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THU HR 1 011321

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 14, 2022 12:14 am

THU HR 1 011321

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 14, 2022 12:14 am

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out right now. Welcome to another additional what's right what's left of this January 13, 2021.

No note, 20, 22, right, just checking to see if you paid attention already.

Tonight we have the Lord of the board, none other than courageous Greg good evening everybody around it in here live in the studio we have that rascal Randy be blessed. Most everyone to floaters as voters and quarters around. None other than looked always so good evening everyone she loved doing that okay now where was special guest that I did you know that we have a special guest tonight and that is pastor Jill Meyer from Valley Baptist Church out there record hey Joe, I will hear it's good to have you my friend.

People know you because you're right on your another station on Sunday mornings at 8 o'clock. Orange and I've heard a lot about your good preaching and so you know what I've tried to listen. I have can you believe it or not my my office in the morning course on working usually at 8 o'clock. I'm still working on my message but the lights I have those florescent lights in general florescent lights to the AM radio. They kill it and they just the scattering would see if I set listen to you while I'm putting together my message.

I don't know what it might do him. I changed my message to when you think about what you buy graph graph really caught me out to get more stuff and changes thing a man very good.

Well my friend when I get right into the message this morning morning this evening. Now the title. The message was a false witness shall not go unpunished and either speak of lies shall perish and assess local rapidly powered 19 nine. That's with that is right so I guess sort of picking up where we left off. Joe over in Colossians chapter 3 know just just jump right in with your commentary to the time and it just two versus here versus nine and 10 I Randy wants everyone to know he generates a ready go ahead and read those land not one to another, saying that he put off the old man with his deeds in the put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him okay why not to another age. Writing to Christians and I thought Christians were supposed to lie, but they do all right. And so here now. Click if Christians are lying and we know is wrong right leaving the world to deal with that with the differences we have the spirit that really condemns us when you live and they don't. So then when you grieve the Holy Spirit the group to back Tony that's exactly and he agrees that better than you do know so to those that have been blinded by the lies and weathers a lot of playful blinded by the lights week we read that over in second Corinthians chapter 11 verse starting with verse one through five talks about those that have been blinded by the lies, but here there's a lot of Pilates going on today. Big time. I mean we hope. I got an article here about the mainstream media and how they really really gone down in the ratings. I mean, they have really plummeted because nobody believes in him anymore. That was just about all credibility but all here it is right here that's that article yet is it says the fall of the mainstream media and the biggest lies they told the 2004 pages you know the lies that they've told in the past year has confirmed anything it is that the mainstream media is thoroughly dishonest. Yes, most people already suspect this, but the last 12 months approved more confirmation than the past several years combined to list. Take a look at what some of those things that the mainstream media has been lying about that so clear but but they lie in two ways. They lie in what they say and also I think just as much use what they don't say right and and and and that's the problem with the mainstream media.

They they make the new state lie in what they say.

And then there very adapted lien about not saying things and and that's just as much data you're talking about sins of commission and sins of all medical mission that's correct, they do influence.

They do so since Renate and they remain silent on things like for example this whole thing with the covert right I mean we we know that the vast majority of code is being spread by those that have been faxed.

We know right now that 500,000 people in this country have died by the vaccinate you not hearing that we know the people are dying hospitals left and right because there'd clean them with things that the kill and there also lien about January 6 about what they are telling us about January 6 in their mind about what they are telling us about January's so that's why we're here today to in its way. Whatever night to let people know exactly what they're lying about what the truth is okay so here one of the things though and I've seen in Pastor Joe just jump in it, when memory unity just that's I going to do it here, but is that the problems the families that have been split up grandparents have talked to more grandparents who been around a while a little bit wiser. They can spot most of them can spot a phony much easier than their children. And I'm talking about adult children and we've had a situation now and I've heard so many times where the adult children will deny access to the to the grandchildren to the grandparents, though deny them access because they haven't been faxed close they will. If you haven't taken the poison would grandparents it was that we know better than you do it. We've been around a while, we can spot a kind much quicker than you can. And believe me this is a kind now, little by little, is starting to come out okay but that is one of them. The biggest this whole scam.

Dimmick is next to evolution what you think. Joe next evolution I think is one of the biggest lies is a revamp perpetrated upon the American people are deceiving and being deceived and I really believe that all the folks partially conceal my guard on the road and their carbons over the mask on. They've been joined a difficult bit organizer joined antichrist difficult and you do your work nuclear knock at the door goes with Mormons others to reclassify difficult and how hard it is to get them to break through the truth you get them to acknowledge any truth whatsoever that are so brainwashed the same thing with these folks that are joining a quite difficult. They won't even for one second question, what they're being told to believe it when you just ask them simple questions. They can't figure it out. I'm sure one thing that parity where the ill one person to another. You need to get your back so I don't get sick will correctly what I need to get the max, but you get your ex Logan Sekulow… And that's really about the difficult deception to represent you and it is hard to break people out of it and then you big baby. The light of Christ do that. Obviously, bringing the Holy Spirit leading the truth but it is amazing how the people are joined up part of you. Quite difficult.

Well, you're absolutely right in and tear 366 times in God's Word the Bible, Joe. It says the fear not three and 66 one for every day one for leap year right and and yet you look in their eyes.

And there's fear in their eyes that there is fear in their eyes and and and they also have a tendency often with her master looked down to look away from you. Okay, I noticed that will get sometimes they just try to make you feel ugly with other times there's been mean we know that there's there's reasons that they're wearing these masks that don't seem to be reasons that that they pretend to be. For example, sometimes chose some of these women have mustaches. We know that the military we know it.

Okay other times they don't have any teeth and so this is why they put those masks on and then they pretend like a really good looking under the masks that we know better.

Going yes he has a click yes we we actually had with actually elicited of the post office. There was a woman who was who was indignant so the people in their and she was about going off and tell them why they should be covering their face. The Bible tells it not to do that doesn't affect what is he tell you over in Ezekiel chapter 12 when ice telling Ezekiel got cover your face and then commit do what career your face and then steal people's property taken away from home. Okay. And then so that the point of it is is the covering of your face means that your guilty and you're hiding your your guilt and your shame is the point that it that he was making no clearly maybe not all those people don't have any teeth will quickly know that it's possible right in so here in the post office to this little was doing that and I and I consider you just doing it because you got a mustache and we know it. And with that, she just looked at me turn around and walk out. So now will never know when what you already but him. So here we talk about this in a falsities lately. Give me another real false. It really really I'm going to tell you the big lie that the atonement out there. The new tell me Joe why it's a light ready children are committing suicide because of the coven.

The children are committing suicide because of the covert obvious why workers are locked out in their stupidity of good schools, telling children, befitting a party morning mass all day. Youngers pictures install Internet where in New York in the frigid temperatures having kids either lunch sitting on the curb succeed apart in the freezing cold outside with the mascot. You know if somebody goes by you in the car and I got the window done at or even walking by and they wave in there smiling at you. But then somebody else goes in there and they wave, but they're not smiling there making a mean face that you Joe.

Note these children you identify people by by the face, don't you, and these children Joe if the faces are coming up with masks right and they don't know they don't know when they're talking they don't know what when the teachers whose face is covered up with the mascot against and they don't know if these other kids are laughing and crying or what it is very confusing to kids very confusing folks. You're not supposed to cover your face because guess what we were made in the image of God, yes. And I believe there's a verse in Ecclesiastes chapter 8 verse one. I think if I remember right, and ecclesiastical save if Randy can find chip chapter update okay I will have the Inca dissident incandescent all right move will do that.

Chapter 8 verse one it says who's the West man who knows the interpretation of the thing a man's wisdom maketh his face to shine in the boldness of his face shall be changed quickly when you think that that means man's wisdom maketh his face to shine so of the man's face is shining what you know about that that there is a big, different when of a man's face shines it's welcoming it's it's it's it's it's pleasant if you will you know when it's with ego chambers. Shame does not shine the man's face shines within there something about it that that that that that's uplifting to everybody around but of his face is covered up. How would you know for shining or I mean you don't know right okay in the boldness of his face shall be changed in the boldness of his face.

Now there's the boldness of their faith. Sometimes men believe it or not, have a tendency to get a little bit overbearing okay and out and you can see that right that you absolutely can't live his of his face is shining and he knows the interpretation of man's wisdom, then the boldness will be changed from from that look of overbearing is to the look of well shining home made wisdom. I mean coming think about when the rejection wreck and Abednego said to Nebuchadnezzar that we are basically not going to do what you say it said his visage changed and we know what is visage changed to yellow it when they told him that Ray and I think the OS is so polite and so there but that they had a friend yesterday, and yet they did all yeah yeah that's kinda friendly. It was is the same for it is Jesus a okay well no not only covered up but let's go over turn over their Bible to Proverbs 1 and will read Proverbs 1839 Proverbs 1839 well actually the start and prevalence of Starwood eight and let's read all the way down through 22. Know when Proverbs 1 and one just threw it to start with verse 824 okay with verse eight are yes okay my son to the instructions of the father, and forsake not the law of the mother for they shall be an ornament of grace unto that I hid in chains about my neck, my son, if sinners entice the consent, if they say, come with us, let us lay wait for blood levels look privily for the innocent without cause. Let us swallow them up alive as the grave and hold as those that go down to into the pit. We shall all find precious… We shall fill our house was boiled cast in thy lot among us. Let us all have one purse, my son walk thou not in the way with them referring by foot from bike path for their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood. Surely, in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird and they lay wait for their own blood. They look privily for their own lives, so are the ways of everyone that is greedy of gain which take of the way the life of the owners thereof.

Wisdom requires without she out of her throat for her voice in the streets. She cried, and the chief places place of concourse and the opening of the gates in the city she utters her word saying how long the simple ones, will you love simplicity in the scorner's delight in this morning and fools hate knowledge right now, here we see, my son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother.

That's what these young people should be doing these adult children that are denying their grandparents. They that access to the grandchildren who are falling for this whole skin endemic they've fallen for they been scammed and and but but here if what what is the one thing the reason for that today what one thing in my opinion, more than any other have parents done and I'm talking about the ones that are grandparents today that they wished that they wish they could have done when it comes to raising their children. The one thing that they wish they could've would never have done what you think after Joe not let him be read by public schools, you got it by FedEx youth in a closet there you go Joe. This will be on in their 50s more than atmosphere. Also sending them off for colleges and universities in the Christian parents thinking the greatest thing in their life for their kids to get that college degree to get that good job instead of second grade should be of their children are actually Christians that love the Lord and obey the word of God that the main problem I remember speaking with the pastor's years ago. I mean years ago and believe it or not it one time I was young I was the only bathroom second Thursday evening. Even when I was young I was smart enough to know that the public school system was not a good place to be sending your kids. I don't want their city and so here when we were talking about. We need to get the kids out of the public schools because they become nothing but hot belts of cultural Marxism that not only were all the same. There are some were different and let for the most part and so I remember this one pastor in and did not know for long time and he was usually right about most things, but here he really fumbled. He said why do you expect us to reach those students in their lives. We send our children as missionaries. Innocent all of the authority figures. All of the authority figures. There and that's cool are well they're not on our side. You understand your children are not going to bring the gospel in their which could happen is there going to lose what they believe in is going to be gone there going to take all of the faith that everything you've instilled in and that is exactly what is happened. That is exactly what is happened and so I've been more parents tell me over the years. I wish I had listened to what you are saying you are so right.

We never should've kept them in the public schools. And so here now. He goes on to say, my son, of sinners entice the consent though not if they say, come with us late. Let us leave for blood, let us look privately for the innocent without cause. Joe, you know what would a very good example of that is all. Right now I'm hurting right now talking about the children to be horseback schools in different states run a country with current commission well yeah but when they were talking about earlier they were saying the children that's an all-time high. Committing suicide because Dakota separatism code is because of these teachers that are instilling fear. These teachers that are instilling fear is because the parents that are sending their children to these schools where the teachers once Deerfield feral with a but these little kids and look these doctors and nurses will tell you if you wear one of those face diapers you need to change in every 20 minutes. They put on his face, diapers, and they become soiled diapers to get at what it does it holds the bacteria around their mouth. These kids are getting pneumonia is kids are getting sick and dying but not only that Joe again.

They they have mouth infections come infections it's it's a bad, bad thing that they're doing to these children. It's a terrible thing going to the children, but there's no parental involvement in schools, people like saying they send their children to school, but they don't go and they don't check out what's really going on in the schools. I asked him to change as you see a lot of parents are pretty angry.

What will it is now. It would be aware watching the clips.

They're finding out when their kids are coming home sick and that another finding out about the porn that they're putting in absolute in the book, and so were seen that start to change and and again homeschooling is skyrocketing all and will and by what group of people to think more than any other right now that it's it's in a talk about nationalities that is skyrocketing black folk like people you are you absolutely yet but didn't because it's always been a function of not having the money. This includes the private school, but now they're scared that's exactly what and so here goes on to say it, of course, the innocent and is looking this is nothing more innocent than unborn babies. Then he goes on to say let us swallow them up alive as the grave whole as those that go down into the pit, we shall find precious substance, that we shall fill our houses with spoil. I listened to this Joe Kasten I lot among us.

Let us all have one purse. What is that when you all have one purse, socialism commented exactly that's what he's talking about. And here again, what is the difference between is only one thing difference between the name tween Satanism the practice of Satanism and communism to know what it is I don't the name that sentence, that's only thing that is different. This is the same old horse with a different all absolutely ask the judge us in the right way, call, progressivism, socialism, communism is pure. They're all bad. Same old dog with a different name. He goes on to say, my son, walk not with them in the way with them. Refrain thy foot from their path for their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood. Surely, in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird what you think that means surely vain the net is spread will the bird sees the trap and so it stays away from it. It's it it it's once the trap is been expose me to just sit there and it's obvious thin who goes into the trap. When you see that I was the city they ready listened, the chances are, you go ahead and you take the date the poisonous quote Polk in the jab. Go ahead and is a good chance feeling very sick and die and use it will I when to do it anyhow because of it. Only they told me to on the television right that will save that doesn't wash. But it it it. I feel like it's like being informed is just like the school's not doing this is set in the sight of any book the trap have to be set privilege have to be set secretively because a rational person see in the trap is if I sent a landmine out there. I set the landmine out there.

You see the dynamite underneath the landmine and then not.

Are you really going to go walk across it when you see that but but I'm not but luckily I was a Democrat. I guess I mean look but no did you say Democrat is that with without putting these people are running. You got report after report after report coming out. Stay away from the VAX you got the inventor when the inventor of the VAX tells you don't take it I invented it and it's it's that I invented. It's a military incident. I it's a bio weapon don't think it'll kill you they go do it anyway and so now here he goes on to say, so are the ways of everyone that is greedy again which take of the way the life of the owners thereof.

Okay, now what did Marx tell Engels tell the common folks about killing the bourgeoisie and taking their property because they earned it off the back of the city. It's all right for you to go in it since Morley felt acceptable killing take your property right that's right big incident until yeah so he goes on to say. Wisdom cries without Sheila unearthed her voice in the streets.

What is wisdom to me. Wisdom isn't what you know it's what you do okay and at because people know but I don't do this case with the speaking about the word of God and government and merely says opening the gates. Gates is where the government is done without government business is done in the marketplace and she under their word, saying how long you simple ones. How long you simple ones we love simplicity and scorners delight in escorting and fools hate knowledge well there you go telling you that but but that's what we're up against. Now is it is that the hallmark of a fool is that you can't tell them anything and that's what we have really with the people taken.

The Pope is it they won't look at both sides of the argument, and you can't tell.

Well as it is true, but it's is not just people taken a public God's Word, the Bible says that abortion is murder. Murder became not limit us to see what is what wheat we know in the fools don't that on that day that we dive because we know it's important for all men to die once and then the judgment and we know were going to be judged by God, they think they're going to be judged by government) okay so we know different. Right there there taught by their family after everybody goes to heaven.

November go to everybody you know to that's another misconception.

Funerals are not for the deceased. They're the only ones it's not there. Okay, that's right again that the whole point of the funeral like a is that the make it very very clear to people that our lifespans are very short, very short.

The Bible says what James for something like a vapor that appears before an instant right to the point of the funeral is to let people know just how short a time. They have, and the idea is you're going to die.

And when you die, you can end up in heaven or hell. That's the point, and many times like today for example, I went and I attended the funeral of Denver Sally Denver was a dear friend for many many years amid a very good friend for many years. Denver was adamantly pro-life you really love the children. He really love the children. It was a wonderful husband was wife Marsha and father to his Jackie in an his two sons and he loved his grandchildren.

He loved homeschooling never really did.

He and that is the human eye.

It was we were together for many many years and even though he was a Catholic and you may have noticed, I'm not Wheatley never had a disagreement we never had it. Is anything we can. We got we got along so well and everything that went missing. The missing but I knew one thing I see him again man. Yes, and I know that this life is so short it would be just like it was just yesterday. The older we get, the faster time to time passes down and so that's what will of things we know were going to have to stop right here would take a quick break late break will be back right after this. Don't go away.

Larry Martinez done because of Valley Forge or perhaps Alamo are one of my land by C trumpets will to be free of a man is straight silent tears on his no matter no different follower had one of Antietam have no screen water blood red that is going Appomattox to him on an invoice. While you might in Flanders to be around when they lose forms.

Many men who saw Verdun died in the month is my son.

And those are tried in mind where you might claims learned in rising sun piercing on the guy names like waters. Is it right or remedy casino no Americanize on and on. Why why are you selling noodles drill first all season going a as you and blood red in South Vietnam Lord once again liner blades in help that country savor certain by Karen. No matter where the big deal.

Blessed line where you much. There you go. That was that was the Duke generally yeah what he was here when we needed and during the Revolutionary war, a dentist through it when it came to the Civil War. He was there to. He was just that he was Gen. Grant was there in World War I when he took an in a random big bulldozer against the enemy and defeated him and then World War II.

The only he was there everywhere and in Vietnam to he was there in Vietnam now but he's gone home to be with the Lord and Joe the last couple days. Yesterday, for example Saints. The Lord is calling the saints home. He took Pastor Bruce and and you know Randy for a long time. Every time I would Thursday morning prayer breakfast pastor Bruce and I would be sitting about my splits I would need in and we always have a business meeting after in the chair was empty.

This morning we lost a joint instability and design of the many wheat we really did an enemy from a youth like he got me started on the in the pro-life movement because Bruce ran the Geauga County. I said at the fair with him in the hosted hands to you to get he was. He was a wonderful guy and he was what you call a gentle giant PNC. He knew how to get the message out without being offensive and not compromising the message he was. He was wonderful he was just a masterful job. It was a tremendous help to me. I can tell you that it and I miss seeing and and and so I don't know. I will fill that gap today truth but anyhow, Bruce to was a wonderful husband and he'd been married actually been married.

I think two years longer than me allow You in and but if it was a 53, 55, I would. I think he's been married 55 unit five. You and he of heat is so father and grandchildren wonderful grandparent to ground and grandpa and sailed very active pro-lifer over the years with us very, very active, so that at the same time he died of 5 AM yesterday.

Joe and attend to and you know what we were doing last night at 1010. We were playing 11 nightly right here we were playing for Michael Bala, Vic, and as we were praying for Michael Mahon, with intent that last night, the Lord, the pneumonia in their ego so that the saints will it's it's almost Joe Pastor Jonah coming.

It's it seems almost like the good Lord is is taken, those that have run a good race and fought a good fight just just last week it was Dan Schaefer and wait for that.

It was in Corsi.

These are all Christian patriot men and and you know that I and so it's like he's he said all right you did your job is time to come home for your rest and you will be here when things get really bad when you think you possible can you look at what's going on an old world is pretty shocking how dark is getting in all his people to give me shots again and all kind of doctors saying what can happen if you took to shock you that the booster dear didn't get your Port Charlotte can happen to them. It's amazing it appears that the devil is willing but we know it's not the end of the story about the book by me know what can happen but it is amazing to see the darkness. And God's mercy is taking people out here for the rapture and people that way I can see that potential claimants look behind her hurting the Christian people that were losing myself from Genesis to Revelation, we see that resistance to tyranny is obedience to God's failure to resist tyranny is always disobedience to God. Now, so when we see something that's that's not right. We see them in Proverbs 2410 limit will rescue those that are perishing right and when we see dissociation as the society out there killing people. We gotta stop we had a good of all. We can know if you do yes and Joe that leads us into Carl Evans tell us what happened. The Carl Evans show your deacon right.

Unfortunately, he was struggling to breathe. You're talking to call but he chose to go to the hospital he went to Jodi coming out local store ureter.

Catherine obviously with their protocols and I couldn't even get the CM allowed to be.

There was one person a day was as white porcelain while he was there. A good several heinous thing and you to speaking the truth just want to give you some of the evidence of things that they did their part in their hospital protocols and protocols in most hospitals around us are all following. One thing for sure is that he knew in his life knew from our church from listing your your program in your newsletters and things and take. They knew that rendered severe is not good for and if you just take your Google you yahoo whatever. Just type in a search engine rendered severe you'll see the causes kidney damage and 23 to 25% of people taking any of my kidney damage a call you can use to shut off all they they knew that and while he was there they denied him several other treatments but not in the medical antibodies they denied him from the rounds are you other like done under court claim. They told him there was no evidence that either Mike and Roderick workman actually did anything for covered is nothing but evidence that it nothing but I've got nothing but evidence right here front go in and say on approximate Deming kept pressuring him and his wife could take another and unfortunately getting worse and worse and when you're in that situation and again no one else not to be in the room and the doctor or nurse practitioner are pressuring both of them.

Hate can't believe he is getting worse it is all we can do this. All we can do is all wrong. This is this going to help and laid hold his wife that there is no evidence that rendered any side effects.

That's a lie that's a flat out nothing but a lie is dependent on who you talk with windows of your house and 48 to 53% it's the right hand may have more accurate. Yeah, I'm just saying if you Google it all at 25 but I'm just saying you know anybody with their smart talk and type it in an empty right doctor nurse practitioner was lying to them both great start counting hospital right there will unfortunately there is no other option. They wouldn't listen. I finally got a hold of patient advocate a Christian patient advocate and she was able talk to the doctors there and they basically when you listen to reason you what you're doing isn't working. We tried other things going try romantically, try to court point know know we can't do that because of global honesty. That means that if the doctor prescribed we could get the medication they would so they take the rendered severe by the cult of the rendered severe. They finished the course with a within three days he started setting, kidney failure, they put him on the ventilator is kidney, stop a certain dialysis and is once caught up with fluid and he died.

They killed they killed him and now there's it's unbelievable the first of all, if you think about the Hippocratic oath is, do no harm. So they violated their own thing with a mate usually know the rendered severe hurts people and yet they forced it on forced Hewitt informed consent there violating the Nuremberg code against external netiquette medical experimentation have to give the person informed consent and they were lying about under the you're not having consequences and lying that she Artie said that there is no other treatment possible. It would actually help it. Amazing help me think housing again. Just as the very least, I beg anybody's listing out there across the country of your loved one is in the situation where you are very important gospel to you can't breathe something going on. Don't listen to them. Don't let them put you rendered severe no matter what they do and how much coercion it's not going to help you don't take the rendered severe and also the in the film we showed Sunday on the NIH report. Remember that on that one.

That they do allow for the other alternative things there just like considered third and fourth options are pretty far down the chain but but they do allow for we also learned in that film on Sunday that the compensation for the states that follow the NIH report which is using the windows of your first and all that is well into the six figures like West Virginia like it if they follow the NIH protocol they can get compensated.

Size $471,000 per person. Remember Iowa was like 372 in Nebraska was up there too, so I don't know what Ohio's is the result of film the church on Sunday and it's either page 33 or 16 that all this is on in that NIH report we played that exactly last night. Not the fact this Sunday at 430 were going to be sure playing that the film from Fuller writer and then filled full.

It shows you this is a group of over 50 lawyers international lawyers and they are there going after file to the going after these people gates for killing people and you're absolutely right there using their charge and that they violated Norberg called the executive in the United States assigned signed onto that now here Joe, this is I've got a letter of my hand from the law offices of Matthew P. Tyson, 5580 La Jolla Blvd. in La Jolla, CA.

Now, regarding illegal or refusal to fill prescriptions of civil rights violation and negligence dear managers notice. This is got to do with getting Iver back in her getting hydroxychloroquine dear managers and nurses come to my attention that your pharmacy and refused to fill a valid prescription for Iver connected your pharmacy manager to alert one customer that refused was because I would like it was not FDA approved for use in treatment of Cova 19 the same manager told the prescribing physician that she was not comfortable dispensing a prescription for Iver Mencken to treat Cova 19 and there. There was no exit indication for the prescription. The FDA does not approve uses at all. The FDA merely determines whether to approve or clear products for marketing and labeling of the intended use submitted to it by the marketed a product need only have a single intended use all treatments beyond such intended use are matter of discretionary medical practice by a licensed physician will hear look. The law clearly states that the individual the patient has the last word when it comes to treatment the last word. Now his wife has a lawsuit. His wife has a lawsuit and I know right now cheese Mrs. Evans probably feels. You know he's gone now and would good. I can bring I can bring them back but the reason that she should sue that is because if you don't really keep doing it to other people that's exactly right. Yes I met what I wanted. I don't on the radio and if you know the doctors, nurse practitioners working at hospital.

They need to be aware that they will be held at Howell for God.

You can't commit murder anyway and you can't you can't sugarcoat it for God. Now there's no while disobeying orders artist: protocols of the Nazis in their defense doing equally good things you're doing evil wicked things in hospitals keeping people from their family, keeping people from their pastors keeping people from the cueing treatment and letting them die their nose hospitals and lying to the people there so those people are responsible for God.

We need to repent and come on the radio program you go on TV the global network they need to repent and do it publicly in one of the people not follow that path.

Their blood guilty before God.

I agree with you but I think the other thing that that that people don't realize is it the doctors or the employees of the hospital yeah and and and and and and their thinking the same way that the people who they threaten them with their jobs there being threatened with their jobs.

I mean, and I'm not defending them, but I'm saying that this is the reality.

The doctors are are are afraid of that a doctor can't switch a cotton ball because that because the hospital owns the practice there isn't anymore you like. When I was coming up 50 years ago to 60 years ago, doctors made decisions they don't anymore. They follow protocol. I'll show you how old I am when I was growing up.

The doctor would come to our house get the same thing here yet we… They came to our house.

He did, I was called in those days, exactly.

So naturally to their regular he's never seen a don't believe that they actually ever really happened okay with it so but anyhow I think people are nebulous. They were for God. Well, you know what equipment my job at litmus and I agree with you Jill certainly not.

You know but but I'm just saying that like people really think that these doctors are these stalwart people who were brave, courageous and bold. They are not there cowards and they are scared for their jobs to an army. Think about that. Like if in West Virginia they did $471,000 for this stuff is almost $1 million for every two people and the hospitals are put in some serious on these physicians to do that and I'm not defending them because my life is worth more than $471,000 of applicants doubt but but we are trusting these positional cell hospital practice yeah yeah and that's exactly what is really happening yet because the front line doctors now Joe front line doctors and other doctors that are not owned by big Pharma. These are independent doctors that are not owned and they will do what this up that they will do the right thing instead of sitting plus credibility. It was all in orange is just like today were living in the time with with such things as honesty, honor and integrity okay are very rare and in him and I'm going to tell you professions that one at one time used to be very honorable professions. Everybody wanted her all the mothers wanted to send to be doctors okay lawyers of always had a problem that yet but that I written is cool tonight when I was growing up schoolteachers a minute where they had. That was an honorable profession, schoolteachers, you know you had you living your paid a lot back in those days, and police officers a boiler to you, but things have really changed.

And Joe, you know, the one professionally. That's, that's more than any other that is really gone bad and Joe. That's the one you and I written you, that it was I had a missionary identification several children and dedication called to Australia last night but you know what's going on stronger now.

Know the number shots are going to get take the restrictions a lockdown you can leave your house. You don't think it sounds all the stuff that he is a line of people.

There is not that bad a good young that's taking but you're telling me is for two years is my dedication going to fundamental independent Baptist churches in single pastor that said something about this that no one is boring and he doesn't know anything is going on. There is a huge dereliction of duty of independent fundamental Baptist preachers around the country.

I presume that are not hearing for the sheep. They're not wanting them up the shock and help children build a world because the heartbreaking tight and chewing that will be repacked.

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