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The Sabotage of Christianity from Within

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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September 16, 2017 8:00 am

The Sabotage of Christianity from Within

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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September 16, 2017 8:00 am

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Today's guests is the greatest danger to the church is not humanism, atheism or agnosticism states soon to learn what the greatest danger is our greatest answer is apostasy on the inside of arising from false teachers theological liberal to deny and distort biblical doctrine and lead others down the same path when you look at churches today and look what cutting Christianity.

This is a massive problem. We look at the things out there in the world and we decry those things are happening out there in our culture in the world.

But the bigger problem on the inside in advance for the old preacher once said yes. Not for the woodpeckers on the outside with the termites on the welcome to understanding the times radio with Jan Markel this broadcast looks at current events and asked the question what does the Bible say try to keep you informed on national and global events is our Jan Markel and Eric Barger meet with Dr. Mark Hitchcock discussed the apostate church with the Bible says about its role in the last days.

Dr. Hitchcock has released two new books that will serve as a backdrop to today's conversation was two publications are coming. Apostasy exposing the sabotage of Christianity from within, and Russia rising tracking the bearing Bible prophecy, you can come here Mark Hitchcock in person next month be one of the featured speakers at our October 7 conference in Paris, Minnesota for today's discussion.

Now let's join Jan and Eric with Mark Hitchcock that can you believe it.

Every time you pick the newspaper out these days. Some preachers absconded with money run off with a woman denomination is changing their doctrinal standards, and worse than anything. People are advocating how the ordination of homosexual clergy. I it's as though they took the Bible and throw it out the window. The Scripture tells us beware in the last days of the rise of apostasy when people step away from long-held biblical traditions and doctrines and crews turned their back on the things of God walk away from God and promote themselves in the place of God. One of the most powerful starting amazing prophecies of the end times is that of the ultimate rise of the apostate church. And that's what were going to talk about, at least for a portion of this next hour. My guest today says sound doctrine is under siege. He says the Bible is being reduced or outright rejected replaced by how people feel about whatever moral or theological topic is under consideration.

My guess is going to be Dr. Mark Hitchcock and he has a brand-new book that is titled the coming apostasy, exposing the sabotage of Christianity from within, and he tries to sharpen your discernment because the wolves quite frankly are praying on the sheep like never before.

Just as the Bible prophesied straight from the back cover of the new book and it says. The Bible warns us that in the last days that they will be tumultuous in our age.

The world seems to be spinning out of control, creating fear, confusion and uncertainty. In addition to violence, pestilence and epidemics.

The Bible predicts a great falling away from God. In the last days Bible teachers call it the great apostasy.

Are we seeing evidence today in the church of this massive rejection of sound teaching Eric Barger joins me in studio today and Eric interesting thoughts and interesting book yet is it's it's written in a very unique way.

And it's not like every other bookkeeper real apostasy and I really appreciate what I've read in Mark Hitchcock. Welcome back to the program throughout America entered the dark with it all. In part one of my speakers Saturday, October 7. Understanding the times 2017 will say more about that later. Markel" you here.

I'm going to be courting you quite a bit here in the coming few minutes and you say, I thought this was profound. You say, the greatest danger to the church today is not humanism paganism atheism or agnosticism. The greatest danger is not increasing hostility against our faith from the culture, our greatest danger is apostasy on the inside, arising from false teachers theological liberal to deny and distort biblical doctrine and lead others down the same path I would agree with you.

I am quite sure Eric agrees with you and I'm sure this prompted you to write this book correct or do you gently with my co-author in this handbook and no we don't want to be. People are out there in over the stars falling talk people or something like that when you look at our churches today and look what cutting Christianity. This is a massive problem, look at the things out there in the world and we decry those things are happening out there in our culture and in the world.

But the bigger problems are on the inside in advance for the old preacher once said no it's not to the woodpeckers on the outside with the termites on the inside you and know literally what we see are happening to the left will receive in the in the Bible it up and back with the nation of Israel. We see it, even in the early church.

Think about how many of the books yes letter in the early church were written to combat false teaching that was already erupting back in the late part of middle and late part of the first century and across the Scriptures tell us that evil men and seducers will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived and that we see apostasy happening today. I am interested to find out word to word apostasy means to abandon remains to depart and so with people who are abandoning or departing again from long-held truths such as the deity of Jesus Christ and by the inerrancy of the Scriptures, the virgin birth of Jesus. The fact that Jesus did miracles. People are changing their views about hell and hell either doesn't exist later that no one's going to go there and all kinds of things are shifting out there in our culture today, theologically, spiritually, so that there is all of this change theologically, but there's also why Madonna will talk about this more, but there's also moral apostasy. Those two are tied together because as people go into spiritual and theological apostasy and lose the moorings and clues that the Scriptures of their plumb line for what they believe the same thing happens in the area of of morality and basically biblical morality, godly living gets kind of thrown overboard. And no you can't end up where we are today, so there's there's doctrinal and there's moral apostasy abandonment departure from the truth and we see all around us when we see the tragic results of it all around us in churches and an entire denomination entire denominations that is correct.

You also saying I wanted to lose you on this. You say many churchgoers yelling today over the truths for which their forefathers shed blood and even died. What you meaning that churchgoers beyond today over the truths for which forefathers shed blood and died will you know what you are seeing a lot of churches.

Then again I don't know I don't want to be hypercritical of everyone else you know I trotted off in your examine my own life to to make sure that I'm clear I need to be spiritually and in all that so I don't want people to think you are about to come above everybody else looking down on just trying to observe and discern what's happening. I see people today, not even really so many people are professing Christians not even interested in doctrine train that they're really not even interested in in different truisms are just talking about that with a friend of mine the other day he was talking about eschatology are in high mean over is one example of just how many people out there they don't even care they don't even care about different truths related to the outer things that the people used to really talk about and discuss and sometimes really disagree, strongly room on the other about a course is good in one way today because people don't seem to defy this much over some kind of doctrinal issues, but the downside of that is they don't even care basic fundamental truths that we hold to your people go to a church where if liberal I don't even believe the Bible is inerrant, that it's the inspired word of God and listening to Mendel's account of know it doesn't really matter what we believe. That is not what matters is that we all know Jesus and kind of things like that but who is Jesus to another question which is kind of everything is just kind of gotten really squishy out there and really with a lot of people trying to nail down what they believed in a similar set of collector on the milled yellow to the wall. That's my observation that that's true, Mark, and what I've seen is that we constantly so often the leaders in and what they're saying. The people who get the attention rep at the pulpit, but what's happened is slowly but surely the church is been been taught to believe the doctrine is somehow wrong or it's a it's hurtful, painful run from it all cost the field of Gospels or replace the truth and people haven't studied the Scriptures haven't stayed the Bible to learn what the church is all about and that's the problem. Yet, they would sit in our churches claim to be Christians.

And therein lies the problem. The sheep themselves are somewhat to blame. At this point, but they been led this direction. You ride a man over and and second Timothy, there's a powerful statement. Remember, these are the last inspired words of the apostle Paul and he said you to preach the word be ready in season and out of season reproved rebuke, and exhort, with great patience and instruction for there's a reason for that is the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine. He's talking there about the people right but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance with their own desires.

So people in churches and denominations. This passage is telling us ultimately get what they want to get what they want if they want have their ears tickled her can accumulate for themselves teachers moving to give them what they want and that's one of the reasons I'm so grateful. Here, the church often able pastor now for over 25 years is that the people here want to hear the Bible and people ultimately get what they want if they don't want to get rid of yet another going to bring in people who will tickle their ears so you're right about what we see happening in churches and denominations. If the people but it's ultimately then the shepherds have not been giving them that have been training them in the importance of that that causes them. I think to take another road into that way of thinking ultimately slip into that. So there's fault on both sides. I think with the shepherds and with the sheep in many places, and what's happening you're listening to understanding the times radio jammer killing him on the line, Pastor Mark Hitchcock Dr. Mark Hitchcock Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Oklahoma and Eric Birchers in studio with me were talking about Dr. Hitchcock's newest book the coming apostasy, exposing the sabotage of Christianity from within. You can order this on Amazon. You can find in your local bookstore marks one of my speakers. Understanding the time 2017 Saturday, October 7 right around the corner now along with Amir Sir Fadi Pastor JD for Ron and Michelle Bachmann.

The additional cost of registration Grace Church, Eden Prairie come out early. If you're going to be attending will have CDs, DVDs, about a month later you also say in the bookmark you say many people today pray for a great revival, and though it may happen, no such revival is prophesied. On the contrary, according to Scripture, a great apostasy is coming now. Yeah, I think we'd all like to think there could be a some sort of even a mini revival on the horizon. I agree with you. I don't see it in the Bible, and yet you know you and I and Eric we sound like real gloom and doom to say no such revival prophesied only the great apostasy the great falling away. That's what's prophesied that that's kind of discouraging.

Think it can be certainly damning. We want to just hold of the truth whether it's something that's positive or we want to we will hold. I do believe that in the tribulation. After the rapture place, there will be a great Revelation chapter 7 yield heavy number of peopling of which can even number. Besides, I think there will be great revival in the great tribulation. Why talk about great revival talking about during the church age is the church age comes to a close and we don't see that anywhere mention in fact again we we read passages like the Spirit expressly says in the latter days or many will fall away from the plate, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of demons of evil men. Seducers will grow worse and worse, always found it interesting the book of Jude tiny little 25 verse book is right before the book of Revelation. I think obviously the books of the Bible are inspired and inerrant and I think the order of the books of the Bible certainly knew God would would want to have them in a certain order, and Jude which is a book basically about apostasy about false teaching and how we survive and days of apostasy is placed by the Holy Spirit right before the book of revelations, like the foyer of the book of Revelation. Think in many ways it's telling us that these are the conditions that are going to be present when these events began to occur, so I don't take that as something though that I go around gloom and doom. Every day I still do everything I can do at the church teaches Dallas seminary my come and speak at conferences like the one you're having. We hold these conferences, we can still do everything we can do while not defeatist, I don't think we just throw up our hands and give up. But we do everything that we can do, but I think we do all of that recognizing that there is not a promise that I know of in the Scripture of some great revival during the church age before the time of the rapture that it will occur, and again the people think that that's gloomier negative. I get up every day and am very positively on the ultimate often. I believe Jesus could come back at any moment and that his program is going to then come into full swing, but I think we want to be real sure what does the Bible say we want to say what the Bible says and not just you know, again, come up with ideas just because they make us feel better.

Like we said a minute ago.

A lot of the churches wants to hear what they want to hear instead of what God is saying and listen LOL verify what you just said to the little bit that that we been around each other at conferences, especially at understanding the times you're not a negative guy walks around the failure phase and that you we have a lot of joy. As Christians we just see all these things happening, we need to warn people about what's going on.

10.2 the Scripture. This is a prophetic time or insult when you say your positive you are, I believe that another try. We want to be real, as we will see what the Bible says God as Christians and we are the ultimate optimists but want to call other people to come to the Lord before it's too late. Some other quotes by you or Jeff Kinley again.

The book is in the coming apostasy, exposing the sabotage of Christianity from within. Authored by Dr. Mark Hitchcock's co-authors Jeff Kinley and have had Jeff on here a couple times as well. Think he has another book out you guys really are prolific in your writing.

Mark what number of book is this for you much around 30 you is that Ray is a new book out called the end of America, young, very good. I got a copy that I've read sodium for a very well done.

I have it sitting on my desk need to read it and you have another book out and I want to talk to about it little bit later. Russia rising tracking the barren Bible prophecy, you have been busy.

Mark looked there's always been apostasy.

We can go back 20 years.

We can go back 50 years. We can go back 100 years. I think the thing that you are emphasizing when you speak in and what your writing is that as we move further and further into the end times.

The last days according to the Bible and according to the verse you've even referenced here in the few minutes we been on here, this intensifies. This increases this gets worse and worse know that's right. I think that's what predicted in the Scriptures. In fact, in one of the key verses will talk about this a lot of the conferences in second Thessalonians, where it says it's talking about the day of the Lord to China, which is the coming time of the tribulation. This is that what we day will come unless the apostasy comes first, the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, so there's an ultimate final. It's often called the great apostasy is coming and we cuddled book the coming apostasy that a lot of people come up to me to what you call it the coming apostasy authority here yet and that's a good point. It is only what were saying is the ultimate final apostasy that spoke of in Scripture is coming and what I think we see them today living in these times in which we live is the one L in the leading edge of the not happened yet, because I think that will happen after the rapture takes place after the churches caught up. Believe us when this final grade apostasy under the antichrist of all that will occur. But what we see today is leading up to that and I think the proliferation of this diminishes is mushrooming today. A lot of it to is because of all of the media that we have today and all the ways that that apostasy and false teaching can get out there is wonderful that we have all the Internet and television all these various things because it's a great vehicle to get the truth out there, but it's also a vehicle for the proliferation of errors well and I think we see that, really, on every front today and I'm sure a lot of people are listening probably are saying you like that happening in my denomination and allegro commander see it happening in my churches. There is a drifting away from the Bible.

From doctrine from truth so the Bible tells us that is lawfully quoted some of those verses. But first Timothy chapter 4 verses 1 to 3 second Timothy chapter 4 verses one through three.

These are passages that tell us. I think that is going to grow worse as time goes along and that's what we are seeing today were witnessing that. I think that's a discernible side of the time the sign of the times. The Bible tells us it's going to grow worse before the Lord comes back. And I think that's one of the things that were saying today actually being fulfilled right before our eyes. Thinking your apologetics ministry. You incur things are worsening week by week, month by month talk about the proliferation of the messages the wrong messages when the mainline churches begin to apostasy size. It took years, even decades for the heresy to circulate to the professors and then down to the pastors of the churches but now with the Internet error can be disseminated and circulated in just seconds, not decades, so we can go much much faster in the research I've done concerning what happened to the church when it began to go down in the great liberalism that we saw happen today.

It's much much quicker with more tentacles okay when I get back I want to share a personal experience with you and my audience don't go away as edition of understanding the times is being heard in over 840 radio stations across America. We thank God for helping us to expand his ministry and for giving us financial partners to help cover the cost. Those who invest in this program with their tax-deductible gifts share in the rewards of proclaiming the message that Jesus is coming again very soon. Now we are reaching people know that the emails and the contributions of come in grateful for listeners want this broadcast outreach to expand to other markets. It's never been heard before all of us on staff and media team. Thanks for giving thanks for helping us continue this vital ministry across the USA. Give online olive trees when you like to olive tree ministries PO Box 14520, Minnesota 55311. Order your own audio copy of today's program: 76355944444 conversation with Jan Eric and Mark coming right up. For now just weeks away from understanding the times 20 17th Saturday, October 7 Eden Prairie, Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis needed.

There is no conference joining thousands across America. This annual event of like-minded believers focus on current events and anticipate the Bible calls our blessed speakers include mayors are funny thing is different and amazing because the world is on the brink of something, and I'm not saying that what you read and you'll see yourself Dr. Mark Hitchcock, and God is also set forth for some of the signs of the things we can look for as we approach the end times. It Bible tells us that there are discernible signs of the times that are inopportune for the Lord's coming Pastor JD for the way chapters 1213 word churches mentioned 19 times you don't find the word church mentioned again from chapter 4 verse one on the rest of and Michelle Bachmann. We are in your face with jihad.

We are your face and that we are going to conquer you and our values will prevail.

Islamic your values. We need to understand they are literally War against the last sure to make hotel reservations soon as the loverly looking forward to meeting you. Saturday, October 7, 9 AM to 5 PM at Grace Church Stephen Curry, Minnesota. Call us for more details.

763-559-4444 763-559-4444 or just visit the conference page at our website olive tree to See you on October 7 11 unprecedented times will help you understand a lot of people out there today are just there wary is a lot easier to go along with our culture of permissive culture that the claims that they love everybody and their tolerable interesting.

The one thing they don't live in their intolerant of someone who preaches the truth.

A lot of this comes from seminary. We talk about denominations that there is a landslide away from me, trusting in the Scripture reminder you're invited to meet and hear Dr. Mark Hitchcock in person next month at the next understanding the times conference that October 7 event begins at 9 AM to 5 PM at Grace Church in Prairie, Minnesota is no registration or fee to attend free will offering will be taken notes return to Jan Markel and Eric Barger their conversation with Mark to take your Bible if you haven't got a first Timothy five chapter 4 and noticed the prediction that the apostle Paul made in that passage. As Paul writes to young Timothy to warn him what to expect in the future, and he says this not the spirit, the Holy Spirit speaks expressly, that in the latter times in the last days some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits to doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their conscience seared with a hot iron. It's as though they don't even care that the commandments of God and the principles of God are taught in the Bible. They throw all of that out the window and their attitude is working under what we want to do.

Anyhow, I want to live the way I want to live. I don't care what the Bible says about decency, morality, right and wrong about standards for the ministry or anything else. Instead were promoting ourselves were moving into a time when people don't even have the decency to conduct a church service with respect and dignity that is as though the things of God have been demeaned and welcomed back in the familiar voice of Dr. Ed Heinsohn and playing clips from one of his messages on the growing apostasy because I have in the studio with me and my cohost Eric Barger but online from Oklahoma is Dr. Mark Hitchcock were talking about his newest book the coming apostasy, exposing the sabotage of Christianity from within. It's a book by Dr. Hitchcock, co-authored with Jeff Kinley encourage you to look it up on Amazon or visit your local Christian bookstore you'll find it there and have Mark Hitchcock let me just say this because you list in the book you list some reasons for apostasy. Let me talk about a couple of them you suggest, compromise, and love for the world. People love sin you suggest superficial attention to God's word you suggest blatant rebellion and defiance you suggest the Bible can seem narrow and the allure of acceptance by people so strong and yet you say swimming appeal is difficult and tiring compromise is easier. That's a sad commentary, but to know it's very very true.

Will it is also often when someone comes out and stands for something that the biblical true especially nowadays with all the social media there just a barrage against the person. That's why I'm not on social current, but be honest with you, but just a barrage against the person there berated their narrowminded or bigoted or homophobic. There know all these various learners are just thrown out there and across the Bible tells us that's what were going to going to experience when that kind of thing happens there a lot of people who just go ahead and capitulate and give into those kinds of things like when you want to be loving. I want to be brought. I want to be tolerant of different things and so it's very easy for people over some period of time you against just getting tired of swimming upstream to get to just kind of give into the lines and again to begin to substitute their own wisdom, their own feelings about how things should be for what the Bible says and we talk a lot.

I'll talk about this at the conference. We talk in the book a lot about compromise intolerant your there's a good tonic compromise and there's a good kind of tolerance that will want to be tolerant people. A lot of ways will have to compromise in various areas but there's a bad, compromise, and about tolerance when it comes to the truth of God of God's inerrant word, and so it is a a lot of people out there today are just there, wary, and do it a lot easier to just go along with our culture permissive culture that the claims that they love everybody and their tolerable interesting. The one thing they don't live in their intolerant of is someone who preaches the truth of what fascinated me. Those who claim to be so tolerant unity go at it through a college campus and it exclaimed here that were searching for the truth. That's what they would say V it from anyone to claim that they've actually found the truth in your immediately castigated as a you know what they get in and then someone is narrowminded, and so on and you write that Mark is a doctrinal discernment is a spiritual life skill learned over time. Not in a single sermon or book and yet some people I meet seem to have a dance for discerning things and others seem to have zero discernment turn national Christian leaders. I scan it can spot who seem to have no discernment whatsoever which is to me is shocking. While it is and I think the where discernment grows, though, is by maturing as a believer.

Some people just because you're older doesn't mean you're mature a lot of people. I think Kevin maturing in the book of Hebrews.

It says that but solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil thoughts practice over time and it's it's taking in the milk of God's word. It's growing spiritually through time in the Bible and through attending church regularly using our spiritual gifts. These basic things that we do just over and over again repeatedly in the Christian life. That's how we mature and grow in a court you see that in the physical realm.

As we grow and mature physically your 20-year-old has a lot more discernment than a five-year-old and the same thing is true in the spiritual realm for not growing spiritually, were not going to become more discerning. I noticed the same thing that is amazing people that you would think because they know the Scriptures so well with way more discerning than they are. But the church is been infected by PC thinking and it's a lot easier to go along with the crowd and get beat up. If you're looking for popularity. You just kinda go along with what day everybody thinks is right in the culture. That's why so often we see in paintings and even cartoons for the one fish is swimming against the current of 50 others.

So it's it's a world where in and it's way more prevalent today with the shout down Type culture that Pastor Mark just mentioned were people shout each other down instead of dialogue together and show each other what they're thinking whether they're basing their thoughts and opinions on you and Ben Levi referred to this. I think the electronic world is contributing to some confusion to even particularly the Internet listing understanding the times radio and Jan Markel Eric Barger's in studio with me and I have on the lines. Dr. Mark Hitchcock was co-author of a new book with Jeff Kinley the coming apostasy, exposing the sabotage of Christianity from within the talking about some of these issues at understanding the times 2017. Now, just a few weeks away Saturday, October 7 Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota that sits outside Minneapolis, 9 AM to 5 PM.

Other speakers include Amir Stephani Pastor JD for Rod shall Bachmann and we go from 9 AM to 5 PM encourage you to come out probably at least 45 minutes early just to get a good seat and that this is a mega church.

We had about 10, 6000 in attendance last year, we expect the crowd again this fall. Just because folks are seriously trying to understand the times 10 for the faith, and many want to become watchmen on the wall and out gentleman I just contributed a chapter to a new Terry James book and the book Terry has written is going to be title deceivers and that he asked me to write a chapter on some of the apostasy in the church here in the last hundred years or so and here's just a few things I highlighted and am pleased to give me a response here. I talked about. As Eric has referred to the mainline Protestant mistake of 100 hundred and 20 years ago evangelicals going down that same pathway church is going seeker sensitive gospel light being feel-good experience driven talk about the postmoderns. The emergent talked about the so-called laughing revival of the Toronto Blessing back in the 90s.

These are things I knew nothing of. When I started in ministry talked about the new apostolic Reformation talked about Protestants flirting with Catholicism mystical Christianity being promoted by Richard Foster Henry now and Thomas Merton, the contemplative prayer Christian yoga, walking the labyrinth. I talked a little bit about the religious left and social justice, and I can consider the fact that churches have dropped eschatology into and support of Israel to be part of the great falling away as well. Many of these issues were nonissues 25 years ago and today they're all raging peer response. Mark will know you're right. You can trace the history of this of what we're saying again. I think what this is a discernible side of the times it's just you changes this March. As you mentioned mainline denominations are just kind of kept going, but I think we a lot of this too comes from seminaries and we talk about denominations, but there there's a landslide away from me, trusting in the scriptures I teach at Dallas seminary down in Dallas Texas and Cabelas owners a good seminar. I wouldn't be there for wasn't. But I'm aware of what's happening in a lot of other places and the liberalism that there there's a great statement I think are David Jeremiah make once your liberals have taken the Bible away from us because they deny the Bible all the people today to feel-good orders and experienced spiritual people taken us away from the Bible. The account of both think people are taking the Bible away from assuming other people are taking us from the Bible so we don't really need the Bible just all about your own experience of what you think I'm there's things in the Bible account of support what you believe and you use those.

But again the Bible is not the plumb line.

We don't go to the Bible and say what the Bible says that I believe that's what I believe what the Bible says about how I live. That's I want to live it just kinda piecemeal. Maybe here in their geochemists and feel-good things from the Bible that people want to believe.

So we've seen just the steady march of apostasy, but I think within the last 10 to 20 years since its unsterile on Seawright same as I was doing this chapter Mark and Eric, I felt I should be doing the books is just just because that the list is so long as things that have gone haywire as you say, even in the last 10 to 20 years.

Certainly the last 30 years. I didn't even get into this so called hyper faith. This let me play quick sound bite thousand dollars is going to because of the thousand dollars.

Some girl trucks almost been praying for her to be set free from drugs because of a thousand. What I make happen for others.

Ephesians six eight Call until I finish my prayer as soon as I finish my prayer want you to go to the screen.

This is one of the 1000 I'm going to face somehow and that thousand dollars. You may already have something you put aside for retirement or college or a vacation.

You may have put some money aside but nobody knows about them jobs in the bottom of your closet so maybe between the mattress but nobody knows about God's thousand dollars to God in the wounds praying on the sheet. It's endless. You to fulfillment read second Peter chapter 3, Jude talks all in there about false teachers, and again, not all of them but often there is greed involved in a love for money and greed and those kinds of things. So that's what that's what you basically see their just now. They'll saying another not praying for people to write her name on people against you write Mark the relationship between the apostasy and the antichrist is clear this final great falling away will prepare the world for the reception of the final Antichrist notes right I mean I think an organic second shown in chapter 2 we see this idea of the final apostasy of the day of the Lord, the tribulation will, says until the man of sin is revealed in the apostasy comes in.

I think those two things are related and unyielding anger of her years ago. Yet the Bible began with the scent of man and ends with the amount of sand from a man who's gonna calm and declare that he's got that's going to be the final ultimate apostasy, the ultimate final abandonment and rebellion against God through man comes in claims that he is God, but I think of what we see in our world today again once once people abandon the Scriptures as I mentioned this several times this plumb line in the standard of what we have and people will believe anything will accept anything and more and more we see in our culture. The Bible being abandoned. Even people who claim to believe it many times.

Don't read it. They don't really know what it says they don't have any discernment that is kind of pick and choose things here and there and so I think what's happening in our world today, the world being set up for the coming of this ultimate final apostasy. Then you have the rapture of the going to take place. All the believers are to be taken out of the world and be gone and so what you have left early. What's left of the so-called church will just be the professing church people don't really possess Christ but just profess to know him and that will even be become more rampant than into apostasy and ultimately this man of sin is gonna rise the world going to receive him another world to be plunged into darkness, unlike anything it's ever seen before you and just make a great point, as you point out how that happens that many people process to be Christians a profess these things in that section of the book to me really spoke folks.

If you have friends or loved ones who are plainly Christians, but not following the Scripture.

This is no pick and choose as we used to say in the South the scene to pick and choose thing this is all or nothing problem is instead taking the Bible as a work from God. The entire Bible.

Every word we decide to take a line or two whenever you feel like it. That's what's happened to us because we don't know sound doctrine.

If I could sum up what we talked about and what you just said.

I think Eric and this comes out of your book again. Mark that is telling people they can believe whatever they want and to live however they want is much more comfortable than telling people the truth, but only the truth can set them free. Finally conclude this topic on that kind of a thought Mark but only the truth can set people free and Eric you said it so it's so much more comfortable and convenient content dance around the truth that only the truth can set people free, but it's even true in this life. People think that when they go out and can live how they will want to live in believe what they want to believe that there free but actually there and slide it is strange irony in the Bible is when we come to know Christ as our Savior and believe in him, and become servants of the most high God. That's one relationship free tragically to people that think their prayer and slide yes I think were enslaved to some kind of teaching that we have to follow or whatever but little ones are afraid. There's a great quote years ago that someone made you that the main goal of life is not defined our freedom, but to find our master and when we find our master. That's one really find true freedom. It's easier to believe those things you met Satan's lies you tell people he be free throw off the shackles and come and live how you want to believe what you want and that's his lie. But ultimately, it can lead to heart ache in this life and this can lead to eternal separation from God and like to come but others nothing greater in this life and certainly in the life to come in being a servant of the most high God and following him studying his word, trusting in him living our lives empowered by the spirit that were true freedom really comes in true joy and peace really come into my mount me Dr. Mark Hitchcock Saturday, October 7 Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota trade outside of Minneapolis will have CDs and DVDs about a month later. Other speakers include Amir Stephani Pastor JD for Calvary Chapel Connie Ohe Hawaii and Michelle Bachmann and you hear all of these folks on this program often as a matter fact you've heard a number of them at a number of my conferences market Scotsman to lease for five of these events as has a mirror and Michelle and they'll come on out. It starts at nine.

We finish at five and you can get lunch taken as you walk in the door or you can bring lunch if you'd like as well. Want to come a little bit early.

I would suggest coming out at least 45 minutes early.

There's lots of seating, but last year we needed to use a few overflow rooms as well.

Seating is for 4300. Here's where I want to go on my last segment and I think within a diverse, just a little bit gentlemen and talk about perhaps some current events, but I'm led to do that because Mark actually has a second new book out. It's titled Russia rising tracking the barren Bible prophecy. I have read the other one the coming apostasy have not read Russia rising. You can find both at Amazon and find them in any Christian bookstore were not carrying these products so best not to call here, you certainly can get a CD of any program, including this program you can get become a CD subscriber you need to call us on that program every couple times a month we mail them out as I wanted Gil Mark and Eric a little bit into some current events, including Russia, rising want to ask Dr. Mark Hitchcock to his opinion about the North Korea and perhaps where North Korea fits into the scenario of the last days and we will do that I'm going to take a couple of minute timeout here come back and wrap things up. We have a short segment departures in studio with me as we conclude my interview with Dr. Mark Hitchcock back in just a couple of minutes to books written by today's just starting features on this edition of understanding the times radio, both of Mark Hitchcock's publications coming apostasy, exposing the sabotage of Christianity from within, and Russia rising tracking the barren Bible prophecy can be found at your local Christian bookstore believe were living in the time God's word calls the labor pains before our very eyes were seeing how the Bible's protections are coming to pass. Important to stay informed and up to date on what's happening around us can access the latest news headlines visit again all of three views toward audio copies of today's program can be ordered at 763559444. Welcome your tax-deductible gifts and olive tree ministries PO Box 1452-year-old MN 55311. Today's conversation continues right after this. Thanks to all of you either prayer financially support this radio out. If you appreciate the inconvenient truth coming to your neighborhood, you think about a one time taxi to olive tree ministries we have served the Christian community across North America and the world for 16 years. This ministry and radio outreach are committed to bringing you news and information you will find many places, they are also committed to bringing you the good news that Jesus Christ is in charge of playing world offers a lifeline of hope everyone who calls on his is online and olive trees or you can call 763-559-4444 763-559-4443 ministries 1452, MN 55311 five 1452 Maple Grove, Minnesota 5531 message about today and tomorrow is the king is coming back just want you to be ready in no way to spend

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