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WED HR 1 012622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 26, 2022 11:05 pm

WED HR 1 012622

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 26, 2022 11:05 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now I'm radio pastorally senders and indeed this is the voice of the grifters this to on this 26th day Wednesday, January 20 22 and tonight of course we have one more time, the money under Laborde good evening Pastor good evening my dear Andrew and I went into a pole ready when you get the notion to get your illness, potions, and set your mind in motion and get Wendy's call potion extra find number nine.

When you think of that.

Okay Wendy Noah Davises is Wendy's Wednesday will couple things happened. It's been a good day been a bad day, but here did you hear what I just did. I just coughed. Now do not realize you realize I went to days in a row without coughing and knowledge is that one module coughed out like a really weak wimpy one, and maybe get a call. He was right right anyhow reason I said that the good in a bad day to bad day when you run off the road and hit a tree with your car. I didn't run off drawing. I slid off because I ran into a snowball snow pile and I slid off and just slid sideways into the tree that's been the good news is when wife came home and my son and his family live in Florida and MA my dogs been here all alone for the last two weeks in them so it has been tough because we've been my dog and I've been taking turns cooking hasn't worked out well for either one of us would help. But anyhow, it's a good day because I have Ms. Wendy here with me and already now we got a lot of stuff to do. By the way, here what I was talking about you call potion. Remember you told me 10 days to two weeks before the time I started taking it took two weeks and where just about the end of the two weeks when I have my first couple days without coughing so look like it's it's working now on you have to copy but right think the coffee superbug almost assuming six weeks is just not a big love. It's a dry cough.

It's an itchy kickoff note, I noticed something else to it only happens when I get when I go to get on the radio and then I notice to somebody brought up the always taken clearing, clean everything always click clean the table clean the microphones clean the headsets with that knows sterilize your towels and that and give different people using the studios and and limits. Now I'm starting to think that that's got something to do in my cough because when I started getting around that and then then as soon as I've got a leave I not coughing my coughing when I get home so I think I may be onto something.

But even with that your put your potion please help me. So I think you're referring to the time Mr. correct yeah the time and that little bitty bottle of stuff that my wife yeah my wife took that and on the other you know so all the potions I just put them.

I just put them together. I will been using that V-8 juice would just recently I've been using and grape juice is good will listen to you know the title of the message. Now for such a time as this was such a time as this right now. Okay and we started over Nestor that we went to Ecclesiastes 3 and tonight were in Hebrews chapter 11 and minutes. The that's the chapter of the heroes of the faith. No two words Wendy two words describe our faith.

Those two words.

One is confidence in the other is certainty the longer that we walk with God, the easier it becomes to trust in him.

The more that we learn about his character, the easier it is to trust in his promises and is it something it's hard to tell people that are not saved if they have an experience is very hard but you know what I'm talking about you get there is the certainty that God gives you that P surpasses all understanding about certain things. In essence, the Lord is talking to you through the Holy Spirit. What you just you just know now try to explain that someone is not saved, and they kind of thinking not so think on that realm.

Now like outer space experience firm yelp well will start in Hebrews chapter 11 verse one now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen for but yet elders obtained a good report but you know what right there. I think I need to do something I need to jump over here because it is a passage of Scripture that the kind of explains that nest over there in the Gospel of John, chapter 20 verses 19 through 31. Here, then the same day at evening the first day of the week when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews came, Jesus instilled in the midst and he said unto them peacefully into and we had said so he showed them his hands and the side, then, were they were the disciples glad when they saw the Lord then said Jesus to them again, peace be unto you as my father has sent me, even so send I you. And when he had send said this, he breathed on them and said to them, receiving the Holy Ghost was so over a century remit their remitted into them and whosoever sins you retain they are retained now you know Thomas was a daughter okay but Thomases doubt was was for such a time, is that there was no accident that happened many things that the Bible, for example, people would say why was this man lame from birth, why was it was it are impotent or why did this woman have what he called the bleeding and and so here the Lord said no wasn't for anybody sin it was for this time for such a time as the Lord would heal them. An issue that's what she had initial blood. It was so that it was so that the Lord Jesus would do that miracle there and these things were not done know willy-nilly, they were done very very purposefully. Now here here when he that we know we haven't seen the nail prints in the Lord's side or the and of what his hands are inside but we have what what we have that to the Thomas doubting Thomas didn't have well we have 66 completed books of the canon here we have we have the greatest source of wisdom up and up on the highest authority we have right here. You and I know that and have this the week so we have example after example after example, throughout the 6000 year swim 6000 years of history, documented and here again it's about is the highest form of authority there is theirs. No other form of authority that carries enough no other book of information or knowledge that carries with it absolute authority as this book right here. God's Word, the Bible and so he says here so when he says this way city. He appeared amongst them in the midst of them stood in the midst of them. He didn't come through the door. So how is it to think that he was. He ended up there okay you know what that is. He changes dimensions there so years ago I used to do. We had a lot of nuclear physicists of the programming and these guys were Christians and they would talk about they did studies and as we went through. They were studying the appearances of God and the Bible and here they noticed how a door would open a door would open a door would open and God would step out and they explained that in that that was the changing of a dimension going from one dimension to another and this is how it end date.

They know that it works but they don't know how to make it work, but they know that it that it's there. It's one of the dimensions. So here we take a look at the suspected up here but Thomas, one of the 12 let Lois go down here and when he heard and said any breathed on them and send them to the received view the holy ghost. Whosoever sins you remit you are remitted to them and whosoever sins you retain they are retained out in the Army for only God only God can forgive sins. Okay I mean out and we can forgive one another's those who sin against us. But only God can forgive the sins so how is this than when he's telling them this holy thinking well but I think maybe I'll just answer them for you because you see what he's telling you is better read here if what he saying is you're going to remit the sins that's already been decided. See, this is already been decided in heaven. They're going to forgive the sins that God is already forgiven okay and they're not going to forgive the sins that he is not forgiven, and so that is the way that the receiving the Holy Ghost and whosoever sins remit their remitted under them and whosoever sins you retain they are retained.

In other words, it's been done since. In other words, it's already been decided and did you know that why we are smartly immediately how you think about things really quick here. I try you but Thomas, one of the 12 called didymus was not with them when Jesus came the other disciples therefore said, and then we have seen the Lord when he said into them except I see in his hands, the print of the nails and put my finger into the print of the nails and thrust my hand into his side. I will not believe, know what you think. Thomas is always a bad idea to want proof. Sometimes it is of God tells you to do something. Should you say will auto. I know I mean.

Zechariah said that if it were troubled that it can live.

God tells you know you could do that with other people right I made any shut because I mean we shouldn't. We should have proof that we shouldn't just take the word of somebody just because they say that but we got that's different right and so and after eight days again disciples were within a Thomas was with them. They gave Jesus the doors being shut and he stood in the midst, and said please be unto that, he said to tell us reach other by finger and behold my hands and reached her hand and thrust it into my side and be not faithless, but believe in the Thomas answered and said to him I Lord my God. Jesus said in him Thomas, because thou has seen me though has believe Blessed are they that have not seen any of them believed in many are other signs that Jesus in the presence of the disciples which were not written in this book. But these that are written that you might believe that Jesus is the Christ the son of God and that believing you might have life through his name and so with that list. Going back to where we left off and in Hebrews 11 we pick it up in verse three. Through faith we understand that the words were worlds were framed by the word of God so that things that are seen were not made of things which do appear when you think he meant by that.

Things which are seen okay were made of of things which do not appear] here which do appear, you are right things, which was seen were not were not made of things to so in other words, if you and I make something if you make an apple pie, you've gotta have some apples and some pyrite lower apple and butter that yeah we should of been here cooking for me and the dog have, so here but but with men that's impossible with men is a puzzle we can't we can't make matter out of energy. Kelly okay, but God spoke it into existence a case of how could somebody do that. How can he do such a thing is only one way that he could do such a thing and that is to have unlimited power is God is good God knows how to convert energy in the material and vice versa that we can we do know how to convert material and energy.

No thank you, but when God he can do the opposite effect to see he is not hindered the he has no liabilities, he there is no limitation to his power. Is there right, you know, told us that God and so by faith Abel on offered and to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts and by it as being dead yet. He speaketh and so here 100.

How did Weibel spoke to God to ways and even though it was that Disney Mayor Aaron what is this is sacrifice. First of all, he actually offered ended up offering two sacrifices one the blood of the Lamb. And second, his own blood, praying is so not by faith.

She will soak his sacrifice accepted Keynes was not was not was it because when Cain offered was not acceptable. While not careful whatever that might well it was, it was not that his sacrifice was that it was his attitude God looks upon the hearts of people, and so by faith Enoch was translated that we should not see death and was not found, because God translated him before his translation he had this testimony that he please guy we talked about that last week I picked pleasant sure rapture. Well, a lot of people refer to that as a rapture.

There there are people that that have written a book in that old to an end. I can understand. I don't I don't use that terminology. But here are example and if you there are basically seven rapture's that if if you're going to use that terminology. Call translation a rapture than you have a Lord Jesus in acts chapter 1 okay when he was taken up, you have Enoch, which we just read here will accidents in chapter 5 of Genesis where it talks about that you have a large and second Kings chapter 2. Remember he was taken up in a whirlwind. You have of course the body of Christ. The first Thessalonians 4 that's the rapture of the church and then you have Moses and Elijah. In Revelation chapter 2.

You got the hundred 44,000 Jewish event evangelism 44,000 flaming John the Baptist there taken out. You got the great multitude of the martyred Gentiles in Revelation 79 so so III only recognize the to the two, we will will what week will I call rapture's. Let's that's the church age saints in the tribulation saints as we just talked about so you that when the rapture occurred their people and their earthly goal Harbin body will disappear. Yeah when you me when were taken out alive. I mean you just a twinkle of an eye on it and yeah because our bodies is going to be were alive. This could be transformed into glorified bodies so the those that have gone before us. Their molecules are going to be reorganized and and made into glorified bodies. But if we're aware of those those of us that are still alive, where still alive. During that time. Our bodies are to be transferred, transformed right before our eyes. I like your company will be paying on death benefit not life insurance company can have other things to worry about corpus problem.

There's nobody yeah here at your right about that. Anyhow, let me pick it up where we left off for that.

I really love okay here and so but by faith. It was impossible to please him, for he cometh to God must believe that he is old and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek some is is just believing that God exists. Is that enough now know who else believes that God exists.

Satan yeah also James 219 says that even the devils, the devils tremble, they know that God exist in the tremble of what would you do think that the demons know Scripture we know Satan does because he you know he tempted the Lord Jesus when he said, remember, and also the garden of Eden, is it not written okay so and inner use that on Jesus and him try to use God's own words against and didn't work very well for but here, so we know that the demons remember when when he cast the demons out of the blue the wild and crazy man in Haiti and they said we need to get time is not yet. Your time is not yet supplement another words, so they were telling you this note. This is of the time yet.

What we don't know in the southern they had had to have some knowledge of history of prophecy, and money. Now and I'll return well yeah that's true.

So but by faith. Well, there's a lot of things that have to be that we know will be accomplished are most all of them have been before the rapture of the church in the tribulation. By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his house by which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith. Now here I written words that of his book the purpose driven life that that after 40 days on the ark of Noah was converted once what's wrong with that problem that will late and well, Noah preached repentance 420 years before everyone into the ark, and so sought under 20 years is little bit more than 40 days as an you have time to apply now right in which each would you suffer ridicule and preach repentance 420 years.

If you didn't believe in yeah you another was remember what was happening.

He said they listen and they will need to build what we need building at the boat for an well because could be a flood of flawed what's a flood it's gonna rain what what what is rain what is rain. Remember, they did have religious have what do I have a dude it was that window everything was was watered by MS that I do right and noticed a section at your grocery store. Yeah, the nose told me you have rain and give me a flood in the earth to become a little water and emotions and their thinking this guy is is not all there is a right, but they should've understood.

Noah told him I'm at.

Didn't they know that they were created in the image of somebody right that again. They weren't really that far away from Adam and Eve were they humming some so they should've really known, right. So now he is God completely, totally just as got merciful and just so had they been ignorant had they not known. Remember what he told the Pharisees had you not known and not understood, then you would have no sin, but now that you've been told another Jew understand you have no cloak for your sent so God would never have if he had not given them every single opportunity to repent and if they had not understood. He would've never never would've love destroyed the right, they didn't they didn't want to. They didn't want to believe that the so he gave them every opportunity.

Hang tight. Will be back right after this. Don't go away all the way who don't mind overcrowding this nation and the authority in late now. Now I got crime overtaken our city. We got gangs taken over handed out more and more will bear the leak and seems to me there. What we called the radiation is Asians going all the day. How will you know the powerful theory you and family. How you do not, in the and no him and needing a bomb in the day right back trying to Joe's doing in the deep state is the boys are bringing in these young guys military fighting age in the break and when my nights in the taken of the locations in the this is treason with happiness totally illegal in the current foreign people. Foreign foreigners is deserve. These are people that are bringing in and the good of recommend for whatever they need to do to start riots means that the regulations to whatever whatever it is they're doing it in the middle of the night there giving these these people money.

There again, this is a this this is treason is high treason being committed by bite in the deep state this is happening now in America there trying to reduce this to 1/3 world status so that's was going on and you know what the and and and looks like that a barrel of oil might go up $250 a barrel. That means you can be paying 545 dollars per gallon gasoline and you folks out there remember member I told you before, remember those people that have the Biden signs in the yard.

So when you see them you can think of him thinking for our nation falling apart.

Think, for the higher gas prices see civil testimony, that's awful mean no limitation with that is is just is just you need to do this you need to let them know the gate you're the reason because of what you did. You voted for wicked men. That was a sin according to God's Word, the Bible. It's a sin to vote for wicked person and you did it knowing knowing and so anyhow there you go. And so, I have Ms. Wendy Wilson right here. I have the apothecary herbs catalog. The one without my picture in it and I and it's it's a book medicine is like folks, this is these are real true medicines and so I encourage him to give me the phone number you can call get your own catalog at 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 and this is the power you can go to the power you can find it there. But these catalogs are filled with with all of the information you know you take your catalogs and you take Dr. Peter Peter Glidden's book on the attempt to cure Corky's bliss from A-to-Z the different diseases that all natural herbs that you can use to treat those stemming check this out. Not just treat the disease will cure the disease to cure the disease. Remember how they used to do that when actually bring it back here written well yeah it wasn't just about making money was about actually curing people right and so there you go.

All right, I'm gonna turn it over to you and tell us what when it's been windy. What is Wendy been up to while I'm topic if you want me to cover all yeah you know what I've had a busy day when you run the trees. You have a busy day.

Let me see. Tell me what they are back tire back and think about that. We can talk about the truth about medical and or the last one is Eric which in the backseat. Boy, now you may be a hard choice was going to kill switch now and kinda batted around lately people think. Conflict is been there and kinda chatter on the vaccine what's referred to as the kill switch that activates the psycho team dorm action inside the body.

Chatter going on at that day and it's coming from time to time in the COBIT theorem check that out to cover what it by clicking dorm.

If you have any idea what that is little.

This actually is basically an exaggerated and dangerous normally caused by drug therapy cocktail or a vaccine many different Dell to fight infections, and he felt communicate with each other using molecules called faculty that we often hear the term autoimmune disease waiting to attack own code 98 that has the action it gone haywire a plane for Don's person Jean, but that's far from the truth.

Typically, issues are often triggered or caused by drug treatment, according to client psycho team dorm is an immune system, creating many inflammatory signals, and often they cause of organ failure and death in a patient okay that's really hard to treatment.

One of the things get started. Typically, the lightweight herein. More about the psycho team dorm to do the COBIT 19 pandemic and scientists are saying that is pirate that's causing this to occur.

However, you know, this is occurring in those who were vaccinated with the COBIT shot so let's talk about real quick what is the psycho team dorm look like when you get beavers until you get 15 spelling in your extremities, maybe not vomiting, muscle, joint ache headache ran maybe a cough, shortness of breath and rapid breathing seizures and tremors can enter into the next, as well as difficulty coordinating your movement or confusion and hallucinations.

I've been lethargic and having a poor responsiveness, lots inflammation, blood clot and bachelors breakdown found by COBIT to me what doesn't. Well, here is a quote from very well hell, they stated that on November 4, 2021 people hot hot Blyton ICU from code 19 seem to have more elevations in certain inflammatory sector teams compared to those not affected so that a girl quick to before we forget that 2020 study, Cornell University, New York stated that he unloosed area. It you know what I just been reading that Liz could pull some articles remind me point usually find it and often found in soil. One of the proteins that can give you food poisoning so it is a foodborne pathogen typically very common strain of bacteria that you can find in soil and what we were never here is that when listeria protein get edited with the crisper device by the lab technician turns it into a kill switch. So, what time is taken. Proteins from a bacteria using it in a very precise way.

They edit RNA what is really RNA will it ever right believe nucleic acid is present in all living out in the principal function is for it to be a messenger delivering sections from the DNA and controlling the synthesis of proteins that are meant to that communication thing in a carry that genetic information in the proteins are switches in the activate or deactivate function and the research on published in the July 2020.

Journal science plenty read you a quote from their Martin Whiteman with the food safety agency in Cornell. They said thanks bacterium, getting a chance to turn off and on in our ability to make changes to RNA new editing text at three may be useful to the coronavirus research and Alan Castle Rock of Feller Whiteman laboratory the edited protein can shut off thing is very useful controlling application is a kill switch that that she called a kill switch. You can use as an additional tool and art and so they could have included that usually in any injectable there after you know, what would you talking about I just happened to him and I think it's exactly.

Let me see. Listen only to try to play something just a little bit of a couple minutes will be showing some of these films, though this is a federal agent CIA agents and their talking to. This is this is the foggy bunch. These are the people that the deep state. These are the deep state there being recorded here at telling what they can do play just a few minutes of this here let me do this and here Wendy sent here is the virus is not necessarily the virus is what you like and crash the system affecting individuals take another community.

The back of her life at key individuals.

There may take another community affects individuals there what was going through is going to produce paranoia, anxiety, and sleeplessness. Just as I recruited every paranoid hypochondriac to think they have whatever that is you selling the Sentinel cases and I create essentially a legion of what's known as the worried well they now flood emergency rooms. They flood their clinicians.

The CDC response back some agents from the deep state describe the pandemic in horrific detail.

This video is from 2017 inside a secret government facility. This is what government agents talk about behind closed doors worse than Dr. evil monsters and what you're about to hear in this broadcast is going to terrify in ways you've never been terrified before a private showing that one of those films, we we have a current events and doers of the word church were we try to keep people informed were the watchmen on the wall.

We warn people was happening and what that is. That was offensive meeting of the deep state. And that was the clerk that was being filled recorded in the which are just talking about is how they can activate how they can control people.

This is the entire Democratic kindness collective here, but this is the deep state. These are the same people that are involved in bringing all of these illegal aliens in in the middle of night taken them due to airports dispersing and getting the cell groups ready so when they're told to start to whatever they're doing.

Told to do. They do know the Democrats.

Already the word out. The chatters out there that they want to stop the midterm elections. They know if that if there is a fair and legal election. There there gone, and so but that that's what you talk in this they talk about what you're saying how they can activate this. Wendy and actually control the minds of people to get out more. I read about how Terry Martin proteins that are edited to do certain things you control the body through changing the way to communicate.

That's why & dorm goes haywire the way to communicate and disrupted okay and was introduced to do that picture normally doesn't do that but I have heard recently that Lavan connected that has started their processes to manufacture a parent for all rain and usually when you want to manufacture for Ebola herein and you you would think so, though the national primate research Center is working with the Texas biomedical research and data using animal primate in their animal trial on that Cover this with you before that research and additive 011 Journal article paying hemorrhagic fevers, like Ebola. There are some herbs that inhibit pathogen and one of them is an herb that had ordered the several herbs that have Kenneth in it. They I go flat on that inhibit the hemorrhagic fever so canteen root, alfalfa, red clover, American gin thing and dryers. Her all have that Janice hello again so you carry all that don't fit in, and hemorrhagic pathogen and better so where we love it. I can't do everything well but it just has that other benefit when it okay will we have also talked about the I had a clip from Dr. Lucy think your four men who were lit when talking about now.

The lady doctor we had on here with the she was talking about how you could, and I think I think the day that was a doctor, carry my day. Anyhow, she was when she was saying is what you were talking about a couple years ago. Not so much this, but as far as detoxing in the bath I will play this and then you tell me what you think about because I heard most of this right from you first. Your body and how wonderful your point in coming out what technology can't tolerate right that's the woman that the they arrested her for the January 6 from the really they had Megan broken into her house. The deep state the foods anyhow talking about. Remind me of what you're up on you called. They called the cold, heat treatment, where they call a lot of impurities right out. Again okay and hot bath with their adventure herb float around in the bath in a makeshift flat and then after 20 minutes that that you get wrapped in this sheet that's been soaking in 20 pounds I water and then you go to bed and an end. See all the impurities come out to the skin, and in addition colors that she save money. You don't care about parents neatly and that's what they wanted to hear to fast-track addiction rather system whether it's chemical or emotional issues comes around out all the all the impurities I've said before, stumbling blocks for the body to regenerate and heal itself in a yeah you seen that. And I've seen examples of where the shows you the sheets of the stuff that's come other people like like a really great tie-dye that it is well we know after playing that we had guys that had taken baths in months and months and inspected the dried out knowledge and plugs with the, yet you got really know what he was doing it the substance in your book is what God gave us in the stuff that's in the drugs to her a lot about you know came from down below right right what and certainly here on planet Earth domain job to correct everything that didn't turn things around. Boys been doing a good job of that lately is no better way to correct a man tend to make them think they're doing something that good for themselves when it yeah already I like to what I would give you number out 866 looks. You really need to get this catalog. You really do because I don't know anyone is ever gotten it. That was sorry that they did. And if I had a lot of my woodchip amount for absolutely free if that Wendy would would make me up a couple thousand. I was it love free to you because these things she's got what God has given us.

It's in their and tell you how to use this stuff to so I'll get a free copy and await shipment perforated go on a website or give a call on our toll-free number 866-229-3663 866-229-3668 I Wendy were coming to regularly come back.

We got a whole lot of stuff to go through so get ready get ready and I'll get your commentary on a bunch of thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance.

Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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