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Something About That Name, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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November 29, 2021 7:00 am

Something About That Name, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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November 29, 2021 7:00 am

If you’re waiting on God for a breakthrough or a comeback, you’re in for some encouragement. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he looks at some names used to describe Jesus that are packed with promises. There are several, including one or more to meet any need including yours.

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Sometimes life gets so difficult and challenging that becomes clear we're not going to Tony Evans shares when we follow God's plan for solutions to our trials take on an amazing clarity you ask God an area he will blow you celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative if you're waiting on God for a breakthrough or a come back, you're in for some encouragement today is Dr. Evans looks at some names used to describe Jesus names that are packed with promises. Let's join them. Some years ago in Iowa there was a storm of wicked storm that was a boy carrying a much young man on his shoulders, whisking him out of the wicked storm, a man who saw this boy carrying this heavier young man just mentioned that she tried the whiskey away to safety from the storm. So I met that boy you carrying sure looks heavy through which the young man said well he's not heavy, he's my brother.

He was carrying the way a relative on his shoulders to get them away from the storm because he was not able to do so on his own. Sometimes life gets so stormy on us. We need somebody who can carry is on the shoulders sometimes life gets so difficult and challenging that becomes clear we're not going to make it on our own and we need somebody's shoulder that we can leave. We are told in Isaiah chapter 9 verses six and seven that there would be a son given and a child born the son would not be born, the son would be given only the child with people so the child came into existence because it was born, but the sun preexisted because the sun was born the son was given this essay, Old Testament statement of what would come almost 700 years later in Bethlehem with the incarnation of God in the person of Jesus Christ. The second person of the Trinity, the son of God become a child or to put it in simple language. Delia diapers the eternal son of God become a person pouring all deity into a vessel of humanity, making him the most unique person to ever live. Both God and man. Son of God and Son of Man, which hold that this unique person. The son given and the child born would carry the government on his shoulders. The government on his shoulders know what the government government is a system that is designed to look after the well being of its citizens. The government is a system of political system designed to care for. If it's a good government, the well-being of those persons who make up the society under the oversight of the government. According to the prophet Isaiah, the son given in the child born would carry the government and the weight of it on his shoulders.

Said another way, what is two verses are saying to you and me in four different ways is that you will Jesus will be delighted to give you a piggyback ride. There are times when my grandkids a come over the house that got on my back for a piggyback ride when they got on my back for piggyback ride what they are expecting is I will drop him what they are expecting is I will hold them up.

And what are expecting is that I'll take them from point a to point Z whatever the concluding point is that I will take the bear safely.

In other words thereby do on the fact that if they put that weight on the data and I will carry them from you what Jesus is saying to you and me today if you will let him govern you for the government shall be on his shoulders.

If you will let him govern. It will give you a piggyback ride all our soul derived because he will bath the government of your life. If you are a believer and he will carry the weight of it on his shoulders carrying the weight of governing you on his shoulders. That means you don't have to be way down. Hold your shoulders because he says I will carry the weight of the government on my shoulders physically for the whole world of the future. Currently right now for the church of Jesus Christ and his people, so I'm going to now tell you through the prophet Isaiah, what it will look like for you and me individually for you as a family for us as a church, and whatever degree we can influence society what it will look like by Jesus's name.

If you and I will allow him to governance for the government shall be on his shoulders in a job government is to oversee the well-being of its citizens, he says, and his name shall be called looking at the names of Jesus, son given the child born Delia diapers and his name shall be called. This is how you will be able to identify him if he government you he says. First of all, you will call him wonderful counselor. The first title if you governing is he will be your personal wonderful counselor counselor is somebody you go to for advice of counsel is somebody you go to for guidance counselor is somebody you go to for direction. I calculate somebody you go to for clarity. Counselor is somebody you go to design what your best next step ought to be in some area of your life. Jesus is here to tell you today. If you govern you will be you and extraordinary advisor.

He will blow your mind says if you let me govern you and you put the weight of your life and your world on my shoulders. I will give you the guidance the knowledge the wisdom for directing your life better than you could ever directly on your own. Most of us have been alive long enough and most of us have messed up sufficient to know that sounds counsel sometimes works and sometimes does, but he says if you will put your life on monsoons.

I will govern you in such a way that I will counsel you in the best possible way for managing your life. Psalm 7324 says that God guides us with his counsel. Psalm 32 verse eight says he guides us in the way we all go first John chapter 5 verse 20 says he will give you understanding you say the reason why life gets so distorted for us as we leave tomorrow.

I may ever body in here have a multitude of sins, some good some bad, some not so we call what you think about this when you think about that because you do you think I should we go to advisors, some of us a bit messed up by counselors because they counseled us in the wrong direction or they counseled us based on their messed up background. Other people go to Basra counseled the people go to fortunetellers. The Council read lines on your hand to determine what you are to do other people go to alcohol or drugs, helping them to deal with things in their life but Jesus here.

Once you know if you will. His name is wonderful, counselor why because Colossians chapter 2 verses two and three says in Christ Jesus is all knowledge and wisdom of God. In other words, the reason why he is a wonderful counselor if he knows every subject completely. In other words, what makes him a magnificent advisor. If you can bring up the subject of which he doesn't have full knowledge because he's God, not only does he have full knowledge because the sun was given will experience because the sun became a child. That's why the book of Hebrews says in chapter 2 verses 17 and 18 it says that he became like us so he could aid us so we only can counsel you with his knowledge he can counsel you with his experience and have nothing like having a counselor who has both the information and experience to be your advise what Dr. Evans comes back in a moment to talk about some of the differences between a human and a heavenly counselor first so I wanted to tell you how you can bring the experience of one of Tony's holy land tours into your home. I'm talking about is beautiful photo book called experiencing Israel. It's packed with full-color photos that will take you want a virtual guided tour of the holy land with insights from Dr. Evans about the geography, history, and people of the land this beautiful hardcover book is something you want to keep on display, but it's also a tool that will bring a whole new dimension to your study of God's word. If you contact us and request it right away will send experiencing Israel to you as a way of saying thanks for your contribution toward Tony's ministry along with it will also include all 11 full-length messages from his current teaching series encountering Jesus names in this comprehensive dive into the many names of Jesus found in the Bible.

Tony translates in-depth Scripture research and clear relevant insights into what it means to be the Savior, the Lamb of God, the Alpha and Omega and more. This special double offer ends tomorrow so visit us right for details or color resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 were friendly team members are ready to assist you with your resource request that's 1-800-800-3222. I have that information for you again after part two of today's message and this is your morning commute. All green lights that midday coffee taste just a little less scale small victories in feeling the big wind giving Tuesdays coming up the urban alternative.

We celebrate this day by reminding you just how much you matter in our mission to share God's word to a world in need those small everyday moments make a huge impact when you give to the urban alternative you're changing the world.

And that's worth celebrating.

We celebrate you to learn how you can help influence the world Tony counselors is that it's there to keep you coming back to 200, $300 a week will give you all the information at the first I will tell you everything I know the first time you come because you might not need to come back so I will tell you just enough and then I'll say will continue this next week. That way you will keep the money coming my way, but the beautiful thing about your wonderful counselor would you give the tenant because he wants to take something from you because he wants to give something to you to keep you from messing up in the next decision that you have to make most of us have messed up long enough and bad enough that we need better advises Jesus as the wonderful counselor I am extraordinary in the advice I give because I can only give perfect guidance. So if you want to. From this point in your life move forward with the right kind of decisions through the twists and turns of life, then I would suggest you make Jesus Christ your chief counselor because it will save you time and money if you will start with him get his advice on that so that you will not have to dig yourself out of another whole.

Most of us need a counselor for couple reasons why we need one to not get in trouble but most of the time is to get us. We need a counselor to help us to know what to do because what we are doing is not working and we need somebody to lead us in the way we all go and so as a result of that we go to a counselor and seek their help. What James is saying is so good in my advice that if you will follow me, you won't get in the whole so good in my life. If you all get you lot faster than anybody else can, because I know I'll be in the old syncretic elements of the whole UN I know where you came from and what you need to do to get out of it because I built the highway system of your life and I know where all the roads intersect and I know where the D2 is where the exits in full knowledge that God says how much knowledge he has, because the Scripture says in Isaiah 40 verse 13 and 14 who can counsel me from move on to whom does the Lord go for instruction, in other words, there is no information that you could give me you don't come up with the new situation that I've never seen before that I have to go out and I have to open up a book and read about. I got to go to the library to study.

I've got to go to a college David put it this way. He says since I started getting advice from God.

I know more than my teacher W high schools all go to some universities will tell you how the world began. They will give you some nonconsent cycle life that scientifically knowledge with degrees about the Big Bang about an amoeba or about matter or some other evolutionary and if you walk in there with Genesis 11, you know, morning outages in the beginning God created the heaven and you know you don't bother your progress. Why, because when you start with God you say time you save energy and you shall not say pain because he is a wonderful counselor to put it this way, God.

Where should we go have the words of life. What a human who got as much limitations as nothing wrong with getting advice from humans as long as is consistent with the advice from God because he is the wonderful counselor if God is allowed to will you we will blow your mind with what he knows the worst thing you can do is get a doctor prescribes wrong medicine. I was a boy and I have a bad problem with asthma every week. I went to the hospital to get shots for my asthma. They had the dance backbend like they are now with with asthma so I have these asthmatic attacks was with heaving for Aaron my father every weekend take me to the doctor at one time this doctor had put the wrong medicine in the syringe and gave it to me and as my father reminds me of it now because it's very clear.

This maverick said we thought we were going to lose because of Dr. with a degree in education, with knowledge with background and experience gave me the wrong mass you need a doctor, a great physician, wonderful counselor see some folk go to counselors to get an endorsement somehow go to counsel get somebody to agree with them.

They don't go to counsel to get counseling go to counseling to get an okay for the decision. They've already made. The counselor doesn't give them the decision that they've already made one of the Council and they will go from counsel to counsel to counsel until they find the agree one. I have had the experience of people walked out of my office. We made one glass for counseling because they like the prescription given, though it could be based on the word of God but because of what they wanted to do and it wasn't something they thought they would like doing. They left what people at school because they didn't agree what Jesus wanted you to know when it bans.

John 770 if you come to the wonderful counselor and you already got your decision. May you will get no new information from because his knowledge is from the proud.

So if you want the one that's counseling.

If you want this name to work for you, then you are going to have to recognize that he knows more than you do about everything but the place we because it was easy to get lost. Let me tell you one place you needed to a God because is easy to get lost is called life. You think things are going one way happens and it turned you left I turned right and not you down. You need a tool God for life.

Jesus says I am the tour guide for life wonderful that my job, I am the one, because I never make mistakes. If you never experience what it's like to enter into a right relationship with God through Christ experience the kind of closeness. Dr. Evans was describing his back now with a thought about how that can happen for you today. If you want to know for certain that you on your way to heaven when you die. And I invite you right now to go to Jesus Christ and let him know that you believe he died for you. You believe you rose for you and that you want to put your trust in him alone for the forgiveness of your sins and the gift of eternal life.

If you really want to go to heaven, he will give you a free ticket there but you must go to him for it and believe him to give it to you if you do that you will be saved right now.

Find out more about what it means to be a real Christian visit Tony and click on the link that says Jesus there. 20 will explain everything you need to know and you can also find some free resources to get your new life started right now if you like to get a full-length copy of today's lesson for a deeper review were to pass along to her friend. Just contact us about the message called something about that name. Better yet, get it is a part of Tony's current teaching series encountering Jesus names. As I mentioned earlier will send you the full-length version of all 11 messages in this powerful series, neither CD or instantly available digital downloads along with Tony's impressive photo book experiencing Israel. There are thank you gift when you make a contribution in support of Tony's ministry here on this station as well as all around the world. This special double offer ends tomorrow to visit Tony for details before time runs out or color resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 team members are standing by 24 seven to help you.

That's 1-800-800-3222. Usually the story of a person's life is and told until they've lived it, but tomorrow Dr. Evans will tell us about a sort of biography of Jesus written long before he was born.

Right now though Tony's back with his final word of encouragement for us about what you might notice about the wonderful counselor he's open 24 seven people been 24 seven.

He never gets backed up. He never cancels appointments also vacation. He never sleeps because the Bible says he ever lives to make intercession for his children. The alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you by the celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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