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Millions Missing: Who’s to Blame?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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September 21, 2019 8:00 am

Millions Missing: Who’s to Blame?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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September 21, 2019 8:00 am

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There is coming a great delusion and it concerns unidentified flying objects. How does that play into the end times we alone in the universe and are there other intelligent beings visiting her in?

As millions of people to believe that evidence is pretty weighty. If you take just a little bit of time to look into the subject, you'll probably come out of a kind of like where I am the district. I don't know the extent of the truth and try to find out this is understanding the times radio Jan Markel generates the seller with pastor Billy Crone from Sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Master Crone and Jan will be discussing UFOs in Billy Crone's new book UFOs great last days deception. This conversation will challenge your thinking about identify flying objects and how they can be linked to the last days to begin our program Jan Markel. I saw this illumination that was moving with respect to the stars.

We were smart enough to not say Houston sunlight. There is following us becomes an unidentified flying meal and buzz were on the lunar surface switch to the medical channel spoke directly with the chief medical officer there here side of the crater watching scene do not belong has very distinct features of the satellite dishes. The dish itself. The crater shape. It's got a long spike in the middle all sorts of stuff that looks exactly like a satellite dish on earth.

Once there is an interesting picture that does appear to show something to be a bridge pipe being inching warm.

I have no doubt extraterrestrial very well have populated great structures on the far side and welcome to the program that was just a little teaser that similar topics will discuss the next hour because you anthology is any effective new religion and more people believe in aliens and then believe in God and I UFOs in the mystery surrounding them are helping to usher mankind.

According to my guest this hour into one of the darkest periods, that this planet has ever seen.

What we mean. And this may be the greatest last days deception. That's what we mean. And I'm to be talking for the hour with the familiar voice of pastor Billy Crone pastor Billy Crone. Welcome back to the program. Thank you so much Jim just finished your book here and I'll say more about that little bit later, Billy Crone, but you agree with the statement I was surprised to read this and surprised to hear you say this and other interviews you agree with the statement that 95% of the sightings of supposed UFOs are actually explainable. They can be military aircraft. It could be natural phenomenon, or they could be hoaxes, but about 5% are mysterious and you agree with those stats just because no and trying to get what they want us to believe about you, but a lot of it based on personal research and also personal contact with a lot of documentaries that we have interviewed military expert, and so I think most don't realize just how complex and how far along you flying technology is only for United States but the other governments around the world much what people want to see craft. It really is a governmental craft.

However, I do believe that a lot of them on top of that are hoaxes. Unfortunately, I think a lot of the sightings also no issues with hopeful thinking you wanted to be an alien crap that should the blinking light from aircraft etc. etc. however, I think it belongs to the research, there is a smaller slice that cannot be explained away. It is not a hoax and that's what we try to focus on this resource. What are they one of the up to in the event have anything to do with the last days give the name of the book so folks can know the singer conversation on Billy Crone has a book can't believe it's relatively new UFOs.

The great last days deception and it's it's a set almost 300 pages 276 pages and were caring and olive trees carrying and I'll tell you how to get it later pastor Billy Crone you suggest and I agree with you that some of this more mysterious. Well the category that we can't quite figure out right.

Maybe it's 5% made his 10% we do now, but it's kind of small could be demonic activity correct matches from take a look at their behavior. What they're doing what they're saying what the promoting, what they're teaching you will and you look at that and compare it to the Scripture course which is our sole source for the truth is carbon copy Jan of demonic behavior to build on what you just said about demonic but I want to talk about history for minute here because you give fascinating history going back even hundred hundred and 50 years the sightings back then. Let's say late 1800s, and sightings then look like a balloon flying balloon because that was the technology of the day and then as we morph into the and particularly the 40s because that's when they really started to pick up and particularly around 1948 for some strange reason they really picked up at then coming in the more modern times. The technology keeps morphing as the sightings keep getting increased, something deceptive here because your course go back to John chapter 8 Jesus life Talk about Satan knowing murdered and one from beginning is a liar all about life and you take a look at these entities even throughout history there lying there deceiving and that's what Satan that's what demons do and you mentioned about that.

A lot of people don't realize that a lot of sightings purported for UFOs and DTs for quite some time back in the late 1800s, the one they appear to people, they appear to kitchen on we document this is historical count that as a blimp and went on to say that they told people he came from planet Mars undergo like okay but then fast for just a few decades later, also new. These metallic spaceships will okay we just look at this logically little biblically.

You mean to tell me that you literally flew all the way from Mars on a blimp number one, number two, or that your technology drastically improved to what you're appear to today or are you being deceptive and what you're doing is you're deceiving people in each generation with the flying technology that they have for that generation Y that the defeat that's what Satan does liar and he is the father of all lies. Let's go down a little different path here for just a minute because you have the background in the occult in the new age and you state that this has made a good sense for your interest in this topic and you say that this background you have in occult new age, you say that it gets her to prepare you because you were taught to believe back then. This is years ago now.

You're now pastor full-time. Of course you are then taught that for instance the great tribulation was earth. Cleansing itself, there will be some people who disappear that's what you are told and quite frankly they're kind of tests and it would be good to get rid of them referring to Christians, of course, this is when you are in the occult new age, you said that you were taught that these were saviors from outer space taking us to a new level and all of this is good. This is when you are back in the occult in the new age and then you talk about some of the new age lies in how they fit in here and this is what some of these entities will even tell people that were all little gods that there is no sin, we don't need a Savior that we should worship mother Earth that we need unity we need world government. We need a one religion a one world economy, we need a single ruler.

This will bring peace and harmony to the planet that Lucifer is a good guy. These entities would debunk Jesus God in the Bible. These are all new age lies. What is your mission and that's what I came out New Age Nicole first time, eight weeks old Mexican almond Bible college and later seminar but they're not first your mom, occult student, I never heard of anything but the rapture and things that nature and the antichrist. The last days is similar to that of should be about college on the cost and all of a sudden my mind starts going crazy on the way to second wait a second. That's what the so-called UFOs and aliens were saying except they say it's a good thing.

They say that Jesus is one of the ET's come to his persistence is just a great teacher like Mohammed or Buddha letter New Age like they say that we need to submit to a one world government, a one world war one world economy combine religions together.

The planet will be destroyed less antichrist kingdom. Click on the actually even say and promote the New Age that Satan and the Devils a good guy and then again this is what the UFO occult occupants are published together biblically, but even logically, Jenny, we basically get the strict response made of highly evolved race from the other end of the galaxy or some star system would everyone do they lie all the time and in your here to help humanity in our time of need and and so you come all across the galaxy just to tell me that we need to follow in antichrist figure we need to combine the world government. We need to submit to global authority. We need to combine religions away. By the way, don't forget Satan is a good guy debunk only Jesus God in the Bible really became the only cost to say that's exactly what Satan does.

That's what demons do. It's an old age old line and think about Jim, at least from Satan's perspective only because it's what he does he live, he deceives masquerades as an angel of light right right generation. Most people don't want to believe in a literal statement which will demons okay so what you do.

He gives people say old demons there aliens from another world. This is an extraterrestrial from another world and they're here to share what you knowledge that mankind is received. It's an age-old why all they did was repackage themselves. You are listening to understanding the times radio and Jim Markel have on the line from Las Vegas pastor Billy couldn't find him there at sunrise Baptist Church in Las Vegas. Also online. Get a life media can imagine all the products all the resources you can tap get a life and we're talking for this hour about a new book he's released UFOs. The rate last days deception find it in my store. All on left review set or give us a call you'll find it in my print and EU newsletter pastor Billy Crone.

These entities have some enablers hate to say it that Pope Francis is one of them and he would like to baptize an alien that doesn't help that influences 1.2 billion Catholics who suddenly think well these little creatures are probably okay. Pope Francis wants to baptize them. He is helping the globalist New Age agenda.

Chrissy helps in many categories then Catholic Church comes along and make statements like this doesn't help help but what it does well, if you will, it actually helps people exactly which option is a negative thing. But if we document this Janet and I wish I was making this up. It felt like a crazy science fiction story, but this really what the Vatican is up to in the been up to prolonged time they actually are in a desperate search for ET themselves.

They have their own entity. People can check out called for the award. The Vatican Observatory research group and they got from the most powerful telescopes in the world.

Reportedly, and they just want to find ET okay now the question is will why in the world is the Vatican so enthralled with ET will believe it or not, and this is coming from the Vatican astronomers the popes go along with this stuff to. It's all documented that they believe that the ET's are going to become our new saviors. Of course, that's the demonic life that fill one of the many demonic lies that they're coming here and share with people that you don't need Jesus.

There is no such thing as sin. There is no such thing as hell. Satan is a good guy were here. The ET's are here to save you enthralled with this in the Vatican's going right along with it, but they think that the ET's gonna be your new saviors and they actually would say that the extraterrestrials we need to listen to them, whatever they say about life even truth, including the Bible because the Vatican is promoting that the ET may not have experienced all the words that are supposed to be free from sin. Well that's a whole other topic aliens are based on the light of evolution and is relied on other planets. I don't believe so on out and even the scientific evidence does not show that there is no proof but even if they were in existence Romans eight says all creation is experience from the fall effects of sin and stuff, but the Vatican they said nothing else. So these guys supposedly have a better knowledge of God in the Godhead, and this is promoting. Therefore, when these guys show up whatever they say we need to submit to their old gospel help all very clear about.

Listen, I don't care. In Galatians right in chapter 1 he says Europe and even quote angel from heaven, should preach another gospel other than what we preached you, let him be eternally condemned these of the 23rd and is crazy. That is, as you mentioned Jim, the pulp actually went on record, he could still see on YouTube was news clips that he would be willing to baptize him. It sounds crazy, but this is really what's going on. Even Tucker Carlson people in Texas pretty mainstream is raising questions about this topic uses a quick couple minutes of Tucker interviewing. I frankly somebody extremely credible.

Who's had a sighting UFOs of the stuff of conspiracy theorists for decades often locks for talking about it that maybe they shouldn't be long. Cmdr. David Faber spent 18 years as a naval aviator pilot in 2004. He had an unforgettable encounter with an aircraft. He said, was to find the laws of physics. When a favor joins us a nice supper coming on tonight. Tell us what you saw but we are on the lots on a routine training mission. When we joined up, we were told that the event was to be canceled and we have real-world tasking. We were sent out to the West not take in mind that this is taken place about a mile southwest of San Diego between San Diego and Ensenada, Mexico on a clear perfect day blue waters.

We get out to the sport spot where they tell us exactly we start looking around, and both of us. Both airplanes see disturbance in the water and a white 40 foot long TicTac shaped object just hovered above the water. Going forward, back, left, right, there's no rotor wash.

There's no wings nothing. So as we drive around in a clockwise flow we get to about the 9 o'clock position. I said want to go down and check it out and the other jet is to stay high. So as we go down that when we get the 12 o'clock position, it starts the mirror so it's in a clockwise flow and it's on the opposite side of the circle from us that we continue this. It's in a climb warranted dissent were given a great look at it this whole thing takes about price up to five minutes from the time we show up. I get over the 8 o'clock position. It's about the 2 o'clock position. I decide I'm in a go see what it is and it's about 2000 feet below me and I cut across the circle and as I get within about 1/2 mile of it. It rapidly accelerates to the South in about two seconds and disappears.

What would you estimate the speed well above supersonic that did like the bullet out of a gun and took off what you know about aerodynamics, mechanics, physics should this be possible. What you saw, not with the technology that we have today. Not at all.

Even now, even 13 years later. Is there anything that you know was capable of this kind of behavior now there's nothing I know of meanness when you look we saw the video with the IR has no exhaust no no no discernible things of anything form of propulsion in this thing came from a dead hover over the waters, moving around to a climb up to about 12,000 feet to rapidly accelerating away in a climb in less than two seconds it was gone and you figure you're talking 50 miles visibility and you can easily see an object that sighs easily out the 10 miles and it just disappeared in seconds. She barely crooned you think this could be setting here could be part of the 5% that is just mysterious could be in a whole chapter we have on how do you know we can make the statement that we believe uses that small percentage of demonic deception for the last days begin to go to the programmable chapter on how do you oppose aliens quote, travel, and the guys mentioned this thing is we don't have the technology to do this and it looks ago so that's it like a boat without a gun but stop and think about them. If you're actually doing with the demonic entity. Demons of course are fallen angels, and angels.

When you look in the Bible. How do they travel angels have the ability to materialize in the materializing.

They just pop and pop out what when you take a look at how you oppose aliens travel what the guys mentioned that's exactly what you have with these entities.

A clock speeds. He wasn't sure about that.

Went but on record that we came across some of the apartment speed up to 15,000 miles an hour making a right turn which logically would destroy anything physical really was physical in nature. These entities, they don't make a sonic boom like a normal physical object is also radar has never recorded the actual injury no pupil into the atmosphere. They just pop onto the scene of your report with an eight hey we just want you guys update their aliens all plead overcoming the corner of Jupiter will be here in three days and 14 hours in bubble. The backs of the moon there to be here tomorrow afternoon shall be prepared. Now they all said just pop on the same in the radar pop right back out okay. This is why, after decades of research secular. I can stress is an option. Secular reviewable knowledge of these guys been setting is for decades.

They say, and I quote there seems to be no evidence yet that any of these craft or beings originate from outer space."

One theory, they can no longer be taken very seriously is that you oppose her interstellar space ships in other words, secular researchers you've all just the same. Based on how these things travel they're not coming from outer space coming from interstate coming from another dimension. The wonder of wonders.

That's what the Bible calls the spirit realm and wonder of wonders that how angels travel and demons of the following category. Actually, that was next in my notes I was asking about the talk to you about this that the secularists are saying and some of these are you ethologists in there saying that what were dealing with is more akin to magic or the occult, then to physics when I get back.

Pastor Billy Crone want to discuss with you how this might play in.

Let's just say after the rapture because the world is going to be confused and in all who are missing or going be believers in the antichrist must have some kind of an explanation for what happened to us to Winnipeg about that a lot more we've got another segment with Pastor Billy Crone again.

The book is UFOs.

The great last days deception. It's in my store olive tree down Oregon. Give us a call. You can get my printer E newsletter back in just a couple minutes thank you for trusting under seven times radio so each week here online or on their thanks also for supporting son hundreds of radio stations across North America.

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Saturday morning live stream our conference on your computer. Just visit our website olive and follow the directions on the homepage. That's all of Treeview' on radio, online through our conference activity and newsletters. We want to sharpen your Christian worldview help you understand are perilous times and encourage you to become watchmen on the unidentified flying spotted by two Navy fighter pilots flying high above the clouds videos from the department of defense published by the New York Times and Washington Post article once government program investigates sightings of so-called anomalous aerial vehicles in the sky.

Some have sensationalized today's topic we feel we need to take a look at it from the perspective of the supernatural and paranormal overdrive you have featured Pastor Billy Crone from sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas in our conference and outreach. She turned to Jan and UFO sightings around the world have reached an all-time high.

According to data from the national UFO reporting Center UFO sightings experience the boom in the 1980s reported sightings were from less than 5000 in 1982, about 10,000 in 1990. Between 19 92,000 sightings rose by nearly 30,000 in those 10 years, more than 45,000 sightings were reported a record. It appears the spike UFO sightings was another anomaly trained. From 2000 to 2009 more than 36,000 UFOs reported since then, more than 11,000 more UFOs reported more than 47,000 being catalog since 2010, petitioner can monitor this information to light the collection of data from conference on the far more likely to spot UFO the US anywhere else in the world.

He reports that on average 2500 sightings reported 10 million people. That's 300 times higher than the median Northwestern in northeastern states have filed the most report citing per capita seven new known claimant could experience even more close encounters for Fox news. I brought Demetrius and welcome back, you're not listening to light stone. This is understanding the times radio but I am captivated by a new book were carrying UFOs the great last days deception by Billy Crone.

You've heard them on this program before Billy Crone. Again, let me just jump here to some of my notes in front of me.

Some say that when this kind of phenomenon happens by citing even a landing.

There's a smell of sulfur. Mindful of Revelation 19 the lake of burning sulfur. What you make of that mean first of all, people are actually having encounters with these crafts yet. Traditional small slice something something odd is going on and again when they show up all they they want to communicate with people, but was very strange. Janice, again you know you're doing the demonic deception is because the manner in which they communicate when they show up right all the way apparently to get the news that we need to have from these guys.

They tell us they got the great truth. It'll save the planet, is you have to get into an altered state of consciousness while Deuteronomy 18 permits. That's called being a medium right got very clear about that: detestable, why because it's demonic practice in there to deceive you.

But think about that logically 22nd so the only way that I can get this information from you when you show up is I have to get myself into an occult practice in an altered state of consciousness and then you take over my vocal cords which knew which we used to call that channeling and that's how I can communicate with you on the highly advanced civilization. This technologically advanced race of entities in an interview me now walkie-talkie can mean after snapper everything rip apart on the phone or one those nifty a cooked enterprise devices.

Why is it the only way can communicate with you in the demonic practice what what you on this interesting is Paul did talk to Timothy first and people want. He said the Spirit clearly says in the latter times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons and that's what these things are done or come up on the scene, but it all away to be taught by them to communicate with them into the coal practice but goes even further.

They don't just want to take over your vocal cords right and communicate to you.

They listen want to possess you. Okay now of course what Satan do. He repackages himself those arguments urges aliens you want be demon possessed up a call that you'll freak out but so the use terms like walk in or you can be a star child star state that you can be disseminated like and they look she wanted possess your whole body and then when you take a look at the encounters of people have when they do show up on the scene. People begin to as if there possessed, and then you mentioned Jan of all things for them to quote smell like when they show up on the scene. Often times it's the smell of sulfur and not just with aliens and UFOs will also document in the cold. Haven't been there, done that which would love the T-shirt but in the occult. When actual demons appear on the scene. Sometimes there's also the smell of sulfur that just kind of interesting point getting so alien show on the scene smelling sulfur even show up on the scene is like sulfur cheeseburgers, not steel mill. Not all things to smell like a sulfur, which is what the Bible describes the lake of burning sulfur like sulfur.

This in Revelation 19 that we need to quickly insert here Billy Crone that there's one word that can chase all of this away and I mean in a nano second talk to me about that. Yet they went after a while because I wish I would've known this for get saved to save me some trouble, but it did happen. When I did call upon Jesus.

He rescued me from that. But we even interviewed people share their encounters will also assure other researchers encounters but can that's absolute right give me a break in what field action if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, quacks like to get what will if you lie like a demon you teach academia travel academia smell I could even get to see what even probably demon and then at this one.

By the way you rebuked just like a demon. There is one way on record. Even secular you all all just admit one hundred percent of the time when you were these critters if they do show up near you. It's when you command them in the name of Jesus Christ to leave and they do it. Jenna got show this to in the research and this is from secular researchers think they say that a very strange trend here that that they say that the Muslims, Buddhists, agnostics, they claim, abduction experiences, but that as more cases were examined. There was a puzzling trend that emerge. Okay there is one group that these things tend to stay away from. And that's Christian and he's talking about limited delineation was what were talking about is known as born-again Bible believing Christian. It is the ET's tend to avoid this group of people." This reality has been largely ignored by many UFO researchers. Then they going to say the so-called Christians reporting these encounters tend to be those who intellectually espoused the existence of God but didn't apply even more true Christians there seem to be an obvious absence of devout Bible believing walk the walk Christians where were they in this equation. So number one secular researchers same you everybody's talking about these different cultures of these aliens and entities, and even them and encounter with them but Bible born-again believer Christians.

They don't seem to get messed with and those that do encounter them again when they speak forth the name of Jesus Christ. These things don't just listen, take heed, they hightail it out of second they're gone they're gone.

I want to go back to this rapture issue that I teased with just a moment ago. By the way you're listening to understanding the times rating on camera killing him on the line. Pastor Billy Crone. Learn ghetto were carrying a new book of his UFOs. The great last days deception find it. Olive tree is not orc may store olive tree.

These data give us a call.

You can also get it in my print and EU newsletter. Let's go back to. I teased with this because I think it's so important it's coming and they probably soon when a lot of people are going to go missing and it isn't convenient that this phenomenon has been all the rage going back for hundreds and hundreds of years, but in the last 60, 70 years gone off the chart and really in the last 25, 30 years is when it's really kind of peak and this is going to help those who are trying to explain what happened after certain phenomenon, the Bible refers to as the rapture and that's why you pose a great last days deception leading somewhere. Any think about the enemy how slowly, methodically set this up just to explain away. I believe the rapture of the church right again.

UFOs, aliens, it's all based on a lie called evolution, not just a race of entities that are supposed to be a higher E vault break the principle of evolution is not true.

The right.

Just like to meet again. Another thing that I wanted that life start 50 years ago, Charles Darwin, so the enemy first had to get people to bind to live evolution get that in the minds of people in the world, but that wasn't the endgame thinking is to not go. Step two I got you away from God and Christianity in creation from a medical perspective. Now drop a bomb on him and tell you that there's other lifeforms out there and then that's what's been through Hollywood, the media and again the old axiom to repeat a lie loud enough long enough off enough people believe it. Same thing with here were inundated, airplanes enthralled with aliens. I made it to even say that aliens don't exist in the traditional sense. People look at you like you're the weird one, but everybody believes in aliens.

Now that's just step two, step three is boy at yourself in the antichrist. She put yourself in the last days. Put yourself in centuries. It will hear you have an event that is coming. The Bible talks about the last 2000 years the rapture the church, you can't spin this baby away, you can say although that didn't happen.

It was an event that happened and specifically happen around the world and specifically and only Christians disappear, not random people, specifically Christian, how in the world are you spin that baby away with Jan again back to that first year Bible college. I never heard the rapture from a biblical perspective in my life when I came across at the first time. Again, my head is exploding on the will will will wait a second. It drew me back to the New Age days in the so-called channel messages from the supposedbrothers orbiting the planet or some star systems, aliens and UFOs and of all things for them to come here. You're not here just to deny God. Christianity, the Bible. You're not here just to promote the antichrist kingdoms to the devil's good guy, of all things for you to do is you are laying the foundation to explain why the rapture the church and we share in this research. I actually had the portable stuff that I was involved in, and to prove that I'm not making this up. These are what they're doing. I pulled up a bunch of New Age resources from these authors are supposed to be getting these messages from these aliens and money to share a couple of quotes with you Jan you tell me if this is not to become the perfect excuse to explain away that next prophetic event. But when the big ones out there. Her name is Barbara Marston yet and she's a really famous New Age lady. Unfortunately, I still pray for her to this day she wrote a book out there called bringers of the Dawn. She believed that she is in contact with the extraterrestrials from the star system pleadings, and here's what she said that they had told her to tell mankind that we desperately need to know and and and she said that that what he told her his quote there will be great shifting within humanity on this planet, it will seem the great chaos and turmoil are forming that nations are rising against each other in war that earthquakes are happening more frequently. Listening must have some supernatural spell: read the Bible.

Matthew 24. There's nothing new, but that they make it sound like they got this secret knowledge, but then she goes on to visit.

They told me to tell you that hurt shaken itself free and a certain realignment or adjustment. It is to be expected.

Listen the people who leave the planet during the time of changes do not fit here any longer. They are stopping the harmony of the earth when the time comes that perhaps 20 million people leave the planet at one time you notice how what they do is a picture being left behind as a badge of honor, and that it was those sad people those people who weren't as spiritually evolved as the rest of us were still on the planet, those nasty Christians they were stopping the harmony of the earth. Now they been beamed up right. That's why the disappear because now were going to build this age of Utopia. Oh and by the way, there is good be some catastrophes on the planet and the escalate will go ahead and warn you that to but is not a bad thing.

It's doubly not God's wrath is just mother Earth, and if you could just hang on, you'll make it on the backend into the age of total explain away the rapture the church is very convenient.

Comments you make in the book that I want to dwell in for just a real brief amount of time here that you say the notion of alien life does not square well with Scripture knickers that should be obvious to most listeners, because you and I feel that God's plan of redemption is obviously for humans.

In other words, descendents of Adam and really not space creatures that are inherently demonic. I found that to be a very interesting concept that you and accurate and you say extraterrestrial life is an evolutionary concept and I think you should explain that because again, this is a huge deception evolution is one of the big deceivers of today and extraterrestrial life is an evolutionary concept yet can appreciate for important notes that some Christians stumble a bit on this issue because of the repeated line throughout the media and the movies and things that nature is will will just gonna be like one of the planet some income on using Star Wars and Star Trek and all its Hollywood makes movie doesn't make it true. Folks, okay, but the whole premise again as I mentioned earlier, of aliens is built on a lie and the light is evolution. Evolution is not true folks. There is no evidence of evolution and by way if people want to get resource. We have a 42 hour study on video. We also have five companion books on call the witness of creation dealing with the bankruptcy of evolution. Stick to the biblical account not just physically but also scientifically as well.

Well another cool to choose have been the book the real world is biblical world, a universe designed by God with the earth as the spiritual focal point, not an evolutionary universe continue to build on that, evolution is banquet evolution. Folks if it can't happen here and I can't doesn't happen anywhere right, but also from a biblical perspective the earth.

The Bible is very clear. The earth is in fact unique and that God designed the earth alone for life. Psalm 115 for the highest heavens belong to the Lord but the earth he has given to man by any counter how many times Hollywood want to pump our own older copyright BellSouth 30 of the Balkans and the Klingons always other ailments. Listen, that's not what the Scripture says, also number two aliens biblically cannot be redeemed God's plan of redemption is for human beings, not for aliens is for those who are descendents of Adam right. This goes back to the fall. All of us mankind are descendents from Adam. We inherited a sin nature and God set the pattern force in the garden of Eden right after admitting sin that made coats of skin to cover them, which of course we know symbolic for salvation of the Lamb become Jesus Christ who would be the sacrifice.

The covering for Sam okay aliens, even if you wanted exit are not blood relatives of Jesus are not from Adam so they can be redeemed even if you want to flirt with that route, Jesus blood would not pay for their stamp okay by the way that Jesus also died once for all, here on planet Earth. He didn't go visit another world to go visit another world. That's all completely un-biblical. Jesus is both God and man. He is not an alien.

He died for mankind. He is a descendent in his humanity from obscene Adam.

Just like the rest of us.

He died for mankind, not the ET extraterrestrial life. The whole premise is an evolutionary construct. It does not agree with the Bible that the Bible says on making this up. The Bible says that the earth and mankind is unique and all worlds in the universe. The planets and galaxies. Okay, it's only the earth that God himself has visited as a human being. Jesus Christ died on the cross was only on planet Earth. He only rose again from the grave only on earth again only for mankind and by the way, not just a difficult count. This is why to this day no one, and they won't listen when lie about it but no one has discovered life on other planets. No one is detected any radio signals from so-called intelligent aliens. What you find is a complete silence will that agrees with the biblical creationist account okay if evolution is true if there was life on other planets that we been here for millions of millions of years, then you would expect a ton of contact with these entities we would find radio signals over the place and the scientists, which is been having boxes loaded up with all kind of life in the universe that is not what you find what you find agrees with the biblical account man is unique earth is unique and Jesus Christ only died for mankind Is assassinating almost 300 page book. I can always read every book that a feature on this program. I did this one because once I got into when I was engrossed the US owes the great last days deception you can find it in my store. All of his downward. You can give us a call.

You can find it in my print and E newsletter. It's fascinating topics. It's about 1314 chapters with pastor Billy Crone

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