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A World Turned Upside Down (Part 2)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 11, 2020 8:00 am

A World Turned Upside Down (Part 2)

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 11, 2020 8:00 am

Markell airs part two of a two-part series with Michele Bachmann on our new upside-down world due to Corona. Will the state of the world beg for a messiah-like figure who can fix everything? The globalists never let a crisis go to waste. Tribulation events are casting a shadow on the Church Age.

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Could there be some who are exploiting a crisis for their own gain.

Never was a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think could not do before.

Welcome to understanding the times review Jim Markel brought you by Olive tree ministries, representing part two today of our two-part series with Michele Bachmann. Clearly, we are in perilous times perhaps more dangerous than modern memory. But we assure you God has things under control he cares for you is warning the church as well as the unbelieving world time maybe letting out here is Jim Markel but how far can the coronavirus spread and how many people can actually get infected in country where they may lack any way. The lack of initial symptoms is playing a big role in the spread of the virus problem that will harm that are other people as you professor Mark Lipsitz of Harvard University made headlines after he projected that 40 to 70% of the world's adult population could be affected by covert, 19 projection so we will find out if it's accurate as things go on and welcome to the program.

Part two my two-part series with former US House of Representatives member Michelle Bachmann. She represented Minnesota sixth district in the US Congress from 2007 to 2015. She ran for president states in 2012 will talk more about what she's doing presently a little bit later God let me just say that last week part one, you can access part one. If you missed it in various places you can get it on my website Olive tree you can you can get it on our YouTube channel Jan Markel Olive tree ministries and get various places one podcast, I encourage you to access part one, as we build here. Part two on part one because we talked about so much last week and Michelle who hit the submit quarantine and I'm a bit under the weather. We still have made every effort to bring these two programs to you, Michelle, thank you for coming back again this week appreciated so much. Thank you.

That has probably the most important topic. I believe that you and I have ever known to have the opportunity there's some areas we still want to cover and we can hit a lot in an hour and I certainly want to reference the fact and we can expand on it just a little bit later that the New York Times actually blamed evangelical Christians for the coronavirus writer Catherine Stewart claims Republicans are likely to deny science and she went on the road to coronavirus hell was paved by evangelicals will talk about that a little bit later because I think it's an important story and we hear and read a lot about end time persecution coming to America as well. A little bit off air Michelle you and I talked about a number of topics we have a lot to hit on yet. That's why we need to programs we do have an election.

Not all that far away early November 2020 we talked a little bit in our last program about the globalist agenda. I think we hit that pretty heavily. Again, folks try to access it. If you can, because the globalist certainly are waiting for crisis or to pounce in a crisis might they pounce. Now certainly could.

So let's just look at for a few minutes, Michelle. It's an important topic campaign 2020 election 2020 were talking a little bit off air about Canada down to Joe Biden. Here is the candidate. I think it's pretty obvious, is he going to be the perfect puppet here as the election season gears up and then winds down in the fall and like your perspective you served in Congress.

You ran for president United States in 2012 and you feel that he perhaps is the perfect puppet talk to me a little bit about that presidential election year is being felt in a lot of different ways and in many ways this is a scenario for Joe Biden. Not the Democrat nominee.

The Democrats haven't had their final primary.

They haven't made their decision as to who their nominee is and yet the media has decided that Joe Biden gives the nominee of the others having dropped out. At this point, but Joe Biden had kind of a perfect life he can live at home. No presidential candidate can ever do that. It really long time since we got front porch presidential campaigns, but he can stay home and then he can read off of the Teleprompter, a speech written by a staffer five minutes every day that a hard time even with that reading already prepared speeches. He appears to be in this coming from the mouth. The Democrat bumbling, stumbling, not coherent. Very few people are watching him when he is having his daily presentation. I not sure that Joe Biden will be there nominee. Actually, even though he's the presumptive nominee for the Democrat party let me that he is the nominee let's say he wins in the first Tuesday of November. It is my opinion Joe Biden will not be the president, in the sense that we think of a president, he'll be a figurehead and this will become Barack Obama's third term, the entire Obama team will be on board with their fellow travelers.

And they will be running the country thought affect the country to be run by a team team Obama. I don't believe that the big decisions will actually be made by Joe Biden.

There are a lot of nefarious influences in the Obama administration. You and I talked about them.

Hot air whether it is coming from Muslim brotherhood types are from communist type. There were influences that were not strictly pro-American influences in that administration we would see that resurgence under a Biden presidency and we would see the immediate advance toward globalism but I don't think ultimately he will be there nominee and I think the Democrats will choose someone else because I think they see that if Joe Biden at their nominee. He's a certain path to defeat for the Democrat Martin… Talk about a couple of options right now everyone's talking about Andrew Cuomo governor of New York. That certainly possibility.

I think you think he's not can be very successful. But it's hard to say because were going through a crisis and obviously crises make people look through little bit different lands. You also reference to me, the more likely possibility of Michelle, I think you need to explain why you're even thinking that way. Andrew Cuomo had had a lot of airtime lately as he has a coronavirus pandemic so people are saying, look, this is a guy who can string a couple sentences together and found coherent. Maybe he should be our nominee, whoever is going to be the nominee that big lift for that person. I'm not so sure that he would do well against Donald Trump. I think someone who has high favorability phone people on the Democrat party at Meyer and Revere would be someone like a Michelle Obama the theater connected with politics to her husband though.

She's never had any kind of a political background herself, and I think she would be somewhat warm and fuzzy that Democrats would resonate to.

I don't think personally she wants to be the nominee.

But I think Democrats see that she is because of her name who she is. Her visibility she would be someone who could stand at a podium, a Crawford Donald Trump and I think they'd like to see something like that.

It would be a tough persuasion with her.

She has never been tested on the national stage. It would be a big gamble on their part but I think that they would finally have some enthusiasm on their ticket where they have zero enthusiasm today.

You don't think Hillary Clinton will resurface to run again. I don't think so because her own party is disavowing her they don't like Hillary Clinton.

They don't like Bill Clinton anymore.

I think Democrats would prefer the Clinton family Inc. would just go silent for a while. Surely Hillary would love that job, but I just don't think the Democrat convention is going to give her the nomination just doing the redoing part two with Michelle Bachmann on the current crisis not just in America but around the world the pandemic that has upset the entire globe. I think there are three or four nations. Perhaps 1/2 dozen that this illness has not hit yet couple of murder in Africa to other places. Otherwise every nation is reeling. If you don't understand that that is exactly what some people have been waiting for their waiting for crisis at least this kind of a crisis is come along.

But you know Michelle, there is a bright side, because there actually are some medications and I think what everyone is talking about the hydroxychloroquine is the most promising.

There actually are a couple governors who are saying no people can't take it this is just shocking the progressive governors. They seem to be cheering for death. It's hard to imagine that possibly could stop this pandemic and I think that this is one of the bright spots in this pandemic is that we talked about Israel last week and some of the things that they're trying to do on behalf of the free world behalf of America. We can reference that again. Talk to me about some of these governors who are standing in the way of life is on some of the most demonstrably incompetent, selfish people. The Gov. of Nevada friends that have issued an executive order prohibiting doctors from prescribing hydroxychloroquine as an option for patients.

Now why would you do that when Jewish doctor in New York State, did his own trial with 350 people tested positive for coronavirus who were in the hospital. All 350 recovered. Also, a French doctor.

He did his own trial of 80 people who are hospitalized. He gave in the same drug 79/80 recovered. This is remarkable what coming forward in Israel.

The company known as Kiva. They have been a pioneer in dealing with this drug. They sent to the gift to the United youth of America 6 million doses and their sending an additional 10 million by the end of the month billing again Israel being a blessing to the stations whether it is just this drug alone which is an antimalarial drug, or whether it is utilized in conjunction with the packet. The drug that used to treat and cure pneumonia. This is an option. I think what present Trump to say let's put every possible measure on the table.

He had successfully passed after 45 years of trying the right to try so that when people are terminal. They have no other options. They can try drugs that haven't gone through the rigid FDA drug approval process. Now these two drugs that we've reference to the pack and hydroxychloroquine. Those have been approved for other purposes. Coronavirus is new in our way of thinking at the been around in other forms, but here in America with new let people or doctors try this to me is criminal present. Trump is on the side of life, and he wants to allow people to have this right to try and I actually think we've seen remarkable results so far. We need to continue to be, it is criminal that this Gov. Witt Mayor from Michigan is saying that pharmacists and doctors should turn in any doctor that wants to prescribe this.

That is read to kill us for her to say that you would put your own people at risk because you want to make present Trump look this the politics of this looks. That's politics adapt, but then equivalently think it in the forest health crisis that we've had to deal with global pandemic than you do putting politics first. I will approach a little bit different topic here yet is quite actually tied to. We've been talking about. It's a place I don't like going to. I really don't. It's probably a topic that's inevitable because were seeing as I speak sort of soft martial law. Right now, as were recording this program. We don't have tanks going down the main streets of Los Angeles or New York City could really, it's possible, I think we've got some early stages of martial law and you would agree with me. Yes we absolutely have early stages, the president had to invoke for the first time, the Defense production act. He had to order General Motors because he was having some trouble with them to turnover plan so that we could manufacture ventilators.

He thought he had a deal and then they reneged on that deal. And so he had to utilize the mandate of the federal government.

While we've been recording Chan article came up from the Washington Post saying the president considering a quarantine on New York parts of New Jersey and Connecticut. As this contagion expands and continues this is a math problem. Once it gets out of control.

More people are impacted overwhelming the healthcare system and our economy. The president may need to step in and act in a way that unprecedented the key people at home again.

We don't know, two weeks from now where the country is going to be affect how fast this is changing. You look at your phone every five minutes, a new story that you just can't believe takes your breath away. Think Tim like to fight me. I don't understand why politicians wouldn't put their pet projects applied only one issue right now all this pandemic and get the economy back on track because that it could hurt people. We want to help people pull up active one.

That's exactly what you would do right now your politician act as one not selfish and the same goes for our media who should be ashamed.

As far as I'm concerned people are going to say this is a terrible thing for me to say they should be horse whipped. That's what we would've said decades ago. I don't mean that, actually, and to promote violence, but this is absolutely unprofessional conduct. The way our media has been acting. It's almost like they're cheering on the defeat of the US economy cheering on that when you talk about the politics of death is something that we have to end right now and slam the door on it. We need to be about the people of America and the people of this world so that their health is return and our enemies are turned. We are the economic and military power house of the world we been a force for good. When we been in that position.

If the United States collapses economically.

We cannot help the rest of the world with their problems.

If China becomes the dominant power in the world. We know exactly the kind of nation. The communist nation would be the user facial recognition and surveillance to surveilled their people we know how they persecute Christians, we would have a theory different world.

If the United States collapses, so this is no game that were playing the media need to get on board with America right now and the same with the politician moving on to just a little bit different topic, I did give a tease here a few minutes ago. You just reference the medium is shown by the way, if you just tuned in your listing to understanding the times radio Jim Markel here have on the line for both in the Twin Cities. Michelle Bachmann. She served in Congress 2007 to 2015 ran for president in 2012 I have are usually in studio couple times a year. She's literally been traveling the world. Little did anybody think, and she was ministering in Australia that well the world would spin out of control as it has in the last couple months but I gave a little tease a few minutes ago Michelle, I'm going back to it because I think we need to talk about it in a little player, click here. Just a minute as well.

Reference New York Times blaming evangelical Christians for the coronavirus and the folks that may sound stunning to you will. It is wise should you think that even Joe locals would be immune from this kind of ridicule. We have been for almost forever, but particularly since even Joe locals so overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in 2016. We all have a target on impacts right now because of that I just read a paragraph from the article says Catherine Stewart, who claims Republicans more than Democrats are likely to deny science. She wrote an article is headlined the road to coronavirus hell was paved by evangelicals and then she writes Donald Trump rose to power with the determined assistance of a movement that denies science vanishes government and prioritized loyalty over professional expertise in the current crisis.

We are all reaping what that movement has sown at least since the 19th century when the proslavery theologian Robert Dabney attacked the physical sciences as theories of unbelief, hostility to science is characterized the more extreme forms of religious nationalism in the United States. Basically, she's calling evangelicals religious nationalist and then she says by all accounts president trumps tendency to trust his gut over the experts on issues like vaccines and climate change does not come from any deep-seated religious conviction but she adds, but he is perfectly in tune with the religious nationalists who form the core of his baseline display a real quick sound bite to the Gov. Mike Huckabee talking to Martha McCallum on Fox News, the road to coronavirus hell was paved by evangelicals that according to the New York Times op-ed claiming this trumps response to the pandemic has been haunted by the science to nihilism of his ultraconservative religious allies. She writes which brought on strong rebuke from Fox News inhibitor Byron York on Twitter who wrote this in times like these. It's important not to lose your reason and judgment, especially if you run one of the nation's most prominent opinion pages. Join me now, my former office on Gov. and Fox News inhibitor Jonathan Morris Fox News religion analyst great to have both of you with us. Gov. Huckabee I this editorial is really something. I mean at one point she calls the president says he is a science denier. Then she goes after religious nationalism and points fingers at Alex Lazar and Ben Carson for their pro-life stance that it obviously that the president is being influenced by these individuals, which she thinks is just some sort of dramatic mistake. I hope she is right about one thing. I hope the president is being influenced by wonderful people like Alex Lazar and Ben Carson to professionals, medical sciences, who happened to believe in the science of life.

I wish these folks of the New York Times believes in biology, they would understand the at the moment of conception, a human life is form that will believe that that science denial clear and simple, pure, and point the New York Times has risen to a new level of disgracing itself.

There's almost 400,000 churches in the United States, Martha, and she points to two or three that continue to have service as if somehow that this proves that evangelicals don't like science Michelle, did you ever think you'd see the day by the New York Times, yet a lesson we discussed earlier, there is another similar piece that was published in the Washington Post. In his people are absolutely out of their mind that this showed because despite all of their best efforts to bring down Donald Trump.

They haven't been able to do it. So what are they do, they're going after they hate us more than anything because of the values that we hold in the things that they love and they hate our value they hate the things that we love. They have an myth that if you're a Christian, your anti-science, yet she's demonstrating her ignorance. Because if you look at the history of science. Some of the greatest innovations and breakthroughs have come from believers through Isaac Newton strong believer Sir Francis Bacon strong believer Blaise Pascal. If you look at the history of length. It is people who believed in the God of the Bible, whether Jew or Christian, God has given wisdom and understanding to come with great medical breakthroughs. They don't know that they don't care than their mind. They decided that Christians are the words unscientific people and it simply not true's assistant and universities.

I guess that's what I never thought I would live to see the day that would be absolutely her face that hatred is palpable. I get that that you get that silly that some of the issues here that I want to get to power some of the countries coping. Other countries have resorted to martial law, which is they have a form of South Africa scheduled to end in South Africa.

Thankfully I didn't go now to collect structures of her breakfast as we speak is under martial law and is not allowed to leave the country.

All flights are immediately stop know you have martial law in various countries, South Africa has the highest level of outbreak in Africa. Canada has also closed its borders is not interesting.

All of these countries that mocked the United needs and Donald Trump for clothing borders there fighting G. Maybe we better close borders to people who commit that's what's been happening were literally staying over a billion people in quarantined so that this does not transfer to other nations. And that's what we need to do. That's why think one of the greatest things that happened was Donald Trump on January 31 said no more Chinese can come into the United States in a prohibited those flight that saved us when he did that other countries are taking those measures like the United Kingdom where their Prime Minister and Prince Charles both test is that the movant 19th were seeing a great expansion and what we have to do is keep the expansion from happening that address it with the possible drug options that there are out here.

We will have a vaccine a year from now will happen.

Everything people need to know Jan you and I spoke about the the way of the spread of disease. The normal spread is that you'll see a disease and then people who survive that they take the blood and plasma from those people fill infuse it with other people who have the disease we built up immunities in our system we build up responses. That's probably coronavirus. There was no known cure or vaccine. Well now that is in the process of being developed. This will in all likelihood come back this fall we should be shocked about that we should have better treatments available.

By then, so we will be able to address that.

We can't just shut down an economy again. We have had to raid the wealth of the United States in the current shutdown that were going through.

Once you spend a dollar you can't go back and read spent a dollar twice.

For instance, if you steal all of Bill Gates fortune you can't go back and steal it a second time.

Once money is gone, it's gone. We have got to find a cure for this. We also have to be able to continue the society going. People need to be forewarned, will probably see another bout of this is all and will have hopefully tools to address it. Clearly, the mystery, and Wuhan recovered coronavirus patients test negative than positive. The spate of mysterious second time in sections is calling into question the accuracy of Cove and 19 diagnostic tools even as China prepares to lift quarantined measures to allow residents to leave the epicenter of its outbreak next month. It's also raising concerns of the possible second wave of cases, about 5% to 10% of patients pronounced recovered have tested positive again. I sink Michelle. The worst is probably yet to come. But then things will even out and get better. They will even out and get better. And remember China and a liar from that's true the word go and they continue to be a liar.

They sent out loudly test kits all around the world member they're responsible for this virus to hold China accountable.

They shouldn't benefit off this thing.

They started it what it was accidental or intentional. I could certainly be persuaded that this was an intentional act.

I'm not saying that I don't have inside information that it very well could be. This has spread across the world. And yes, it will reinspect again.

They felt lousy test kits so it could be that any testing they did do and I believe a lot of their own people. They never even tested because 80% of the country is in rural areas living in abject poverty in China are virtually are no human rights in China. We can't trust them. They still haven't given us the information that according to our Secretary of State, who is also called out China because they haven't done what they have said they were going to do. I'd also like to say about Iran that they've been heavily impacted by covert, 19, and there've been called by and other George Soros type organizations that the United States should lift our very effective maximum sanctions that we have on the greatest chief state of terrorism in the world. Iran that we should list those sanctions and infuse them with money why didn't want your listeners to understand.

I was on a conference call with organizations who had said that the Ayatollah, the head of around the religious leader. He himself personally has $200 billion for himself. He could well use that money to benefit the people of Iran and they have escrowed a fabulous amount of money in China. They've got money to address this problem. Plus the United States were the greatest country in the world, the most generous we've given billions of dollars in humanitarian assistance and medical assistance all ready to arrive that haven't happened despite them being a terrorist state. We've given them humanitarian assistance. We also know according to our Secretary of State here in America that the leader took $1 billion of what we sent and is use it in other ways, they have continued to advance terrorism to run their centrifuges to build their nuclear program. They fly planes into Lebanon to continue the terrorism through Hezbollah and Lebanon, even as we speak. Their continuing terrorism. Under no circumstances should we list many sanctions against Iran nor should we be helping they has the lock control government and Lebanon. I could just say about Lebanon. Michelle let's picked it up on the other side. My break they really want to go there but I'm gonna take my midpoint of the program break folks coming back just a minute or two. Don't going. Thank you for trusting almost helping you understand the issues of the day from his perspective.

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There is a biblical theme consumes almost 30% of the Bible. How tragic that most churches have set aside the story is news of Jesus Christ promises to remove his bride is churning in the rapture prior to what is known as the tribulation.

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We need this a package we were taught a month ago. The economy is flying so high we have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years of high growth and here we are now in the midst of this crisis and in a Pres. Trump set up very well. I think the other night when he said that he is a wartime president is a wartime president and the way he put it, as were fighting a war against an invisible enemy anatomy is this virus, the Congress is now moving forward with this aid package. By the way is 1400 pages long and getting longer every day. I do support providing some short-term relief for workers because after all, is the government shutdown the businesses by government order so is appropriate to provide the aid the people need in the short term to get through this and that, of course, businesses we have 26 million small businesses in this country.26 million. Those are the backbone of the American economy does not in women. We just heard from your package will make the economy work. They are struggling mightily. Many of them have no revenues now for three or four weeks. Revenues for a business or the oxygen. The keep alive so there is a package that would provide loans. I want to be very clear about this, but this is not a bailout is not a big giveaway. It's a loan program so that businesses that are healthy. Businesses can get a loan from the government to get through this next six months they will repay the money we need up out because we want these businesses to be able to hit the ground running as soon as we stabilize the coronavirus but I gotta say one thing about this package you just disgusts me that that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are trying to turn this into a Christmas tree in the putting all of these completely absurd items into that that the putting of these global warming climate change things. They want bailouts for union pension plans.

They want permanent leave. Those are things that may be need to be debated but we gotta get this aid out yesterday. It's a scandal that it's taken so long to get this money to the businesses in the workers that need it. You do your part one of our programming where we talked about the politicization of this crisis in the left is certainly done that in the last many weeks the package was past couple weeks ago now. Hopefully it's going to be some relief in sight and spending the last two weeks last week and this week with Michelle Bachmann to represented Minnesota's sixth district from 2007 to 2015. Generally we meet in studios.

We both are in the Twin Cities for obvious reasons were apart for these two particular programs. I've got her on the telephone.

I want to get back to some of the issues that we have left in the remaining half hour of our programming. Michelle, thank you again for giving up time two weeks. In fact, to discuss these issues. We are at such a time in history that you and I have set off and we never thought we'd be talking about the things were talking about here in credible times, amazing times, actually all foretold by all the writers of the Bible that right.

And here we are on Easter weekend is the resurrection we can.

Many of us aren't even able to be with our families on a sector or at Passover.

So this is something that a month six weeks ago every possible level. We were riding high, and now were seeing a Very Different Pl. in America. It is a time to look for truth, and a time to look back to the word of God, of the reality that the Scripture speaks about of times that are coming in. This feels like a foreshadowing of those times. Yes, the Bible outlines a time known as the tribulation, the great tribulation can read about it in the book of revelations church escapes tribulation. But tribulation events cast a shadow on the church age. That's what's happening as we speak all sorts of things from earthquakes to natural disasters, my goodness, the decline of society. Read about it throughout second Timothy three perilous times the rise of perilous times they don't get much more perilous and what's going on now and they make it worse here before they get better.

Probably will, but we still are optimistic also.

I'm optimistic that a trumpets going to blow any day. We can say more about that as we go out of the program. Michelle we were talking a little bit about some foreign-policy issues and you reminded us that there's actually martial law breaking out in other countries, certainly as we speak in South Africa. We talked a little bit about soft martial law going on even in American other countries are clamping down my goodness.

Streets are empty. Hopefully that's can of turnaround here in the coming weeks.

We just don't know you started saying something about what's going on in Lebanon.

I need you to finish that thought because my pathway breaking the program hit the reason for that is because as we look at the Bible. The Bible is also a story of history.

We know that God created protector. There was sin in the world and God set in motion a plan of redemption.

The Easter story is the resurrection, the greatest hope on earth hope is an amazing, yet that's what this weekend is it's the story of hope to resurrection, and through redemption into braille is that nation and the people of the land that is used to bless all nations on earth.

What happens Israel.

You've said so many times Israel is the hourglass Jerusalem is the secondhand and that health of the timeclock of where were at.

This is been one of the most unusual times ever politically for Israel and Israel's over 70 years of existence. This is the very first time that Israel has had an election and the leaders could not form a government they couldn't put a coalition together for government.

It didn't just happen want her twice. It happened three times.

The most recent event is that the blue-and-white party was attempting to put together coalition and couldn't.

It appears there breaking up and they may join with Likud party which is Benjamin that Yahoo's party and may form some sort of an agreement, Israel has been in a state of flux per month and month. This is never happened that God strong right arm has Israel safe in this time what's happening in their backyard are Ron hasn't taken a break as the chief state sponsor of terrorism. They love to use proxies to go and commit more acts of terrorism around the world, chiefly against Israel.

We know that that theory, and as time there will be a huge war that happens, Israel will be the object of that war. Now isn't it interesting that the countries that are being involved in this are ancient Persia area and also Lebanon right now in Iran. There's a crisis of the coronavirus a crisis with their economic they still demonically are focused on advancing terrorism for the purpose of the destruction of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. If you look at Lebanon. Lebanon is actually a country but they are being one through Iran which they are using has a blog which is a nonstate actor. What does that mean Lebanon has been in an economic crisis of their own since October 2019 30 huge mass they owe 4.6 billion and euro bonds that they can't pay.

They have lived off the Lebanese that live around the world and send money back, and they've lived off of narco terrorism terrorist who sell narcotics. That's all. Now not coming in there about to disintegrate. The big project that Iran had was to take the 150,000 missiles that are currently in the southern Lebanon. There domicile.

In other words, you fire them and they just shoot somewhere so that Israel has an iron dome they can defeat knowledge, missiles, Iran has been spending $15,000 per missile in a precision guided munitions to turn those from Dom to smart bomb.

That's important because Iran's goal would be to take out the nuclear reactor at Dimona and Israel and take out the chemical plant in Haifa if they take that out with missiles that buys time for Ron to get their nuclear program up and they could drop a nuclear bomb.

This is happening right now. This is never happened before. These dynamic that's not to put here inside of a it's to inform the US government. We have to continue the maximum pressure campaign that is been so effective we could potentially see the Iranian regime fall or we can essentially see a regime fall and Lebanon important believers understand where were at timeclock that the conversion of events that are happening will over looking at potential economic global collapse, together with at the same time bad actors trying to take out Israel. This is the kind I dynamic that were dealing with. And that's why it's so important that the church pastors teach their congregation about the daily living just any day of the specific day that was written about in the Scriptures by Daniel and the ancient paths they want to live in the day that we live in today so this is the most exciting time to be alive most exciting times of witness the most needful time to have a relationship with the living God of the Bible and to share his truth and his promises because he made a way of escape for every person by his love and that's demonstrated today on resurrection day when God won the battle, all of mankind through him coming to earth, living a perfect life sacrificing himself on the cross, dying for our sins and then coming back to life again.

Jesus Christ, the first one resurrected and that's the pattern for every one of us.

We too can be born again resurrected for all time living with the creator God who made us in all of eternity in his loving presence here listening to understanding the signs radio Jim Markel hear the familiar voice of Michelle Bachmann and I asked her to come in and do a couple programs the world in an upside down format right now.

God allows these things to happen for a reason he doesn't just put of his wrath because he is an angry God, though, is a lot of things to be angry about.

Actually, Michelle, I'm been a use that is a little transition here, you were present back in late January in Washington at the White House when if I can use this overused term.

The deal of the century was rolled out and I know your heart was very heavy that day you were sitting in the room as it was being announced. Even Prime Minister Netanyahu actually another candidate for that position. Benny Gantz was there. Both of them were there missing Yahoo was very overjoyed at this so-called deal of essential. I use that term because that's what it's called.

I think it's a silly term you are sitting there in your heart was heavy.

Tell me what your thoughts were at the time. Never what I would highly honored to be invited to be present for the unveiling of the peace plan because you and I had a conversation I had said to you that I believe that Pres. Trump because he has been the most pro-Israel president to bless the Jewish state that it all likelihood he would be reelected president of the United States, with the caveat God is no respecter of persons is not partial if the present United States does something negative toward Israel.

The Bible is very specific. If any nation seeks to divide the land or touched Jerusalem it doesn't go well for that nation, or for the political leader and I was very concerned about that you said on this program.

It was a year ago, almost to the day that if anything could defeat Pres. Trump in 2020. It would be his mishandling of the situation Israel borders Palestinian state divide Jerusalem. Any of those issues now having said that, at the same time you and I are quick to acknowledge he certainly been the most pro-Israel president and Israel short 72 year history and I believe that that is his heart and that is his mind and that is his intention. He has on every couple measure advanced the interests of the United States by advancing the interests of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. It is even close on every possible measure behind the scenes I had prayed and I had asked the Lord for various opportunities. He supernaturally opened the door for me to meet privately with some of the highest place people within our government to give them a copy of Bill painted this book, I die. And also just to share with them what the Bible says that nations are impacted in the way that they treat Israel and the Jewish people and so I had now I opportunities around the world and meet with various world leaders on this topic to share what the Bible says, but also here in our current administration as well. I was thankful that God opened that door when I heard the peace plan that day because no one knew what the contents were prior to being in the room there's maybe hundred 80 of us in the room for this unveiling secretary say Pompeo was in the front row Alan Dershowitz and his wife are right in front of me and that I was in the row right behind them. I couldn't believe where I was. I was looking right at the face of the present right at the face of Prime Minister Netanyahu in the East room. The largest room in the White House.

The best part of the plan with the fact that Donald Trump recognized Israel's sovereignty over every inch of the land. In other words, this is Israel plant all of it that is not a two state solution when Israel has 100% sovereignty. That's an excellent thing but I was concerned when I heard that if the Palestinian Authority would be in compliance with all the terms of the agreement they would effectively have the right to have a Palestinian state in the heart of the biblical covenant land in Judea and Samaria, and they would also have the right to a capital in East Jerusalem that was troubling for me to hear. Even before it was revealed to the world. That plan was disavowed by a Boston have the Palestinian Authority and primarily the Arab League there's 57 Arab nations.

They all through this plan under the bus there having nothing to do it that they're trampling on it.

I wanted the administration. I was hoping they would reveal any plan of any type. Just leave it alone and have the United States ourselves be as positive in blessing the Jewish state and the Jewish people as we possibly could be. Donald Trump is fulfilled that and then some.

This plan troubled me. The plan will go nowhere. It is dad but I was very concerned and our mutual friend Bill Cano who wrote I die. He was also in the room that day as a reporter because he's been I think the longest-serving evangelical Christian. The White House press pool serving. He said within an hour. There was a 7.7 earthquake just off of Jamaica didn't cause economic damage that was felt all the way to Miami and I thought maybe I'll just be a warning sign because we cannot divide the land. I do believe Pres. Trump is blessed. I think that our nation is blessed because of the way that our nation has blessed Israel and the Jewish people in accordance with what the book of Genesis says I believe that it happened, but I believe we can't take lightly the admonition of dividing the land and dividing Jerusalem. There is a division of opinion among evangelicals. I think regarding this piece plan. Most people really don't care because they know it's not gonna go anywhere but I think we always need to be very sober about what the Scripture tells us about Israel because after God. Israel is the next character in the Bible, the number two character and God's plan for humanity goes through Israel and the Jewish people for redemption and we need to understand and there are also key on and time prophetic events that we need to understand the Scripture and we need to make sure that our nation is the proper posture toward Israel, Jerusalem and the Jewish people will is the timeline. Bill actually emailed to me.

January 27 present. Trump met with Janssen Netanyahu those of the two men running for the head of Israel through her head as we speak, meeting in a bunker somewhere in Israel because of the conditions, meaning the virus generally 28th peace plan, introduced in the White House. You were there. Michelle Netanyahu said he expressed an eternal debt of gratitude for the plan.

I think we need to really clarify that Israeli leaders are all in favor of the so-called deal of the century, again I said terrible title but that's what it's called. That's why am using it the prime minister of Israel. Netanyahu said he's eternally debt of gratitude for this piece, plan, and Chana Fekete at RA I think the reason why is because, for the very first time an American president acknowledged that Israel has 100% sovereignty over every square inch of land. After that meeting happened in the Easter with the presentation I was invited to a private briefing for about an hour with our ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, whom I love. I've never seen a man who is more conversant with what the Bible says more smart. He is trying to do everything he can so that the United States have a wonderful relationship of blessing with the Jewish people and he was explaining about various parts of this plan. The plan isn't going to go anywhere. It is dad and I think that's where it needs to stay, don't touch it because my concerns with the plan is on the potential of dividing Israel.

The covenant land God gave to the Jewish people for his eternal purposes. Also, the idea of dividing Jerusalem.

The Scripture is very clear. Jerusalem is an undivided city view of the United Nations was that Jerusalem is an international city that is not God's field, God's view is that Jerusalem is the eternal undivided capital of the Jewish people and the Jewish faith.

Go back to Kenny's outline here January 28 seating eternal debt of gratitude for the plan. President shares the new map outlined at 1:26 PM, generally 2220 same day, 7.7 earthquake off Jamaica the Reynolds parts of Florida January 29, one day later, the White House announces the formation of the coronavirus task force February 1 public health emergency declared their connection don't know folks is something to think about.

If I could just add my two cents here in I believe the timing and the outline that been presented here in the last couple minutes is something to give serious thought to, but also give serious thought to the what's going on could be God giving at least the church. A final warning that the hour is late, and millions of unbelievers. As I said in the first program are now asking what all of this current chaos means they've never had ears to hear, before I even read an email last week from somebody who had been witnessing to someone who blew them off and suddenly that same gentleman knocked on his door with panic on his face what is going on.

Tell me, tell me what your Bible has to say they have had only an interest in furthering their pleasure agenda retaining vast wealth, some of which has been lost. That's what the world's been focusing on and I said earlier, God always warns before he judges. I believe this is a warning to wake up a warning to a sleeping church to wake up time is very short.

Jesus is coming, he could come today and I get paid plans that we know every time that we do the show. You are monitored by owner Charles organizations like right-wing watch and other organs. Only including a scale be quoted and they will want to say that you and I just said that Donald Trump caused the coronavirus we are not saying Donald Trump caused the coronavirus able to twist whatever it is your saying to create controversy.

We are not creating controversy. We are trying to explain what the Bible is saying about the times that we live in and how nations and national leaders are supposed active were trying to interpret the current event through the lens of the Bible. That's what were doing. We are not blaming him. We are not trying to be political, that is not what we are doing at all because there is no precedent ever done more to blow his life. The Jewish people for heaven sakes. He is the one person in the world and all of human history recognized that Jerusalem is Israel eternal capital I was there at that day when the designation happened when the US Embassy was opened in Jerusalem.

I wept throughout the whole process.

No one can say that Donald Trump has not been a friend and it acted biblically toward Israel and the Jewish people.

Certainly he has if absolutely amazing what he has done. The media is not going to be able to twist our comments though they try were calling out the media in advance because we know what they are capable of. We just want the body of Christ and not be ignorant to be informed of what the Scripture says and to take into account the seriousness of the biblical admonitions but also where United the United States is that were in a position of blessing Israel not cursing for the generation Michelle that has seen the same tree blossom that stunning to even be a part of that.

Why us but because were part of that generation to see the fig tree blossom and probably have some consequences to that and what Ezekiel he had the Jewish people would return to the land they did and they are. That was 1948 and that also.

Jerusalem will come back as a separate event into the hands of the Jewish people. It was a separate event.

It was 1967. You and I have been a lot of waves during the times that Ezekiel foretold that we are alive today to see the fulfillment of Scripture and we are alive at this moment when even more of the Scripture has been fulfilled about the very time the very moment of his return. Absolutely she soaks is a privilege and a challenge to be important for such a time as this.

I think that's basically what were saying. What a privilege to be able to see these things again.

As Michelle said earlier, the prophets of old long to see the times that were living in, but through tough times are not easy. My goodness, did you ever think you'd be a part of a generation to see a global pandemic. I said going in the program.

Number one again so that you can access that on my website. You can get that on our YouTube channel.

You can watch it on his one that's how you access all former programming. God doesn't shake the entire globe very often.

He did during the time of Noah. He did of the Tower of Babel. There was a terrible plague in the 1300s was a pandemic in 1918 with had two world wars take a terrible toll. But again, not even 9/11 compares to the staggering consequences of this current pandemic in America and around the world literally around the world and unseen enemy of virus no less. And it's created a fear driven chaos and we want to go out of this program, folks, we don't want you feeling chaotic and I'm running out of time here running out of a voice to and Michelle is graciously given up two weeks he been traveling the world is given up two weeks to bring you some inside information on the situation, not just in America but around the world as the entire world right now is laboring what I would like to do is I just want to go out of the program encouraging you folks to the encouragers encourage as many people as you can this week. People are losing things they value jobs. Businesses even love and some may feel that their entire future is in jeopardy and maybe it is.

I don't know God has a purpose for everything that happens.

But God's faithfulness is never in doubt. He holds you in the palm of his hand as the storm rages he's there the fetus and calm the storm he wants to calm your heart nothing happens by accident. No, rather everything is happening because how many times you hear on this program everything slowly in the place to turn your life over to Jesus Christ today.

While there is still time we are learning that life can suddenly be cut short. Don't put it off. Please repent of your sins, turn to make Jesus Christ Lord of your life today through listening will talk to you next day. Remember all this. All of these are also texted you see our website will my writing all three ministries box sitting room soda, 5511, Box 1452, Grove, MN 55311: soaking time, 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 Bible tells us about prayer, about God works all things for good number. Everything

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