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Europe: Closer to the Antichrist

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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March 10, 2018 7:00 am

Europe: Closer to the Antichrist

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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March 10, 2018 7:00 am

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Europe is a troubled cognitive and were going to shed additional light on this topic today so I'm a mental five.

The founder, behold, Israel never heard of our ministry to take some time and explain who we are and what Israel holds a dear place in my heart to nativeborn Israeli officer in the IDF, the former deputy governor of Jericho and a Bible teacher all around the globe. I felt called by the Lord to share not only the biblical significance of Israel but also to explain current events in the Middle East. In light of Bible. This is denting the times radio with Jan Markel is broadcast. You'll hear a message from last fall's understanding the times conference last October, and there's our body spoke on the subject Europe closer to the antichrist that is the message you will be hearing this hour they found there, behold, Israel your travels the world to teach on issues involving eschatology, current events will be able to hear a mere soft body in person, he returns to this year's Twin City conference on September 29 begin today's program here is Jan Markel and welcome to the program this weekend. I'm going to be doing a conference message from understanding the times 2017. Back in October going to present Amir Sarah funnies second message to us that day Europe closer to the antichrist.

It's really part two from his 2016 message Europe ready for the antichrist. Let's head right into Amir's conference message second message.

I'll have more information about this and products available. A little later. Hello everyone, last year it was that doom and gloom methods.

The way I was introduced to and because the situation in Europe is but this year it seems like it is gone further and I decided in order to study for this message and prepared to go to your and see Europe is a big continent and lots of different countries and course in my mind I need to go to the regions of, or at least part of Roman Empire. If I believe that the Roman Empire is going to be refined and is going to be that the place where all the antichrist will come from. So the normal circumstance you will go to Rome if it's a Roman Empire, but I was actually led to go to a different place and I actually was late to go to Berlin. I speak German study German language when I did some things that I don't think you should know in sometimes in a café in Berlin. You can get more information from your enemies and from the battlefield to see you know I want you to know that Berlin I guess if it was the direction of the Holy Spirit, but I want to assume that I'm just saying that it was an interesting visit to ACT that to be honest with you if thereafter to place tomorrow. It wouldn't even know. Now let's say let's ask where we stopped last year. What has happened in Europe since then. What are we to expect in the near future which is no quite interesting to begin with a few quotes from several people. One of them is actually a German born Jew who fled Germany to the United States and he's name is Albert Einstein and he said the minority, the ruling class at present has the schools impress.

Usually the church as well. Underrates some. This enables it to organize and sway the emotions of the masses and make each tool profound thing to hear from sciences who was born in Germany and who could see already these things, but the minority that we know all we have to admit that it's no longer a secret because they don't keep it as a secret. It is a cartel of international bankers and industrialists based mostly in Western Europe and North America. The names of certain families persist over long periods of time. Some of most important things you know a child talked about it last time the Rockefellers of Morgan Lazard fire books are the and she is and there's more but there's very few very wealthy families in this world that are equally divided both in Western Europe and in North America that have a mission and you can look at the Georgia guide stones and you can find it there. There is a set of stones that literally depict the mission and the goals of that group of people.

One of them is to keep Earth population under 500 million we just heard that we already passed a 6 billion and begin to get to the 9 billion at some point. And of course the best way to cut down the population of the world is to create a situation where killing murder and whether it's babies inside the home, whether it's people outside is being done in such a way that people's interest in mankind the same David Rockefeller wrote in his own book of memoirs and page 405. Some even believe that we, the Rockefeller family are part of the secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States, characterizing my family and me is internationalist and of conspiring with others around the world speaking mostly on the other part of the family Europe to build a more integrated global political and economic structure one world you will.

If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am from now, this same guy in a speech in Germany in Baden, Germany in the Bilderberg meeting said it would've been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world. If we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years, but the world is no more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernatural and national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries. Know what you see here that in the past we were hiding our intentions me saying that on German soil.

Now were no longer typing now actually the sophisticated world is allowing us to move forward with it was a congressman called Larry McDonald, whose goals in the 1970s exposed his whole plan. He wrote the drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one world government combining super capitalism and communism under the same tent more or less was going on in America do Wyoming conspiracy said yes I do. I am convinced there is such a clock in 10 national in scope since not only in America, internationalist generations old in planning an incredibly evil intent know he was so deep in his effort on cover this whole thing that they managed to get rid of him and all of that airplane carrying passengers at 747 Korean airlines that was shot down by this interesting. You know, just before Donald Trump was elected president. I was online I was at church on Saturday and the Lord spoke to me through a message of my father, Lexi gave I'm inspired by my father-in-law. We have other issues with mother and was in his room. If you just join me in playing a conference message from October 2017 by Amir Sarah Fadi Europe closer to the antichrist.

Let's return to Lemaire. I was reminded of the verse. The effective, fervent prayer of the righteous man avails much has to be effective it has to be fervent and it will never go back with him and God will use such thing as long as we were righteous people if we believe in God and we are followers of Jesus Christ because he's our righteousness. Then of course we can come before him in and in praying such a way.

And it's interesting because we often talk and we just talked about it about the restrainer being removed.

These not removed yet, which means he still respects and he restrains supernatural things from happening and catastrophic things from happening as we all know that once he's out, which means we are out things will will get very very very but as long as he's here in us. There is power within our prayer to restrain thing and I believe that that prayer over millions of evangelical Christians worldwide to stop that evil from ruling in the United States of America and bring it even deeper into the to the depth of the base. I believe that the Lord answered that prayer in the restrainer deed restrain and we know that that effort to push for globalization.

One world government and New World order suffered a major setback with Donald Trump elected as president of United. I listened very carefully and if I was a UN delegate I would be very much ashamed hearing old tools coming just right in my face and understanding how evil that organization is and how he proclivities. I mean present from just gave them a Trump lesson of what he believes they think about it, the efforts of those globally and one world government is now shifting back to your because in America it is suffering. Make no mistake, make no mistake within your own military intelligence and course followed by the way, I believe it. Republicans and Democrats alike are infected by this thing, there is a DC elite that has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans.

These are families that conclude and I do believe that the Republicans hate Trump is much as the Democrats. I can tell you one thing I can tell you one thing that you can see that he's coming from the outside and you can see that in his attempt to drain the swamp. There's a huge monster that comes out of the swamp right now and saying all those people are now accusing me of Russia into meddling with your election in Iraq.

I'm an Israeli and let me tell you something your former president intervene violently in our elections two years ago he sponsored people to go and help the other candidates omitted no and if that's not enough Obama back microphone and last minute intervention in French election. In other words, you can see how the shift it's not working in America. Let's help the European counterpart to move forward with acting and then of course they marketed microphone as a potential savior of Europe walking on water. Just as a Messiah, with everybody drowning in he might be their Savior. It is a very, very, no well-known tactic to create the crisis okay and once you create a crisis you confuse the people and then you give them hope. When you create a crisis. The crisis began two years ago, the New York Times actually admits that Obama jumpstarted the Arab spring is the secret.

Now if you try to understand what happened look at this. Look at the next one is see the global elite is sending one president to jumpstart the Arab spring and he backfires into different directions. One, it goes to create chaos in the Middle East, not anything else chaos that leads to the death of more than 700,000 people so far and millions are displays and that chaos led to that vast immigration into Europe that causes so much confusion and despair in the lack of security and stability, and they want a single tear. So you see it work in two ways, and both ways. Somehow, without our understanding of Bible prophecy both ways serves very well that which we know is going to happen that crisis.

Believe it or not started.

Not just standing in the Islamic University in Cairo in 2009, but more so when the time Secretary of State Clinton decided that Mark Qaddafi has to be removed. Not many of you may not know that but it was almost 1/3 of the emails that that WikiLeaks released about Clinton were somehow related to leave you one must ask himself what is that obsession would leave you after all. Qaddafi with all his shortcomings and trust me he wasn't a saint, but Qaddafi was the only stable thing in that area and cut down if he actually said to the Europeans. I will be the blockage of African in Beijing in two Europe if you pay me that much money to be able to do that for 90 that much money, but Qaddafi also had his own ideas regarding oil and the price of oil and the way to set the price of oil and he offered both of the Arab world.

The Europeans and the rest that we better stop using the petrodollar and start using a gold dinar which means noprice on cash studies within countries but on goal that is within countries and that of course made both elites in America very insecure and those in your gain much from all of this, they decided to tell Hillary Clinton.

That is for her benefit to having removed. So when she wants for presidency. That's her ticket. She moved an evil person from the Middle East and created stability in the price of oil worse. Therefore, there will be great stability in world markets. Look at this thing. New York Times reported that even critics state how Catastrophically bad they Hillary Clinton led NATO bombing and leave you what happened is that Cork was released and ever sings on going.

The flood just her is going from leave you lady is the closest African country to your you just know know.

Let me explain how it works so you understand it is a well oiled machine. No person gets on the boat without having paid a large sum of money just you know these are not super poor people and after he paid a large sum of money on the boat is alerted on the coast of Italy.

The bullet is alerted on the coast of Italy is a boat of rescue team. Okay, so what boat is leaving the coast of Libya loaded with people that paid lots of money to the Italian Mafia and another boat is loaded with the rescue teams from their pay by you might not believe it but the number one contributor to the relief organizations that help rescuing and pays them per head. No other else about George source listen look what this man said.

I believe that national borders are the obstacle in the world. Source actually will eventually because he and MasterCard join forces to profit from immigration in different ways and plans. This man admitted before Involved cameras that he did a lot of evil things into sake of greed, but now he's trying to make our programming and ways of helping others a crisis that we just heard about is unequal to any other thing that is happening last hundred years, we have complete sets of CDs and DVDs of this event. Other speakers included Pastor JD for Dr. Mark Hitchcock and Michelle Bachmann on their society had two messages check our website.

Olive tree are various newsletters, print NE or give my office a call for CD and DVD information know you're enjoying it near Sarbanes fall conference message on today's understanding of times broadcast.

You can still order complete video or audio recordings from October 2017 event for your conference memories just click or call log on to Olive tree or phone 763-559-4444.

As we mentioned earlier there SAARC body will be returning to our next weekend event set for September 29. Save the date plan to join us weeks ahead will be sharing more conference information with you as we get closer to the fall. Just a reminder, our ability to stay on the air and on the Internet depends on our listeners, our budget for this program is entirely funded by our audience were so grateful to all who helped us reach America with the inconvenient truth welcome. Your tax-deductible gift sent to Olive tree ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311.

Stay with us. There's more coming up from there. SAARC body right after this we ever fall annual conference this year.

September 20 9:30 AM to 5 PM Grace Church, Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Speakers include Amir Sarah Connie Pastor JD Parag Pastor Jenkins and Pastor Billy had crowding issues for two years so to remedy that we are to our 2010 and paper ready for toll-free ticketing number or go to Olive tree for more ticketing information. You can order tickets from brush fire online ticketing just call them at 88833853388883385. That's not the call. Olive tree ministries that info event will be live streamed at no cost to watch our website and newsletters for details. 28. Standing the times conference tickets go on sale March 15. Call 888-338-5338 to order your tickets for this year's conference on or after March 15. That number again is 888-338-5338, just a heads up to my Twin Cities and upper Midwest audience listeners. There is a prophecy conference coming up in the Twin Cities had revived church Saturday, March 24 Saturday time 9 AM to 4 PM. The address is 7849 W. Broadway in Brooklyn Park, formerly Brooklyn Park, the free speakers.

Pastor Tom here?

Henry and I'll be one of the speakers as well on Saturday. Call revived church for details.

There's no cost. Lunch on your own area restaurants free will offering I speak once in the morning Saturday. Once in the afternoon.

Saturday and Saturday. Time 9 AM to 4 PM March 24 and on Sunday with? Henry times are nine, 10 and 11 AM. Hope to see you there. Picture provides CDs and DVDs about a month later contact me by. I believe that God is working all over the world in raising people to understand the times and seasons, and to become what I called watchmen on the wall because the Bible speaks in the book of Ezekiel chapter 33 the Bible speaks of the unity of the watchman who is high above can see what's coming next to warn the people of Europe closer to the antichrist. That's the theme of the near Sarbanes second message recorded at last October's understanding of times conference and heard again today. Understanding the times radio returned to Amir's 2017 conference presentation first, there's Jan Markel and welcome back. And if you join me like I'm playing a message given by Amir Sarah funny and understanding the times 2017. Back in October.

It was his second message of the day Europe closer to the antichrist or any part two is he gave part one back in 2016 and we have CDs, DVDs of all these events, but right now, let's head back to Amir Sarah funny Europe closer to the antichrist, we can see another article saying, unable to confront the migrant crisis. Your is committing suicide literary.

So after you create the crisis. There is a crisis.

Now you create deficient tactic Ukraine deficient in different ways.

First-degree division within the country for the first time.

But wait, I was in Berlin the week before the election and out. So what's gonna happen say. I told him not a prophet you know that. But everyone could see that the crisis is leading to division in the division is going to be manifested in the election results.

And guess what happened.

Markel yes she wanted leading a much smaller majority and guess whole for the first time since the fall of the Third Reich receives representation in the German-German parliament. It is a very far right wing nationalist party called identity for Deutschland alternative for Germany was a stunning success for Germany and Europe. What the stunning success of that political party men for Germany and Europe is that Germany from within is divided from within is divided yet the same thing. We just heard about how micron was elected Marina plan was held by the left is almost not they sold everyone that if she's going to win to go back to DC days that it's going to be fastest rolling.

Therefore doesn't vote for the other one. Do you know no you know he's a guy that many Thursday but is that how you choose a president. One of the largest economies in the world so within the countries people are divided and then of course the reason between the countries division European states deeply divided on refugee crisis before key summit that they had. And may I say you can clearly see that core all of Western Europe divided from the Eastham black illegal immigration divides Europe and the Eastham Park as the eastern part such as: we heard about Hungary by the Bulgarian president confronted source sources and so will the high school and university tuition for Mr. Orman just so you know, for the Prime Minister of Hungary. They used to be good friends until that premises and everything is nice when you help me, but you're about to destroy my country right, consent. So, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Moore refused to open their borders.

So you see, just as Daniel said it's going to be a sort of an empire. It's not going to be that United is going to be divided the iron and clay mixed together that which the stone is going to smash and we know we dealt with who the stone is last time is indeed divided. We heard the president you incur, deliver the state of the Union address on September 13 and in his address he fleshed out his plan to for a and E you why Army which he is attempting to push through waive the consent of the voters.

Not only that today Europe is having two different institutions. There is the European commission and the European Council. He wants to combine the two and that will be a move that transformed the EU leadership and consolidate authority in a single figure who would campaign for the post and not to be there for the first time since the fall of the Roman Empire. Europe will have a single ruler, not by more on Hitler but by peaceful means yet understand if you go back Europe was under the Roman Empire from 27 BC to 395 A.D. that was the Roman Empire that Daniel spoke about as the one that destroyed the temple in Jerusalem at the time, but then he continued speaking of it in future terms as if it will be revived, but that was a bit Roman Empire in 117 A.D. look at how big very very fast all over Western Europe and of course Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and been more than African coast but many of you may not know that once the European Emperor of the Roman Emperor converted to Christianity.

While we convert the city can be condoned. His mother is the one converted to Linda this cause a division and while the Byzantine Empire moved to the east and Rome is no longer the capital and that's why it wasn't called anymore Roman Empire moved to Byzantium, which is a symbol to David was also Constantinople, named after Constantine. Then we had the Western Roman empire in 36 95 two 476 and that is all the way on the very end of Franz Portugal and Spain with some of the coast of northern Africa Byzantine Empire continued all the way until 1453, when we have the final destruction of it now comes the interesting thing. I was in Berlin and I went to see some things from different time periods and I was asking myself why is it that Hitler called his kingdom the Third Reich, and everybody's talking mother Third Reich.

But what was the first right what was the second right while in the Federal Register realize that the apparently first right if you go to Wikipedia and Google back name.

You'll find out that when the commission the German king to rule Western Europe. It is considered both the first right in their history and that holy Roman empire.

Did you know that the Holy Roman Empire from 800 A.D. to 1806 it is.

Napoleon put an end to that little guy was very active in back of the Holy Roman Empire. Guess who comprise the majority and who is the heart of it and was the center of it of the third of the first right absolutely Germany the second right when you look at the history books. It's the German Empire under the German Kaiser Kaiser Wilhelm another that was there from 1871 to 1918 end of World War I. That was the map of that then of course Germany went through some other parts of their history, not too pleasant because they had to recover from a very humiliating treaty #and then in 1923 is a book written by a German author called out of Moon fundable, which is the ideology which heavily influenced the Nazi party in the book formulated an ideal of a national empowerment which resounded throughout a Germany desperate to rebuild from the treaty oversight and he called his book dust life.

The Third Reich, and this is why when Hitler came into power in 1933 until the end of that horrible time. It was known as the Third Reich and he's expansion plan work. Of course, way beyond Europe. He wanted to take over the entire Russian part of the question is remain are we going to see 1/4 one is interesting because definitely Berlin situated itself to be much more than just a safety for the Germans you go to the resort last time you go to the Berlin Museum of Tiedeman, you see that since 1913 the altar of Zeus known as the seat of Satan taken piece by piece from Pergamum in Turkey all the way brought to Berlin. You see you guys protested for the reconstruction of the arch. This is not a reconstruction that the real deal and it is in Berlin. Normally, that member E Stargate one of the gates of Babylon, was taken by Robo German archaeologist whole thing is in Berlin Berlin has the gates of Babylon and the seat of Satan in basements know I told you that Mr. Dewey occurs is thinking about a new military power. What you may not know is that form report reported May 22 of this year. Germany is quietly building a European army under its command quite interesting is when they reported that the former president of Chancellor of Germany Mr. Helmut Kohl died.

He's the one who actually was the architect of the reunification of Germany was the wall fail in 1990 when they reported that he died in the recent memorial service. I expected all the world leaders to fly to Berlin or to fly to Germany because he's a German guy and that's Germany's business hours from downtown that his whole he's the entire memorial service was not even in Germany it was in the parliament of Europe without even a German flag with European. In other words, Germany's positioning itself not as Germany.

But as what the ruler all correct of Europe were playing a mere start funnies second message given at understanding the times 2017 Europe closer to the antichrist. Let's get back to Amir and his message. I stumble at a a survey that was gone 3 to 4 months ago throughout the European Union. Several questions strike my attention.

First of all, how likely do you expect that a terrorist attack like what happening Paris last year in Brussels or in Berlin could happen in your country. Look what happened. 37% said very likely in 48 presents as somewhat likely more than 80% of the people believe that there is an imminent threat of terrorism how serious a problem.

Do you believe that is the illegal immigration are coming into your country very serious 50% only somewhat serious, 31% 81% C that is how much do you trust the following institution your own government 1% say not all so when you create a crisis and you create division you create distrust of these people in their own countries and their only leaders then somebody was looking for someone the chaos despair and hopelessness are needed in order to wait for a deliver and they will accept him for a moment he surfaces. I think we quoted that the amount shall Bacon just gave us an outstanding report on what's going on in Europe regarding the demographic will issue.

Of course the Europeans are committing innocence a suicide. George Weidner distinguished Senior fellow, Washington DC's ethics and public policy before he attended the European Parliament gave a speech and he wrote Europe is committing demographic suicide systematically populating itself in what British historian Niall Ferguson has called the great.

This sustained reduction in European populations since the Black death in the 14th century.

I'm not about the immigration immigration is their answer. The Europeans themselves.

This unwillingness to create the future in the most elemental sense by creating new generation is at the root of many of your problems, including its difficulties assimilating immigrants in its fiscal distress when an entire continent healthcare wealthier and more secure than ever before chooses sterility and the most basic calls for that must live in the realm of human spirit in a certain sorrowing about the baby mystery of being interesting because after his speech, the Italian representative in the European polymer came to him and said look we know where finished were trying to arrange these things so that we can die comfortably in our beds, don't you Yanks come over here and start stirring things up. Stan that they're on their deathbed. They're not interested in your opinion not interested in just interested in remaining comfortable in their deathbed, the Prime Minister's of Presidents of Europe's largest economy and of the members of the exclusive global club G7 are without children Germans Angela Markel Great Britain's to resume Italy's redemptive only and France's Emmanuel microphone. Add to this mix the childless Dutch prime minister Mark Ruth and Silas, Prime Minister of Luxembourg Javier Bethel and something quite striking comes into focus of the six founding members of what has evolved into the European Union five are now led by childless Prime Minister's present that's not you know it's not only about demography. The moral decline is staggering.

Just about three months ago a little boy called Charles Matson, William Gard, who suffered from a very rare disease was sentenced to death by the British Parliament. How is parents admitted into British hospital but then they found out that the reason experimental treatment in the United States. Pres. Trump today. At that time candidate offered help the courts in Europe said no and he was disconnected from the machine and died. By the way, this is the one we know we know all there are thousands of people that the European hospitals disconnect from life support. Every day because life is meaningless right now.

Don't forget we have, to reduce earth population. So let's help doing so, the moral decline is staggering when you see a fashion show in a Anglican Cathedral in London last month with the models wearing this satanic outfit with satanic emblem hanging on their necklace. Thomas Lucy for its no longer under the ground above the ground.

Europe is choosing to commit suicide. Europe is choosing Satan and God, to be more in a house of God are these what used to be one remember our 2018 event coming up this fall.

Saturday, September 29 8:30 AM to 5 PM. I hope you're making plans to attend this fall Grace Church, Eden Prairie pastor JD farrago Mayor Sarah Fadi Pastor Jack Hibbs and pastor Billy Crone this is your invitation to come here. Today's understanding of times radio guest of nurse are Fadi in person at the 2018 understanding of times conference on September 29 Eden Prairie, Minnesota, 8:30 AM to 5 PM there will be joined by Jack kids Billy Crone and JD farrago. Save the date and plan to join us for conference information will be forthcoming. Forget our website is a wealth of information and resources resources you need to discern our times is that I sent all of three views.board help support this broadcast ministry. Please send your tax-deductible gifts to all of three ministries +1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. We are reachable by phone at 763-5594 44 just a moment the rejoinders are Fadi to wrap up his 2017 fall conference presentation Europe closer to the antichrist 18 years ago. Understanding the times radio began on one radio station in the Minneapolis area. We now Aaron almost 830 stations and around the world electronically. You made that possible really do want the inconvenient truth radio costs are substantial for think about a tax-deductible gift on a three ministries to keep this message alive can give conveniently online Dollar Tree is down or by calling us at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 four just A check, three ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 5511 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. This is radio for the remnant let's help the remnant growth by giving him the truth.

Each week on understanding the time to order your own compactness recording of today's understanding of times broadcast, please phone 763-559-4444 now for the conclusion of the mirrors are Fadi's conference message. Once again, Jan Markel and welcome back. Remember, because we're airing this on the radio you are able to get a CD of this presentation. If you'd like call my office might want to become a CD subscriber very minimal cost.

You need to call us on that as we have to use a credit card. Hope you look into my various newsletters E and print newsletters. That's how I stay in touch with you.

The program is always posted to my website Saturday morning olive tree were going to wrap up a Mayor Sarah Fadi's second message from back in October. Let's head right back into the his presentation last year year before when I was here we quoted the British historian Arnold Toynbee said that the nations are ready to give the kingdoms of the world anyone men who will offer a solution to our world problem in the first president of the United Nations Gen. assembly, Paul Handley Spock, who also was the Prime Minister of Belgium and one of the early planners of the EU. He said we do not want another committee. We have too many already what we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people and to left us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking send us such a man whether he's you will be God or the devil. We will receive, so first of all you create a crisis, then you divide the people now offer them hope. Interesting how the elite in Europe is playing with your mind, but mostly with their minds they start sending delivers the younger the better. It started in 2015 when Alexis C+ was elected as Prime Minister of Greece at that time.

A nap crisis and is still a premise about what he was my minister in month was in Lexington was reelected continued this May 2017 Emmanuel micron is now 39 years old, the president of France and by the way, he's not the Messiah. He's a forerunner they're testing the water with such people to see if Europe is ready you think that's young. Look at the he's about to be the president Prime Minister all Austria policy 31 is a Formosa right now is 29, was appointed when he was 29 and the same thing is, believe it or not. All three very different from a man called Abdul Victor who wanted to rule the pleasant nice young and believe it or not, the offer hope to their people. In the midst of the despair and finally take you to my ankle. Israel, the good friends do not see press is a very different event and how exactly are for signing some very interesting deals right now for gas and oil pipeline micron said that he's not going to have any unilateral measures in Maine. Unlike his predecessor, and may I say Sébastien Cordes is one of our best friends casino. Why is it so important was the next one who might be the one over all of Europe were not sure, but why is it so important that they like his. You have to understand something. This is one thing a lot of Bible teachers tend to ignore or overlook the antichrist has 2B friend of Israel has to serve the interests of the people of Israel and the Jewish people has to be like them even worse shape by you People people tell me it has to be our blonde haired one is the biggest anti-Semite I've ever seen. Not even a single Israeli would ever think of him as his own Messiah.

You have to be someone else there probably are. You're saying how can a shoe look at a non-Jewish European leader SMS. It's just too much.

While it's not too much because that man has to solve the problems not only of Europe not only give hope to the world. That's not going to be enough. The whole thing will be nothing if he is not accepted by the Jews. If you want an example of someone who try that before. Look at this interesting article, Napoleon and modern-day Messiah probably looking at watch this.

We just found €200 coin on one side, a portrait of Napoleon that appears on the side with surrounded by the inscription Napoleon. She and Emperor so far so good. Let's flip a coin.

Napoleon is portrayed in the burial dress granting and kneeling. Frank's June tablets of the 10 Commandments described under the figure are the phrase grandson had been in the date Napoleon announced its convention on May 30 18 the shoes and Franz had hope in Napoleon to be the one who will deliver them from the hatred that was all over France. At that time against the Jews and they were so thrilled that he for the first time convened 71 Jewish leaders to match the number of the grandson had been in Jerusalem over the ancient times and he basically bought their support in their friendship in the antichrist has to be a friend of Israel has to by the trust of the Jewish people by ways of allowing them to rule once again even on the Temple Mount, allowing them to build the temple on the Temple Mount and when the time comes, and by the way all Jews pray for the coming over the Messiah that will be manifested in the rebuilding of the temple piece stability and prosperity and for the first 3 1/2 years.

That's facing it will be good. It will be so good until comes something very interesting. What is it that the Jewish people refused to accept Jesus.

Not that he's the Messiah. They never said to him you are not the Messiah never because his mindset, the Messiah is a man anointed by God but a man Messiah. Their problem with Jesus for which the holding blasphemer someone who is that he admitted he said I am the father are I and the flesh. That's too much.

The understanding of the Jews that the Messiah is someone will bring prosperity and peace is still there and that's why they will walk after him. Whoever is going to be. But the minute the antichrist will go into the temple and declare himself is what that's what AC enough is enough.

We did not accept that one. 2000 years ago surely and often accept you and this is when Israel will have its most terrible time known as the trouble of Jacob.

So you see your he's definitely ready ever to the birth of the one who will have Sue introduce that peace and prosperity and who will be greatly embraced by the Jewish people.

But as we heard from my friend JD first, something has to happen. The catalyst has taken place a war and I want to believe that Dr. Moore is also the sign for us to be out of here has to take place. And when that war take place in the Middle East.

Islam is no longer powerful, and that is when European leader can easily offer Jerusalem to the Jewish people without any substantial resistance from the Muslim today.

The Saudi king visited and reiterated the fact that the Saudi's will not accept any solution but the Jerusalem, the old city of East East Jerusalem to call will be the capital of the next Palestinian state of the future. Thousands of right now the Muslims will not accept any solution that will not have Jerusalem as their Once they lose in mother of all wars which is Ezekiel's white likely the mother of all wars despised Israel's concern first time ever that the superpower conveys into his all-out war since 1948 we were fighting are our neighbors. Maybe superpower help them never ever superpower invaded interest.

This is going to be the first time that Russia would Will actually invading to now how come America is not going to help us. We already heard the different options.

Why are you so depressed that then you were raised with Christ, see those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God.

Set your minds on the things above, not on the things on earth. Trust me, you want you don't want to think of those things on earth for our citizenship indeed is in heaven, from which we eagerly wait brother Dave. He said that he's eagerly waiting for us. He is, and we eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly bodies that may be conformed to his glorious one so I hope all of us understand this is about the hope and not about despair.

This is it wearing the finish line. We are running the race and we have to run it with endurance and we have to look at Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, a man I can remember we have CDs and DVDs available of several of our recent conferences. We talk about Europe preparing for the antichrist. What is more important is that you are prepared Jesus Christ as the church does not experience the wrath of the antichrist.

The church is in heaven. During the terrible time of the tribulation on earth, just name Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life to tell him you want to turn your life around today if you have not done that you doing today no one is guaranteeing up tomorrow while the tribulation is a beyond belief. Ordeal the fires of hell are far worse than that is what you are spared from thanks to what Jesus Christ did for you on the cross. Thanks for listening. Will talk to you next week on the and think is understudied at times. Radio with Jim Markel across America and across the World Wide Web continue to report current events. From a biblical perspective every weekend. This broadcast comes to you at no cost to cost us thousands of dollars as we produce and distribute this weekly media outreach to consider standing with us with an ever-changing world. Many women of faith need to keep in for you to be aware of current events is due to the lens of Scripture, week after week. Jim Markel brings you compelling. Our pointing out the dangers in today's culture and bringing hope through faith in Jesus Christ. Resting you to join us in this list of supported ministry as our financial partner. Please write your tax-deductible gifts to all of three ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 patients are also welcome and olive tree or by phone when you dial 763-559-4444 will forget global updates review are yours around-the-clock, olive tree look forward to hearing from you soon appreciate your continued prayer support for Jan intermediate see Markel returns next week with another information and inspiration packed our design help you understand the times

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