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December 21, 2021 11:59 pm

TUE HR1 122121

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 21, 2021 11:59 pm

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Welcome to another additional what's right would slip on radio pastorally centers. Indeed, this is the voice of the Christian resistance on this December 21 which the dues are 2021 and tonight we have is always mighty Andrew on the board. Pastor and everyone and we have a way out yonder just old Joe Larson personally to write about. All were little short of instrument. There were no spring chicken were correct were still kicking that July day what I more and more dedicated flight misled them and never been, even though I'm not as strong as I've always been, but I tell you what I'm every bit more dedicated were going to get it working. Then over to we went right) work or maybe older but I think were locked spiritually stronger than we were a man so to start tonight with a prayer are a good friend, Jerry, Broberg, who you folks out there know him is GB lightly goes been calling over the years has come down with a cold and is not doing too well right now and like Joe and I these no spring chicken and so let's pray for him with the little guy we want to hold up our brother tonight. Lord I pray right now as I'm praying that all across the country. People are listing will join with me right now.

They will join no bow their head in and out. Bill agreed with us in prayer that you would touch Gary at this time.

Father got that you would be with him that she would be a comfort to him at this time in a healer to them at this time in the Lord that every area we might receive the blessing he would receive that blessing tonight.

Father God said touch human healing. I want to add to that tonight. Dan Shafer and Joe Zuma. All three of these men. Lord God that prayer for the same for all three of Lord that you might touch them all that you might healer will you might bless them all in turn their desires toward you. More and more every day in every way in all things at all times.

In Jesus name we pray.

Amen. Paragraph rented out with joy. I just want to pick it up on this right out to shoot for. Forget were going to have a clip at the end of the Bible study and it's called the alert and it's it's a warning and you're going to hear from people like Dr. Robert Malone you know who he is our third where he's the one.

The guy that invented the mRNA technology to make the vexing half and easily guided is the goddesses don't take it.

It's not a vaccine is a bio weapon. Okay, he should know he invented it. That's it allocated. Here's technology like it was intended.

Right. Sidney Powell, Steve Ben Joe Rogan David Wilcox arc vision of the Gano Tucker Carlson and a host of others will be hearing from tonight in the morning and guess what show this is the exact warning that you and I've been giving people, but now you can hear it from these different people so is called the time is running out and so let's start to remember the title of the message was simply start the Christmas story and that were going to start over in first in Matthew chapter 1 verse 18. Joe, there were three steps in the Jewish marriage first. The two families agreed to the union for a second, a public announcement was made in that that that point, Joe known that they called it the betrothal. The betrothal and then the woman was said to be espoused to the man she was espoused to him then. This was similar, will vote was like our engagement today, except that right there relationship record courtship or they dated got to know each other and spend time together supervised well that you there was a difference. See in that relationship could only be broken only through death or divorce. You would have to get what you would tell you would have to get a divorce. He couldn't just wake up like they do today.

Right now, even though sexual relations were not yet permitted.

Third, the couple Joe was married and began living together, because Mary and Joseph were patrolled. Mary's apparent remember it was was an apparent unfaithfulness carried a very severe social stigma. According to the Jewish civil law.

Joseph had a right to divorce her and the Jewish authorities could have her stone to death. Deuteronomy 2223 and €24 a requirement. He hadn't spoke with her ventricular brimstone curtail yet, not here. Mary new that she could face being called Lahore she know that she if she had been disowned Joe by her father and he had put her way. She would live a life of of shame and there would be no other man would marry her. Okay right but like a pullout couch like in India. Be one of the unmentionable untouchables yet now Joseph knew what kind of woman she was and she gave him. That's why in a God negative is why he chose or how so told both of them and so by by knowing the wood kind of woman she was at gave him very, very good reason to believe his dream.

So both Mary and Joseph know they were both direct descendents of David effect if you look this back Matthew you note traces the genealogy back to David, but to look goes all the way back. Joseph all the way back to Adam and out. Mary new again that the Jews could've had a stoned and Joseph would've been that just imagine the pressure. The Joseph would've been under tremendous pressure, especially by people who thought you had good intentions, good intentions, Joseph. You can do that you get married this woman. She's pregnant. Joseph you know and so and and also sometimes in those days the mothers and sisters could be the ones who because you know most problems were come to they were they were actually usually really harder when it comes to judging these women than the men were so with that pick it up. Start verse 18 and read it all the way through to verse 20 D5 RI not appropriate. Christ wrote on the squad renders his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together. Found with child of the Holy Ghost, and Joseph, her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a public example, was minded to put her away heavily while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared under him in a dream, St. Joseph's, thou son of David care not to take under the Mary thy wife for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost, and she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus, for he shall save his people from their sins. All this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuelle, which being interpreted is, God with us and Joseph being raised from sleep, did as the angel of the Lord had bidden him and took him to him his wife and he knew her not till she had brought forth her firstborn son and he called his name Jesus. Joseph again would've been will would have been very well aware of Isaiah 714 and so we would have been aware of that know who else would have been very very well aware of Isaiah 714 Catholic characters diagram about the character Mary and Joseph.

Well, not just Mary but every young Jewish woman every Jewish running out there. Their dream would've been to be that woman negatives at birth mother.

There were children out down the religion. Why well because that woman would have been chosen, the most high and low art thou among women. Most all women write right now. To this very day. Who is the best-known woman in the world right now what woman very you are absolutely right and so here again. Joseph would've been Joseph was a man of principle. He was a and and here he again would've would've gotten a whole lot a whole lot of unwanted advice from people. But he knew what he knew, I made a new when God has spoken to own a dream. He knew what he knew. Okay.

And so now here one thing to say to now let's read the first part read those read read the last verse again. The last verse, and yet he knew her not.

Brought forth her firstborn son and he called his name, Street, her white son, renal, her only son, her firstborn firstborn so not only not by a longshot.

So what does that do to the those that did teach that Mary was that she had no other children but Jesus had lots of other children her firstborn name implies otherwise. This letter only Scripture is always very clear so we know that she had a lease for the did not sleep through the entire time even though they were living together, they did not consummate the marriage until after the birth of the Christ child so she had at least we know for other sons and at least two other daughters daughters right okay so so no, there are those that teach that Jesus was the youngest and not the oldest of the children of the deputy got out.

It is one thing everything they want right here very clear. Her peers aren't fun. Here is the teaching since there are those that teach that Joseph had been married previously in windowed, and he had had yeah yeah there is of those intake side of nowhere in Scripture. You and I have written this book many times an event there is a clue can't suggestion right right if you hold strictly to the Bible, but if you read all of these different versions and commentaries and books written about the Bible. This is where they come up with the stuff that's why your nightstick to the word now like right here Jesus. There were told to call him Jesus.

This means you yahoo sure thou shall and that Means St., Jehovah saves God's face.

So Jesus Yahweh is salvation everything in Scripture has a meaning. Emmanuelle God with us. Jesus still all the saved God's face. Now Yahweh is salvation everything in general has a meaning word that he would look at this word by word, line by line precept by three sets different meaning and it's all here. If we are willing to seek word and follow it. We will and come to understand the one we just do this to want to go over to Luke chapter 1 and verse 39 are and go down to about 45 will delete all with 256:56 and Mary arose in those days and went into the hill country with haste enter the city of Judah and entered into the house of Zachariah and saluted and it came to pass when Elizabeth heard the salutations of Mary the phase lust in the room and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost and she spake out with a loud voice and said blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, and with his this to me that the mother of my Lord, come to me and low for as soon as the voice of a salutations sounded in my ears, the babe leaped in my womb for joy, and blessed is she that believed there shall be a performance of those things which were told to her from the Lord and Mary said my soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior. For he hath regarded the lowest date of his handmade for behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed, for he that is mighty have done great to meet great things, and holy is his name and his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation. He has showed strength with his arm. He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts, Put down the mighty from their seats and exultant them of low degree yet filled the hungry with good things and the rich sit empty away. He had a pulse and his servant Israel, in remembrance of his mercy as he spake to our fathers, to Abraham and to recede forever and Mary abode with her about three months and return to her own house right going back to verse 39. Mary was in those days with the country and he home I come across all the sudden I hear your fine okay all of a sudden I kinda had like a like a mechanical type thing right so here now, who was at the told Elizabeth that who was the told Elizabeth that Mary was the mother of the Lord Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost again. The only growth consultant all right and so quickly that Karen brings me to a great question if you don't mind your every go back or we just read in Matthew and Wendy said the paint. This time it said the angel of the Lord now what we read the other day and Luke was an Gabriel came as an angel of the Lord. Could this be tonight that Jesus himself is the one that came Joseph whenever whenever you see the angel of the Lord. No yeah Joseph was there was the Lord Jesus that was speaking to Joseph okay also again have written himself came to tell the father that the well he did it in a dream and is still there with his personal contact at something that so many people I talked to pastors and peoples I've taught over the years and with your help in your teaching children think they were so amazed of what was there that they had read and studied in and taught without having any understanding of what they were doing because they hadn't done that study. What is the angel of the law requires that different going back and looking at the end. In the Old Testament give you all the answers and I just find it amazing the lack of knowledge of this book. Pastor so many people teach and preach and yet so few and I want to give you credit for opening my eyes showing the things that many others have never ever seen and I just want the audience to know they are really learning the truth from you over all these years will thank you Joe that was very nice of you to say that while it just happened to be the truth. So, you know, here's the one thing in the Scriptures. There is that I and United patient remains about his would be over and to get there is when the Lord himself was the one who was announcing his own birthday cake. Now that the greatest miracle Christmas very negative but double miracle that only did God come in the flesh, the only begotten of the father, but he introduces his number. That is part of the greatest Christmas miracle ever and when I was in Israel there and they they have it they know they have these plaques put up all over the place in the that this is where most theologians believe that the shepherds were feeding that night where the Lord came spoke to them and you know when you think about that. Here he is nice they will let you know that when you get there from will will we go through that passage. A kind of the answers is shouting out at you if you listen carefully to what he said all you have to do and they dance to that question just shouted out at you and so let's go back to where we would left off were doing.

They will probably go one who announced her Elizabeth that Mary William Tate is 56 right yeah okay so now here three.

As the insulin we can see here that Mary did even showed Elizabeth with herself was pregnant long-awaited son.

Note now here Elizabeth, this was finally this is what she had waited for their old age. I don't know when LG was of that she was about seven years old, somewhere in that area BEARING children, yet her husband was very old and so here but when she did she teach the babe jumped and leaped in her womb for joy. And that was was John the Baptist the cousin of John makes reference to this back in the Gospel of John chapter 1 where you know. He says he came to announce him even though even though John was a little bit older was actually born before Jesus, he says, but he was before me meaning it was a cognitive coherent before all things, yeah, I'm a little older. Right right was interesting as John the Baptist had received the Holy Ghost in the loan and so here is this child in the womb with the Holy Ghost to help the Holy Ghost course would recognize Christ immediately right, absolutely. So that's why I John the Baptist knew Christ was coming because he is already filled with the Holy Ghost from birth. I guess that answers all your questions about personhood about personhood than the legislation we have ready right yeah let's go over to hear now and starting with verse 46.

This is called the Magnificat the Magnificat and know that was the very first word of the Latin translation of this passage here it says and Mary said my soul doth magnify the Lord not listen to this.

My spirit hath rejoiced in God my Savior. So Mary said that God is her Savior. Now let me ask you this.

Who is it that needs a savior header center needs a Savior now. So Mary was a sinner and she carried Jesus, who is Jehovah phase, she is carrying God and Savior enter won't. I got a I got a Christmas card today from somebody that says I'm a Catholic and Mary is the mother of God know Mary is the mother of the Christ child. God has no mother I cake God had no mother. Pretty good right in my toilet cute. She was the mother of the Christ child and I thriller and but Mary and because they teach that she was sinless, but she couldn't because Mary herself for color rightly married but nowhere in Scripture that she is blessed and God was pleased with her but nowhere does the word holy use for anything but the father or the son and the Holy Ghost. Well, there are some places where it said Lynn of all holy men okay when that is not… If you determine like to know those nights not using the same definition. Now is it with God. It means sinless but but Mary was not sinless, okay by her own admission, she was not sinless. Now she says this how she goes on to say, and has four from all generations shall call me blessed and and that is exactly right. She that was her prophecy, and boy was she exactly right. To this day. She is the best-known woman in the most blessed woman in the world and here again. She God looks upon her heart and he chose her the answer that had that's the highest honor any woman ever had was bestowed upon Mary so there you go. We gotta stop right there, but will pick it up tomorrow night and we are going to go to a clip show no beginning this clip that were going to listen to folks listen carefully and see see if you connate here with these people are saying is this not exactly what we've been saying here for a long time and that so go ahead and and mighty Andrew take her away right about the future of my children son is petitioning the World Health Organization two appointed to run a global immune passport program that doesn't scare the living daylights out of you know what will this condescension obsession. This kind of control social credit systems. That's the stuff if we we need to push back against the stuff because it's coming that line to the public about this artist do not want to see my children growing up in about that that my name is Christine Anderson I'm a member of European Parliament.

I will do whatever I can to make it known to the world that you once free and liberal democracy has been transformed into a totalitarian regime which tramples on humans rights, civil liberties, and the role of law I'm imploring all of you around the world who still think your governments are looking out for your best interest. At no point in history have to people forcing others into compliance. Been good guys, the welfare of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants, so I stand in support with your flight for freedom and democracy we need to stop our governments from transforming our free democratic societies into totalitarian regimes we need to do it now. We need to stand up now missing data. You should be succeeded in seizing control of the national government can evaluate easy illusions in media, the judiciary, litigation, and that agency is all these way down the station had become easily to these new Masters when should money and social information that encompasses the entire ice in the meantime, little on finance and see today. I see that I need to see Archbishop Pagano has called for an anti-globalism alliance to be formed put an end to this global support. So I become convinced, as he has that there's something here that goes beyond just vaccines and public awareness situation in which we are all having our rights eroded and that there is a larger force. Beyond this, there's something fundamentally evil going on here. We do have a situation that is essentially the growth and expansion of global tyranny that is managed is aligned across nation states and get appears to be aligned with the economic interests of a small cluster of investment funds that prayer represents the bulk of global Western capital. This is why I supported the Archbishop.

I was very struck by the bravery of the Archbishop to speak so freely about the state I felt a little bit down here somebody coming from a different discipline in a different frame of reference and you had come to the same conclusions that I was coming to an original inventor mRNA vaccine research scholar at these be patient. Sentencing date new omicron.

The model of evolution off of the existing. Very odd, highly mutated specific region vaccines are targeting. And yet it has no obvious immediate areas of school thought followed a circuit that has the hallmarks of engineered the collusion between the media and the government is preparing especially left-wing media, left-wing governments pretty apparent that there's there's some narratives to get shared back and forth and they did have talking points and they don't talk about things not supposed to like the Hunter Biden laptop story right. Something as actual news gets crazy story because that was the Donald Trump Junior laptop whole leaf that would that lead every night. Municipal Russia collusion stories are not be completely nonsense. That's insane.

I was three and half years. The American public is getting to be down with the Russia collusion thing.

There was a real it was created that was created by the Democratic Party and no one's been held accountable worst-case scenario has quietly engulfed America people we trusted politicians.

We trusted have betrayed us. They partnered with superrich elites that own giant media corporations, megacorporations, big Pharma corporations TV corporations, movie companies, radio, and many many others and they are making their own world government ruled by them.

Of course the vaccine pass is actually their way of controlling the masses, is designed after communist China's social credit system which is already in place and hated by the people. There's really only one country that stopping them. Nancy USA and really us having guns in United States is the only thing really stopping them. Look at how Australia fell under complete domination right under their noses and United States is not far behind were almost engulfed and then next is the entire planet and it might sound crazy, except if you're paying attention is happening right now. Wake up and the best way to resist it right now is to quietly spread the truth to people. The people plotting this scheme know it's illegal they know it's immoral.

So they keep it as quiet as they can. And anyone who was planning on speaking out against it mysteriously died might've noticed a lot of suicides car crashes, plane crashes, heart attacks, people died just before they were to testify or come out and speak out against it. These bad guys have formed a criminal syndicate, a group total corrupted and there known as the cabal.

Some people call it the deep state. Some people call it the shadow government. Some people call it the military-industrial complex illuminati goes by several different names but basically it's the cabal there's only a few thousand people in this cabal group, but their widespread their international and their very well-funded, they've been making money left and right illegally and legally mostly illegally they've made so much money from selling drugs, selling guns weapons selling women, children they made so much money illegally that they have actually bought hundreds and hundreds of legal and legitimate businesses.

The cabal uses their hundreds and hundreds of businesses as ammunition, offering jobs as bribes to tongues and daughters of influential people. For instance, offering politicians, sons or daughters I seat at the Board of Directors of a corporation or foundation.

Also on charities, which mostly are fake front to charities which get donations as tax deductions from the corporations they funnel the money to businesses owned by the cabal so the cabal is actually donating money to itself in the tax deductions are paid by the taxpayers. You and I another way, the cabal funds there bribes is to look deal scams. The cabal offers a book deal and bribes. The politician with upfront money, usually much higher than any other book dealer would offer.

For instance, Barack Obama got $65 million upfront before the book even sold a penny a legitimate bookseller has to sell a lot of books to make up a $65 million upfront advance fee paying exorbitant money for modern art is another bogus way of funding there bribes legally right under the noses of the taxpayers people in the CDC, WHO, NIH, FDA they were bribed by being offered positions in their future government.

The one world government that they're planning on creating which they pretty much 90%. I succeeded in creating the virus is man-made and spread by the cabal United States elections in 2020 were fake. It was rigged by Dominion which is owned by the cabal, the lockdowns only benefited the cabal the vaccines are very beneficial to the cabal that put out by the big Pharma corporations very profitable, and those corporations are owned by the cabal Jeffrey Epstein and Just Ln., Maxwell were working with the cabal they had a lot of connections with the CIA, FBI, and the Mossad. They were blackmailing and bribing influential people. Hollywood stars, royalty, anyone they could to further their agenda. The more you look into it the more he find out that it's all connected this huge spider web of corruption is worldwide. Even the Vatican was corrupted the pulp and many many Cardinals bishops, pedophiles, they've been running pedophile rings for decades maybe centuries. So disappointing whenever somebody in the church was caught. Never any lawful prosecution. The magnitude of betrayal is off the charts when the main ways that the cabal owns people is to blackmail and bribery Jeffrey Epstein to visit the classic case of it they would lure them in with young girls or boys, whichever they prefer.

The girls would lure them into rooms, bag cameras and then once they have that videotape their owned also. They would use bribes money massive bribes and lastly if they wouldn't cooperate. It would threaten to kill their children and their grandchildren. Another technique of the cabal is to smear anyone who is speaking out against the cabal they concocted phony stories set them up with fake evidence. Anyway they can. They smear somebody Donald Trump was not willing to go along with the cabal and they smeared him every day for five years every newscast because the newscasts are owned and controlled by the cabal. It's both parties, the Democratic Party thoroughly is corrupted the Republican Party.

Also there's a quite a few at the top that have sold out. They've sold out to this other secret very powerful group that prefers to stay in the shadows, but we need to call them out. We need to expose them. The lockdowns are unconstitutional forced mandatory vaccinations is unconstitutional. Do not comply. Some people want to comply so that it goes away it will never go away if you keep on complying regarding the rigged election our Congress failed us. Date certified what many of them new ways of bogus election, the Supreme Court should have and could have stopped the election from becoming certified.

They didn't. They failed us, our Supreme Court failed us. Some generals in the military were bribed and blackmailed and sold out to the cabal, but many didn't. Our military takes an oath to protect the United States from foreign and domestic enemies. Don't be surprised if one day you wake up in the Army has conducted a counter coup different alliance is made up of all of these countries that have been fighting against all is also made up of various military groups that had broken away from all elements of United States military intelligence groups have broken away and have been participating with a lot of other breakaway groups in trying to overthrow the cabal over United States. This alliance alliance began to get more and more organized. And they got organized the point where some of them approached some generals and told them that they wanted to do to the United States.

These generals decided to make one last-ditch attempt to get rid of the cabal legally and that's when they approached from two run for president and allow them to legally contract the alliance is an international group is a Confederacy. There are lots of different factions, some of which agree, some of which do not agree about the only thing that they all have in common is they want to see this satanic pedophile elitist cabal come down in flames. They do not want these people trying to kill off most of the planet trying to control all of this immensely high technology.

The alliance also consists of a surprising majority now of personnel in the US military and the US intelligence community. This is a decades long effort in the making, and they have tried and tried and tried various ways to get this to work, consistent failures, and now they're being much more systematic and much more methodical.

It's all going to be done legally. All of the indictments are totally bona fide and it's just that once this finally happens it will be something we had never seen before in all of American history, a true second American Revolution independent voters in this country think the joke by his illegitimate. Here's the beauty of from only one presidency three times & certain aspects and he got rolled first-term 20 oh it's impossible to know is your duty did you stand your ground fighting American thinking is wrong for me to organize actions to carry an agenda that would include site outcomes, favorable jobs to policy entities and when leaving the connection between and styles of particular media organizations and the kind of financial partnerships that I have stories all the time and grace is there not see how numbers is numbers interested in go see how numbers usually prevent you from moving. Most Americans and those not in 1 million. We pay for and finding our guns away back off one more word about gun control.

From these people until they get back every single right that is in the White House, the topic of the establishment this week. Competent, useless apology for private time to get off the couch to take responsibility we have to make it ready. We are back. We back back all right very good you know, one of the things that are very good compilation sounded a lot like things we've been saying over a lot of years exactly you know that the one portion where you talked about the line. The old lion in the video you had this old lion and he was being attacked by a whole pack of hyenas, Democrats and and here they were, they were surrounded and they were getting and then here came another male lion and when they brought the male light. It is said the Santos is the so and then the two male lines. They make short work of those hyenas.

I remember there were 30 years ago. But let's say + member" that I was doing.

William Pitt necessity is the plea for every infringement of human liberty. That is the argument of tyrants, it is the creed of slaves or is that true today.

Daniel Webster good and will always be pleaded for every assumption of power that is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guide the people against the dangers of good and tension, and he goes on to talk about men who are promised to govern well in all kinds of things, but they mean to be masters and those two things somewhat, pretty much what's going on today don't think they do, you know. Remember what Karl Marx taught always say the opposite of what you going to do the Cano and Biden. Biden has done that since he got in member Obama Obama said I will be the most unifying president ever in so what what his with his mob heard was he's going to divide this nation like it's never been divided. So now Biden's. Here's what Biden says Biden says the White House threatened the unvaccinated on Friday with severe illness and death for them and their families if they remain unvaccinated this winter.

He called the winter of death. So what it what is he actually say he's actually saying for the vaccinated.

He's Ellie. He's actually say they understand that because the vaccinated will be dying right and they are telling the people haven't been obedient so they are still continuing to try and make us afraid of omicron, but the use of prayer is working as well.

So what's he going to do to punish us is going to try and destroy Christmas because of our lack of obedience is what's really going on. If you think about it.

This is a punishment because we work going along well enough we were being obedient and I got tight I saw some the night on TV. That just made me so angry their course, there playing the Grinch should know that this party a fear of lies and crimes, but it's Christmas. Christmas is what that's about love, hope, joy. It's about Christ coming the sector for the sacrifice he brings he sacrifices himself. The father said this is my son, the only begotten son knew what was going to go to the cross to take your place to go there and die for me for my sins pay the price, and this is Christmas.

We've got to be the party. The people of hope of Christ, of truth and justice of service and fight. Biden got on there on the TV and he was angry you all the pointing the finger, and he was talking about how there are people on the right, and that he was including talk radio and he saying we are wrong. After he just explained why I, we are the moral and we must stop it right now because we're just getting this information. This dangerous disinformation that can cause people to kill were spreading lies and is going up there and he's talking about and then he went after mansion while he is depriving little children millions of dollars from the build bill back at her plan.

This is a man who is been pro-abortion code death.

All his life that he cared so much about the little children. What about the millions and millions that get afforded babies about the suffering and pain of the women who realized afterward what they had done. I know my wife and I spent many years running, helping run a crisis pregnancy center and a maternity home and wait till weekly with the women who realized the shock and horror what they've done. Having to live with the fact they killed their child a gift from God.

This man Biden makes me so angry I look back past Ernie's been on the air on the radio 40 years or more, is never taken a dime for all that work all the nights and days she's been away from his family was worked and studied admin and activist and running around for 30 years without pay, been a pastor in hospice spending a lot of time away from my wife and family with people who were sick and dying. We do this radio ministry. I guess it without pay and he's talking about.

Biden got out that these people are getting rich overlying to you over this misinformation or they're trying to make themselves famous important getting rich. What bravo seat era. I look at the pastors and people that I know and the right to life movement that stood out cold and wet in the rain suffered humiliation threats pleading jailed being jailed. Locked up, I think so may people pastoring and I worked with traveling the country on take the nation trying to wake up the sleeping church to the revolution taking place and this Biden gets up there and talks about how where moral were spreading lies about where getting rich China Joe's family is taken millions and millions and millions of dollars all around the world from a thousand different countries giving up America's freedom. America's safety selling out his country and that doesn't have a word but I can't use it as a pastor, that man as a gall to tell us we are moral we are liars.

And while you say your prayers pray that God just removes this man gets rid of him that we call an imprecatory prayer and I can't think of anybody more deserving you pastor I'm so angry at this. I'm frustrated that I had well, there's couple I would say Fauci and sorrows against others. Yet, would be would go into that were coming up onto a break will you come back.

We have a whole a whole lot to catch up on so don't go away whole lot more to come will be back right after this. With more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries. The voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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