it for God sake of our children say got a country where men and youth at Coca-Cola. I just remembered something. They were the ones criticizing the Georgia election law. Remember we have an ID to vote for. Guess what, in China you have to have a photo ID to get in. You also have to use. Everything is totally control. That's fine. You have to have an ID you have to use their phone you have to use thereafter. You have to do everything their way there putting people in quarantine. In fact, one of the headlines was that was like being in prison. Some of the Olympic track people were crying and tears. There are several things I followers just surrenders what's going on there and yet Coca-Cola supporting that. But we can have a young photo ID to vote and the states here in America because you were there loyalty is to the money that to heck with America the almighty dollar and everything else be damned for Coca-Cola, ABC, NBC, CBS, deploying their so-called reporters out of there because it's too dangerous for me said, but that you think that they will warrant anything today would stand up for our so-called athletes is going over there no no effect. None of them were reporting some of the stuff about China and what's going on work through your quarantine and not a set of fruits horrible the no room. I don't know I just remember a bunch of things.

There were just screaming how terrible it was so I haven't followed the Olympics.

That's one thing I didn't follow much of because we should've never added China in the first place right here you go disclose a Pentagon response to Department of Defense whistleblowers claim of spiking disease rates in the military after covert vaccine. Listen Jill three United States military doctors have blown the whistle on documents from the United States Department of Defense that they had asked they had access to which showed Joe skyrocketing rates skyrocketing rates of disease since the introduction and the mandating of the CCP virus vaccines and Armed Forces human rights attorney Leah Dundas told the epic time. In other words, in other words, what Joe Biden nasty Pelosi and here you've got Austin and Millie there doing their doing the job for the enemy for red Chinese. There killing off our military there killing off in the military, those guys you guys and that listen to us out there. The military don't take the shot, you are much better to be another discharge. You know, look the best and the brightest know the smartest ones. Joe know better than to take the shot, the smartest ones know better than to take it. They'll get out get out and stay alive. Don't don't fall. I guess you got what 4000 Marines refused to take it out for those enumerating but what word there is something out there about how the military.

They're not allowing the Marine Corps. They're not allowing religious exemptions out of the thousands that have been applied for Dave given three exemptions and every one of the three that they've been given an exemption are people who within the next 60 to 90 days are getting out of the service. Anyway, so basically there is not been a single religious or medical when you call it exemption for the vaccine and the United States Marine Corps. They are holding fast to what the Val Presidente says there are no fighting has spoken there will be no Marines that the disobeying is orders.

Think about that only three have been given exemptions and all of them are leaving the service mnemonic to amend 30 days and the other 96 okay Dundas was recently imposed by Dr. Samuel said love special forces flight surgeon Lieut. Col. Peter Chambers and aerospace occupational medicine specialist Lieut. Col. three so long. They handed documents to Dundas who appeared recently with attorney Tom Arends and a five hour hearing organized by Sen. Ron Johnson.

This is the one that NBC, ABC, CBS did not want you people to see.

They did not want you to know anything about this.

Okay right okay blackout folks in here Arends shared some of the numbers related to the medical disorders of the US military data with the epitaxy is out. You know they can't keep it.

They cannot keep it down. We we brought out it's out now. Other whistleblowers are also represented by rents who gave him data under penalty of perjury and said during the hearing, Arends intends to submit information to the courts.

He told Johnson the DoD responded that the defense medical epidemiology database date from 2016 to 220 that the whistleblowers brought up with erroneous and incomplete and is currently under review this with the DoD responded that's a lie and they know it they know they got caught at the net. Well, you know, we wanted to call it when it's the Department of Dirk, the Department of dirt. Nowadays responded again so there you go, focuses they got caught it's at their dirty and weekly. We need to have a president again. We need to get things was so much better.

Trenton folks we have to fight like our brothers north of us in Canada. We've got to get freedom. We want freedom back. And so anyhow there you go. Everyone it now pray when we want we want. Now folks, we don't have it now. Okay, we left the favorite meal when we go through this still going to be taking a look at one of the reasons why people of blame the Jews for everything and is because were going to take a look at who the Bible says are the seeds of Abraham, but not the sons who Jesus said they're not go say they are Jews but are not there. The synagogue of Satan. None of these are people that you see today. I mean that that are out there like Zuckerberg like Chucky Schumer you know Chuck, he sure was talking about all he's concerned about dark money. Chucky should duck.

He knows a lot about dark money. He knows a whole lot about dark money changer with those folks so that my crap there dark money order for my read anywhere from 6 to 10×10 to 1 6110 to 1 over anything we've even thought of doing well, yeah. On the Republican side okay sincerely 1.5 million payoffs trump inpatient manager in trouble you talk about one of those is synagogue of Satan is a guy named Jamie Raskin from Maryland, Jamie Raskin is a death of Pratt, a death, the grant and he's that one. He all you saw IV, why would he tell you talk about a liar you know a health engagement manager over against trump.

Remember, I certainly remember I listen to them and I watched him tell one lie after another like at the were blatant lies in the know that they would like he knew as he was telling those lies.

It was like seeing see me remember what Scripture says back in Isaiah 32 that in the days that were living prior to Liz return the vile person would be called a liberal vile person would be and he lied and he lied in the light in the light.

Jill here a federal ethics complaint was filed on Monday against Les today Democratic member of Congress for concealing his wife's $1.5 million payoff from call Colorado and it is her to as she is Joe Biden's nominee to the Federal Reserve figured out where numbers are correct that the Whataburger cracked the controls are money right up that we need communists and crooks in charge of your money yet FOXBusiness reported American countability foundation watchdog organization filed a complaint against representative Jamie Raskin death Academy Maryland House impeachment manager against former president Donald Trump over money paid to his wife, Sarah Bloom, Raskin, and so again it's just unbelievable. These people have no honor at all. No shame, just it's it's just unreal. By the way, did you know Joe, that according to medical data, and in fact this is what Dundas told the epic times that in January, 20, 21, one of the things that he was saying female infertility cases were up by 2200 cases a year and 2300 cases for the first 10 months of 20, 21, and after after the vaccine. Okay, so after the vaccine they want from 2300 to 10,713 female for no listen to this cancer in the US military cancer in the US military 2525 to 26 cases was a bad year.

Now that is jump to 200+ cases here in January. Might my myocarditis there was 176 cases but now Joe it's amazing one, but now it's it's it's down to 70 cases that will listen is unusual. Bad stuff going on Bell's palsy. 400 cases a year on average in the first 10 months of 20, 21, and one from 400 to 1300 cases.

Joe and then HIV cases 400 cases on average per year. It's now 2400 Joe HIV cases, one from this is all due to the vaccine.

Joe 2400 and that was just in the first 10 months of 20, 21, but listen to this.

According to the whistleblower documents miscarriages in the military were at 1400 year in the first three quarters of 2020 and that increased to 4000 Joe from 1400 to 4000 of the first 10 months, but I don't want you to. They don't want you to know that NBC, ABC, CBS and nongraphical figures are low because everything else that we've managed to come up work out there and lowball figures where it happened. You were going to today I spoke they for Joe Clark's memorial service was funeral actually causes being buried this week, but I went there, they were asked to give my eulogy and I when I give a eulogy and I will play a song in a moment it it's one that hey I did together a while back, but I talked to the funeral home director and he said I've Heath was telling he said I I've never seen anything like this. He said I've never seen anything like this here. People are dying.

He said we are so busy and that's with all around the country. People are dying because they're being killed off their being killed off folks and we been trying to tell you and trying to tell you and trying to warn you go ahead and he play the song.

The second epistle 11 in our writing writing you in both which I stir up your mind by way of remembrance, that you may be my mind with the words which were spoken before the holy prophets, and of the commandment is about the apostles of the Lord and Savior. Knowing this verse that there shall come the last days of golf on walking after their own lives and saying with her is the promise of his coming for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were in the beginning of the creation and the day you may now and there is one in a May the Bible something that they never knew not long and hear me say that a Jude verse five, I would you in remembrance you want what it is all that the Lord, having saved the people of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed that belief… And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation you have reserved in everlasting lynching under dark dots to the judgment of the great day. Even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication going out and draining perceptive or important for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal already were back, Joe €19 year US airmen files would let me only just say that that was Joe Clark immediately made that back around of around 2000 and and nine I believe it was 2010 we made that remember where Obama came in he had all the golden parachutes all everybody was jumping ship Hillary and her crew, all the paperwork these big bankers when when people were taking a loss the stockholders and that were taking losses, but they got off with a golden parachutes. They got out and they were taking when how that was Joe Clark and I who said you made that song together and palmitate it really hit some nerves back in those days and and will in the thing of it was.

It was so bad was so bad that that one point.

Remember, we reported live.

These people had degenerated they had degenerated to the point, Joe there in DC when they were for Obama's inauguration, the sodomites, the Democrats had rented a hotel and they were bringing a gurneys they were going to have the sodomites were going to have sex with with swine with female hogs female hogs at the hotel yet.

You remember that reported on that we double triple tractor because Mark first heard it was like there gotta be kidding. It is set up.

We got to know the trap and we looked into what looked into it and know that there were trying to do yet because we didn't others take up the reported even severe newspapers actually did the decoys knew you wouldn't see it in the main the main stream with a call boy religious so corrupt.

But anyhow we reported that that is how far they degenerated will remember what happened when we put the word out that hotel got the world people were calling and people that were going to stay there and they were telling will never stay here again. Not ever. So they canceled it they made and that the sodomites were furious with us.

One thing extremely unhappy at work. I was grateful for. Okay, here's some guys and I like being judged by the enemies I make you 19 year US airmen files the old case against Air Force officials. After facing discharge and loss of retirement the same no to Biden's unconstitutional poison is Polk's bio weapon and airmen were for 19 years filed an EO complaint against Air Force commander and Surgeon General after his religious vaccine. Simpson was the night I hope you soon as I will be consuming and that I mean really Jennifer everything according to the complaint, both general Anthony cotton commander of the Air Force, global strike commander Lieut. Gen. Robert Miller Surgeon General have violated federal law department of the poly defense policy, Air Force policy fellows and I would love to be locked in a room with these two guys, I really would.

These two and I would preach to them about what God's Word, the Bible has to say about honor and integrity. Integrity that there is none left.

I mean just Joe. Remember we went when we were in the military we could look. Anyhow, we were ashamed we didn't do things like distantly out there is I've got a story about a Marine officer, I don't always rank trying to keep his name out of the nerves. A 17 year veteran combat veteran and he tried to get an exemption for this. At this point because this mandate and betrayal that were facing not just gonna walk away with nothing that I've earned, but I'm likely walking away is a criminal and facing serious consequences, both within the military justice system as well as civil penalties and things like that and he's close to receiving his full retirement 20 years. Phenomenon not necessarily even anti-vaccine, but I'm anti-mandate and I'm fighting this on my religious grounds and he talked about even going to the chapel and the chaplain just said hey you know Robert don't do it there. Didn't even want to listen to him and talking. But not only is he can lose his pension and other benefits and retirement would be his G.I. Bill, everything but he could be facing a court-martial.

You know, just like today Gordon cleans a major he lost his retirement but he kept his integrity Designer would abomination a man of great great great sins that you cannot pray in Jesus name and uniform.

He kept, he put his uniform on what right to the White House and he denied Obama not God he obeyed God and not abomination a man of great great sin. Think about it like this officer I have no retirement in place for G.I. benefit that I've earned and hope to pass on to my child will not be available either. More importantly though, the choice is if I do not comply and have five separate I will be separated either by a board of inquiry or a court martial in all and is that all five admit that I'm breaking the law.

A lighter penalty or I could choose to not comply, and will go to a court-martial which is a federal criminal court, and if I'm convicted.

I will be a federally convicted felon just for standing on my religious rights.

Did you know is America not sign on sick did United States of America not signed in the partnership with the Nuremberg code where he didn't we… Nuremberg code makes it a federal crime of federal crime to force anyone to take any kind of an experimental or right okay in the end that that is it.

That's for the makes it a crime of federal grants so it's it's Joey Biden is the complete and totally correct that the credit Communist Party and is Mr. Austin and Millie, who who are or are disgrace. They are a disgrace to the uniform a total disgrace to that you are not stepping up to protect folder there are not standing up now anyway for the Constitution for the law. I just think about this and all forcing a combat officer just to your cochlear short of retirement, forcing him to either admit that he's guilty or going to a court-martial and being declared a federal felon, folks, this is not the United States of America government the country.

I served you served under Pastor Ernie. This is a communist regime and they do not care about freedom, individual liberty and these people must be stopped must be stopped and got us take our country back to it little starting with our local I know here where we've got people cite enough left right there when I went to school boards they want to take our country back to 114. They want to get rid of the rhinos the rhinos out there, but we have some rhinos here in Ohio. Bergstrom yeah but Lily Blumer asking that we were talking about just a few minutes ago. You know wants to be on the Federal Reserve claimed that bank To evaluate every decision to work to work with energy companies try not to know. Given many banking fees insisted that the Federal Reserve should be campaigning for sustainable investments and she has threatened that those businesses that do not comply. She threatening them with penalties. This is a crook who wants to force our business, our banking system to give money only to people that she finds the politically correct and federal penalties for people who don't go along with what she demands some good news. The hireling scraps all covert restrictions. While Joey Biden and the Democrats of the US keep pushing their tyranny. So the Republic of Ireland was All covert restrictions beginnings Saturday.

That was a that's this Saturday.

I guess, and not yet is so wait a minute, no, that was last Saturday. That was last Saturday. Joe and here so there you go, Republic of Ireland was kept all of it. Meanwhile, the United States enjoyed Biden and the Democrats are pushing for more coded tyranny legal on here take over green pass will no longer be needed to enter pubs, restaurants, or any kind of indoor event or venues all distancing requirements will be dropped and so there you go. No Ireland just one of many others that have said you know enough is enough. The jig is up which we told you the whole thing. This whole scam to make the begin with was just this was a scam from the very beginning we told you that two years ago which we told you folks don't you see how what they're doing to you there scamming you and how Joe he got four minutes telephone so they can get to heaven and avoid hell before you do that. What is a post tomorrow tomorrow, Tuesday. Here around the country, but especially right here in Cleveland at 12000 Shaker Blvd. blood Alley threes to be five abortion mills, this one left, but is the biggest one in Ohio, we rent them out doers of the word folks doers of the word pro-life activists from our church and others will be out there tomorrow morning and the more people we get out the more babies we save is that simple. 12000 Shaker Blvd., 12000 Shaker Blvd. you park your car in the eastbound lane that is 12000 Shaker Blvd. 830 tomorrow 830 tomorrow. Those real true first responders real heroes of the faith. Those that stand out 52 years weeks here and say babies will be there come out and stand with them. 830 12000 Shaker Blvd. Go ahead Joe only one real important. In your life and got what he meant only one pastoral in my marriage, my career. All this is how I invest my money will I have enough retirement. Those things are temporary. The decision is where will you spend eternity in the Lord quarterback in the Old Testament made it very clear he said I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing.

Therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live. Choose life, life everlasting life. God so loved the world, and what he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe him him should not perish but have what everlasting life, God sent not his son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved. Recall that the salvation message and what it means in the Lord himself said repent.

The first word he said in his ministry.

Repent in the book of acts in verse in chapter 3 it says repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out when the time of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. The time will come when you have to stand before God and whether you there to receive rewards or judgment depends on your relationship with him to become that our relationship with the Lord you to become a born-again believer and to do that. Pretty simple folks.

You have to call upon the father you have to ask him to forgive you of your sins. The sins that put Jesus on the cross because he died he took your place.

It took my place. Pastor Ernie place he died in our stead so that our sin recovered by his blood, that God could forgive those sins that they be washed away by the blood of the Lamb. So you pray to the father asked for forgiveness asked that Jesus send you the Holy Spirit is your down payment that you want Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life that you want to give yourself to him and when you do this you will become a new creature, a new creation. You will become a child of the kingdom.

A born-again believer, you will become literally a son or daughter of the living God, and you will be a joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life.

You will that Holy Spirit indwelling is your down payment on everlasting life in heaven.

Second Corinthians 517 therefore if any man be in Christ, or Christ and him he is a new creature, old things are passed away.

You know he has a singular. That's right, we are out of time for tonight so until tomorrow. Good night God bless you always, always keep fighting the fight right thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Once my my Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time edition what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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