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March 8, 2024 4:00 am

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March 8, 2024 4:00 am

The Matt Slick Live -Broadcast of 02-28-2024- is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. Matt answers questions on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues- -You can also email questions to Matt using-, Put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line- Answers will be discussed in a future show.--MSL- February 28, 2024--Topics Include---The Rapture and Salvation--,--What is -Wokism---,--Marriage, Divorce, and Christians,--MSL- February 28, 2024


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The Truth Network Podcast is brought to you by the Truth Network Podcast. Good to be honest that's right so i have a friend who believes that after the rapture anybody who isn't saved will be under delusion and they will not be able to be saved if they're not jewish and i don't believe that i still believe people can be saved yeah now i don't hold the preacher rapture but i do know that within the preacher rapture view That during that seven year millennium period of seven year millennium whoo seven year tribulation period Yeah, people do get saved So that's I mean I've never heard it anybody You're the first one I've ever heard give the idea that only the Jews can be saved But that's an interesting idea maybe that person could call me up and say here's why here's what the Bible verses say that I use I'd be interested in that I I mean the only one I've been able to define this is in Revelation Where it says when they talk about the five thousand? In front of the offer that it's been reached redeemed out of the tribulation that they are of every nation tongue and people so You know and um so I was just wondering if there's other scripture that could support my view well It's it's he has to support his or that person whoever it is has to support Their view because they're making this claim. You know that only the Jews So okay, if that's the case you know maybe it's true I just say to people show it to me in the word, and this is out of Revelation 14 incidentally It says a it says a verse 1 that I looked and behold the lamb was standing on Mount Zion with him 144,000 having his name in the name of his father written on their foreheads Now someone might make a logic error and say well that means that only the 144,000 which later We find out come from the 12 tribes of Israel 12,000 from the tribes And sometimes what people will do is they will infer.

What is not there for example? Let me think that this person is doing it just to show you what people do sometimes then I looked and behold the lamb was standing right and With him was 144,000. They'll say see only 144,000 could be saved, but it doesn't say that So people might do that might say well.

It's only 144,000. It doesn't say it's only okay And he says I heard a voice like the sound of many waters etc harps harpus playing And the four living creatures and no one could learn the song except a 144,000 who have been purchased from the earth You know well, what does that mean the song? What song is it? That is being song Being sung because what's really interesting it says Before they sang a new song before the throne and the four living creatures, and what the heck is that? And I know some stuff about some of the four living creatures which and I don't know what it means though But then anyway, it says they've not defiled themselves with women.

What does that mean? Would that mean they're virgins does it mean they're married because it's not a defilement inside of marital Union to have relations. That's not a defilement. That's true. Yeah, so they mean yeah Could you know I use that because the Catholics say that she has not been defiled by losing her virginity wait Are you saying then that women are defiled who are virgins when they get married their husbands, and they're defile when they have relations Don't you're saying you know anyway, so? it's just that it's difficult to nail this down on what it exactly means and That's a tough one So it's up to that person to say this is what it really means, and this is why it means what it means Okay, I can't do it. Yeah Well I appreciate it, okay but You know my opinion is I believe we go through the tribulation period I believe it's gonna go and see it get bad That's me.

That's what I believe But you're right. Hey. There's a break. That's so all right. Well. We'll take off all right. God bless Alma. Thank you.

Yeah I'm sorry about that cut her off there. Hey if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six We'll be right back You It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick Hey everyone welcome back to the show. Thanks for listening And putting up with me, and if you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Six all right, let's get on the phone here with Paulette from Durham, North Carolina Paulette welcome here on the air Thank you So what you got Are you there Yes, okay, okay, so yeah, you have a question Yes, can you explain to me what this thing about? The church awoke or whatever it is what that means being always to be woke yeah Yeah, it means to be socially aware of varying problems in our society like racism white privilege ageism social injustices Prejudices etc and that to be it means you are awake. You're woke about all of those things because you should be aware of them because if you're not you're not a good person and You have to assume that they're true and it generally the perpetrators of these injustices are white men generally Well why all of a sudden are we just hearing about that I've never heard of it before It's been out for a few a few short years Well, I believe it's because the the enemy the devil is working through the leftists on our country to undermine truth to undermine Harmony in our culture, and I believe it's part and parcel of the socialist communist movements in different countries to try and undermine America, which they proclaim they want to do and this is just one of the things that causes division causes more racism causes more problems and It's being used as a bat to bludgeon people Who thought you're not woke you're a bigot you don't understand that white privilege you this yet, and it's just it's bad But what's good is that people are coming?

I'll be I like to call it woke They're waking up about being woke. They're woke in that they already see the the fakery That's in woke ism, and though I call them the woke tards because there's many woke tards that are out there that are just saying this is how things have to be and you've got a you know like like You know white people are the ones who caused slavery in America, and that's just how it is and yet they don't You know they're not taught things like the first I believe it was the first a black slave owner was a black man himself in America And that it was slavery was perpetrated among all cultures Basically in all continents way before the blacks here in America were so you know sold in slavery by other blacks in In Africa, so this kind of stuff. Yeah is not taught because it's not politically correct so The woke means no you can't you can't affirm those things what needs to be affirmed is white men bad everybody else good this kind of a thing and there's racism everywhere, and then there's something called age ism and Well you're you're an ageist That means you don't believe that people who are in their 60s or 70s can get a job or can can work and do certain jobs There's various prejudices it just goes on it. It's really it just become a means to to kind of say this a means to oppress people and Silence them and one of the places this is very prominent is in college campuses Which is supposed to be? places of neutrality of learning, but no they're just They're just campuses that producing woke cards everywhere the leftists who believe in you know eight thousand genders and You have to use the right pronouns, and if you don't call them by the right pronoun. You're the one being violent and So if you don't talk what they want you to talk about them.

You're the one who's evil and violent they are I wannies I call them wannies Wannies are somebody who goes where where? Their their babies their children who don't know what it means to think critically and to to be fair so Yeah, they're they're the ones who are full of injustice and bigotry yeah So they are not a good thing oh No, no, no this woke stuff is not good Yeah, you know the the idea let me let me kind of clarify the idea of being woke in the sense of We don't want racism. We don't want injustice of course. We don't want that stuff.

Well. That's fine But they don't know not that this um yeah, there's no problem that there's no they don't stop at the simplicity of that They continue way beyond it and turn it into a weapon so the left weaponizes whatever they can to get what they want they've left they weaponized the FBI the DOJ the IRS they've weaponized the idea of wokeness so the woke tards are in there saying that you're the bigots You're the the oppressors white people are the oppressors. I mean it's what you know it's ridiculous in fact I've been in rooms where the woke tards are talking and About you know the press of white system, and I say to them. I'm a white guy. I says what have I done to oppress you I? Mean why you know and you you have white privilege because you're white I said really Well you tell you tell that to my wife and me who had to live on $15 extra a week We were so broke and I'm trying to work my tail off Paying off school loans and do whatever I could and working 50 60 70 hour weeks you tell me what advantage is it that I had and You know to get where I'm at I had to work extremely hard, and you know it's just I think woke ism is a Means to justify to some degree with some people to justify their own failures Their own inabilities and to not look upon themselves and take responsibility for their own actions I'm not saying there aren't problems in our society of course. There's racism and There's injustices and prejudices of course there are but we need to know We get rid of those we work against them, and there's been incredible progress made in that area, but the woke people keep it at the forefront and Ince and inadvertently cause more the problems that they are saying they won't get rid of So I believe it's a leftist ploy to undermine our country in part of it and to Help destroy our nation and the left the woke tard left.

You know they open the border because that's what's fair right And so eight million people are in our country. Yeah. Oh, yeah, it's just it's insane Yeah, it's the I think the left is When things go bad when things go bad, we're the ones they will blind Exactly correct And I hope Trump gets in and I hope Trump deports the illegals who have illegally come into this country And if if he does which I hope he does Then what'll happen is the left will complain about him. He's draconian. He's evil.

He's mean and And oh yeah, they'll attack doing that in fact. You know. I just read that I forgot.

What city it was in That they had to stop They just stopped paying People who are on call for varying hours to work in the city for varying jobs They stopped it because they need to have the money to pay for the illegals who are giving them free room and board We have food everything. Oh, yeah. Yeah, it's it's a healthy things all over the place Do you think illegals should get our Medicare our benefits or whether they shouldn't know? We could talk about hold on. They got a break.

Okay, look. I'm a little more about this after the break Cuz we do have a break. So hey folks you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six Be right back You It's Matt slick live taking a call at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick Everybody welcome back to the show. Let's get back on with Paulette if she's still there. Are you still there? I am Okay, um, I got but just another minute or two because I'm getting ready to go in church But I'm for you. I just wanted to make sure I was right about that that I was looking at it the right way About the world and there was something else. We were just talking about and forgive my old days, but I don't remember what it was Yeah, well, I understand that when that's happening to me more and more to Yeah Right.

Well, I really appreciate you taking time to talk with people with me and You're doing a good work cuz I've learned a lot from listening to you Good. Well, praise God, you know, praise God. Yeah Well, you have a good evening it's raining here So, oh it's okay when you got when you're old and got a walk in it Well, there's no problem.

Just walk slowly and just enjoy the blessing from heaven. Yeah Yeah, I don't have take a shower tomorrow, right? That's true. That's true All right. Well Paul, I will God bless. Well, thank you on YouTube. Bye. Bye. Okay. Okay.

Bye You know folks you may not be aware of this. I wrote a whole bunch of articles on social justice a few years ago And including this issue and I found myself writing and referring to the new society and no one was using that terminology but I just kept saying well, they want a new society and so I wrote an article about it of the new society and and it's part of this this issue of what the The left wants to do but I'll get to that in a second. But in an another article I wrote called sliding towards Sodom what I did was Right about leftist progressivism and What it wants to do Anyway, so what I did what I found some titles to articles and I hyperlink them iron for still available, but this is these written like three four years ago and I wrote this instead like Nazi Germany's they the leftists. Okay, we'll find a scapegoat Here's our leftist LGBT Cancel culture the attack on conservatives and Judeo-christian Ethics is well underway.

That's what they're doing. The leftist is doing that and I found five articles and there's many many more but It MSNBC's joy read ties Trump to Osama bin Laden in the wake of Capitol Hill chaos And another article Democrat lawmaker says it's time to call Republicans terrorists Democrats called white Christian nationalists a national security threat Another article the fundamentals of extremism the Christian right in America another article public school advocate attacks charter private schools compares them to terrorist training centers Now this is what's going on. All right in the new society What they want is a secular humanist politically correct semi-marxist morally relative culture with the following Characteristics and there's no absolute and ultimate morality because there's no absolute God Christianity they say promotes a city oppression Bigotry and intolerance. It must be resisted and even controlled morality evolves with the increasingly secularized society's needs and desires more moral absolutes are non-existent except those promoting LGBTQ and The LGBTQ rights are above the right of the free expression of a person's religious convictions Even though these religious convictions and expressions rights are guaranteed by the Constitution Abortion rights must be preserved in this new society dissenters are ridiculed and mocked as oppressors of women You have the right not to be offended You if you are you have the right to silence the offenders Especially when it comes to offensive conservative speech Politically correct speech is automatically superior to conservative speech. These are all the basic principles that are underlined And floating around in the leftist ideology They have the weaponization of racism which is used to shame white people stop oppression and silence the majority White people are automatically guilty of racism and continue to benefit from white supremacy The media cultivate division hatred and resentment to gain ratings push their leftist agenda and Further condition people to accept socialism. Let me tell you folks socialism fails and it it's deadly socialism is deadly People don't study history because the socialist leftist morons are in control of our society now I'm saying this on YouTube now.

Will I be Told that I can't be on YouTube now. Well, am I gonna be Docked for saying what I believe now this is the if I am because it might happen Because it might happen if I am Then that's just proof of the double standard that the left has because on the left you're allowed to criticize conservatives and call them all names and say that Violence against them is justified under certain conditions But if I say this is what the left is doing then I'm the one who'll be silenced and if it does happen Well, so be it we're broadcasting on rumble and at least there's some freedom there, but this is how things work So big tech in the mainstream media sensor conservatives, but allowed left spun misinformation to flourish See, I didn't even know that was the next what I was gonna read, but there it is Doublespeak you should read 1984 and know what doublespeak is the mister the the anti utopian novel called 1984 everybody should read it. You really should Doublespeak frames acceptable thinking and dialogue tolerance is really suppressed speech Equality is discrimination against conservatives freedom is submission to the increasing control of government That's what doublespeak is. They say tolerance is everybody's okay, but not for you because you're a conservative Otherwise because if you give conservative values, then you're intolerant.

So real tolerance means we can't be tolerant towards you. It's called doublespeak a free market capitalism has led to the unequal distribution of wealth and power has resulted in the oppression of the lower classes, this is communist propaganda that is pure communism the That statement socialism is the solution to our current problem since they say promotes the equal distribution of resources and the opportunity for all And when this does happen oppression Occurs I could read the the downfall of Venezuela Over the past 30 years as they adopted socialism and how it led to the collapse of their society and economic prowess Here's another one two more to go socialist propaganda is woven into schools TV and the media to shape the youth's thoughts to accept more big government reject constitutional principles and God's guns lead to violence therefore access to them must be restricted and controlled if not completely denied so only guns lead to violence not baseball bats not chains not knives Not rocks not eggs that you can throw But no guns Why? Because if you take the guns away from a population that then you can control them they and this is a leftist Okay, it's the leftist ideology that's being taught there and I already mentioned about Sliding towards Sodom and we've got a break coming up in there in a couple minutes And we'll get to the caller Dennis in a little bit, but I'm gonna mention something One of the things I've noticed and I wrote about this. This is article from 2023 on July 2023 don't use leftist words and definitions Now if you're a Christian say husband and wife don't say partner Don't do that Don't say abortion Don't say was it reproductive rights say abortion or say The killing of the the baby in the womb don't play their game if they can control the vocabulary That that you use then they've won half the battle you see They've infiltrated schools movies children's books libraries with their liberal leftist morality and groupthink and their pornographic stuff that they do with the trans and and with no the People who dress like women guys who women You know the perversion there. They see the left preaches tolerance, but are actually intolerant They profess unity, but they cause division.

This is the So bad they promote equality, but they discriminate don't fall for it. Don't use their terms Don't say partner say husband and wife boyfriend and girlfriend don't say sexual orientation say man or woman don't say fetus Say baby don't say abortion right say killing the unborn don't say patriarchy say hard-working men or hard-working people Don't say chest feeders So stupid say mother don't say toxic masculinity say strong and good men Don't say social justice say leftist indoctrination and may I suggest that you don't say LGBTQ maybe you should say the alphabet mob That's what I use sometimes and don't be a snowflake a leftist a socialist a compromiser or a weakling Don't use the political left terminology that restricts your freedom and redirects your thoughts to a leftist agenda Be strong stand in the Word of God, okay? Hey, we have a couple open lines if you want to give me a call late seven seven two zero seven two two seven six We'll be right back after these messages. Please stay tuned It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six.

Here's Matt slick All right buddy welcome back to the show if you want to give me a call you can all you have to do is dial 776 let's get to Dennis from Ohio Dennis welcome you're on the air Hey, my thanks for taking my call. Hey, I Got a question about Marriage in the Christian community. I heard a pastor today on the radio talking and I was looking around at my Christian community here and noticed. They've got a lot of couples on like their second marriage So I was thinking some of them from their first marriage got divorced, but maybe not so much for reasons of infidelity or adultery as Jesus was talking about in the Bible So they dissolved the first relationship, and then they go into the dating scene I guess and then they fall in love again, and they get remarried so if I'm understanding right at this point They're in a state of adultery would that be right yes if The because yes, they are and we'll talk about that and what to do about it Because in Matthew 532 Jesus says, but I say to you Yeah, Jesus says Matthew 532. I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife except for the reason of chastity or Adultery okay makes her commit adultery and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery Now he's talking to the Jews and we could talk about the necessity of the covenant aspect and how it restrictive And we get some stuff, but here's another verse in Matthew 19 9 And I say to you whoever divorces his wife except for immorality or porneia is the Greek word and marries another woman commits adultery So we have different There's some ways we can talk about this, but okay, so now what do we do?

Let's look at different scenarios. Let's say we have two Atheists men and a woman and let's just say that in this situation The woman commits adultery and because of it they get divorced. Let's just say that's what happened All right, so he is technically free To marry somebody else even though he's not a Christian all right, and then he becomes a Christian later on Now can he get married let's say he's now he's a believer, and he's not remarried is he free to remarry yes He is because she's the one who violated the marriage contract and so divorce was there all right. Let's just say that It will go back to that scenario, and he and she They were atheists, and they just didn't like each other they got tired of each other And they got divorced they yelled each other a lot.

I don't like you anymore. They got divorced. That's not biblical grounds So now what? So he becomes a Christian is he free to remarry now. We have to discuss this because We don't want to be legalistic And we do want to be able to say to people that the grace of God is So good that he can work around and through those kinds of things So when a person becomes Christian and it's such a man in that situation becomes Christian and all of his sin.

It's gone and He's justified before God is he free to remarry in my opinion. I'd say yes. He is now some would say no He's not even though he was an unbeliever at the time. Oh, this is a debated topic.

I'm just giving you my opinion So I would say yes. He is because he's acknowledged his past sin. He's repented of it. You know he now he go back with her She's still an unbeliever. He can't marry her. I can't do all that stuff back So he can move forward and I say just at that point you know he from then on he's okay if he Divorces he gets married he divorces a woman because he doesn't like her at that point He's not free to remarry and he's in great sin, and if he does remarry then he's in a state of it of adultery Now what do we do well then let's say in that situation? He finally comes with senses and says oh my goodness What have I done?

I've I can't believe I did this I I'm wrong. I shouldn't married her Now what do we do? Oh get a divorce?

No, we can't say go to divorce because he's committed to her we say stay with her Repent of what you've done. It's under the cross you go you go forward It's like when we're in seminary. I was in some and we had a discussion. What do you do with missionaries who? Marry who get people in tribes backwards tribes lets us say Culturally by our standards, and they have multiple wives And they become Christians should he divorce all these wives And just keep one because you're supposed to be married to one well the answer is no don't do that But you stay faithful to them, but you can't marry anymore, and you can't be an elder Because a Bible says husband of one wife So you see there's lots of variables in this and It's difficult to to wade through each and every one and each side that I give someone could come forth and say no that's wrong because And I'm not saying that we all have all the answers all the time But it is difficult to work through it all the time every way Okay, yeah, I can understand that I was thinking that if you're married in that that non adulterous situation that you're Committing a new sin You could be every day of every waking day of the new marriage and in order to repent normally If you you know acknowledge your sin, and you try not to do that sin no more But you're like you're saying you're in a situation where what do you do? You can't just divorce again, and And so I guess God's power and grace is big enough to overcome that on a probably a case-by-case basis But I was just looking at it from a general point of view and saying my wife, and I've been married 49 years Yeah Congratulations Well, thank you, man. I'm your age, too, and I Understand the problems the medical things you talk about because I'm in that same boat But I appreciate your show and I appreciate your insight. I was just wondering about that today saying man I'm glad I'm not in that situation because it's just something there's enough problems going on without that Yeah, and And so I I have a philosophy Christian philosophy in that I'd rather err on the side of grace than legalism You know grace then law Within certain boundaries though.

You know it's not just hey. It's okay. Go out and do all these bad things It's your honor grace no no no no when we have situations like this that are just difficult to work through Then what we do is we we try to be gracious as possible Okay, that's what I say All right, well sir. Thank you for your time, and then I'll continue listening and give you a call some other time I'm in the next question. Thank you sure sounds good all right All right, bless all right. Thanks. Thank you Okay All right Let's see Jeff from Greensboro, North Carolina Jeff welcome.

You're on the air Hey, how's it going? I got a question for you my wife I've been married to her for four years now and She has Huntington's disease No way and no way My wife's brothers my wife's brother his wife has Huntington's disease Yes, I am I've seen it firsthand what it does oh my goodness, okay, that's all right. I know yes it is So what my question is I want to be an advocate and I was wondering what I'll you know.

What is involved and how do you become one? How do you what How do you become an advocate because I'd like to be an advocate for the disease Because I hear about it all the time people saying be an advocate, and I'm like what is that even her? Okay It means that one of the things that can mean is that you you stand in the gap because I know what this does to To your to people I've seen it my brother-in-law is dealing with that. We've been there, and and you know it's weird I just thought of this She still laughs at my stupid jokes, and we can't figure out why yeah They're stupid and she chuckles at them Yeah, and and apparently I'm the only one that she'll do that with it's you know how things are weird but any rate as a Huntington's is for those who don't know it affects your body and your mind and They both degrade, but it's usually more in the mind, and there's different levels of it and things like that and and stuff so But any rate so you have to be there for her and be an advocate to Help her take meds when possible appointments when possible you know you got a feeder you got to take care of her you got to make sure you know all the stuff and Depending on what level she's at and so you just got to do that constantly and when you go places you got to be there now If you mean on this in the sense of a national organization I know that there are groups out there that work with Huntington's disease and Yeah Yeah, and you can talk to them and say what can I do to help or whatever it might be and right And I understand how I'm not sure Go ahead. Yeah, I was gonna say I'm pretty much your caregiver, so you know My husband's up there. Yes, I want time and take care of her same time Yes, and we could talk about that because not that my wife has Huntington she has something else, and I'm functioning as a caretaker for her as well and I think I spoke to you a couple years ago. Actually you called me directly Yeah Yeah, and yeah her condition and let's just say things are progressing and I'm not going too much information because we'll respect your privacy and stuff like that but I understand what it means to be more and more that the caregiver and the Caretaker and what it does to you and the struggles we have to go through and so this is why we need others And we need to have people we can talk to and stuff like that but and then oh then you find out you're not as sanctified as you thought you were you find out you're not as wise and Loving as you thought you were you know and right? Yeah, you find out about yourself, and then you pray through those things Lord.

You know You know how many to be even better at this and that and that and this it's just what it is. Yeah But any rate, so that's what I would tell you See I'm sorry life expects is 10 to 15 years, and she's at year 15 right now Yeah, I'm sorry to hear it. I think my sister-in-law. She's I think she's at about 10 years and So we don't know what's going on, but um I mean I mean I know all the details, but yeah, yeah and And you know the fall the fall is It affects you know my wife has Luis dates, and I have You know I have Asperger's you know so we just Deal with what we've got to deal with what else you gonna do and move forward best We can but you need support if you don't have someone that you can talk to you know I would contact people in the Huntington disease Community and find someone that you can talk to on a semi-regular basis, and it would be helpful, right? Yeah, well I agree Yeah, it is and yeah my sympathy and Yeah, it's not easy No my brother-in-law will call us every now, and then we'll talk and he tells us some of the stuff That's going on and how difficult it is for him, and he's not complaining and like oh, it's all about me That's not what it is. It's just a reality right Yeah, and For people that are listening if you know if they have family members that have that that are having like Behavior real bad behavior issues mm-hmm It's spelled risperidone, but it's called risperidone That med is a life saver. It's changed her from night to day.

I mean Oh, yeah, you know ask yeah, it's a risperidone r-i-s-t-e-r-i-d-o-n-e I'll remember it. She doesn't have any behavior problems, but Yeah, hey, there's the music we got to go and you know things like that. You know appreciate it All right, no problem. May the Lord bless you all right and people will pray for your wife, okay? You know God knows who just okay. We're out of here. Hey folks. Thanks for listening May the Lord bless you and by his grace look back on there tomorrow, and we'll talk to you then have a good evening Another program powered by the truth network
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