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TUE HR 2 012522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 25, 2022 11:59 pm

TUE HR 2 012522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 25, 2022 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already were back to one of the say here you know you have the black lives matter or burn lewd murder and at the flow Terrace because more than $1 billion in damages in cities across America in 2025 Minneapolis along the black lives matter damaged or destroyed over 1500 businesses for buildings over 700 police officers were injured in the burn lewd murder riots and that was back in June 2020 start of the historic leftist riots burn lewd murder were linked to conservative 91% of the writers that resulted in the most expensive property damage in US and insurance history Democrats inside of the black lives matter mild for months as they destroyed communities across the country. Democrats also pushed to defund the police something they finally admit they has ruined lives a communities across the country well Terrace. The looters identify demons were given a pass by the Biden regime. Several conservative Americans continue to languish in prison and Washington DC. That's a young that stands for dirty cops.

Though the Washington DC cops are dirty cops is was therefore without any constitutional rights or any humane treatment offered to Gitmo detainees. This is this is who is leaving the country today. What a disgrace. Joe Biden is an abomination.

He is a combination. The Biden regime is just one year has destroyed America's place in the world as a beacon for human rights and in a home for the victims of political persecution. There you go.

Well, the Democrats there think the trading the criminal as victims. After Ernie and all these different district attorney prosecutors have got this thing that the criminals of the real victims, not the people that were robbed or raped, or murdered and that the community has to come together and fix these four people and forgive them especially youthful offenders and received cities like Philly, New York, Chicago, are doing this and basically they taken away consequences out to these offenders that crime and the there was a story of young man, one Shannon was put in the Washington state. Seattle restorative justice program after he committed a series of dangerous crimes, drive-by shooting, 2nd° assault attempted first-degree for operating unlawful possession of firearms and drug bobble. Anyway long list so he pled guilty and they in lieu of detention. There was a juvenile.

They put them in these juvenile programmers set up by the community passageways, creating justice sounds really great anyway. He was arrested again shortly. He was wearing a T-shirt that read know you jail.

They charged him with firing the gun at a woman in a car as he and his friends tried to steal it well. While they were investigating this crime. They found out he done another one the night before they committed an armed robbery or a shot two people the evening before. One lost portion of her intestines and the other lost kidney is gunshot wound. This is one of dozens of stories all over America with their restorative justice programs. When you take away penalty for doing something you're gonna reward bad behavior admitted just logic is you've got a really violent youth offender. These people keep offending there something wrong and putting them out on these restorative justice programs. What were doing is everything exactly wrong. We are seeing these gangs running the city. We are seeing all these police shootings is police officers are dying in all our major cities. The officers are afraid they feel like there alone were saying a nation just being brought to its knees by stupid thinking and people are afraid to speak up building. I can think of.

People are afraid to speak up and say hey you're destroying our cities you're destroying our people and the truth is most of the people that are doing the murders are black.

Most of the victims of these violent crimes. In these Democrat run cities last, and the truth has to be told it's the inner cities ethical slums and ghettos where the violence is, and it's there because of the drugs and crime allowed to continue the drugs they come across our borders that we won't shut we allow this huge amount of drugs become across.

This destroys the hand.

The Democrat party is responsible for the distraction of America and won't stop until we stand up and tell the truth again into this is a little like Peter that we reported on this laid-back and not reported in the swing when Kennedy when Teddy Kennedy was around, and Tip O'Neill and the whole purpose was is that we've got to keep a base of voters we gotta keep them addicted to welfare. We medicate them out there to where equipment on them so in the end this elated we got number one in the black families and Hispanic minorities.

We've got a break of the family got to get the mail out of the house again and then and we got it and that's exactly got addicted them to welfare to the more children they have, the more welfare they have and a lot of the the actual crew real. I mean black pastors realize what was going on and some of home by Jesse Lee Peterson Millers started fighting back here to look at the percentage of black voting Democrat. After the time of Pres. LBJ. Sen. wanted to start causing trouble. He said he was gonna put them back on the plantation. He would make them dependent on the Democratic Party and he did admit that welfare that was the what the current welfare plan great society and now they're doing it with the poor whites were seeing lack of marriage is lack of families, single mothers raising children, no fathers in the home and it's spreading to all across America throughout the different races and creating a whole generation of black light brown people who are dependent on government and we see the middle class being destroyed.

This is nothing but were turning into a communist state before her eyes and hopefully enough people will see what's happening or turning into a South American and all Argentina around the country and thinking of Venezuela and right before our eyes and gotta start standing up and screaming. The trip solicited and then it lasted two years. But anyhow, what would you have with you. What you have here is this the going all the way back. The death of Greta Kime's might actually the death of any party actually came out of the clan Ku Klux Klan and many many of the members of the Democratic Kime's party, the clan a lot of the a lot of those because of the schoolbooks. The rewritten history if you will out there. What is being taught in the public. Still later, they will realize I made you supplies. A lot of these are not just black with the college kids in public schools when they find out that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican well when they find out that it was the Republicans past civil rights restoration act okay with the Republicans. The defendant, a lot of them don't note, did you know Martin Luther King was a Republican and up but they did there amazed to find this out, but now I think they're starting to figure it out now because with happening because of the resources the more more information coming out with radio programs like this and Internet programs their figuring it out, but you I had a guy say to me today. He didn't want to know is that I wish I knew why my children won't talk to me and I said I know why and he said why is he sent them to a public school. What did they teach about public school.

He said you know you're right. He said that's that's what didn't. He said they learned to disrespect and they learned not to hold to the Christian values that I taught him and so that's why for all those years we Tell people if you love your children get them out of the public.

So anyhow, Joe feds on parade a mysterious khaki clad patriot front group hijacks the March for life here in Washington out and I'm looking at these guys… And they're carrying aside strong families make strong nations and there but here the khaki clad federal patriot front group was out protesting again today.

This time the March for life in Washington DC two weeks ago.

This mysterious khaki clad group showed up at the Chicago Mart for life.

For some reason they were feds without him exclusive evidence suggests yesterday's second khaki clad patriot front parade in Chicago included the tradecraft, indicating federal government involvement through the governor kidnapped in January go on and on FBI that the earth picking her nose are trying to create problems and make conservatives look bad and do anything they can to destroy the taken notice Amira Garland Garland a minute ago you were talking about the school thing. There's a study that just came out children who intended to state funded pre-k.

This was and the state of the whole planet here in a minute, but what was there was a one state had their state pre-k program and they looked at it out 10 years ago. So all the kids went through the government program are doing worse than all their peers who went through other methods of education or that men and it was supposed to help poor people. This study done by Vanderbilt University's Kleber Peabody College and this was the kind of pre-k that are poor children are going into are not good for them and even the study published by the American psychological Association found that the students in these government. Pre-k's goals were worse off.

Even then, that's children that had no educational pre-training and is specially in improved academic performance that discipline issues there were more special education referrals or anger issues.

It's going on. There should be an alarm all over the country.

Every one of these kids.

They looked at the what the state-funded preschool turn out way worse so that other words, the government programs are messing up the very children that of course they said there was a ghost to help low income children. So here you have again government coming in and saying that you're going to help these kids and what are they doing their harming them. Their harming them, and according to several major organizations are doing worse than the kids that had no help at all, and that came from and the American psychological Association Attorney is not a conservative organization know what did Ronald Reagan say that nine most dangerous words are. I'm from the government and I'm here to help you yeah psychopaths in suits are getting away with Y well, this is an article from big Tech news by Thom Hartman in America today. If you poison to kill your wife out to make 150,000 life insurance money will probably end up in prison. But if you poison and kill hundreds of thousands of people you can take home a multimillion dollar paycheck get to buy a new yacht cake offered irrelevant noise and his wife as part of the scheme to get rich of her life insurance of soda. Greg will bring Dennis who was looking at a $2 million payout. Joshua Hunsicker poisoned his wife were married 2200 50,000 life insurance money 80,000 800,000 of the which are no 80,000 of which he used to buy a boat David peters poison his wife, 450,000.

I don't know the names of these men who poison that killed my father and my brother Stan who died last Thursday would I know where they work and I know why they didn't just like rough Dennis Hunsicker and peters intentionally and knowingly took action that they would result in death when they said when they sold as best as to my dad's employer and got my brother addicted to tobacco and of and in the asbestos industry new early in the 1980s and 1890s that got definite confirmation in the 1940s that the product because methyl Amy method methyl. I have always had a hard time say network anyhow.

I particularly brutal lung cancer that killed my father.

But today their executives are trying to avoid responsibility for Johnson & Johnson is playing bankruptcy games to avoid paying for cancer is caused by their asbestos laced talcum powder and not a single executive even slightly worried about going to jail for all of these dead people write mesothelioma record trying to SVM some deal with tobacco industry whose top CEOs led to the phases of members of Congress in 1994, at the same time, the industry is been killing over 400,000 Americans every year of my lifetime and under my Confederate yeses. The long article. Let me jump ahead, but I think I know where all this is going is going to the poisonous pokes and so let me see Priam to get to the end of it because that's how effective you're a liberal and murder people you get promoted or have about jail free card something yet to keep your ill-gotten gains. Yet today if you poison to kill your wife make 50,000 will be seen knowledgeably that he's gotten home and try to jump ahead and list the basically the idea is if you killing thousands of millions of people with the poison will poisonous vaccines that really vaccines at all and or you're using windows of their and by the way, in that we work in Baghdad that right just about in any course I talked about that last night there. Where were we have people where you from our church and don't give it a go. From the rigors of beer they dared him all direct right absolutely well. Eric hasn't died yet we call over there and told him they going to be if that's given to them again. We want that taken off the list is going to be a lawsuit like you will avoid you and Silva prayed Christian been holding off on things like that about a vague family started fighting back. One thing to get their attention when they lose money. Speaking of money trying to jail recalling China drove her reason right right yeah I found something that hasn't really gotten any publicity all one we know that in China, Russia, North Korea of all reported having successful hypersonic test right and those came on the heels of America's failure.

We want a hypothetical soul and had some problems in the follow-up in October big test failure all kinds of bad news on our front now. I said that the greatest story. The navies got a do carrier out there, a $13 billion aircraft carrier right of the general court bathed in testing at the nucleus costliest worship on earth but it has yet to demonstrate it can effectively defend itself from anti-ship missiles. Another threat according to a new assessment by the Pentagon's testing office new things like copper hypersonic vessels, etc. the enemy has anyway mixed performance of their missile and interceptors mixed performance on the radar that this information so here we have this it still dog with occult horror unknown reliability of its aircraft launching and recovery systems according to the report and the report also said that there were shot best to assess the vulnerability of key systems identified design shortfalls not previously discovered or known and the Navy identified several survivability problems in the aircraft carrier. So here was our answer. The future Navy to rule the sea and the baby done some other tests on the self-defense system was not adequate to assess the combat systems capability against supersonic antiship cruise missiles and subsonic binary missiles. In other words, they couldn't stop any of these things are all the enemy have we have no defense for the biggest best costliest newest aircraft carrier in the world cannot take care of itself. That's your taxpayer money then please say jelly. That's one good thing about Mr. Millie in Austin them in there wherever we have a vulnerability though.

Make sure that the world knows the night. They make sure they make very sure these people. It the enemies of all that our enemies know that that aircraft carrier is vulnerable with all those thousands of hundreds of sailors on their recommended public five right right yeah to make it known him, but to no use trying to make sure all the transsexuals get there operations or surgeries that neurocognitive females can compete equally get equity with female soldiers in all the different feel. We were talking about how that got new.

I guess I didn't get to it last week they've got new pregnant white uniforms for the Air Force and Navy female pilots were pregnant, they had to create a new special flight gluten for pregnant women. Now that's got to be an oxymoron. You want a pregnant female flying a jet fighter plane, a aircraft of any kind pregnant woman and then they had to make special dress uniforms for all the pregnant female officers. But I went pregnant. Flight suits is got to be.

I just wanted to scream.

We don't have a good supply of red high heels for the new male recruits that they can they convey can relate to what it was like so they can write yes they can know what it's like to be a woman by putting on red high heels like a window have to wear their pregnant white. So that they can. What is it so they can have an understanding what the female officers go through. Now you know why so many people decide so many leaving the military right now. The nesting of the best and the brightest of that's and that's the purpose to run amount to datalink connector doing a great job and that they would run if I were young I wouldn't want to go into the military with openness with this kind of ridiculous thing with no Islanders, no, I wouldn't want to have to wear high heels and what I have put up with all the folks I couldn't add the I'd be in jail shortly for something shooting off my mouth, disobeying an order some milk when we open the full-line cetacean valves. Phone lines are now open in the city so the number is 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 nationwide and you know what today is two weeks and two weeks ago that Wendy Wilson she sent me her potion and she said in an them unattended 10 to 10 days to two weeks. It'll take away that cough I had that cough okay long time.

It has a dry cough will I have not coughed in today's medical photo fill Lindemann a better knock on wood is something of news. It will right say something like a roller coaster on right yet and so already.

Phone lines are open 888. By the way, did you know Joe you will believe that the CDC did a study and you know what they found out Joe CDC found out the natural immunity is many times stronger than the Coleman vaccination. Yeah, I'm not getting all that's what degree. Use them. They've figured out what we knew, walk, talk right with what we told him the very beginning beginning out or do not have this planned history, God created mankind rebuilt us from the earth elements of the earth and my voice out of the Bible.

You can also call up the care and feeding virtually the current feeding of the his creation and who better to know how to take care of that creation then the creator himself. Okay some guy got it right this time I had the catalyst that way to me. You know the joke is CDC reviewed hundred and 40 studies in all of those hundred and 40 studies showed that natural immunity is many times stronger. Okay so there you go.

When pathology finds out he didn't say how many studies contradicted it and I don't think I thought single study contradicting that you know not one out one right phone lines open 888-677-9673 nationwide. Did you know everything about about how to have a comment on.

I'm fresh out of my mouth. Thanks so letters 114 of 15 Post Co. that shot deaths 14/15 Post Scotia Dennis studied my research and found to be vaccine related, 14/15 vaccine related deaths of fighting paired with the fact that the injections had not been initially recorded as a cause of death in any other cases raises concerts about the safety of the drug and the aggregate album that any gap that occur before 14 or 15 days after the fact the caller to collect after you died for four days, five days after taking the VAC died, he died of coconut vaccine. You can't make things like that. I mean it was so dumb yeah here it says examination of the bodies of 15 people died after getting at least one culvert 19 injections on the jabs work implicated in 14 of the Fidelity's or 93% of the deaths findings Fairwood affected the injections and not been initially recorded as the cause of death in any cases raises concerns about the safety of the drugs and the accuracy of the vaccine.

Results of the study were presented by Dr. sure it by Kade and Dr. Arun Burkart the doctors for the covert ethics. Go but we did a thing way back. I Never months and months ago but end up out there was some pandemic came up and they had a treatment for and they had like what was 18 or 19 people died and they stop they had that many death and then they had no couple of thousand other problems for the columnist of generic co-op problem with vaccine and they stopped it and here we have no thousands of deaths over 20,000 that they've admitted to and not over 1,000,000 1/2.

Other problems like to think of the word help me hear the from the vaccine reaction to the vaccine and are still in operation push and push himself. There is nothing in history to comes even close to accepting all these people being harmed and injured and dying of the vaccine before it was this cut short far before this. This is just folks, this is insanity to keep doing the same thing you know, yesterday I talked about some guy to carry Betty. She recommended for detox and this is what she recommended because we have more calls today from people that didn't get all here. Get ready folks of this is what she recommended to detox. 2 cups know this is in a bathtub, you get into the bathtub.

Always good if you put water in a cup to Leah Ali out of my and nuts to be dry cleaned by 2 cups of baking soda. Okay Tecumseh baking sodium, 2 cups of Epson salt on cups of Epson salt 1 cup of Borax and 1 cup of bentonite clay.

You can kindly get the 1 cup yeah 1 cup a bit and I know you can get that you get that you find them at most health food stores.

Good to your golf project at a local store bentonite clay is used for bunch of things her wild game bird getting all kinds of things reading the local Lecter Missouri naked*you get a bag of bentonite clay let you know I haven't seen Borax I am is seen Borax and will tell you state that it would be the blue-and-white and white and black box of Borax and it would be very clean, big, and I haven't seen it anywhere anymore.

Missouri all over our local start out.

We have our laundry. He will be done before you live or something could be, I don't know. I know I haven't seen it.

Maybe I'd get maybe change the color of the biphenyl Heckert right will be back right after this it will take you calls and 888-677-9673 taken away began the well is available on the ride and we run the same family and we, meaning a ready.

We are back. I got a color was to know what I was talked about this detox, methods, and whether you will love you have nothing to do on Saturday night is time to take a bath and only could look this is this is where you detox.

According to document day.

She says this pulls out. This will pull out all of the a lot of the nanoparticles in those things that were in the backs the impurities that was in the backs which are faxes which were in the poisonous pokes and so she said this will do it now. Some other Borax program nanoparticles. Yeah. So that's the reason.

Now I'll repeat that to 2 cups of baking soda 2 cups of Epson salt 1 cup of Borax and 1/2 to 1 cup of bentonite clay is soak in this and you scrub it all over you like a 20 minute gap.

20 minutes so in the bathtub. There you go, and then rinse it all off and and you should know by that time I think of you. I've heard about some of the stuff before but I never thought about it for the backs, but to okay so the good idea I can take this and all your properties out there.

You can also use your water tank dump the water out of the horse trough and use that and don't backup queen water you so there you go, you who knows, maybe there's some people out there that never take a bath and this might encourage him to do so leave the ready event to create a better Christian. Let's take a gentlest: John your near what I really think that what you do good making equipment promoting concerning vaccine and the fact that you see the MDA media companies are all bottom-up and bribed by the crab idea big Pharma proven corrupt and lying back to drug cartel that runs much of this country, but I think on the other hand, you're really incredible anti-communism and I tried not on the previous night and mentioned some alternative great that people should look up one was a lot I garbled like the freight that could be looked up to find out real altered nation alliance concerning the history of the Soviet Union you will find out that the so-called bubblelike book on the economy was actually written by a paid propagandist of the newest great intelligence to pop concert and print for prompt response in the United States would never be quite practical religion that the bigger the lie against the Soviet Union and China and North Korea are our any country that in any way to a confidence implied or expressed to be re-promoted and a kind of dog like you got people look for another source like debunking anti-Communist, they will not do in their entire life. Thanks John just a q. week lease that Joe is telling us that the last 50 years we've spent and that you and we've done we've had people live come many people live come out of the Soviet Union exactly survivors from the country to come, or stories about their family.

There brothers, sisters, husband, wife, daughter, children that we've had. We've had former KGB agents, all of them that got out of there. They neglected you defected from their and you know they told us what you know how they were brought up, but it was really like. And so, in fact, even Mary would have been to Russia told what they thought.

Now there were careful they were guided to thicken three different things of poverty and angry that witnesses from all different walks of life, giving information so even play the piece from a guy named Veldman Putin in potent was talking about when abomination was in in potent was saying how you guys have elected a guy that wants to install exactly what we've we've had to get rid of what we had to live with in the Soviet Union under communism. This is potent saying this out and so there you are power-hungry person but he didn't like the actual communist system. He liked being the one in control, but you yeah right what we have. Next, Victor, you're in there. I would okay you don't think about moral right now the Bible regularly destroyed without well now, that's not good.

Well now God's guidance couldn't do that. He followed acts like was going around the world. You know a good. We also little to put on the blog around that number and then we also live in the world will know where to brighten your fellow man, not only the black nationality of many people, all around here I'm older create the hate. There is much evil driven by Satan. The life estate may want to create a trust in that way we Love one another like God wants us to double that's what is trying to do corrupt God's love is going right now you know God, the god Loki lead with Lily. He said all all the Bible being yeah right, he actually said that there would be new plagues that we haven't that have been settled enough yet in Scripture we got them going electronic, right now I would go out with dots on the bugging out in the lead on thank you my friend are like goblins and applicable to do the same.

Thank you criminally ask.

Six. Pastor Ernie verse one there is an evil which I have seen under the sun. Managers common among men. And I think that's referring to hate yeah oh I totally have next Anita here in the land now about how to concoct detoxify from the Scott but what want Is what happened when I bent over in the downtown by when the nightclub massacre happened and for a brown recluse by and date they had 8 AM want The I Didn't Have Any Sign Could Come but They Force That Might Not Go and Everything Has Been Hit and Having in My Head and Tell I Started Trying to Deepen Research Talk with People Know That and They Said They'd Heard on Stop on the End of like Little Parasites, Worms Might Be in the Mac All Clinch GTF That through You Know the Slop. Have You Heard Anything about This, Yeah, Yeah, We've There's Been a Number of People Former There's a Nurses up on the Internet. This Done a Study in This and They Put These Things under Microscope and They've Seen Some Things That Are Not Only in the Swabs, but They Found a Minimum in These Masks from China.

There like a Black Worms with Them Right Now. Everything from Spotting Marinara Yeah Yeah I've Never Had Any Find the Parasite. But You Know You Can Kill the Five Quick Characters Beaten Pomegranate and Pumpkin Feed and I Am Pleased with Finding out That I Yeah I Think but Now What about How You Can Get That If They Didn't like the Warmth Your Body and the Ship Moved around in Your Brain and and Felt I Called Wendy Well Thing and She Said Going to Try to Enter Our Barcode Scanners. So I Went over to Public Today Managers Checking with the Scanner and I Went the Whole Thing and They Try to Check Me and We Need Any Barcode Coming out As a Readout That's Good That There Is Good News They Might Damage Some Tissue up There When I Show That Thing up in Their Let Me Tell You What Happened Here WebKit.

We Had a Fellow to His Client and They Did That They like One of Those Will Long like Q-Tips in the Gym That up His Nose and What Happened.

He Had A Lot Of Problems in Two Weeks Later a Big Hunk of Plastic to Come out the End of His Nose Really Yeah but Had Broken off and There Yeah We Had Been Going on for A While. I Don't Know That I Cannot Quite Well. Maybe I and People Are Using That Nagging Him Pure Magnesium Wealth Grade by like Mouth and Ate out Model and Pray That All of Your Body and Get the Dorms in the Coordinate and Help Your Pocket by Never Let Me Ask You This Upfront Guy Got It Three Times by a Brown Recluse. I Went When That Where the Budget at like Five of Your Pinky Got Five of Them Gone, Turned in Black and Purple. I Tried It in a New Technology Drawn on the Clock Now and Pain Reliever Topic on All This and That and Finally My Friend Had Me over There and the Doctor Said If I Waited One More Damn When It Died and That They Put I Believe on Me with Marketing Guy Lying on the Bonnet over Medicating in the Unicorn Cleaned Me. I Don't and They Put Me in a Manner and They Can All Be Together And Found out That the First Hospital Apparently Gave Me the Dead with Getting Married to Katie and I Had to Be Quarantined.

Why Might a 14 Time and All the Specialists Met with Coming in and out and I Am Died. In Time. Yeah I Am Bit Me Three Times. I Got It and and That What Happened When I Was I Was Looking I Was Looking for. It Was a Strange Thing Because You Can Only Look for a Red Mark Whereby to Their and It Pops up but It Was It Was Just the Opposite Was with Me Where It Bit Me Was It Was Wet All around.

But Where Was Actually Bit Was White Turned like Very White and Not in a Home with Them. I Went to My Microphone by Yeah When You Go When He Formulae Where the Blood Kinder Something out and and and Back out As Snakebite or Snakebite, and Blood Kinder Hammer on Fine and Snakebite and Brown Recluse and It Will. I Wish I Doubt That Defendant Really Good.

And Another Thing Is Prepared by 20 on the Black Walnut Oil with Garlic Also Kills the Character Types Limit. The Best Thing to Kill Parasites. I Knew This, I Found out, and That's Habanero Peppers Elite Habanero Pepper and Not like I Would Just about One a Day, but It Will Kill the Parasites and You Will Not Have Any Parasites and I Found That out from the Natives down There in South America. Yeah, That's What They in Because This This Bugs and Everything You Know What You Know I'm on Non-Black Arm.

Brown Recluse Bite. You Can End up Lifting a Man, Very Necrotic and Going and Cut Everything out and Basement.

I Was Really I Was so Blessed Is Not Yeah Well I Was to I Got the like Is That I Went in. I'm Not Quite That He Gave Me an Antidote and Whatever It Was, It Worked Pretty Good but to Yeah Those Thin-Skinned Those Things Can Really Be Okay. I Got Bit by a Black Widow to until I Died. By the Way, Hardened. Yet, In Spite Of I Have My Yeah Yeah I'll Really Yeah Well I'm Working on Brown BiPAP in Altamonte Springs, Which Is Just North of Winter Park Which Is North of Orlando City Make That Allotment Coming from Puerto Rico and Willow but I Do. We Saw Here A Few Years Back Was That A While Back Here and All of the Far North, You Would Expect to See but I Had Come across a Cottonmouth Water Moccasin Right out in the River Went through My Yard and No Yeah I Couldn't Believe It Is Dennis Was to Be This Far South with the North, but It Was There I Got a Move on but Thankfully: Breaks in Their Eye on. All Kind Employee… Be Thought about. You Can Imagine I Get like Boarding Okay Let Me Legal Footing to Get Back up Again. I've Got Right Here. Go You Do Your Cup of Baking Soda 2 Cups of Epson Salt 1/2 to 1 Cup of Bentonite Clay and 1 Cup of Borax and You Soak in That Warm Water for 20 Minutes and You Are Described and It Will Help Detox for Heavy Metals Parasite Radiation Several Different Things and Nanoparticles That Affect but You Have To Go on the Order Tomorrow Have Little All Right, All Right, My Friend, You Have Blessed Them. Well It's That Time Again Joey Going Back When We Started Talking about That Is Only One Source of Information That We Can Absolutely Completely and Totally Trust and That's the Inerrant Word of God Which Will Never Change. Okay and That and That's Why You Are Talking about. We Are Talking about Earlier.

You Know There's Death All around Us. I Mean I Can't Believe How Many Feelers I've Been to My Lifetime. I Many Funerals a Priest and Inching Desk to Reach Each and Every One of Us and Is Not a Tragedy to Died Were All Going to Die. That's for Sure. That's That's the Last Act of Living Is Dina Right but to Die in Your Sin. That's a Tragedy.

That's It. It Doesn't Get Any Worse.

You Cannot Own More Capital for Redemption and Salvation. We Cannot Ever Undo That It's Done like Seat You People out There That They Then Say Well You Know I Don't Think I Don't Know If II Believe That We You Will Believe This I Mean You Will but but You Can They Afford to Take the Chance for Eternity. Were You Better.

Whether You're in Heaven or Hell. That's Quite a Choice. You Can't Really Take That Risk.

The Can't and Because You Don't Hear Again. You Know All You Have To Do Is Read the Word of God, and You Can See It Speaks with Absolute Complete and Total Authority and Power Is in You Have All of These People Trying to I Was Listing to Find Find out Where the Universe Came from There Sending Us out the Satellite Probes They Don't Have To Do That. Read the Word of God. Okay, He Notes, He Was There in the Very Beginning It Was the Beginning Right and Right in There so Many Things That the That the Bible Reveals. And so Again Folks Repair Day Whom You Will Serve Your Leaders Serve God or Will Serve Your Father the Devil, so If You Have Not Made That Decision I Meditate to the People Be A Lot Of People Running out into That.

You Don't Want to Be Wonderful When He When You Hear the Preacher Give the Invitation.

He's Just the Messenger Limitations Coming from God and Here Is What It Is Repent of Your Sin, Pray to the Father Prayed to Father God.

Repent of Your Sins and for Forgiveness of Your Sins, You Asked the Lord Jesus to Be Lord of Your Life. All of Your Life without Any Reservations. Gotta Be Completely in Total. And Once You've Done That Okay You Will Become, You Will Become a New Creature Aborting a Believer in Here of the Kingdom and You Be Indwelt with the Holy Spirit That That Will Happen Is No Chance That It Won't, but If You Mean What You're Saying but You Have To Mean When You Pray, You Can't Just Just Say the Words and You Have To and If You Do That You Will There Will Be a Big Change. You Will Notice a Big Change in Your Life and so You Will Never Do Anything Anything Ever. That Will Mean As Much to You As Doing That Now That's You Got God's Word on That and Nothing Nothing Is Assures the Will to God's Wealth Were Out Of Time so until Tomorrow. We Want to Say Good Night God Bless.

And Always, Always Keep Fighting the Flight. Thanks for Listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance Once Right What's Left Posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to Learn More about Our Ministry.

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