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Splinter Groups: Church of Christ Elijah Message Part 4

Viewpoint on Mormonism / Bill McKeever
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September 5, 2020 2:33 pm

Splinter Groups: Church of Christ Elijah Message Part 4

Viewpoint on Mormonism / Bill McKeever

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September 5, 2020 2:33 pm

This week during our series on splinter groups we will take a closer look at Church of Christ Elijah Message, a church that believes John the Baptist regularly communicates the word of God to one of the church’s apostles. It’s an interesting look at a religion that claims it is the one way to God.


His teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints viewpoint when Mormonism is sponsored by Mormonism research ministry since 1979 Mormonism research ministry has been dedicated to equipping the body of Christ with answers regarding the Christian faith in a manner that expresses gentleness and respect. And now, your host for today's viewpoint on Mormonism welcome to this additional viewpoint on Mormonism.

I'm your host, Bill McKeever, founder and director Mormonism research ministry man with me today is Eric Johnson. My colleague at M.

R. M. The church of Christ with the Elijah message we been looking at this group this week comparing some of the similarities to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as well as some of the differences to give you a little recap. This was an organization that was founded by a man by the name of auto fedayeen who died in 1933 auto fed and got himself in trouble when he was a part of the Church of Christ Temple lot. He came up with 11 messages that were very well accepted but it was that 12th message that got him in trouble because he said in that message that all the leaders needed to be rebaptized.

Said some things that didn't go over very well and ultimately he left that organization in October 1929 and we need to remind the listeners that that's not just his message that's coming from God himself through John the Baptist.

So when he says these bad things about the other leaders that's not him saying it that's God saying it. What is that sound like Eric. That's kind of like when we bring up the first vision to Latter Day Saints when they say we don't criticize other churches where you critiquing us and you bring up the subject of the first vision. They'll say something very similar will. That's not us. That was God saying that all the churches were wrong that your creeds are an abomination in your professors are all corrupt so it's kind of like passing the buck off to someone else so that you can wash your hands and not be guilty of saying those very things will now auto fedayeen has died and another man comes in the power man by the name of William Draves now like auto fedayeen. He was also a former member of the reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, now known as the community of Christ.

But Draves also for a period of time belong to the LDS church so here's this connection folks even though they may not agree with everything that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints headquartered in Salt Lake City believes and teaches there are going to be some things that connect them, and most certainly, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon movement connects all of these groups that we are going to be discussing in this series.

Now, like auto fedayeen William Draves also has visitations from John the Baptist and he is credited with writing 90 messages so he has even more than auto fedayeen, the founder of this organization but Draves dies in the name I didn't get that bill he wasn't accepted by everybody. Draves did have controversy. In fact, in 1943 there was a new church that was formed. Here's another splinter group is called the Church of Christ Fanning kite and it was formed when some of the followers rejected Jake Draves and the messages he provided they were not accepting that as being the same as what auto fitting had and then another split took place in the 1950s when some from the Church of Christ fanning kite commanded the Saturday Sabbath worship under apostle Estee Bronson and so they started a new church called the Church of Christ restored and that has fewer than 500 members. The Church of Christ fanning kite has about 2000 members of very small, they still exist today. I didn't talk about them because they're not among the larger groups so Draves was with controversy throughout his time now Draves is going to pass away, and another guy is going to come into power a guy by the name of Norman.

I went say that okay to and and then went win that Draves dies in 1994. We don't have any more messages we have the 12 apostles, the church does not have a profit. It does not have a president the 12 apostles are supposed to be equal today. The church only has 10 at the time were speaking in it.

There's 10 but they're supposed to have as many as 12 but nothing happens. We have a period of silence that happens from 1995 to 2017. Here's 1/4 century of silence where God does not say anything. We talked about it before that from the time of Joseph Smith 1836 until until auto fedayeen creates a church in 1930. There was, I think I would call it a second apostasy a great apostasy. There was no revelation being given. And then all of a sudden auto fedayeen is able to get revelations with these messages will hear we have a 25 year period when the church has nothing going on, and it's not until John the Baptist read reappears to one of the apostles's name is Norman D Liles September 29, 2018. Just a couple of years ago. This is not somebody who has a lot of theological experience. He was a blue-collar worker. He worked as a as a a truck, but he worked as a truck driver and is a journeyman lineman. He had a degree in math. He or he has a degree in math that he got in 1969 but he all of a sudden has John the Baptist come visit him and I want to read from the hundred and 21st message after 25 years of silence. This is what he writes.

I was sitting on a rock writing in my journal. The events of the past few days of our missionary effort in Uganda, and Kenya.

It was just becoming slightly light. It was just becoming slightly light enough for me to see and right when suddenly the angel John the Baptist stood before me. I had first thought it was a vision until he reached in my pack, which was beside me and handed me a writing pad and another pen and commanded me to write the message that he had brought onto me from the Lord Jesus Christ.

All my doubts and fears vanished and a great P.

Peace came over me as he moved his hand in my head.

He wore a robe of white just like what Draves had and appeared to be about 6 foot tall concurring with withdrew concurring concurring with what Draves had his concurring with what Draves has said in his first message and he says he wore a robe of white and appeared to be about 6 foot tall and perhaps 30 years of age with with a beard and hair down to his shoulder most noticeable were his eyes, which seemed to pierce my very soul and his appearance seem to radiate light. His voice was deep and seemingly kind of billing when asking this question in the similar way that Joseph Smith had a first vision supposedly in 1820, where he had God the father, Jesus, and then later Moron I comes nobody was ever there. Do you notice something about all three of the men who receive these revelations except for perhaps the 12th message, nobody's ever there there sitting by themselves, or sitting in a room and then John the Baptist comes in.

So after 25 years were wondering what what's going on. Why isn't there anymore messages and then all of a sudden we have a message given to this apostle norm Liles want one thing about that. What Liles comes up with a message that has to do with the pandemic of two 2020. You talk about that. Yeah the hundred the hundred and 28 message he received, he was said he was awakened by the spirit of the Lord before 3 AM on March 20, 2020. Now the pandemic has already been announced. We all knew about that at that time and so he's going to have a response from God to tell people what to do. So this is what he says I went upstairs to my living room to pray for my brothers who were laboring in Europe for the Lord, my concern was great for these brothers do the pandemic, which had become crisis level in Europe and really worldwide. So while he prayed the messenger of the Lord appears in the room and lays his hand on Lyle shoulder saying, behold, the Lord is mindful of the and now with the needs of my brothers. I have a question. Why is Jesus talking in King James English or why is this John the Baptist why is John the Baptist talking in King James English. That seems to be a pattern here is that because people are used to that kind of language if they were raised on the King James version, which, of course, this church uses the King James version, so perhaps it might sound more spiritual.

If Jesus if John the Baptist is using these in valves, while the LDS church is done the same thing.

I mean what they pray in King James English and Joseph Smith when he writes the doctrine and covenants.

He's receiving revelations that have the same antique language that nobody else is using. So apparently God and Jesus and John the Baptist got God the father and Jesus and and and John the Baptist are all stuck on 1611 King James Connor English. This is what he then writes. He says he said the Lord had told us of the pale horse had been left upon the earth, and now we were witnessing that upon the to let upon the earth, and he said the Lord had told us of the pale horse had been let upon the earth, and now we were witnessing the power and destruction, sickness and death of this plague.

Let the brothers return to their homes for a time and then return on their journey as it becomes more safe. Let all know the time the Lord is not the time to man the Lord has opened doors. However, the destruction of the pale horse must awaken the people and have his hour as well. Then in verse six he says he receives this direct message from the messenger John the Baptist. Many in this nation are trembling in fear and falling into division as they seek to entrust men with responsibility to lead and direct the political fortunes, which seem to control the nation.

However, failing to seek the Lord to rule and overrule in such matters. Men are running to and fro seeking their own will and ideas and falling and failing to take nap and failing to place all in the hands of the Lord. We really need John the Baptist to tell us that. I mean I could have summarize what I've seen in the past several months without having a vision of John the Baptist. Yes, that is again these guys are always late to the banquet. It seems like they're coming up with these revelations, but always after the fact. We certainly didn't see Russell M. Nelson, the president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints leading with information when it comes to the pandemic.

They were always following what everyone else was learning from the alleged experts that we hear on television and radio in the next part of this revelation are in the next part of this message. We get a very clear view of the idea that that God can actually take somebody and move them across the world. If you remember Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol. This reminds me very much of that in verse nine he writes we were lifted immediately upward for my home. He's fine from the earth as we were lifted. I was aware of thousands of souls moving all around me toward the heavens. We traveled eastward away from the American nation, we pause briefly as 1000s continue toward heaven.

I asked the messenger who are these that have passed us toward heaven. The sadness within his eyes was deeper than I'd ever witnessed anywhere. He said these are the souls of the unborn ripped from their mother's womb as he spoke, I witnessed an angel dissenting note on to earth with a large bile in his hands. I heard audibly. A voice saying, behold the wrath of God coming upon the earth, so you can see very clearly this church teaches in pro-life.

They do not believe in abortion will then he's going to get a chance to go see the Middle East.

He goes and sees Europe and Russia and China and the messenger says I'm showing you the results of sin, greed, the false prophet and men without mercy. Soon the Army shall move and when it ends. Sorrow shall be multiplied upon sorrow but bill as you mention, he's not going to give any specific dates they do believe or in the tribulation since 1990. We been in the tribulation, the millennium is coming and they believe is coming very soon and when you write like this.

It sounds like it could be imminent, but you're not getting any clear information as if you're a member of this church. When this is going to take place. And God when he looks at the United States has told John the Baptist to tell him the angel the Lord, poised to pour out the contents of the vial upon the American nation for shedding innocent blood whoring after strange flesh and having ministry and sanctuaries that were not part of the Lord's house were about done. Did you want now and tomorrow's broadcast were going to talk about your interview with the with another one of the apostles of the church of Christ with the Elijah message. Thank you for listening. If you would like new information is research ministry. We encourage you to visit our website you can request a free newsletter Mormonism research. We hope you join us again as we look at another viewpoint is

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