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MON HR 2 012422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 25, 2022 12:03 am

MON HR 2 012422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already were back in the living room, court interpreters figures from your carrier from August to December 2021 vaccinated people accounted for four out of every five covert death.

This came from the Gateway pundit also in UK, there was a briefing on the mode same article. As of December 29 the Foley vaccinated made up 74% of hospitalizations due to the omicron during this dominance throughout the Western nations that sums up this tremendous figures you think of horrified bells were those who are vaccinated and 74% of all the hospitalizations we did some last week work, other countries at the same high figure right so the truth is finally coming out all the countries in the world are making the same report also the one country is sliding behind on truthful reporting good ole USA. Why is why is it file G engaged in these people. Why are they being charged with genocide very well could be. Well here's the problem. Joe, it would. It takes a Justice Department to do that and we don't have an independent justice department anymore is simply an arm now of the death or credit kindness, collective.

So don't have the FBI got really investigate crime like mass murder or genocide so we don't have a investigative agency. We don't have a Congress of her old real caring on real truth.

So basically what we've got is a corrupt government and the just to keep killing people and the only ways if this is gonna stop the people get informed enough to realize it's all been one Karen this letter collect of reduction of the human population by our government and when they finally realized that we can put a stop to it but no they the death of Kratz right now are shaking in the booze they're worried about midterms, but they and this is why Biden is telling people that he did not remember the always say the opposite, in essence comes right out of Karl Marx's playbook Karl Marx said in a first of all they've done exactly what he said that they would do it all of the reading that always say the opposite. Remember what he said he is come out right now. He said I I'm in favor of supporting the police just it was just a little while.

A few months back. He was a I'm in favor of transferring some of the funding. The police, the social things away from away from policing okay right. The remember to noun in and I want to get into some of this because it goes directly with with Karl Marx thought about those that are will be well into to murder or whatever to break the law holiday should be promoted within the other collective now here it remember while buying this say in the season flavor favor of police funding, camel hair was out there promoting saying they're not going away and she was out there. Those that were shooting and killing the worst of the worst. She was making sure they got bonds they got out so they could do some more killing and she was telling him go out and do it okay and so so again, the people are starting to wake up to this effect is there.

You know he's called lighting Joe Biden now though there waking up people in the gym and even some of the. The Democrats are saying you know what we got it we getting move would people are awake and out. The one from a walk to awake okay and they're starting to see what's happening there. Just like what were tucked telling people about here and so the wind that you limit your rage and article very quickly. This is by Jim Croft and he says that Eric investigation barred to the largest US counties removed only 022 ineligible voters from the voter rolls in the last four years. This is the death of Kratz. These accountings within blue state is a blue states and and out of thousands and thousands and thousands of Illinois of voters that were allowed eligible ill eligible non-eligible voters in one or two out of thousands were removed to goes on their database comprehensive would be one of the most coveted by bad actors looking to influence an election.

The Eric database looks to be as corrupt as we feared over the past four years, the largest US countries have removed the counties have resumed removed zero and ineligible voters from the rolls. States required by federal law in 1993, the NVR 80 report to Congress how many ineligible voters. They remove the voter rolls. These are the rents registrations of voters and failed to respond to address confirmation request failed to vote in two consecutive elections. The outstanding term, judicial watch, recently investigated this data and found some astonishing astonishing revelations over the recent four year reporting period large counties in blue states, New York, California, report they removed zero or only one ineligible order from the voter rolls over a four-year period. And here are some of the windows up in America that parts of a whole lot. Four minutes nap dear Summit County Sacramento County with over 1 million registered voters removed none none ineligible at all.

Brooklyn, New York-nobody move. Nobody made a mistake right right Brooklyn with 1.7 registered 1.7 million registered voters removed zero San Bernardino with 1.2 million registered voters removed 010. They removed actually 14 out of thousands Queens New York with 1.3 million registered voters removed zero Fresno County over 500,000 registered voters removed to two ineligible listeners images goes on and on. These are all blue County who and what would you expect the corruption is just unbelievable and seduction is correct. Destroying this country primary care product they almost every goal that were talking about. As part of this antichrist run revolution and all what words most of the murderers.

Most of the rates most drug problems. Most the cops being the placement being killed and fall in those areas that are controlled by the communist socialist vendor called Democrats that were column. In fact, Dr. Frank Wright, historian, said socialism is the worst bad idea in history.

Bernie Sanders and he talked about how the young people today think it's a good idea because of what they've learned in the public school system near the idea of equality, which is not really their quality is called equity equal results. Not really freedom and the other people out there embrace socialism. They think there's a sense of entitlement general that social privileges should be rational right they should be given, but what they forget is like in a wagon. If the everybody is writing in the wagon.

There's nobody left to pull the wagon. I love the way you put it in all take everybody out and they'll want to be in the Uno writing and nobody's pulling the wagon goes nowhere. Anyway, back to 1999.

They had the harbor without Harvard University press black book of communism. Remember, this is figures 1999 Soviet Union 20 million that from communism, red China, 65 million Vietnam million Korean treatment. North Korea 2 million Cambodia's 2 million Eastern Europe over a million, Africa 1.7 million Afghanistan 1.5 million hundred 50,000, and Latin America, and years later, other researchers to set these guys are way off their way low. RJ Rummel resists investments in the Soviet government. I was responsible for closer to 61.9 million of their own people and then they had Mikhail Gorbachev in Soviet Union victim man Alexander your call and he was a high-ranking official. He was given the task of counting the victims of Soviet communism and he estimated between 60 to 70 million dead under Stalin alone so if you added up, you know €60 million from Stalin and their claim in general maybe 62 million in Russia that really changes the amount of debt under communism worldwide interest is incredible when you think about it hundred and 20 were talking, you know hundred hundreds hundred and 30 40 million people killed by communism that were able to count that doesn't count the people that suffer in poverty, suffered starvation of died years later from the ill effects of those people want even counted so that the things that young people little bit of history there. I probably look at those numbers adjust the it's astounding very black book of communism. You can look it up, 1999 the Harvard University press and the 45 Different Historians Federal Their Way under so it's worse than leaving the defendant then you know it's horrible things is what's taking place especially there in California and the states again.

These children are committing suicide many times more junk people now can you imagine being so distraught. Nine and 10-year-olds that you take your life because you have to wear a mask you put these masks on them and they can tell the expression of a person face. Not everything, and it's an and you folks out there.

Listen, you know, I know you a lot of you say will when am I going to do. That's the law here. No get your kid out of the school.

Take your child out of their Italy. If your child with the house was on fire and you had a lot of says you have to leave them in there. I know some will do it. Probably out there today. Your job is to get instant freedom to protect your child or children) and it in a school district it demands that your child wear a mask, get him out of there. Get them out of there as soon as possible. We had an old story after story of the scrolls that teachers are trying to convince the kids at their transgender and they should change their sex. They don't have to tell the care of the school calling them by a different name and they can even send them referral to the doctors are given hormones are blocked, block all kinds of things without parental consent and then three years. Remember we were keeping track for a while. Of all the student-teacher sex that was going on between the female teachers and the male and females do that which is on or not.

Eric the public process them as well most dangerous places. You can have a child in some of these Democrat run cities and for the most dangerous places you can find him.

Well yeah they were given young girls birth control pills without the repairs. No right. Some even took them for even taken for abortion to kill the unit without their parents knowledge dollars out of the enormity change their sex. Knowing and so and that what they call sex education where how to courses and fornication. I looked at a couple of books that we've talked about online effector and work for the most graphic homosexual sodomites effects you can imagine. And these were books that are the junior high, seven, eight, nine, ninth grade reading were just I was sick to my site, I was just so vivid, so gross, so pornographic and the American Library Association thinks that this is just fine for now children around 12 years old and a lot of the younger children were reading. They were at opposite sex attraction or thought that if they were given these books. This is child abuse and the parents have no idea when they do find out there told well encompasses education as recommended by the American Library Association well where they are but liberals yeah I had the flyers that you could Planned Parenthood made up you can get them in the libraries and they were pornography that was pornography because of your horrible yeah and some even have drawings in them. I mean it was so bad there. Even now, that is what I'm talking about pictures in which you had not just the right time, but even the words were like Charlie stand to read some of it I realized how horrible if you had a child that was normal that, but could give them nightmares could really mess their head up the rest of their life. They are not emotionally ready for that night so I will want to get back to what we talked about here in the election thing Paris Claiborne join binds campaign to undermine 2022 elections. Now remember with Bidens coming out nosily. He's concerned about that. He's sending the signal out there to the Democratic crime is partly collective.

We have got to make voter fraud. We've got to have voter fraud like we've never have voter fraud of folks we got her leg break these elections, we gotta do everything we can. So even if Joe Biden is being criticized for damaging America's elections by openly casting doubt the legitimacy of the coming 2022 Valley I guess VP Kamala Harris and House majority whip James Clybourn have joined the effort. Effort they both in the wake of Bidens comments undermine undermining the 2022 election legit as me election legitimacy did the same thing and editorial Washington Examiner explained that the Democrats claims in fact are false.

Biden triggered the firestorm I stated when asked about the legitimacy of the 2022 elections. Given his party's election takeover strategy Congress fail. I'm not going to say it is going to be light legit. He stated the increase in the prospect of being illegitimate is the direct proportion to us not being able to get these reforms passed books billowing out of the gym is a because they're telling you they have to have they have to legalize. They have to legalize election fraud. They have to make the election fraud legal because black folk out there. They can't get IDs.

No they can't get IDs indicate, but all of our black friends and black pastors and people we know deacons friend all delicate so II have an idea.

We all have an idea run my family having that's a joke yeah will you see, you don't need an ID to vote again but you have to have IDs to do anything yeah fishing license hunting license get a vehicle driver license. Go to the bank have a bank account. Now you have an idea to go to a restaurant. The nerve! Oh yeah you gotta have an export to get into the restaurant or at the Democratic convention or artillery rally or a Biden rally without your identification card.

I mean literally there's nothing you can do nowadays liquor store by booze, anything go to pharmacy you have to have an ID so the idea that you know there are all these people won't be able to vote because they don't have an idea that's the biggest bunch about who we have ever heard. So I am saying right here and now that the entire debt, the credit Communist Party not talking about every member. Every member in the Congress and the Senate. In my opinion are corrupt. Every member now and course of the Republicans are to but I'm I'm saying to them through. I am saying that the you will not be able to find one in the entire Congress that is not been corrupted. I'm saying one in NY.

Like you say this because of the of what their voting records as given them up now if anybody can improve out there that you have a Congressman or US Sen. that is not been corrupted.

Then I like. Now also they do black folks. You are brothers and sisters even in the Lord now. If you have an ID you're not supposed to have that if you list into the fake news media out there.

They're telling you don't have an ID, but if you have one.

Give us a call here at 888677967738886779673 you say it right on the air going up a phone call what you can. You could tell us you know that that you have an ID. We will give you in a way because remember you're not supposed to happen right so it was a call, execute being pregnant. There's a big report out of it out by talking about the selection and Jim Crow 2.0 election security going try to pass and he says it's about through insidious things voter suppression and election version and is on no wonder about who gets to vote, it's about making it harder to vote. It's about who gets to count the votes whether your vote counts of all middle is that this is not hyperbole that by this is that, well, it's amazing because people are listening. I was looking there surveys all over and putting several together one big one is Remington research group, 79% of black Americans support rules requiring voters to show ID 64% of black Americans indicated there were more likely to work.

Candidate who championed these types of security laws and even Scott Rasmussen and his pole in a survey with the our RMG only black study found they came up with 78% of black Americans supported photo identification laws to vote. So that was close to what a Michigan poll found one point difference from Michigan. Three big polls across the country going from 7978 one was seven. Another 77 I guess that's a candidate for somebody's lying to us. Yeah yeah will see. I happen to personally know I have a lot of leg.

Good friends with those leaving the dinner church I I know they have ID cards to even if the thickness of the staff to quietly and secretively show you well in elite that I what will happen. See, there's the word is that if you're a black person, especially in a conservative, then met Maxine Waters is coming for you all going to wait for you to get to the gasoline station and she going to jump out and scream at you and when she does that. That old nasty Whigs going to come off her head and hit it yeah is could hit you right in the face their ego member and she said go to the restaurants wherever you see the conservative conservative everywhere you go to the restaurant you go to the supermarkets you go to the gasoline stations get in their face and scream at them, and will dream you don't belong here. She got a point. That's what everybody forgets to mention and then she yelled you don't belong here, like MSNBC's got this lady to fit on out of the female caller lady right off and Tiffany is one of the most vocal liberals out there factory called the Republican Congressman white premises so you get a knight anyway. She said urged her fellow progressives to pick up a weapon get involved in this war for the survival of the country they been listening to the conservative talk about. This is a rewarder of survival of our constitutional Republic and are trying to use our rhetoric.

But here's what she said.

It is indeed a war and I have to say that they Republicans won some battles. But we have to keep our eye on the war and everybody needs to pick up a weapon and get involved because this is for the safety and lasting of the country. It's also because were out to get the black shoes, a supporter of the BLM like every white person in America wants to destroy the black and I have left you, and I have so many friends and people we've met the one of my most cherished friendships are the best for Alan Keyes who wasn't exactly a privileged white man and we have some fabulous friends and brothers and sisters in the Lord and adjust when you hear people like this talk that all of us want to destroy the black race United that the people believe this, lie to police that seated the fake news media is losing credibility and rapid rate. I mean really losing it faster. Here's a here's a good example. This is out of the world lives daily huge number of Dems want the unvaccinated to lose custody of their children, death or cancer more than twice as likely as other voters to favor harsh government restrictions being placed on unvaccinated people's lives ranging from fines and house arrest and imprisonment, and governmental facilities and loss of child custody in a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen reports the Hartman Institute, 48% of death. The grant said the government should be able to find or imprison those who publicly question: 19 vaccines while only 27% of all voters supported the proposal. According to the poll results fight. That's it. You know, this is just unbelievable. I mean it like you know you it would have been really bad if it had been only 1% but this is this is really unbelievable. Here's another one.


And California hear Gov. Newsom. He wants to double taxes, double the date the tax to pay for single prayer healthcare system that would cover all illegal aliens. All illegal.

In the words he wants to make of those that are the ones that are left in California with a job working he wants to make them pay for illegal aliens, especially my guess is if the drug dealers.

The pedophiles are that's that's what you get in California route to go along with it.

The Journal of RFK, Robert F. Kennedy was talking about vaccine mandate and he was there to take their mandate events in DC. He said this every time you comply, you get weaker through.

He said every time you say yes, you're getting pushed back to a weaker position to kill Victor going to Zion is the hell you're on right now and they are coming for our children. Amen. He get the mail they have been coming for the children for years.

You and I have been screaming for more years than I care to think now they want the children.

They want control of the children.

They want to sexually abuse the children. It so much is about the children and he screaming he said these people of not just recently found Jesus there not, suddenly concerned or public health.

These are the companies that gave the opioid crisis and you know bringing all the drugs in and of giving out free needles and all this is more carpet basically said these are criminal enterprises. The Democratic Party is a criminal enterprise organizations and NGOs and stuff the work with them.

Most of them are criminal enterprises.

It's all about money and power, not about the children not about the people. It's about money and power we been saying that the word almost on the comparator. Absolutely the phone lines are open at 888779673.

The phone lines are open at 888-677-9673 nationwide and here Joe suicide attempts among minors increased fourfold amid lockdown reveals a German study. German researchers have confirmed that the number of suicide attempts increased sharply due to adverse effects of locked out lockdowns on the children's mental health is the lack of in person contact during a coven lockdown and school closures that took up sad toll on children's mental health, according to the report published in the DP magazine this week. Of the 500 minors were hospitalized after suicide attempts in Germany between early March and late May, 20, 21, cited a an unpublished study from the Eastern University Hospital. Just imagine what it is here in this country about a videography cutting than the other drug abuse and cutting and alcohol abuse, even sexual abuse.

All of these things to follow that pattern and I know one thing, from history, nowhere in history.

Could I find that people ever complied their way out of the totalitarian government out of their control.

So if you allow them to do this to your children you are raising a generation of compliant children who are going to be enslaved. And every time you give a government power they will use that power and will abuse your children even more so if you're not too worried about yourself about your children and grandchildren figure what they're going to do these children that they're making them more mass causing all this harm. Now what do you think they're gonna do to them.

20 years from now already very good one because very quickly just a vote.

Many of you are requesting to get the five books the five books to Dr. Cass Ingram had had now snapped out of those that we have three of the five, but we don't have to. Two of those five so were waiting on the incidence of those of you that this said in an adult nation and requested those books give us give us a little time because we have to get the other two and before we can ship all five of them to you so there you go. That's what that what we wait not to give us a little time to get those and meanwhile we do have attempt to cure. We do have attempt to cure back in again and everybody sick and I know why we do have. We did get a new supply and while limitation, those things are going like and not only that, but we found another case of of of Larry Nichols book Joe 28 years to know where 28 years to nowhere and then for Larry Nichols. Also, guess what else we have that them the DVD and what I do with that. I just have that order. We had that DVD Joe the one. Quite secondly, the less the final chapter the Bard that was lost.

We got the Larry Nichols with the inmate on the Clinton Chronicles by final chapter there was an in the book you got it on DVD. Yeah the Clinton Chronicles and is so we have that and it is the it is powerful because it is relevant now because Hillary's back to me she's out there and she's trying to get right now just trying to get enough of the the Democrats to support her got going for money and support right. She's got some some hard-core behind her and so but she doesn't have enough at this point right now it's he's he's back. And then she's gone for the third time all pleasant Grove, okay we'll be back right after this and take it thank you calls you didn't didn't didn't didn't wait till Israel does not mean the truth shall set you free from the mountains.

I still need the name you gave you a validated new holidays, how they way now all companies elevate the matter in the two now what my children will have now what degree I may say and how they think have a how to live in sin. I chose the whole I met you and already we are back goes go to John. John your near everything that your point about the corruption of big drug history and aircrew up bribery of the politicians to the FDA and CDC and the media really good knowledge about grant to that of those organizations is on the other hand, I think your your pedaling really very dangerous propaganda totally unsupported. The black book of communism originated has been completely debunked and I advised people to get to check to you the first of all, God the bad history on the allies concerning the history of the Soviet Union. Another one prays that they got to Look up his anti-Communist product debunking anti-Communist propaganda because we had been subjected to a corporate media or 100 years that had pounded yet like a sledgehammer and try to get this demonization of communism and that everyone think they know what it's all about because they've only heard the rabbit enemies and minors about those three words, communism and socialism and Marxism and never question why they haven't heard one proponent that allowed one problem with within all the media, their entire world leader light and not that kind of ignorance has caused the death of millions of people all around the world that up and saturation bond by the United States government – CIA murder Inc. and Angel people begin to question that and realize that the socialist And the ones that have been first in line and opposing eugenics. For instance, to the world Socialist website company/ as an article in its latest Internet… Call.the stench of eugenics at the White House lambasting them is like white light housework with the that you call the Democratic guide socialist democratic chronic credit got left bleeding Democratic communist party pointing out that got while blocking had brought in a eugenics is from the GDC into the White House already okay John, thank you not going to respond to you okay so thank you for calling. First of all, the see Joe and I we do not do that.

We are intelligent we understand about what is taken place.

We've been around a long time. Like you, John and Wheatley known for years and years and years that those very same people that were bringing a lot of this what they call anti-Communist propaganda where Communists themselves witnessed and secure week now. But what would we do is we study actual history. John we read the writings and a very good example would be the naked communist like little skulls and the many, many years ago. Do we have on the radio program and and we will we will read to you some of what they have said, but for example here's what Linden said the strictest boiler to the ideas of communism must be combined with the ability to make all necessary practical compromise is to maneuver to make any kind of agreement to zigzag retreat.

So on to accelerate the coming into the power Linden said we say morality is that which serves to destroy the old exploited society and to unite all the toilers around the proletariat, which is creating a new communist society communist mortality is morality, in which serves the struggle we do not believe in eternal morality, we believe we expose all the fables about morality. Another was he saying there's no such thing as right or wrong.

Karl Marx of all morality and religion are so many Virgil so many prejudice. Booze was a prejudice behind the work behind with work in ambush. Just as many bourgeois J when he goes on, but remember what they talked about the Bible.

Here's what this comes right on our enemy is not. Those with guns, but missionaries with Bible that was ahead of the Chinese Communist Party. Germain RN Announcement was trying here was loaded trustee, the Commissioner of education we hate Christians and Christianity.

Even the best of them must be considered. Our worst enemies.

Now remember the death of Kratz are no hard communist today. Okay there by any other main communist is a communist Christians. Christian love is an obstacle to the development of the revolution down with love of one's neighbor. What we want is hate. Only then can we conquer the universe. He goes on to say that would be a it would be a great mistake to believe that religion will die out die out itself.

We have repeatedly emphasized Linden's opinion that the Communist Party cannot depend upon spontaneous development of anti-religious ideas that these ideas must be molded and organized into action. Lenin says the fight against religion must not be limited will reduce to have the abstract ideological preaching. The struggle must be.

He goes on to say late with a with a concrete practical class movement.

It's a must be to eliminate all the social roots of religion. Then he says the struggle against the gospel and the Christian legend must be conducted ruthlessly, ruthlessly and with all means of disposal out of communist now this is this is their writing physical directly stolen said doubtful Nathan came over here and warn the American people know about the dangers or cognitive involvement cannot but what happened a week we could spend weeks worth of programs. Lectures I have absolutely so let's go to we have no sensory Jack, you're in there yet. I want to talk about tonight about what I call the great diversion the Ukraine 59 at a week ago that CNN, MSNBC and the rest of them on the loony left were leading with Ukraine and not coated and the news media and complicit in jamming up the conflict with Russia. We have no national interest in the border between the Ukraine and Russia. The buildup of Soviet tanks and troop transport. I have been going on for months and all of a sudden now when biting the loan. The pole they want to make this an issue and what is sheer insanity to me is we are actually being invaded on our southern border. We have a national interest. Jack Jack we no longer have a southern border is going on. It's open. When you see my point writing that quick border not a border thousands of miles away were we have no national interest and just publicly why the American people don't see that they're not protesting in the street to think that we can get into a conflict with Russia and that it would stay on conventional weapons basis. The following, it could quickly turn nuclear and well at would be the end of that. The idea that we could go over and fight a war on a Russian border that surrounds order 6000 miles from us there. We could spend enough military force to fight them on that border. It's it's a total joke.

NATO is not going to fight. They always cave in and a lot of this is posturing curtains going to take the country. He will admit taking a month. It may take him a year, but he said years ago that was what he planned to do. Fight is never tried any sanctions he okayed the pipeline for Russia to get to Germany. So Europe is dependent on natural gas in the Soviet Union. This is nothing but grandstanding provides visitors like is that they're trying to scare people.

They're trying to get their mind off Jack.

Let me anything else let me tell you, Jake, don't. Don't worry about the Midland what they would do is this McKay first about you have Austin in Millie Austin and really think about this. What are they going to do a bigot ascend over a bunch of drag queens or maybe a maybe demand that the Russians adhered to the credit critical race theory.

Okay, no, what they would do is they would come out with a statement that we have taken a very quick critical look at this militarily, we cannot win this war we would be better to us just to surrender to meet the Russians, goals, and guess who would become very wealthy from doing this. McKay and you think the Biden family and but you can you can bet that maybe Millie and Allison would be getting very very wealthy surrendering us.

They are the enemy. You know, the foxes in the henhouse and option on back to better red than dead. I want to point out how this is already escalating out yesterday, Biden said he was sending 5000 troops over 27: descendent of the Bolin today a bit up to 8500, and that they are ready to deploy. Now the definition of Devcon to this troops ready to deploy and engage within six hours and an unabashed environment line: all in effects hundred miles away from the border that is called the Bluffs that part of background knowledge to rotate 99 and a shooting war, but I want to say of Devcon one. The definition is maximum readiness immediate response and I just came up yet. This could be where we surrender and become overnight communist could also turn into a shooting war and one that could get out a hand and go nuclear in our everybody should be aware of that but it all goes back to my original point that makes no sense to get involved in something that border between Russia and Ukraine. We have no national interest when at the same time were not protecting our southern border were actually being invaded to the tune of 4 million people year.

If insanity I know that you got understand. Remember what Biden said.

He said they will be listing the people that are talking like you are and that the they're going to be in by the way your libel to get a visit from the federal Bureau of a well to see what is that what was the word that they used. They used out there. All I know insurrection the federal payroll of insurrection department at doing that he will is the cutest Department of Judas, you don't. We don't have.

There is no longer an independent Justice Department. I called their ears ago and what I just said anywhere, anytime. Good you got to do it. That's what I'm preaching on all week long, Jack. I think that's why I like your joke okay got blessed (like I think the liquid called because we went another time when we have next Linda. We got a deal quickly and Linda here and there. I'll try to respond to John on he talking about history and about communism. My father worked for Honeywell copiers only got Kent to Germany and we lived on the German economy. John and I traveled all over Europe and I saw the result of what the communist party to dead local people. I found a different direction (and all the European countries that we admit that you can count me.

I don't care what you wanted. Today I saw the result of electron unit Catholic country okay and it looks correct and I want people to live. It totally destroyed and mark them for the rest of their life. What kind of cognac party and Connie country that didn't make the country left identifying mark on the people thought John what you're talking about is a bunch of crap you don't know what you're talking about. Wait a minute don't you go to Linda Linda know people are trying to leave America and run over to North Korea and trying to risk their lives to break into live in North Korea or the NRL in Chinatown are not landmark that I got ago, and I wanted a reason for the present identically and puts them in the herd mentality and I think people driving with their Mac. I might have found in their car allow any and everybody gone insane. I copy the federal Bureau of insanity To both and night. The night at the right of Joe. You got that two minutes. I said last night so that idea two minutes very quickly hurried to library folks wonder things in them in life. That's really got a matter that's not who you marry quick droplet occupation where you're gonna spend eternity. And we know that the author Satan is trying to deceive and he's trying to keep you from becoming a child of God and the only way you can be safely and have eternal life is to listen to Scripture and Jesus and said he was the living water. If you drink that water.

You will live forever ears the bread of life. He is your physical life your spiritual life and if you want to become a child of the kingdom, you must be born again to be born again you have to pray to the father and with a truly this is the key truly repentant heart, you have to ask that your sins be forgiven no sin that put Jesus on the cross he died, he took your place paid the price for your sin. Paid the penalty and he's offering you eternal life and salvation. If you pray and ask your sins be forgiven that she wanted Jesus to become Lord of your life. All of your life without reservation you want to make him your Lord AMN asked that he send you the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that down payment, you will become a born-again believer, you will become a child of the kingdom, a joint heir with Jesus and everlasting life. You will be this born-again believer a new creature and you will be an heir to the kingdom that is the greatest decision you can make and you got God's word and the kids would run out of time for the night so until tomorrow.

We want to see good night God bless lead and always, always keep fighting the fight fight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. Once my my pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WIWM please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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