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TUES HR 1 112321

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 24, 2021 12:09 am

TUES HR 1 112321

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 24, 2021 12:09 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now. Good evening and welcome to another additional with what was left on this November 23, 2021 and the board. We have a lot to talk about tonight and hopefully were going to be on and the phones will work and will will stand all the stations of hope and work on all the stations that were supposed to be on tonight and of course were going to start off with prayer but we have on the board. We have none other than courageous Craig. Good evening everybody I hope you and way out yonder in Missouri, we have the parts and Joe Larson are highly professional in their work already. So here's what we gotta do is start out with some prayer and first of all what we do. We ask everybody out there to join in with us tonight because the devil is in the details, the devil is in the and his children out there and those the brainy brainchild those folks that are the high-tech geniuses. Those who know how to manipulate and lease computers have never liked computers of never idle.

I love the old days in radio whom we didn't have them put it out without all you folks out there. Listen join in with us if you would then pray that we can bring you your working to try to bring it to because we are the voice of the Christian resistance worthy end run around the fake news media out there. You want to know why so many people are being blindsided. Why so many people act stupid is because, well, they been so absolutely indoctrinated by the fake news media out there so Joe wanted to leave yourself.

Arthur will prefer one reminder we had trouble with Rome line report could call and reactivation block.

If you work with me last night. We have a lot of troubles. That's why were never going prayer tonight dear heavenly father, you know what happened last night here know who was behind and the sure you understand that they were trying to keep your word from being preached your truth being told and the enemy was trying to keep us from being the watchmen on the wall that you called us to be. Just ask the Lord that you would put a hedge of protection around this ministry around the stereo surround Craig and C functions as our engineering all the complex things are going to putting a radio program on the air that you would just put that hedge of protection around the equipment. The people and just help keep us up on all the stations keep the phone lines open and just enable the voice of the Christian resistance to be heard from coast to coast and border to border and reduced thank you that we can serve you reduced.

Thank you that you called us to do thy will and and we have been. The ministry has been very very blessed by you for a long time Lord and maybe we be worthy of that and keep on doing as you command in Jesus precious precious name on it thank you very much for that.

Let's spell serving him is a blessing as an yeah this is not just a blessing is a privilege that the that he has given to us as a gift that God has given to us and as we always say we have nothing to be proud of but everything be thankful for the right track all the blessings something to be thankful for. When did you start to nightly reading in Colossians chapter 2 read verses six through nine, and then stop there at nine okay as you have therefore read Christ the Lord, so walk he and him rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, as she had been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world and not after Christ print him dwell of all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

Okay so here now. The teaching shows is what is essential.

The need to be rooted meeting that we draw the wisdom we draw the leading we draw the will and we get that through through the being of rooted him rooted gift. Another good word to be what very committed to him and him him write a letter to rim and in the fake light so Joe, you know that there is more woke coming, you're going to see they're going to have to try to pound the to try to double down the word you know out there as they get to try to pass more emergency more and more and more emergency managers and and there's a lot of information folks out there that they read literally building camps right now and these are detention camps for us for four you know those that they have granted those that are the unabashed people are gay they bring they branded as the enemies of the state snatches that that anyone, anyone who criticizes this very very very corrupt government that we have is is granted now the enemy of the state so here today to really take a look at Joe and we would lead the people out there that have been so dumbed down its you see these people wearing masks outside and that there is fear in their eyes, they look at us who have a face and they see these people with a face and they been told by the fake news media by the propaganda machine that these people with faces there spreading the COBIT in this culvert is is is is so deadly.

This coven you got no chance. Hardly any chance at all of surviving this coven.

This is why you have to take the vaccine and it'll along with the masks they will protect you and these people you see you see the fear in their and their rights when they look upon people with faces. They have been so so so dumbed down and I mean and and this is the people you know the Lord talked about the simpleminded over Proverbs 2. These these are simpleminded people. Now when he goes over Joe to he raises is way therefore I received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built up at him established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.

Okay, beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit and sin. That's what we're up against every day. This vain philosophy is that you know the apostle Paul was in against philosophy because he was one of the greatest philosophers of his time but what he was out he was condemning the vain deceit the false false teachers and palmitate we have a whole lot more of them today than they did in his day dealt with our insured are where we have very few true colors and great deal of vain deceit out there ages, after the tradition of men, and that the rudiments of the world and not after Christ. The point that he's telling you, and we covered this yesterday over there. Hebrews 13. The idea how long we gonna be in this world are very short time and celery here. What did the Lord Jesus say about those you've turned his law, his preaching, his words into doctrines of men, and these are the rudiments of the world. So what we call the rudiments of the world today we call what political greatness and marketers and all the different thousands out there is multiculturalism your name it. They're all part of the rudiments of the world of the latest one is the woke movement is the world right there with the sentencing hearing or character branches, something that already existed.

It came from political correctness, which came from cultural Marxism and all really one big attack gets a part of the antichrist system belies the deceits of the world silly here when you resist the.

The antichrist woke the anti-close woke philosophy what what are they saying about us is saying we quit using our minds right career character that turned everything around 180 they're calling out the dangerous ones were the ones that are full of misinformation were the ones that have some kind of strange political or personal reason to drop in light of the people at the space survey. That's what they do, the enemy always accuses us of doing what they're doing. This is communism is Dennis from the beginning, accuses the enemy of doing what you're doing yourself okay for him him dwell of all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

Okay, so now there are those out there that teach that Christ was the son of God but not God the son, and they taste like Jehovah's Witness don't believe the deities them are two of the Seventh-day Adventists thinks they don't believe in the deity of Christ, they don't believe in other words, they believe that he was that he was no the Christ, the Messiah, but they don't believe that he was God and of course will what does the word Christ mean around Christ in Iraq that the Christ means the deliverer of the Savior, the Messiah, allocate so here now when he says, for in him dwell of all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.

So remember what Jesus said when Thomas said to him, when will we see the father in Jesus that if you see me. You have seen the product.

So in other words, God the father the son and the Holy Ghost are one. They comprise the Godhead, exactly, and gait and so there are not three gods in which we get accused of worshiping three gods. Okay and not by the cults. The cults accuses the word to three got they don't necessarily even believing that the Holy Spirit is is the person they don't believe in the person of the Holy Spirit.

They believe many of them believe that the Holy Spirit is a force he's a a power or a force, but but how do we know that the Holy Spirit is the person of the Holy Spirit father and the father.

He claimed him as their waiting in the beginning.

Go to Genesis weird made man in our image, so he's referring to what they do not comprehend as God is a triune being that is beyond human comprehension. But that doesn't mean it isn't courteous because her prenatal brains can handle what God truly is. So when Jesus told the apostles when I'm gone. I will send you the comforter right and he will speak of me cannot negate still another words in other words used these tell them, okay, when the Holy Spirit comes and speaks through us than he's given us the commands of the Lord Jesus and exactly okay so here now in verse 10 and you are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power. Okay, so not another word scripturally have the word potentate. He is the head of all things in the universe. The everything around here. The creator is the one who by his world, the universe is In order and functioning okay so so what is it that God what is it that we need that God cannot or does not provide for us. I can't figure anything.

Well that's that's what he's talking about here is nothing and you are complete in him great value you are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power. Not we see from Genesis to Revelation.

When God works. There's there's three things happening. The father gives the marching orders that God the son carries amount the Holy Spirit provides the power it's it's is from Genesis to Revelation. Started we creation okay and he said, let there be light and who provided the light. The Lord Jesus, and who provided the power of the Holy Spirit right so God created the earth. It was the Lord Jesus to do the creation. How do we know that the gospel of John which actually predates Genesis 1 to gospel John actually that he go back there. It goes back before Genesis 1 and in the beginning of what was in a word, and the Word was with God and in the word was cut so when was the beginning we have no idea it was before creation, but how could there have been a beginning when we know that God was preexistent that he was eternal, that there was never a time when God didn't exist. Her rat primary beginning of creation, probably the creation of the universe planet.

Her mankind.

Before that, like his eternal so there was never a nap since the beginning of God. There was the beginning of his creation. So so God created time before there was time God existed right right and selling of time. Well that the August time came before everything else probably. So what's the definition of time would benefit the measurement of different things that happen in the universe, the solar system. The sun revolving around early earth revolving around the sun. Different things beyond that, it's a little above my pay grade. Okay well it's measurement of what happened Ensure occurrences okay from one to the other is also time is also a measure of distance and so so but without war before there was such a measurement that that measurement is what God created times like a rule that fence row separating moments and happenings and events we are limited to layout or were very limited by the physical world. We aren't to the here and now, right right okay but you remember when we used to have those nuclear physicists on why they love to talk about the going back and forth through time and not a pipe dream of the world to go back in time in three things happen. I can still is and so if if if you could go back in time would you do things differently. Well, I think people would like to think we were at that time and I'm not sure I wouldn't do the same things over.

Well, you know that we have to say that youth is wasted on the young people.

If the if we knew what we know now and we had that knowledge and strong healthy young bodies that it would've been a lot different and that fact.

But I figured he really went back in time. Richard B Richard Kerry that knowledge and ductwork. You are what you go back and be that young person your work. Well, I don't way would be a change is if we did go back and carry the knowledge with us, which is not going to happen because our next stop is heaven bound all my right, okay. So he says in the who go ahead and read verses 11 now through all the way through 15 and whom also ye are circumcised with the circumcision made without hands and putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ buried with him in baptism were in. Also ye are risen with him through the faith of the operation of God hath raised him from the dead, and you, being dead in your sins and the un-circumcision of your flesh as he quickened together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses blotting out of the hand and written of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross and having spoiled principalities and powers. He made a show of them openly triumphing over them and it right saw them going back to verse 11 in whom also you are circumcised with the circumcision made without handsome but what is that mean to be circumcised. What was what was the intent of circumcision to find you're a follower of God were spiritually circumcised as the children of Israel were physically circumcised to show their obedience. So Abram was told to circumcised himself and all is all under him, so that was it. In the covenant over there enhances the Marlin covenant verses 19 through 14 is what it talks about that. So where there ever other people who use that same throughout the history of this the same as a so-called signer covenant. The other was the work. There are other.

So now here, so he says that the in whom you you were also circumcised with the circumcision made without hands and putting off the body of the sins of the flesh by the circumcision of Christ buried with him in baptism so the circumcision without hands was the circumcision of the heart when right incident.

What is a hot one. Is it mean to be buried with him in baptism.

Symbolically growing under the water and the immersion baptism symbolizes dying and then were brought up out of the water of the resurrection of it that silly we go down we die their sins right in that when we are raised will raise without sin right will raise righteous, okay. Then he goes on to say he quickened together, having forgiven you all trespasses so we have we were born again were forgiven, but the baptism is our outward and visible sign of that inward and spiritual grace. The blessing of forgiveness and stands and being made that new creation in Christ blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us. How were those those ordinance against us the law. The laws that we broke conservative, remade by omission and commission. I was like there was like our court where here's the guilty out according to section section so-and-so violated these laws was a violation of the laws of God like Jesus took that manifest with him on the cross and set on paying the price for the sins died, and paid that price for you and me and the Judaizers teach the Judaizers talk concerning the salvation in Christ that you had to did to you had to one keep the laws and then also believe in Christ because the even today, you have some of those right now. Today I when I was in Israel. I talked to some those Orthodox they believe you still have to keep the laws of Moses and but they believe that Jesus is the Messiah and the Christ was the Messiah so I don't know what had happened. Believe they they can live without them because we we we have Babcock 33 things that we don't do that were supposed to admit it is an impossibility for us not sent okay but over there and in the and Johnny tells you for each other is that if you sin you nuts you not saved Raven out also says Raven magic advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous, and he is the propitiation for our sins with hereditary goods that other words, when we are saved and we asked for forgiveness. God takes away what portion what percentage of residences God remove all so was it in the past ardently remove the ones that are present THROUGHOUT pregnant present for guidance and and future and future nuclear reactor take to him already think we have to go to him to stay. Now only okay I'm going to play this clip will be back right after this in the first half of the 19th century, 4 million Blacks worked athletes imprisoned on plantations in the American South and prevented from learning how to read their families are forced to be broken out if they tried to escape. They were severely and brutally punished the owners of these plantations were almost without exception, Democrats before the Civil War, slaveowning Democrats used black bodies to massively increase the number of votes they got in Congress and the electoral college because of the three fixed compromise single Democrat in Georgia who owned five slaves, four times the representation of a single white abolitionist in Pennsylvania. We didn't own any separate Democrats. It has always been about using black bodies for political power. How they are used may vary. The plantation model remains a constant event today. Despite the fact that Blacks are no longer enslaved.

Many black children barely learn to read in poorly performing schools.

Our families are often shattered by misguided welfare policies and if we try to escape. We still face punishments course the 21st century are not physical or virtual owners of these plantations are once again almost without exception, Democrats think about it what today are certain areas of Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Philadelphia all run for decades by Democrats, but virtual plantations. Many Lebanese areas are largely if not totally dependent on their masters, the politicians for their food, housing, and healthcare.

It's hardly a fair exchange.

Politicians become wealthy residents become both slaves sustained just barely.

I government transfer payments and just like the plantations of yesteryear which demanded a consistent breakdown of the black family to reinforce its system of buying and selling slaves. Democrats today incentivize similar family corrosion their policies, fostering dependence, not by mom and dad ran the government to give just one example. Virtually every inner-city school provides free breakfast and lunch sounds generous, but when it really dies is remove the traditional responsibility from parents, handing it over to the state. Yet many did you break free from this oppressive system like the fugitive slave Frederick Douglass Wednesday may run toward a better life leaving the plantation still entails risk of course is not the way for the last six libel and slander. The purpose is to bring black conservatives within an inch of the professional and sometimes personal lives. A warning and rebellion will not be tolerated. Completed just ask Dr. Ben Carson Hoover institution economist Tomasello Mark, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to cite three prominent examples Carson by the most celebrated brain surgeons of the modern era has been called stupid by the legacy media because he has conservative political views. Tomasello, who went to Harvard and taught at Cornell, Amherst and UCLA and may be the nation's most brilliant economists has largely been ignored. While many lesser lights have been celebrated Clarence Thomas, one of the luminescent legal minds of our time was the victim of a masted smear campaign during his nomination to the Supreme Court because of his conservative views. His reputation was dragged to the media might. This is how you describe the experience is a high tech lynching for uppity Blacks who in any way deemed to think for themselves to do for themselves to have different ideas and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order. This is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured, rather than hung from a tray case. Plantation owners will do anything to hold on to what they see as their property when a lender in 2012 Barack Obama received 93% of the black vote in 2016 Hillary Clinton received 88% not damp with a critical factor in Clinton's loss. Democrats now that they can't lose the black and win a national election today make up lies. They say America was founded for the purpose of perpetuating slavery.

They say white people hate us the entire system is racist and that our only hope is that same old Democrats. The plantation owners now, but will happen if Blacks demand that their children received a good education if they shake off their dependents on government handouts if they refuse to see themselves as victims instead embrace all the opportunities America offers the plantation system will collapse once and for all. In the 19th century we had to depend on others to be liberated this time we have to do it ourselves really. I'm Candace Allen's author of blackout black America Connecticut second escape from the Democrat plantation propriety University.

This video was made possible through a generous donation from the Kentucky patriots for America are very good. We are back now to that. So that was was Candace Owens.

No master this Joe bird load murder somebody of Republicans you think belong to what they call black lives matter. I doubt there is one not a real one. Okay, so now there bird load murder black lives matter and add that program in their date. They are antichrist. There factor satanic that leaders are Satanists.

Okay, but that they call people like Candace Owens.

Okay like Ben Carson like Clarence Thomas and right they call these people traders call them traders credit not love right now let me ask, let me ask you this Jake, who was the president during the days when blue slavery was abolished, who is the president. The name of Abraham Lincoln. That's right now. Was he a Republican or death. The grant Republican acacias who passed what party passed the civil rights legislation Republican Party. Okay, so now that which party is the party of the Ku Klux Klan.

The Democrats, so these people like the NAACP. They are racist. They are racist and they are traitors to the black people they are penetrated as a real traders. They are the real traders to the black people now their big fear is that the black folks are going to wake up and realize this and say you know what we don't need this that you have the race baiters out there.

You have the Al Sharpton's in the Jesse Jackson. The race baiters did the prophet of human suffering off misery by keeping that these rate wars going here. You had the one of the leaders in bird load murder or they call black lives matter just came out and then said that this fella there in Wisconsin, the one that killed the six people and injured about 60 people ran them down right that so he saying that although this he saying that this is the beginning of the revolution. This is the new start that that's what that's all about. This man is a traitor he's he's antichrist out there and so here are have always I've got paragraph the man's name is calling Carol Pilger for Joe before being killed and this is a violent leftist group.

The results of Kyle Rittenhouse's claim of self-defense and and prefer along with likewise matter said there urging their comrades to get guns immediately so they can kill before being killed. And this was from Sligo on his Andy Niekro is a reporter and out of the Washington times and he has several postings for there urging her body to arm up and they think it's a threat. Now if whites could defend themselves.

Then all of a sudden anti-BLM can't go out and is there everything they want because the place on the anything but if citizens can claim self-defense. All of a sudden they're endangered in their panicking over one man one child one account of acquittal of self-defense but that's going to happen. I may look.

I could tell you this. If that came to the county where I live, you see a lot of self-defense out there. Okay the same thing here that started up here to be put down very fast became but it's in the cities where you have prostituted us you don't have prosecutors you have prostitutes in the big cities. These people there. They are there to unleash pain and suffering.

The antichrist system where they they will turn everything around.

They will punish the good and the reward the evil where they they want to make crime legal and you find that in all of the blue cities if you will work with crime is skyrocketing, not just crime but every every unclean thing, and then your name of drug prostitution, gambling, vetting what we have. Yvonne Mays was a BLM activist there and Wisconsin and he put out tweets and on Facebook that he heard from anonymous sources that that drive that killing people at the Christmas parade was considered found possible that the revolution has started that this was retribution for the Rittenhouse verdict and he is happy about it. He says it's a good thing. Time for it to happen. That doesn't sound good. Okay, it sounds like were having same so the problems we are Less than nonparent breakup with you now okay yeah you you cutting on MS when another line okay this is on these things.

There there called jitters okay this is what they call a jitter in the radio business there.

You still there Joe okay so what is what he tries it. There was his tries to reconnect because apparently there they've managed to get into that line so he's he's trying to reconnect and have a stronger bond back I'm still here in your broken up, but my Claire yeah you clear your your clarity will grow your broken out, but I can identify my Claire were okay. All right. Your your clear, I can hear you very good already. Let's go. Let's move on to a couple things.

First of all we talked about this here yesterday. We know that Tim Biden is going to start trying to push more more emergency overreach and this is what would do the more more tyranny from the federal government going into two areas where they have no business and so here the occupational safety and 30 administration OSHA has put a hold on enforcing the Biden administrates vaccine mandates for private employees after a federal appeals court stopped the measure last week. Actually, the judge that this is the he pretty much was saying this stuff is insanity. Richard what you're doing now what makes the difference between a person that has 100 and accompanying interenterprise and the company has 99 employees. Why is it to look at what makes a difference of nearly the finding of these employees is outrageous. I think the very first amount is like a 13,000 and something of a fine. Then after that it's 130 something thousand is an outrageous amount. Here are some 13,650 per violation or hundred $36,532 Heather Carolyn. The 532 for repeat offenders. Yeah. And so and like that. Did the courts of this is insanity welcome.

Now they Department of Judas, the department of Judas. Okay it is run by an extremely corrupt people. These these retirements. They are corrupt and we corrupt to the core, absolutely. The Department of Justice of Judas injustice if he caught is no longer an independent body belongs is simply part of the death or credit communist collective now just like the FBI brought in federal alliterative.

They've taken over the reins of government and so I wanted to just read an article and I had this is you know who Victor Davis Hanson is sure okay let me just read is the Washington DC based Federal Bureau of investigation has lost all credibility as a disinterested investigator invest Decatur eat investigator re-agency.

Now we learn from a whistleblower that the agency was investigating moms and dads worried about the teaching of critical race theory in the kids schools and truth since 2015.

The FBI has been constantly in the news and mostly in the negative and constitutionally disturbing the light the fire, former director James call me injected himself into the 2016 political rates by constantly editorializing on his ongoing investigation of candidate Hillary Clinton's email lease. In a bizarre twist, the public learned later, they call me had allowed Hillary Clinton's own private computer contractor crowd strike to run investigation of the hack. The private firm was allowed to keep possession of pertinent hard drives central to the investigation, how they crowd strike appointment with Sean Henry, a former high-ranking FBI employee during the Robert Minton, a molar special investigation. The FBI implausibly claimed that it had no idea how requested information on FBI cell phone. Mysteriously this disappeared right. We also met her hand in the cookie jar Like cookies. I didn't know there were cookies in here now. It was also an economy's dictatorship that the FBI submitted an accurate request for warrants to a Pfizer court elements of one affidavit to suit to Seville to serve Weill Crump supported Carter page was forged by FBI lawyer Kevin Kleinsmith, who later pleaded guilty to the felony.

The FBI hired the distributable expert British by Christopher still is a contractor while he was peddling his fantasies.

The Clinton bought DOS ER to the Obama government officials and the media for FBI General Counsel James Baker was reportedly the subject of a federal investigation. He allegedly conducted prominent meeting both of the media outlets that later lead to lurid tales from the steel dossier. He also met repeatedly that with now indicted Perkins coy attorney Michael Sussman, himself through third-party intermediaries leaked to the media's own covenantal memos. DI detailing private meetings with Pres. Donald Trump's assurances both the Congress and trout that the president was not the current subject of FBI investigations word were either misleading or outright lies in sworn testimony to the house intelligent committee call me and some 245 occasions claimed he could not remember or had no knowledge of key elements that was out now hear this is another example.

They lied they lied they lied they lied openly slouchy, nicely the last time I looked it was a felony to lie to Congress was a not throw it out of the corner on the block, but who cares number Biden government thought she has been caught lying. I don't know how many times are so-called US Atty. Gen. Mary Garland has lady he got caught openly lying about this whole thing with the parents and the FBI after he had given the orders to the FBI and so there is the problem. Joe is the Justice Department that is supposed to bring the charges against these people and that's why you got though the. The foxes in the henhouse world are clear. More than that., Like the Justice Department of the wheelhouse in the wheelhouse is controlled by the Biden administration and the Communists in the they've almost got a complete takeover of the government right now. In fact, I'm working that you were talking about earlier about her phone and change phone people come in after us, the Francis Colin, the chief of the national Institute of health was on NPR National Public Radio and he said he wants to track down deliver justice to those he thinks have distributed disinformation about Cove's 19 and these time about how he's worried about this disinformation. This is become so prominent in the face of the public health crisis. It's been manipulated in situations for political reasons yeah and that is talking about all the people we've lost 100,000 people to Cove 19 who were under VAX because they were had information that told him this wasn't something that would be safe for them so he is going on.

He said punishment is suggested punishment for those deemed to have disagreed with the government on this issue and he goes on certainly re-trying to track these people down figure out what they're doing isn't there some kind of justice for this kind of action.

Isn't this like yelling fire in a crowded theater.

I've been on anonymous guys ranting but he forgets things like, we Smartly heard the big lie about the pandemic, and thought she we know now that the size was created and of my own lab there in Rouen staff to Chinese military people. It didn't you all come jumping out from a nearby whether the call went marketer from animal to human transition so late we know we've been lied to. There are even threatening the they want to come and punish us and come after us. So I know working to be targets and that kind of explains what happened last night done it. Yeah yeah is not the only ones were the only ones it seems like kind lead on this network did the gets nailed constantly there the gun after a couple others. Jay Sekulow was one now, but that not like they've gone after us and so here now this is some things happening out there and by the way, like you said Pfizer Pfizer. It was is trying to get the White House and Congress to make that lot to make it a felony to say anything against the poison amount out. You know how it got Joe I been telling people about them. You know they're not there, not in what they're telling you get the VAX get the VAX 11 talented listen, I don't believe for one second that that these people these politicians and the Democrats remember all of those except for the one of the politicians they got the VAX got Cove okay and but that here is an interesting and well Republicans. They were all Republicans except for one now here's a here's an interesting things to this is were coming out of Slovenia that it verified will cause unimaginable world reaction will this is what we been telling people all along really well on Saturday.

Joe, the chief nurse of the University Medical Center in boy this is little beyond the clinical Center and I'm looking I'm looking at a picture, it's quite a huge place in the and that it deals with administration of vaccine vials and manages everything she quit her job. She went in front of TV cameras and took took out vaccine bottle show. She showed the gathering journalist the codes on the bottles, each with a number. The file number one, two or three in the code and so in the call of the last numbers would be one in the next will be to the next would be three number one is a placebo. Joe saline is sailing knows that's what you give to the politicians and the bureaucrats number two is a classic RNA mRNA vaccine and number three Joe is the RNA stick containing the ONC gene related and a note and Dino and Dino virus which contributes among other things, to the development of cancer. Now for these who get jabbed from the VAIO whose code into number three. She says people who receive them will have soft tissue cancer within two years. She said that she had personally witnessed the vaccinations of all politicians and tycoons and they all receive the preparation number one.

The media has also been told to absolutely bury this story.

Does that sound familiar.

Joe brought about her found her lawyer out we can have something like regular people like that they to be punished.

There's something wrong with them and Sears efforts are at continuing this information underway right now and so as we learn more about this will let you know folks with the November Dr. Robert Malone. There, the inventor of the technology behind the RNA VAX is he's been saying don't take the VAX is saying this is bad quote. We are in a situation where the government has seized control of the medical profession and this is causing death causing death. They will not let the treatments out there the expensive early treatments that would be said could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. We know that eigenvector and Dr. Clark when anything this VAX is killing people. This is the guy that invented the technology folks behind this quote vaccine is not a vaccine that is that bio weapons and they saying the government is trying to take over medicine. The profession and its causing death of American people around the world actually how did Adolf Hitler start his genocide program is a big lie but who do they used to doing to start administrating death to the end to the German people right and started work correctly over the doctors. He's kind when people that the people trusted with doctors. That's exactly what to do in here today are our doctors and hospitals are losing credibility at a rapid rate. The trust of the people's diminishing rapidly and were up against the break so when we have five seconds eight okay we will be back right after this. Don't go away a lot more to come yet. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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