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Days of Deception

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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April 1, 2022 8:00 am

Days of Deception

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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April 1, 2022 8:00 am

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We are in the section everywhere we turn but now China is in the midst of a serious covert resurgence of the northern Jilin province has bandits 24 million residents from leaving or traveling to other cities in Hong Kong is reporting an extremely high death rate tenure of a sub variant of omicron known as BA two is causing infections to spike across that continent welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by Olive tree ministries agent visits with two special guests positively chrome returns for part three of his series with us this week discussing the deception surrounding all things covert plan apologist and cult expert Jill Martin Ritchie joins Jan talk about the hit series that shows is this a reliable film series or are there real concerns surrounding this presentation. All of that on today's program.

In fact, if you don't think that this type of force behavior isn't coming here to America again schools. I've said this on how many times get your kid out of public school Nelly for the filth it's being taught. There she better get them out now because now schools in United States America or vaccinate kids without parental consent is just one example. Watch this parent for LA unified school district arts and sales calls approximate without their consent and their melodic process and her 13-year-old son extended Barack Obama global prep Academy in South LA why, this vaccine card. After getting a shot at school and she says that he said he asked when family offering the vaccine in exchange for some pizza encouraging to know that he got shot with my permission without me even knowing or signing any papers for him to get that shot in the face America old violation of the Nuremberg code and the rationale that they have its implied consent because you said your kids school am so glad you could join me for the hour.

I have two guests and two topics this hour.

In part one of my programming pastor Billy Crone returns for the third week and were going to spend part one talking about what once the products that were carrying of his now the great Cove.

The deception and this is a five teaching DVD set that attempts to unveil and expose the never ending ongoing plethora of lies and DC that have happened now over two years that the media will never share with you but I will so in part two of the hour.

I'm going to talk to cult expert Jill Martin Rishi about the TV presentation. The chosen is a biblically sound Christian entertainment or is there a serious Mormon influence that can't be easily dismissed pastor Billy Crone pastor's sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas. He is produces amazing products that you can find it. Get a life

We are carrying one of his newer presentations. We talked about one last week and this is a different product. The great Cove the deception and let me just quickly adhere that we are not diminishing the seriousness of the covert virus and we all know lives that have been devastated by its and I have talked about that frequently on a very I have had health professionals on many times stating that countless lives could have been saved and others spared weeks of misery from this virus had simple drugs been used drugs. Sadly, that were minimized and even banned in some circles, so that's not the purpose of this segment to review that.

By the way, as I speak. It does appear that there is a variant now the BA two variant is on its way to becoming the dominant coronavirus strain having roughly doubled each week here for the past month, according to the US Center for disease control and prevention pastor Billy Crone. Thank you for coming back here again. Thanks Jan is always great to be on 15 days to slow the spread over two years now that has turned into global tyranny course.

Many don't see it that way. They say we are just trying to keep people safe and you call at least in this product, and then I've seen the online presentations of your product. You call it a covert deception talk to me about that yet.

It's pretty clear when you do the investigation Jan were not saying that COBE is not real course it's real.

The issue is what are these global elites including the folks in our own country.

Unfortunately, in the current administration were they doing with it when you stack it altogether is one lie after another like they're deceiving us with it. So why are you doing this and what proof do we have out there that you guys aren't almost a true and my point is if somebody repeatedly tells a lie, then I need to be a discerning Christian and realized don't mind the narrative and then you better go deeper and find out why are they lying to you in this. Jan is the same methodology that the elites have been using to usher in the global regime for decades, is the classic axiom that if you create a crisis and you can manage the outcome and they even admit this on tape that covert is too big of a global crisis. To quote go to waste if you listen to these guys. They actually tell you what they want to do with this and this is the deception again not saying codes, not real, it's what are they using that to do and what their wanting to do is to bring in a one world government, a one world economy a cashless economy. They want to tie every individual into that to control everybody on the planet, not just your health, including what you buy and sell know what is that if you read the Bible. In fact, the Bible's only book in the plan of the does exactly what that deception is is called the antichrist kingdom and things guys admit it. Jan, when you string together their videos and interviews. They admit this is exactly what they are using covert, for they say it's about the hell but it's not is to usher in what the Bible calls the antichrist kingdom. That's the deception. Thank you for that clarification and you and I've actually talked about this on here. This would have been several months ago now, so I just want to repeat a few things that I think are worthy of repetition here. First of all what has always intrigued me. Pastor Billy Crone is is a 99% survival rate from this illness. Therefore, the tactics being used of fear with the intent again to gain power to gain control the overreach of government.

The mindset to get people to depend on government particular for health, safety, these are all things that have been implemented that I think have been almost a joke. The fear that control the overreach of government etc. but is been very very effective and then the other thing that I think a lot of people are missing you and I have talked about back in October 2019. It was called event 201 all of this was planned. They even had stuffed little covert toys that they handed out where they in union with the plans of the world economic forum planned this pandemic and that's why some people have used the term plan endemic instead of pandemic get back I'll add another element to that gym and this is still on tape and of course we share the videos in the interviews on the DVDs but Glenn Beck appeared on Tucker Carlson and he revealed with his research that US doctors were reviewing Madrona vaccine in December 2019 before cope with it.

The US that's on tape so that is a part of, as you call it a planned deception folks. We have this five teaching DVD set, it's in my online store olive tree olive tree or call my office or get on our newsletter lists and everything will be available in those various newsletters.

Pastor Cohen in conjunction with the world economic forum and again the globally elites at event 201 October 2019. The goals are to bring down capitalism to bring down America. They had to get rid of tunnel trump.

Obviously because he wasn't going along with global government. Actually, he's the one who came up with the vaccine. The warp speed, etc. but again, as you said the cashless society replace everything with digital money global government, the green new deal as a part of this where the scheme is to dictate what you eat, how you live and reduce the population of the planet and folks as much as that sounds, conspiratorial, and I know it does.

You can't brush that last comment of mine off Billy Crone, the reduction of the population of the planet that is a part of the deception yet is Janet course. That's why this is an exhaustive research project.

As you know on the videos. It's highly driven with actual video clips. These global elites around the world saying that themselves.

We didn't get this from Joe or wacky conspiracy God.or, in the reason why we went to great detail is to show people that if you can demonstrate that this is factual information. What these guys are doing, then it's not a conspiracy anymore is demonstrated in fact. And you're right Jen, there's a multitude of reasons why they have been using COBIT for a plan endemic the plan starts way back with the last election cycle. They had to make present trump look bad. There is no way in, but it was gonna beat him. So here comes covert and that begin to make him look bad with the press against him.

Then it became the excuse to bring in the mail in ballots is again going where you gonna beat them as you cheat and in my opinion, that's what they did.

Based on the facts, but even outside the US, there is a global agenda they call it the great reset the great reset is nothing more than the new terminology for the rise of the antichrist kingdom. This is what they want to do a one world government one world economy and a cashless society tying digitizing people into it. In fact, Clow Schwab, who is the founder and the CEO of world economic forum whose a big part of this great reset. He admitted that the goal with COBIT is to get to the point where they merge the biological with the digital that's on tape. What he's talking about is as we been used to having microchips in all of our products. We now need to microchip people and taught him into this global matrix that the building with COBIT. He admits as the excuse another deception to this going on here and we share the research and the video clips is COBIT was a mega bailout for big Pharma and if you do the research and we do what we provided on this resource.

You will see that big Pharma the exact same ones who have been allowed to make these vaccines would earn a AstraZeneca J&J. They were going bankrupt over the last 10 years. There were ticket a huge mega nosedive to the tune of not just millions, but billions of dollars.

It was getting so serious that there were talks of yanking them from the stock market.

That's how bad it was.

So here comes covert on top of everything else we discussed, it becomes the instantaneous bailout and in one year alone.

Madrona, who was about $10 billion or more in the whole. They not only got that 10 billion back.

Now they're making tens of billions more. And there seems no sign of stopping because that was the other deception member Janet was with you just get this one shot it all go away will never get COBIT, you never go the hospital. You won't have to wear a mask anymore. Won't that be great. How long did that last shot turned into two shots in two shots turn into a booster shot a booster shot turned into annual booster shots English booster shot is less. I've got a clip. It's only 35 seconds and it's this Rochelle Wilensky head of the CDC 10. She says here talking of the vaccine. We wanted to be helpful.

I guess we had too much optimism. Folks have to listen carefully, because it just mildly muffled Internet version of Rochelle Wilensky was gratified that so that all the land us wanted to say okay right now so I think we had perhaps too little cost and for the came away, I really do. I think Paula wanted to be that way. When all is all where is is she says we had too much optimism.

This is the head of the Centers for Disease Control folks, Rochelle Wilensky, your thought on that pastor Crone the traditional definition of the vaccine in the medical community and I'll bring up the example of many of us probably got when we were growing up.

You get a shot against polio vaccine or chickenpox vaccine when I got those grown-up just what it was one shot and what you're done is what a vaccine does is post, Britt. You are getting that thing you're one and done and that's what is the deceptive part about this. Jan is it's called a vaccine. Even the people in the medical community are saying we need to stop calling vaccine because it doesn't do what vaccines are defined to but it's deceptive because again is not one is not to its English booster is a warty stop and even if you do get the shots. It's now come out. Guess what, you still get COBIT and then the other lie was, and again it's fear, I'm glad you brought that up Jim because it's a twofold attack by these elitists to get us to submit to their global agenda one again, you create a crisis you manage the outcome. While that's COBIT that's the plan. Endemic to once you usher that in with the media you generate fear, why because here's the second blank people are more apt to surrender their freedoms in a time of fear than a time of peace and that's what they've done with this. The guys worked up into a frenzy over here were all going to die.

But if you just get this shot. Okay, maybe the second shot. Okay, maybe a boost and just never ends. But it's done its job. You look at a lot of people and their walk around in the state of fear and it's unfortunate because they know that will basically roll over and let them little by little start to take away her individual freedoms as well as usher in this global governance which is happening before us here listening to understanding the time to radio I'm Jan Markel I have on the line from Las Vegas pastor Billy Crone. Yes he's back with me for the third week because we been talking about a number of issues over the last several weeks, we started talking about the war in Ukraine and we moved on.

Last weekend we talked about glorious news, the rapture of the church which is eminent at any moment because were carrying pastor Crone's DVD set. Are you ready for the rapture.

You can find that in my online store as well and this week I invited him back for half of the program because of his outstanding five teaching DVD set. The coven deception and certainly not suggesting that the illness is not real because it is in some of you have experienced it. Billy Crone, I'm moving on to a just a little bit different angle here, not so much from the deception angle, but this is a huge concern to me and I'm pulling this out of the European Union times in the headline is EU announces plans for digital covert, 19 vaccine passport. The European Union's rumored plans to develop a transnational vaccine passport are now a definite reality.

EU officials confirmed that they're working on a European quote digital reading pass quote and the European commission is expected to publish a draft of this legislation very soon.

According to your own news. I will read anymore, but my concern is that this is all morphing into what we would call probably a digital ID system that's gonna meet the passports vaccine passport to go to morph into digital ID system that quite frankly, Billy Crone, you and I may be gone at that point in time church having been taken home to heaven in the rapture but the left behind world is going to be experiencing sort of an electronic tracking system that's just absolutely stunning but were seeing the foreshadowing of that even as we speak right and Jim Blatt were talking about this because right now the news narrative is really running hard again with the Russia Ukraine aspect and it we've already talked about that. What's really going on that agenda, but I think a lot of people think that okay I guess the whole COBIT plan endemic agendas gone away. No, that's part of the deception is going on. While everybody's now moved on to this next narrative by their own doing in the media they are cramming through these other agendas that they have not given up on on the covert agenda. And you're right the global vaccine passport they've admitted, and we got it on tape. It's beyond just that that's just another step and ultimately if you can get everybody to have a digitized passport in the nougat eventually move after you get used to that the nougat individual people acknowledge controls whether you can travel from country to country or board a plane, but how about going into a grocery store. How about buying and selling, and it sounds crazy, but again we got these guys on tape. That's exactly what it is is like a frog in a pot. Jan the warm us up a little bit at a time over here and then smoke and screen sleight-of-hand look over here as we cram this to Congress in these are the times when you need to pay attention to what's going on. But you're right, Jim. How far are we gonna be hers the church. When this gets implement them. We don't know. Only God knows, but what we do know is the church leaves prior to the rise of the Antichrist kingdom officially in the seven-year tribulation and if we see that these guys at his rent, that this is what they're building than all it means is our departure is much near and I will add this to Jim with the covert plan endemic. This is been the biggest global dry run to prepare the world to receive the mark of the beast in the seven-year tribulation in the history of mankind. Certainly the church and I say that for this.

What happened with this global fear that they crammed into us with this covert pandemic people rolled over on a global basis.

This is never happened before in the history of mankind. People rolled over on a global basis and when they were given a mandate that you have to put this mask on your face in order to continue to buy and sell what people do. They did it. If it is then moved on from the mass Jan to what now the mandate is you need to get something in your body, i.e. a shot in order to what to continue to have your job in buying and selling go to restaurants and function in society will think about that Jim. Obviously, what is it the shots in the mask.

That's not the mark of the beast, the mark of the beast doesn't happen until the seven-year tribulation.

But here's the point. This is the biggest dry run that we've ever seen. To prepare the mindset for people to receive the mark of beast and you could see it happen. You can see in almost visualize people's rationalization in the seven-year tribulation who been left behind after the rapture, when the mandate is that's what it is. It's a mandate.

Revelation 13 on the Antichrist.

It to receive this mark in order to buy and sell.

You can see below, while dissing that bad, this is any different than the covert thing right. We had to put this thing on her head cold mass, we had up with this thing in our armed culture shock. What's the big deal. And this is never happened before. Jan, what is happening now and I think that it has obvious prophetic significance that number one if were saved but start looking up and finish strong as the bride of Christ, and get busy sharing the gospel. If you're not, how much more proof do you need to see before your eyes.

Our planet is headed towards this mark of the beast scenario with this Antichrist.

Figure but you need to take the Bible series don't want to be a part of that. The good news is you don't have to if you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior now pastor Billy Crone pastors Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can learn much more at his product website, which is an amazing website. Get a life get a life Billy Crone is a huge factor in all of this has been the censorship were literally not allowed to talk about a lot of things that are very, very important. In fact, let me just let Dr. McCullough talk about this. He's talking to Joe Rogan. I would like to think that this is information that people want to know. I agree how much does it disturb you that this is being censored because in every other platform. This conversation will have right now would be censored every other online platform social media, they would censor this for sure on YouTube. But what you're saying is incredibly important. Censorship that has suppressed for two years information on safe and effective early treatment and censorship on vaccine safety has led to large numbers of deaths, hospitalizations and permanent disability.

Joe there is no bigger public health crisis than the impact of censorship in covert, 19 Billy Crone that was Dr. Peter McCullough and Joe Rogan program and even as you and I are speaking to take. I'm well aware that various platforms we can even post this now with my radio stations and thank you to my 900 stations for being so patient with me but the other platforms. Pastor Crone would be knocking this off immediately. All absolutely Jan again. That's why I said unfortunately it appears that we've now certain of the current administration.

We turn into America with a K yeah it's unthinkable.

In fact, is not just unthinkable and un-biblical. It's unconstitutional.

This is clearly a violation of the First Amendment with rights of free speech and freedom of press, but they're in on it and to push this agenda. That's why Jim if something is so true then it'll stand on its own right. If what you're saying about your agenda with coded and what you say we need to do with it and what you need to try to usher in with it if it's so good for so true. Why are you scared of a person's opinion if it's true.

Truth always will stand is what makes something true. However, if you're lying that's why you're censoring it. That to me is the big elephant in the room. This is United States America. We pride ourselves on being able to have different opinions but this America you have a right to free speech.

Why can't we talk about this in Jan this was just a continual slide even back with the last election cycle after the election.

You can talk about your concerns was this fair was a honest you can even talk about it and then here comes covert and they just continued with the same format, but if it's real and if it's true, and if I can trust you guys what you scared about the other angle that I've always been intrigued with Pastor Crone is. For instance, the FDA says it needs more than actually they need 55 years before her, the Pfizer vaccine info can be released, proving that it's safe and efficient etc. that can only happen will in about half a century from now when most of us will be long gone. That alone speaks volumes.

I think yet that we share a meme in our study. A lady took that and use the analogy of a marriage relationship. Bring out how ridiculous of a statement that is. She said if I went out to a bar with another gentleman last night but I told you I wasn't going to tell you until 2076.

Would you have a problem with that.

That's ridiculous. Why would you wait that long, Jim. We categorize lie after lie after lie, deceit is what's called deceit.

You mentioned the efficacy a lot of these videos are the interviews of people like Ouchi, and others. They're all strung together chronologically and I don't think we realize just how much and how often we been lied to, until you see chronologically in order. You mentioned earlier about the CDC admitting that our hopes are to hide this just really not effective. We actually put together about a five minute clip pathology talk about the efficacy of the vaccines and of course he starts out 100% efficacious.

It just can be great and then literally we string it goes down from 100% to like 98 and then it drops into the 80s and 70s and 50s and 40 and then I'm not joking. One of the headlines is: a quote colossal stupid unless the words not mine because again it's not working and if it didn't work. Why we need more than one English booster shot will that's not the agenda folks covert is real, but what they're doing with it is the great deception. This will called the great covert deception and that's what we need to get equipped on because it's all part of a global agenda again. As Christians we know where this is headed. God told us 2000 years ago, is the rise Antichrist kingdom. The good news is were out here at the rapture prior to the culmination of that but in the meantime, we need to get busy telling people there's a way out of this mess and his name is Jesus Christ. Thank you pastor Billy Crone again. We carry this product a great covert deception, olive tree olive tree call my office if you'd like to order it that way or get on our newsletter lists and learn more about pastor Billy Crone get a life media get a life he pastor's sunrise Bible Church, Las Vegas, Nevada. Pastor Crone. Thank you. You then with me now this is the third week I want to thank you for giving up that kind of time and I know your passion is same as mine. And that is getting truth out while we still can, because obviously it's getting harder and harder to even find platforms that will allow the truth, and that your passion and mine is to get the truth. While there is time and to save souls.

While there is time, I want to thank you so much for coming back here three weeks in a row will keep in touch okay and you didn't stay tuned folks in part two of my program were going to be talking to cult authority Jill Martin Richey on the received fantastically well presentation.

The chosen just what kind of a Mormon influence is a part of the chosen television series. So don't go away back in just a minute will stay in touch with us online through all of tree views.old far she that's olive tree views or you can call as central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-3444 writers for the mail that all of your ministries and Jim Markel, PO Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 PO Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311.

This unstable chaotic world that is groaning to be free from the curse of sin. Thank you for trusting understanding of times radio and all of we are so pleased to be carrying the new Terry James and Pete Garcia book disappearing future events that will rock the world what we are witnessing today is about to bring down the curtain of prophecies final act in shower brings troubling headlines from the many news sources.

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All of tree olive tree or call as central time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 also pay by check the prices just $12.

We offer free shipping to the US and Canada write to all of tree ministries. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. Turn today's darkness into anticipation as you learn about the forthcoming disappearing in the new book disappearing future events will rock the world who is Jesus who is God to the Mormon church.

Brigham Young said quote there is not a man or woman who violates the covenant made with their God that will not be required to pay the debt. The blood of Christ will never wipe that out your own plan must atone for it. Brigham Young stated that if you are going to having you must confess Joseph Smith is a prophet of God in order to be saved are key differences we have to look at who is behind this theology and the fact that Dallas Jenkins is out there saying that his brothers and sisters praise with them all the time. I would like to ask in which god are you praying to the Ukraine to the one was with his Scottish life on the planet: because that is kind of the Bible you know you can always be via radio so catch understanding of times radio at your convenience online.

Watch the video version of the program or listen to the audio file of tree then to complete archives you to rumble on light source and on his channel Christian TV or changing topics for this segment. Martin Richey joins John Markel to discuss the series called the chosen here are Jim and Jill close by growing brother and sisterhood with people of the LDS community that I never would've known otherwise in learning so much about your faith tradition and realizing cost for all the stuff that maybe we don't see eye to eye on. That's all based on stuff that happened after Jesus was here, the stories of Jesus, we do agree on and we love the same Jesus.

That's not something that you often hear sometimes I go as I sink or swim on that statement and I and its controversial and I don't mind getting criticized at all for the show and I don't mind being called a blasphemer I don't like it when my friends are.

I made it very clear that if I go down on going on swinging protecting my friends and my brothers and sisters and so I don't deny we have a lot of theological differences but we love the same Jesus and welcome to part two of my programming for today.

Joining me in studio momentarily will be the familiar voice of Joe Martin Richey but let me just set the stage here by saying and you heard that clip that was Dallas Jenkins, writer and director of the popular series. The chosen and it's being described as a global phenomenon that would be the chosen and a growing movement that is creating the groundwork for world revival. Now the Mormon influence on the chosen is considerable executive producer is a Mormon. The distributor Mormon certain episodes were shot on a special Mormon set in Utah and the crowdfunding and media expertise is provided by Mormons. Let me just say this from the website to chosen is the first multi-season television series about the life of Christ as witnessed through the eyes of those he impacted again this is from the chosen website, directed by Dallas Jenkins and distributed by vid Angels studios the chosen has grown to become the largest crowd funded TV series of all time and vid Angel is a Netflix and Amazon based streaming service. So, those who defend the chosen may say that so far through season two. No Mormon doctrine has been introduced into the series and therefore it's not a problem that Mormons and evangelicals are working together will keep in mind that the goal of the producers of the chosen series is 1 billion people watching it. Can the story of Jesus really be harmful even if it doesn't follow the Bible literally. So let's clarify right away.

There are huge differences between the biblical Jesus in the Mormon Jesus and will talk about some of that in studio with me is Joe Martin Richey. She is the daughter of Dr. Walter Martin will say little bit more about that as we go along and or programming. Jill, thank you for coming into the studio today to be here 10 Dallas Jenkins.

As you and I acknowledges a gifted filmmaker and he sincerely wants the world to get to know Jesus better and he insists he is presenting the authentic Jesus as seen through the eyes of his disciples. You understand Mormonism better than anybody I know. Give me your hesitation here. I think looking at Dallas Jenkins heart is a good thing.

He said quote the chosen has been for me a desperate attempt and an obsessive attempt to introduce people to the authentic Jesus of Nazareth, so that sounds very good and I do not doubt his sincerity at all. The issue here is who is Jesus and has always been who is Jesus there is a specific identity assigned to Jesus Christ of Nazareth in the Bible. And when you stray from that you stray into problems and great difficulty and I think that is what's happened here, for example, if we go back and look at history. Danielle how I am about history. I teach it and I'm a stickler for history. Learn your history and learn from it because in the knowledge of history is power.

So we go back and we look at what the LDS or the Mormon church which they've always been the Mormon church now they are avoiding that label Mormon. They want to be called LDS Latter Day Saints that we have to go back and look at what they taught. First of all, when they were conceived who brought this whole doctrinal mass into the square hole.

It was Joseph Smith Junior and Brigham Young. Of course, continued his work. If we go back and we look at what Joseph Smith says here he is talking about the Trinity quote. Many men say there is one God the father the son and Holy Ghost are only one God. I say that is a strange God anyhow three in one and one in three. It is a curious organization. All are to be crammed into one God, according to sectarianism it would make the biggest God in all the world he would be a wonderfully big God. He would be a giant or a monster. This is Joseph Smith Junior now here's Jesus.

Jesus contradicts him and says in John 1030 I and my father are one. So this is a very common knowledge can and for Dallas stinks to find it would not have been difficult some other bullet points as to what Mormons believe they believe God is a created being. And Jesus is a created being is far from Christianity. One Christian leader said it's closer to paganism and Christianity. As you said, there's a denial of the Trinity. They believe some end up on some planet where you create spiritual children really they have done enough public relations that many think that they are our spiritual brothers and sisters.

What we need to be telling them is Joseph Smith is a very false prophet would I be right there yes and it comes out of his own mouth don't have to look far to find out what Joseph Smith Junior taught and believed which attempt to look at his words.

And here's the key issue and I wish if Dallas Jenkins hears this. I wish he would truly and prayerfully consider this. Let's look at the conception and birth of Jesus Christ. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit came and overshadowed Mary and Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Now here is what Brigham Young taught.

The question has been and is often asked who it was that begat the son of the Virgin Mary when the Virgin Mary conceived the child Jesus. The father had be gotten him in his own likeness, he was not begotten by the Holy Ghost. Now remember this from this time forth and forever that Jesus Christ was not gotten by the holy ghost. Let's hear Dallas in his own words here Dallas Jenkins is talking to a Mormon. He's talking about this growing brother and sisterhood in the LDS community and that alone makes me somewhat nervous. But let's play this to Miniclip and come back and talk about it. I can honestly say is below the top three most fascinating and beautiful things about this project has been my growing brother and sisterhood with people of the LDS community that I never would've known otherwise in learning so much about your faith tradition and realizing for all the stuff that maybe we don't see eye to eye on. That's all based on stuff that happened after Jesus was here, the stories of Jesus, we do agree on and we love the same Jesus. That's not something that you often hear sometimes I go Jesus monitor now. It's the same I mean all all sink or swim on that statement and I and its controversial and I don't mind getting criticized at all for the show and I don't mind being called a blasphemer like it when my friends are. I made it very clear if I go down I'm going down swinging, protecting my friends my brothers and sisters and so I don't deny we have a lot of theological differences but we love the same Jesus reaction that were getting from people when they watch. It is over and over and over again every day.

This is the Jesus that I feel like I knew but have never seen or this is who I wanted or thought Jesus was that he was but haven't always seen that portrayed before the sťance been quite a ride, and it all came out of my conversation with you. I said that many LDS folks and I love the same Jesus, I still believe that got me a lot of trouble but I still believe that I'm not I have a bit of a superpower that I don't really care if something that I say that I personally believe is criticized care of course of ironic care if I believe in healthy correction but also 100 back to the interview, my conversation with you and is like, what did I say that because this much thanks for some people believe actually the first of you off pretty knew most of you I she said I'm not LDS. I disagree with what LDS things, just that the people that I know Lisa Maggiore, especially when were talking about Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of the Gospels. We love the same Jesus, we may have some strong differences of opinion and you may believe things about Jesus before the Gospels and in particular after the Gospels, but I believe that I have come to know deeply LDS folks that I would die for that I would crawl on glass with that I have called on glass with this project and who share my belief to make the offender Jesus known to the world and if it's a different Jesus than there actually really bad because they're working really hard to get the show out to the portal so if it's part of some really big con. It's a really bad one. Okay Joe Martin Richey. Is it possible for Dallas Jenkins and the Mormon he was talking to to be loving same Jesus know if you compare biblical doctrine to the LDS Mormon doctrine into what it has always been. They've gone in and change things.

Who knows how many things have changed for the last hundred 50 years spent the basic things as to the identity of God the father. He was once an exalted man so he was human like you and I right there that disqualifies Harry as the God of the Bible right there that disqualifies the Jesus of the Mormons from being the Jesus of the gospel that one thing alone. Now you add to it that the Holy Spirit isn't even involved in the conception of Jesus, but that it was a physical act between cod, the father and his daughter Mary and people don't like to hear that but that is a Mormon doctrine teaches and why does this matter because identity is everything.

What people have done down through the centuries 10 and you know this well is that a change the meaning of the terms and then they claim that those terms are Christian, and we must defend our faith because Paul says people live or die eternally based on doctrine. It's a seriously so why do you think that we can't use the chosen sort of as a springboard for a conversation about the real Jesus, many wouldn't listen before but they seemed captivated by the story by the acting by the drama and by the way, the cinematography is outstanding.

The acting is outstanding. Everything about this production is absolutely first-class.

Why not use this as a springboard I go back to possibly do evil that good may come. That's at the heart of that we have to look at what is this relationship that a very talented Christian has with the enemies of Jesus Christ and the Mormon church has always been an enemy of Jesus Christ.

So what relationship does Dallas Jenkins have with and knowing the quotes that I just gave you and there is so much more I leave just barely scratch the surface of what the Mormon church teaches knowing all these things even if you only know a state.

The two that we mentioned, then knowingness. How can you become so close and has such a strong relationship with people who are the enemies of Jesus. Now I'm not saying that Jesus doesn't love them or it didn't die for them because he did, but there doctrine stands as an enemy of the cross of Christ in the book the God makers Ed Decker and Dave Hunt, state, Mormon missionaries claim to be bringing true Christianity to the world.

When questioned, Mormons insist that their gospel comes from the Bible and that they have the same God. And the same Jesus as Christians.

In actual fact they have a completely different God from what the Bible presents a different Jesus and a different gospel.

These differences are denied or glossed over by the missionaries who are often evasive and unwilling to tell the whole truth to a prospective convert for fear of losing him some attributes of the Mormon Jesus. Jesus is Lucifer's brother. Some of this is really far out Jesus was not always God but earned his way to godhood.

Just as we will become God. Someday my question.

Jill is do you think that Dallas Jenkins again he's writer and director of chosen which many of you have seen do you think Dallas understands Mormonism. I don't know because the only interviews I've seen of him.

He really does not touch on it at all and they wine with Melissa Doherty where she asked him point blank what do you know of Mormon theology and he avoids the question set.

Because what you know if you're being influenced like how much you know about LDS beliefs whether gospel well. The phrase, how much do I know.

I think I would say what's only two things what is their gospel. Inevitably Jesus as well.

Here's one to defer that question and maybe hope to maybe get more specific because I'm not trying to shirk the question. It's I'm going to say I don't know enough to answer a question like what is the gospel with which is why I asked you I'm not going to claim that I know enough to know I know quite a bit. I think because I've done a lot of study I've spoken to a lot of LDS folks of the last three years including some of the highest ranking members of the church of athletic questions, but I'm still not comfortable in a public forum saying this is what this is their gospel because that's such a huge question. I'm not going to for both their sake and for mine and for yours and for the shows claim that I know enough to say this is their gospel you're listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel. This segment of understanding the times radio we are taking on kind of a deep dive into the very popular series called the chosen written and directed by Dallas Jenkins, by the way Dallas, you are welcome on my program anytime to talk about why you're doing what you're doing and to defend some of the things that were talking about here. Dallas is actually a graduate of Northwestern University here in St. Paul, Minnesota. My perception of that little cliff is maybe he doesn't fully grasp what the Mormon faith believes if that is the case then he has not study to show himself approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed, rightly interpreting the word of truth.

He did not put on his armor. He did not evaluate who he was being yoked together with and now he is trying to say that the T6 that he's talking about is the Jesus of the Bible will how can you say that when you are allied with the enemies of Jesus Christ in doctrine. Dallas himself would say that 95% of the content isn't from the Bible help us understand this.

Obviously this is a dramatization of the drama and he is saying that the Mormons have Apsley no influence on the set that they have set hands off but say there is no Mormon influence.

There is no Mormon doctrine.

I would put this out there. What if, due to this production, one person, the people that Dallas is always talking about all these people asking questions that would never have read the Bible before, what if just one of those people comes and sees that this production is largely by the LDS church or the Mormons, and they think mother to be anything wrong with the church and they become a part of that sin. One of the most important things that we need to remember is it only takes one person if just one comes to the LDS church.

Because of this production that is there eternity.

If you're going to have to friendship or working relationship with people you need to examine who they are what they are teaching and if that conflicts with the gospel.

That's key to anything that he would do publicly. As far as being a drama yeah it's a drama and you can thank doesn't really mean anything but cool is it pointing to. In the background of Dallas Jenkins scripts stands the Mormon church.

The Mormon influence on the chosen, the executive producers are Mormon. The distributors of Mormon certain episodes were shot special Mormon set in Utah crowdfunding and media expertise is provided by Mormons Dallas Jenkins told one interviewer that 95% of the content of the chosen isn't from the Bible. This means that the chosen is almost completely man's word, not God's word. Would that be an accurate statement. Yes, I think you got biblical truth woven in there, but that is what has always happened when you are dealing with people who come to Christianity and say well I agree with this part, but I don't agree with that part they end up leaving into at their own thing you can say that this is totally drama in relation be taken seriously. But here's the thing, there is Scripture woven into it and there is the problem of the relationship and again Jan I have to come back to this. Who is Jesus who is God to the Mormon church. Brigham Young said quote there is not a man or woman who violates the covenants made with their God that will not be required to pay that debt. The blood of Christ will never wipe that out your own blood must atone for it.

Brigham Young stated that if you are going to heaven, you must confess Joseph Smith as a prophet of God in order to be saved. He's her key differences we have to look at who is behind this theology and the fact that Dallas Jenkins is out there saying there his brothers and sisters. He prays with them all the time. I would like to ask in which god are you praying to. Are you praying to the one was with his goddess wife on the planet: because that is the God of the Bible about the fact Jan that many Mormons are working to become God's Dallas seems to talk frequently about how this seems to be uniting faith traditions. Let's play this clip and talk about that.

I've learned so much more about the LDS community that I thought I knew but that goes for like the Catholic Church as well like to show has been uniquely I've never seen anything like it. Really, how much it has unified in response multiple faith traditions by can honestly say is below the top three most fascinating and beautiful things about this project has been my growing brother and sisterhood with people of the LDS community that I never would have known otherwise in learning so much about your faith tradition.

Your thoughts on that until we are not on this earth to unite faith traditions and who do we take that from Jesus in Luke 1251 he said do you think that I have come to give peace under no I tell you that rather division speaking in the same vein here because in August 2021 Dallas Jenkins joined the lead character who plays Jesus Jonathan roommate is his name. Jonathan is a Catholic and they visited Pope Francis. It has the two were sitting together waiting for the meeting, Mr. room asked Jenkins what he was thinking at the moment in Dallas apparently replied, this is a big deal because for me it represents two things that are important. One is the branching out of the program to the whole world. Another one is the branching out of the show to people and traditions that I wasn't part of so it shows that the walls are coming down as long as I've been a Christian, which is a long time.

I've never seen a project that United more faith traditions. I find that pretty troubling to its tumbling from the standpoint of doctrine.

First Timothy 416 says watch your life and doctrine closely persevere in them because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers. That's how important it is to guard our doctrine what's happening here is that Dallas Jenkins in trying to do a good thing, has opened up the church to attack. He has placed the church in partnership with the enemy and not tongue about his friends as the enemy. On talking about the doctrine that they are believing as the enemy. Once you are in a position where you have to justify why you're even doing the project you're in big trouble. Unfortunately, Dallas did not know enough to spot an enemy of Jesus Christ. He truly wanted to represent the difficulties us, but for whatever reason did not think it mattered to know the identity of the real Jesus. Instead, he accepted the Latter Day Saints assurance that they believed in the same Jesus, any place regularly with them. Genesis is a troubling but knowing the history and doctrine of the Mormon church, which likely said is he praying to what is at the heart of all of this embraces the Mormons and he calls them brothers and sisters and now keep in constant. His closest friends. How is that possible when the Jesus that they are representing was not conceived by the Holy Spirit. How is it possible that the story told about Jesus from the very beginning of Mormonism was that Jesus and Satan brought their plans for the salvation of the world before the Council of the gods and they rejected Satan's plan. Joseph Smith said, quote in the beginning, the head of the gods called the Council of the gods and they came together and concocted a plan to create the world and people in it. The contention heaven was Jesus said there would be certain souls that would not be saved and the devil said he could save them all and laid his plans before the grand Council who gave their vote in favor of Jesus Christ.

So the devil rose up in rebellion against God and was cast down all those who put up their heads for him." As Joseph Smith Junior, the founder of Mormonism and they to my knowledge, have not disowned that story Dallas you can find out what the Mormons believe there are a lot of Christian apologists would be happy to sit down with him and let him know what the Mormon church beliefs. The fact that he either has not done this or is not willing to talk about.

It is very troubling you want to dialogue with Jill about this. Contact her at her website. Walter Walter chose the daughter of the late Dr. Walter Martin Jill is the author of the wonderful it's an encyclopedia of the kingdom of the cult and the best place to find the kingdom of the occult. Jill is where the Christian and then really anywhere on the Internet. We also have the new book out called the kingdom of the cults handbook. It's taken all the big information from the kingdom of the cults original bug and pared it down so that you can carry it with you wouldn't actually unhand the chosen is being called the stage for a world wide revival and the healing of the world and out to you and I Jill that's problematic. For one thing the Bible doesn't really talk about an end time revival of the Bible talks about end time deception, which I think is what were seeing were kind of talking about something that's on worldwide deception here, but they're saying this is the stage for a worldwide revival and the healing of the world and in season two. There's been two seasons of the chosen.

The chosen is Jesus says he starting a revolution and invites everyone to be a partner with him in the healing of the world. This is new ages to me is the goal to break down barriers and bring all faith traditions together. I don't know that's the case, it just sounds to me like that's what the goal is here. Yes. And somehow that is looked at today is a good thing."" Evangelical circles and I dislike that term evangelical intensely because we are Christians. A lot of people use evangelical as an insult that word. I don't think that it's the important word. The important one is Christian. We need to ask our fellow Christians.

Is that really what the Bible teaches.

Are we all supposed to come to Cather or is this world going to be blown apart as Revelation teaches, let me just raise one more point and then we are clearly out of time, but a lot of our listeners have seen other epic films produced by let's be honest, Hollywood godless atheists, and they've enjoyed the film. Whatever it might be. They've learned some things they've even been inspired by some of these films produced by the godless. How is this different problem here is that you actually have a Christian man who is producing this directing and writing at when you look at the 10 Commandments you had a movie that was produced by godless atheists. And that was one thing so we went and we took from it what we cut that we enjoyed. Now, as the Romans situation. You could say well it's up to you if you feel comfortable going in viewing the chosen that's between you and the Lord like Paul eating the meat of items so you could put in that category. My concern is the difference between the 10 Commandments and the chosen is that Dallas professes to be a Christian and he is an active personal relationship that he describes in great detail and with great enthusiasm with members of the Mormon church, and if he says all my friends don't believe this well if they don't believe any of these things then why are they still in the Mormon church. Jill, thank you for coming in today. I just wanted to open the eyes of some folks because I've gotten so many emails on this topic. I can't count the number of people who are confused and what should they believe we just go out of the program again folks. You can dialogue with let me discard of the program with a couple of Bible verses because terrible times of turmoil and confusion and deception that should have been obvious in this whole hour. The more we move into the last days the more this is going to increase.

So just let me close with a couple of verses out of Isaiah 33 verses five and six the Lord is exalted, for he dwells on high, he will fill Zion with justice and righteousness and he will be the stability of your times, abundance and salvation wisdom and knowledge.

The fear of the Lord is Zion's treasure. May you have a longing for the wisdom and knowledge spoken of here. If you have that he will not be deceived in this day of deception I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you again next week.

Contact us through our website all moved to that's all of to cola circle time at 763-559-4440 476-355-9444 regular mail when you write to all of you ministries and Jim Markel Fox 1452 Ruben Soto 15311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible.

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