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TUE HR 2 122121

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 21, 2021 11:59 pm

TUE HR 2 122121

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 21, 2021 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR already were back and let you know to is been reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook signed a secret agreement with the Chinese Communist Party that the Joe Biden's party promising to prop up China's economy that in technological capabilities. The contract was for $275 billion and that was confirmed through interviews. The reporter eternal Apple documents that was signed in 2016 with a timeline of five years and so that five years is just about complete. Now there he goes, he worked. We are been so sold out high-tech boys. There the corruption is unbelievable to me to just there's no end to the Crozier but I want to go herewith | American technology that the Chinese were using to control their social media. They got all the they can go on the Internet, but all of a sudden there's all kinds of things missing yell I wanted. I wanted to talk about loud. I wanted to talk about what we heard in the clip because what we been telling people here about our military and you know I've been calling the pentagram over there with that silly Millie general Millie silly Lillian you know those the drag queen boys over there fighting with his white privilege is trying desperately to understand his white privilege and rage right so there there is a lot there are some how I understand that the Marine Corps command of the Marine Corps four-star general is is pretty much with us.

I know that most of the special forces are with us, but that they they have the pentagram and as far as I'm concerned, these people are traitors.

There are traders there. They loose their horse. They sold themselves out. They betrayed God and country.

The American people remember you know it was it was those generals that did we told people about this before that convinced Trump to run right to to do away with the deep state the dark state out there. Corruption man Obama during addict administration are member so clearly you when I telling look what he's doing now he was getting rid of every high-ranking admiral general Col. in the military services were not born again Christians, conservatives they were gotten rid of 260 260 high-ranking opened with 11 four-star generals 11th and DeRosa met there yet rid of them all that were danger to him and replace them with the three people who are little more compliant to the liberal agenda can reset that way right will encourage another words, those folks did not go away.

They're still out there.

Okay and that again there the working undercover trying to their family like we are against all of the fake news media. All of the fake news media listen listen I can tell you this, NBC, ABC, CBS, and I but I tell you, but I include Fox and attitude. You can't currently been betrayed by Fox. I remember how threadbare and the Chrissy Wallace and that Susan Smith and Neil Caputo and down the line, how they all looked right into the camera light looked right into the camp and told you there was no election fraud look in there and they knew they knew that they were lying now.

He expected that from P MSNBC expected that from ABC now again the same thing with why there they're pushing right now the poison okay you heard all those commercials down with with the farm now with big Pharma and so here this is Neil. That's where all the money the big money is coming into the hotel you will promote whatever they're told to do because that that's that with the co-ops of these hospitals. They've lost all trust people no longer trust so many of these MDs. There you can trust them anymore.

Anyone who anyone who would tell you to take the boys in this book do not trust do not trust anyone who would tell you to take the boys and spoke and so here limit growth story. Perfect timing. Conservative writer Drew Holden got his hands on a leaked memo and.

There was a digital age propaganda pamphlet that the Biden administration sent to the media touting the president's successes in his first year and hoping that the reporters original put out there now.

The slick metal even gave the media space to self and aggrandized it said. Happy Saturday wanted to share a memo that you can quote source as obtained by your media outlet. The email was from the White House assistant Press Secretary that it hotel and you know he claimed right there to the media through your elite media skills in journalism, you can say you obtain this now. Another would you work hard and got the story and in the memo that lays out how, in spite of unprecedented crisis is an opposition from the Republicans, Biden, and the congressional Democrats got an enormous amount done for the American people and I'm letting them go into all that lies were told in the memo.

The point is, had the nerve to pass this out and tell them yes you can say that you obtained through your elite journalism skills.

Talk about lies and deceit. There is folks, we have the memo from the White House press secretary assistant Press Secretary himself and recorded their own words.

So you can't say that in Fayette I know journalist left out there to NBC, ABC, CBS in there are no journalism over long bottle their contracted liars. Would you have contracted lawyers next to reality.

There are no just know journalist left out there and all that one okay. Any help one to go with us to. There's an article Mark live-in calls for ethics complaint against Adam Penn select ship but here's the thing with Adam Penn select shift here right now is being hailed as the best lawyer that the death of Craddick mob has as their best lawyer. The very best lawyer. They have out there right now and that's that's with the Nancy to them. That's a good thing to the death of Kratz. You know that something to be embraced here.

We got a really good lawyer here okay and I hear I hate what he has been he got caught you even even with the witnesses of this. Last thing this January 60s got caught changing the testimonies this guy is as crooked as crooked gets it.

Adam, Adam, if you're out there listing tonight by naming Adam Schiff, remember something, because what the Bible says you'd be better off Adam with a millstone hung around your neck and thrown into the sea than the horror. One of those little ones. God Adam hates pedophiles.

God hates pedophiles and okay no right away.

Prissy preachers will jump up and site content. Tonight anybody got left. Everybody know the Bible says God hates all those who commit iniquity, and believe me better.

Name name is Brittany yeah and so he certainly did the Lanham shift. Remember that if you're out there listing God hates pedophiles. So the only the only remedy for that is pure repentance.

There you go in and vomited to the entire death of Craddick party is filled from top to bottom, pedophiles, and here's here's what the article says serial lawyer and shift once again said he doesn't regret pushing the fake still dusty air funded funded by Hillary Clinton, 2016 campaign.

Do you regret giving credibility to the still dossier NBC's Meet the Press host Chuck Todd at Schiff on Sunday. I don't shift that without hesitation other words but no evidence is that these he's known right now as they're the death of Craddick labs best lawyer help bring down crop and remotely remember their motto the end justifies the means right up. I want to say something to about this because we closed the trunk crop since Reagan was the best president.

My opinion this country had, but he made one major major mistake and that's pushing this covert know why was he doing well there something going on there that we don't know about yet, but because it was would not be in his nature to do this. Could he possibly be being blackmailed somehow. Well I don't know but I do know I do know that he had to begin and he was trying to promote and try to hide hydroxychloroquine and I were Mexican I know he was stopped and you get with it.

They stopped eating. Now he's surrounded in getting very very bad advice. Medical device very bad medical device and so when you push that you know right here. I've got he was speaking in Texas. The crowd, and when he was telling people that they should get the shot. They booed him they bowed him okay and what's his name is to be a fox in heaven felt that who the fellows that he believed Obama was a Christian because he said he was getting all will look let me just to go there. Here let me see I can. I can then moment folks live on the radio we have them from time to time. Yeah, it's the let me see. I could tell you what you just a little bit of this and that I would say who he is and was at the end of that well trumps vaccine and they referred to this. The naturalist put this out trump up pimping vaccine O'Reilly. It was Bill O'Reilly, Bill O'Reilly, and O'Reilly says he was boasting that him and Joe both got the bags okay. I don't first of I don't think trump really got throwbacks that he did he mean that menisci taken everything because it you delete.

Listen to what he says he's tried the just about everything out there. He's taken so well maybe then I'll III don't really believed her notes. I don't think the city really took throwbacks I remember remember Gerald Ford he got caught.

They caught him improvising to take the flu shot when he didn't take it and so anyhow nice and I really I do not believe he took the facts, but there's something going on there why he would promote that.

But he is also promoting. It should not be there never should be mandated. It never should be mandated that should be a personal choice, but that there is something in that was that was I think his biggest mistake that he's made by doing that, because what he ate, he announced that there in Texas that the whole crowd the trumpeters trump supporters booting, and I'm hoping why they did not believe it.

Yeah okay hospital death camps.

Attorney says: patients are trapped in receiving harmful treatments. The attorney said federally funded hospitals are economically incentivized to keep patients in hospitalized on potentially harmful drugs, even against their will. Will write you again and so here we go stories on Outlook people having to get a lawyer during hospital trying to get dental treatment or stop treatment from hospitals that have not been a horrible battle redone several articles like that marriage is an attorney who spoke during the December 7 fired for freedom conference hosted by the truth for health foundation described as working trying to rescue colored patients from the hospital. Death camps where he said people are being kept against their will in intensive care units, ICU units receiving ineffective or harmful medications.

We know that's a fact.

Okay and so held on the eighth anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that lost the United States into World War II. The, the fired for freedom conference highlight courageous individuals who have risked everything in the present day battle for medical freedom and the right to exercise one's conscience today. It is really important day in a good day to get this out said international attorney of truth for health legal advisory Council member Todd calendar. We tend to keep running into the same scenario over and over again calendars that explain that the works with people he works with people who have been hospitalized with: and then arts stuck in hospitals in a variety of circumstances that doesn't let them leave, which is why I can I call the ICU well ICU jail and him but we know one thing on that respirator is bye-bye resident currently there that respirator and then they were given that other medication I Think of the role expensive stuff in it did more harm just to prove you are on the right track state lawmakers in New York all of you listening to us in the state of New York. There is a bill built a 416 being prepared to consider that there want to cast a public health law.

Why were there individuals out there that will take orders from the mayors and governors is why and they decided that they would just lock people that want to bathe lock him up as new public health law is being written and prepared for the 221 to 20 2022 legislators, the national pulse told the story, the proposed law would allow authorities to remove the pain cases contract carriers or anyone suspected of presenting a significant threat to public health while you're in fact you're a threat to public health so this is a serious risk to all Americans but especially there you in the state of New York. This includes your right to choose whether or not to receive medical treatment or a vaccination that says in the bill inmates will be taken to a medical facility or any other that authorities deem proper. And once you're there the bill attempts to state that no one can be held for more than 60 day but oh, after 60 days, the court is allowed an additional 90 days to consider the detention of an individual so they can appeal the court got 90 days to decide whether to let you out. This cycle can be in definitely done according to the law. I'm reading from once behind doors. The individual locked up will be forced to complete an appropriate prescribed courses treatment, preventative medication or vaccine and the proposal is vague, suggesting that it could be used against quote anyone. The department believes has the capacity to pose a threat in the future, such as those refusing to receive the covered 19 fax on quote there you have it.

They want camps for all you unpacked people in the state of New York. If you haven't left now. By the summer when they start the past this would be a good time delete limited to a height. I had a conversation with a lady today was a wonderful lady today from New York and Jesus she's up in her years is 80 years old and she's afraid because of these mandates to come in forcefully give her the poison you. After reading FI would be to protect one produced by next year they're going to try and pass this bill in the state of New York workers better get ready to fight. This is going to be a serious serious bite. Well, they have to, and so this lady asked me what do I do in ices you got your marching orders right from God's Word, the Bible.

The Bible insists the Bible insist that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God and and I could tell you it's a matter to folks at their new you know you have to be very very careful nowadays and who you can trust, and if you folks are the church and your pastor if he's a prissy fella.

If he won't. If he won't stand if you don't speak out vis-à-vis doesn't have the courage to speak out against this, you can bet that if if if the deep state comes to him. The dirty cops come to him and tell him look. We want list of anyone, and in the church you think might stand up and and light resistance.

We want list. We want the names given to if he doesn't have the courage to stand up now to speak out and lead you against us that we doesn't have the courage to tell you to warn you about this. Do not trust him and get out of there, get out of there problem about the pastor of the government was corralling to do their bidding. We talked about this years ago on the radio but there good time to remind people now that was well, that was back during the Bush regime and let them yell. That's when we had to delete the people through the Yeah well the idea was the they invited us to a meeting and to let us know that the this was homeland security that if we if we cooperated we came to the meeting and by the way, once you left the meeting.

They were told that that once you leave we will cut their forget everything is here if the two of you walk out one of you says what you think about that. You say about what you don't know. Do not tell your people do not tell your people your congregations that you were here and then they promised those pastors if this happens and you you and what I told her to do was to to to preach Romans 13 to totally twist spin and pervert. Romans 13 tell the people convince them. This is exactly what Hitler did that they must obey the government no matter what, that's exactly what's happening. And if you do that if there is a shortage of food you and your family will be the first to get it. There is a shortage of medical you and your family be the first. If this is a shortage of gasoline. Whatever you'll be put up front if you will betray your congregation so there you go, and I could tell you the prissy preachers will, in the try to justify it by saying Romans 13 says we have to obey the government. Therefore, I will do it even though that's not what Romans 13 says about what they will Bible.

Third, we must obey God rather than man.

That's quite plain quite clear no room for critical to go orders finance ministers to go after charitable tax that status of pro-life groups and churches introduce amendments to the income tax act to make pro-life organizations that provide counseling to pregnant women about the rights and options ineligible for charitable status right.

This guy is a beast, you know what Joe lead leader in the imprecatory prayer yesterday though right now he is an antichrist, he is evil is evil is so folks out there join him in a weird to do this and am praying that God will remove this wicked man. So Joe would you go ahead and pray and ask the Lord to remove that we don't want to die felt understand what could be in this man's heart. I cannot partner contemplate such evil, but he is determined to try and prevent the truth, trying to stop God's people from going out there during your well trying to save those that are being led to slaughter, and trying to make eternal laws against the Lord, that we would pray that you would remove this man from office that you would take away his power, his ability to thwart your work support your people and at this evil heart would be removed from his position of power in any way, Lord, stop him from being able to carry out this antichrist agenda world is full of these people.

Lord didn't and you have obedient servants that have given so much of their lives or time or money and trying to save those precious children that you've given to us to care for. And Lord, we just hate people like this.

White-hot patient knows it would seek to destroy beautiful beautiful life you come against him and all those like him and through your mighty power. We could just see it drastic change in this world. In Jesus name, amen, amen. They still all right White House is that hard for you. Sometimes just comprehending people to how they can do this stuff and sometimes it's almost impossible to understand that, evil well yeah yeah but the longer I live the more I see and the more I realize how exactly accurate guys were the Bible is and how I can go there and the timeline is there and I can see exactly where were at one timeline I ally what is happening out here because it's it tells you when you see these things, and boy were seen at phone lines are now open the phone lines are now open 888-677-9673 is 888-677-9673. I want to see if I happy you are a blessed, blessed celebration of the birth of the Christ child Messiah to all you folks out there.

I wanted to say hope for all of you good people that this is the best Christmas for you, ever, that that is the best one and it can be.

And we know that God can give you that peace that passes all understanding. Even in these times. And remember, in the dark. In the days and the wickedness when the Lord Jesus was born in the you had the Joe Biden of that day. His name was Herod Ehrenreich and he was bloodthirsty. He wanted to kill as many babies as possible and Joe Biden would like to see you kill as many babies as possible and those that that he doesn't kill that they can kill.

He would the pedophiles, the death credit Communist Party is filled with the pedophiles current ones that destroy out him alright let's go to we have something to put that light of the world.

Christ the light of the world at that like writing you this Christmas about all through this great nation Christmas light. That light of the star of the light of the world are so many reference light, let that light of the Lord shine and make your Christmas list and let others see that blessed light shining through you and your family and your worship because Duane is in the air a couple Merry Christmas Pastor Sanders Merry Christmas John Merry Christmas all your listeners to back out.

Good to hear your voice, my friend. Merry Christmas.

Thank you very much. It's good always sure you guys because you guys are doing the will of the Lord Jesus says I am the way, the truth and the light and you guys are reflecting the truth of Jesus Christ. I want to say, what's been going on, more and more my friend now have come to the realization that there like playing coach there spraying every morning, every day, and the average person looked up. Now I don't I don't. He was going out tonight, bring every single night dirt bring chemtrail spring chemtrail queue engineering Pastor Sanders how are you Joe Arctic don't you believe in your heart that there the viruses around the globe. Well, yeah, we know that there's all kinds of things we know about the details for years. Everybody anybody's got some viral infection. Now yeah this is this is all a part of it down yet.

I mean, it's obvious you see the chemtrail's everyday they don't even try to hide it anymore and other learning always people over the border.

Basically, the factor flooding into this nation so they're doing everything they can to keep the pandemic going to keep the fear going so they have more more government control is just one more piece of the puzzle in your something outside caught I watch the weather channel now big holdouts out the weather Channel is working there saying when you see those lines in the sky folks both are harmless water vapors. Those are not chemical Geo if I caught them lying to the people are all meteorologist here on your local TV stations, interstate old lines you think through clouds of water vapor so I want the public to know at the wing restaurant undergo houses, 1998 when Pastor Sanders introduced me to chemtrail… Text Mark and Alex Jones gave Lincoln eye clinic champion on it showing videos and stuff and how can you drop all kind of viruses around the globe. At the same time you put these sprayers up and they're going 24 seven folks there spraying you in there spraying you and when the average person can look up and see all those lines in the sky. Well that is heavy traffic to get people applying for the holiday urinating Sunday. He'll tell us how you really feel current that I have learned from you guys but on a brighter note before I get off your Jesus is God becoming backbone you guys been preaching for years I've been preaching for years we've accepted Sodom and Gomorrah at like it's no big deal, the LGBT Q men dressing up in high heels and lipstick French kissing each other, fondling each other perform oral sex in San Francisco. We see this in our schools are teaching first-graders how to masturbate abortion is like get a tooth pulled. No big deal limit thousands going to the street screaming at our body. It's all right total collapse legalizing marijuana dope smoking.

I did hear about weekly at folks Jesus is coming back soon and talk before I go please take the time and write a check sent a money order in and support this radio ministry pastor as I get up with you about how they can support Great American allowed bulky as God bless good night alright thanks coach very good that things just say it if you want to support this radio ministry. I want to thank all of you the did I want to thank all of you that the made our our pledge week successful and that was the last one of the month of the year except but to simply send a donation to WR WL 14781 Sperry Rd. that's 14781 Sperry SPE are are are why Road Newberry since any WBUR why OH 44065 just go to our website. WR and intelligent all the different ways you can support us to PayPal in different ways and so we appreciated. We will continue wearing this fight to the end right to the very inventive and God to bless us an abundance. We will, we would expand on a more stations they get the message out even more. You know where Noah would be good if we could be as many stations the say that Limbaugh was on that would no that we get what we have their attention out there then wantonly so we were both probably peaked at before that happened. Well, there you go on home to the Lord called me so I'm not worried.

Okay good I didn't hear you there. It was the second guy Eve year in the air. Hi my name is even I'm glad well, to go past their kind gave me a prayer you plan to save the children and pregnant Jamie some Scripture by Al Qaeda at the Phuket umpire.

The planet okay okay up to go you guy. Both of you pastors were given the great Scripture, and he gave me added.

Love the correct way between one man and one woman married to a three strand cord at equal right of Jesus believers sex is a gift of our heavenly father to be used in your estate loving environment to have children and raise them up in a godly home. Hebrews 13 for children will no longer be abused you sexually section for single or for children.

We are an applied official Rick recognition. Our world, Genesis take first 911, and 12 very good southbound. Okay, profound 82 verses three and four.

Here is my prayer request he gave me re-decree and declare all the wicked mankind, including male and female will become Munich. It will become void of any sexual desire. They will become a drag. Three.

We pray this in Jesus name, amen this will work if you think about taking a week before I have the catfish Eric and I'm kind of thing outlining my children on earth say this prayer you will handle these wicked people that are killing our baby and hurting our children and having sex life. He will take care of it, but he wants to know you. My people on earth. Here I hear your cry.

I want you to say this prayer. Everyone says that immunity he will take care of them and the plan is now for the unit to receive free now. I think we should do what we have. Next up on the blog appointment with the imprecatory prayer that the sexual desire of the wicked be taken away, yet you are near a turning out maybe we my wife and I we love you better. You like our pastor we get your newsletter in court donate everything but I just lay. I just really can't believe how evil it is the minutes of every day there's something else without acting up on and it took for me me how there's like nobody they'll stand up in all other than people like you in on it like like you are, after I took her down on another guy shall print and how this planet clip about how I am frankly Graham you would like answered like you telling people not to take that away from all that you're actually doing a great service. People and how are you going to answer that one day when you know they die or whatever and I would like this guy even thinking, I mean you like you've given over to thinking that they thought Mike that we know what happened to him biblically and always be in and out but on a hot and I know it how the money or whatever, but I think it even goes deeper than that and I just want to play what you doing and you pastor Joe God bless you guys you guys are awesome you really are and cruel, evil world we live in right now and I can't. I know that other thing I want to say but I can't remember mom but I just wanted you know.

Thanks. You totally what you do. We we need you guys we really doing really… Thank you letters back. Her boss Hazel and reported here: what he wanted us to do guides and directs us in her covers us so thank him.

What is the this is my thoughts as I think it was really really a shame that he's done that because you at Samaritan versus done so much good is help so many people and I and I was support in, and I still am of the Samaritan's purse of helping people.

I don't understand why he's doing that I do.

I do know the only other thing that I can think of is sometimes the people they get threatened and there there told you know were going to come after your children or your grandchildren. This is a common common a way that then and they been abused throughout the years and I know that that happens all the time with a deep state.

People with a lot of these politicians if they don't if they won't bend them. That's how they threaten them. I don't know that I have a case and I got one more question. Do you think that what happened to Provident, Betty talking about taking out that I don't even understand that I don't either, unless it is been again it could be a could be there's something going on not love love okay now I'm just taking them to take a stab in this the guests but okay Trump Pres. Trump was in Epstein's island but I I remember hearing that the Sadie was there are seven different times. But now that's not what Trump says Trump says it was there one time and I remember I remember hearing him back in around 2000 when he was asked about Bill Clinton. He said what you would eat what is your opinion and a Bill Clinton. He said it weighs a nice enough fellow. And that's when they were when they attended each other's weddings. He says and that's what Trump was a Democrat and he said, but he said that island is a bad place where he goes he needs to stay away from that bad place, he said, and he deemphasized. He needs a better stay away from that island cake was that was Epstein's now I know Epstein went to Merrill Arco and Trump threw them out. Trump threw them out because everything was caught trying to forward a 17-year-old. There is so he did. He did throw them out of their so the only thing I can think that there's something maybe there that there that they're threatening to try to use to blackmail or I don't know that's just a wild guess. I don't I don't know why he would do that one more question. I'm not sure of the collar when the rapture happened to you and hear the trumpet that you're a believer or the transforming you're not clear what well says that the sound of the Trump you be caught up in case of my guess is you're going to hear it. Yeah okay thank you and Merry Christmas to you and I we love you, my wife and I love you and keep up the good work… You got this and I hope this is your best Christmas ever. You and your family.

Thank you so much after five. I by no okay who did you say we had. Next there be a dry year in the air.

Yeah, after you quite a few times we prepare any obedience to God. What the Scripture says that God never without try reading it is from Genesis to Revelation. Started we should rub you you are you are not truth or that is not true because I've got Israel into purity at punishment for their that's what heading to America right now.

Okay, no, that is he that is that through horrible though that is not true at all.

Yeah, that's the truth when Scheffer MP where they worked for the government, they were employees and they were told by the government to kill all the male bail babies. They obeyed God and not the corrupt government like our corrupt government so they resisted the clarity of the corrupt government you had Shadrach been affected. Abednego, they were told by the corrupt government to to worship and to bow down to the statute, they obeyed God and not the corrupt government okay and God bless the will. I understand that I completely, but make up real what you thought. Purity by God. Okay now yes I completely understand that in the LGBT community.

Planned Parenthood, with their kicking cuticle that it absolutely could be fine again.

But the nation as a whole is corrupt and being sent into Tierney by God for our bed, he will send us into Tierney because of our sin.

He will also said he will heal our land. If we turn back to okay listen here when the Bible they rewritten purity is obedient to God's partner. First of all, obedience is the one thing that God demands more than any other thing is obedience so all you have to do is go to the book of Hebrews we Chapter 11 called heroes of the faith and you'll see it right there. From chapter within you better go to reread it again and goodbye arrived and wish them a Merry Christmas. He would very nice was well interfering with heroes working for the exact words like I want to Bible quote that explains the and God makes it clear by all the different examples that obedience to him as resistance to tyranny through example example example example but there is no exact quote and I think that's where he was trying to call you don't have an exact quote well there many things for the Lord has told us, but he used parables. He's commanded us that shows you you shows you clearly starting starting with no right right know obeyed God rightly placed the gospel he didn't. He didn't obey the world. He resisted the tyranny of the world. When you look at mother Moses his mother. Mother and father. They obeyed God late in not not the Pharaoh okay right and so all through Scripture you find it.

Daniel. When Daniel was commanded not to pray.

He obeyed God and he prayed out in the open right he so he reads example showed her add the phrase obedience to God as resistance attorney comes from the examples, but there is no exact quote so it's kind of a, they're trying to use something you know well is the longest of the spirit. Okay, what would the word we talked about rapture the word rapture of the church is not in their okay. It's called the taking away or caught up scheduling.

You can argue that the word is unfair, but the meaning is the same thing here the words exact or start there, but the meaning is quite clear throughout the Scripture let you know.

Words are different Sunday school but we have the right right. The words are there for Bible class but we have one billing every third or the case if it isn't going to be called pastors and teachers, which implies we are also supposed to teach thinking so this individual obviously in the front of he read it. If you read nothing else but Hebrews chapter 11 in the Bible, the heroes of the faith. Every one of them obeyed God and not the corrupt government right there you can lead by example. So, so that fella just was looking at this something you have a very frivolous, very frivolous argument about the Toronto Star low argument make point. I got sort of gotcha games he just does a lot got when we have next there in the near and there hello how are you I'm doing good Evan.

How are you I would put a lot of thing happening look like under the radar number took multiple script program and a lot of people were getting food stamps that when the pandemic started the tribunal in March. Two years ago everybody noticed the citizen I worked all my life. So I'm on Medicare everybody we couldn't $100 more. I will wanting to library Washington just to find out what was going on but I never got a response and walking with about $800 because they can't going to stores, but I still with a full spirit, which is actually much more money right is the real money going. I believe that they were watching the food stamp system.

I don't doubt it.

There's there's nothing that affects especially with that governor that you had a New York and that Mayor their New York City. I don't believe there's anything this this to illegal for them to do walk around with going to the regular network of $500 in virtual money on his boots And got an application to cook it is big here. When you have $500 with the food stamps. Those drug dealers will give you $200 with the drug for that $500 worth of doing it yet but probably somebody. Oh yeah, oh they're doing and if you get it you get case of the wind preferred doing it. Yeah is a black-market inferred and everybody all the way you feel like I can put the quote. Merry Christmas Meredith God bless the refigured retirees are some of us older guys are still fighting yeah yet we going to squeeze and fight till we win.

Right is not over with the we went okay. How much time do I have over there yesterday. Okay because we have left. Okay, let's do really quickly when we have Mike you are near turning back together. Thank you for what you do and when you heard about the hundred million dollars victim witness is not the kind of agree date on anything, it only 3% of how much money they actually have, but they did not know what happened that hundred and 80 of you that I know I was going to get through it. We just didn't get correct tonight, but I've got it right here. Criminals stole nearly $100 billion and there They said they recovered 2,000,000,000/100,000,000,000 so they're doing up bang up job at getting the money back. Currently yeah little that is not there.

Out of 100 billion somebody got rich off of that out. They get the David nation 100 million from PayPal and green.alone you you will and Nancy Pelosi says she doesn't see anything wrong with insider trading, yet already I can but I think I think I'd like to see her at their we don't want to hear about real act of number we write.

Merry Christmas.

I got a move on. I got what would this next call. One minute we have Cliff, you got you got a minute Cliff look at the very beginning of Revelation chapter 22 last chapter of the Bible is safety on the faith of the Lord. That's interesting that the action is our faith think that anything that we look, there is no mask that will be wearing a mask and he didn't intend for us to where we need to not know about the continents rising up at the very beginning of the last chapter baby in a house as they beheld the faith look upon the face of the Lord. That's how we identify people and either face where you know anyone reframe Cliff were out of time for tonight so God bless.

Merry Christmas, Joe rotted time for tonight he got three minutes.

Exit 2 minutes to have minutes. Tell us how we can get to heaven all right but you have to first understand one thing your iniquities have separated between you and your God and your sense of it.

His face from you that he will not hear that's from the book of Isaiah chapter 59 Scripture tells us two things for all of us and send we all come short of the glory of God that comes from Romans three and in Romans six it says the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ the Lord. We are sinners, and desperately need a Savior. In fact, the first word Jesus said in his entire ministry was repent. The first word repent.

Scripture tells us, repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out with a time of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord. That's from Act III were sinners, we need a Savior, the Lord said there is a way out for you sinners, and that is to claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to ask, pray to the father that your sins be forgiven that you accept Jesus To the cross where he took your place in with her and he died for me, took my sins and that Christ died for me.

Paid the price for my sins and I have to ask him to forgive me for those sins that I want Jesus to be that Lord of my life now want to give myself to him completely, without reservation. I'm calling on him to be Lord of my life to send me the Holy Spirit is that down payment on eternal life, and then through that process.

I become born again by the spirit. I become a new creature, a new creation, a born-again believer, a child of the kingdom, and a joint heir with Jesus and ever lasting life. It's a decision we all have to make. Where were going to spend eternity. We could spend it in heaven with the Lord or in agony in hell and it's very simple, but we must repent of our sins. That must be a heartfelt conversion to many people said words when they were children learn the excitement of the preacher said words without that repentance and they are not saved you must repent, to truly be safe and let you your heart tonight. Okay, this is absolutely that's in the Bible were out of time so is until tomorrow as we say every night this time we want to say good night God bless and always, always keep Friday night, and thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. My pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWM please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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