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MON HR 1 122721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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December 28, 2021 12:08 am

MON HR 1 122721

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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December 28, 2021 12:08 am

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The Truth Pulpit
Don Green
The Truth Pulpit
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The Truth Pulpit
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The Truth Pulpit
Don Green

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded resistant by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now little boy. You Christian patriots of the post we have.

We help a whole lot to do tonight so really get right to it on the board tonight. We have great, just great yellow ribbon and then out yonder in the Missouri. We have none other than that traveling pastor of local Appleton partisan best. A lot of-year-old going down the road record religion of the Mama miracle working the floor. You. You don't even have a meal do you you still did you start so all right we have a lot left to cover tonight. So before we get into doing anything. I do want to say my good friend, my good friend Dan Shafer what he got it he got the best Christmas present you could.

You can get Joe early Sunday Christmas morning early Christmas morning on Sunday but Christmas morning. Then he went home to be with the Lord and that that had suffered terribly.

His suffering was over, he is suffering from pancreatic cancer, liver cancer and so now he is where he wanted to be in. This is worry, he always knew he was aborting a Bible believer and that he love the Lord and so are most travel site work. Our most sincere condolences go out to Lori, his wife and all of his children and grandchildren and so he graduated there for graduation like prayer prayer for Laura and the children and the other friends and family of Dan Shafer. Your word should hire heads and pray with me folks their heavenly father, we rejoice when believer like Dan joins the angels are with you becomes that eternal being worth no more paying no more tears. We rejoice for him. But Lord, we know that those that love Laura and the children and all his other family and friends. Their hearts are empty.

Christmas is a hard time very very hard time to lose a loved one in Lord I would just ask that you reduce put your arms around all of them the love down and hold them comfort them and just help them through this hard hard time with them and that they could in their hearts they can be glad that he's with you and with your comfort in time they will love the pain will lessen and the healing begins the abscess in your Jesus precious name. Amen, amen to a liquidshield was for the folks out there to. We have a very powerful program tonight's so if you could all you saints if you could just take a minute and pray that the delete the anti-life people the enemies of life cannot take us down and think just join with me in this prayer nightly following God's week come out tonight what we have a lot to get out and learn that I would like to have everyone on all the stations all the saints out there. Here we have to put out tonight very important in this time and so when all the antilife forces the Lord we would ask that you would come against the all of the antilife forces out there that might try to take us down tonight.

Lord, keep us up on every station we pray Lord Carnegie was up Lord we don't know. You don't have to try. We know you can just keep us up on every station. If you can thank you all this we ask in Jesus name amen management program here might want to get paper and counsel for tonight were going to give you some information that you are going to hear and anywhere else and from a doctor that's created thousands of covert patient so you might want to take some notes and any time you watch this program, you have a pen and paper handy because we give out numbers or websites or something that you will want to write down already. We begin, I want to say this very quickly because we have a lot to get in tonight of for you folks out there Lynn if you had ordered and asked if we would send you Larry's book or another book. One of the other books so the documents, books, and it will it'll come.

But right now we've had we've had the flu go through our church and the covert and ministry and ministry I've had three the three ladies that we that helpless love that do that kind of stuff to send out the packages because we get so many are two of them are out with the flu and the third one is on vacation in New Mexico trying to find it. Trying to get a flight back home because they cancel so many flights so yours truly old pastor whose who is not used to doing this. I haven't done it myself and not one of the other men there at the church we're doing that, you know, with all the other stuff we have to do were doing that were not really as proficient as the ladies are but were getting it down so it will be you might be take a little longer than normative word of the day right right patient plays so we want to say this to us. Get get into the message we have a lot when what the title the message was when they say we say that's right, no Joe here for years and years and years for almost 50 years we been begging people to get your children out of the public schools don't send them to the public schools because they become nothing but hearts indoctrination centers for cultural Marxism. Don't send them to the public University same everything and and but you set your children anyhow and what happened. Now you wondered how what happened what happened to those kids they come back. We got these little snowflakes you got like this woman that was on the plane who who went after a 98-year-old man who wasn't wearing a mask while he was eating okay and not not 9889. He got that backwards at 89-year-old man I was a mask right right in this. This lunatic snowflake work this this woke woman who is typical of so many of out there today. Okay GG attacked. This is old man for trying to eat his meal without wearing the mask but you would expect, this is it was Wally's people was well with the young people today the Bible tells in Proverbs 2, it refers to them as simpleminded refers to him as the simpleminded well what's happening send them to these public full system they've indoctrinated them. Dave the talk to them to totally come against everything you you believe everything you've taught and now you got the critical race theory, whether they're promoted in the following fools of the children to be ashamed of your white to be ashamed and be angry at your parents for being white.

Okay. And so here again. By the way, Salvation Army is there running ads after ads after ads because there there of funds. The fall off the giving this fall because they came up with that anti-white anti-white people statement that the whites should be ashamed. So again, they became woke and no now the running out after out after that because you know white people get offended when we're told that we should be ashamed because were white. Okay downtown that were right when were not that they're just so that's all gone but the sermon because you're white you're a racist is the dumbest thing I've ever heard, especially born-again believers dominate people doing all that is spent countless hours out loud alley and cold weather and snow and ice and rain and wind spending hours out there trying to save babies in the majority the babies that were going to be aborted in several of those butcher shops there are blood alley were little black children and wonderful people were spending all this time trying to save their lives and for them to be called racists that the crime Joe, let me tell you this came the brilliance of the word God is one verse in the Bible. Ask 17 verse 26 Joe ask 17 verse 26 completely destroys completely destroys all of this racist nonsense from the woke generation from the from these woke fools. Okay, it completely destroys it and so few folks out there don't understand any just not motivated back, go ahead, act 20 out. I had asked 1726, 17, 26 narratives and have made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth and have determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.

So Joe does what only races either one race called the human race.

You got that completely destroys the argument. Job would we don't have time to to go with back tonight on how to get into to the Civil War than they were to start tonight. I want you to go ahead and start because in second Timothy chapter 4, you folks out there listing you that the saints you patriots you you would sure of men and women of the Lord. Those of you that are mature in the Lord.

It is up to you not not telling it was going to be easy and I know you've already done a lot but the only chance that your children have this woke generation in your grandchildren's if you stand on the authority of God's word and you insert yourself and you stand up and again boldly don't don't don't say well he and I don't have an argument.

No, you do exactly what Joe is going to read to you to do you have to do that. That's what I do on this radio program you hear me all the time. I'm not out here to please men come out here to obey God. And so I named him authority right so Joe you've got to do it you children of the parish, Joe, go ahead and read verses one through eight. I charted a therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ shall judge the quick and the dead in his appearing and his kingdom preach the word instant in season, out of season, reprove, review, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine of the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned on, the fables to watch thou and all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. For I am now ready to be offered in the time of my departure is at hand.

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have Fake okay yeah you have one or verse don't you also okay out. Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day and not to me only, but I'm to all them also that love his appearing.

Okay, here we start with verse one I charge thee therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Two things in verse one. What is a charge for Lisa's as I charge the what is what is he hiding them in order.

That's that's a military term is and now I charge the so that means the only time when when you receive a charge in the military. The only thing the releases you from the charge is the one who gives it to you if the taste releases you or if your debt okay if you die.

That's what that's what releases them. Paul is telling Timothy that he sees the this is what you have to do.

This is in order. Timothy and he says here before God and the Lord Jesus Christ. Now what is that tell you when he places God and the Lord Jesus Christ on the same level father and I find it all encompassing is talking about the deity of Christ is any right so equal with the father and the Holy Spirit gave Cinelli St. Lucia judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom. So you talking about God which which is the God had follows that Holy Ghost and then who is going to judge them. The Lord Jesus is going to be the one judge is right when he says the universe that when he says be instant in season and out of season means always be ready to preach always be ready to preach the gospel. Joe, whether you can do it without persecution or floor. It's going to be persecution to.

I've been arrested for preaching the gospel several times a standout from buddy abortion mills in preaching the gospel and of course we beat them every time every time we ended up going to court. Often we would have dirty cops that would take money and then later on they regretted it. Okay by was is what touch not mine anointed exactly also reelected here on vacation and you have a character witness to somebody at a gas station at a store or at a marina where you are you have an opportunity to witness and testify here to Gulfport right that applies to everyone notices artists in season around not reprove review what is that mean to reprove and review reprove as a gentle correction.

A rebuke is very stern you are wrong. 70 okay so that your converted stronger reprove as a gentle correction. Well, this is when when you come to the exhort. So what what are you two exhort you to exhort them to do what tell the truth right okay will long-suffering all the crew. Whatever know it could be several times. Your exhort to long-suffering means with patients right then yeah what yeah and doctrine, doctrine, doctrine and document I that Ms. biblical teaching biblical pressure gospel of Christ was sort of the Lord is what you are to use soap you what you are to do this in them.

Did we have any stuttering in this passage at all or is it perfectly clear as it is spoken with absolute authority or absolute authority there's no equivalent equivocation. There can out of your action verbs pre-exhort, reprove, review to the patriotic saints in and I say that because I get letters from so many of you and God bless you all of their that's in me since letters of encouragement because they're the same. Keep telling the truth.

You know why Joe you and I okay are saying what's so many people out there feel and believe were saying it was saying would so many people feel blue but they don't have a platform that we do and so this is why they send it, because here they can get at least get their message out through us here and I praise the good Lord because I read I read those letters votes we read all but sometimes is too many for me to read. So we have people set another table, sometimes 10 to 12 people and all have letters and though each read that letter that they have okay so we I hear everything that you write just so but anyhow so the point that were making out there is don't be afraid. Don't expect first of all, don't expect your children, your grandchildren and others. These young people to say thank you for correcting them.

They're not going to do that, but you have to do that.

Listen you want to please God. You want to please God. And that's exactly what he's to what he's telling you what the apostle Paul is telling you right here now because I'm still your children will not enter buyouts. Most of us absorbed the doctrine the gospel will understand the true without your help, because the world's leading them in a totally different direction and they have only used to stand between all bunch of socialist communist and all progressives, you name it. Agents of Satan and in me you may be the only person standing between them and the path to hell. Joe says for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine that times now it's here today because here, but after their own lusts of the heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears would joke those teachers, having itching ears is exactly what Paul was talking about over there in verse seven, when he says in verse six and seven of chapter 3 Joe when he says for this sort of daily crib in the house of the house is very referring to church houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth because there never learning the truth. Joe is talking about like these present here anyway to the go to places like when you go to Joe Alstyne's church board. Some of the Rick Warren lease these mega-churches where the prosperity churches where there there to clean ears and what these prosperity preachers do is they want to find out they would they do is the date actually will send out flyers and that like they did there at that and Michigan at the Kellogg Michigan where they set out the flyers that the front of the big church they have out there to find out what people want to hear preached and and so Rick Warren gives you 11 different venues so you can come to hear what you want to hear preach what whatever it is it takes to get you to put money into the offering cup or do what would they want you to do this for the reason you have calculator up yet all the listeners out there where you do exactly the opposite way preach God's true God's word and then turn around and say please support the ministry keep us on the air.

During this even if we've offended you, even if it upset you because God has said we were to be the watchmen on the wall warn you preach and teach and this is what we do every night that were on the air regardless of who we offend or and they shall turn away their ears from the truth usually turn into fables.

The watch still in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist to make full proof of thy ministry so I look he's not telling all of you out there that you have to be pastors in the pulpit preach, but he's telling all of you out there that God expects you he gives all of us three missions in obedience and he expects you is not talking about just pastors here is talking to you folks up there all you Christian patriots to be a bold stand up, listen, if you do that if you stand up if you're obedient to him. You'll never regret it now here he says, for I am now ready to be offered in the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight, I finished my course, I've kept the faith is therefore later for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, should give me that they not to me only put into all of them that love his appearing and so photos that will be yours to. If you if you're obedient and erratic deadline for the order saying and under all of them and those are all pastors, all of them, meaning all of you hearing the word) to all of you that love his appearing that are looking forward second coming of Christ speaking to you all them also that love his appearing.

See Scripture says the Lord is returning. There a lot of people out there telling the there will not be a rapture of the church.

Don't don't believe that you got ago you and you're going to go through the tribulation. Even though there is no reason at all that the church would go through the tribulation.

But Scripture says the Lord returns for those that are looking for his return.

Make sure you're one of those okay were going to were going to play you folks. This clip now and listen carefully to what it says, in effect, middle bead up to the top of the hour, and this this clip is this is Dr. bald American Delanco. He's created probably more covert patients than anybody else in the world and that he has dwelt just listen to what he has to say will be back after this the so relatives in the Halle Berry line body are so were genocide loosely.

This is time again that isn't in the vulnerable is carefully coordinated, brilliantly stated and executed evil plan to dance in her billions of people risk factors direct, is to not use security to gain access to life-saving medication and physician practice is delaying crucial treatment in the right timeframe and what it is is a group of people believe that they follow intellectually consciousness, which is an hour in the involved all the sun in their 30 the conquest system versus the Renaissance is the bills us up and empowers his cancer to take over does means dominant is a malfunction that will examine the owners need just as the nation's ungodly approach to life. Well historically we know it's true evil builds his power secretly and it makes it each time with a new operation when witnessing right now about of what America stands a link was the first medical doctor I saw saying hydroxychloroquine zinc and fermenting vitamin D, 18, 19 months ago. At the very beginning treated thousands and thousands of people in New York and I just seen him do an amazing job. We played many clips of him him like I know him, that of the rest the hour and try to shut up and let him talk is always a great medical sound like I was in the doctors want to give him a chance is on file for five minutes is on something else will probably give him the 45 is will have their time in this hour a lot of time here, he's a doctor recommended the president from technological England as protocol resulted 99% for survival of high risk, patient is link is nominated for the presence of medical freedom of the Nobel prizes recognize the hero U.S. Senate, security committee hearing is published in top peer review journals with world renowned physicians; provided counsel. The White House personal multiple government hospitals positions of public figures to he's a real tribe trailblazer and he got his website on screen for UC stack C stack or to search his name. Dr. Vladimir the link out.

I sir thank you so much for joining us.

While one time historically to be alive. Big picture. 35,000. You are the microscope you where you want to start pleased with your research or background you talk about these deadly killer shots were facing really appreciate Dr. is board-certified last 20 years of caring community. Enunciating your argument anywhere, and in March last year on the 35,000 square and last March of the first week of March: arrived and spread. We have thousands of patients and if you remember at that time there was nothing in over time patients. So, if you get is possibly on the respirator and hanging 80 to 90% of the patient and the respirator diner that we had was #these nations were family to me and asking for help and I have nothing to determine if you don't have to file where an organic and so when I when I find an answer and so is today and I just use common sense in this world of common sense is considered a genius but here's a commonsense idea that I decided to apply soon as someone that is life and then no hallucinations at risk thank all my friends and little hospitals with NICU and McDonald people, and as grounds is when I see I realize it until people legally nation because my office is in Davis's attitude was a 250% allocation of resources like radiology and were sent down those were actually so parens patriae I send home the localizations and resources than the highest and so I been doing these include South Korea and France and calls my dosing is in my patient's immunity when he presented the results of the flow of CRS visitation with the result is that the patient had a moment of belief. When I noticed that within 12 to 24 hours a day. Asians three. I didn't believe in myself doing it and I realized that after the Sonata is not to say that I didn't need a summons and really get that really save people's lives. And I really mean video YouTube video of my son and as president of the United States and 16 hours later I called myself from the president on and he said to the president and I said yes. I explained in what I'm seeing they're interested and I have his contact information now medicine is an island and every density and gone back to Honolulu. The Commissioner of the eight holy myself on you when you want to know what I was doing: and he went ahead people at NIH that ends because they are interested in dating you know to do with real-world research is my patient alive. Doing so is generated very important information that I was only when resources go anywhere, but it will really change things for me in the past to get better and environment side and since then my life is never sent really is amazing to you.

The first original research. Anybody I saw on this Dr. and while in this information hadn't gone out. That's a whole another subject going on about currently with the disease is morphed into one, but what about big tech about the informant actively trying to suppress you and show me other prominent scientists and doctors. To me this is a crime against humanity uses words lightly and this is really been a premeditated attempted suppression of what you and other real doctors, the ground and 40 or so relatives in the Holocaust buried alive and body are so were genocide loosely. This is against an innocent and vulnerable is carefully coordinated, brilliantly stated and executed evil plan to dance in her billions of people and the reverse is described as an entity a really first and 30 March how you do doctoring inherently right and ended and it stocks me to see this attempted job takeover and extermination of humanity truly come back to give the floor to get into. Currently what's happening how people you think should be treating it from your research or how we counter this genocide. We have a minute have to break what else you want cover for the unfettered the floor when you come back with very information is power and to be able to protect themselves and their families. There's dynamic of this design is in the security to gain access to life-saving medication and physician isn't enough practice is delaying crucial treatment in the right timeframe and the key here and there over the line and use of prophylaxis and treatment in the collision that I have a little more than 80% of my data showed a reduction in hospitalization, i.e. percent position that a person subsequently studied around the world. The study corroborated his 600,000 American thousand incredible Dr. Vladimir sends a link out since only just a right to receive stack absolute trailblazer. I'm so honored to have them on, Hollywood movies and care about power and I can about real people, financials, and the sky on without him, we be a lot worse shape right now. Stay with us until those unto him right now and we are back live from Lyons Schonfeld on this Friday. Additional Dr. Vladimir sends a link out the original trailblazing Dr. constraint who first exposed all this back in February or he's right me of 2020 and in so he was the first Dr. rehearsals from now. It's all well known but still big tech prizes suppress it. He was he was getting into the fact that this is basically population operations. We got the floor now to continue with the history of it or how to counter it now and I know, before turning the old people are sick.

Announcing the Delta variant rabbits my family so many others and see a lot of evidence from the site is that it is mutating from the so-called vaccine was a live virus vaccine is a medical doctor so Dr. please continue. So Mark and I started but I sent a letter to the credit of the United States documenting my experience in March 2020 and send a letter last week in March and that is taking a drive to Portland you reference my my letter is the reason why he was doing mostly Dr. telling him about his affairs so I began my relationship with the with the citizen and what was when I came out in support of by this and any document was using was more than losing their jobs in a sense and announced that he wants made every single American past secretary is our job services. These are unilateral, was that of counsel for them and will hold after Rick Bryant bar tell you is the mechanics of genocide and the basis of what I'm about to tell you his words and not people control when presidents order made available to every American is a terrible idea and his team were against it to the beginning, Janet Woodcock, who is now acting in EA a two axis paragraph four of privatization to which a single American is considered to certain drugs outside of clinical trials they made available that is American medication every single American in emergencies authorization that is not all medication only hospitalized when everything is not an American employer that is only four pieces in the hospitals that ended certain employer policies that ran in the setting, they would lose their job. As you can use UK fire hydrants and wanted to put out fires and so the data shows that early use prehospital use of any gentamicin reduced position and that means 80% of Americans who in the hospital could have been say with million people in America alone the rest of the world. We the American, and the same lowly rank, whoever serves as the American people very clear response. Only the so-called vaccines because they can't get correctly can't get emergency use of these gene therapies and call vaccines if their stuff out there that has any efficacy.

Is that correct that guidance with children following criteria a dancer is only no available therapeutic then maybe authorization is promised on the new dollars to get the drug from the emergency use authorization). All other drugs and so there was a study came out of my management Journal.

Journal of medicine. Included is a 96,000 meta analysis, patient management, analysis, and what is WHO information and you will usually only study was the patient didn't exist in land to retract the scandal in the history of Wyoming because of the emergency use authorization by the document and explain why they close and attracted as labor, our wonderful NDA still do this access to the actions of another that is not absolutely incensed that last year we were comprehending the incredible they would do this to what you think Dr. that the endgame is here, so facts and reverse engineer medication is being suppressed information about life-saving medication being a doctor, dear say something is against the narrative can be the world leader in mRNA technology.

Dr. Robert if he says something is not the narrator so as a nation and being suppressed.

I twitter will lead into me all my videos so now when we see in a minute, there are components to any response for medicine Dennis prehospital care hospital care. And then there's the use of I'm not that I vaccinated tens of thousands of patients not you will be on some library to come back. You have a sort external points amazing insert will come back to Dr. Vladimir sends a link out. See stack are censoring a blogging is a great doctor serves over 30,000 bright people in New York and anything proved to be right and that he and others like him the answer coming out this great evil I back on the other side of this quick break. Please stay was fellow student. Welcome back to the sensor that broadcast on Ellis junker house Dr. Vladimir sends a link out American patriot in New York has over 30,000 patients with the first person, there were suppressing treatments.

We brought things are working link they try to suppressing the healing of the big picture. Right now what's happening what he thinks is coming next and and just and just so much for your comment on the break. Dr. please continue and I and just as there are three components comes in either meeting is whether or not a necessity capability within the community for a certain patient is uncertain as so you may have an ability to demean many different demographics and see if that actually works hello you just interrupt your going to the four types of medical response and start over areas pre-care care and fascination with the BC and necessary will not be making yesterday need to say there is, who, with the I friends lost her parents and soliciting 60% of their sentence. So this insane governor made his lie to mine and my only one using the magnitude of this Dr. used for plowing the doctor thousands of patients your patient's block when you knew it would help.

This is murder. As an army with nothing more than as a delivery system and so I was looking on the servers of all places across and in the same thing inside and I never live as easily rely on some of my real life. Because now you will in the in the buyers using the sea and the Roman patient in addressing the last two days we basically have a case.

The CDC's and final ratings 99.9% of African decision and influence of violence while in 100% recovery rate without any move and year development when connecting Mark 109 is not graphic eating 2599.9% is my wife and I vaccinated a little liquid was only used in. Why not within the community. Why is something to me is this really important is 45 and older problems.

They are complete. Treatment with less than 1% is less than 1% 1C segue into his key issues so kind. In the three month, three months to three years and then longer readers and that is seeing is nine lower-class of information that are in from miscarriages and for strength. There is a parent system only had their standard reporting system, now that in mind what is going to these from the entire system where God is in CC the Lord say number 11,000 2009 is being reported on their data is important. The number that you see by my works and there is some censorship. We have suppressing the knowledge and suppression of treatments. We have all of this. How do we respond to this and you're speaking like you're doing this just this horrible looking into available sources to find answers for modern grounds and in the Psalms related rights turn away from bad to good and live in this context, early on, that means not fear not in isolation is very simple, just turn away, fearing the lie left. I will witness a syndicated psychological relation management warfare that prolonged design, social isolation leads to condensation and when that person is very negotiable and very sad that the will is to be reduced by 50% into the single case that people need to be that while they have vaccines sponsored by some who believe will be reduced as very simple logic to logic and I feel that we are living through a tenant to insulating management does not because there are two systems that can only exist for system is made in God's image that talks I must admit you hold over time to do one more segment that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry. The voice of the Christian resistance.

Stay tuned. The second hour is coming up next

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