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What Do We Do With a Jewish Messiah?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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January 11, 2020 7:00 am

What Do We Do With a Jewish Messiah?

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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January 11, 2020 7:00 am

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Our Messiah is Jewish. What is behind Christian anti-Semitism. This movement is the American people better wake up really fast because this thing is moving towards a vote in the house and then a trial in the Senate welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel brought you by Olive tree ministries. Today we examine Christian anti-Semitism that is professing Christians expressing hatred for the Jewish people. This is nothing new, but with the popularity of the Internet. The sentiment is spreading around the world quickly, Janice joined by a fellow warrior in the battle against it. Lori Cardoza for our conference speakers back in September 2019. Here is Jim Markel know how many times I hear Jewish comics on television mocking my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Bill Marr, how many anti-Christian bigoted statements has Bill Marr made on HBO. Just think of the Jewish comics that lambaste and just denigrate Jesus Christ. Christianity morality. The Jewish comics Jewish produced TV shows mock Christianity over 70% more support abortion in this country support same-sex marriage about the attacks on Christianity. Yes, the persecution of Christians medicine American around the world to freedom from religion foundation Jewish yes ACLU Jewish radio ADL Jewish good analysts who attacks Christianity right wing watch Jewish. The only reason for right wing watches existence is to smear Christians and welcome to the program.

Christian anti-Semitism against it really does exist. Now my speakers and understanding times 2019 was Lori Cardoza more from proclaiming justice to the nations and Lori and I both have a concern about the law. The rising anti-Semitism in the world and some of us have it in her own backyard and particularly if there is a college campus near us, you can bet they are not friendly to either Israel or the Jewish people. But when so-called Christians join in and can I say join into the Jew bashing to be real blunt here we find it simply deplorable or worse when one calls themselves an evangelical Christian, even a witnessing Christian and even a pastor of a church such as Rick Wiles of true news. Then Lori Cardoza more and I decided perhaps we should do some radio on what's been going on at least online. If you're not online.

You might not be hearing a lot about this.

Were going to talk about it for the greater portion of the hour, Lori Cardoza more welcome back to the program. Janet is always a pleasure to be back here with you beyond the radio with Mike Victor my partner in mission to educate and activate Christian giving them a biblical perspective of the time that we live in. And our responsibility to Israel to the Jewish people.

You are the producer of actually an award-winning documentary, it's the forgotten people. Christianity and the Holocaust. I've been the writer of the Anita Dittman story trap and resell true story of a Holocaust survivor. I recognize both of us recognize some of Rick Wiles outrageous statements to be similar. Quite frankly, my listening audience to a Christians probably spoke heard throughout history that incited the violent pogroms against the Jewish people certainly incited the Holocaust of the 1930s and 40s by family members who fled the pogroms of Lithuania long time ago.

Perhaps some of this was even said during the Spanish Inquisition. All I know Lori is. Words have consequences and saying the kinds of things and will play some more clips here that Internet broadcaster Rick Wiles would be saying these words have consequences. Absolutely. And you know you bring up a very important point for us to regard what happening from a historical perspective, my ancestors.

You brought up about the Inquisition. My ancestors were forced to convert to Catholicism during the time of the Inquisition and for 500 years. My ancestors had to hide their identity being Jewish because of fear of what Christian throughout history that just like Rick Wilde and if you look at the comments that Rick is made, they are very alert to the comment that are made by Christians that had been made by Christian. Historically, we can look back to Martin Luther. In fact, Adolf Hitler use the writing out of Martin Luther's own book the Jews and their allies and what did Rick Wilde what he outfitting he's accusing the Jews of being a liar fever all the same anti-Semitic tropes. We had been hit Berkeley are being recited out of his mouth, and as I said Hitler took excerpts from the Jews in their lives written by Martin Luther and he legitimized burning down it out and agog on Kristallnacht, those words that incited the pogrom of the Holocaust prior to the extermination of 6 million men, women and children it with both words similar word or accusation that were locked again to in Europe who to little bit here in this segment Lori but before I do have to raise the question and perhaps it's a rhetorical question, what do they do with the Jewish Messiah. What did they do with Romans 910 and 11 were you here Paul's heart cry for the Jewish people. What did they do with the fact that our Bible was written almost exclusively by Jewish people.

What do they do with the concept in the Bible that salvation is of the Jews. I just cannot comprehend how and folks were kind of referring this hour granted anti-Semitism in general is just on the rampage but Christian anti-Semitism coming from professing believers professing evangelicals. Let me just play one more click here quickly just to further illustrate inherently here. This particular program and this is true news outfit out of Florida that the Jews are really perpetrating the final solution of the Palestinian people and now present trouble at the behest of all design us cuts off all of the food where you get your food now where you get it. You're trapped in a refugee camp and there's no food to be said that the Jews are getting ready for the final solution of the Palestinian people. They want to eradicate them. I'll tell you Doc if they get their way. They're going to eradicate the Palestinians. That's where this is going on. Know that sounds extreme, but what they're doing is extreme. The bids were that Yahoo got his way. He would eradicate the Palestinian people. They wanted the early sinus said that they had to eradicate the Arabs. Lori, the fact is that the Arab population in the borders of Israel may be the freest, most prosperous Arab community in the region at least free from persecution is what I mean. Rick Wilde had no idea what you're talking about spouting with the same Arabs out at the Christ that the check you and the Bethlehem Bible college is reciting and restating.

We were over there. Can we film the documentary called boycott this. We went and spoke with the Arabs we spoke with Erin who lived in the Palestinian controlled area.

We spoke with Arabs who live in Israel and Arab Muslim. The Christian era say that they would rather live in Israel because they know that there been a have water, they noticed is ranked and a have electricity they don't get everything there to pastor in Bethlehem. One of them had been shot at Dave catwalk around them. Rocks thrown at their congregants on the way to go to church. Tell me this Rick Wilde how come over 80% of Christian who lived in Bethlehem either believers. These are not Arab only Christian either Christians who lived in the area and date led over 80% have fled since I've loved since 1993 when the Israeli government gave Bethlehem what the world calls the West Bank portion of the day in Samaria over to the Arab to the Palestinian Authority, for they could govern themselves. It is not the Israeli government governing over Bethlehem, the Palestinian Authority and straight kids are being persecuted in the Palestinian Authority area at the hand of the Israeli. This is where he is defeating Christians with his rhetoric. He had no clue what he is talking about. He hadn't done the research. He is already formed his opinion and got the opinion that he is spouting to with his audience is absolutely absurd. Nothing to indicate on. And the question I have Rick Wilde what you think you with all the profit. What if the deal with what God to Moses in the Torah. The first five books of Moses were he laid everything out for all of history, even in the profit we Like Ezekiel in chapter 20 the work that then you shall know that I am the Lord, when I bring you into the land of Israel into the country for which I raised my hand in to give your father thank God that we worship today. He is the same yesterday today and forever more. He changes not.

He made a covenant to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their descendents forever and Rick Wilde mock that covenant by saying that that is the God of the old testament that old the God that we serve is not that same God. I want to read a couple paragraphs because you sent out some press releases and they want to talk about them.

And since you can sign up for those if you will visit PJ TN done a word that stands for proclaiming justice to the nations I referred to one of her films, the forgotten people. Christianity and the Holocaust find out info about if you're interested in Anita Dittman products you've heard Anita on this program for years. Find more in our store. All of tree look for the trap in Hitler's health products they are Lori, I want to refer to something as you sent out a number of press releases. I'm thankful that you're doing that and you say this in one of them.

Sadly, Christian and anti-Semites throughout history, do not read their Bibles, but instead have altered God's word to justify their hatred and bloodied libelous attacks against our Jewish brethren. These Christians say they serve God, but which God do they serve. It is certainly not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and then you say let's bring this up here to some more current events that one is in 2018. And you say last year on October 27 tree of life synagogue in Pittsburgh and earlier this year again 2019. The power away synagogue in San Diego are both attacked by anti-Semitic Christian nationalists.

It is the type of propaganda spewed by Rick Wiles that incites violence first Lori I want you to sort of define the term Christian nationalists. These men who perpetrated these synagogue attacks, and more recently in New Jersey with some Jews killed in a New Jersey Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

They were not true Christians and we need to be careful not to be calling evil righteous but you use the term Christian nationalists that returned it and felt an Christian nationalists for the audience.

They would've been supporters of Hitler and they were there.

What segment during the time that Hitler came to power in Germany.

There were confessing Christians followers of Dietrich von Hopper and then there were Christian nationalists and these were Christians who made at up Hitler and the third Reich there God they believed that they were secure your people.

It kind of like what we saw with apartheid in South Africa. People who have the mentality that were superior than anybody else. That is what a Christian nationalists is and when those two incidents occurred course, I started immediately digging in to find out everything I could about these individuals and teams to individual power way entry of life had both on their social media quoted New Testament Scriptures. The same Scripture that you hear anti-Semite espoused against the Jews that there up there father Satan note same Scripture are cited by the same people that profess this hatred toward the Jews. They have forgotten that God made an eternal covenant and when we take the New Testament and create our own Bible and our own history. From what we read into the New Testament seeing the New Testament as a continuum of validation of the covenant that God made what he spoke to Moses in the Torah.

What he promised, the prophet, the New Testament is that revelation of what was prophesied before coming to fruition, but unfortunately Rick Wilde takes as he didn't opening segment that you cared to need all the Jewish organizations that are run by members of the Jewish community, but he never talked about the Jews that we work with and deeper Jews who are people of faith just like we are people of faith as Christian we are both equally concerned about what's happening to our country and the direction that our country is heading by the comments that Rick Wilde makes the blankets all Jews. It's not going to be surprising if we see any more incidents occurring in the United States by the supposed Christian nationalists Rick Wilde is going to have to give an answer were all going to be judged one day Rick doesn't see Robin to be judged on how we treat Israel. One thing he leaves out because he doesn't understand the totality of God's word you're listening to understanding the times radio I'm Jim Markel going to be featuring for the hour here Lori Cardoza more for the second half of the programming to play her conference message that she gave back on September 21.

I'll have her set that stage in just a few minutes here.

I just want to say one thing hereto, and then I want to play another clip part of the problem here is that this is what happens when one's eschatology or theology of the last days is off-base and it's why I keep pushing the importance of understanding God's plan for the last days as outlined in the Bible.

No, all prophecy isn't history as printer is him teaches printer's and would teach that all prophecy happened in 70 A.D. they would also believe in replacement theology, the church is Israel know we aren't in the millennium now is most denominations teach that would be known as millennialism and that would also teach replacement theology, the church is the new Israel know the church has not replaced Israel, which is again replacement theology, which is the statement of faith of most denominations today know the church is not going to make the world perfect as kingdom now dominion is him teaches and many within the new apostolic Reformation teach and again they too would hold not exclusively, but some within dominion is him would hold to replacement theology, the church is the new Israel.

All I'm saying in that the following paragraph. I just gave is that what you believe about the last days matters because if you're caught up in all millennialism then you're going to more easily buy for some of the nonsense that's being spewed online on play one more clip and I think what caught the attention of Lori, myself, and for that matter. Thousands, tens of thousands of more people watching things online was the fact that the mess in Washington is being called by this gentleman that were referring to in this segment, a Jew cool here you can hear it in its entirety as other pushing the agenda because they have control Washington. Their control of the trump administration. Donald Trump is owned by the Jews. That's the way the Jews work, they were deceivers. They plot they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political agenda. This impeached trump movement is a Jew who the American people better wake up to a really fast because this thing is moving now towards a vote in the house and then a trial in the Senate okay again this is on the Internet, television program, known as true news. I think it's not so true.

But anyway the host is Rick Wiles was also pastor and then he's got some cronies with him. I've played a clip of Doug Burkart in the past where he asks people if they then pro-Israel to confess that sin to the Lord. I've played his prayer, where you can just say along with him repenting for being a friend of Israel and again Lori and I just felt enough is enough. When we start hearing about Dooku.

Unfortunately, that shades of 1938 and both she and I have studied this enough to know that that's a haunting type of a statement to listen to, go ahead, Lori absolutely very frightening. Janice, you had mentioned it those type of anti-medic Trope that it incited violence against Jews, it incited the pogroms in Russia.

We saw the Inquisition in Spain, of course, we just talked about Kristallnacht in Germany. This is because people who espouse to the students of the Bible. And here's the interesting thing when you listen to Rick speak he's not quoting Scripture he's basing his belief on theology.

When we were over there in Israel filming.

I would landing on a hillside looking down at the Bilotta refugee camp that Rick Wilde is. I'm assuming he's referencing the username but I know that refugee camp because I asked the guy that was with that pointed out an area of territory of land with vacant there was green grass with spring and there was the Bilotta refugee camp were that Arab have Their own people living in squalor be generation continue to facilitate the hatred the narrative, the false accusation that Israel is an occupying force. Israel is only occupying what God gave to her. But when I asked the guy what about the land of the year to the left to territory that is that the Israeli territory need to know. He said that belongs to the Palestinian Authority. I why wouldn't he build high-rise condominiums or apartments and cakey for people out there squalor give them some dignity or build an infrastructure of business.

Getting people job because I did interview a woman from Jericho who had to go through the checkpoint every day and I after are you prevented from getting to work in Judeo at this plant.

Israeli plant where your paid where your friends work and I said are you prevented to get to your job on a daily basis and it is rugged that the plan would happen. You know, she looked at me like I was crazy what you talking about I'm not stop when I come through the checkpoint and she said to me if this job has to move.

She said my family die. There is no work in the Palestinian control. Rick Wiles really cared about the Arabs that he supposedly said he cares about. Why isn't he helping those people and holding the Palestinian Authority accountable for the billions. How many $34 billion since Oslo that given to the God and where is the money and death. Obviously Rick didn't go to the affluent neighborhood in the Palestinian controlled area where some of their leadership are living in multi million billion home in his narrative one another quote from you hear some of the items you sent out online and you say Wiles has recently come out attacking Zionists. He referred to global Zionism as the fourth beast from the Old Testament book of Daniel is hatred towards Jews has blinded him to know how to rightly divide the word of God. To suggest that the author of the book of Daniel, a Jew was saying that global Zionism is the fourth beast revealed as an example of how biblically out of touch. Rick Wiles is with the word of God and instead is injecting his own theology into the biblical narrative and then you say Wiles has stated that Zionism will be the evil force that takes over the world in the last days and persecutes the body of Christ and makes war with the saints and it's not Muslims that are going to kill us. It is the Jews. This is coming from an organization that would identify as evangelical Christian. And that's why were alarms, quite frankly, there are things to be encouraged about right before Christmas. Pres. Trump came out and signed an executive order targeting anti-Semitism on college campuses.

The order was designed to target the boycott, divest and sanction Israel movement article says prison trump plans to sign executive order to combat anti-Semitism on college campuses by threatening to cut off federal funds to schools that don't curb discrimination against Jewish students. According to senior administration official so there are some very encouraging things going on at the same time, coming out of the trump administration and his strong stand with Israel and I want to make a quick announcement here, simply because the programming today is prerecorded because folks if you are all of tree supporters in the Southern California area.

I want to invite you to attend a couple of meetings that are coming up in that area.

I hope to minister at some Southern California venues Sunday night January 19, 5 PM 412 church San Jacinto Wednesday, January 22 in the evening.

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills happening now. Saturday, January 25. Please mark down proximity prophecy conference held at Calvary Chapel East Anaheim and you need to register for that.

At Calvary Chapel Tustin, California cc

Other speakers for that or Barry Stagner Jack Hibbs Amir's are funny in Saturday gender 25th in this weekend I met Rock Harbor in Bakersfield, California Sunday morning January 12 10:30 AM. They meet at liberty high school will do their Wednesday service as well. January 15, this is Pastor Brandon Holt house. The Wednesday service meets at River Lakes Ranch community center, call my office to get more specifics on these various meetings that I have coming up in Southern California, really hope to meet you at some of them particularly proximity with a number of speakers the entire day at Calvary Chapel East Anaheim sponsored by Calvary Chapel Tustin, California, Lori.

We've got a few minutes left. I want to give you the platform. I also want you in a couple minutes we have left to introduce your message you gave it understanding the times 2019. Back on September 21 and how does your message that you gave tie to what were talking about right now without any bring up a great question audience that were there for the conference, I exposed the anti-Semitic anti-American anti-Judeo-Christian unconstitutional pro-Islamic content being peddled to our children in our school curriculum in our textbook all over this country we had seen a rise of anti-Semitism. You were just talking about addressing anti-Semitism on college campuses. But it's not just on college campuses. Now Jan we see the rise of anti-Semitic incidents occurring on our K-12. We think the propaganda that is inciting the same violence on college campuses is being given to our children there with mother that had brought a list of spelling words to me that her daughter is 1/3 grader in a local school. One of the spelling words for 1/3 grade child was the prayer of conversion to Islam, called the shahada prayer. This is what's being taught to our children.

This is why we feed the growing anti-medic movement happening within the next generation. Rick brought up about Zion did these diets are going to be the end time and we know it's interesting Jan because Rick would just look up how many time Diane mentioned in the Bible and the word of God and in Isaiah 51 God said, and I have put my words in your mouth. I have covered you with the shadow of my hand that I may plant the heaven laid the foundations of the earth date Diane are my people, we have to be so very careful what we read who we listen to what we are allowing to be taught to our children in our public system. All we have to do is read the word of God, but unfortunately there are people who take the Bible out of its proper context, write their own theology into the text of Scripture, the Bible is a book written to Israel for Israel and about Israel and Christians. Those who became a believer who were Gentiles who were believers in the faith, except you sure as Messiah. Paul talked about this in Galatians and Ephesians that they would become the commonwealth of Israel, they would become part of the nation of Israel.

And that's not the same nation that Rick Wiles out to. He said with his own words that he believes that the Gentiles now are the new Israel, the Christians who embrace tissue as Messiah become part of the commonwealth of Israel, they become part of the nation they do not replace Israel.

I think the root of a lot of the issues were dealing with here would be that awful replacement theology, the church is the new Israel, which is a false teaching. Folks, if you're in a church like that. I encourage you to run as fast as you can see because God is so grieved by that kind of a teaching that the church has replaced Israel as God can break his covenant with the Jewish people. He can break his covenant with you the Christian as well and mean he's a covenant maker. Just as importantly, he's a covenant keeper keeps his covenant with the Jews. He keeps his covenant with the Christian that's part of the emphasis Lori Cardoza Moore and I are trying to make this half hour were to take a short break. When we come back the next half hour renewal right into Lori's message that she gave back on September 21 right outside Minneapolis, Minnesota. Understanding the times 2019, we still have CDs and DVDs of that entire event. Learn more about PJ don't go away coming right back at you for your faithful support of this radio ministry though spelling 20 years write to us through our website follows three that's all the trees used for cola simple time. 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 weeks by mail writing to all of tree ministries in general are so box 1452-year-old MN 55311, Box 1452, Minnesota 55311 Jan Morey's going to do for your faithful radial support over many years. Understanding the times radio is now in its 20th year, reaching coast-to-coast almost 900 and around the world electronically tried to broadcast hope and encouragement world that is rolled tried to show you that headlines are a herald of his coming. Things are all falling in place. We have made a difference in your life.

Lindros prayerfully and financially have a media team that works daily on your behalf thing is coming, perhaps even today. We now play Lori Moore's message it understanding the times 20 9C ministry proclaiming justice to nations is on the front lines, as is all true nostrums that went against FI services, whom the church in politics even in school curricula will present Moore's message September 21 20. This conference was all arranged and finalized some six months ago or so. I said waited you folks need to learn a little bit more about Lori Cardoza Moore proclaiming justice to the nation, filmmaker, special envoy to the United Nations battling for the Jewish people tirelessly combating into Semitism and with greater fervor than anybody I know.

Trying to unseat ill on Omar welcome Lori did you hear that, Omar.

You will rue the day you submitted statement. We will not stand by you all you know I'm back and tell everybody you would not believe Minnesota were all out here in the country saying how the heck did you get elected everybody well we all know now the rest is history. But thank God that you're here and Jan, thank you so much for hosting me and inviting me to be here with all of you okay so I have 30 minute and I met. I would stick to that 30 minutes so working to talk about what's going on and how you can get involved. You guys had been educated you've heard all the Scriptures and were going to talk about the rising threat of anti-Semitism and how our children are being indoctrinated in our public schools and private schools, including Christian schools across this country so we have to be educated. We have to be informed that so critically important to winning this battle.

This is, ladies and gentlemen, the fight for our generation. I want you to think as we go through this presentation I do today how God puts you here matches here physically or in the state that you live in, but that God put life into your physical body. He gave you your soul, and brought you to this place for such a time as this. We have been called ladies and gentlemen by Almighty God, not to sit back when we watch our nation being taken over by anti-Semites by people who hate America.

It is our responsibility.

If you look across landscapes of Europe and you look at the cemeteries were our soldiers are buried. What you see. Lining the landscape crosses and what else Monaghan Dobbins Jews and Christians who been fighting this battle together in this battle is important in our generation as well. Working to go through.

I want to show you just what your children are being educated with as you know, our mission is to educate Christians about our biblical responsibility to stand with our Jewish brethren and defend the state of Israel against the rise of global anti-Semitism. We accomplish this goal by producing award-winning documentary films and we broadcast them in over 200 nations reaching over to billion viewers each week on DayStar TV as we educate, we activate and that's why you are here today so I want you to become familiar with care how many of you know who care is count on American Islamic relations, we have got a great educated and informed group, but this is a quote I want you to look at this is by E Boheme Hooper, who is the national director and this was written Minnesota StarTribune. This is what Abraham said, quote I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the US to be Islamic at some time in the future, but I'm not going to do anything violent to promote that I'm going to use education. Did you notice what he said. I'm not going to do anything violent well from Islamists. How did we get here. We all remember Yom Kippur war 1973 member. Remember 1974 we had the OPEC oil embargo. Do we all remember sitting in odd and even lines odd and even days to get our gas well it was because the United States did with Israel in the Yom Kippur war and the Arabs didn't like that so OPEC nations wanted access to our schools of higher learning because after they turned the oil back on.

They were afraid that maybe our children would have the wrong impression. And of course the Department of Education was started under Pres. Carter in 1976 and 1980 pro-US sentiment begins its decline in our research. Ladies and gentlemen, as we been reviewing textbooks and content. It was 1982 when we started to see anti-Americanism creep into our textbooks. Here's the problem we all know Bill and Melinda Gates that we do. We all know common core, yes. So Bill and Melinda Gates presented at the Moscow summit in 2006. The concept of common core. They convince the United Nations in their globalization of education initiative to adopt this concept and that way the UN would push all the member states to adopt common core United States did so, of course. Who are they pushing common core through Pearson publishing. How many of you aware of what Pearson is doing. Do you know that Pearson owns 80% of the textbooks in the United States of America.

Sounds like they have a monopoly on our children's education. Don't you think they're buying up all the smaller publishing companies and they're not changing the name they're using the old name because they don't want us to know.

Here's a quote from Ronald Reagan.

Many of us remember this freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream.

It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same here. The focal areas were to talk about anti-American anti-West anti-Judeo-Christian the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Holocaust revisionism pro-Islamist indoctrination roadblocks by local school officials and the unconstitutionality of US textbooks, a legal perspective and then of course the propose recommendations for next steps anti-American anti-West. These are false or distorted content in textbooks leads to the following and we all have seen this. Our students are given the impression that America is not worthy of pride or loyalty. Students understanding of America's position in the world has been distorted and American students perception of the culture and history is minimized. Here is an example that I found as I was researching about Minnesota and education curriculum. Here is an example of what I found on one of your schools.

This is like Harriet upper elementary school Minneapolis job. Remember, this is his earlier this year. Anti-Semitic graffiti was spray-painted on the doors of the school.

Here is a textbook by Pearson publishers. This is an AP edition Niger to see some slides with textbooks from Tennessee, from Florida. Trust me, ladies and gentlemen, these textbooks may have a different cover but they're all basically the same textbook being used in every state across this country. This AP edition is an objectionable social justice handbook. In direct contrast to the founding principles of our nation as defined in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, in violation of our founding principles. Now this is a Florida state statute.

Here we have the in this textbook, which is a McGraw-Hill is being used in Florida to but around the country. In this textbook, the author states that treaties on international law are the supreme law of the land.

Thank you so much. The Constitution were we not educated. There is no treaty international treaty that supersedes the U.S. Constitution. That's what we were taught.

But that's not what's being taught to our children.

You saw here's another textbook.

This is world history. McGraw-Hill quotes because humans rejected allies earlier messengers. Allah said his renal revelation to Mohammed.

This deal legitimizes Christianity and Judaism by turning Jesus and Abraham into Muslims and marginalizing them. You know there's a school here in Minnesota. Somebody just sent me an email about this that they are now saying that God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the same God is a law and that is what is being taught to your children so here's some of the Holocaust revisionism the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel content that we found and of course we saw that it's anti-Semitic revisionism which is stereotypic.

Pearson's removal of Judaism as a world religion anti-Israel revisionism or the delegitimization of Israel and Israel's refusal to return land God gave to them. And of course the Holocaust revisionism, no Holocaust.

No Israel and the Holocaust is just one of many genocides here are three other textbooks. Pearson textbooks are objectionable in methodology and presentation with regards to anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiment and Holocaust revisionism of these textbooks that you see one of them, which the cultural landscape was a textbook that we had a problem with in Williamson County, Tennessee were to talk about that in a minute this textbook. The role of the Judaism's play throughout the centuries as the first monotheistic world religion is minimized and ultimately eliminated as the Judeo-Christian foundation of the United States of America. This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. There was a man by the name of Chaim Solomon who bankrolled the American Revolution for George Washington. In fact, in their final battle Washington went to him and told him if they didn't receive the funding to provide the boots and the food the resources for his soldiers. They were going to lose the war and Chaim Solomon stepped up to the plate. Chaim Solomon, a wealthy Jewish banker died without a dime to his name but he paid to make America the nation the great nation that it is this learning outcome excludes Judaism as being one of the largest world religions. This is dangerous because this is the foundation of our faith. You can't call yourself a Christian without Judaism right. Who do we serve the Jewish Messiah.

We have to make sure that what our textbooks and curriculum are communicating is accurate, especially as it pertains to our knowledge of history and of course our reference, which is the Bible. Here's a world history textbook. This textbook deal legitimizes Israel's historic connection to the land of Canaan, the promised land. Later named Israel.

The use of the name Palestine is not historical ignorance but rather a concerted effort to remove all traces of Jewish ties to the land. According to the author, Abraham, the founder of the Hebrews migrated his family to Palestine when he came from the counties and where did he go to Canaan. There was no Palestine is when did Palestine enter the narrative in history.

After the Romans I heard that out there.

My history bus that we have Moses upon leaving Egypt. When he led his people back to Palestine without ever setting foot in the promised land. Palestine after Egypt. Now we still haven't gone to the Roman. But you see how they're manipulating the text of the books the curriculum to teach our children and this is being implanted. Here's another textbook. The example below illustrates classic Islamic Holocaust revisionism and suggest that without the Holocaust there would be no Israel, and therefore the land was taken away from the indigenous people. The Palestinian Arabs as it says in this quote on page 476 as the horrors of the Holocaust revealed worldwide support for an independent Jewish only and increased on May 14, 1948 Jewish leader David Ben-Gurion proclaimed the establishment of the state of Israel. What's wrong with the statement, it makes it sound like it was a Jew who decided to declare Israel estate right but what happened six months before the United Nations voted to watch partition the United Nations voted to establish the state of Israel. On page 559 quote in 1948, five Arab nations invaded the newly independent Israel and were defeated. Here's some pro-Islamist indoctrination a ladies and gentlemen, this is crossing the line into indoctrination and peddling unconstitutional content to our children, the writing, production and selection of textbooks and instructional materials are primarily influenced by American Islamic groups and leaders. A majority of public school textbooks are purchased from outside of the US and the perspective being taught is monolithic. Here's a quote from Sabir Montessori. He is a publisher in 37 states or Pearson publishers.

This is he is quote I am waging a bloodless revolution promoting world cultures and faith in America's classroom. That's like Abraham Cooper bloodless do we use those words when were talking about educating our children. Of course you beer Montessori who is the founder and director of the Institute on religious and civic values, formally known as account on Islamic education.

He's controlling the editing of our curriculum are textbooks, here's another book pro-Islamist indoctrination should beer Montessori. As I mentioned, is the editor of the multicultural perspective of Pearson and as I stated published textbooks in 37 states. Here's Pearson. You know when we first did our research on Pearson back in 2012 Pearson on his website said their statement was to change the way America thinks now let me just give you little information about Pearson Pearson is not a US-based textbook publishing company. The British-based, this is their mission statement, they produce are published textbooks for schools all over the world, but they want to change the way America thinks what's wrong with the way we think, ladies and gentlemen, Pearson publishers. As I stated is British-based. Their shareholders include the governments of Qatar, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and Pearson notes as I mentioned earlier, 80% of the textbook companies in the US and it is the driving force behind common core, Omar med, cofounder of care Council on American Islamic relations unindicted co-conspirator in the largest Aris fundraising operation in the history of the United States of America is involved in educating our children. We should all sleep better at night. Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America and Islam only accepted religion on earth. This is what we experienced roadblocks by local school officials and for any of you been involved in fighting this on the local level. I know you have war stories to share local school superintendents and school boards block taxpaying citizens attempts to expose the K-12 content in textbooks pertaining to flawed and erroneous information about Judaism, Israel, the Arab-Israeli conflict America and Christianity and inaccuracies in biases and information about Islam Islamism Islam is and the wide influence we continue on and we had an incident in Newton, Massachusetts. I don't know if any of you been following what happened in Newton but there were parents and citizens who tried to take back local control and they are being stonewalled over and over. Then we had another incident in San Diego County where there school district care was allowed to provide educational resource material on Islam to teach to the students and the parents by parents decided to rise up and file a lawsuit against their school district. And guess what happened. They ended up in March 2019 freedom of conscience, defense, bun reached an unprecedented settlement agreement with the San Diego unified school district to resolve its federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the districts and Islamic phobia initiative. The school adopted the initiative in response to the false claims by care that presidents from selection triggered an outbreak of anti-Muslim bullying ladies and gentlemen, you know what we have seen in the FBI has reported this which group of people is being targeted with attacks the Jews Judaism. We are seeing an increase of anti-Semitic incidents not just on our college campuses but K-12 as well. But these parents challenge the status quo and guess what the judge ruled in their favor and told care. Get your curriculum out of the schools. Here's the legal perspective of the unconstitutionality of US textbooks, the establishment clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution holds that a practice which touches upon religion must not advance or inhibit religion in its principal or primary effect. In order for religious activity to government form to be in compliance with the establishment clause and activity. The activity must meet the following criteria. It must have a secular purpose. Its primary effect must neither advance nor inhibit religion, and it must not entangle the government excessively with religion. Adolf Hitler said let me control the textbooks and I will control the state. I don't know about you all but are we not living has the model not been already established and now is actively working in the United States. Albert Einstein said the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who stand by and do nothing, which concludes I'm coming to a close. I think I've got five more minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to just encourage you all. We took on a battle in Williamson County, Tennessee back in 2012 we had one parent always remember the power of one person we had one parent who came to us and said you will never believe what were teaching our children. Williamson County schools. She brought me your sons textbook. This is a Christian family evangelical Christian family. Her son was homeschooled. It's his first year in public school, high school and that there was a quote in a Pearson published textbook, the cultural landscape that legitimize Palestinians blowing themselves up in a Jerusalem restaurant because they were waging war against Israeli government policies and Army actions. We went to war in Williamson County we try to remove that textbook from the school. We went to the school board and the school board decided that they would establish a committee to review the content in the textbook because not only was the content anti-Semitic. But it was a tight American anti-Judeo-Christian pro-Islamic.

While the school board. We mobilized a media campaign and we went to go find the low hanging fruit.

Many people like you and myself who are already listening to conservative talk radio or Christian talk radio and we told parents. FYI. Do you know what your children are learning today in your buckle of the Bible Christian school when we started running those spots we were inundated. We had over 2000 signatures from parents and citizens and we need people to show up at the next school board meeting. Ladies and gentlemen. That night we had standing room only.

We packed the house and you know what we tell them we told the school board members that if you do not remove this textbook from our children's school.

We are going to remove you from office.

And guess what, there were six and we brought six down and and two of them who decide to do. We recruited to Ryan, who are citizens just like you. One is a former teacher.

One is a doctor, they decided to run, we convince them.

I know they're in the crowd here this afternoon. Would you please Beth Gandy where are you. We want to give you a shout out and applaud you for your that our one but we can't stop there. Ladies and gentlemen, I've got three DVDs we gotta educate ourselves, we gotta educate our children.

You need to sit down with your Bible study group with your community with your children with your grandchildren with your great grandchildren watch these documentaries. They are historical, even if Dwight D Eisenhower made a prophetic comment when he was liberating the concentration camps in Nazi Germany and he said he told everybody. Document everything you see here because someday someone like Pearson publishers is going to come along and try to say the cost didn't happen we have to teach our children history. We are commanded by Almighty God to teach these things teach the Torah and the Exodus out of Egypt to your children and your children's children throughout their generations and is no less incumbent upon us.

So I love you guys. I know I've got a bunch of recruits in the room I need. For those of you who feel as if the Lord is calling your name and pointing at you and saying this is why I raised you up. This is what I have prepared you for. We need people the victory. The Lord gave me this strategy for the victory and is found in the book of Nehemiah and I want to close with this. The Lord reminded me that when Cyrus allowed Ezra Nehemiah to go back to the land of Israel and to go back to Jerusalem to assess the damage.

Nehemiah went observed and he went to the leaders of districts in front of sections of the wall. Then he went to people who lived in front of other sections of the wall and he told them all rebuild your wall and the Lord said to me every district in every state across the United States is a section of the wall. Go tell my people to rebuild their section. Most people have no idea who their school board member is or their city alderman or their County Commissioner we have to go back just like we did in Williamson County and counties across this country and re-billed our walls. God bless you and thank you so much.

Lori's message was greatly appreciated last September 21 at our annual conference and let me quickly say that we have plans now for our 2020 annual event.

It will be Saturday and Sunday, September 20 627 Saturday tickets will go on sale next summer. Saturday we will be featuring Amir Sir Fadi Joel Rosenberg Pastor Jack Hibbs, Pastor Barry Stagner and Michelle Bachmann Sunday morning, September 27. Jack Hibbs will be a revived church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, 9:11 AM that evening will be an evening with Joel Rosenberg Sunday, September 27.

Also at revived church, Brooklyn Park, formerly Brooklyn Park gave free tickets are not needed for the Sunday seating will be first come first serve.

Talk a lot about in Semitism this hour to let me go out of the program with the saying, I like to use now and then. How odd of God to choose the choose but not so as those who choose the Jewish God gets burn the Jews, I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you. She thank you for standing with us as we help people understand the times for the faith of watchmen on the wall of our times, pure, dark blue hurled his public was here from you through our website.

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