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Why We May be the Terminal Generation

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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July 14, 2018 8:00 am

Why We May be the Terminal Generation

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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July 14, 2018 8:00 am

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We want to assure you that for the believer the word terminal has a different meaning. We'll talk about that next. As we see headlines on a daily basis and some of them can be pretty awful and we certainly grave where we should be grieving but still, let's see them as a harbinger of his return rather than any kind of gloom and doom. What I have seen is the increase in mocking and scoffing second Peter three knowing this first, that in the last days mockers shall come with mockery.

This is understanding the times radio with John Marco. Sorry to hear the audio portion of a video. Jan recently recorded that analyzes the terminal generation, which will be during this broadcast is available in a video format in our website store or you can order just the audio portion of today's program just a bit later in this broadcast will tell you how to do just that.

Now, here is Jim Markel and welcome to the program. I'm so glad you can join me today that I'm taking just a short mid summer break and I'm going to play the audio track to one of my newer DVDs why we may be the terminal generation 15 signs of his imminent return. This is in DVD form available for you that has about 80 PowerPoint slides as well to illustrate all the points I am making so let's begin with why we may be the terminal generation.

As we look at some signs for the next few minutes here again some of them might be a little bit on the dark side. Let's not see them that way, but rather these are a harbinger of his return. And if, as we see headlines on a daily basis and some of them can be pretty awful and we certainly grave where we should be grieving but still, let's see them as a harbinger of his return rather than any kind of gloom and doom and I could literally go to talk about 15 signs of talk about 315 signs of his imminent return and again I'm going up give just a little disclaimer here before we get going on and that is very aware that a huge number so called signs of the times manifest in the tribulation.

There really for the tribulation. Others are for the church age. But those that are tribulation signs again. There casting a shadow now because were so close were so close so we gotta be careful that we keep those things kind of separate and not claim as a sign for today something that's really only tribulation in all the speakers here are aware of that but I just want to clarify that and loving this kind of a topic. It's the only place in the Bible where the crown is promised for those who love his appearing that you wouldn't be here today if you didn't love his appearing to get one crown. That's a given one crown for sure.

I'm shaped I treated more but for sure you have one because for those who love his appearing. God is very, very pleased.

Why don't we just go through these 15 signs that I think would be probably the most prominent of the various indicators. The Bible said you know Jesus chastised the Pharisees for not knowing the signs of his first coming. He surely wants us to know the signs of his return and which is a herald of the second coming. Anyway, I just think that we need to have a balance in there and not call everything a sign of the times, which some people will do and therefore what I tried to do is zero and on 15 that I think are irrefutable that are blossoming more every day, and again number one I believe they're not necessarily in this order because Israel is down little ways here so they're not necessarily in this order, but would be the calls for peace and security, which comes out of first Thessalonians 5 for you are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying there is peace and security, then sudden destruction will come upon them, as labor pains come upon a woman and they will not escape. But you are not in darkness, brothers, you are not in darkness, brothers and sisters for that day to surprise you like a thief. It won't surprise you because you're watching for some of the indicators and again in all the United Nations is all about peace and security, peace and security, respect, safety and dignity and security, and peace. That's all over all United Nations type literature and see United Nations publication maintain international peace and security that nations came into being, 1945, following the devastation of the second world war with one central mission. The maintenance of international peace and security right out of the Bible.

The UN has a plan to restore international peace and security. Will it work peace and security. I don't know that I heard this, 15, 20 years ago. I don't take. I did not to the level that we're hearing it today. Donald Trump is a great advocate of peace and security, Donald Trump.

We have laid out a pathway toward peace and security in our world.

I'm going to play just the clip here. The quality is not the best but I felt that the the clips captured were so significant that I do ask you to put up with the quality of the clip, peers, states 67 peace and security. Lesson of history is peace and security. Since all starts, states's side by side slog necessarily assisting/side-by-side this is I will vision this is. I will you and secure order friendship.

My hopes and dreams all these side-by-side in peace and secure security for all Israelis will also pursue peace between Israel and security Israel of Syria is between Israel and must decide what we are serious about peace and security legitimacy at its right to exist. Secure soluble fiber that is most peace and security. Security. Since it's strong economies, security and peace. I think you get the point there. I mean it's like people obsessed with this is right out of the Bible right out of the Bible.

If you just join me. I'm playing the audio to one of my newer DVDs why we may be the terminal generation 15 signs of his imminent return and you can find this in our web store in our print and E newsletters or by calling us you can find in the store. All of tree and go to our store. You can also get just a CD of this program. If only the audio is sufficient for you, but again the title of the DVD is why we may be the terminal generation. Let's return to that now or never to assist business as usual.

People will be enjoying life and then caught unaware and how many of you have tried to talk to people about your you need the Lord, the hour is late. You don't want to delay you need to make a decision for God and their caught up with the pleasures of the world there caught up with entertainment there caught up with their family life there caught up with her business there caught up with making money. You've got them in your family or your neighbors or your coworkers or friends. You kinda given up because they have a business as usual. Life's going to go on and on and nothing's going to interrupt my world will someday something is going on, interrupt their world.

I believe it's called the rapture that's going to interrupt their world and of course if they know the Lord Jesus in a personal way than they would go together in the rapture is not there left behind and then they will start to pay attention. They will start to pay attention again and I've referred to Donald Trump today and and he has created a economic climate, stocks, urges investors cure corporate tax cut big corporate tax cut United States will bring more prosperity. Pres. Trump serves a prosperity way that could grow larger. I believe Donald Trump is necessary to bring about the sort of business as usual were enjoying life. They are profits are up. Our bank account is up. Our IRAs are, we can relax and we can enjoy life and I believe that atmosphere during which the Lord will descend with the shout in the Trump will be when people are simply enjoying the fruits of prosperity. Prosperity, peace, safety, etc. so that's number two, number three I think is what I have seen is the increase in mocking and scoffing second Peter three knowing this first, that in the last days mockers shall come with mockery walking after their own lusts, and where is the promise of his coming for from the day the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.

Nothing's changed folks.

It says is always been, why are you so worried about the world coming to an end you.

That's what folks are saying and even fellow believers are saying it leave on the one side last days madness as written by Christian Gary tomorrow him to be up front arrest all mention what that is a little bit delayed or on the other side rapture Palouse to Hollywood movies, probably three, four, five years ago a movie mocking their all.

It was unbelievable. There is even the plagues were coming down the plagues were happening, and these characters were considering it a joke was the saddest thing I ever saw. Because when it happens, and there caught up in it.

They won't say rapture Palouse a very good essay.

All dear God, save us. Helpless, and it may be too late, mocking, mocking, Newsweek magazine had a major article recently, Trump will start the end of the world claim. Evangelicals who support him, and then that article went on to mock those of us who believe that we are late in the hour and that Donald Trump is as contributing as I've already indicated, and that he will start the end of the world claim event felt so it's mocking it's mocking is mocking every year, for instance my conference online is hung every year Terry DeMar again Jan Markel's end time hysteria conference and then he goes on to make fun of it at the same time the mocking of the pretrip rapture. Do you know that people online are making videos and hanging people like myself like Pastor JD for Ron and others who are very adamant about a pretrip rapture making YouTube's mocking us. These are fellow believers. I'm not going to name them, but making YouTube's they think it only we believe in science fiction we believe is more likely to believe that there are little man on Mars than to believe in the pre-tribulation rapture. You need to you need to believe that were going through the tribulation and we got a hide from Antichrist sets. That's our blessed hope our blessed hope is to take cover before Antichrist finds us and has her head cut off. That's our blessed hope, but that is prevailing these days and in the mocking of the truth is simply out of control knob and add another dimension here of mocking them to play real short clip. It's about a minute and out when Michelle Bachmann was on air with me recently. This would've been either a year ago or two years ago, almost to the day I think is two years ago, she and I talked about the fact that Pres. Obama at the time was kinda paving the way for the end times.

A lot of the things he was doing was setting the stage for the last days and he got wind of it and this is his response and you talk about mocking. I think this speaks for itself gets worse. Just as was Michelle Bachmann actually, I would bring about the biblical end of this legacy in Lincoln, Washington. The not be laughing. They will be saying, oh dear God, I missed it. I made fun of the wrong thing and will be possibly too late so but again I'd never seen the scoffing and the mocking coming right out of the the White House anyway and in this case, but in the church among believers among unbelievers among presidents among people in high places online, mocking, mocking, mocking you fools. You fools. How can you believe in. This is a Bible tells me so that's why hope you stick around take a short timeout when I get back will return with my presentation of the audio of a recent DVD I made why we may be the terminal generation back in just a couple minutes know you're enjoying Jan Markel's presentation on the terminal generation of today's understanding. At times remember the video portion of today's broadcast is available on our and you can find the DVD. The terminal generation in our online store you can order your own audio copy of today's program for new phone 763-559-4444 every week.

This ministry addresses current events in our world as seen through the lens of the Bible.

Thank you for your continued financial and prayerful support to make this outreach possible.

Find out more about this program. Visit us invites you to partner financially with us and welcome your tax-deductible gifts failed to follow three ministries Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 just one moment return to the terminal generation. This is Jan Markel in our mission as a ministry cause believers to think beyond the news to see how the truth is being dismissed and rejected today when many broadcasters are talking about safety. We are talking about the loss of truth. Thanks for joining me here on this radio station. Understanding the times 2018 is almost sold out. Now why don't you consider getting a group together to live stream the event that your computer or perhaps put it on a big screen. There is no cost or registration involved for streaming.

Our speakers include Amir Sarah Fadi Pastor Jack Hibbs, Pastor Billy Krohn Pastor JD Frerotte and Eric Barger. We will help you understand that nothing is falling apart.

In fact, things are all falling together events that could be interpreted as chaotic and dark are really a herald of his return will also help you contend for the faith, fellowship with like-minded is essential for spiritual health and to stay optimistic in looking at our event in life, aiming his Saturday, September 29, but you'll be able to ask the archive programming. Following that event I promise our speakers and their topics will focus on the bigger picture God has everything under control. King is coming right on time is never early. He's never late and he wants none to be left behind. Just a quick add on here.

Please that reserved seat for handicap and hearing-impaired have not sold as we expected.

So were cutting those in half.

That means that the few prime seeds are now freedom. But you need to call the brushfire agency. 88833853388883385338.

So some of those could still be available they will sell fast. We are near.

We are close to be what I see is the rise of wickedness and would fall into several categories. They would include mankind's character will decline will be given over to a brave mind again. That was fact that Romans one brave mind out of Romans one, lots of depravity going on and evil is going to wax worse and worse in these all I believe come under the category of the rise of wickedness. Sometimes radio broadcast just the audio portion of the reason you quoted Barger entitled the terminal generation back to the presentation. Once again John Martel if you join me late. I am playing the audio to new DVD I made about 15 signs reflecting Christ's imminent return in the rapture and you can find the DVD again why we may be the terminal generation in our web store. I'll say more about that a little bit later as we close, let's get back to the presentation which actually was made live in a church recently here just a couple months ago. Okay number four point number four. I believe signs that are indicating we are near.

We are close would be what I see is the rise of wickedness and this would fall into several categories. They would include mankind's character will decline. I think that's kind of obvious, as we watch around us from the transgender to you name it man's character is simply on the fast down hill will be given over to a depraved mind again that goes back to that Romans. One talked about that earlier today. The depraved mind out of Romans one is lots of depravity going on and evil is going to wax worse and worse in these all I believe come under the category of the rise of wickedness self and money will be all that matters and all of these. These are found in Romans one in second Timothy three in Matthew 24 and again if it's going to blossom in the tribulation.

It's casting the shadow now though the second Timothy three passages given to the church and Romans one I believe is absolutely for right now with the depraved mind so then we've had things like we had parked on Florida recently. By the way, that took place on ash Wednesday. I believe it was my believe there was something to that the suspect said that he heard voices telling him to carry out the massacre so I believe demons were involved, but again they said we can look at this and say all gloom and doom. Jan no wonder you don't have any followers anymore.

They've they've all left you because your grossing them out well-liked and it's a herald of his return. When we see these kind if you can look at some headlines a little bit more with that perspective.

I think you'll have a different perspective. So he said he heard voices. While we know who he heard and that's because this wickedness is rising and rising and rising, and recently the Washington Post had an editorial and it literally said I just couldn't leave it at said Satan is good. He's a good illustration of secularism. Give me a break. People are dying all around the world because of him, but the Washington Post called him Satan good Christians are responsible for filling the blank bad things. But Satan is good, and oh yeah Satan a does make at least one thing clear democracy dies and darkness is not a warning it's a goal anyway you talk about Isaiah 520 calling evil good and good evil Washington Post.

Satan is good now were still on the category of the decline of man's character is this couple if I can daresay it couple.

Obviously, one is a transgender thinks this is so cool woman who became a man, though he/she is very pregnant days of Noah type things and they're so proud of this herald are so proud of the aberrant, which is part of what goes along with that days of Noah is a celebration of the aberrant and in this darling little eight-year-old talk about child neglect and child abuse. A man who is ever responsible for this almost go to jail. This eight-year-old drag queen says if your parents won't let you do Dragon, you need new parents. Again, this is all part of that decline that's predicted for the last days. This decline of character of this decline of again common sense people have been dumbed down. They've been Morand down. We talked about this morning when you see clergy here there is celebrating their blessing a late-term abortion clinic and calling it holy.

Again, this is days of Noah type activity and remember that return to the days of Noah was prophesied actually by Jesus that that would be characteristic of when he returns that were going to see a sort of a celebration of the aberrant's. Let's just say this.

Be blunt of a perversion pastor Tom Hughes talk this morning about the soaring strong delusion. I cannot second that strongly enough.

He gave some examples are meant to give you some more in that the tomb messages this morning works complementing each other with content. Apparently the Lord saying amen to what we were saying here some illustrations of strong delusion, gave some this earlier. Here's a few more again, John Kerry climate changes as dangerous as terrorism will give me a break me a break nonexistent climate changes as dangerous as terrorism strong delusion strong delusion, the given over to the depraved mind they cannot think they cannot make sense. They've been dumbed down as part of what's been predicted that all bathrooms should be gender-neutral. You got a little four-year-old daughter or granddaughter take her to that transgender but there might be a 300 pound guy in there and was ready to beat her up but this is what we celebrate today as we gotta have neutral gender-neutral bathroom there dumbed down. They can't see truth and in this case here in new law.

This is in America allows government to take children away. If parents don't accept kids. Gender identity so again this is days of Noah type behavior and thinking standards values and we can look at it as gloom and doom or we can say they know what the Bible told the cell and were beginning to see it manifest, the King is coming, the King is coming, you could find this DVD presentation.

Remember, has about 80 PowerPoint slides to illustrate all the points that I am making you can find it in our web in our print and E newsletters. You can certainly call us business hours. You can get a CD of this program. If only the audio is sufficient for you, though I always strongly recommend the DVD with the PowerPoint illustrations that add so much visual to this kind of a presentation. Again, the title of the DVD is why we may be the terminal generation.

Let's get back to the presentation okay number six and again these are 15 signs that I believe we need to be seriously considering as a herald of his coming and would be his surgeon Mark of the beast technology and I just recently featured pastor Billy Crone on air with me for two weeks on artificial intelligence go to my website if you would like to and get those two programs. I think people across America were stunned.

I know they work as they called called called called called.

They were stunned. They did not know that technology today.

Not only is it intrusive and invasive. Amazon wants to put a camera and a microphone in your bedrooms echo look will use machine learning to decide if you look fat in that shirt what's going on is is well.

It's that machines are rivaling human intellect and you know who's going to tap into this. We've got Sophia the robot not only have a conversation with Sophia the robot. She might be more interesting and a better conversationalist than your spouse, not trying to knock your spouse, but I'm just trying to say this gal really has a conversation you ask a question she'll answer this is Sophia the robot again how antichrist would use this. I've no idea. Maybe there's an image of the beast involved here.

That's all speculation. We don't know. I mean she's even this is again Sophia the robot.

She's even made a fashion magazine cover again that Sophia the robot, so she's taking on human characteristics and it's going to play into Mark of the beast technology somehow were not going to be here so we don't have to worry about it, but there can be plenty of people caught off guard with this kind of technology and I praise the Lord for technology even though many of you hear me groan and moan because wherever I travelers technology issues going on, but with one click of the mouse.

We now can get the gospel to the ends of the earth and about three seconds, so that's how God is using technology, and we need to be thankful for that because it's it's truly incredible, truly incredible, but the Darkside is there as well. The USA Today recently just said you will get shipped eventually.

Well, the world will walk but the world will someday willingly get shipped. It will get shipped and that'll be the mark of the beast.

Technology again so it's my only point is when you see these things begin to happen.

You look up so were beginning to see these things happen and whether the tribulation events or church age events and either case, there beginning to cast a huge shadow right now. You can't miss it. And I God doesn't want us to miss it. He doesn't want us to miss it. He's telling us. I am coming soon. I'm coming soon are you ready okay. Number seven temple talks third temple talk is just his huge I'm posting articles on the third temple many times a week because it's in the process times of Israel laying the groundwork for 1/3 temple in Jerusalem. Israelis who take rebuilding the third temple very seriously the investments are being prepared all the utensils are being prepared. The priests are being prepared for the third temple is called the tribulation temple. Okay, we don't see it but so what I mean. That's not the point. The point is, the hours late. The point is, it's happening, it's happening, we won't. I don't believe will ever see it. I believe it goes up during the tribulation.

This was an interesting pictures Sanhedrin minced coin with images of Trump and Cyrus to promote rebuilding the temple so will we ever see this little piece of artwork here.

The temple actually being constructed in downtown Jerusalem. I don't think so and some would say we could.

I think this goes up during the tribulation the church is gone. The tribulation is for Israel and the unbelieving world is not for the church again.

Those who would be critical of that are being there contending in a contentious way that I never thought I would see that kind of contention going on the rapture timing but nonetheless I don't think we'll ever see this. I think this goes up during the tribulation and the church is enjoying heaven and the tribulation is for again for the unbelieving world to bring Israel to faith.

Number eight sign that I believe God is heralding and I don't how you miss this folks, I don't know how Mitty's activity in alignment. Is it simply stunning.

And every day it's not once a week. It's every day there's some kind of mid East activity Israel said to strike targets near Damascus. Can you say Isaiah 17 one. Another one here is from the New York Times, Israel attacks targets in Syria after Iranian drone enters really aerospace and jet crashes in another headline here times of Israel waving piece of down drone Prime Minister. That's not now. Hope threatens direct military action against Iran. So again, we've got players on a chessboard that are being moved by God being moved and being put in place just exactly where he wants them.

You never would've seen this picture. 15 to 20 years ago, maybe not even 10 years ago the Gog Magog Alliant right in front of us here you've got Iran, Russia and Turkey leaders uniting that's Ezekiel 38 and 39 and there they are right in front of her eyes are more nations there, but these are the three most prominent nations and their their partners, their pals so you know God is screaming. Get ready get ready this Zechariah 12, three were still in alignment in the Middle East. Zechariah the burdensome stone despite Haley threatened UN votes to condemn Trump's Jerusalem decision. So we've got people are in a fury over what's happening with Jerusalem. The fact that Donald Trump actually declared it is the capital fury across the Middle East. As leaders condemn Pres. Donald Trump after he says Jerusalem is Israel's capital you would never have seen this 10 years ago. 20 years ago.

30 years ago never would've seen it, but now we see it on a daily basis. We have all these players coming together. Protests held worldwide against Jerusalem capital move again this is Zechariah 12. Three Israel and for specifically Jerusalem has become the burdensome stone because of Donald Trump's proclamation Jerusalem is the burdensome stone just as the Bible predicted Arabs Europe UN rejects trumps recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital. Well, this doesn't surprise me because my favorite verse in all the Bible is Psalm 102 16 and when the Lord shall build up Zion shall appear in his glory. He built up Zion started in the late 1800s and certainly picked up steam in 1948 and has been picking up steam. Ever since 1948 and use America in a very significant way actually going back to even Pres. Wilson in 1917, because he went along with the Balfour declaration is a progressive, but he was still in favor of the Balfour declaration back in the 1917 using Pres. Harry Truman, and then all throughout history using US presidents is a blessing or cursing cell but America has played a huge role heavily for the good. Now, I believe, sign, number nine to pay attention would be the longing for a leader and I believe that, forgive my repetition here, but it's important I believe that the world is longing for a man with a plan for a Mr. fix-it it says out the bottom of here.

Is there a leader who can stop the chaos and heal America again and I talked about it earlier this longing for a man longing for someone who would be a Savior. Again, the cry for a Savior and a global leader is a manual McCrone is he that global leader is he, at least, Europe Savior, perhaps you need to keep your eyes on him.

I think he's personally I think that the globalists are using him as testing the waters in this case almost literally testing the waters to see how a young charismatic European aggressive leader will be received around the world.

I think the globalists have installed him are honoring him here from Breitbart in Great Britain Emanuel Bonaparte McCrone declares he will govern like a Roman god is very suspicious character.

Again, we don't get involved in trying to name the antichrist or the false prophet, though Tom may laid out and brilliant case this morning for who could be the false prophet and I would concur with his conclusions. 100% again going back to Paul Henry Spock. We want what we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the alliances of all people and lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking again, be he God or devil.

We will receive him. This longing for someone who can comment stop terrorism come and stop the financial perhaps peril. Let's ahead with Wall Street up-and-down up-and-down. Perhaps that's gonna spread all across the globe perhaps is all going to head down though I still maintain that Donald Trump is brought peace and prosperity which is going to be a bigger reality. Continued peace and prosperity because of the verses that I cited earlier. Now I am going to build just a little bit more on what time he was taught this morning and I believe number 10 sign number 10 is an unconventional pope and we have not had this so prominent as we have the last 34 years, we have a Pope and you heard the teaching this morning who is certainly well again.

His unconventional pope Francis the unconventional, that's being conservative to just call them unconventional.

He's got some very apocalyptic like character traits. I encourage you to get the DVDs in here what Tom said if you missed Pope Francis a charismatic and unconventional leader who touches people's hearts, and as we both said we both know Catholics who are troubled by this pope is so unconventional but at the same time he is so charismatic and then this particular headline I just did a double take and what was referenced this morning early on present Prime Minister Turkey pulp form unholy anti-Trump alliance to control Jerusalem that went up hope wants to control Jerusalem. You need to pay attention.

You really need to pay attention so the turkey and the Vatican are uniting to somehow control Jerusalem. This is huge.

That's huge news and what is it say in Revelation again. 17 he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness. I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphemous names, having seven heads and 10 horns.

The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand. Gold cup full of abominations and of the unclean things of her immorality, and on her forehead a name was given ministry. Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and the abomination of the earth and I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints who was then drunk with the blood of non-Catholics and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus. When I saw her, I wondered greatly. I believe Rome is mystery Babylon.

Now I realize that is a debate Jerusalem.

Mr. Babel is Meka mystery Babylon. I think it all points to Rome as being mystery Babylon the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color. Revelation 17 for and you also heard Tom talk about this particular article right here. We both picked it out. I don't know months ago weeks ago for sure this is a Catholic spokesman in Colombia South America is a Catholic saying this not Protestant, a Catholic is saying. Pope Francis is paving the way for the antichrist and as we were talking a little bit at lunch. The only thing Pope Francis has against him is his age because he's gonna burn out here. One of these days just because he's aging so but if he goes out of the picture. I believe someone's going to step in a just sort of continue on as he is to be another unconventional again. We do not know, we see through a glass darkly at preshaped adverse in Scripture that we see through a glass darkly because we do, we do not know these things for sure. And to make speculations and to make declarations that so-and-so is this in so-and-so's that is not the best idea because then we have egg on our face when were proven wrong on so we just need to be very very careful not having said that, you've heard two of us today emphasize this the roles of probable role Vatican in the last days not bashing Catholics again not that's not my intent at all, but again, I wish Catholics would perhaps think that maybe time to check out but in a different church because of some of the evil connotations here, I'm there wrap up this presentation just a minute or two and take a short break. When we get back will finish with them why we may be the terminal generation don't go away picture Bible prophecy would be one of the greatest things that a church could do to its congregants because one gives him the hope of Christ and coming secondly it motivates them to get the job done. Best to get up there and tell their friends and their family and their coworkers that Jesus Christ is come in and then thirdly it brings people great great confidence. Confidence in knowing that God's word never fails, it will never fail because what got the site of the past has been confirmed by his prophetic fulfillment study Bible prophecy and get excited about the future signs of snow with coast-to-coast solutions. We love to those who listen to your correspondence you like to all true ministries. Box 1452 with the growth of the soda 55311 drop you a note telling how this program is your life sufficient people like you took time to pray for those of us who supported broadcast ministry. Please consider how you can partner with us financially selfless continue to be faithful to what God has called us to do it on live all three or call 76355944444 life to all of true ministries +1452 Grove, MN 55311 phone number 763-559-4440 Olive tree ministries is carrying a new product to help you contend for the faith and understand the time it is Terry James new book deceivers exposing evil seducers in their last days deception. Our generation is characterized by deceiving tactics in the church. The media, school room, the government, the globalist agenda and much much more. I have contributed a chapter in the book talking about the deception that has invaded the church in the last 30 years. Find the book in our web store and all of the hardbound 320 page reference book you can call us to order 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 is also featured in our printed newsletter sign up online. Don't let the deceivers fool you or those you care about. Many are falling these days. Options of delusions of our day stay in tune and up-to-date order deceivers today. There is a rush to globalism is rushed to the one world is I've never seen it like this ever and I commented that the 2016 election the globalists were sure Hillary Clinton was going when it was a no-brainer that she was going, God intervened and said you know what I'm going to give you folks a little bit more time. The global empire would've come about in Clinton administration Clinton Global initiative to be delayed to give a little more time to get the gospel out, but underneath it all the world clamoring, clamoring for a one world world without orders one government no poverty no more, no terrorism as a single leader put a lid on all of that times radio conclusion should be terminal generation turned out Sugimoto taking just a bit of a Midsummer break here actually administering this weekend.

Dr. Dave Reagan's prophecy conference in Dallas Texas and so I'm playing the audio to a recent DVD I made it's got about 80 PowerPoint slides to accompany it. Were going to wrap it up. Now why we may be the terminal generation 15 signs of his imminent return. Let's conclude the presentation number 11, a world without borders.

Referring a little bit to what we covered earlier today. There is a rush to globalism is rushed to the one world is I've never seen it like this ever and I commented that the 2016 election the globalists were sure Hillary Clinton was going when it was us no-brainer that that she was going, God intervened and said you know what I'm going to give you folks a little bit more time. The global empire, which would have come about in the Clinton administration, Clinton Global initiative. It's going to be delayed. Were going to give a little more time to get the gospel out here that the Austrian the world according to trump the entity globalist agenda. As I said earlier, he represents the entity globalist agenda. So there's been a God hit the pause button. He said we don't know is mind so we don't know what he's thinking that I have a suspicion that he's thinking you are being given a little bit more time to get out the gospel to get out. The good news, but underneath it all is the world as I said this morning clamoring, clamoring, clamoring for a one world, a world without borders. One government, everybody gets same pay everybody's no poverty, no more no terrorism because the single leader put a lid on all of that. I think this is one of the most significant signs of the times. Who is Donald Trump why the US globalist elites dread present electronic that goes back to 2016.

The globalist elites were they didn't think he'd win that he did win, and now they did they know what to do and they still don't know what to do so. Point number 12 were getting it to 15 here just a minute wolves among the flock.

Some of you, and I hear from you. You don't have a church because whatever church you visited sold out to some kind of apostasy.

I had never again.

I've never seen it like it is today. Let's just consider I just wrote a chapter in Terry James book called deceivers. It's a big hard. I don't have.

It's just coming out next week deceivers and I wrote a chapter on deception in the church ethic was 25 pages.

I realize it needed to be a complete book, postmodernism, social gospel. These are things that are infecting the church I went on and on and on seeker sensitive new apostolic Reformation or NAR so-called prophets.

I don't really believe there are prophets today into many of them seem to be all about financial profit. Holy laughter.

Nothing funny about it. It's very demonic infecting church after mysticism, contemplative prayer infecting church after church, you would down the street almost any church youth come to will be featuring one or all of these dominion is some kingdom now.

This teaches that the church is going make the world perfect and only then can Jesus Christ return. How's that working out to take 20 million years for the church to make the world perfect and then the Lord can return. That's dominion is some kingdom. Now it's nonsense complete, utter nonsense.

We've got latter rain we've got millennialism was referred to this morning they take nothing literally, particularly no millennium, this is rampant in every almost every economic circle of Catholicism in every mainline Protestant belief and millennialism there's nothing there's no millennium, there's nothing literal. We don't take anything literally so that has infected more denominations than I could even cite today post millennialism Mikey. I can't get into definitions here, you can look some of this up. Protestants are moving towards Catholicism never thought I'd see this happen in my lifetime but it's happening. Note the Bible prophecy your I couldn't find it. You come up and ask me out there where can I find a prophecy preaching church in this area, perhaps right here that's maybe it is. This is a topic that the church has thrown out, thrown into the trash and set a fire to it do not want to deal with the fact that the Lord is coming back. It will keep people away will keep younger people away. How many young people do we have today.

Hardly any. Thankfully, there are few and thank you for coming, but again this is off-limits because it's got too much negativity tied to it moving away from Israel.

Support its overwhelming I'm talking about evangelicals now not just talking about mainline Protestants moving away from Israel. Support all this is all part of the great falling away replacement theology, the church is Israel drive down the street almost any church you come to any denomination will believe that the church is the new Israel and they couldn't be more wrong. Christian Palestinian is him. Yasser Arafat brought that into existence a decade or more ago Jesus was a Palestinian not Jewish. He was a Palestinian and that's rampant in our churches.

Sorry, but people like Bill and Lynn Hibel's have not helped because these are the that's the kind of thing that they like to promote and then they have thousands of churches under Willow Creek who all catch on to this kind of teaching and thinking so and again the Bible speaks of the doctrines of demons, the Spirit says, expressly, that in the latter times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons. I just did a radio program on Christ alignment.

This is a month ago Christ alignment comes out of Australia and it's caught on churches there and it's catching on here and they use destiny cards. It's a Christianized form of of Christianizing tarot cards predict your future. That's what they're doing here using destiny cards as tarot cards. This is in the church. So again, I've never seen things at the level it is today. That's on saying it's at the intensity member. The birth pangs are getting stronger and stronger in these aberrations out of control. The simply out-of-control.

How about those birth pangs again.

They are of biblical proportion billion-dollar disasters of 2017 in the US and staggering. How many of us sat and actually wept in front of our televisions in 2017. Watching the disasters. This is a chart here of on the far left his 1980 and on the far right is today that you can see escalation, escalation, escalation, and these are billion-dollar disasters by year 1982 today increasing.

How about 27 trillion gallons of water on Houston is that an intensifying birth pang or is it not how would you like to be under 27 trillion gallons of water is good.

People were last summer. So God is saying you know what pay attention, pay attention. I am coming soon and I've got some markers that put in the Bible and you just why all you have to do is look at some of these markers and if you'll interpret them in a proper way.

They're saying, I am coming soon.

Again, some of these disasters when you get to the tribulation. Hurricanes like this one, they pale by comparison. Because what's going to happen disaster wise in the tribulation is literally unspeakable, literally unspeakable. You don't want to be left behind E adult and time is running out for those of you who are choosing not to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Okay.

Point number 14 of the 15 that I consider to be the most prominent. Again, we could talk about 215 or 315 V. The rise of persecution and Jesus said that you will be hated by all men because of me. He was talking to his people, and I believe that in includes both Jews and Christians Middle East Christians on the eve of destruction and this is been the case for millennia. Relief certainly for centuries, but it is escalating and escalating, out-of-control I believe that's another Harold of his coming here the German Jewish leader warns that Jews may require police protection as anti-Semitism escalates in New York City homework New York students debate exterminating Jews again Jews and Christians, Jews and Christians.

Those are the two targets Muslims are the target Buddhists are the target. New agers aren't the target Jews and Christians are the target others one thing, and we've always said that Israel is the super sign and on.

I still maintain that it is but one more thing has come along that I think is so significant and a lot of people are saying this is actually the most significant and that is to be the convergence of all these things I've only dealt here with 15 I was just handed a book by author I know 50 signs Dave Ragan has a teaching 50 signs and Dave Ragan goes through about one every 10 seconds he goes just like that to get to all 50 I've selected only 15, but then when you take those and others, and you put them altogether. You have the biblical convergence. The signs are in surroundsound living color high definition screening at us. I am coming soon. I am coming soon. Everyone here, I think most of you take that very seriously.

I think there are some that are still very skeptical and all I can say to those who are skeptical to those that want to reject this kind of a message is that your time is running out. If it is late as we think it is then your time if you're watching on DVD or any other way that you're accessing this and you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Your time is running out.

Your time is running out. Eternity is at stake.

Eternity is at stake. I have used the term terminal generation in a positive way.

In this presentation to the believer terminal indicates that soon we will be spending eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible tells us to watch for signs some manifest in the tribulation, but they are casting their shadow. Now many signs are for the church age and they are prominent today as well.

Signs are harbingers a harbinger of that he is coming, and soon the question is are you ready to meet the king that is one of the reasons this ministry exists is to remind you that the hour is late. Just acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord of your life today. It says in Romans 1013, that all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved. Salvation is not complicated, then it matters not if this is the terminal generation. As you will have gained eternal life. I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you next week. All whole wall and God will all you who all and all of us would lose over 70 times radio with Joe Marco across America and across the web, continued reportable events from the perspective of this protest comes to you at no cost. Cost us thousands of dollars to produce and distribute this weekly overage would you consider starting with us ever changing world, but it will displease me to keep informed you to be aware of current events. The lens of Scripture which after we Joe Marco brings you compelling. Our pointing out the dangers in today's culture of bringing hope through faith in Jesus Christ rest. Join us in this listener supported ministry as our financial partner was right with your tax-deductible gifts to all tree ministries Box 1452, Grove, MN 5511 regions are also welcome at all three views the Lord or by phone when you dial 763-559-4444 global updates the review yours around the clock. All three views.arch look forward to soon appreciate your continued prayer support for Jan and immediately Joe Marco returns next week with another information and inspiration product. Our design to help you understand the times

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