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Laodicean Lies

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 3, 2019 8:00 am

Laodicean Lies

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 3, 2019 8:00 am

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The predictive doctrine of demons entered the church to what can we do to bring the church back to sound doctrine.

Make no mistake about it. Tragically, most churches in America are nothing more than social clubs. That's right, the church has become a mere social club. Not all churches, but most of last minute and this is not all will they refused any kind of correction. This group forget what the people say thank you for sending the times radio with Jan Markel called this radio for the resident agent talks to Dr. Gary Frazier Chad Markel and Dr. Fraser have contributed chapters to Terry James Sievers exposing evil seducers in their last days deception both have written topics centered on deception in the church in these last days is doing. Jan and Gary, I charge thee therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom preach the word. Be instant in season and out of season, reprove, review, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears and they shall turn away their ears from the truth shall be turned unto fables and welcome to the program and say I am revisiting the topic of the newest Terry James book D Sievers for the hour, night wrote a chapter in the book titled religionist deceivers rampant and my guest for the hour. Dr. Gary Frazier wrote a chapter titled Laodicean lies and the two topics obviously crossover so we are basically spending our time talking about get down to deception in the church and church issues are the number one topic that comes into this ministry by email, particularly in the dilemma that people cannot find a church is huge. There are many reasons for this, and I'll touch on some of those throughout the program. But I want to welcome back to understanding the times radio.

Dr. Gary Frazier Dr. Fraser's been on this radio program before is that one of my conferences back in 2010. Gary welcome back. Always a pleasure to be with you Gary, you and I been active in the church roughly the same length of time, and since were both writing much the same on the same topic. When you start to see things begin to change in the church and I mean as it concerns sound doctrine or the lack of sound doctrine. Again, from my perspective, having been a former pastor, which I did after until 1985 I had begin to see your real change taking place in the 70s but it just continued to grow as time went on and I think when you begin to understand what Jesus said in Matthew 24, but the last days of the increase in frequency and intensity in the end time signs I think were seeing that we started seeing the number of years ago but continue to snowball in these last few years, will my church that I grew up in, and I was very active in that they actually taught a lot about apostasy and the Bible warns about apostasy and particularly our last days type of apostasy, but to be honest, Gary. I still wasn't prepared for what I began to see. I would say in the 90s and I went to get more specific here as we go into the hour, but I believe it started heavily, we can go back to 1900, which is when it really began. But I wasn't around in 1909, though many find that amazing I still wasn't prepared.

But you know what Christ warned that the gates of hell would not prevail against the church and then went on to predict that it would be attacked and it would be a dispenser of false doctrine, and particularly in the last days. I don't think we should be surprised correct. No, I don't think anyone is Scripture and understand that there is a prophetic element of the word of God and that, as there was a Genesis there is a revelation going. You understand that you realize that were seeing a progressive movement to an incremental move toward the literal fulfillment of what you just introduced our program with the time would come when they will no longer endure sound doctrine, but doubt themselves one teacher after another tickle their ears feel my experience was quite honestly, what I came to Christ as a six-year-old boy. I was involved in the church and that was all the principles of the truth of the word of God in a very strong church with a powerful preacher who talked about deception and liberalism in a cold churches and so forth and so on course as a young person had no really idea what that was why God not a Gerber experience.

That's what in everything to compare it with. But as the years went by, and is a young adult is adult. I began to realize that while there is a huge difference in many of our "mainline Protestant denominations, and that we are seeing this in ever increasing amount of people, churches, denominations, turning away from the truth of the word of God shocking to me.

You write it down. The church of Laodicea. Let me just make a couple of comments about your writing and is a said mind complements years and I'll get to that later but the people of the church of Laodicea which was in Turkey were warned of the consequences of straying from their first love and you emphasize that it would be the consequences. Over time, and Laodicea was the last of the stages of the church is referenced in Revelation chapter 1 and the church was warned but still grew incrementally worse back then. What I found interesting in the opening pages of what you wrote about that the church of Philadelphia kind of the true church and the church of Laodicea which is really dear, I say an apostate church. Certainly a lukewarm church. At the very best only lukewarm. They crossed over help folks understand that you are one of the things that I think when you study the Scriptures carefully begin to realize that the seven churches of the Revelation are indicative of church history. In total, and as a result of that when we move through time, we find it almost church is the letter that John was told to write these letters to the churches. Well, the fact of the matter is that in the total churches we find words of commendation, the things that they did correctly and then also we find words of condemnation to every church, except to that was the church of Smyrna, which was the suffering church and then the church of Philadelphia which was the hardhearted Bible preaching a mentalistic church that I knew in my earlier days and then finally there was the word that the encouragement to do the commands of what they ought to do to get back on track well obviously as we move fast forward church of Philadelphia became that great missionary minded gospel preaching standing for the truth of the word of God, etc., will those churches existed and I think it was a real move in that direction. Following World War II. Great evangelistic so we Bible preaching churches began to pop up across this country and it was like these great missionary movements of God and lives were being touched and changed at the same time. It was a very long until we picked the 60s we began to see this overlapping of that mindset of the Laodicean church which is use of a mobile ago God described them as being neither cold nor hot lukewarm form result of that was. He uses the word virtually that he would vomit them out. If that church to that we have come to see where as Laodicean in the third chapter of the book of Revelation, where we see Jesus pictured outside walked out of his own church knocking on the door wanting yet and so this overlapping time and we still have some great Bible preaching, soul winning truthful churches that exist today that we are being surrounded now by the Laodicean church and I really believe that that is one of the strongest indicators that were on the threshold of the return of Jesus. Because what were seeing in the churches today really just is a reminder to us that we are the terminal generation, the crisis coming soon.

You and I both have a message for the same title.

We just gave that message of the same title in a prophecy conference in Oklahoma about being the terminal generation. Here you say one word would sum up the church of Laodicea and I'm going to have you explain what you mean here little bit because that word you say is tolerance. How does that one word semi plan to see you well. Laodicea was a church that tolerated anything and everything under the guise of religion, we have this mindset not here quoted often by people will say moderation in all things will first of all that.

That's a lot because the Bible never permits or encourages cortical all things God has a single viewpoint on every issue in biblical doctrine as we study the word of God. We should be taught these things. Unfortunately today the generation where we have the greatest access to every possible help and aid to help us understand the word of God thoroughly. We are the most ignorant generation that ever existed almost except during the time of the dark ages with regard to Scripture. It certainly we could say in modern times, so this is a generation that has bought into so many tragic lies concerning truth that the reality of it is that we come to where Paul says in Romans chapter 1 that God has given them up to a reprobate mind.

Let me explain the reprobate mind is a mind that is not capable of discerning truth. The difference between truth and error and sadly that's where we are today, because when the Bible mentions the 16th century translation King James version. It uses the word moderation, but in actuality the Greek word itself means let your sweet reasonableness be known unto all people have nothing to do with the quantity of which you partake or do not partake of something today.

The people of Baltimore. The idea that they can do everything basically that their flesh wants to do law case I do it in moderation there.

All right, if I were the devil I would really sell that hard. And then you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel on the line.

Dr. Gary Fraser because he's one of the contributors to the book we carry deceivers exposing emo seducers and their last days deception and both Dr. Fraser and I have chapters in this book talking about things that have gone haywire in the church, and Gary, I'd like to play a short clip here. It's less than two minutes. It's the late Dave Hines and he is talking about. Quite frankly, and he passed away, five, six, seven years ago. He never thought he would live to see how bad things have gotten when it comes to the apostasy that has gripped some of the church. We certainly don't want to throw all churches in there, but some of the churches he says don't let anyone deceive you that they will not accept the falling away comes for the apostasy comes first, so this is obviously were having an effect is where we have to go. Is that right you can't come in the day of the Lord except the apostasy comes, so we shouldn't be on one hand we mourn Paul We know this morning. On the other hand, this is what we are to expect from Scripture now. I believe in him and say I believe the rapture could occur at any moment.

I believe it always could have occurred at any moment after the death of the apostles. So you say will then we've done away with them and see if the apostasy has to come first and only processes been her from the beginning. Paul said all that in Asia have forsaken me. Most of the Scriptures. The New Testament Scriptures were written to correct error that was already in the church where they and Paul as we quoted this morning. He said after my departing grievous wolves M of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after so I guess the question is, how bad is it have to get I don't find any Scripture that says it has to get so bad I been talking about this writing about it for 25 years and I can only say this got worse than I thought I could not have mentioned how bad it is now to Gary. I think Dave Hunt is saying moderate. This goes back almost to the needs of the early church that my goodness, it's kinda gone off the chart here in more recent decades.

I believe that's what Dave saying you want to come back to this and I think our listeners need to constantly be reminded of the that the teaching of Jesus is. It's a matter of frequency and intensity yes and I want to continue to harp on that because every age has had all kinds of earthquake specialist in family though for the sole ethnic strife and all those kind of things but you gotta realize that while every generation, every people to express it for 2000 years.

But here's the kicker. Again, it comes back to frequency and we have seen this incrementally over time. It gets worse and worse and worse. David Jeremiah wrote a book appears good works that I've never thought I'd live to see any listed a number of different think the bottom line is I'm getting awfully close to the 70 mark in in my lifetime.

I'm seeing things now, but I never dreamed I would say no, that doesn't mean that other generations didn't feel that same way. But here's the difference we now have Israel and their land, which is the game changer of all time. Because in time, Bible prophecy as you and I both know revolves around Israel occupying their own land again in light of the fact that Israel is now back to their land. Now we see all of these things are to begin to happen with frequency and intensity since 1948 and we can simply say that the things that Jesus mentioned, we cannot overlook the fact that in Matthew 24 the only one of those indicators that he mentioned more than once is deception for time he warns us in Matthew 24. Watch out that no one deceives you. But when you put us in the right timeframe of terminal generation. Then we can expect to see the very things that are clip just mentioned a moment ago, but one of the things that I wrote about is the fact that yes tolerance for anything and everything has moved from the mainstream into the churches took to churches put up with anything today but there's an attitude also and that attitude is as I write the book a in Laodicea they came the place to did need God were in a culture right now.

Where in all honesty, we think any road leads to heaven. All religions are basically the same. Doesn't matter what path you take.

And that is in stark contradiction to what the word of God teach us, but in Laodicea they also taught this idea of unconditional love and acceptance.

We will accept anything because we want to unconditionally love people. We can load people, but I will tell you I want listers to hear me well on this when you love people.

You must love them enough to tell the truth.

The other thing that jumped out at me.

Gary Fraser is that you suggest Laodicea abandoned the Bible for entertainment and I say today's church is consumed with two things. They both begin with E entertainment and experience and I think a lot of people today are searching for those two things, entertainment, and experience in today's church.

Many of them. Not all many of them specialize in entertainment and experience, and my goodness, you talk about the apostasy running amok. This is why I couldn't agree with you more, and I do want to reiterate what you said about you in our conversation were not saying that every single church person has come to this place of degradation.

Although we are surrounded by churches at all. That's why we go back inside, there are still Philadelphia children, but there's also this overwhelming increase in this Laodicean attitude as well and what you said is so true. But this is, the way I phrased it and I couldn't agree with you more entertainment and experience are dominating so many churches today. But here's the thing that I find myself asking when did we reach the place when Jesus was no longer enough. In other words, why is it that we feel like that we go to church. Why is it that pastors in absence of a former pastor of pose this question. Why is it that pastors today feel this need to try to entertain people to try to lead them to have some type of unexperienced. Why have we decided that Jesus and the word of God is not on the inerrant and infallible word of God, which brings conviction, which results in repentance, which results in salvation.

What is it that we have abandoned that I have a strange situation. This happened through the years I going to churches and I preach a message and people fled down to the front of the church to give their life to Christ. We seen hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and a pastor will say to me, why is it that this is happened and this is not my experience on a week by week basis and my response to that is is first of all, I do believe that there are pastors and teachers in evangelist and we have different gifts and I believe that God has given me the gift of evangelism and the ability to draw all the net messages and so forth.

Having said all that, one of the main reasons this is that I don't think men of God are preaching the word of God and expect God to move in the service. Isaiah 55 11th is my word will not return bauble accomplish the purpose for which it goes forth and so if there's not enough of the word of God being taught. The Holy Spirit doesn't have anything to use to bring conviction if the word of God that is sharper than a do it.

So if you not pretend it don't expect something to happen. It's not going to happen tainted and cute in the pulpit and trying to be everybody's buddy and trying to entertain this and if that's your goal. Try to get you know a late night TV show or something and abandon the pulpit.

God expects us to stand in the pulpit and preach the whole counsel of the word of God will.

Here's what I want to do in my second segment. Thank you, Gary Fraser, my talk a little bit about my own personal experience, which I know you will identify with and you'll understand when I get into it and I also want to talk about some of the strange things that have moved into the church today and talking evangelical church we've got some saying that the Protestant protest is over that we can all be Catholics again and play little clip of somebody who's advocating that and he said that in front of an evangelical audience, which then applauded all of that. So I'll get to that in just a couple of minutes folks don't go away even though times of the church is falling away from sound doctrine can still be heartbreaking to watch a church many years straight truth of the gospel. Thank you for trusting olive tree ministries as we try to bring you the inconvenient truth every day of the year. Learn more at our website.

Olive tree that's olive. 3.Archie will find Terry James look at our online store or call a central time.

763-559-4444 763-559-4444 Gary return understanding the times 2019 is around the corner. Saturday, September 21 just outside of Minneapolis you have your tickets yet not call the brushfire agency at 1-888-338-5338 that's 1-888-338-5338 or just go online to selling general admission tickets for $25 and that includes a lunch if you have purchased and cannot attend, please turn in your ticket to brushfire so others can purchase them. Speakers include Dr. Robert Jeffress nurse are funny pastor JD for pastor judgeships Jan Markel and Lori Cardozo more again at 8:45 AM on September 21, and conclude at 5 PM. Destination is Grace Church and Perry Minnesota, near Minneapolis. Even hotels are selling out to visit our website. Olive tree go to our conference page or hotel information can I journey to Minneapolis event will be live stream at no cost solar website for details

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