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WEDS HR 2 122221

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 23, 2021 10:02 pm

WEDS HR 2 122221

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 23, 2021 10:02 pm

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What were going to be playing another clip here in just a minute ago. I'm okay, here it is that this is Dr. Shen Cara Shetty Chang Cara Chitty okay and he Dr. J.

Cara Chitty is a general practitioner with a natural science background in genetics, advanced biology, microbiology and biochemistry. He's famous for his eighth day protocol for treating covert patients and a here's here's what he has to say real ablation of a few minutes of the souk go-ahead to mighty Andrew taken away many people all using a combination of messy but I think it's like I do need a combination of text with pharmaceuticals to manage these patients is a lot going on. You have to what look, I think. I think the perspective it on what's happening these people. We need to understand what the game everyone knows that there's inconsistencies that your mom getting that there is coercion.

We need to understand why. Why is that the most important thing I think for us to understand is that the surgeon was closing. One of the dip in covert elements are used with covert units with grandma Judy isolate the coronavirus that causes in Covidien is the pathogen psychology and site 13 is what the vaccine is meant to make in your so if I have to give you my opinion as to what is happening on a global scale, and a lot of the work that I'm doing behind the scenes is in the static site 13 is one of the most contrived toxins or poisons that man has ever made and the aim of this toxic is to kill billions without anyone noticing. It's a poison with an agenda. Now we've got an engineered virus and we've got a mandated vaccine that follow one on each other. So basically what sexist transpired. If engineered virus and put on discrepancy package on reports by approaching the new medium town just so-so knowing about this most elaborately engineered products now is putting providers for this quantitive victim and expose the planets to a small and does not initially spike protein figures and allergic reaction and the allergic reaction. If untreated causes death is what we've seen with covert illness that is not and that is to test the water so you get a small percentage of people react. We see all the dates these days when this reaction occurs so briskly isolate defendant for 14 days so nobody notices when this occurs, people get to hospital to relate. We mandated protocols and hospitalist engineered and damage to steer all the fear that is that we need to keep all the confusion we make sure we steer humanity towards mass formation we take away all of the all of the faith that we have all the hope we keep people isolated so we had been conned into thinking giving away our freedom would be the best thing for us. So the safest place for us was in J and that's really all about this point in time, but the game that they played with this engineered five was to justify the vaccination of the parents of the vaccination of the parent will expose us to spike protein for longer. So spike protein. If we understand what it's meant to do. Yes, initially it would trigger an immune response and allergic kind of reaction and have immediate, ex-convict, but you don't poison someone and they die immediately. You notice the poisoning so straightaway when you give a vaccine. The first 14 days after the vaccine. Any side effects cannot be attributable to the vaccine because that is where all the allergic reactions. Reply.

Following that we bring to see the Indonesian injuries that this vaccine causes with the spike protein with its influence on these two receptors those of the debts that are meant to follow and they will never be pinned on to spike protein, a very well engineered to toxic aspect. Protein is also a membrane protein so the mRNA would distribute this throughout our body. It will be made in various tissues that are nobody could be incorporated into those membranes around our audience. Those specific issues. Those tissues would be recognized as foreign and rich seeker. Autoimmune responses so the debts that are meant to follow the vaccinations would never be able to be pinned on the boys it would be diverse. There would be too many and they were between prototyping for us to understand that we have been poisoned and I think this is the big plan and it is dependence. This tocsin is dependent on the host's response to it.

Just like the HD and what followed covert in fictional illness was dependent on the host response so we got mild, moderate and severe illness, post it and confused order so we keep talking about covert pneumonia but chasing the virus and the virus was just the victor to give us a taste of the poison. Now this tocsin in the long term is going to get people with pre-existing illness to have those illnesses exacerbated. It has bits of peon and it has bits of HIV protein in it.

It is definitely engineered so people in Kansas are going to have the cancer spread out and visited out of the cancer. People with visiting Treviso predisposition like our diabetics and hypertensives would have strokes and heart attacks and the rest of dating times and we attribute those today. Pre-existing conditions of people having to develop over time, autoimmune conditions, a diversity of which would never be addressed by any pharmaceutical intervention is therefore up to targeted and so we've got a rough road coming, but I think if people understand what the intention is they will understand why what happened.

This happened there is a logic the coercion, the separation is unwarranted. If you understand that there is a bigger plan. This plan is to make sure that we can control and kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned and so I think the justification for everything we see is 100 in understanding the in game we've given up all freedom spirit told that jail is the best place for us to be secure so he willingly went down the road. Now today we want our freedoms back already already were where back and so now with this here. Let's go back to Dr. John Dr. Jim that we are here and were telling people this now. I it's like I'm an amazing thing. There are people that are going to hear this with some of the home are that they feel so embarrassed there so embarrassed by by being duped and falling for this whole thing a little believing what our corrupt, corrupt, corrupt, corrupt government has put out okay that the there too embarrassed to try to find a way to detox.

Now I know there's we've had a number of different Dr. Sims that there is no way you can detox a list of I know some of the effects of this because of these things stay in there, but I have talk to others to say that you can to a large degree. It may be detox or undo a lot of the damage so Dr. John what you say. Well anymore vaccine and art will magically get your mind around her but the there is only a mission. For example, a pandemic in the winter massive death around the world and there was no increase the net. There is no increase overall debt in 2020. Only when the vaccine started 2021. The that rate increase.

The BPR – which I used back in the 80s diagnosed HIV and it known that may fall depends on how many cycles you it and they use that panic.

They are playing that herd immunity is only possible if everyone gets the vaccine, which is completely long have you always known that natural immunity is so much better than than man exiting immunity affecting only protective one or two of their antigen. You only have a black body by the natural immunity is much more durable.

They got a note that you not only back for two weeks after your last immunization. Well, a lot of the media Occur the first two weeks that are not counted as vaccine that quite yet. If you if you die within 28 days of a positive PCR test is probably difficult because if you got that is called a cul-de-sac like everyone so always definitions the case. This was off.

Is it hard to imagine the extent of the deception of I am. I agree with what the doctor said it started a while back I mean we have a copy of the Johns Hopkins conference in October 2019 and Leah.

They laid out a plan how they would deal with a worldwide pandemic and then a few months later we had a worldwide pandemic and if the egg is beyond the belief of most people. What is going on.

We have to realize you have to we have to cut that often we have to communicate with each other. Together everything was done to us to increase our morbidity and mortality. For example, if you're stressed the cortical level gloppy annuity goes down. If you're not out of sunshiny vitamin D goes down. You wear a mask.

Your oxygen goes down in your CO2 goes up and that increase the risk that you're going to pick up his virus and you just don't so many things that you cannot leave the beat and there's no board elections.

They carry dichroic and let me do this. Andy we have that clip from January 10, 2017 10 days before trust becomes at actually takes off the Oval Office. Could you play that clip from Fauci okay now here's this is the clip we play back then we played. This was Georgetown and and you had to who was there. You had Bill and Melinda Gates were there and 00 Hillary and Bill were there with George Soros was there but anyhow he's he's I watched him do this and he had a smile on his face and that look in his eye like were really going to get a go ahead and played Andy is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease and we have certainly a large burden of that but also there will be a surprise outbreak in when he was doing this he was. He was smiling and talking about enduring corrupt administration. They're going to have an outbreak of of the pandemic and the and they did so again for the folks out there listening to you need to pray for Dr. John and Jalisco and these other doctors to also pray for people like myself and Alex Jones and others that are bringing you because of new where we're going up against big Pharma.

They want to keep you dumbed down made in order to be successful. If you awaken.

If you find out realize what's happening and I know that you're being told. For those of you that are like us that understand this that could have discernment here, looked at the monster so we are family members and their relatives as being there. You told your conspirators now remember Karl Marx always he said always accuse the opposition of doing what you're doing always say the opposite of what you're going to do say one thing do another go this way go that way, compete, keep the people off balance keeping people confused some when when Joe Biden comes out. He squints his eyes and a lotion. He says if you're faxed and by the way, now they're referring listen to this there referring the under faxed people as unclean when it's those that have taken and I keep using the word vaccination.

The poison that are unclean. They been poison their unclean. They have vaccines that were made from the cells of the aborted little children so in this Fauci guy this guy is he is responsible for the deaths of all of those orphans back there in the 80s during in New York City where the experimenter they tried on these orphan children, and they died for it and for torturing puppies and torturing monkeys.

This Fauci is an animal. He is a beast is mangel.

He's a doctor, and this is why he's held in such high esteem by the left. Because these people are antichrist is antichrist gets what you guys think well I think you're right.

There are any and I think the one thing the one person about this situation that we have placed a little ration practicing medicine and dispensing doctors not being allowed to treat their patients as they see fit, and that you the more having to have legislation enacted to be to allow doctors to practice medicine. We have it going on here in Pennsylvania and I know that we ordered some Hiram Ecton and it came through damage.

The package was ripped open the interior package and was compromised and we had to send it back and I don't think that I don't think that were unique in that so I there's a lot of unprecedented things happening, and Dr. John can, and if I don't know the least of my lifetime that ever seen anything like this work.

Doctors were vilified for curing patients. Have you ever seen anything like this. Dr. John, the topic is used dedicated awfully bad headache you might be given a blood pressure medicine beta-blocker for your migraine headache and there it was based on using four different if the art of medicine because everyone Stephanie does not have political and architect of the allowed to use faith that it is like I got to go grab American off label is a know it work, and when it finally does a doctor.

He can't do that way now of a chain like Walmart or lawbreakers or were not allowed to die in hydroxychloroquine COBIT COBIT we can give it a bit of arthritis and ethical missteps vessel and know what motor control and not for the folks that have taken directly from my reading I understand that perhaps 5% of the violent or more on-topic. Perhaps we could say and they may be, and I presented that it only taken one or two exchanging it may be okay and on.

You need to keep your community happened here.

Vitamin D invited the Capt. and the gold Mac and a anesthesia 15 back which we used often with patient KM Alamo acetaminophen Tylenol overdose and reduces the, the oxidation is inflammation and so things like that could help and somehow I just want to give the folks that have taken the vaccine and hope and just just take a look at how to locate last year and look at the the political ramifications of the fifth of flulike illness has done and has been recognized as we could just look at that little spike at the spike to come down. The virus is by putting which is causing all the damage that the very bottom of that pipe where it attaches to the virus is UDP 120 glycoprotein 123 which is a piece of the HIV virus. It doesn't mean you get HIV from media from the vaccine, but it does reduce your community and that the children have such high innate immunity that they don't get thick with this but when you get a shot community so I give 40 years old. He got shot. You might have immunity of 50 or 70-year-old he can fill yourself healthy via the curve of the other like you know it is kind of suck it. Others are for new nuclear side that have been put in there by Chris technology is actually all about. He paid the NIH, NIAID, algae, infectious disease that cannot get have expressed anger to the bottom the paper. There I would look, I read a book that gives me an idea if it is not, and he paid for that research and and not the gain of function weaponization of this of this virus and the tip of the virus is a screenshot there is concern about long-term effects of the people at this list and or the shot as prions are that will be mad cow disease that was the affect the brain and got the magic we haven't seen the long-term effects, and anyone not one of the data had in the past, but I would say to the Lord acted in pregnancy during the drill staple that was the headline that was concluded by doing the study. They took seven or 800 women and they gave them the vaccine and they said there only have 10 or 12% spontaneous miscarriage. But what they didn't tell you I without reading paper carefully 90% of the vaccine the last trimester of pregnancy and II told Dr. immunity can be comported Jack Daniels desire to during the last trimester still have a life, but it will be the little child will be severely deformed and mentally hampered by the alcohol and on Saturday they couldn't see that because out of the 10% of women who got the vaccination during the first trimester. 80% of the baby the luggage limit I thought it was taken by the and took Leah behind this immunization earlier this year. There is a definite significant increase in stillbirth now and it just happening now and anticoagulant winter because the other problems are ADE and where you have enhanced immune response that you have a peanut allergy night not the first peanut of the theology is not the first bee sting gather overreaction when another coronavirus, Even vaccinate. So this winter season.

People can get real sick and that had the vaccination so you have to keep yourself healthy and I just wanted to tell you these things to like us to give you an update thank you thank you lately say this because you reminded me of something we talking about the women were pregnant today.

Good news, and in this good news goes to you folks out there listing unit responded.

Remember we told you get your printer paper's and being a doer of the word again. Call call because you did today Gov. with the wind signs a bill protecting abortion survivors another with these little babies that survive the attempted murder by these based on them by cutting off tax dollars from funding abortions and potentially shutting down to bloodied abortion mills here in Ohio. And so again today Gov. DeWine signed Senate Bill 157 the born-again info protection act into law, the law includes two major pro-life victories requires medical professionals to provide sustaining care to children who survive a bloodier borscht abortion by the way the abortionist is not a medical professional. He's that baby raping child molester and that's reality prohibits medical professionals who receive tax payer funded salary from working for for contracting with abortion facilities. The new law has the potential shutdown to major bloodied abortion mills in Southwest Ohio woman's med center in Dayton plan predators in Southwest Ohio who relined state-funded abortionist for the baby kills 30 go. That's good news thank you folks out there for doing that for citing that of recalling making telephone calls. That's why we got it done, because they heard from you, your senators, a rift heard from you in the governor heard from you to 30 go very good so I mean open the phone lines and urinated taking calls Dr. John Mark your okay with them over the phone lines phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673 nationwide and I want at your question forward.

Take the first call because you know we did what we did like what you did and we ordered a lot of the Iver lectin and the hydroxychloroquine and one other, and I had a nurse tell me no.

I mean I don't have the coloring thing but you told me that I should take for one week hydroxychloroquine pill and then for the next week to take the Iver lectin pill and seam cannot for me to take it when I don't have it and also up because I was taken course 10 and so I also read a study out that said that between the three of course attendance just a little bit more effective.

So, Dr. John, you're the expert telling is with my doing anything that makes sense.

Yeah, I think of the hydroxychloroquine worked out well. These affected affect the libido and DM item I can works in nucleus those two separate ways that help you and so I I treat people with both dogs are very ill and they felt safe and worked well on the question if taken with the invited me and we think and with some tonic water. The cratonic along good brand tonic water had quinine and quinine just to make work with Barclays to make hydroxychloroquine. That way you can get some treatment be when I first started with hydroxychloroquine. Some of the doctors I think they claim I went went right through my medical board in a column I was going to make of themselves and their family and I paper what I was doing, but they didn't want me to. You write larger amount to different people like to take prophylactically I was just had enough there's a shortage of what I like is that enough to keep it that were ill and not by but we have frontline doctors is a good source. I think that calls or even either method or hydroxychloroquine take adults once a week to try to prevent accidental electric guide treatment to try to prevent illness and believable so we say take adults once weekly. Talk about the hydroxychloroquine the concert.

The either one, and I imagine the alternate attacked the reinfection are two different ways because there's different in their different mechanisms of action yes was a nurse told all right okay so you say like just once a week. One day a week I would take that one day the Iver make in the next ADM hydroxychloroquine and then the next week with 11 build your daily last week. Okay, very good.

Now I know I know so that's what that's what I'll do them in the corseted until you take that with the not been taken.

I corseted every day. Try three tablets a day. Do I need to do that while it is another way going about along with the and maybe some some tonic water in vitamin C.

The only things just help get the sink into the stealthy act of an update so you probably 25 mg a day. No advocate more than 50 mg a day. You could have too much think your system on your stick is definitely guided me that the think that the… The virus already go to break the fast. We can let Jeff your numerical head will be dead take us to that break and is this is a this is an is is is is okay and see his name is already we are back and that we have and by the way, it was best to Chris with global Lord Brian Parkin. Yours truly open and were back in Jeff you're in the air. Hello Jeff okay yeah I can hear you now go ahead yeah I'm that lady boy is hope all think of anything we did you know we were the course, but the whole thing like anyway. I went after Dr. you mentioned temperament of American effect and I you think it can have any effect on floaters or cataracts and I have both and secondly wanted to know if the postoperative task done anything to interfere with having package you sent from frontline doctors or anybody else because the data has been some reports of people not getting it.

Basically it.

I'm not aware I would like help floaters your ophthalmologist about that.

I know either Megan helps people that are afflicted with liver blindness or others with high in Africa because it anti-it helps with the other worms and a helmet in the eyes that much moisture here because of the visual interference than motors and because I don't have information that is I'm sure it'll will come out whatever's going on there has been reports. Dr. John has been reports that the effect we report I write here that the post office is working right along with the government to with wood big Pharma to stop coming in from India.

I will make in order hydroxychloroquine down at the same all right Merry Christmas already who have next Katie here and there during hi Katie, had died rather well here 24 years you were talking I think the doctor about what's going on and why. Dr. actually prescribed like they would like to answer many of them bring life and I think it clean. I think microbiology. Many doctors and I know what I think right hand and ecologically no Dr. membrane and we think of like the old parable about the claimant after you get comfortable when greeny when he cannot, 1980, California worked their way. Everybody came like kind of like a custom membership and body. I doctor about this a long Long Time Now. I Dr. It Pumped out Corporate Buy Compared to What Customer or Client. The Patient Pointed $725 That One People That Don't Doctors in California yet Hard out Here and Now I Don't Deserve What We Get That A Lot Online on the Board Are All You Think It Was a Statement Will Crummy Weather You Have Crooked Water on Week Something Away. Weaver Doctors Are Corporate Monkey. They Are Corporate Employee Amount Set Younger Doctors Are Coming along Are Even… 40 and No Millennium Punk Doctors and 30 Now Anything Are Also a Product of Our Culture That They Don't Care.

They're Very Callused Love A Lot Of Them and I Don't Need Anyone, but for Yuri We Got throughout Dr. Mike in the Generation When Dr. King from India.

Never Stomach That Highly Intelligent Monday Pumped out Right Now. Now I Never Think Their People Care about at the Word Member Thinking Jeff and Callie Got into Several Arguments Went down There and Then I Worked on the One I Told Him You Mind Committing Medical Malpractice and I Think People Should Get My Little Sheet When the Company I Even like a Committed Medical Malpractice That Ever Happened to Document It Went under, the Couple Will Not Name Starting A Lot Right Now Because the Medical Malpractice. I Got into an Argument with Farm Equipment That Can't Look at the World Drug Think of Everything, It Only One Quick Line. I Have Cultic Money Collected Toxic Well Because We Thinking about Failure and Cardiac Is Very Likely I Don't Think I Look Very Fleeting and so Demonic.

I Can't Wait for the Lord to Contact Document Yes You Are You the Katie That Some Years Ago Came out on the Streets Would Be a Friendly Abortion Mills When I Was out There Saving Babies Now between I Work Comp. He Replied Movement. We Collect out Your Blood, but We Are on Back Fight Back against Dr. Carrie and Penny Might Want Nothing but Start Thing That We like a Child Wanting Name Call with Not Exactly What Democrat Party and Everything Psychological and Dairy. Three Every Bible. You're Absolutely Right. Hey Listen You Got It You Got to Keep in Touch with Me out There Because I've Got This Couple Other Ladies Right There in San Diego. The Think the Way You Do and We Should Put You in Touch with Them, but That You Can Be One of Our San Diego Correspondence C and Let Us Keep Me up. I Was Happy Not in San Diego but I'm Not Very Good Democrat but Now They Do When We Think the Point Wait to Isolated and All Other God Bless and Good Man but I Got My Stockpiling My Little Local Militia. I Think That's Certainly a Change. I Think You See All across the Country.

I Know Your in Northeast Ohio Appeared in Our Area Here in Ohio. The Tea Party Movement Is Growing. It's Very Strong Work Were See A Lot Of We See A Lot Of Movement. In Fact, That's Why so Many People from California Moving Here to Because We Are We Are Side by Stating Yeah a Red State and Well You Know Where We in Ohio I Can See Good Things Happening. Pennsylvania Is behind Us, but Maybe That'll Change out There.

I Know That Some Problems and I Had Two Ladies and One Day Call Me and Tell Me That They Wanted.

They Wanted to Escape from New York. They Wanted to Escape from New York Because They Felt That They Were Prisoners There. But Listen, I Have To Move on. So Merry Christmas to You, You Keep in Touch Let Us Okay, Here the Number You Should Because It Is Our Office Number.

It's 440. Can You Write It down for 8/9 of 440338136744033813679 Got I Would Not and about Wearing a Pair Where We Find What Type Story. God Bless You.

Merry Christmas and Will Be Will Be Talking to Already Play, That Sounds like One of the Ladies That Attends Our Church Having That's the Kind of Women We Have a Doers of the Word Praising the Lord for That.

Anyhow, When We Have Next Joe Your near IPad. Your Phone Started on Hold but I like Know I Got Your Book. I'm the Visually Impaired Personal Help I Can Get Someone to Read It There Any Way the Doctor Could Call Me Because I Cannot Use Frontline Doctors. I Don't Have Any Scanners or Video of My ID and Could He Help Me. Maybe He Can Get Me Some I've Either Make It Even If You Have To Put in a Disguise Thing Already.

Dr. John, Can You Give Him.

Could You Call This Fella across a Line.

I Can Hear Him Dr. Every Day, Is One and the Frontline Drs. They Do Have a List of Tell Him That I Cannot Use Frontline. Drs. Okay. He Says Other People like Frontline Go Every Day, Everything Okay One Dr. John Online and I Cannot Use Them Because I Cannot Do Any of the of What That Thing You Have To Upload and Stuff like That. The ID, I Need Someone to Get Involved Here and Help Elevate. I Now Have. I Have Long-Haul Symptoms like Brain Fog. Okay Where You Quit Stating: I'm in Massachusetts. Remember I Spoke with You While Ago Okay Yeah Didn't Didn't She Send You What, Oh That's Right so They Can Get Rated Yes He Only Sent Me the Book Okay All Right I Will Try to Think of How Can We Help You out.

Dr. Will Supplement That Help Anything like the Problem You Are. You Didn't Think Your Lungs. I Had COBIT Last Year Is Not My Long, Very Low. I Think Attunement That I Feel It in My Head. I Feel like a Brain Fog.

I Could Barely Hear Me Pattern Where They Could Turn Him up Early. Jacob Mariotti Is a Privilege and I Wonder Whether the Iver Man Would Help Me or Not I Ever Get. I Don't Know Doug Did Iver Make Him Do You Think I Were Making Could Help It Would Brain Fog, It Would Accord Iver Bakhtin. I Will Look with 10 Days That Help and Eight CoQ10 Because the Likely Effects of Mitochondria, the Energy Producing No Element in Itself That Would Help in the Usual Supplements.

Vitamin D and Exercises Tolerate Only Help Get the Blood of the Heart Pumping like Going to the Brain, like He Had to Drop Because He Couldn't Hear, but He's Listening to the Radio Now and so Maybe You Could Start over Getting Images Very Quickly, Because Were Going up to a Break Here Okay Will Just a Minute so Go Ahead and Start from the Beginning and That an Appeal 15" Mac Anything 600 Mg Twice a Day CoQ10 300 Mg Twice a Day of Vitamin C 500 Mg of Three or Four Times A Day. Too Much Vitamin C As I Dictate the Judge Asked. I Might Upset Your Stomach, Then Vacant Vitamin D3 Exercise. I Elected to Call the All-Day Canister or One of the Brain Can Help You Narrow It Would Be Ordered. Look at the Frontline. Drs., Others like to Give a List of Sources for You to Get These Medications and You Can Find a Position in DDL or Even an Acrobatic Position, Someone Who Could Help You so Much to Get and Stay Well Hydrated Exercise a Right Very Good Where on a Time for Tonight so Now Is the Most Important Part of the Program Tonight and John Holman. Would You Would You like to Take to Have Minutes to Give an Invitation for Panasonic's We Put A Lot Of Information Tonight and We Thank the Lord for Dr. John Here Giving out Good Information That God Wants You to Be Healthy about Most Only Want You to Love Truth and He Reveals the Truth to Those That Love Him so Were Asking Our Father That Everyone Heard All This Information Was Taken to Heart and the Most Important Thing We Talked about Tonight Was This Scripture in the Bible Study the God so Loved the World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever Believe with Them, Shall Not Perish but Have Everlasting Life. So Were Asking You to Make the Decision If You Haven't Made the Decision to Give Your Life to Christ Listens. No Matter What Happens in This Life. Everybody's Gonna Die.

Everybody. And When You Die, Then You're Either Going to Go to Heaven You Going to Go to Hell.

So Were Asking You to Make That Decision to Repel Your Sounds. Believe in Christ Perform Those Works That Will Prepare for You before the Foundation of the World and Be a Doer of the Word, so Take This All the Heart and Take the Best Medicine of All Witches the Shed Blood of Jesus Christ for the Remission of Your Sins. So Were Asking Now All but Have Heard This Message, You Will Receive Christ.

And No, the Peace That Passes All Understanding, and Enjoy Forever More, and That You Will Have Eternal Life, and Avoid the Flames of Hell. Amen. Very Good.

Thank You Lord Made It Very Clear That There Was Only One Way to Heaven. It Was through Him. The Only Way to the Father Was through Him, and He Made It Simply Did All the Heavy Lifting Folks out There. Here's What You Have To Do Is Pray to the Father Asked Acknowledge the Fact That You're a Sinner.

You Need a Savior Asked for Forgiveness of Your Sins and Then the Lord Jesus Said You Called My Name Asked Him to Be the Lord of Your Life. All of Your Life without Any Reservations at All. A. And If You Do That You Will Be Indwelt with the Holy Spirit and You Will Be on the Road to Immortality You Got God's Word on Dockage. Dr. John, Thank You for Being Here with Us Tonight and We Will Get You Back and We Are Out Of Time so until Tomorrow. Good Night God Bless You Always, Always Keep Fighting the Fight. Thanks for Listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance Was Right. What's Left Posted by Pastor Bernie Sanders to Learn More about Our Ministry.

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