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SUN 010222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 2, 2022 10:14 pm

SUN 010222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 2, 2022 10:14 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now I'm ready open and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on January 2, 2022 and tonight the title of the messages irrefutable, immutable and will actually because I got started off wrong. It's immutable, irrefutable and un-disputable God are immutable are irrefutable and un-disputable God notes.

Amazing thing.

This Bible right here in front of me. I think very few probably a very small percentage of people in this world actually understand the significance and also also content of God's word. This Bible writer King James Bible. They really don't understand this is the greatest source of information in existence. It is the only absolute authoritative source. I'm in NYC absolutely.

I mean absolute authoritative source of information describing the existence of the entire universe where everything come from, how it came about where we are now and where all end it's the only absolute source. And guess what folks, there is nothing nothing nothing nothing that even comes close to God's Word the Bible when it comes to an explanation of all of reality and so were going to start tonight here often hear people say will will as we where they will say we don't believe in God. I don't believe there is a gotten especially nonagency and more more the younger people and it seems to be a Lee's pollsters often almost seemed to delight in taking these polls in finding out fewer and fewer people are going to church and fewer and fewer people believe in God and the vast majority of those in the pulpit really don't believe the word of God. In the end, it's almost like they they delight when they bring these polls out folks that absolutely is total insanity. And so here were going to pick it up tonight in Psalm chapter 14 note here you're going to see the King David is referring to the children. This is one of the passages. This really misunderstood by a lot of people when they read this they may miss a parties refrain means exactly exactly what it says and King David is referring to the children of men, meaning those that said, there is no God.

Their rebellious people who hate the very thought of having to be accountable to the creator they'd absolutes, leaving them no, no escape from God's fiery judgment, they have deceived themselves with the notion that will you know if they just refuse to acknowledge the existence of God and God can exist in them here and there. There's a couple things that I wanted, not here. Over the years I've had people call them on the radio program and mostly women. I can't remember a man calling them talking about absolutes. But I've had a number of women: and one of particular use to say that it really angers her because I'm so sure of myself and make me so angry to mute when you that you so sure of yourself is so absolutely sure of yourself and with you. There is no it's gotta be black and white.

There is no gray area well. I can be absolutely sure of myself when I'm reading God's Word, the Bible folks God doesn't make mistakes as ways of God. And so God will always do what he says when he says exactly where he says he's got a perfect record. So here. What happens is these folks they don't like absolutes because it doesn't give them wiggle room. It doesn't give them any room to China sneak out a sliver out and get away from God's judgment and then here.

I've heard I had the professor tell me one time who we hit I were debating evolution versus creation and he made the statement that well you got down to the point where I said look, you can't prove evolution to me in a million years but I can prove creation five minutes is going to do that is a very simple this is right here is what God says in his what God did.

God created the heaven and the earth. I said right there I can point them out to see if there where planes fly have been up there it's there. That's the heaven since the heaven 1 God created the earth. That's what you're standing on right now, God created critters you can see them all around, and God created you and me.

I here I am, he can hear me, you can see me in his response to that was that. Theoretically, if no one acknowledged my existence that I wouldn't exist at 2060. Theoretically, if no one acknowledged resistance thing theoretically you don't exist, so I would bet a bit tired argument with his fellows who I had to be acknowledged so I got them and had like in a detriment top of his head and that he was complaining that he didn't have an affair up there to begin with, and knowing unless, but I told him and asked why did you do that and annexes to be acknowledged. You acknowledged me, and that they didn't have any more to say about that. And so here they actually believe that they refused to acknowledge the existence of God and God can exist will is interesting right.

What if I refuse to acknowledge that I'm growing older men. I simply cease to grow older. Five. Refuse to acknowledge that I'm growing old, right. This is like the mindset you have these people out there today that these these boys that refused to acknowledge the fact that their males they decided all of a sudden nevermind that their female so therefore they can be a female on the problem of it is that's absolute. The surgery is its total foolishness is it doesn't matter what man acknowledges what matters is what God acknowledges is evoked. So here when these people say such silly things, but all of creation. All of creation all around them everywhere you that you stand outside and just a look around you all of creation is shouting and shouting. The existence of God, the creator. There has never been there is not now and never will be creation without a creator, it can happen. It doesn't just never has been, and never can be gotta have a creator to have a creation it up. Obviously, if we are creation then we have a greater level. I would like that. These people say there is no God. Where do you think you came from. When you think you came from, why do you think you look the way you do. You are made in somebody's image not know the answer to that because right here in this Bible which is the most absolutely most reliable source of information that exists God gave us this the extreme, intelligent, and he didn't in a way that that most of us can understand until I want to go over now to Malachi Whitham and I haven't even read this Psalm 14 verse one the fool has said in his heart there is no God.

They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that do with good. The Lord looked down from heaven upon the children of men to see if they were any that did understand and seek on what you think God is the father of all natural people, and God is the father of those that are spiritually those that are saved now, even though God is the father of all natural people.

Satan is the father of the unsaved that it doesn't really matter whether or not they acknowledge that this is what God's word says over in John chapter 8 very clearly without any stuttering. No, he says they're all gone aside there altogether become filthy.

There is none that do a good no not one not get his referring to those that are unsaved of all the workers of iniquity.

No knowledge who we up my people is the bread and they call not upon the Lord, there were they in great fear for God is in the generation of the righteous. You have shamed the counsel of the poor because the Lord is his refuge old salvation of Israel, resign when the Lord brings back captivity of the people. Jacob shall rejoice in Israel shall be glad today they're eating up the people with porn in the public school system. I see out there in Virginia. The people are fighting lately fought the valley got some important economic similar schools, similar textbooks, but then I turned right around put it back in and here there destroying children with porn they're destroying the children with soiled face doctors and are killing people with a bio weapon in the deep state tyranny of next Sunday evening. Lord's will and were going to be showing in the church at right around 434 going to be showing the film and this film is about January since January 6, when the deep state when the deep state pulled a false flag operation on the patriots on the true American patriots in the real American patriots where the Communist Party with a communist, the death or credit Communist Party.

A lot of dirty cops. A lot of dirty cops and you will see that in this film were going to be showing it to church the correctness of the absolute Acropolis brought against the American patriots the American Christian patriots info shall be see in this doers of the word next Sunday at 4:30 PM and that body will you you will see again how this whole thing was set up, you're going to wonder and ask why you had approximately 2 million people.

There. And guess what where's the media, why wasn't anyone there from NBC, ABC reunified, why weren't they covering your gonna look into a lot of this and see just how corrupt, how very croak. How absolutely completely corrupt the death or credit Communist Party is also how how intimidated how intimidated how totally intimidated these worthless courts. These worthless courts that we had who was supposed to do the job. Stand up and hear the cases when cases were brought you'll hear from from former Supreme Court justices on just how how pitiful and pathetic and shameful the courts. The judicial system was how this was all set up just like those that stole the election it was just filled with liars would dirty cops, dirty judges, dirty politicians from top to bottom and so here we see when he says this.

There were they in great fear for God is the generation of righteousness. So we have to stay in the generation of righteousness.

And we do that only one way is through obedience to Almighty God, I want to go over to Malachi and Malachi chapter 3 started what would verse six not hear God not being like man is very long-suffering when he is right to the point he is telling them that is going to give them a chance to repent and return to obedience, or else the orifice clinic destroying its repent or perish and so and and they say that will God hasn't done anything for them that he is, he has left of his abandonment, and God is telling that that if they repent you will again bless them, and so here we start out in verse six for I am the Lord, I change not. Therefore, you sons of Jacob are not consumed.

That means destroyed because God kept his word, even from the days of your fathers you were gone away from my ordinances and you have not kept them returned to me and I will return to saith the Lord of hosts, but you say we are, and shall we return another word they're saying what we we never left you this is not smart are you will God not smarter.

All will a man rob God you have robbed me, but you say where and how we rub the INA and ties and offerings.

You are cursed with a curse, for you have robbed me even this whole nation you see here. Malachi urged the people to stop holding back to ties to step keeping them from God. When that is God dessert they belong to him. Okay the tidiness is to begin during the time of Moses, we find that over and Leviticus. Also in Deuteronomy.

Another the Levites receive some of the tires because they cannot possess the land of their own, but during Malachi's day the people were not giving ties to the Levites, the Levites had to go to work and earn a living, thereby neglecting their God-given responsibility to care for the temple and worship and so here he is telling them well let's pick it up.

He is saying to them, regular ties into the storehouse, that there may be made to my house and prove me now here in saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that there shall not be room enough to receive it and I will rebuke the devour for your sakes and you shall not destroy the fruits of your ground initially of Lancaster fruit before the time in the field of saith the Lord of hosts, and all the nations shall call you blessed for you shall be a delight some land, saith the Lord of hosts in your words have been studying history saith the Lord. Yet you say when it was spoken so much against the and you have said it is vain to serve God and what profit is it that we have kept his ordinance and that we have walked mournfully before the Lord of hosts, and now you call the proud happy yeah they that work wickedness are set up gay and they the temp God or even deliver so what they're saying here is, is look in God. One of you done for me lately.look, Lord, we where WellCare will care were hit. We know where watching was going on.

We hear you talking about all the self. Blessed are the poor in them equally here that would wish seeing how your blessing.

The wicked, the wicked are becoming wealthier. They have all these material things and that's what we want we want we want to be like the wicked, so we get it now where hip we say Lord that your say one thing which are doing another. Not a smart thing to say to God, let us one thing that all the city God. And so here God deals with them allowing to go to pick it up in the next couple of verses then they fear the Lord and spoke open to one another, often to another. Then they they that fear the Lord spoke often to another in the Lord Harkin and heard in the book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord and that thought about his name and they shall be mine saith the Lord of hosts in that they when I make up my jewels and I will spare them as a man spare his own son and serve him then you shall return and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serve as God in him that serve them.

Not like these these guys that were saying about your say one thing about it.

It don't is not good. You never argue with God and the last thing you do is you don't call he the guy who cannot lie a liar. The prosperity church in the name of God in the name of God the prosperity church. They fleeced the flock that is a big mistake folks and I think some of gotten away from the point where they they really enjoy fleecing the flood and they don't know that it has occurred to him that there's going to be a comeuppance time will come when there is an answer for that. The apostate church. They flaunt their sin in front of God from a holy cow what is a holy God have to do is that he's gotta punish sin of the people that were telling God they were hip to his ways and that them and then then there was a little deal you got us all wrong.

You don't tell God he's got you all well. Not a smart thing to do so effectively.

Go back to chapter 2.

Here we read how God will. He warns, and now you preach. This commandment is for you if you were here and if you will not related to the heart and give glory under my name, saith the Lord of hosts, I will even send a curse upon you and I will curse your blessings.

Yes, I have cursed them already, because you do not lead to heart. Behold, I will corrupt your seat and spread dung upon your faces. Even the dung of your solid feast and one shall take you away with it and you shall know that I have sent this commandment unto you, that my covenant might be would Levites that the Lord post. What was he talking it will. When they came to awfully brought the sacrifices for the priest of Rome. The animals were kept outside the gates. They were kept outside the gates and into what amylin animals did what animals do about Emily and so what happened was these breaks. These tell them that the because because of what they did their gonna die in the good and be buried out there in the dung on the outside the gates with dung in their faces and so let's not not a good thing by any means no here item I stumbled across this TV program, and apparently it's been around for a while. I don't watch much TV at all on very little joy watch mostly what I do as a monitor my opposition in the news those talking heads you see high monitor. There, the lies, the good: for the most part, and so to expose their wickedness, so I don't really watch very much.

Every nonelectric fighting gets ballgame would like to do that with the and now and then, if there is an old movie that that I haven't seen or if it's an old classic. I do, but other than that no one points to me so I didn't know anything about these of these programs they had on but I stumbled across this TV program called paternity court now.

When I heard that us as I got one look.

This look this up and see what this is all about is I wondered if there would be a this is going to be another Hollywood politically correct or woke production the funds to my amazement there was a black female judge who actually expressed views of morality and behavior without a ladylike minute I thought, how is she getting away with this. I was Hollywood allowing somebody to do some got here is a judge who apparently has morality and the reason I'm saying that is on the very first case that I saw there was this soldier that had come home from Afghanistan him while he was in Afghanistan in combat and combated his wife Nicole decided she wanted to be a stripper and Corsi didn't use that she use the term exotic dancer which is a stripper and on top of that she was she was selling itself into prostitution when this man came home she was pregnant trying to convince him that it was his baby of and then the guy was little upset about all that and so he was in paternity court because he would know that it wasn't his baby and he had had a child with her before they were married in them. Now he was wondering if the other. The little the little girl was his was his two because he had found out that from a number of men that this wife had been doing going whoring for quite a while and so here when I first of all, I was amazed that the media would allow at least the least amount of morality would it reminded me this woman because of she was a tall, shapely blonde and reminded me of how many music come down from the west side that that the word to nostrum house to the abortion mills when I would be preaching down there in one particular day, here comes this is blind in a very boorish woman and she had these three domains whether these three guys and as I was preaching. They told me I requirement who is a father and Asa well we don't know who the father is. That's what world and the pale parties regarding speaking because we don't know which one was the father. Nice is come over your boys, let me explain something to K as they came over and I said to you how dumb this is Isaac look. Chances are that none of you are the father of the baby that she's going to kill but if you three put your money and if you all play a part of this. You're all going to be blood guilty of the killing of that baby you all be a part of their annoyances.

Hey, you know hundred.

He's got a point there. That's what we don't know if it's ours.

We don't know because it could have been anyone yet on if we do pay Homewood currently guilty man thanks man thanks for telling us that is so they wanted and they told her they were going to pay for because the preacher fell outside and told him will this horror: an out that door and she was when she was saying some things that were not very nice and so loud she didn't. In the course they like killing babies at the blood and preterm what they want to get paid first. That money things a big deal, and so here the times. Indeed, they have changed, but they haven't changed for the better folks today.

Today, what would not have been tolerated.

When I was a young man back in the 50s. The things that are happening today would not of been tolerated.

The stuff that the language that is spewed out like a hole in the sewage pipeline language that would have put men back in the wood apartment in jail.

Back in those days you don't remember U. Is that what they used to for using profanity for using profanity they use to arrest you.

We had a much higher standard much more morality not the Democrats were nearly nearly as corrupt and perverted and reprobate as they are today. And so here Helene was like, well, the simpleminded use without regard to who they offend. I remember you today the the F word is parroted.

I mean, you know these it's to hear coming well in this film that were going to show this film that were going to show there's one file word and number warn people in and have him standing by to see we can turn up the volume but a dirty cop, a very very corrupt cop in Washington DC in the DC corrupt cops that he he shouts out when he's up there lying when he is out there telling his lies.

He uses a file word uses so but here when, in January 2017 when they had what they called the woman's large there. I was down there in DC and was one of the most pathetic unclean filthy things that I've ever seen.

It was right after we had our pro-life Marquardt for life were about 2 million people. There we left we left DC clean gate. We did leave a mess of the pro-lifers will that change dramatically and what happened here you had, you had these Muslim women anti-Trumper's anti-trope of their and they were an address from head to toe spewing their foul language and right next to them. You had the death of Craddick women who work in 44 weather topless, many of them were topless there and of a lay course was feeling their foul language.

They were wearing a pussycats they had There Would with That Word on It and Then Than They Had These Women Dressed in Giant Regina Can't Costumes. I Knew This Was Pathetic with the Really Bad Part Was These Unclean Filthy Women Who Should've Been Arrested and Jailed for Indecency Had Children, Nine and 10-year-old Boys and Girls and They Were Carrying Placards with the F Word on It A Few Trumper Written on It in That and They Had These Children Shouting That out and and and These These Unclean Filthy Women Should Have Been Arrested and Jailed. But No, They Weren't Because They Represented the Reprobate Mindset of the Washington DC Establishment. The Totally Reprobate Unclean Mindset Corrupt Mindset and It Is a Will Fancy You Sound Angry. I Am Angry.

I Watch That Film Tonight. The One That Were Going to Be Showing You See Just How Corrupt and Just How They Lied in the Course. I Mean, I Knew That Would Notice That Their Logic No Parents Today Are Subject to Harassment or Even Arrest for Refusing to to Accept Pornography in the School Curriculum.

We Talked about That Virginia, the Parents Managed to Get Similar Pornography out but the Turnaround and What They Put Right Back in and and and and up until about 1973 Photos.

U Don't Know and Don't Ever Remember This Probably Let up until 1973, Killing a Baby Killing the Baby by Abortion Was Considered a Crime. A Capital Crime, Folks, Punishable by a Prison or Death. In Some Countries Today It Is Still Punishable by Death.

Abortion Is Murder.

Listen Anyone and Everyone. This Is Abortion Is Not Murder Is a Lien They're a Liar and There Is Not a Bitter Truth That Not a Bitter Truth That and so I Think God Decides What Murderers Not so Corrupt Prostitute in a Black Robe. God Decides That.

So Here I Want to Go over but but What Has Changed the K What Is Changed Will I Can Tell You What Has Not Changed and That's God Let's Go over to Hebrews Chapter 6 and Hebrews Chapter 6 Verses 13 through 20. Now Here for When God Made Promise to Abraham, Because He Could Swear by No Greater Swear by Himself Saying, Surely Blessings I Will Have Leslie and and That Multiplied I Will Multiply the and so after He Had Patiently Endured, He Obtained the Promise. You See, Abraham Waited for 25 Years of from the Time That God Promised Alyssa until Isaac's Birth. For Men Verily Swear by the Greater an Oath for Confirmation Is to Them and End of All Strife, Wearing God Willing More Abundantly to Show unto the Heirs of Promise, the Immutability of His Counsel, Confirmed It by an Oath That by Two Immutable Things, in Which It Was Impossible for God to Lie, That We Might Have a Strong Consolation, Who Have Fled for Refuge to Lay Hold upon the Hope Set before Us.

Which Hope We Have an Anchor of the Soul, Both Sure and Steadfast, Which Enter Earth into That within the Veil, Whether the Forerunner Is for Us, or Entered, Even Jesus, Made a High Priest Forever after the Order of Melchizedek Know God, Who Cannot Lie, Who Cannot Change These Immutable Has Done Is Doing and Will Continue Doing Exactly What He Has Told Us That in His Word That Is One He Gives Us Eternal Life to Those That Put Their Trust in Him and Those That Refuse to Trust and Refuse to Obey Will Spend Eternity in Torment Well It Doesn't Matter If You If You Decide to Believe This or Not Can Happen.

City Is What God Says That Matters Is What Constance to Those That Are Lost God's Is Dead and It's Impossible to Do What God Has Said Talk to These People That Tell You Hello There. There Is No God or God Is Dead. Remember What Nietzsche Said.

He Said My Brother and He Said Hello That God That Is for so Long Tormented You Is Dead Now Know God Is Alive and Well. Nietzsche Is Dead and Nietzsche Is in Torment, He Died in Torment What It Already. Hebrews Chapter 7 Verses 20 through 28 and Is Much As without an Oath He Made. He Was Made Priest for Those Priests Were Made without an Oath, but This Was an Oath by Him That Set into Him. The Lord Swear and Will Not Repent, Thou Art a Priest Forever after the Order of Melchizedek by so Much Was Jesus Made a Surety of a Better Testament and They Were Truly Were Many Priests, Because They Were Not Suffered to Continue by Reason of Death, but This Man Because He Continued Forever Have To Unchangeable Priesthood.

Wherefore He Is Able Also to Save Them to the Utmost That Come in to Him by God Coming to God by Him, Seeing That Ever Lived with to Make Intercession for Them for Such As a High Priest Became Us, Who Is a Wholly Harmless and Undefiled, Separate from Sinners, and Made Higher Than the Heavens, Who Need Not Daily, As Those High Priest to Offer up Sacrifices, First for His Own Sins and Then for the Peoples.

For This He Did Once, When He Offered up Himself. For the Law Make of Men High Priests Which Have Infirmity, but the Word of the Oath Which Was since the Law Made of the Son, Who Is Consecrated for Evermore. What We Have the Ability through Christ to Go Directly to God with Our Petitions Because He Lives Forever to Make Intercession for Us.

I Remember Some Years Ago There Was a Pentecostal Preacher and He Was Preaching and He Was Saying Well That the Jesus Work Is Finished. He's Not. He's No Longer Doing Anything He Set and Right, You Know, Waiting for the Data Return and That If That Were True, We'd All Be in Big Trouble Because He Daily.

He's Constantly Interceding for Us between Us and the Father. So Here What Christ Did Actually Brought the Sacrificial System to an End. In Other Words, the Point Was Made That God Was Not Pleased with the Sacrifices of Animals and so When the Lord Jesus, When He Gave Himself As a Living Sacrifice, but Only Vote.

A Lot Of Times You Hear People Say That What You Collision Salvation Levered People Tell Me Well. I Lost My Salvation with That.

I Got It Back.

No, If You're Saved, You Can't Lose Your Salvation Because You Don't Keep Your Salvation Because Were the Bible Makes Very Clear, Your Salvation Is Kept in Heaven and Is Sealed with the Holy Spirit and Christ Himself As the Sealer so There Is.

God Would Never Allow Sinful People Not to Be in Charge of Keeping Their Own Salvation Because If We Could Lose It.

We Would Lose It All Would Take Us a Sin, and the Most Precious Quantity That Ever Existed Was the Blood of Christ Is Not Can Always Dead on on on Feebleminded People Who with Certain Natures. He Would Go out and Soon so and You Don't and Christ Is Never Going to Go Back up on the Cross Again.

So Here Is Very Little in This World Very Little in This World We Can Put Our Absolute Trust God's Word Is the Only Thing That We Can. The Cannot Fillets without the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit. There Is No Way That One Can Fully Comprehend or Even Begin to Believe or Understand the Unchangeable Truth Found Only in the Word of God Want to Go to Hebrews Chapter 1 and Hebrews Chapter 1 Here.

Note As We Read This to Find What Is Not Understood by the World Is That God Is Still Speaking to Us Today of through His Work but Very, Very Few People Ever Have. Well I Hate to Say It Would Have the Intelligence to Pick It up and Read It Folks Is the Greatest Source of Wisdom and Information in Existence and Is the Only Irrefutable Information. This Bible Is the Most Authoritative Document That Ever Existed. The Word of God. And so Here God Still Speaking to Us Today through His Word Everything Today Is Exactly the Way the Guys That It Would Be Exactly Exactly God, Who at Sundry Times and in Diverse Minutes Baking Time Is Passed into the Fathers by the Prophets. After These Last Days Spoken to Us by His Son, Whom He Appointed Heir of All Things, but Whom Also He Made the Worlds Who Being the Brightness of His Glory and the Express Image of His Person, and Upholding All Things by the Word of His Power, When He Had by Himself Purged Our Sins, Sit down at the Right Hand of the Majesty on High, Being Made so Much Better Than the Angels As He Have by Inheritance Obtained a More Excellent Name Than They Were and to Which of the Angels That He at Any Time. The Work My Son in This Day Have I Begotten, the and Again I Will Be to Him a Father, and He Shall Be to Meet a Son, and Again When They Bring within the Firstborn into the World, He Saith, I Let All the Angels of God Worship Him in the Angels. He Said, Who Make up the Angels Spirits and Ministers of Flame of Fire, but until the Son He Save Old Thigh Thrown All God Is Forever and Ever.

A Scepter of Righteousness in the Center of the Kingdom, Though, Is Loved Righteousness and Hated Iniquity before God Even Though I Got Have Anointed Thee with the Oil of Gladness above Thy Fellows Known He in the past God Spoke to Us through Visions through Dreams through Prophets to Solve through Proverbs through Angels, and Even through Animals. Here, but Today God Speaks to Us through His Work Right Here on the Politically Correct PC Will Win in the Wool Joke Movement. The Canceled Culture. The Climate Change Wackos the Critical Race Theory Wackos and All the Ridiculous Rest Will Soon Pass Away.

It Won't Be Too Long, Will Be Many Years If the Lord Should Terry That Most All That Ridiculousness Will Be Gone Will Be Forgotten for the Lord. Terry Would God's Word and Those of Us to Believe That We Will Last Forever.

We Have God's Were Not so Here As We Continue. And Now, Lord, in the Beginning Has Laid the Foundations of the Earth and the Heavens Are the Works of Their Hands and They Shall Perish, but That Now Remain Asked and They Shall Wax Old As Though the Government and Investor Shall Thou Fold Them up and They Shall Be Changed without Art the Same in the Year Shall Not Filler Words.

Only God Is Completely Turtle Know We Will Be Once We Receive Our Glorified Body and Are Taken with the Glory Then Would Become Immortal.

Okay, but Even the Earth Itself Is Going to Be Totally Radically Changed Is Not Can Remain the Way It Is, but Which of the Angel City at a Time Set of My Right Hand until I Make Thine Enemies Thy Footstool Not Hear Something That A Lot Of People Misunderstand and Are Not All by Ministering Spirits, Sent Forth to Minister to Them Who Shall Be Heirs of Salvation. No Time and Time Again I'm I've Had These Women Especially with Lynn to Talking about the Guardian Angel of the Guardian Angels and I'm Talking about People in the Same 12 Here. Those Angels Are Assigned to Us until We Receive Salvation. Once We Receive a Salvation We Have the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and so Even Though Angels Do Constantly Intercede on Our Behalf That That Angel Here, the Ones That Don't We Talk about Our Guardian Angel Will Once Were Saved with We Don't Have a Guardian Angel.

A Lot Of People Don't Realize That We Do like Is That We Do Have Angels in the City Know What Is That, Well, What Is More Powerful, the Angels of the Holy Spirit Dwells the Holy Spirit Were Duly Angels Get Their Power from the Holy Spirit. And so When You Have the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit. You Don't Need the Protection of a Guardian Angel regarding Angel Were There to Keep You until the Time You Receive Your Salvation.

Read That Again.

Are They Not All Ministering Spirits, Sent Forth to Minister for the Who Shall Be Heirs of Salvation. Now Here, These Words That Do Not Just Just Words Written in an Another Book by by Samaritan. The Very First Person of the Godhead Here.

That's the Father Is Speaking to the Second Person of the Godhead Best the Sun and Is Referring to Him As God, Thy Throne All God Is a God the Father Is Referring to the Lord Jesus Is God the Son Twice. He Doesn't Hear.

So for Those That Don't Believe in the Deity of Christ. What Accreditation Away from You Hear of Course, over and Many Many Places in Scripture, Colossians, and John Doesn't Make Very Clear Is Deity, but No, Here Is Something That We Are Always Talking about in the Net Is a Clear Warning about Making Your Salvation. Sure, Making Your Salvation.

Sure, the Most Important Thing to. Therefore, We Ought to Give the More Earnest Heed to the Things Which We Have Heard It Last Anytime We Should Let Them Slip for of the Word Spoken by Angels Was Steadfast in Every Transgression and Disobedience Received a Just Recompense of Reward. How Shall We Escape If We Neglect to the Greatest Salvation Which the First Began to Be Spoken by the Lord and Was Confirmed and Tossed by Them That Heard Him. God Also Bearing with Them.

Witness, Both with Signs and Wonders and Wood with Diverse Miracles, and Gifts of the Holy Ghost. According to His Will Focus It Is Very Very Important That You Make Your Salvation Sure That You Make. See If You Are Truly Saved out There A Lot Of People Say I Got Saved. But There Was No Change, No Change in the If You Become Truly Saved You Become a New Creature and If There Is No Evidence of That Than Is No Evidence Salvation and You Need to Be Very, Very Concerned about That Now.

I Want to Go over to James Chapter 1 and James Chapter 1 Verse 17. Here We Read This, Every Good Gift and Every Perfect Gift Is from God above, and Cometh down from the Father of Lights, with Whom Is No Variableness, Neither Shadow of Turning of His Own Will Begat He with the Words of Truth That We Should Be Kind of Firstfruits of His Creatures Now There Are No Imperfections Would God.

Every Perfect Gift Is Is from above. For Example, What Is a Perfect Gift Will Right Here in My Hand As God's Word. This Is a Perfect Gift.

Get Your Salvation, Your Eternal Life That They Perfect Gift That God Is Giving You Now Here When He Talks about This Father of Lights with Whom There Is No Variable, Neither Shadow of Turning out and Never Notice Multi Notice of the Some Years Ago When I Was Painting My Very First Place to Live in Apartment in Her Old House. We Got It Moved in and Needed Painting It Really Need to Print so We Were in a Painting and We Had a Lamp and We Took the Shade off the Lamp and Set It in the Middle of the Room Where Not If You Look at This This Lamp If You Look at That Lightbulb in the Left When the Lynn Is Turned off. I Mean You Look It over and It Looks like There's No Variableness at All and It Looks like It's the Same All the Way around.

You Don't See Any Imperfections but Once You Plug That Lamp in and You Look upon the Wall. You See These Dark Spots on Upcoming from That Bold and If You Turn the Lamp around the Twisty Could See All of the Imperfections in That Lamp and Put Here with God. There Is No Imperfections There Is No Imperfections at All Its Absolute Perfect God Is the Standard for Perfection and Then I Want to Go to and Finish Here Tonight over in What Are My Favorite Passage of Scripture Second Timothy Chapter 4 Verses One through Eight. I Charity Therefore before God and Lord Jesus Christ, Who Shall Judge the Quick and the Dead at His Appearing and His Kingdom Preach the Work Will Be Instant in Season and Out Of Season, Reprove, Rebuke, and Exhort with All Long-Suffering and Doctrine. The Time Will Come When They Will Not Endure Sound Doctrine, That Time Is Here Today. Folks, but after Their Own Lunch of the Heap to Themselves Teachers, Having Itching Ears and They Shall Turn Away Their Ears from the Truth, and Shall Be Turned into Fables, but Watch the Little Things, Endure the Afflictions, Do the Work of an Evangelist to Make Full Proof of Their Ministry.

For I Am Now Ready to Be Offered in the Time of My Departure Is at Hand.

I Have Fought a Good Fight, I Have Finished My Course, I've Kept the Faith. Henceforth There Is Laid up for Me a Crown of Righteousness, Which the Lord, the Righteous Judge, Should Give Me That Day Not to Me Only, but unto All Them Also That Love His Appearing Will Appear Here.

Here Is Where God Is Still Speaking to Us Folks Here This Change That Was This Charge That Were Talking about That He Gave to Them Was 2000 Years Ago That Applies to You and I Today. It Tells Us Exactly the Way Things Would Be Here in His Word. For the Time Is Come Where the World Does Not Endure Sound Doctrine. What Follows after Evil Man like the Mad Dr. Fauci or Borges Liked or the Church of Laodicea.

That Means the Prosperity Church Closely Jolting Incident. We Must Continue to Witness. We Must Continue to Warn That He Lynn to Repent and to Warn about the Antichrist. Globalist Culture of Death. We Must Continue to Fight against Abortion, Sodomy, the Poisonous Poker Critical Race Theory. The Fake News Media, Burnout, Murder, and a Four. The New World Order, and If We Do We Will Hear Those Words for I Am Now Ready to Be Offered in the Time of My Departure Is at Hand. I Have Fought a Good Fight, I Have Finished My Course, I've Kept the Faith. Henceforth There Is Laid up for Me a Crown of Righteousness with the Lord, the Righteous Judge to Give Me at That Day and Not to Me Only, but into All of Them the Love His Appearing and Sober Going Back to What He Saying and so Is a Little Pastor Why Are You You Where to Nicely Nicely Wait Wait Wait to the Wiki Document Celine Could We Could Listen If I Was Mean to Him What I Would Little Continue on Telling Them the Truth of the Bible Says Repent or Perish, Repent or Perish. These Are Wicked People. Fauci Is a Very Wicked People Buying These Are Very, Very, Very Wicked People. Whatever God's Word, the Bible Calls Us in the Embrace of the 11th Fauci and Gates Feel That There like Gods Think They Wanted Actually Depopulate Our Planet for Killing People off and They Think Is Funny. Well, They're Going to Find out That They're Going to Stand before Almighty God That That Will Happen. Well, What We Just Said Here in the Prior. The Last Thing Was the Maker Salvation Sure Folks If You've If You Have Made a Profession of Faith and Is Been No Change in You. You Better Go Do It Again You Need to Get on Your Knees and Prayed and Asked God to Show You the Way to Get Saved. He Does That Right in His Word and If in Fact You're Saved the Going to Have a Desire to Serve God. I'm Not Telling You to Be Perfect and I'm Not Telling You, Not by Any Means You're Not Convinced Fall Now and Then but If You Are Saved, There Will Be a Burning Desire for You to Serve God and It's Just like If You Throw a Bird up in the Air, the Brittle Flight Is Submerged.

If You Put a Real Fish and Water If It's Real Efficient As Well As Sufficient Real Christians Serve God and so Tonight I Suggested You Go to the Gospel of John Chapter 3, Read It Right First Read It and Do It. You Must Be Born Again. Jesus Said That in Order to Enter into the Kingdom so Don't When Our Tomorrows Tonight Were Almost Out Of Time for Tonight and so Much Time Do I Have Tonight. What Is Already Well There You Go on down until about 50 Seconds and Tonight's Radio Program and Is We've Got a Very Interesting Year Ahead of Us. So, by the Way You Focus on Northeast Ohio Jug County Tea Party Is Having Its Meeting on Tuesday Night at 630 at the Metzenbaums Center in Chowchilla and Ohio and the Fellow. We Had Here in the Radio Program the Other Day That He's Running for Governor Joe Blackstone Is Going to Be Our Speaker. So If You Can Come on out I Would Come out Because Folks Where in the War and Everybody Needs to Step up to the Plate to the Job Well Worth the Time That We Get to Overnight at This Time Were Out Of Time so Begin till Tomorrow.

I Want to Say Good Night God Bless and Always, Always Keep Friday the Fight. Thanks for Listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance Was Right.

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