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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 24, 2021 12:09 am

TUES HR 2 112321

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 24, 2021 12:09 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR all right Joe were getting calls from all over again.

There were going to know are we going completely off or just the temporary and out and about, almost amending the stations out there to help with the least elusive phones are working. I think wills will see when we get to live on our core worker Okay.

The threats continue. Germans will be vaccinated short order, led by winters and the sincere. The rulers are continuing to threaten the slaves they need 100% compliance in their mass vaccination scam and all they have left their threats as people continue to refuse. That's right, you have your having a more and more people are that we mentioned earlier.

Now some of the court's ruling against these athletes are ruling in favor of the athlete say no were not taken a shot and so German health minister Jens on has said that everyone will be immune immunized or succumbed to the court writer coronavirus in the coming months as he urged the public to get the shot you know that's really great right now. Joe for everyone person. The dyes of the crew of the virus to die of the of the vaccine, which is in a vaccine, probably by the end of this winter, sometimes cynically said pretty much everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, cured or deadly, you know, Israel started to back away art they they've done figures some things out there losing a lot of their young men.

I think very are there realizing there a lot of unintended consequences recruits they hadn't counted on people are waking up, like you said we would go through the new interest of final run Arabic. That article about that nurse in Europe with three numbers on review. Email that to me we need to make sure we have copies that I like to send that out other places.

So if you could email that over okay I would have to see we can do that again.

I got that none an email I got that through accidents. This come up on my text here. Okay, so maybe we can figure out a way to get men over there to you and so the fact wit if your listing split is the one assented to me will he doesn't know how to get it to you but will will talk about that tomorrow server are okay, see their governments are doing like well. For an example of offer topic, but it shows what's going on. I didn't come out.

This big announcement were going to release 50 million barrels of oil familiar with strategic petroleum reserve.

It is going to help with the economy is rising gas prices right, how dumb does he think we are. You do a quick search at the gel that's that's a three day supply. That's what I mean is that anybody with a computer can Google that real quick and find out we use 18 to 20 million barrels of oil a day yeah three day supply the due that isn't going to do anything but put and you gotta read behind the lines. What he's actually doing is a lot of it isn't going to go to us anyway. It's going to be sold to other countries.

A little help the world of you will reduce the price of oil.

No, meanwhile he's begging OPEC to increase their production. Blaming the oil and gas industry. He wants an investigation into the mineral oil companies because there are gouging prices shorting supply and then remember the energy secretary of Graham Granholm that a reporter asked her today how many barrels of oil does US consume. While I don't have that number in front of me. Sorry that is supposed to be the energy secretary had no idea how to answer a simple question. And yet she's out there trying to convince people were doing a lot to you. Don't stop the Baha'i prices in order to fix the problem and she can't even answer simple questions. This is worse than a joke, folks, this is about the people that are not even very good liars and their kind to manipulate time useful if they can't tell you the truth about oil and energy in gastric and accustomed to tell you the truth about a vaccine or medication that is responsible for life-and-death and once they start telling lies. They lose their what credibility totally spell absolutely and this is why to we have to tell the people that listing you must resist. You know in this ministry, we have been the voice of the Christian resistance from God, from Genesis to Revelation, from Genesis to Revelation.

God's Word, the Bible teaches very clearly.

It demands it requires that you resist tyranny when you resist tyranny that is obedience to God when you failed to resist tyranny that is always disobedience to God.

So all of you listening to me out there not listen. Many of you, you prissy preachers you've usually wasted half your life in prissy not having courage to stand up and the country you know is as fallen abortion, killing our children to our national sin you've got sodomy. You've got to see what they've done to the children where the children don't even know if they're male or female and you prissy preachers is because you were afraid you were so afraid of that 501(c)(3). You had the you had to keep that and say, didn't want to offend the government so you decided to offend God instead and big because you had a lack of courage, total lack of courage out there you what you do you betray God you betrayed your God, you betrayed your country, your congregations by not having the courage to stand and fight and lead your people. You were to be bold if anyone is to be bold is the pastor of the pulpit and so the folks here that all right resistance to tyranny is always immediately got now I'm telling all this because the dreaded double down there going to try to man more more mandates. This is communism.

The revolution is on and at noon on their they're going to try to go all out, not just in this country but no you got a real serious situation there in Australia but you got growing and growing and growing resistance in Australia.

I they've been having marches and a huge margin in Italy, all over. There was there and in Melbourne Australia they had. I don't know look like a million people out there protesting the tyranny and so that's what you have to do you have to stand fast these companies the will companies and that these courts they got to know that you're going to resist the they have the know that.

Listen, it is a sin not to resist. It is a sin against God and yourself to not to resist, so you must resist this these poisonous posts there killing people there killing a lot more people than are helping. That's reality and but but you being betrayed by NBC, ABC, CBS evening.

These people are openly betraying you like they've done so many things that are happening you don't hear a word about because you're being betrayed. That's why we're here like out-of-pocket medical about buying line about the royal most of the oil reserves of their praying the oil going to go to China and India, most of it.

They been actively purchasing our US crude oil produced in the Gulf consult the president came out and said he's been working with countries across the world to address the lack of supply as the world are good for pandemic.

The lack of supplies because he cut off our we were the greatest producer of oil in the world's largest producer while enrolled in a shut everything down the pipeline. The drilling and exploration, the oldest, and now the fact that he's part of a global coordinated effort with China, India, Japan, Korea, United Kingdom, or there to tap into their reserves yell like a 5 million barrels a minute. This is a dog and pony show. Folks, it's a big lie. Other government leaders are participating in the big lie and here's the next big like Janet Yellen's been out there. She's been lying and she's tells we've gotta pass this. You know the increase the debt ceiling because the fault of all these bills and all and she does this line to ensure the full faith and credit of the United States. It's critical that Congress raise or suspend the debt limit. As soon as possible. This isn't even a new lie, folks. It's bogus if you go down and look at things.

There year 2021 federal receipts totaled 4,000,000,000,000.046 net interest payment 352.3 billion revenues out ran the debt service by about $3.7 trillion or thousand 48%. Our cash flow.

If you go look at some of the figures I don't sound like I'm going in the weeds but make a long story short, taxpayers pumped into the treasury more than 10 times the money needed to pay the interest on bonds about bats and avoid this kind of Argentine default that they're talking about and I like you got your credit card you can make monthly payments. You don't need to pay the whole balance to prove that the default you just need to make a minimum monthly payment and everybody's happy. So the treasury doesn't have to have all the money they say they do in one month because all they have to do is make the monthly debt promises so they're lying to you.

Uncle Sam is the closest we ever came of one Washington collected only five times more than the $41.8 billion in interest. This is quite a while back last year in August. Still, that was five times more than they needed to make the interest on the debt payment and they gave you this gloom and doom the end of the world's coming just one more big lie. They can't even tell you the truth how they can make a simple monthly interest payment and everything's fine. Not that it's good we shouldn't be in debt. We shouldn't be in deck nearly that far. But again they use fear of the Democrats here of covert care of work on the career were not to be able to pay our debts and everything they do is about fear pastor everything will like the first love you said the president you didn't mean that you meant Joe Biden to get actual sizing see the president.

The president is the guy that gave us a very good economy. The president is made is energy independent. The president is the guiding came against the these evil abortion laws and was promoting pro-life legislation okay on the president was a guy that was trying to make given make it available hydroxychloroquine and I were making a Ford in the president's name is Donald Trump.

He is the legitimate president now. Here you have, you know this country again as being betrayed damages which it is January 6. Defendants taking out of cells and stretchers. These are patriots. These are the good people. These are the true Americans that have been held by the death of credit communist these animals and these beasts there and in Washington DC January 6 defendants were taken out of their cells on stretchers Thursday. According to court filing the situation start of one of the defendants refused to wear a mask. Family members of Kelly Meigs was being held in the DC jail told legged lawyer prison guards against brain and chemical sensors described as a mace or pepper spray.

According to a filing in federal court, they sprayed mace or some type of gas and the inmate and Missing so they would win it to the intake the defendant to other cells in the lady with the key left because she couldn't she didn't like the gas so the inmates in the cells that were benefited the gas from that intake were locked in for 15 minutes while it was going into the rooms and they couldn't see her brave the family told Jonathan Mosley, the lawyer more than one of the defendants was taken on instructions on to medical base Julie Kelly writer for the American greatness reported on Wednesday that the prison guards filled the area of the jail we chemical spray and three detainees had to be taken out and stretchers. Mosley said the DC Department of Corrections.

These are limitless play against us. And again folks of love, beg you to pray with us this play against these people listen God's listing these listing in them. I know you say and don't don't you ever get tired no we don't get tired. This is the voice of the Christian resistance is no quitting here. None, anyhow.

So he goes on, the same is not an optional thing is not an option, folks in our country, our constitutional republic.

Our way of life is not an option. So let's play against the Department of corrections. The DC display folks join with me all of you out there across the country. Heavenly father forgot I just when asked Lord. Father God for that DC Department of Corrections that you would come against that from top to bottom. Lord, that you would, you know that you would give to those of what they intend to to the good people to the patriots right there father got Lord whatever it is.

Father God, Lord, that you would put upon those people that they these are our horrors, their horse there. They've they're doing what they're told by the deep state by the communist by the antichrist by those that hate God, you, Lord.

They hate Christians today patriots so I would pray father got Lord that you would come against them in every way. You know exactly what it is Lord that those wicked evil people, Lord, that you bring them to their faces crying in repentance. Lord, that they cried in repentance, legislation burn in hell forever.

This we ask in Jesus name, amen and amen. That's really going to get the cook is the I got the cardboard cougar these people the right meeting these letters now that prayers really can upset these cuckoos having that's really going to get them going there going to be tearing their hair out okay as it is Joe. I seem to have the ability to first frustrate them severely on a daily basis are unfortunately throwing not that hard to do. I wish I could record claim that it was really a difficult task, but it doesn't seem like we have to work very hard at know this one thing that they can tolerate his intelligence right working on the phone lines now. I think we'll give it a shot. We can open the phone lines and 888-677-9673 is 888-677-9673 nationwide. I think, and that hopefully were going to take some calls. I think the so the phone lines and open at 888-677-9673 if any of my working or any of them working out there. Greg, I hope Craig still there a written agreement to appear okay.

All right. He's talking to people there are good okay that means the phone lines are working okay so he's ill tell us of the second moment with the callers are and will tingling while you're waiting.

I got three headlines you want to read good news, local workers revolt 600 Google employees sign the letter against the country or companywide VAX mandate calling for the retail US Navy shipyard 25,000 employees in Newport News shipbuilding benefit, knowing they don't want the VAX and the company backed off 10,000 Marines may be run out of the corner because they are not vaccinated. They are not going to get it in time to meet the deadline which is November 28. They don't want the VAX people are beginning to fight back. Thank you Lord.

Amen. And you know what else is starting to fly back. Now we're hearing some of these so-called doctors, the ones that were before intelligence to take the VAX you need another say what you know children really don't need this and if you had called and you really don't see because there they got to figure up in the air to see which way the wind is blowing and they're saying hey you know what there is. There is a rebellion here and I think want to be on the winning side of this rebellion so I can either mandrel where enrollment yeah and so I I'm saying more more of that coming down and so and I wanted to do this one very quickly to it hurts the fields there feels the Colorado kills the term sex offender and advise for a convicted rapist moved to Colorado where the state government won't burden you with such odious labels as right that's right, according to the CBS Denver political specialist Sean Boyd. You will no longer be known as a sex offender. McKay I and I don't call them that I just call them Democrats. They've gone mad again. Maybe that was they change the term to something less stigmatizing. Some they want to use person first language. The sex offender management board rights board Boyd which is made up of everyone from public pretenders to prostitute us set standards and guidelines for treatment provided so they new terminology will not be used in that context. See, according to state law used you're still a sex offender but in the warm welcoming bosom of management board. You are one of the many fine adults who commit sexual offenses. They doesn't feel better though share they could have gone further, they could call you client like Derek log would prefer load tells Boyd referring to me a label for a something I did half my life ago is inappropriate and downright offensive. So there you go. I just call look folks. If there are a sex offender entity with their rapist, a pedophile if they are pro-abortion. If there is no pro-homosexual just call him a Democrat. That's who they are voting for our on our side.

Writings are also trying to get rid of the word looting because all that's racist. We Call these people that are running in the stars and breaking windows and doors and mobs and grab just call them Democrats okay so it's ready for the column looters because everybody thinks the Blacks everything is racist, everything great is it if you disagree with what we have.

Okay, let's go to Joe Joe. You're in the air and faster Goodyear in primary care on your program. I was awful long time. I should call you. I few years back I just I got you said 18 years.

I year ago February while you're been down and out for a while. Well that I before I went on board the nursing home and 13 that I almost like cash operating almost 4 minutes.

You show me you really lucky to be eyelashes no I'm blessed to be alive. God is not done with me yet and man. Called and asked for prayer had somebody call Amrita temperature on the prayer list immediately wound my life than on a radio program that if you need prayer for some for someone goes worldwide country University of Mount Union sheet on that program for 20 years, triathlon Alana short is the gospel program by day they've gotten caused by wage can Bermuda California Florida.

Ron let you know that the out we would've been much. One of things and reluctant. Pray for people and so I and Alana short is that I had a doctors appointment October 1 and now dockage and i.e. my doctor for well over 30 years and now conservative, very conservative, and he said Joseph needed. If you are ever to wear a mask because now the time. It's not about the collect 19. It's about. We've got over a million immigrants in this country and he said they could have antibiotics to Matt to busy their caring that 88 ILOG Mac as our daily bread generally and I pray for people and how you wear a mask nightly blood and 90s on the appearance on the different sort and go on a short euro managed to get any humanity alive, and Alana short of it is today.

I going to the grocery stores minister. Are you going to eat it after these people don't have a mask and not a mask in the cure-all everything needed but the long maturity you don't know if these people have a shoot, you have no idea what Joseph let me just say we've had. I don't know how many at least five we played the clips of the top virologist in the world. Plus, we've had at least 20 of the frontline doctors here on this program and they all agree, Joseph, the average mask.

After 20 minutes becomes a soiled diaper and so whatever those people have out there that you're talking about that when you pray that in that's picked up and that's and you keep that soiled diaper right around your mouth and they'll tell you that if you gonna wear one, you have to change it like they do in hospitals every 20 minutes every 20 minutes and nine. Nobody does that. I see him laying on sidewalks. I see people coming out of the place of quote among the just thrown down on the ground of this note. Garbage can around so yeah so you know where they wear more than one, or whatever. All I dated. I'm blessed and not I thank the Lord wanted on the Holy Spirit. I'm glad you brought out the Holy Spirit as raw power comes on and on and you you all know that and now right evangelist about guilt yelled because we get the lines are all lit lovably well. We can still get phone calls we want to move on.

But let me just say this grade. Ecclesiastes chapter 8 verse one and tell me what you think about that, but we have to move on this guy. Hey, Joe. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Okay, when we have Linda out in Minnesota you're in there, how are you and in general and on you?

Came down with coffee 19 on both Mark and Beth might drink client only spell comeback house and now I'm thinking what a loss to pop up on that pain that he still has the convent are actually the convent in the reading there meeting at the pound really got the call that what you guys think well you know it affects people differently. Some people can get it you know it is very mild on him with others really yeah well how how old is Phil is back okay wealth is probably one of the reasons it's affecting older people, especially if he has any kind of lung problems are breeding grounds now now now prominently helping testing positive. Strong antibodies of heroes really sick. He's probably got very strong antibodies and saved his life. Okay, so he really got Comed now I don't know don't regularly like is recovered from being very sick right all along you Come back, neck, and killed nine well three weeks is you know that's that's kinda normal. I mean, it's not really people are happy will carry that stuff into the three weeks, okay.

I think any area until stand on Christian radio station in Dayton before, but now they're really jamming when you kinda talking about something that whoever is gamete account they don't like it. I don't hear anything anymore.

You guys a ban on this radio station I don't hear anything when they don't like what you're saying, whatever it is that the truth and I don't like it there jamming this radio station so bad I don't hear anything either state and how are we coming like tonight are we on there tonight. Not really, all in the first hour I couldn't get anything out of what you are like and jammed it back like Boykin and signaled loud night and I don't hear anything right you you can listen to get the whole program of the podcast. If you go to, what is it that the work required when the workload of and yeah the word claim and get the Cleveland County. No word on word okay. Got a few their walk will take a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and I will go to the skycap because he fell back out here I can't.

I can't hear anything that you kinda can think of You. Bye-bye bye-bye already, we will be back with correct will be back right after this being in a game he is naming my Lord to go out to Lou in Detroit you're in there for over 40 years. Thank you for the information that you give a man current topics very helpful and not help me understand where all this isn't and how I explained this to a lot of people. My local church and in my world and you got soldier in this area that that you armed with this information as one of, thank you for that Mr. Sanders will thank you so much.

The low hour we come across in Detroit that we on your you been on about 90% of time to block you a few times on some critical tapes and some messages that you were trying to run some of the videos but also that you come to get computer pretty good that is good Lord for that, that I know where we did not kinds of calls from all over the you know because we don't have the FCC for us because you know that's that that's a part of the deep state there that I can have that I can help us not.

So we gotta just realize that the like, but we just read tonight in the Scriptures you know this world is not is not an outside and so we just got a well just keep in onward and upward and fighting.

No, no surrender doing my part in my in my low quarter here and ultimately the brethren are doing or partnered their quarters, because, well, gotta work together only appreciated thank you to visit if there are more like you all over out there from San Diego out of Florida to New York City in the God's people will stand in front of the battle. That's what were counting on godly men with thanks, Lou God bless you have a blessed Thanksgiving. Okay, let's go over to Cliff Cliff your near I met Cliff listen I was a bit without without a son here. If you have withdrawal like a caffeine withdrawal of a life like yeah I think she was saying last week about the Cleveland, for example, you know, and the people that were getting out state the Scripture that came to mind. Ecclesiastes said that her alive along that line. Yeah. Did you know you know what that was when when they please said that what he said the dog was the most despised animal of the most despised of home and these two culture the lion was the most revered okay but if you're dead. It doesn't matter. Okay everybody didn't do anything and if we get you to begin with, but but as long as you're alive alive dog that live dogs get a chance to do what you you can become alive in the sense that's what he's talking about. You know you better and what is a sacred, he said. Solomon said the dead know not nothing, and so now I mean even with the Google employees I work for Google but if you take a shot and your dad than your deadline and will yell this is why you know I had a person who is an administrator in the hospital. I am open response was, I hope that my people care enough for me here that the they gave me the placebos not the real thing in the course was seen in this. What were trying to tell people you see all these people love these people that are telling you to take the facts.

They're not taken of their doing. Like with the Pennsylvania loading the other three taken placebos. We we knew that. Listen, you cannot trust the deep state. You cannot trust this follow chief needs to be tried for murder. He needs to be tried for murder. Okay, I am engaging in a Rand Paul is exactly 100% right on that and I want to praise the good Lord for politics is grandpa's been speaking out telling people resist resist folks resist, they can't send assault to prison like the song says what good is life without liberty right so we've got the resistance of blood. While that way the actual holes as you play last week, 85% of the people treated them all right if they had just vitamin C and so 85% of the people about it. So 85% of 700,000 would be 595,000 people. So it's a fraudulent number you have to subtract the people a minute that they gave it dazzling and unite respiratory suppression stand to get to finish them off the rest as of the arrow through the desert area so they euthanizing people showcase the need for the kill shot. Ironically and I thought this writer by Saatchi and his organization found she's actually what God front, I cannot trust the chloroplast off the market place as far away as France.

I know you the whole point was did not want people to get healed. They want they want all those little nanoparticles and people that they couldn't make a control as long as they allow them to live if you get a chance. Sgt. report that podcast reports propaganda addict on rated it would several Lasky I should just listen to what he had faith riveting really a riveting deal with Dr. Sampson of Alaska is just the latest episode that podcast 5.1 of the things he pointed out.

Except months before the FDA had said them all inside the hole with the side effects and severe side effects and it matches 100% what's being reported to the board of financial report and he said this is not an experiment. This is smart… Matches right up and that he also refer to Dr. ponte light mentioned previously, the guy from Germany that said the third shot will be up – out for sure and I did know that Dr. ponte was the most published immunologists in the world but is this YouTube video install perspectives on the pandemic blood clots and beyond and explains why the third shot will be up – shot and he says that the kill. A list of sites Russian much faster with every shot scrape the same for the blood vessels in the brain and just ripped them up basically very good at.

Listen Cliff, you have a blessed Thanksgiving. I will talk you tomorrow yeah I you guys are right right due to God bless you say we have two prayer requests warily is the underflow on the line put her up hello hello given prayer request for hearing on go every night and I appreciate all you've taught me and I winding a prayer for my eye. Five about kebab vodka, red. I went to the hospital and at the animatic. They really pulled me through but my son-in-law is like suffering right now and have put on hold prayer.

He then you can't have a cup of breathing is pneumonia from the culverts out. Please pray for Frank. Frank okay and what is the other one is okay already judge you wanted to pray for Frank. I sure will please all you listening pray with me dear heavenly father, I don't know Frank, but I know you do. You know everything about Frank and Claudia the called and asked for prayer for son-in-law and you know what hospital room. You know the name of his doctors and nurses. You know he struggles the Lord were lifting him up that you would bless him with every blessing that you can give him that you would strengthen and heal humans strengthen him to fight this covert help interbreed keep the doctors from doing anything harmful to him and we were just pray that you would get a good doctor that knows what to do, how to handle the situation with the command that help, but Lord Regis would put him in your hands and just asked that this would be that I will Lord that you were just heal him and bring him out of danger. We assess in Jesus precious name and amen. Happy Thanksgiving you to thank you we have a lot to be thankful for. Even with all the problems absolutely right.

We have Judy in Detroit.

Judy you are near Ernie prayer request circle in her have a neighbor who brought their men well, I'm not sure right now what the situation is and I have the transit meaning anything Amy with Yahoo."

It pneumonia had a relapse now and I think you and Roger.

He's in hospital. The September he had a LeBlanc: transplant and now that the blockage and encounter his block much wake and down. They gave him some kind of drug. How now when it came to something and down. If it works. You have to go in half an p.m. flight Karen to daughters and future thunder. Not all have called it so that hospitals on little 10-year-old Malaysia and if that mulatto girl three Blake having a fight on the way home from school, the one blind man home. Father came out with a handgun and he pointed it at her head. She had nothing to do it. Thank walking home from school and down. I don't know if she can put them back because she has PTSD hardly in the place are not looking into the case because they're investigating the reason why the boys are fighting these around like 10, 11, 12, no children… I can answer I'm going to have to get it out of our society. Yeah I'm good have to get when another time put the meaningless do it okay heavenly father were gone. I went hold this Malaysia first is the girl first Lord asked that you might touch her Lord and let that she would would interpret her trust in you not fear that you would only fear you, and nothing else. Lord, that you would touch that little girl we know how much you love children Lord as far as Manuel and and then Andy and Roger and Roger name in and out a Connie of the guy we just want to hold them all up to you want to hold them all up to you right now, Lord, and ask the guy did first of all, Lord. Here's the first thing we want to ask you is that you would turn their desires toward you and everything lower than what we don't know them, but if they're not saved that that that would be the very first thing that they would call upon you, and then Lord we would ask father God that you were blessed in every area where they can receive a blessing you know what they need, but we often we know what we want to but you know what we actually need. So that's what we asked that you we give to these people more than anything, Lord, that they would turn their desires toward you. More and more every day in every way, and all things Lord and put their eyes on the prize and look towards the kingdom. This we ask in Jesus name, amen. Paragraph thank you God bless. All right, let's go to Boston okay hey Franca we are near their I think my phone call.

I would think you guys every night when I travel.

Mark and my whole family had taken that shot here in Boston were all believers to and I was going. I figured shot out in my situation.

My family everything that's going on in my job and we will forthwith take it here and but I did do the detoxing. When I did it exactly when I did it so I got good information from you guys but I was really concerned that you have so much problems about the shot don't reallywant to pray my stepdad is they found a tumor, brain, and she did the two shots and just concerned about him begin results tomorrow and I want to lift them up in prayer and believe in Christ that he will get healed. You know you know him so you go ahead and pray for him and we will agree with you okay heavenly father come before you, my God, we lift them up to you tonight that a miracle take place in my family Boston shielded minded and my parents relationship a lot brighter for some time and I've been caught brought him back but I just lift them up. This is situation that given the Merck award life that he would know that your candles upon his head tonight awarded detail on them now as we speak, Lord, thank you for what you've done in my life.

Amen. Amen. Where just about other time I would send you a have their all right okay thank you very much for the frankly router time for tonight you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

My friend and Joe.

I did it last night so let you doing tonight you get about two minutes. All right, we know the in Isaiah chapter 13 I so your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your sins have hidden his face from you. He will not hear and in Romans six for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord, we know that the sin separates us. And Jesus said repent first word he said repent of your sins and his ministry in Act III.

It says repent ye therefore be converted, that your sin may be blotted out from the time of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord were all sinners, we need a Savior and our Savior Jesus Christ went to the cross. He took your sins. My sins upon the cross. He died in our place and inmate of it possible for us to become children of God, and all you need to do is call upon the father call upon the Lord, and repent of your sins. And with every truly repentant heart.

You can't just say words you have to really repent that you're sorry your sins placed the Lord on the cross and then asked for Jesus to come into your heart that you want him to become Lord of your life. All of your life without reservation without any doubt, and that you want that indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Your down payment on eternal life. You want to become a child of the kingdom of born-again believer part of the family of God and then the world will change when you do that your life will change everything will change you become this born-again new creature and I guarantee you that everyone that I've ever met in born-again no one is ever regretted. No one is ever wish they had not been born again and it's the greatest decision you can and will ever make in your life but just remember, you may not be here tomorrow around will not come for everyone, so you have an opportunity to join us and become part of the kingdom of God or risk eternal damnation. Scott leaves the choice to use as a pastor's yeah he does he want you to call about his name.

He is so so he did for you is a gift that you get a receives a gifted and he tells you exactly how to do just I just said but still we are now allotted time for tonight so as we say this time every night good night good night blissful and always, always came Friday in the flight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance once right left posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W WL not on please duty next time for another addition, once right left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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