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WED HR 2 111721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 17, 2021 11:57 pm

WED HR 2 111721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 17, 2021 11:57 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast for February we are back. I wanted to tell you. Wendy Wilson has a very busy natural herbal medicines for your immune system, and boy did she go out of her way to tell you how to build your immune system because we don't know what else to go throw at us.

We know that were living in that the evil day in the dark.

I'm so her phone number there at apothecary herbs you need to write this down is 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 or go to apothecary She has natural herbal medicine for just about every ailment. Believe me, should send you a catalog and is as top-notch a right. Let's go out to Tony and Lamplighter's Tony here and there are. I'm doing pretty good. We gonna is a fast-paced, busy evening. As you you been listing to us and not tell us what's happening with Lamplighter's liberty start turning so I very much agree to have any audit actually, we brought you up to speed the audience as well and everything to Doug Marciano and his staff and went out of the forensic audit of the Pennsylvania election get general general 2020 UMW much exchanged better monster out of Bill. Without without a caucus body, everything came in L. He has not been reappointed. Committee staff is not been reappointed to eat working without a stop in Harrisburg so I wish that a format that will reconfigure light because of the reduced level service bear did not heard from Doug Marciano that the full extent that a good ball blank requirement and will be going to divide the clock across the board and you disable any kind of any kind of good doing itů It short so I will pretty much as we were taught before we had also talked about and there was a grassroots initiative to unite all the grassroots under the lamp of liberty and that exactly gone very well so far we've we've got a majority of the grassroots of Pennsylvania together under this plan. Liberty movement I tell you that not all of them have been a bite been invited to it but we do have we picked that it invites out. We can to get them under this movement and frankly they believe vaguely comport Baystate will easily trying to do here to unite all the grassroots to put the power of the people back into the going very well. I left the Liberty Bell have that we have an executive director.

We have directors underneath them. We have an executive. We rewrite many events right now. Throughout the entire state run many radio shows and going very well be happy, not profit, LLC.

We talk a lot and I have about the what we do have a full-blown website up knowledge well. Our website is up and running we are we are getting everybody that once the command going very very well be. The website is and I encourage everyone to stop by to look at the website. Your support and also go ahead and estimate your application to join the movement that the great movement again be grassroots have united and they have got older, the corrupt politicians. The rhino politicians are not with our second amendment rights.thank God we got organizations of the government of America there to help with the movement we have many things going on right now to help with election integrity and diet also help protect the freedom of God right to back the masking and all very going on right now so we think would take off like wildfire, and I'm very proud of my staff very proud of the people they have varied from the grassroots leaders have brought their people to the table so pastoring is gone very well and I appreciate you giving us as well. Already we were in this with the mean we have to end we have to go on a safari and take out these rhinos have just given us entirely.

We've got to primary them in silica hernia. Yeah, and I want to help you all that I can.

I see that a lot of the death of grants are already there. There, there was quitting. Now they saw what was coming out of retirees all of a sudden yeah and but the but the Biden regime there doubling down and they they wanted. Remember what he said build back better. First, you got it completely destroy America and we tried to tell people they want to completely destroy this country completely again then build it as a communist country and so they wanted me want to give us every bit like North Korea or Venezuela is what they really want to do and so anyhow labs of is there a phone number because a lot of folks out there that are not on the Internet.

A lot of people are so angry and fed up the throughout the television thing throughout their Internet's. Is there a phone number to that the those folks in PA can call absolutely And what Culpepper according on the European social media website and take you down but they agree with it or don't agree with the important part of your yeah I hear from everyday people said enough is enough to set up they usually want nothing to do with it. So what is their phone number phone number is 814408457 already eat. You are welcome to stay with us here Tony as we go through this indemnity, when this as we go through this, but I got a raise the money right now we wait. What I need to raise approximately $4500 and I've got approximately 40 minutes to do that.

So I got a raise $4500 so and that means more than $100 a minute Monica from Oklahoma pledges 20 okay folks, we need to hear from you right now that number I we we brought you a lot of good information tonight. That's what we we want to do here and I know that we do that all month long.

But in his absence difficult to do that and still raise pledges his people. No one is there one listen this to the stopping to call but we need to hear from you at 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 or 888-281-1110.

That's 888-281-1110 to know this is where we've had they've they've gotten to so many in these rhinos. This is right now we would not be in this position right now. We had a good president. We had the best president that we've had. Next well right up on the run regular my lifetime the best president. He did more than any president in my lifetime for America.

Here we had a president and Donald Trump that was working for America. He was working for America folks Donald Trump president Trump and had those senators stood with him when they shouldn't had Mike pence done what he should've done he says, well, according to the Constitution look you have you have a higher law is God's Word, the Bible and that Bible tells you very well that you must obey God rather than man Mike pence near the corruption he knew that he should and should not certify that election that election was as crooked as crooked as those people in the news media out there tonight.

I was listening to Brett bear Brett bear is very very anti-Trump.

He is one of the old-time anti-croppers in supposedly fair and balanced boy God. And he had this guy and tell them about how they were prepared the military to make sure that Donald Trump didn't haiku what liars there was a coup all right. In the coup was against Donald Trump and the American people. The real American people and we're fighting right now just a weapon nice federal government. The American people. Us Americans.

Real Americans were at war with a fit with a again weapon nice federal government what you guys think more than one arbiter click communist revolution taking place and the rich liberal elite are leaving it behind in the George Soros is those people and if you want proof.

They look at this new build back Atarax right in this act. They are giving $625 billion in tax cuts to the wealthiest blue state residents. The liberal rich what they're doing is in this budget. This new build back better thing what they've done is very increasing the state and local taxes, what they call the salt deduction now current one to get rid of it but there's a cap of $10,000 and Biden wants to put this at $80,000. This And that would amount to a $625 billion tax benefit for the wealthiest Americans living in blue states, and it breaks down the household, making a million per year will receive 10 times as much in benefits from the salt Relief as a middle-class family will receive from the child tax credit expansion, 98% of the benefit from the increase would go to those making more than 100,000 per year 80% going to those making over $200,000 but there's a better thing member. Biden said his budget will cut taxes right for the middle class.

Well we get into it we find out it's going to increase taxes on 20 to 30% of the middle class may be more 27% of Americans earning 75,000 200,000 will see a tax increase 19% of Americans earning 50,070 5000 will see a tax increase result is you get into these things. The devil is in the details, and so much of these plans we haven't seen yet been able to read this is just what we know now I know to T7 from Boston pledges 50 my lien for Michigan pledges 20 yeah me and I can hear that in NBC, ABC or CBS genetically than anywhere but in programs like is really out there on Fox unite right and I can hear that there either is there something else and I can hear the new report shows that the military families were included in the 14,000 and 14,000 Americans left behind in Afghanistan. You sure didn't hear that about that digit and oriented and then we didn't really know didn't get the full number until just 10 days ago. So those impeachable offenses Joe Biden abandoned thousands Americans as many as 14,000 in Afghanistan with the US Field zone. We also learned Biden getting totally lied about the numbers of Americans left in the Tele band Terrace comp country and that's what we expected and is it is a lengthy article but to everything that come out of Biden's mouth has been a lie. Having to think about it and even Merrick Garland here is been accused an FBI whistleblower revealed that the DOJ did use counterterrorism tactics against parents Congressman Greg Murphy from North Carolina, a Republican, as accused Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland of perjuring himself after this SPF whistleblower release documents to the now Congressman showing the agency reportedly instructed was instructed to use counterterrorism tactics against parents. So here we have one of Biden's people, committing perjury in front of Congress, and he should be facing charges this or seen this all through the administration.

These people do not care about rule law did not care about the Constitution and they don't care about the court rulings they are ignoring everything they can. All right, let's go to Sharon in Pennsylvania pledges $100-88828111108882811110.

The phone lines and we I've gotten approximately 35 minutes left to raise the rest of that we got a raise. Joe almost them.

I think is about number about 4300 in the next 35 minutes so Corinthian in chapter 9 says this God said he so sparingly shall wreak also sparingly, and he that seller bountifully shall reap also bountifully.

Every man according as he has purposed in his heart, so let them give not grudging layer of necessity for God loves a cheerful giver what they're saying is catheter not get out. Give if you give him want to make sure you're able to keep on giving and the then he says in Luke 64 with the same measure that you meet.

Give with all it shall be measured to you again. Do you know God's word. You have his word on it. Email all right close 888-677-9673 or 888-281-1110. We've got it. We got laid up the phone lines she dumped Joe I got something here they were going to do. Maybe not them in the in the next newsletter and how to how to simply make natures form of hydroxychloroquine and home and it tells you right here how you can do it.

Make it out of oranges, grapefruits and things you have right new kitchen is a little incident takes some work, but you can make your own your own hydroxychloroquine well I think you're right. I think that would be fabulous.

I would like to know that myself limp was I knew Linda make copies and I think you have that available for next newsletter board. Her focus when you send in your donation. Be sure to ask to be put on the newsletter. Make sure we've got a good correct name and address heroes Rinaldi and perch on that newsletter list and then do like the amount I do when I get my newsletter. I take I make copies and end up with friends and family and neighbors.

And if you do the same thing we can take those newsletters and multiply it by a factor of 10 all over everybody you give it to ask them the do the same to her other friends and family members and asked about right Susan in Chicago pledges 100 and new pledges when they give their all right we got it we got to keep going.

Joe and I said the narrative collapse.

CDC admits there is no record none at all. Joe no record.

The layout of an unvaccinated person after they had had covert and recovered spreading McKay and attorney filed Freedom of information act request that it's that return a document from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention admitting that there is absolutely no record of a single of a single unvaccinated person ever spreading the will and coronavirus. After recovering from alleged invention limited, but not limited to those that have been vaccinated. Sure is spreading Nancy sure I remember what I was telling me about in Vermont. There they were talking about being a victim of success because we kept the virus at such low levels are brought has one of the lowest levels nationwide of people who have natural immunity and were talking the other night. There are couple countries of Gibraltar did the same thing everybody got back. There is no natural immunity, and now the whole country sick with Tobit for months doing the same thing at all these effects people, no natural immunity, and they're the ones that are sick like run here were I am a lot of people have natural immunity were not having big problems were not locking anything down were not wearing masks. Life goes on.

Just normally this is because I played a clip of that Holocaust survivor and a Jewish lady who was saying how Hitler that's one of things they did in Nazi Germany before World War II is they were saying how the Jews had these were diseased Ryan and they needed to get the next and then attempt to locate a permanent relax yeah you know something else.

They've been screaming for years about this global warming and climate change out organ have increased hurricanes and tornadoes and all the stuff well peers from Maria meteorologist Paul Dorian and they been studying over 2020, 21 tropical cyclone activity below normal for the past two years looking at a graph, tornadoes the same thing the activity across northern hemisphere below normal much in the same way it was last year and you honor non-on the bus, tornadoes and storms. Everything is been below normal this year. Last year, even though United States has more tornadoes than anything anywhere else in the world. I'm looking at a chart going all the way back to 1973, 2019 and we had more F5's and big bad tornadoes back in the 70s than anywhere after there were seven almost down. There were seven back in 1973 there were three. In 1990 there were six and 2010 and there haven't been any more than the amount one or two.

Since then, so you go to the past and we've got a lot more horrible bad weather for tornadoes and hurricanes in the past and we are during this time were supposed to have all this trouble so another lie. Yet 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673. Jim must boxes disease caused by a virus that attacks soft tissue of mice including an acute form of infection that there is a high mortality rate. The diseases relative of the smallpox virus and has been carefully researched and analyzed by scientists in Australia who recognize the virus is being most specific virus of a man merely in poxvirus. It was never a problem in the United States until the US government funded a scientist in 2003 to deliberately create a high lethal form of mild Fox: modified mouse by excusing genetic modification also known as genetic engineering, so no antiviral drugs and vaccines work against his deadly modified mouse box caused by the human specific viola virus mouse box now raises fears. The technology enables us to use by aware of more for now look, guess what speaking is smallpox.

Our government is purchased about $117 million worth of smallpox vaccines. Joe, what is that you well can't tell because I have a story here about there were several frozen vials of smallpox discovered by a lab worker and that facility conducts vaccine research in Pennsylvania. According to the CDC, and they're coming in with law enforcement to investigate the vials of peer to be intact. Quote that's what they said they were found in her freezer at American facility outside Philly and that this is one of the most deadly diseases in the world.

In fact, the last natural outbreak occurred back in 1949. The virus is so deadly that only two labs in the world are authorized to store samples one in Russia, the other at the CDC in Atlanta, and scientists have been debating for years.

Whether or not to destroy the samples.

Those in favor of keeping them say they are needed to develop a vaccine. If there is a outbreak so here they found vaccines are not vaccine the smallpox word shouldn't of been hidden away or else in the world. Other vials of smallpox that somebody could get their hands on and now we got the mouse box and same thing when they were working on the code what they do. They put human tissue into mice. Human brain tissue randomized to the test to see if these covered would be what is your to infect humans. So they're messing with putting human DNA and animals, mice, rats lived on some horrible things and the people got to get Amanda to say were not, and allow this in our world anymore. I hear you anyhow. Jim remember how they were bragging there in China. We kept talking about it.

When the butter now you had that university professor was speaking to thousands of people when he says we own America and all the politicians within China.

We have our people in high places. We own America over there and of course you know what you think you think that Joe Biden's family. They got $1 billion from China. You think that influence the mental cannot hear him note here you have of this. This is representative Elaina I, a member of the very anti-American procommunist very communist, anti-American, very procommunist very anti-American.

January 6 commission. These are the people that are going after the patriots has six-figure investments and Chinese communist party technology in the her firm was flagged by the US State Department for aiding the regime's military and espionage capabilities. So you've got that one congressman out there is been sleeping with flu flu or whatever the name is back pain thing and that I mean here. I mean it's unbelievable. What is taking place in the races can they destroy our government totally before we can get back from can they destroy American government totally before we can get it back from all the millionaires and billionaires all week people have so much money invested in China and they keep saying all don't worry, time is dependent on us because of all our money and all of you and of the business arrangements but we liquid Biden try and put in charge of the banking remember that so they all are over and she's a communist. She said the financial services, in my view, I don't think here is the quintessential a blank blank general industry. She wants to federalize the banking she wants to give everything over the Federal Reserve.

Our checking account, savings accounts, Laura from Massachusetts pledges 25 of those we I have approximately 22 minutes to raise about $4000 of enterprise.

We 22 minutes raise about 4000. We we really gotta do it tonight. We really have to do is so and, in fact, if we can't get it done. I just can of black all of those that are here in the radio station make will spend the night here just waiting for tomorrow night okay to get a jump right 888-677-9673. Where were set in here they're all just sat looking at the phone lines waiting for the lights to come on okay right where were deadly serious. Here we have by trying to put in a person who is praise the communist system. She is been on the head on the website that was full of Marxist communist stuff trying to remember the name of that anyway yeah a group called the Marxist analysis and policy. She had articles written posted and on the website. It talks about let's welcome our newest member to this definitely communist group and this is the woman that the Obama wants to rent a Cornell University professor that is among most liberal places in the educational establishment once heard her run the organization regulates banks she wants to she went to Marx to Moscow State University under a special blend in scholarship money and she's come right out and said she wants to bankrupt. She wants to bankrupt the oil companies yeah and in this country again going there from with in now. Yeah you heard that guy named pencil neck adding shift pencil you know adding shift. McKay met with Chinese Communist Party officials responsible for spearheading the regime's foreign influence operations on a visit to Washington DC, red shift, red pencil makeshift was. This was sponsored by the China exchange foundation, the national pulse can reveal the foundation known as inclusive for short has been flagged by the US government for seeking to influence foreign governments take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing's communist policies they keep promoter of the complex includes Russia collusion holds an leading member of the unconstitutional January 6 committee pencil like reference ship and it listen.

This guy was known to me, he was set amongst the Democrats that he was their best liar the best lawyer that they had McKay met with officials from the documented Chinese Communist Party and foreign influence group so there you go.

Anything that I mean they the Chinese own the entire Democratic Communist Party when you said, starting the Chinese communist I'm looking at this Marxist analysis policy group that was on the web. It states there for socialism there against capitalism. One of their articles about Marxist narrative. For Marx and Engels. The covert and they got a post a CAB OR faster the slogan and celebrating the Seattle autonomous zone and I just going through one after another, that everything is anti-capitalistic business Laura Massachusetts pledges 25 ha from Detroit pledges 100. Thank you Lauren had to close we got here for me were going to take a break will be right back. As you see these time just lying in a and B and when I read the key is that you have been telling people for 49 years.

Get them out now for many of you out there in the Jude Northeast Ohio area that are exploring home education homeschooling tomorrow night at 7 PM at the Chardon Christian Fellowship. That's the truth. When my cousin Wayne pastored that church out there. They're going to be.they have a program tomorrow night called taking the fear out of reclaiming your child's education. Taking the fear out of reclaiming NS that would be the 18th November 18 Thursday at 7 PM at Chardon Christian Fellowship and I'm looking for the address that K and that is 401 S. Hampden St. in Chardon, OH. That's 401 S. Landon St. in Chardon, OH, and they don't have a phone number for Cody.

For more information, but to help you go and I don't have enough hand already let me see what else do it all by the way, want to remind you again that this is his time is got as racist as for at times this people are starting to awaken their starting to awaken is the wonderful thing to see people for all of these years we've begged and begged people to wake we fought the America's national sin of abortion. We fought this horrible, horrible, cute, killing the apathy and ignorance.

We fought against F apathy and ignorance. All of these years and that were starting to see him American starting to awaken to take America back and folks we gotta do it. Now we gonna do it. You gotta see. Gotta step up to the plate, so don't forget those of you in Northeast Ohio Cleveland area and Cleveland area Friday, 19 November at noon at 9500 Euclid Ave. at 12 noon. Other going to be a protest against the Cleveland clinic and University hospitals UH Cleveland clinic University hospitals and then on November 23 at 1801.

That's 181-011-8101 Lorain Ave. in Fairview. There's going to be a protest against Fairview Hospital right and so any folks out there in Pennsylvania get together with lamps of go lamps of join him there there uniting the activist groups out there in the coming together to stand and fight like we're doing here in Ohio so 814-408-4576 all right very good.

No, we have let me see Leslie from was cut the budget for the jaws of the New York 75 car Carla in Texas. 100 and Lori from seven hills pledges 300 thank you thank you thank you Joe. I think I'm down to about 10 3500 somewhere in that area right now and leave again about 12 minutes left.

35. We need a boy delete. We need somebody out there with the pikas that I'd had that we need about 3500. We had about 12 minutes to make her our goal think children patriot throughout the night.

Thinking back, we had these men to pledge their lives or fortunes or sacred honor. John Marshall was a constitutional scholar. He was third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and he reminds everybody on the Constitution is silent on the power and is not incidental to any other power nor is it expressed, implied power.

It is a prohibited prohibited nation of that power. Gotta remember that the Constitution basically said that there were Congress list 20 powers that were delegated to the federal government only 20 things the federal government was to do everything else was to go to the states or to the people I want to read the words replicated Madison, the principal author of the Constitution.

He was talking about back about the general welfare clause and general welfare of the nation.

He said, with respect to the words general welfare. I have always regarded them as qualified by the details of powers enumerated in the Constitution connected with them to take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution and do a character which there is a host of proof was not contemplated by the creators and he was talking about. If they took this power they could take well they could take the care of religion into their hands. They could take in other hands the education of children establish schools throughout the country. Anyone on about every object from the highest object of state legislation down to the most small minute object of policy. All right, we down to about nine minutes. Folks again.

We can get three people or four people with three people to pledge a thousand, and one person pledge 500 or and we get them to people to pledge 1500 or if we could get one person to pledge 3500. That's what we need the silver.

Now it's 8882188828111108882811110 overrun and at a time for tonight or 888-677-9673 88867796730 we got approximately about nine. I think we had about nine minutes left. Tonight I will admit that we have done about 12 pastor okay. We got about 12 minutes that include the for the given invitation. That is until the end of the show. Okay will note that we do have about nine minutes left. So about nine minutes of airtime. Dr. Pryor brought up Allison because we've got this government that if you look at our founders, Biden and his administration are doing everything diametrically opposed to everything. The founding fathers said and they warned us about our government that would take over all these objects of legislation. These objects of policy and put them all under the federal government and how this is the most dangerous thing when you're talking about war we've been in this communist revolution is more dangerous than any war we've ever been in, because we had the capacity to defend ourselves the people to fight this or from within is confusing people is leading them astray. The lies that estate. This is far more dangerous than any conflict we've ever been in.

There were greater danger of losing.

Now than we ever ever been sent Nikita Khrushchev says he will destroy you from within and years and years ago we were talking about this. We were telling people years ago when he said that we were here on the SAG here when he said he said he will destroy you from within the will do it through your youth. He said we will give the dose after dose after dose of Socialism we will take over the public school system.

We will take over your immediate we will infiltrate that until you awaken one day to find out that you are under communism.

That's and all of these years we've been telling people to see what they're doing here to see what they're doing now where here where this position and folks step by step by step-by-step called gradualism. They do it slowly like a hunter that stalking prey to sneak up on something gradually so as not to startle them. That's when you jump out with something strong and sudden and vibrant a year alert the prey and that's what they've done. They've done very little things but a multitude of many little things little steps that all right, we have Margaret and Hudson pledges 300 Joe in New York pledges 1234 Joe believes 1234 is American patriotic number okay there you go right on in a way that brings me down again and jumped heads. I think when the brains is pretty much done about two grand doesn't think so. That would be 1500 for those two donations alone. Okay, so that puts us probably well up you want to get an update all right. We got $4202 okay there you go.

So that means that what we we need $1800, which we have to. We need $1800 by the end of this program tonight so we've got approximately six minutes to get 1800 is $300 a minute as an agile house that my masculine critic, probably critical yet is what we need about $300 a minute so eight were going to quit closing them thank you funds after all of you been there tonight at 888-281-1110 or Joe if we could just get one person to do that 1800 would be would be sent home where it had a blast last night read the last couple minutes, a wonderful couple in Florida covered us for what we were short so all I can tell people just take it to the good Lord didn't just ask him.

Six people for 300 what's right we get six people to do 300 will make it or we get three people to this accident will make or we get to be able to do 900 will make or we get one person to do 18 will make it right. So you see that that's math okay pretty good for senior season citizen, William 88828 that's not chemical at either 88828111108882811110 or here let me see when we go. 888-677-9673 and that I see Randy roaming around and I think he's got his mind and it looks like a he's bringing in some new pledges hopefully have you see Andre from Illinois pledges 500 Andrea Andrea Andrea to pledges 500 anthologies adding to her Monday donation. Thank you, Andrea from Illinois so that they stand about 1300. Right right till 500 from 1813 incident 13 command you are a very good, now we've got out there.

Sharon in Minnesota pledges 200 that brings it down to 1100 Joe is getting closer and closer and closer.

That's right. Somebody out there is is just it shouldn't to pledge a thousand. I know that right. I can feel it. Maybe Sandra might be mighty Andrew out and is down and I don't think it's great that he's ducking down okay there you go in agronomy say every man shall give it.

He is able, according to the blessings of the Lord thy God which he has given the we give as we are able. That's why all donations whether there $10 or thousands or all of blessings of the Lord, and he looks upon the heart, not upon the pocketbook Jake.

Here's what were up against. Listen to this. You occupational safety administration, OSHA has fewer than 2000 forces to cover the estimated 7 million business employees 84 million workers impacted by Biden vaccine mandate, which is not a legal mandate okay doing the math Michael of Macario the communications director for the 10th amendment center calculated it would take them 160 years. The lies and all that is because Biden is the city's planning to use OSHA whistleblowers OSHA whistleblowers to to snitch to rent out fellow employees or and everybody else to enforce his vaccine mandate what you think. I think Americans don't like Scripture. They never have. They never will. There's a big difference between saying a major crime committed in telling the police what you say and being a good citizen and pianist snitch what he is trying to do is get people to turn on one another, make people fearful of one another distress.

That's what you're trying to do create hatred distrust.

This is how they can care America down destroyed so they can build it back better and went down about 900 Lulu in California pledges 20 Karen from New York pledges 100 Leslie from Dallas pledges 50.

How much time do we have over there. All the other coming up on four minutes okay folks, we want to get it about web do you keep calling were going to be given an invitation here, but you can keep calling, keep calling 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 Mike and said in the pledges 100 and puts it down to about that that's done about 800 I think okay so go ahead Joe give an invitation you got three minutes all I think of so many things. This, the son of God resend. What they called the Scripture says, the only begotten coming forth from the father, the only begotten son of God what to come to be the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world it came to be a sacrifice to satisfy sin.

Wages of sin or death and that is required to.

That's the punishment for sin from a holy God, and he had to come up with a way to get given a set free will and what that free will we make wrong decisions. We sin against him. So Christ came to take your place my place to go to the cross of Calvary and what he did as he paid the price for our sin, but only if we take him up on his offer. In fact, the first world word in his ministry was repent, repent why the kingdom of God is now was now on earth. Repent and turn from your sin turn to God about that past life become a new creature and how do you do that, well, you pray to the father and you ask for forgiveness of your sins or your sins. The wind uses what the cross and add the die at the take your place my place in the church.

Sorry that happened and you want to be forgiven, but you want Jesus to come to send the Holy Spirit to come dwell in you so that you can become a new person a new creature, a new creation in Scripture said if any man be in Christ he is a new creature, all things are passed away a whole. All things are become new.

Second Corinthians 517 to become a child of the kingdom of born-again believer and you have that Holy Spirit which is your down payment on a Col. like folks if the greatest decision that anyone can ever make. It's more important than your spouse who you marry the children you have, because it determines where you spend eternity like somebody once said, if I'm wrong. What if I lost that live the good life I've loved God that been good to my fellow man, but if I'm right, I spend eternity in heaven, and if you're wrong, you spend eternity in hell.

The choice is a very easy one to make God so loved the world he loved you enough to his son to die for you so that you could have everlasting life that you could live in heaven with Jesus and be a child of the kingdom. I can't think of anything greater than that are wonderful and sometimes you won't have much time to make that decision. Many of you listening tonight may not be here tomorrow morning. That's right. Don't let out a tomatoes and I thought she did this one thing you cannot take a chance and you cannot see, there comes a time when when God when you hear a preacher give an invitation he just he he he just the messenger. The messages from the Lord, don't trade the we still have a couple minutes when I still need to hear from you. We still have a couple minutes to give us a calling and so for the next three or four minutes were out of time for tonight so until them out tomorrow. Good night God bless and always, always, always ready cave. 595. McKay thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance is right. What's left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry.

Please visit us online at www.W IW and not on please tune in next time for meditation was right much left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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