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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 12, 2021 12:11 am

THU HR 1 111121

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
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The following program is sponsored by What's Right What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the following program may be pre-recorded. I am Pastor Ernie Sanders, the voice of the Christian Resistance. Stay tuned. My radio broadcast, What's Right What's Left, is coming up right now.

Coming to you live from Independence Ohio. Changed our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian Resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth.

Thank you. This is What's Right What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right What's Left. I'm radio pastor Ernie Sanders and indeed this is the voice of the Christian Resistance and boy we have a lot to talk about tonight and ready to defend this radio program against all enemies. Courageous Craig standing by. Hello everybody. There you go and here we have he's he's radical and rowdy rowdy and it's Randy. Be blessed no stress everybody.

And she flutters and stutters it's none other than little Lisa. Good evening everyone. And our special guest tonight is Pastor Carlton Smith and he probably thinks we're all a little strange okay but welcome to the program.

Good evening. All right we have a lot to talk about tonight so here's what we got to do for you folks out there listening all these years you know how we continuously tell you we continuously tell you about power and prayer there's power and prayer now you heard yesterday's program we managed to stay up and not get taken down okay and so we we need for you folks wherever state you're in out there listening to us tonight to join us see there's power and prayer believe me the opposition knows when god's people are praying boy did he know so and he's not going to want this radio program what we're going to be talking about to go out over the airwaves tonight so uh folks join with me as we go and we petition a good lord for uh to keep us up and on the air that we get his message out heavenly father lord god lord let the people all pray and ask father god lord that you would stay that your message that what we're going to get across tonight with our special guest pastor smith here lord that we're up on all stations that they can't take us down on any of the stations tonight and lord that this program falls out in such a way lord that not only does it glorify and honor you and it's well pleasing because we're going to bring the light of the truth just a little light chases away so much darkness but father god let some tonight here and some call upon you and receive eternal life this we ask in jesus name amen amen okay we're going to start tonight in second timothy chapter three and here uh randy you go ahead and read verses one through seven already this know also that in the last days perilous time shall perilous time shall come for men shall be lovers of their own selves covetous boasters proud blasphemers disobedient to parents unthankful unholy without natural affection truth breakers false accusers incontinent fierce despisers of those that are good traders heady high-minded lovers of pleasure more than lovers of god having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away for of this sort are they that creep into the houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins lit away with divers lusts all right let's start there with i'm sorry go ahead and finish sure ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth already so here you'll notice something as we start out uh know this also in the last days perilous times now he's very specific when he says last days he's talking about the end of the sixth dispensation period in other passages you'll have say in first timothy four he tells you that the spirit speaks expressly that in later times okay and that there's going to be seducing spirits but we're seeing and in other places in scripture it always talks about later times or end times but now this is very specific so he tells you when you see these characteristics in men know that you are in the last days okay and so then he goes and he says for men should be lovers of of their own selves do we see that today yes absolutely uh i couldn't you know i couldn't believe it when governor cuomo new york when he says it wasn't a prayer and it wasn't god it was us that stopped the covet here which he didn't stop it was doing he was telling just the opposite okay but the whole phenomenon of facebook where people really think that the world wants to know that i ate breakfast with you yeah yeah i mean that whole phenomenon that's self-love narcissism covetous do we see it nothing but covetousness today what is that actually when we talk about the transfer of wealth okay the that obama talked about that he was going to transfer the wealth from those that earned it to those that deserve it okay i want what you have yeah okay boasters boy do we see that yes proud blasphemers there you go again now listen to this and i want you to think about these these college kids these college kids out there that are talking about how they hate america they hate america uh they wanted they were raising money for antifa and the taliban okay uh but here i've never seen more ungrateful unthankful thankful overprivileged so overprivileged as they are today and you know what that applies to brother carlton is those those athletes the ones that were taking the knees these football players taking them here they're in a country that's giving them an opportunity far more than they deserve okay then they've been blessed and what are they doing they turn around and and hear unbelievable and for us old-timers it kind of really it's like a stab in the heart isn't it that's right that's right go ahead no just totally ungrateful uh unappreciative a nation that has given them opportunity uh to to disregard dismiss that's it's the height of arrogance of arrogance and and in gratitude and it marks the whole culture and it's you know again they don't deserve these things and you know these that was come out recently and and talked about giving money to taliban you know just so they could fight against america i would love to send those young people there you know to tell them on these socialists too i'd love to send them over to north korea yes okay and venezuela i'd like to you know they they want this they want that i'd like to send them there that they could get it what about the muslim nations with sharia law i i i think they'd have a uh definitely an awakening under sharia law well you have that uh what's her name that little congresswoman at talib and aoc right the squad yeah they just recently came out and said that they their goal is putting all america under sharia law if they want that why don't they stay where they could have it that's right yes and here you've got and it shows you the days we're living in here these women if you hear them when they're talking to their people at their their meetings they're their meetings they're having when they they have these town hall meetings and then foul language that the the foul language all of them are using i mean it's uh these women are they're vulgar and they call them the squad i call them the squat okay they're vulgar they're um rebellious the bible says rebellion is the same as which witchcraft witchcraft and uh and they're they're overbearing they're wicked jeremiah 2 34 says that their skirts are filled with the blood of the innocent their skirts are filled with the blood of the innocent and he says god didn't even have to look upon their heart to see that he's what's he telling he's telling them that by your own mouth you convinced you convicted yourself so he goes on and he says without natural natural unthankful unholy without natural affection how would that apply today murder in your own children yes abortion get to be anything more natural than you know i mean a mother lion or a mother dog would will fight to the death to protect his pups yes but these women will offer up their children on wicked women wicked wicked um lovers of well it goes on to say traitors boy have we seen that general millie general millie out there and then you've got these rhinos that just came out and voted to bankrupt america they joined the death of grass to bankrupt this country um that is that's not just politics you can't say that's politics no that's evil that's right from the pit of hell okay uh lovers of pleasure more than lovers of god what do you think carlton oh my goodness we will spend millions and millions and billions of dollars on pleasurable pursuits appetites entertainment uh uh any and everything that gives pleasure to us and and will exalt i mean we'll we'll exalt athletes over those who who who bring far more substance to our lives uh teachers uh physicians whatever how about soldiers or soldiers yeah soldiers and missionaries yeah we we have no problem with a guy that can that can that can dribble a basketball giving him tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars because our craving is pleasure excitement uh anything that that just that that feeds my flesh and feeds my emotion lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of god in proverbs chapter two he talks about uh simple-mindedness how long you simple-minded uh i i when i look at this these people and i said that's that's simple-mindedness these people are you know they're not you know they're not hitting on all these cylinders it's um but then you go ahead and he says fear is despised as fierce despises of those that are good well they anything that is good they hate you see the way that they hate it now last night we showed you what we've been telling you why they hate president trump so much why they feared him why they hated him it's because what he was doing he was revealing this this child molesting pedophilia one by one he was exposing them he was bringing uh and he was building a special force to to look into that and these people could not afford that this is why they hate him so much all of those nbc abc cbs hollywood but it's going to come out it's going to come out and that young woman last night she brought a lot of it out didn't she yes she did and and so uh here in that film that's coming out that's being produced that that should be out i think anytime that's going to really expose a whole lot of it absolutely and so here then it goes on to say uh having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof from such turn away how how about we hold hands we kneel down like we're praying and then we raise our clenched fist in front of the presence of the stadium the athletes do that all the time it's like everything's in reverence until we raise our fist up in defiance of what about the apostate church the apostate church you have look well i i i truly believe this i truly believe i'm not kidding you i think if you can invent a new sin tonight by tomorrow united church the antichrist and these physical they'd have it they'd have it in their articles of faith oh yeah when you when you take a look at so many of our denominations look at their histories and look at where they are today today today you know uh forms but no substance uh uh you know the episcopal church that that has completely turned away uh if it went for the anglicans in other parts of the world you know uh in this nation in this nation the episcopal church is is completely turned away from the things of god but it's not just the episcopal church it's the presbyterians it's the baptists the world of national council oh yeah methodist it's all all the world national council yeah yeah yeah so uh we belong i belong to unregistered new testament churches these are uh you you will not find any of those with that that are not 100 solid bible preaching bible teaching hold into it but here if god's word calls it a sin again they embrace it they all embrace it okay let me give you an example uh one day i was riding down driving down uh route 20 a minute and i got a call and the call said you got it you got to turn on was it 1300 or 1330 it's one of those stations and i said why and they said well it's al sharpton i said why in the world would i want to listen to al sharpton they said because he's talking about you okay and basically calling me a racist okay let me ask you this does al sharpton embrace the sin of abortion yes sure he does he gets tons of money from planned parenthood okay does he embrace sodomy yes okay can you think of one single sin that al sharpton doesn't embrace no no no you see but but these people out there and when they call him a reverend right they call him the reverend al sharpton but he's just one of so many of apostate churches out there you know the um the president of union theological seminary uh uh just a year ago i can't remember i can't remember what her name is but has come out and said she doesn't believe the bible she doesn't believe in the resurrection of christ she doesn't believe in the virgin birth she believes nothing at all about any of those and yet she's the president of union theological seminary it's the same thing going on at harvard they just bought the the guy that that's basically uh an atheist and he's he's over the seminary there yeah okay of this sort are they that creep into houses now remember back in those days churches were called church houses that's what they were called church were called the houses and lead captive silly women laden with sins and led away with diverse lusts ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth when i when i take a look at today when you look at these prosperity churches these huge mega churches about 80 of the people in there are women okay and they're they're ever learning but they're what is it then they're there for oh for the for the prosperity isn't it interesting though that all of these people wherever they've gone off the track on their on the doctrinal basis then when they uncover their lives there's either greed lust uh sexual perversion there's something that's not right right when the doctrine isn't right there's always something and it's usually some gross immoral sin of some type yep absolutely well with that we're going to switch over and here uh you hear uh blm and i referred to as burn loot and murder and uh because when i've watched what's happened is over 40 people they riots when you have these prostitutes okay and uh i call these prostitutes supposed to be prosecutors but they don't they've been spot and sold and owned just like in this this latest thing with this um trial that was taking place and i have the article here someplace okay for example here uh with this written house judge becomes unglued with the prosecution after flagrant transgressions now here we watched this thing with this young guy trying to defend himself being chased down by these mad animals okay chasing him down and he defended himself i watched the films they took in portland and seattle i watched an an elderly man trying to cross the street and i watched one of the those cowardly yellow lowdown run up behind him with a brick and smash him in the back of the head i watched a retired police chief defending some property wasn't his it was a friend's and they came up and point blank shot him uh i watched people there in missouri where and and saint louis where they were defending their problem property from burn loot and murder and in all cases the the bought and paid for okay if you sell yourself if you sell yourself and what does the bible call those that sell themselves for how about prostitution whores because of they've gone a whoring yeah they've gone a whoring so they were bought and placed and and this this prosecutor here um in this case with written house uh attorney thomas binger was bought and paid for he's a bought and paid for by your owned by george source prostitute a prostitute er okay there and we watched them get murderers off we watched kamala harris and boasting bragging about how people that have committed these the worst crimes how she could get them off okay yeah well we we are needless to say engaged in a struggle that none of us years ago ever thought we'd be we'd be dealing with these things now i know pastor you talked about some of these years ago but here we are now in the midst of all of this and i'd have to say that if there's one thing that the church itself is complicit on or or really in need of uh is that we we are to be in this time the pillars of truth but we've given way we've stepped away jesus talks about what happens when salt loses its saltiness when salt loses its saltiness um that is us right now and in many respects because of our failures we are now in a country and in a culture that is suffering when we talk about blm black lives matter uh black lives matter didn't just show up last year uh oh no this is this is something that's been coming but because we've been asleep we've not been paying attention this has has now risen to a level that it has infected everything there is a verse that you read earlier it's first uh first timothy four one and two it says but the spirit explicitly says that in the later time some will fall away from the faith fall away it's an apostate situation paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons but this is an issue of of deceptions and satanic and demonic teachings and doctrines that have that have crept up into all of our thinking um and you can't understand what blm is doing without understanding what's behind that maybe at another time we can talk about some of the issues of critical theory and critical race theory that's a doctrine of demons absolutely it's it's made its way into how we see everything before i met the lord i was a racist um i i i met jesus back in 1972 i hated white people i completely had embraced a racist world view and jesus when i gave my life to him completely turned all of that around so i've carried for years the sensitivity to this issue of race how did um okay what was it that brought you to the lord how'd that happen oh there's it's a long story but to to make a long story very short i spent four years in new england going to school this was one of the privileged boarding schools as a matter of fact last year the school that i attended in high school was rated the number one secondary school in the united states phillips exeter academy uh while i was there was in the in the late 60s uh remember when the riots were going on here in cleveland i i remember all of that i went to new england i went to a conference an afro-american conference at dartmouth my first year in high school and completely bought was indoctrinated with a with a with an afro-centric world view by the time i left that school four years later i had no place in my life for white people at all the interesting thing is that god used the most unlikely people i'd never used the people that he used but they were white and some of them were catholics now it would take me a while explain how he used all of that but as a result of those two things i ended up giving my life to christ it was at the very end or in the middle of the jesus movement what took place was god removed all of the relationships that i had except for this small group of these white folks and i wasn't even aware of it because at the time that i met christ i said jesus i'm not interested in being religious but if you were lord i'll follow you i was so taken with him that i didn't notice everything else was just gone until someone pointed it out but that was the issue so it was a complete turnaround for me god flipped the script on my life uh and completely delivered me from a heart of racism i didn't even deal with race again for another four or five years god's got a way of doing that yeah he does hang tight we'll be back right after this me so We know the sacrifice you've made Forever heroes, God bless and clean You, you're the you in the U.S.A. Here it runs to all the families of our troops We share pride and pain with you You are like stars, shine on forever Forever red and white and blue You are forever heroes, we won't forget you We know the sacrifice you've made Forever heroes, God bless and clean You, you're the you in the U.S.A. O beautiful for heroes proved In liberating strife Who more than self their country loved And mercy more than life America, America God shed his grace on thee And crowned thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea Forever heroes, we won't forget you We know the sacrifice you've made Forever heroes, God bless and clean You, you're the you in the U.S.A. Forever heroes and now we're going to hear a message from the real legitimate president of the United States of America. I'd like to pay tribute to all of those incredible people and you are indeed incredible people who serve so well and so strong and so powerfully in the United States Armed Forces. We love you, our nation respects you, the world respects you and we will come back. Our country has gone through a lot.

The last period of time has been very, very tough watching what you had to watch, but our country will be back and will be back stronger than ever. Happy Veterans Day. On this Veterans Day, we had a big sign out from the church and you know what it said? It says that God is on the throne, he's in complete control and President Donald Trump is still the legitimate president of the United States on one side and then on the other side it said, Our God is an awesome God, he reigns from heaven above with wisdom, power and love and we the people, doers of the word church will never submit to the deep state corruption in this country. And we had that sign up there for a long time and somebody stole it today.

Somebody got it, they must have done it quickly, but we're going to put another one up. Yes we are. Amen.

Yes. And then little Lisa will be out there guarding it. She'll be walking around. With my Glock 19 semi-auto. Don't dare touch it.

Alrighty, there you go. Now, Randy, who is this other fellow sitting in here with us? Oh, it's a privilege and an honor to talk about this other fellow and for me it is because of a little background on he and I is that we grew up in the same neighborhood at the same time. We're the same age.

We know some of the same people and even now we live in the same neighborhood, but we knew none of this until about a week or two ago. And this is Carlton Smith. Carlton Smith is the founder and president of Architech and that's Tech with a K International, which basically is a group that provides unique consultation for businesses and other organizations. He's a pastor of Antioch Fellowship Assemblies and has been since 2004 and currently is now and this is an assembly of a network of churches. He's the founder of Northeast Ohio Intercession Network and it's a network of approximately 700 intercessors covering the spiritual activity in northeastern Ohio. He's a prayer coordinator in the Cleveland Hope organization. He's also president of Bridge Builders Incorporated.

He's the co-founder of Mission Cleveland and Mission Cleveland is a city reaching movement encompassed in northeastern Ohio and six counties in northeastern Ohio. He's a northern Ohio coordinator of the Houses of Worship and these are houses of worship. These are ministries in home. Is that not correct?

In homes. And he coordinates that and it gives him access to over 300,000 churches across the United States. And the pastor also periodically, he teaches in the congregations as well. He's the executive director of the Christian Family Outreach and executive director of National Families Institute and that is a public policy institute with a focus on issues related to African-American families.

He also has a prison ministry and it goes on. He's a graduate of, as he mentioned, Phillips Exeter Academy. Is that New Hampshire or is that Vermont? No, that's in New Hampshire. That's in New Hampshire, right.

And it's one of the most exclusive, as he mentioned, private schools in America. He attended high school there and that's why I never met him. We would have gone to the same high school. Same high school.

Same high school. I'm two months older than he is and for those of you, and then I'm going to back off, he was born on Christmas Day. Wow. Wait a minute.

Somebody else famous was born on Christmas Day. Oh, yeah. And with that, I'll turn it back over to Pastor. Well, you know what? Let me tell you this.

I forgot to do this. Folks, tomorrow, we were going to have a protest at the Geauga County Board of Health. That has been canceled. That protest for tomorrow has been canceled. So, for you folks out there, the protest for Geauga City Board of Health has been canceled for tomorrow. Now, at the same time, Saturdays, I wanted to say that November 13th, from 10 to noon, there's going to be an anti-vax mandate protest at progressive headquarters.

That's going to be at progressive headquarters. America is standing up and America is fighting back. America is not going to take it anymore. We're not going to take it anymore. We're pushing back against the anti-Christ. This is the anti-Christ world system. And God's word in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells you that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

Failure to resist tyranny is always disobedience to God. So, that's progressive headquarters at 6300 Wilson Mills Road in Mayfield Village. Again, that's progressive headquarters, 6300 Wilson Mills Road in Mayfield Village.

One more time. November 13th, Saturday, from 10 to noon, at 6300 progressive headquarters, 6300 Wilson Mills Road in Mayfield Village. May I interject one thing, too, because progressive has a lot of locations there. It's right over there at the plaza at the junction of, that would be Monticello or Wilson Mills Road and at I-271.

There's a plaza there with a Chipotle in it and it's right across the street. All right. Very good. OK. And let's get back to Pastor Smith here. And you're here tonight to talk about the real, well, I call them burn, loot and burn, BML, OK? And I call them burn, loot and murder because that's what they do. We need to understand just what that organization is about because it is not about what it appears to represent. Keep in mind that our warfare isn't against flesh and blood. The Bible is very clear about that. It says that we wrestle against principalities, powers, world forces of this dark darkness, spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places. Our real struggle is against something that is satanic in nature. And because of that, we need to be prepared and vigilant and discerning to deal with that because what does it say concerning Satan? Jesus calls him the father of lies.

He speaks out of his own nature. And one of the issues, one of the strategies that he has used against God's people and the world are lies and deceptions. And so when Paul writes about this issue of paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons, interlaced in all of that are lies. And on the surface of things, we can look at a thing and say, this is what that's about. But the truth of the matter is, it's not. It's about something far more insidious.

The issue of black lives matter, let me say this right from the beginning, is really not about black lives. Now, here is the thing that you've got to understand. And we all know this, that in the history of this nation, we've got that slavery thing that went on 200 years ago, that 400-year period back to 1690. Do you remember the New York Times introduced that whole thing of the 1619 Project?

Oh, yeah. Which is a lie. It's a lie. But what we have lacked are the sources of truth. There are only three real sources of truth that the Bible speaks about. Jesus says, I am the way, the truth, and the light. Truth is a person. He says in John 17, Father, I don't ask that you take them out of this world, but that you protect them from the evil one.

Sanctify them in your truth. Your word is truth. So the Son of God is the source of truth. The word of God is the source of truth. And then Jesus in John 17, on five different occasions, three different occasions, I'm sorry, refers to the Holy Spirit as the spirit of truth. So the three sources of truth, word of God, Son of God, Spirit of God, are what we have in order to recognize and to live and to walk in truth. Without that, without them, we have no chance of getting a hold of the truth.

Much of the church is without that. So what do we pay attention to? The lies and the deceptions. I mentioned earlier, one of the things that it says about the serpent, about Satan, is that he was the craftiest of the beasts in the field.

So what does he do? Deception is no more than a little bit of truth mixed with a whole lot of lies. I mentioned earlier, if you want to understand Black Lives Matter, you've got to understand some of what's up underneath that. And that's this issue of critical theory and critical race theory. It really is a doctrine of demons. It takes humanistic ideals, it takes dark and demonic worldviews, and it interlaces them into a worldview that says, in essence, every institution has been formed in racism so as to hold down people of color, black people. It's a little more involved in all of that, but it is a lie.

The thing is that it's based upon cultural Marxism, which are manifestations, again, of just the spirit of Antichrist, witchcraft in the world. And so what you've got with Black Lives Matter are three women at the very beginning of this thing. You've got to understand the timeline for BLM, because that's important. Remember Trayvon Martin?

Sure. When he was killed and Richard Zimmerman was accused of that, was acquitted. When Trayvon Martin was killed, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, who were friends, responded by putting something up on Facebook. And the phrase was Black Lives Matter. It was Patrisse Cullors that put it up there. What Alicia Garza did was to put a hashtag and all of a sudden this thing made its way across social media.

They enlisted then another friend, Opal Tometi, who then built an entire social network platform around that. But you've got to understand that these three women had other issues at work in their lives. Patrisse Cullors and also Alicia Garza are both self-identified queer. Both are married to transgender males. And so from their vantage point, this isn't just about race. This is about issues of sexuality also.

Also, both of these women are from broken families. And so when you begin to take a look at what's taken place within Black Lives Matter, it doesn't take very long before you start to recognize that only on the surface is this about black people and black lives. Once you start to get further down in this, what do you see? You begin to see the taking away of or the changing, the corruption of God's creation. God made them to be male and female. Let us make man in our image. The expression of God is male and female.

We just read in here, too, where it talked about having without natural affection. In our ministry over the years, we have saved over 24,000 babies from abortion. In our ministry that we worked here over the years since 1974, most of those babies were black, the largest majority of them. And here, these people, Black Lives Matter, unless it comes to abortion, sacrificing children. Now, to you and I, hypocrisy is repulsive. To us, hypocrisy is a bad thing. And Lord Jesus said, woe unto you, hypocrites, woe unto you, hypocrites, woe unto you, hypocrites. But to them, I've said in their meetings when they didn't know who I was, not Black Lives Matter, but the liberals, and they boasted about their hypocrisy. They boasted about their hypocrisy like it was something to be embraced.

And they did. I've got a friend down in Atlanta. Her name is Catherine Davis. I just saw Catherine a couple of years ago. She is a black pro-life leader, very involved in the pro-life movement. We were standing in front of the one abortion mill over on Shaker.

Preterm, that's exactly right. And she said, you know, Carla, she said, God spoke something to me a few years ago. And so I said, well, what was that? And she said, and I knew it was God because he asked me a question. His question to her was, how many black people were there in the United States in 1960? And it was just an unusual question. She had no idea the answer.

So she went back to take a look and see what the answer was. In 1960, there were 18 million. It was 18,131,171 black people in the United States in 1960. Then his question to her was, how many black babies have been aborted since 1973? 20 million.

20 million. More have been killed than those who lived in the United States in 1960. So when you hear Black Lives Matter, but an embrace of aborting black babies, what you're realizing is this is not about black lives. This is about something else. The veneer that's been posted over this thing has been black lives.

And the reason is that that's such a deep wound in this country that it's very easy to sell things under that. All you've got to do is mention slavery, racism, and you've got the attention of virtually every black person in this country. You mean to tell me you don't believe that Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi really love you black folks?

I'm glad my wife's not here. No, here's what's happened. Here's what's happened. Blacks have been used by the left, by Democrats, for at least the last generation, if not further back. After the New Deal, where there was that realignment, prior to that, blacks were solidly Republican because this was the party of Lincoln. It was after the Depression and Roosevelt that that shift took place.

But here's what's happened. We have been, black people have been used by liberals, by Democrats, ever since then. You think for a minute, do you remember when Joe Biden ran for president during the campaign last year? Where was he in terms of polling numbers among Democrats? He was ahead but down. He was dead last.

And suddenly at the end of the election, he has more black votes and voters than Obama. Who was it that came to his rescue? Do you remember that? South Carolina last year? Clyburn.

Yep, yep, Clyburn, yep, Clyburn. And all of a sudden, up comes this surge of black voters because this black man, it's like the plantation again. You know, he just rescued him, pulled him out, and it was on the strength of that. Barack Obama, in 2008, 95% of black folks voted for Barack Obama. You tell me one thing that Barack Obama did for black folks in the two terms that he was in the White House. Well, he kept his promise. He didn't do anything for him, he did a lot to him. No, he kept his promise. His promise was nothing and he did nothing. And he did nothing. But he sure did help the homosexual community. Oh yeah, that's right.

He helped every other group. And so my point was that when it comes to the electoral and the political process, black folks have been used. And so that's the dilemma and it's no different now. But also, the other thing to sort of validate what you're saying, think of it this way. Black people are accused of having babies and being on welfare, but yet they turn around and say that black people needed abortions because they were having them unsafe.

Now, are we having babies or are we having abortions? I mean, it's whatever you want the Trojan horse to be as long as it's a black person. You know, I thought it interesting that here I remember Bill Clinton when Hillary was running against Obama and they had on a hot mic, Bill Clinton was saying not long ago he would have been waiting our tables and getting our coffee. But you didn't hear, okay, they ignored that, right?

They ignored that. And then what did Joe Biden, you know, Joe Biden is about as much as Ku Klux Klan, I mean, as you can get. And here, Biden said, well, he did compliment Obama. He said he was clean for a black man, you know.

He was clean, yeah. The political left, progressives, Democrats have a history, a very long history of racism, but they have packaged it in a way so that literally millions of blacks have fallen in line. And primarily the reason has been because the issues have always been defined as race.

With the black community, if there's this feeling that this is good for us as a race, we'll fall in line. Let me tell you, Barack Obama has no stake in the slavery issue at all because his father was not, wasn't a slave, nor was his mother. His mother was white, his father was an African. So he has no trace at all to the whole issue of slavery, yet he was portrayed. But we can say that about Kamala Harris, too. She's not even black.

She doesn't fall in, but, you know, she's whatever they need for her to be. And that's been the issue. So getting back now to Trayvon Martin, 2012 happens. And so they create this movement. Fast forward two years to outside of St. Louis. Remember Michael Brown?

Oh, yeah. So now here is another situation where this Black Lives Matter now goes from being an organization to a movement. Remember how they tore up Ferguson? All of a sudden, all of those folks show up in Ferguson. So now this is not just a little fly-by-night, but now there's momentum that's beginning to build from across the nation. Go another six years to 2020 right in the midst of the pandemic.

And now we've got George Floyd. Now this is a movement that is global. Can you tell us or is there any information about what happened within those ensuing six years to give it momentum? They continued to move this thing via social media. Okay. And they began to build and indoctrinate in ways that they used institutions in order to do that.

I have a list here. Let me tell you some of the things that took place. Beginning in 2016, there was a movement called Black Lives Matter at School. What they did was to identify fertile ground to begin to indoctrinate into this whole movement. Most people don't realize that in 2016, there were thousands of educators in Seattle who came to these schools wearing Black Lives Matter.

Hundreds of families did the same thing. The very next year, 2017, that thing happened in Philadelphia, where there was a caucus of working educators for racial justice committee. They started doing the same thing, indoctrinating in the schools that moved to Philadelphia, that moved to Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Boston, New York City, Baltimore, Washington, all of these places, they're building this movement. And the low-hanging fruit was Black Lives Matter. Nobody wants to be identified as a racist, so what do you do? You fall right in line to it.

Multinational corporations fell right in line with all of that. Can you elaborate on, now, where do they stick the guilt in here? Here, here, here, let's have some fun with Pastor Ernie and Lisa. You know, let's pretend I'm white for a minute, okay? Now I'm white and I'm starting to feel guilty. Oh my goodness. So, you know, help me out now.

Help me out of this thing. Well, here is the thing. See, this is a no-win scenario now because always at the very back end of this thing, always at the back end is the issue of slavery. Whenever you get in trouble, you go back to the black community and you point to that because that raises all of the emotion again.

And so everything connects with that. You remember that whole list of folks who were killed, who were shot by police? In most of those cases, those were legitimate issues where the police intervened. Michael Brown, remember Hands Up, Don't Shoot? Oh yeah. Remember how big of a deal that was?

It was clear he was wrong. The Justice Department came in, investigated it, found there's nothing going on here but it didn't stop. Hands Up, Don't Shoot. Why? Because this is another one of those cases of racism just like slavery.

They have used that effectively year after year after year. Alrighty. Very good.

You know, we're going to, you know, when we come back, we're coming to a break. But I'm trying to figure out who was it that sold all them black slaves to the Arabs? And the Arabs sold a lot of them to people from Sweden and so on and so forth.

Who was it that sold all them black slaves? Well actually, I'm reading a book now called Daughters of the Trade and you kind of got it backwards. But I'll back out because I know we're just about at the break. Is that right? Yeah. When we come back, we can finish this and kind of... Alright, we'll do that and we're going to go back in time. There you go. Alright, we're coming up to a break. When we come back, hang in there folks. And we're going to pick it up from there and continue to make burn, loot, and murder happy. Be right back. Don't go away. There's a lot more to come. We'll be right back. We'll be right back.
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