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WEDS HR 2 120821

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 9, 2021 12:13 am

WEDS HR 2 120821

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 9, 2021 12:13 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR all right we are back in the above, you know you know about today. The borderline production bill passed without and that we want to just praise the Lord for that. Okay. And I just wanted tell people out there that the attorney Lynch's one was proactive pro-life attorneys and you cut it's been a whole lot of your letter representing me in case you didn't know Lola you never did send me a bill you never lost a case for me and all of the times when I was charge everywhere.

Some interesting court cases to let armies a very interesting and no end and every time it was that I was charged with preaching, you know, preaching the gospel. That was a and they made all these false accusations. God's word does not return void doesn't know does not, and all those false accusations and I would I even became a trading for similes them judges know if they would if they would sell Mary or get me off the street to some of the corrupt ACLU people could benefit greatly absolutely point Alana got it to learn community in The bottle. Finally Adam from you, and you know did not want their new work will you know you know what one case I remember remember the fellow John and he had done the he was John was a little slow and he had been. He had ill he was. He was a grown man but he had probably I would say maybe the mentality of maybe about 12 or 13-year-old and I had a situation where he had found a police captain's badge and nudge.

It was all yeah yeah and and what happened was that the leak was even a little higher than a captive and try to think of what was but anyhow what happened was that he was outside a courthouse and the and silk John when he got there beds you wanted try to impress the people he wanted to. The YMCA were any set it on the counter when was watches Henson didn't realize the guy next to it the way it was an actual real cop and when he saw that Betsy knew Blanche to an oral John was arrested on the spot and and charged with with stealing while the whole story came up with to make a really long story short, get this cop had been in the courthouse and they were rich and he didn't want that, and so what that was John who called me and he said I need some help and I asked him I said you know the Lord is your Savior and he said no reason. I got real problems as a John if you if you don't note the Lord Jesus as your Savior. You got more problems than you can imagine you're looking at a burning fiery hell and I give him the girls I preached to them on hell and then he was crying and he said my whole life my whole life is been nothing but painful because it him and his brother word word dumped by their parents when they were just a little and so basic.

They lived on the streets and they lived and there was little he had a very poor Groton childhood. Anyhow, so he accepted Christ as the Savior, and so the priest in 02 a month and haven't known the salvation message to Quilty we got to the court. The judge said I want to hear every word of your conversation with John. That conversation you had. I should remember that and so I guy gave the entire message I and and neck.

Please Didn't was that in their you know he is ices the biggest causes it here.

You were looking at me like I've never seen this here. You just preach the entire sermon to the courthouse and now the judge listened to every single word in the judge said to the captain. Do you still want to press charges. He says no, Your Honor. Just give me my badge and let me out of here. You remember whatever words sunk in God's Word, the Bible doesn't return void that was that was amazing wearing order when La wearing check right before the moon on shrinkable Kumar the he was happening with you preaching the word and be, and with Tomahawk: words and departed not the cost for doing your work there aren't blanket and all of those women.

With that, like Russian accent and yeah yeah the those seven. Those two came out and they had the most foul language and that it was a tall dark haired one and the shorter blonde and they were both very happy said in a command and they had very foul language and and very vulgar and I can see what else they did. That little bit of flashing but anyhow I and preach to them about going to hell me when they call the police on me and when the police came down and they should look at what your studies will used to horse came out here and I told what they were doing in his cups hesitantly. You can call them horse so you can isolate if there was a cohort right and so so while he's talking to me.

Here they come across the lake. The yard there and there screaming and I can't tell you what they said what they say we want this Blakely Blake this FF in the console.

All watch their language and they didn't stop they kept the peace of one more word on to you and I'll arrest you and then the he said no, not one more word and the other cop scores than they confronted him and then he turned to me and Ace's erector horse, and one in Oregon, fellow 520 yeah I just Butler anyhow lets them were to take some calls on this, but I wanted to say this to his assembly was Matthew measure was of Matthew Anthony owes Anthony that the call me that.

I talked to our art called him something to me. I called him I called Acadia and he told me and I reminisces it's been a while, but the best of my recollection is what he told me he told me that his mother says someone is going to go to jail. It's either going to be your dad is going to go to jail for little while, or it'll be me and in a fit if I go to jail, you'll be in a foster home okay and so you're going to have to say what I tell you to say she always pounded in her head that I done the site before I came out of prison couple weeks ago I talked to my son Matthew got his phone number. I talked to him on the phone and my ex-wife was the nothing. I'm not a Jammeh by the name of Jim Witt and we looked alike quite a bit and my son Matthew made a comment to me over the prison phone and that I believe I made a mistake. I said what you mean is I don't believe you done anything I said why would you say that he's I believe it was Jim Witt when he told me what your name in their desk death.

Matthew Anthony student Anthony told about Matthew. My other son only that which was the oldest Anthony okay what he told me that you were never even their exact children serving aboard Mahoney, Mahoney, and trauma counselors are still the sermon would investigate these allegations many times and found nothing and this date stat that was given by the mother. Don't even match the dates that the prosecutor said I did the crimes don't even match will love you've give you a little.

I started out by saying that when I was a young man.

I thought the bad guys were imprisoned in the good guys put them there.

But after being in a prison ministry visiting the prison for 45 years upon death row. I realize basically had two groups of criminals, one in charge of the other. That's basically one part of Apollo is amended in funneling millions and millions of dollars into account all of the country with the specific purpose of finding comedy and caseworkers came in a social work will only bring more politically correct and probably even wrote a book for teachers which the pilots and the like.

Five every classroom title meaning to be interviewed really do not repeat.

That's where it will down from the top exactly what money in that one will not continue when you're not in circuit persistent that a pastor that you caseworkers are paid to find issues and problems then there is money. We agreed on was that habit here. What is the $90 number two is a perfect storm with the prosecutor cracked and stucco programs again every county to county specific prosecutors trained in the go to seminars and everything how to handle the case where their children in Utah County that the truth is that it is the last thing exactly right. They want to not on native and Inadequate. They run problems that make the tough economy, then your payments are your project I thought of you when I saw the counter because that prosecutor on the case. I got it could be the same prosecutor in your case Tommy, where there is no signal case what my prosecutor.

He was disbarred. Couple years after mine. He had another case. Had he done and withheld DNA from this man's case, his name was Thomas ran the prosecutor. He was the assistant prosecutor in my case and my ex-wife went to the prosecutor's office after so many years that she wasn't getting the attention from the counselors she would bounce my kids from counselors or counselors from children's service with children circle making these allegations. I found out 96 to my son was going to do you need counseling Arno Valley counseling on Belmont Avenue cycle. The counselor by 6 AM the father, my name is Doc, can I meet can I visit you one on one big I haven't seen my son for many years and he said I have no problem though. I made appointment I went and I talked to him one on one. I sound like to see my sons in the officer because her comfortably or through use of this place is. I have no problem I have to make an appointment with Lisa which is my ex-wife and you to come in and see if you can see your son. I said sure, no problem. I didn't know at that time she was making these allegations years prior to that someone in her eye and she to get you can visit the kids if the officers have no problem I had three this is the fourth visit was canceled. She started allegations all over again. I was doing these allegations. Prior to my visit at the cows and widen the counselor often call the police never did all right there you go, one, 100, like the little pocket after going all that. Is there a phone call, and much company are your kids doing okay spiritually. Yeah, I'm coming, I'm hanging in there… Meet somebody along ways or get naked and conspiratorially going to church. I don't think my kids are now I I haven't seen him I've seen for 20 some years and I want to say I love my sons. I understand that it was her mother behind the allegations. I understand she brainwashed them and they believe was she saying lately but not exactly on if you tell the food if you tell the kid child at the age of three. There was a pink elephant in the corner and you do that for a couple years earnest. I believe in it. Her parental allegations and draw yes exactly your case example of exactly that his building.

I love my son very much and always will you live the Christmas season and argumentative continent, exactly on finest of them dead yet what language in the case no argumentative exactly exactly You have to do that. You've got to Steve got to stand your ground and the end of his got to do that is cutting declared in but I'm trying to remember the name of the other fellow that them we had to have same situation. He spent 25 years in prison. I remember for after 20 years.

They said if you if you will just admit to your guilt and you'll be able to get out right now. And of course, pardon me tonight about it. We had a mentor program and that was the one where they went. Heath finally after another five years.

He got out and they want they got them into the evidence lab. They found that the so-called blood on the.

The bottle opener was was catch up. The so-called blood upon her own her own clothes was was not it was lipstick. All of the evidence was was faked.

It was false, impotence, and then so the media.

The media went to her house as I think it was channel 5 a miniature and knocked on the door knocked and adore nobody would come so they call the police and the police came and broke into their house and here she was hiding in a closet and she admitted that she had lied mismanagement 25 years in prison and she admitted.

I remember that very well and that we had them here in the radio programs but walk.

You know what I tell you what I'm in no it's been so after I me tonight thank you but unfortunately the local tubulin, one of Canada there are all all all in bed together, and working find the records in those records from the court concluded hearing prior to my mechanic currently found no promises from the gigantic, irregular, not nothing. You deal with this is fundamentally just, stop herself breaks. I would see also on the records you know Allison was a some on the record that I got the police report that was Sheila made the way the police report was written. It was written 22 hours before the crime was positive happen when I got I got the record in this. I also got the report from the harbor Police Department will my ex-wife took my son for the allegations and the officer Miller at the time said didn't happen. Our jurisdiction so were going to send you to the warm Police Department and talk to these two detectives which I got their names and I wrote the detectors I said I want to know if you have any reports that was filed by Lisa at the time Whit WITT.

She's married three different times and they will be back there was nothing on the record but officer mother saying that he was in route to divorcing she never showed up. There I got records from the any counts and I got records from Valley counseling saying that that stuff in the file to cooperate these allegations see all this evidence at the time my case was going on. I knew nothing about this evidence. My lawyer Tom Xena never shared anything with me nothing.

He never said not one sheet of paper here were shared with me or should explaining to me just show me to the wolves, which is the prosecutor's office when I remember one one person that was staying with you and it was your father.

My father yes and braided man is I had cut duct enmities that look is that everything is telling us true is that I know I was there the end of you know all of this evidence, and he really right up until the end he stayed stuck with the dysentery past. Yes I did 25 years in prison. Okay, someone that 25 years in prison. They would just forget about and move on with their life. I can't and I won't and you're going to okay so that's that's good because is not just for you.

You've got to do that exactly.

They've gotta see that that the what you're here you're talking in your name and name name and it just Tom Xena. That's where it all started Attorney out young stop Leno. So, just as long as you know you as long as it's you can prove you can set I got the document all right, no one.

Anyone not getting list parts are not on their own because they see that you're right in the garden and plant your knowledge of the Ghanaian octave others do whatever is going to make money on… You know what I remember, Dennis Watkins told my attorney Mark Marine.

He was my postconviction attorney which he also screw me over attic leaving. He didn't. He didn't really fight for me. Remember Dennis Watkins told my Mark Marine that I was like a cockroach no matter what you do.

He just don't go away down well. I will give up unknown or not, Caligula, or about we have a whole lot of stories that we can fill. Over the years that as you remember. You know what they did the Richard Lewis they were going to try to do to me and if you remember that that they will really come in and charge me with antigovernment activity in them. In the middle of the night and then somebody to talk to Holly and now and I think that battling your eye on the list. Like took a dozen then when I fly got tipped off by a certain attorney who who overheard the conversation and told me and that I took a dozen men. I went down to Judge Marcus's courtroom and I confronted the judge in the Lord is a Dan Dan Yamamoto the big met Mark Caracas RX on the dance sector is a great name him and I never could. Then in the I confronted the judge right there and then the prosecutor and you remember I said I understand that you you going to charge me in that they got caught off guard and said that yeah I civil war you charge me with and they said antigovernment activity and I said what kind it will kind of activity. In this it will.

You are you taking in and you're having Smith taught classes regular American constitutional law classes.


And that was Jack Smith Jack Smith was was there rightly log constitutional Classes and I said yeah were doing that any city in your selling those those that they said no we don't sell anything. We have them delete delete. We ask for donation. With that we give away free. We don't sell anything.

Okay and that that is the way you've had him on the program. I said yeah I've had him and I've had a month I've had presidential candidates. I've had Supreme Court justices of had not yet all that I have happy Kinnelon and I had, I think that was maybe around that time he was on and then I told him I had them judges. Many judges and even prosecutors like you.

So my guilty by association and that so the judge called him over you getting the judge and you can see the Jensen. How did you let this happen in days and well I guess were going to drop charges and that they just wanted me out of there in the sill it all stemmed from I came just to be a witness to Williams of mixed on that pretty girl and you yeah yeah yeah yeah they asked me to comment and so I came in I sit by myself and when when they walked in I saw the. The police detective point.

He talked to the judges assistant their bailiff and he pointed at me and he whispered I'm looking right and looking right at me. They both love to the prosecutor and they tell him and now he legal all go to the judge in all four of them were looking at me I'm sitting over in the corner by myself.

I just have a notepad and I'm taking notes and you might remember they said the judge is why don't we just introduce and everybody on Judge Marcus and listen minutes and who are you and I I I know that if I had said anything then that would be recorded okay so I just smiled at him. I didn't say anything and and and got a month simply they didn't want me there because they didn't want people to know how they were conducting that hearing on him. They were trying that the deal because it a lot going on over there with Noel. I was there with Justin to take notes saying this is what happened and so it's about what were in a book in the stand up and how many times is that happen.

It's only different cases where that's happened so with that prosecutor can't remember, but I know it was alleged on the recruitment of the length that you would do an indictment without the grand jury even signing the indictment, it would the signature second and who's going to question it can lead one another that improving but that's the only people get away with something they know they can, and that we get back to 20 on kind on the prosecutor not coming from the viewpoint outspent and molested. You have to believe child has the right to be believed. We had cumin hired from the vocal group victim of the economy is not an agreement going on, and they monitored the all of the country where the children who are very marked with a big D and the content of the divorce or whatever and the children mourned one of these children are the stand in the even that they can do that anymore than even when the screen between the child I write that your aunt Jenny they want in my younger son Matthew. They want to do a deposition and put him behind a screen and they said he was scared and scary to me is that I do.

But it was never proven. One thing I'm here like that. Okay you know what, here you go. We've got another climb and to bring him up to stay there. Timothy and Dan Cassara's that was that that prosecutor's name you got that was the yeah I couldn't. I couldn't remember I knew was a great name. Tim was a urinary go-ahead evening brothers in Christ and I live in route and have been out here since 2010 as I was telling was rendered tonight is great is Craig.

I love telling Craig he said he was on the west side is he grew up unless I saw assorted INI. I knew a lot of what was going on a lot of small little suburbs bears up to no good city Council at the no good since I do not run up in 2010 I was well aware I had Dan Caceres and his wife who is a realtor on my radar for a while actually knew about them when I lived in the separate part Berea. Before he moved out to Royalton and I had answered the somebody had an ad about remodeling some property with rental property and was them on our forget dealing with them and some of the properties that they wanted to be fixed up. They were the people's properties were the furthest away from where they live in a nice area in route and in a nice house and all at me to put on this façade and Royalton and they do all his other stuff and with his law practice in city Council in her with the Realty business and and I keeping up with the Joneses and alive heard Pastor bring his name up before so he was struggling to remember the name. I thought I want to call in and tell whether I can always tell the voices less eager to begin the show to know what it was. Andrew on tonight or Craig and I I've known and I've talked about them before, and I just said I couldn't wait to get in there and not tell you the correct name and say that we need to look into this game or he's up for reelection.

He said he quit his day job. My 20 pulled out the article from the North Royalton post about him so he must've stopped doing whatever he was doing associated with the claimant court system and whatnot you might have a private practice. But this case reached a high heaven with the improprieties and never I never thought that he was on the up and up. If anybody knows and it's listening today show.

This is all about truth on the show and I have no problem saying the truth if you if you're up to no good and yet your presenting yourself as something the opposite. If you're up to no good. And then you want to present yourself as a do-gooder, call you. Remember all I make sure you document every allegation exactly exactly what I don't know. Can you get home from the tree exactly 22 nonmechanical portal of entry and document every make sure that we have the correct name and that he keeps put that out to kiss his voice reaches a lot of people and especially those in the beta claimant and all throughout Ohio that if he at the sky ever has aspirations to go. Anything above the city Council are still practicing law down claimant. I think though all of them are corrupt. I think the whole thing stinks to high heaven. I don't trust even I will even trust a two-party system anymore. I think both parties are corrupt and three accuser either for me or against me comes down to the Bible and Christ and across the guilt I look at people and I have to vote my conscience my one of my conscience based on a youth for Christ. Are you against Christ at about a cure for Republican report Democrat. That's just the name game and that doesn't mean anything anymore. They proven that Mitch McConnell's got ago he was with his go join Pelosi and Connie Iselin to celebrate some of this other.

He's given in and ended the stop. If any of those nine step forward in a side with him.

You can go to next November to get a big old Street room and up and up dustpan and y'all going well. He's given in the go to end the filibuster so you know. And of course, this little son of a gun at his wife involved with the Chinese big time and I know you and Kerry Kevin McCarthy if you have your out there and you're listening to the shows I watch I like Sean and I watched out. I watched Laura and I watch it is very circumspect the way anymore because you know what you see with your lips and what you do in in your actions they have to mirror one another exactly that in your fake exactly absolutely lipservice exactly. Let your yes be yes and your no be no.

You need to decide. Like I said last night, whom you serve and you will know them by their fruits on who they serve will thank you that you must of been the listing to them for long time because there's been some years since I mention his name and I've been an avid listener I call you when I feel it's important.

Like I said the other day I looked up the Plano quote that some of these colors are come in and want to be nasty.

They just want to say something why wise person will think about what they say and say was pertinent.

Do you absolutely right bloom. Thank you Timothy were good couldn't wait for break and we will be back remember is about meritocracy. I don't care what they tell you it's American meritocracy and capitalism in this country. Amen. All right. Thank you, will be right back into this is that is we as a resume right 86779673 nationwide phone lines open will take you closer comments in them during Lynch last night when the birth of why I wanted to say this is after all of these years, it's probably been close to 50 years. Were you and I been working together in no dollar you yeah anyhow and that I'll say I never saw you back away from the case and course you work lawyer for life. One of the pro-life lawyers and in the and in those cases. In many cases started way back.

Why never even asked for help you quote you folks showed up in an instant.

Look where we're here your author you going out new saving babies and working defense. You and we had some very interesting cases over the years that we want everyone and I mean a monumental 1 o'clock for the large box case that now completely put in there on beacon Street and it would talked with David 4K good pro-life professor directly.

Once again, I know him angry at any officer that and now I was on the time on the next day, going to the time but on the other. While Col. Jolley was in that and now from the other lawyers somewhere on the record clearly on box case to keep Ray and Ron asked him numerous raw self yeah you guys showed up in the early days when I was always going up because they were bringing the the death machine against me and I like you said we we won every case, when we had the will win on appeal, but we want about an appeal and that was an amazing basis case) building seven times because I know you can't do any of the eternity. I told the judge that to deny the night this that they were selling me they wanted to see the deal was this one because they did to get the promotion he needed the ACLU to helping and so he gave them a $20,000 judgment and I told him I sent you my resume could 20 billion.

I will give him $0.20 cases, even if this Court orders.

I said even if this Court orders. I know I will give him $0.20. Then they said them.

Remember they wanted to demand that I get a list of the folks in support.

As such, I don't keep up but if I did I wouldn't give it is said even if this Court orders-even if the court orders you remember the don't you and that it would be. I know and and so the ACLU said are you going to take that your chances your ways that Jennifer molybdic. I couldn't believe it.

But no, I wouldn't going to do it. You know that's why Tony's here tonight. You've gotta stand on principle. There are absolutes is absolute rights and absolute long and you gotta stand on principle.

You know it's if you don't stand if you if you back down. You know, Abraham Lincoln said when men remain silent when they should speak out makes cowards of men and destroys nations. And that's exactly right. And this is why we have to speak out. We have to stand. Stand her ground and and we've had many many cases like that over the years, you know that and that leave you here we are with other people on the Nokia. Your example in talking on people not only love that are concerned about and then get blockaded again unity you, Connie times when they realize that your action item but you get the time you do not nighttime scared out of your mind exactly I was just flat your plan and not one that the best thing for everybody. My attorney at the time told me on 10 to 25.

I would do for years with good behavior and I believe the and I was thinking, well, I rather do four years and four life sentences so I took the four years that I would get out and fight this. Come to find out he lied to me and they couldn't and landed him to come he he he even meant middle things on the record that he won a plea I had no choice. I had the prosecutor the assistant prosecutor from trauma County made a comment on the record which I have only Mr. Safi will know if you commit these crimes are not Alice's exact comment. That is the one thing about smaller counties in Oregon are doing the same. Prosecutor Bankston here in Cuyahoga and all right, Megan i.e. my nephew had prosecutor Connecticut leaders unite yeah there is an element to that unit in the photo on it might seem enough. The local bond over the week. Yeah right. Try to get away from that, but breaks a lot of these prosecutors in the state of Ohio has a lot of power. They have the last decision all the judges do it have to do the sentence, I need to fill in your unit under ring about Walter Mondale Elia Walter Mondale speak ill of the daddy got to a copy of you with someone who was pushing for the federal laws, the adoption of sounds like it's a wonderful act for adoption and then another one of the national abuse prevention and okay the laws were put into every company in every state and on the millions of dollars ago lived what the fine print shop that all of this training to be done for propagator guardians for a pro bono attorney, and you know they have regular programming be politically correct regular concatenate out all the stone going on today to get into children's services and other social workers and likeness of your car. If you have enough pieces to get my money they got it. That's what always boils down to is that I undertake some causes go to John Cleveland I think is hollow and people are breaking up biting you by the government to stage and died the article that I should go really great about how important to realize that it is called the CIA takeover of America in the 1960s is the story of today titled repeated CIA takeover of America in the 1960s by killing Jacob. RFK and MLK is about the story of today because it brings out aluminum about the actual call frame of the allegation that sure answer – Gerald RFK 100 been the really just by this article end up all pocketbook by love Alicia piece and it shows that the attempt to free my thoughts are hand it's at night I heard about the data are not waking up and shooting the C-SPAN type program years ago and totally) shorthand when they had the broadcast and the chairman of the parole board when shorthand. During weekly said I have some information please about the assassination, exact up parole board. She loads up in war and you still look had to abandon steel Hamburg would've broken was a wooden one pounded rapidly. Big Apple infected curio shop right now. I'm going to love shut down experience. In other words, your hand handles going to be revealed.

The fact that it was framed up and there was a second gunman that is proven by the renowned.corner, distributes you block Los Angeles and all of the destroyed evidence medical evidence of the bulletholes that that had more a lot of penetrations that ensure handgun could've shot that's and that's a bigger story than we can do in the time we have left.

I have to move on the listen.

Thanks for sharing that. Have a blessed Christmas list go to Jeff and Tampa hello yeah you really are glad I'm not doctor tell me if I have any records. Real quick thing about five years ago I rented a comment from a Muslim and Leanna, now and that took in the junction out on me and went to collect and be good for some reason and word against word and go get my thing of the apartment and the Fed will have to go with you but if you need to make two trips you can okay I went to the sheriff not coming back to.

Gotta get everything and yet, Lieut. Limited, Macon, the Lieut. a rebuke.

Let me go back and get the rest of my and so they put the rectum up and down the street one day on the street to get them and got out on me and said that I said that I had been banned and I and all that and got the street that that had not gone three months in jail and when I went I said my "never doubt the plate not guilty in a public defender and content. You can, and that is not what they accused me of not be on your record that it is on my record. To this day I don't think we have limited time to get into the units of legal advice and I know that we give that to you were here is one word on his punishment of the record local gap finds the local domestic violent Made on the way. What learning is that okay let me I'm going to move on with a selfless go to to Lua Detroit will you're in there, yes I like to thank you for the show to get on side effect reports back in 2000. My wife passed away, and my youngest daughter started skipping school, but she was in school she just walked out a long story short, they were want to charge me with parental neglect and possibly start. But man give me some time and all I could say about this article.

Once Scripture basically is because I urge them. First of all, that petitions, prayers, intercessions and Thanksgiving made for all people that we need to be praying about this because they liquidated the scooter really went awry and I say God that it didn't like say you said it very well and thank you very much and have a very very Christmas to you.

Thank you.

But yeah we we deftly live in the days God's Word, the Bible talks about those with the evil day, and then we have seen corruption assembly will you if you know if we go back 3040 years ago. We never would've thought we got this bad. I mean, but it is legally see the institutions I remember in the Bobby remembered for the whole eight years that Barack Obama was in office and again people would say this guys incompetent.

He's you know he's not up to the and I said no you don't understand what he's doing. He's he's placing the most corrupt people and the the most extreme places that we need the in office fees, one at the time, 12 four-star generals. They were purged of our military and this guy is is you don't he think he's doing to America what no rent, no foreign enemy could never do or you get that last phone call in number five management: oh yeah yeah okay well that's right out of his playbook determined their children against the parents and their children turn the parents into the authority and I can just another way to create division. I'm not like the 30,000 foot outlook of what's going on hundreds then the dominant Internet leads where Platonic human life, but it sure Hillary Clinton was going to see the female versus non-yeah tell K. Craig division between now parents and their kids are not political people finding of the mortgage and we have a more fancy house on the market. I remember watching a film that was the where young Hillary Clinton college student actually was chastising Saul Wolinsky, her hero, she wrote her paper on him for not being ruthless enough.

I will yeah she wrote you were out. Where were at a time were going to go ahead and I'm going to have my my man over here. Randall give us. We got four minutes to give an invitation for the folks out there listing because one of these days all of this corruption will be gone.

You know God is good, put an end to it.

He he will do that before. Right now you know we have to be the light in the darkness so Randy tell us how we can avoid Helen get to heaven will tonight. We talked about something so ended up being an omelette. Some ups we talk about mercy and judgment and we all have done things that are worthy of judgment and we all want mercy, and in Jesus Christ, we have we can get the clean slate because of her mercy meets judgment and Jesus pays the price for our judgment and we received the mercy which turns immigrants and it's really kind of simple is that if you cannot live the perfect life with nobody cares and in the if you ever been in a situation where you needed mercy over the judgment that you deserve. Which we all doing soon. Then Jesus Christ is the cleanse an element, the forgiveness of our sense of payment the God so that the wrath of God is turned away and instead of receiving judgment we receive mercy in Christ, and he does and God certifies that by indwelling mouse with the Holy Spirit in your life and he takes away the that the that that the judgment that that that that he takes away the judgment and turns it into mercy and grace and if let's say the sinners prayer, Lord, Lord Jesus, and we accepted Jesus as our Lord. I have committed an ABC, whatever it is, save it and then if you believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is the propitiation for our sanity is the son of God, he is God in the flesh, and the God is raising from the day it would certifies that he was, then you will be safe. It's as simple as that. And I'll leave you with that sort believe on the Lord Jesus Christ accepting as your Lord and Savior, and thou shall be saved. It is that simple math right so is anybody ever regretted returning receiving eternal life will not know if there were regretted not you receive it now receive eternal life. Now it's not. Sometimes later it happens now so that once you address death. It doesn't matter when when when when the life your hands because Jesus Christ is your life from the moment you do this, so when you say that sin is pretty asked the Lord in your life. How do you know that your saved, how do you know what because God dwells with the spirit he seals you with the spirit and there is a change of heart.

There is a change of life and and anybody that is safe can tell you that this happened and in a moment in time and so you will deftly see a difference there. People will become, you become a new creature boarding a believer and you'll start to change her life would change will and absolutely you get your free to do right because if all you want.

That's the difference is that we always say that while I won't do wrong know what you're free to do right now and not down. Are there a lot of people out there that have a profession of faith but not a position of salvation different and the Lord Jesus say that many, many are called but few are chosen. Many will come if you so many have a profession but they didn't meeting today. That's right, that's right. You gotta believe in your heart, along with the confession with your mouth and so absolutely you gotta believe you got a belief and that God will always honor God will that's doing what we can completely, he will never forsake us. Never betray this is got that done in the moment in time, and it continues into eternity. That's right because we can even always trust ourselves to know that we don't we don't always know how were going to react to certain things would happen till it happens. But God that that's right so much.

We are out of time for tonight it went.

Thank you for being here Tony and that will pick up and later on he think he's going to hear from a lot of people. I got a feeling, and so as we say, this time overnight. We want to say good night good night God, unless and get ready always always always came find a flight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL not on the student next time for another edition of what's right and left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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