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Something About That Name, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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November 30, 2021 7:00 am

Something About That Name, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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November 30, 2021 7:00 am

Usually, the story of a person’s life isn’t told until they’ve lived it. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will tell us about a sort of biography of Jesus written long before he was born.

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Something about his name name will put your whole life together. Dr. Tony says the Bible's descriptions of Jesus include something to me every name because it only is celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Abbott authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative.

Usually the story of a person's life is and told until they lived today. Dr. Evans will tell us about a sort of biography of Jesus written long before he was born. Let's join him with chapter 9 verses six and seven that that would be a son given and a child the eternal son of God become a person pouring all DNA into a vessel of humanity, making him the most unique person to ever live. Both God and man. Son of God and Son of Man, the son given and the child born would carry the government on his shoulders when Jesus Christ physically returns to the earth. He will set up his role in Israel in Jerusalem and he will govern the whole world from drizzle so I'm going to now tell you the prophet Isaiah, what it will look like for you for us as a church. If you and I will allow him to govern for the government shall be on his shoulders, job, government is to oversee the well-being of its citizens, he says, and his name shall be called just for titles to the names of Jesus. Let's look at them, he says. First of all, you will call him wonderful counselor. The first title if you've governing is he will be your personal wonderful counselor counselor is somebody you go to for advice.

Counselor is somebody you go to for guidance counselor is somebody you go to for direction. I calculate somebody you go to for clarity. Counselor is somebody you go to design what your best next step ought to be in some area of your life. Jesus is here to tell you today.

If you will be you and ask God to marry advisor. He will blow your mind.

Psalm 7324 says that God guides with his counsel. Psalm 32 verse eight says he guides us in the way we want to go first John chapter 520 says he will give you understanding the reason why is a wonderful counselor if he knows every subject completely. In other words, what makes him a magnificent advisor. If you can bring up the subject of which he doesn't have full knowledge because these son of God. Not only does he have full knowledge because the sun was given will experience because the sun became a child. That's why the book of Hebrews says in chapter 2 verses 17 and 18 it says that he became like us so he could aid us so we only can counsel you with knowledge he can counsel you with his experience and have nothing like having a counselor who had the information and experience to be enjoyed by most of the public go to may have some knowledge and they may have some experience, but they have limited knowledge about, and they certainly don't know you completely.

His first name is wonderful, counselor's second name. He says you call them mighty God we talk about the son was given the child that was born but you call them mighty God because only can advise you might want to count. He can pull off the advice for you because he's mighty God, the one who counsels you is also the strife for you to pull off the Council you because he's mighty God when you take your car to a car dealership and you driving because the noises come in them.

Indicator light is on. Something is wrong. You tell them as best you can get this noise. My life is on the river. You take it is because you will have sufficient knowledge to understand in order to fix it. That's why you take because you are limited in your knowledge.

You know something wrong, why, if all you know how to make it right to the car dealership. The dealership they put a diagnostic machine on the topic machine is to diagnose what the problem is that made you bring it to them to fix in the first place.

So they go over this analysis, they go through this diagnostic process.

The lessons of the engine to look at this, look at that. Then I come back and say this is what's wrong with your car. You need to do this you need us to fix that now we know what's wrong.

The beautiful thing about taking it to the dealership and doing the diagnosis is that you have to go somewhere else to get it fixed but what because now set out not only to diagnose it, but I got the power to pull all the fixing of what the diagnostic process just revealed some knowledge of God. If you will go to him for his wonderful counsel, and you will let them tell you what the real deal is a will diagnosis at no further charge tell you how the problem gets resolved because it is not only an advisor is because he's not only a wonderful counselor. He is mighty God.

That's why when Thomas Farley said my Lord my God referred to Jesus Christ, to put it another way, God have the ability to fix the chaos in your life and to rectify the confusion in your existence is mighty God and throughout the Bible. You see this probably manifest manifested over sin fact, when the Jewish leaders saw him forgiving sin, they said. Damn, don't you know only God can forgive sins but Jesus said, I heard that right. I can forgive sins because only God can forgive sins because I claim to be God. Not only did he forgive sins but regularly he would reverse circumstances that cynical he would take care of folks would demon possessed.

As he got power would be his regularly casting out demons say what I was back. No, no civil right when it happens, I will see the demons you do any sin that holds you hostage is not because of the sin. It is due to the demonic intrusion into the sin. When a person is addicted to drugs. The Greek word pharmacy is used of that which demons used to, but that's a person so it's not just the drought that holding a person has to demons have entered the drug that is holding the present hostage. So the person doesn't know it but they don't need to just get off the baby to get off of the demonic infusion and that is holding them hostage till the sun so that they go you want to get move but nothing seems to get you those because you're not dealing with the step of the problem, not demonic intrusion into the sin.

Jesus Christ demon possessed man it was crazy while losing his mind was mentally deranged, the people would just say he was crazy Jesus that he possessed because he was looking at things spiritually, not just the physical repercussions of cutting himself and disrobing himself in all I think you said no, no, no, these are demons. Mr. what is your name been the demon spoke. Our name is Legion for we are many, many is just this man is crazy because we are controlling.

Jesus says, the Mrs., the demon said let us go into the peaks, why did they want to go into the peak because pigs are unclean and demons fester where uncleanness exist.

So the reason the money that was possessed by demons was there was some uncleanness in him that the demons can attach to. So the reason why sin is bad is that like roaches around dirt and darkness. They are drawn to with and invite their family. So now you got a whole company Legion that is now causing you to lose control every second you got demonic things causing you to act in a consistent control way and you need somebody who's mighty God to take him back tells love who is a mighty mighty God, and that is his name and God can overrule circumstances, go to sleep installment in common stone because you can overrule something you think my circumstance While you talk about you, Almighty God, to description nothing is impossible with him and Dr. Evans will come back to explore the meaning of some of the other name. Isaiah listed for Jesus. Just a moment. First, so don't miss your last chance to take advantage of a special package we put together for listeners. It starts with an impressive picture book filled with beautiful photographs of the holy land and insightful spiritual applications from Dr. Evans is called experiencing is real and it takes you to the streets and countryside that Jesus visited during his time on earth. This book will give you new insight into the history and culture and people of the holy land, adding a rich background to your study of God's word and it makes a great gift. We bundled this collectible coffee table stylebook, along with all 11 full-length messages in Tony's current teaching series encountering Jesus names will send them all to you with our thanks when you make a contribution right away. In support of the alternative, make the arrangements or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 where team members are standing by to help you repeat that information for you after part two of today's message right after this kind of self-care generosity alternative.

We take hope to a hurting world by sharing God's word but to do that we need your help when you get to the urban alternative, you can help deliver hope and feel good while doing learn how to contribute at Tony and that and thank you for helping us take God's word to a world in need confiscating to think the third title name is given in this passage is easy to everlasting phone manages time. He is the overseer of history. He fathers time he controls time it was one chapter 1012 says that Jesus Christ created out of eternity with maybe existed before time you and I live in time and space. We live on 808 is the beginning and start and finish that is our continuation and continuity of time. We do not yet live in eternity. We live in time when we die.

When Christ comes will go to eat, where there will be no more time.

Right now we are stuck in time we got 60 seconds to amended God we got 24 hours a day, five days to be off. We all start and trap in time. Ecclesiastes 3 is everything a time to laugh at time the crime time. The guy time to time to time at a time. What it is you are trapped in time. Time is trapped to no way to escape you get older by the day you get grayer by the years we ought in time and sense. Time has practice your living on you on track. You can escape time. If you trapped a closed universe. So you need somebody overseeing your time. You need somebody managing your time you need somebody who will father you over time. What God says is if you will let me be your government's your ruler then I will oversee your time, place your name in my hand and I will manage your time, your time.your time.

Intersect your time you remove your time. I will oversee your I will determine what intersection to your life whatnot and intersect into your life.

I will determine what people come your way. What people need to be blocked from your wife.

I will determine whether somebody runs the red light. Just in the nick of time. When you pass through will govern the data I am the father of time. The weekly GNC 311 says that he is pleased eternity in your hearts you living in time, but he's down stew with an eternal monitoring system that is not limited to time.

Can you the security of this name.

The name of the son was born of the child was given. Oversee every second of life. Finally, his fourth name is Prince of peace, Prince of peace.

Let me give you the 21st century term.

No more drama, no more drama the word for peace is shalom shalom is a pregnant work. It is a word is not it means peace, but it's so much else. The concept of shalom means wellness well ordered.

So when a Jewish person in Israel say shalom is me and I hope you're happy inside what they are saying is I hope your life is put together no more drama. I hope I hope you world is intact today, everywhere you looked. Chaos and confusion as the Prince of no more drama. He is the Prince, which is the son of a K apprentice to bring things together that look like they can't get along. He is the Prince of healing, a marriage that looks like it's on its way to the boss because of the husband-and-wife boxing and fighting what they're missing is shalom. You'll get shalom to a vacation. No get shalom to buy a new house shalom out the pieces being together so that things are in all like they ought to be what you're missing and that marriage is the Principe the racial problem whether it's in the world both in the church is because of the Principe's and so we got all of these things to fix something 303 minutes because the Principe is even absent from the chart. It goes on and on and on all born son became a child born in Luke 217 he says will send a Christmas peace on earth, goodwill toward men. You will hear that every Christmas while somebody fight peace on earth, goodwill toward everybody. While they leave out the last few words peaceful goodwill toward men with whom he is well pleased never seen orchestra, before the concert begins everybody's woman up itself very chaotic. You got different different instruments being warmed up in different ways is chaotic cadaver by doing.

I don't think about on Elm Bank before the concert begins. So you can't make sense of it to conduct conduct that comes in stands at the podium think that is one Thereby stop doing their own thing. He does this by focused on him and he begins the process and what was chaotic before he came. Now, becomes harmonious. Now that he is and now he's running the show error body there is adjusting to his presence. When Jesus Christ is governing the environment.

The circumstances and the situations any taxes, word when they say can now what was chaotic.

Now becomes harmonious, but here's the key is one who killed my God father, Prince of shalom over those whom he governs the government.

So if your church go only but he does not govern you. You will be able to use those names every law, the government you don't like whatever law the government is supposed to obey every role of Jesus you not like. But every move of Jesus you bet. Obey. That is, if you want all these benefits that accrue from the one who wants to haul your life on so Dr. Evans will be right back with the final word of encouragement to wrap up today's lesson and his current series encountering Jesus name I don't forget all 11 messages in this collection. Neither CD or downloadable MP3s are yours with our thanks when you make a contribution right now to help us keep bringing you Tony's teaching every day and as I mentioned earlier will even include a copy of his beautiful coffee table stylebook experiencing Israel filled with stunning photos and insightful commentary. This book makes a wonderful gift for a friend or family member. Today's the last day. These resources will be bundled together so visit Tony Avenue and start org right away to make the arrangements. Again that's Tony up and start over. The or call us at 1-800-800-3222 our resource center is open 24 seven. Again, 1-800-800-3222 one. Dr. Evans has been teaching about the different names of Jesus found in the Bible and what those names mean for us and he says they all ultimately point to an especially important scripture for us is here now to tell us about the greatest person. The Bible is God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes on him should not perish but have everlasting life everlasting life is yours right now, the moment you start trusting Jesus Christ as your personal sin bearer.

When you trust him for your salvation.

He gives you the gift of eternal life. To learn more or get some free follow-up resources visit Tony up and start org and follow the link it says Jesus again that's Tony and start org superheroes give us hope and inspiration and they can always be counted on to do the right thing.

What tomorrow.

Dr. Evans will explain that God has created a plan for ordinary man in that plan gives us real life characters to be inspired by. Right now though he's back with this final thought to wrap up our study on the many names of Jesus that something about his name name will give you some counsel's name will give you some power. His name will manage your time and his name will put your whole life of chaos back together again so to like scrap you got a whole bunch of letters and chaos until they are put in the right order to formulate word. I don't care how much your life right now looks like scrap. God knows where the words need to be reconnected so that they become clauses set paragraphs and so that he can rearrange things in the alternative, with Dr. Tony Avenue and celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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