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What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 17, 2021 12:20 am

THU HR 1 121621

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 17, 2021 12:20 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content.

Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now and go on the board, unafraid we have courageous Craig hello everybody and Roberts pledge week is pledge week right now with a cackle and a floater in a giggle. His daughter looked always so good evening everyone, all right get out of here right back way back there in the boiler room back in the boiler room. Who knows what mischief they may be up back there. You have other other than rowdy Randy and witty wit and I don't want to say anymore. Who knows what they might do, then laid out a younger writing those back roads of dusty back roads in the Missouri none other than another, then the country partially pastor Joe Larson highly unpaid for your paradigm ready to go to work one more time.

Then tonight live in the studio, at least for now, not other ladies are special guest that is Jonathan Broadbent, cochair of North regional protect our children either to be here. Okay, good. Heavier get ready.

We got let the dog about the night I'm ready okay so what we can do to start out until I am willing to start new member with the title of the message was many babies have been have become king, but only one king ever became a baby, that's exactly right. That's true.

Okay, so we start out. Remember talking about time. What is time well, you know, according to Webster's is the measured period in which an action or process or condition exists in the continuum. Now it's hard it's hard to imagine an existence before there was this thing which we call time just try to imagine an empty universe with nothing but emptiness right then try to imagine a preexistent entity. This limited community has unlimited unlimited power to do anything that is in his in harmony with his perfect nature and so they just remember that God God's nature is perfect and then in that sense even though what I'm in the middle of a dissertation. In this case interrupted me okay there you go. That's what happens when it when you look when you little mother who encouraged okay go you beautiful numbers folks run a quick 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 or 888-281-1110 I might not be order continuing to you: to the lights lineup because I'm looking back there and all those guys in the phones they're looking at awaiting their anticipating their energy are not bothered her so somebody call circuit director work. That's right.

I want to go back to what we were talking about here. No add add to that, and to God's perfect nature add to his will is a look at its meeting. He has unlimited power of the Lord Jesus made very simply sit with God all things, all things are possible narrative that Lucian's meeting when he knows he knows all things that exist. In actuality, right though was. He knows all the variables concerning things that have not occurred. He knows all the future events because God is eternal, and he knows all the things in one internal act. In other words, God's knowledge is intuitive incident in nature. It's natural. Okay its immediate not coming through senses like us, you know it's it's simultaneously not acquired through observation is knowledge not acquired through hearing or reasoning is actual is complete and according to reality than imagine God in the totality of his essence without any diffusion or expansion or multiplication or division that he penetrates and fills other words, the entire universe and that's where we start to remember that we started Joe and Psalm 139 guides on the presence of God is everywhere at all times and as we take a look at the time when we would and we right now we have the here and now we have this moment we cannot recover the start of this radio program.

We can't not retrieve that is going is gone forever.

Now we may not have five minutes from now. You don't know that's entirely up to God.

But God sees the past, the present and future all in one glimpse at the same time because he exists in all places at all times. So basically you're saying before he created something he sees the result of that creation and knows everything that happened during authority doesn't Beat that well all knowledge is what contained in you know, for example, if we we go to the top of the very very high building like the Empire stable. We look to the left. We see traffic is heading our way. We look low. As we see traffic this right here now and we look to the right we see traffic that was here five minutes ago and has moved on, but sees them. That is like we were watching here God sees the past and this know that but God has the ability to change the past. He can change the past days, it will what's what's the big deal about that the liberals do it all in conical revisionist history out of the description of it absolutely right was picking up where we left off. We started sold 139 want to the gospel of John. The link to collage incident yesterday.

We started with a prophecy of of the birth of the Christ child gate right where good good.

Genesis 315 retro evangelism right and so now being in Genesis 9 film by the weight. Jonathan if you have any questions, just jump right in and have a question just jump in and ask question okay and loop with the proto-evangelion is is called the first gospel was called the first mention of the gospel, and we talked about the future and we reveal how that unit going back 6000 years ago or more of the prophecy of where the truck the Christ child would come as the first prophecy of the of the Christ. Now we also referred to affected, and we often hear that St. Mary the mother of God will know. Mary was the mother of the Christ child and Caitlin God is a triune father son and Holy Ghost. But the together makes the Godhead, but the Lord Jesus. Even though the fullness of the Godhead was found in him bodily. He took the office he became flesh and dwelt among us, so God doesn't have a mother. He is the creator and not only that, but God is eternal, as were talking about tonight so. Hackberries wrong but that's all okay so we're going to go back to Genesis chapter 9 is starting with verse read remove verse 18 through 28. Jill okay 29 point elects doing that he was there when nothing really can read like all across the country and the effect of the state you know Joe Larson is Kenneth the gun can read the program pelican conglomerate after the let you know that work for of the ark were Shem and Ham, and Japheth and Ham is the father came. These are the three sons of Noah and November is the whole earth overspread and Noah began to be a husband and he planted a vineyard and a drink of the wine and was drunken and he was uncovered within his tent and Ham, the father came and saw the nakedness of his father and told his two brothers without an Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it upon both their shoulders went backward and covered the nakedness of their father and their faces were backward and they saw not their father's nakedness and Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done underwent any said, cursed be Canaan servant of servants, shall he be under his brother and he said, Blessed be the Lord God of Shem and Canaan shall be his servant during the past 26 list know the stuff right there. Now you that's the key verse is the key verse in this whole thing before we go any further. Folks, this is pledge week right now I've got approximately one hour and 35 minutes, one hour and 35 minutes to the left tonight and then we get little less than two hours tomorrow to raise enough money for the entire next month. The entire next months of by this time by 15 January. We need to have raised another 63,000 so we need to see the phone lines like no, we haven't had any calls saying that we were gone gone off the air right so not a one and so that means we know you're listening and you know what our goal is to let Jill his room.

Several tour write about what $6000.

There are not. Our goal is to stay on the air and all the stations is listening to its donations to pay the bills on the radio. The votes we need to hear from you so week we got a seat who's going to be the first one: somebody's guideline approval to see the sad look in their face begged her with him and I can see that you get one okay okay will we got one right here. Yes Russell and log in our pledge of 50 so we got a start. Thank you. Soup: better okay listen. I need about 100 more people to match them so I were ready were ready for you. Okay, give us a call 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673.

We gotta get back to the Scripture folks is important, and so let me do that. Meanwhile, keep calling, so I don't get interrupted right you write like a noun here.

Let's go back to this. The key verse was verse 26 and he said, Blessed be the Lord God of Shem and Canaan shall be his servant said you know what when he's telling you there.

Well, I am working three oldest buddy was in and the water was to be in the messianic line that all the Jews come out of the Jews are out of the from Shem is line line will hear Shem is to be the one headline is the one at last weekend by blessing him by blessing God. He was blessed to know what Shem's descendents were called they were called Semites, Semites much and out of that line there some familiar names like Abraham, David, and them when this subunit, you would not really expect like Rahab okay they came on that line. So here so you had audit Shem's line, you had the Hebrews you had the Chaldeans, you had the Assyrians, the Persians and the Syrians will know when I sit, Assyrians, and then serious to different people.

Now onto Ham's line. Joe, you had the Canaanites, the Egyptians, the Philistine, the Hittites and Amorites in a Japheth line you had the Greeks and Scythians them those days called the Corinthians, and so let's go over now to go over to Genesis chapter 17 right and read how we may lead me versus 19 through 22 and God thereof, that wife shall bear the assignment date valve shall call his name Isaac and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant, and with his seed after him. And as for Ishmael, I have heard the behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful and will multiply him exceedingly 12 princes shall he begat and I will make him a great nation but my covenant will I establish with Isaac, which Sarah shall bear under the at this time in the next year and he left off talking with them, and God one up from Abraham. Okay so here you know who the very first woman that's mentioned in the Hebrews Hall of Fame was Sarah Yep no, what was it what was one of the things that was one of her big mistakes she left she left and decided first to work on our laugh. But she laughed and the pre-incarnate Christ. The Lord heard her laughing and called her on it and that she tried to deny that she had left.

Know your last I heard, God knows all things. Well you know we talked about that today and in the Bible lately when you hear the word pavilion in the Bible deal with the pavilion is maybe we had asked Jonathan putting limits Pozzi hey Jonathan hi some ideas that are probably nonbiblical into current forensic appropriate answer will pavilion in the Bible was a war room the world and more, yeah. And when Satan would Satan would get together with his generals. If you will nice eat. See God is omnipresent and he tell you that no matter where you go you can get away from these there right now. So when Satan and his generals get together to plan their battle strategy. They've got this fellow named God's that meant. It is really hard of its earthly and then hard to plan a war against somebody who knows everything you're gonna do well. We kind of experience some of that was with the Republican Party when these rhinos that that is sitting in the gate. You know, we can always expect them to know to betray us right right never surprised when they do know is so here now we see this writer dumb enough to keep trying but so generally take a look at at this again what were going down through the prophetic lineage of the Lord Jesus, Abraham, Isaac, David know all we Duncan from that line now Joe, let's go over to Genesis 49 Genesis 49 and verse 1010 through 1210 through 12 okay, the scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come in under him shall the gathering of the people be binding as fall under the vine is as cold and the choice by he washed his garments in wine and is closing the blood of grapes is that I shall be read with wineries teeth white with no what you think he's speaking about you, Shiloh is the Lord Jesus uses silly referring to the Messiah actually works. I live breeze Messiah right yeah but the there Shiloh and here is called the lawgiver Lord Jesus is the lawgiver okay so here is me. So here we see this when you often hear people say that Jesus that I'm in the often hear this whenever you have the opposition and they want to condone their sin. They want to condone some since the apostate church.

When we hear these apostate preachers whether it's talking about abortion. When these women of going out and had 45 killed for five babies that Jesus says you are to forgive him.

Just forgive Loki always talking Jesus is just love love love okay I will unite. Remember one day having a woman commended Celia to the church and wanted me to marry to perform a wedding between a 14-year-old girl and an 18-year-old boy and that I should note know and I can do that. It's enforceable and before I die before many weddings I have at least three counseling session file don't but anyhow in the conversation. She said well my God is not judgmental. Okay, yeah… Consider okay and not judgmental.

The supreme judge of the universe is not judgmental about an oxymoron in and she said my God is tolerant. He heat accepts people the way they are. He don't try to change as is. Here's here's your problem.

Your problem is that your God exist in your mind the God that you're going to stand before someday is not that way at all when it comes to sin.

He was the most judgmental man that ever walked the face of the earth. Okay, and demands that we be totally change that we be made new right right only changed so you know when I tell people when they come. What is pacifism look, Lord Jesus came in he was the fact sacrificial lamb. He performed that that's gone is done.

It's over. You want to know the Lord Jesus and were going to meet go to Revelation chapter 19 Starwood verse 11, they go to the rest that's the Lord Jesus, the one is returning back and that's a whole different Jesus than what you people are talking about here were talking about the conquering King 888 we have anymore come and let me see. I did notice again that we have built Boston pledges 20 come on folks we got here from different 888 about their pardon. They all just give a little girl make look.

8888281110108882811110 or 888-677-9673 nationwide to full measure open nationwide we need to hear from you when I'm not going to make my guest Jonathan Broadbent here pick up the rest of the tap for tonight. He just came yeah that's why I brought my checkbook and not for that much and up and looked at sorry what can I interject that comment the question here's your accident.

Let's see where this brings us. That's why your so this this whole things come up a few times recently in a number of different conversations with friends of mine is you know what I do, which is get out there in front of the school districts and in the school boards and fight back against critical race theory in this section. Well, it's hypersexuality and all that stuff and the question comes up regularly about the role of religion in their different religious perspectives, even within Christianity. And I get asked all the time. It just got into a conversation last night with a woman who is Christian.

Her kids are going to a Catholic school. Her opinion is that the Catholic parents are too laid-back. They know that what's happening with the kids are wrong but they don't want to rock the boat's I actually made the comment that my dad died was raised Catholic and went to jazz with school and military that a lot of times, actually, because of that many Catholics are grouped either some of the first two to take the punch to punch back in and fight against wrongdoing and evil as they find it, but it it's interesting to me when we look at biblical reference in Christianity.

In this philosophy, this this pervasive thought process that that were supposed to turn the other cheek and that were constantly forgiving and I I like where you're headed with this because you can't. That doesn't work in in today's civil society, there has to be a threshold.

There has to be a line beyond which you're not willing to go if it's nothing else in my realm. It's in defense of children.

We talk a lot now about mama bears in the dads that are stepping up and fighting back against school districts and those sorts of things. If it's nothing else. If it's not the jab, and it's not masks and that line has to exist in everyone's lives beyond which you were willing to fight back.

That line is clearly delineated right here in God's Word, the Bible does a static right here right which you have here is this law book.

This is a book long enough you know that okay but throughout the years many many times I've had to go to court and when I'm no Lewin charts out there for saving babies and for little buddy abortion mills.

I am no Lewin charts I can defend myself my own and I do with this Bible.

Now the only Bible you can use the King James because when asked what subornation is declared that the book of law is it saving the King James King James of England declares this Bible right here. King James Bible book will, and so I can use that okay and it and again this this Bible to stutter. It's it's intelligent and this is where this is where we find our boundaries right here in which a set look from Genesis to Revelation. God's Word, the Bible teaches without stuttering to teach very clearly, resistance to tyranny is always obedience to God. Failure to resist tyranny is always disobedience to God. Be right back will be right back funds the phone lines guttering.

We need to hear you. 888-281-1110 and the screen about some folks who love this country who all began to dream to see Kay there is across this nation be thinking one in the saying and what goes to Monica in Oklahoma pledges 30 thank you Monica Sonia in New York pledges 30 thank you Sonia) if there was an outside and knelt at Annalisa and Lisa in Michigan pledges 50 thank you and Lisa and Rose and Long Island pledges 500.

Thank you Rose and Monica was 25 okay very good.

Now the clips you have a go ahead and play this clip until I data cutting. We just want to get the first part out. Is he ready folks does it have to do it was yet the epic times. That's it.

Played freight from the epic times added to the U.S. Constitution exactly 230 years ago today not to start with a judge over in Virginia. He ruled that a hospital was in contempt because they refuse to administer fibronectin to a dying woman despite the fact that her family physician recommended and furthermore this judge gave the hospital two options either administer the drug or pay a $10,000 per day fine for every day that they refuse to do so.

Meanwhile, over in Colorado, a local elementary school is looking to the past. That's because that particular school is now having playground night specifically for families of color with Rudolph together. This is your daily facts matter.

Update on your house. The Roman from the epic times and I let's begin today's discussion over in Virginia where a judge has just ruled in favor of holding a hospital in contempt. He offer that hospital. Two options. Either give fibronectin to a dying woman or pay $10,000 in fines per day for every day that they refuse to do so before we dive into the story itself. I would like to mention specifically to any YouTube sensors that I be watching this video that I have absolutely no opinion on this particular matter. About this particular drug. I am just reporting the specifics of what happened that the people in America can be informed about what is happening in this country. As always, I think it goes without saying that you should do your own research. We should not just listen to a guy on YouTube and you should instead speak to your own doctor. When making any kind of informed medical decisions. Let's get into what happened over in Virginia. Specifically, what happened to a certain family that was trying to make their own medical decisions to start with him to be a bit of background on this particular case, a woman by the name of Kathleen Davis. She developed a severe case of COBIT and she was sent to the foggier hospital, which is located in the city of Fokker Virginia. However, her symptoms got progressively worse. She's been hooked up to a ventilator since November 3 so well over a month now, and sadly, according to her son.

She is on her deathbed, and so it was amidst this situation that the woman's family doctor prescribed Iver Bakhtin to the woman in case you've never heard of it. Iver Bakhtin is an FDA approved drug which is typically prescribed to treat several types of intestinal parasites and the drug is used fairly widespread and administered to billions of people around the world and by the people who discover this particular drug. They won the 2015 Nobel Prize in medicine. However, it is worth noting that this drug is not approved by the FDA to treat COBIT, even though many people use it for that purpose. Anyway including the family doctor who prescribed it to this woman who is on the ventilator. However, what happened, according to the family of this woman, at least, is that hospital they refuse to administer the Iver Bakhtin's of his dying woman citing medical, legal, as well as other concerns and so seeing no other option. The family of this woman filed a lawsuit against the hospital with the intention being to compel the hospital to administer the drug. Speaking to a local media. Here's what the woman son had to say. It's been 42 days today that she's been on the ventilator. It's a matter of life and death.

She's on her deathbed, any kind of negative repercussions from fibronectin are null and void. Furthermore, he argued that since all the other treatment options. Having work, they should be able to try the drug is what he said I get the doctors at the hospital are freight. This has become politically charged on the trying to go after the hospital I just want them to use it in hopes that it will help nothing definitely that I think 100% that Iver Bakhtin is going to work.

But at the end of the day with my mom lives or dies, I'll be able to say we tried everything and then speaking of it more directly about the issue at hand. Here's what he said the hospital was actually doing. They believe it's a fight between the rights of the hospital and the rights of the citizens they feel their rights trump her rights and so then after bouncing around the legal system for a little while. The case found itself before judge James Fisher and three days ago, the judge issued this official court order here, which found the hospital in contempt for quote needlessly interposing requirements that stand in the way of the patient desire physician administering investigational drugs as part of the HDA and the federal and state right to try acts. That's when a posture for quick moment. The HDA that is mentioned here refers to the healthcare decisions act. While the right to try acts that was something at least at the federal level that was passed under Pres. Trump, and Ella and allows people who are essentially on their deathbeds to take experimental drugs that otherwise have not been yet approved in this order judge then continued and he gave the hospital two options. Here's what he wrote, quote given the gravity of the matter at hand.

The respondent meeting, the hospital shall forfeit a sum of $10,000 per day, retroactive to the date of the court injunction order filing which is December 9, 2021 and shall continue to pay such sums until the order relief has been accomplished. Meeting in plain language rather than legally is never everyday. After this injunction was submitted on December 9. The hospital refuses to administer the Iver Bakhtin. They will have to pay a penalty of $10,000 per day, and indeed this ultimatum actually work because on Monday among the evening to be specific. The woman son.

He told a local news outlet that two doses of Iver Bakhtin were administered to his mother and furthermore, is where the sun's lawyer had to say about the ruling. This judge is the hero. He had the guts he had the stamina he had the willingness to enforce what he said on the flip side however we hear the epic times we reach out to the hospital for comment and their spokeswoman got back to us with a statement think that she would like to correct some of the misinformation regarding this families treatment is what you wrote to us as outlined in the court documents a patient's family filed a petition seeking to compel our hospital to administer medication prescribed by an outside physician.

This physician had no privileges to practice medicine at a hospital, we are unable to administer medications for patients without a valid order from a physician on our medical staff and that doing so would violate standard hospital practice and Virginia law that supports for quick moment. The implication here in the statement is that the family physician wanted to prescribed Iver Bakhtin, but since none of the attending physicians at the hospital wanted to do so. While the hospital was not able to comply even if they wanted to think of God, continued by saying this quote we believe that we have navigated these complexities as swiftly as possible and have remain in compliance with standard hospital practice including federal and state regulations. Throughout this matter and she went on to say that only after the court provided what she called additional guidance and clarification were they able to administer the drug. Thus far we have not heard any updates from the family. Besides the one on Monday when they confirm that the Iver Bakhtin was in fact administered and when we hear anything from them.

We will let you know right away.

However, it is worth mentioning that this case in Virginia is not an isolated incident.

Davenport, in fact, in many cases across the entire country, including this one here out in Illinois, where the patient had to sue the hospital in order for them to administer this particular drug. However, there is something that I wanted to note here, and that is these different cases that are playing themselves out across the country. They are playing themselves out at the individual state level and the the individual cases are different from one another and so you do have different rulings. For instance, this judge over in Ohio just about six weeks ago he ruled in a much different direction. In the case that we saw in Virginia. This judge actually said that I hospital cannot be forced administer Iver Bakhtin to a covert patient. Actually, the circumstances in this particular case were very similar. You had a person on a ventilator in the hospital on his personal physician had suggested that he take Iver Bakhtin and the hospital staff wasn't applying so they went to the judge. However, the judge in the case. He took a different route.

He basically said, citing the FDA.

He said that the medical and scientific communities do not support treating covert, 19 Iver Mecca. Some doctors do support using the drug against Kobe Nancy and in studies that appear to show his efficacy were limited and inconsistent. And then he wrote, quote based upon the evidence it has not been shown to be effective at this juncture, and based on that he made the decision that hospitals can be forced administer. However, again, these cases already we going to limits regular color of their votes that we want to say that to Michael in Texas pledges 50.

Thank you Michael 888-281-1110 888-677-9673 we got to hear from you posts we got to hear from you if you continue to hear from us. Our goals this day on every single station we haven't gone up one this year we only have a couple weeks left in this month. Now want to go over here to the path to go into Jonathan here. Jonathan is protect Ohio children stop indoctrination in the schools and first hostility with the hospitals in this here at the bottom line is is we we know the actual truth.

What is taking place.

Big Pharma controls the hospital of big Pharma and what we're seeing again and we've been telling people since back in the 80s. The fact when I when I read yesterday if I had that the place to lead that article guy did this was something that we talked about back in 1981.

This radio program. We talked about this back in 1981 and here at Lily Lily read this over again is called the depopulation plan. This is what Jacques Catelli wrote in 1981, who was then an advisor to Francis Mitterrand, the future will be about finding a way to reduce population. We start with the old because as soon as they exceed 65 years people live longer than they produce and cause society dearly, then the wake of the useless, that do not have society because there is always be more of them and above all. Ultimately, the stupid euthanasia targeting these groups. Euthanasia will have the be an essential tool in our future society's in all cases. Of course we will not be able to execute people or build camps actually have built through we get rid of them by making them believe that is for their own good likeness to follow chief like NBC, ABC, CBS, even Fox News is 1981. You dislike within weeks of the beginnings of development of mRNA yell usually goes back in ways you overpopulation and mostly useless as something that is too costly. Economically and socially to it is much better than the human machine comes to an abrupt standstill. Then, when a generation and deteriorates.

Neither will we be able to test millions upon millions of people for their intelligence, you bet that we will find or cause something a pandemic targeting certain people a real economic crisis or not a virus affecting the older the fat it doesn't matter the week will succumb to it.

The fearful and the stupid will believe in it, and seek treatment advocate. We will we will have made sure the treatment is in place treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself. You go to the slaughter by yourself. This again was Jacques Catelli that we remember. Remember Phil and Jack still Toya Diebel that Kate will diver but he was much more than that cave was colorful (and he he said he was considered to be very brilliant among the so-called liberal elite when he made this statement, the answer to world hunger is very simple is found in nature and nature. The strong eat the weak human beings are a great source of protein that we Jack still seal it, but the B will not know that he ever made a statement. That's it. I ignored it and am an avid diver. Okay, really yeah okay 11.

Well that's I guess what Rick some elements of that are surprisingly didn't know about his intelligence and much beyond his diving is so diving reputation, but that's when you look at that.

What was the movie with Soylent Green. Yeah, the exact render feedback to people and babies protein from that humans that's Planned Parenthood to get away with that today they would believe me, but I think are they doing that is not a part of the shots of the people getting it's the other you by the ability of those ignored babies. Not only that but the same cells reduces to enhances flavor enhancers Pepsi-Cola was using those near your food. Leslie's was using that in your food until they get found out and meet it's possible it still didn't lend that's gross.

If they had their way today. People like Pastor Joe because of his age would be a little green pill and a bottle of collagen and using it, and make up for a while we were the only country in the world or a woman can have an abortion, and six months later she could put parts of her child on her face. Her facial cream. Now they found that entire over there in no Francis that in that makeup that cosmetic company they found out as semi loads of aborted babies in bottles acknowledging they were using the mail that I tell you this is sort of it. It's a dark topic, but since were exploring it and got a wonder what's happening in China with those weaker than Chinese Chinese Communist Party effectively systematically murdering and harvesting organs, and we limited our health is that they make a lot of money doing that. That's just of the leaders to Christians to enact understand they have they made it down to a science. How to kill somebody, but without stopping the heart beating the gate and they do it. These they have watched the films of them that were taken and then they don't even try to hide where they execute these people may have amulets standing right by the below there organs pack him a nice and the biggest customers right here in United States. Cialis is this is where the money is right. So then that's that that's just a triple negative. She was horrifyingly evil. It is wrong and it is also sending more American dollars over to China is already clearly presented themselves as enemy but not the Chinese people.

I'm always quick to point that out.

If the Chinese Communist Party the Chinese Communist Party's enemy of most of the Chinese Communist Party owns lock stock and barrel, a Mr. Joey Biden, and Hunter. They just gave Hunter Biden $30 million for he made a palm or something no later but Biden's have received billions of dollars from the Chinese Communist Party. Now we we played a clip of about one of their Chinese spokespeople and he's a professor and he was speaking to a large large group of about college professors and that he was talking about.

We own America. We have our people in the highest offices in the land in America we have them in there and he was talking about the Bidens not just the Bidens went to, you know, if you look in on here Rick, Mitch McConnell. Theo is a part of that too many of them are in shipping Linea.

Let's get back to what you would with your doing here first. Wells talk about that meeting last night. Okay, what happens when people stand up when you have globally had last night we had the Minutemen alert that we all met and went to the health department to the health department because they were having a meeting week. I have it say I and my combat actually to the Geauga County health Department in our little neck of the woods and Northeast Ohio was along this line. I'm thankful for the health department that we have not because they're perfect not because they get everything right, but because I've seen some of these health departments and how they operate in some of these far left counties that have gone unchecked by people like us for decades and they just have gone so dark blue get away with probably murder glitter literally but what we've done in our little community in our county is gone in and contested some of the choices that they've made weaving Catholic County Commissioner fired getting canned on the spot. Huge group of people. We rallied gathered and the commissioner of the health department was egregiously visibly so far left, not just leftist but hates conservatives hold that right there evokes them Elaine in San Marcus pledges 25 Erlang and said Mark is 25 and the number is 888-281-1110 or 88867796737 which out of this document will would be discussing here. Joe was masking wearing these these unsoiled face diapers brought in the boys of the spokeswomen. The first meeting Jonathan that we had with them.

There were only four of us there, there wouldn't listen, might for the tea party Jimmy Neely, Heather and and Kathy and myself we get this for now. Basically they said well you know anywhere were talking to but were going to do what we want the next meeting we had. There were several hundred people there. Okay, that's when when the director got fired.

Okay the because he hit his attitude was that he didn't care too much for study now that was the matter was my first meeting I miss that first moment you Kathy and Jim.

That was just before it was that awesome within him so but hat what happened though we showed up. Note the with the reason we were there last night was because the word was out the face diaper. People were going to go in and intimidate that the board and demand that you know make sure that all the kids in the public schools have .0 soiled diapers on all day long and they wanted to again try to close down the County everybody masking up everybody hide in the face. But when the word got out, people are fed up warranty absolutely are and that about 90% of the people there were our side so it was their rally but it was our people, the children, so the only people that were intimidated were the face diaper people now will you not tell you it's it's been a battle of perception in many of these issues for two years now that the left show up and try to make the argument that those of us who were arguing against that the pumps in the jabs and the masks in the in the quarantining of cadence and all that that they try to paint us and some minority for faction that we are some outliers the community. When we know that that the opposite is actually the truth of where the overwhelming majority that we want our kids in schools.

We want to make the choice about masks and what sort of shots or kids get to know those sorts of things.

I don't by the way, as a side note, I don't buy into this anti-VAX anti-mask I one-on-one I will tell people that I know and care about my feelings about the shot tonight.

My concerns about the mask and the health implications and that social emotional implications were children, but I don't think any of us on the right are opposed to those things we just want those families to be able to make their choice and not try to influence ours. The getting back to the health department and not showing up there. The they message needs to consistently be made that we are watching that we show up we show up in force that we are organized that we are peaceful. Got to keep emphasizing that they paid us as extremists but the when we get these big groups to show up. School board health department or otherwise we can get things done on the right ear Jonathan were up against the heart rate flows call we got here for me now be right back more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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