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Our Future is Out of This World

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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December 24, 2021 7:00 am

Our Future is Out of This World

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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December 24, 2021 7:00 am

Jan Markell’s guest,Dr. Ed Hindson, talks about the seven future destinations for the believer: Rapture, the Father’s House, Judgment Seat, Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Second Coming, Millennium, and New Heavens New Earth. Since eternity is written in the hearts of men, learn what each represents and your role in them. All of these represent our future glory. Find Hindson’s book inour online store.

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Once good news. Submit the bad.

God has a glorious future plan for you. He screams at us and says you think this is something your eyes getting a handle at your receive welcome to understand at times radio Jim Markel radio for the remnant brought to you by follow three ministries Beijing spends the hour with Dr. Ed Heintz in our world today is threatened by dark clouds daily future. God's plan for us is out of this world appeared to be in for millennia, humans have looked up into the sky and wonder arsenals immediately desiring answer to what is perhaps life's greatest mystery which awaits us when we walk through the door. God doesn't conceal the details about your eternal resting place. Looking God's word and you'll find the glimpse into heaven springs brighter than God's reading from the eternal home of Jesus Christ all the magnificent goals are written pages of Scripture. What heaven will look like, how your soul get if you will be reunited with loved ones who how your body will appear for maternity. That spot just a sliver what we can know about eternity, which promises to be a place beyond your wildest dream's.

All you have to do something about. You'll find it inside. Welcome to the program. Well I hope with those couple of teasers that you heard you're going to realize that this hour were going to focus on only good news. The hope of our future in heaven, the millennium, the new heaven and the new earth and more and we are setting aside for this week turn of events.

Bad news, dark topics and only will look at our glorious future. The future for the believer. It's out of this world. It's unimaginable. And if you are struggling today.

I hope this hour will be uplifting where carrying a new book by Dr. Ed Heintz in his most recent book future glory living in the hope of the rapture heaven and eternity limits is read from page 7 of this book Ed rights God has planned an incredible and eternal experience for every believer.

We were created for eternity and redeemed for eternity but life has a way of focusing our attention on our immediate cares and not our ultimate goal. He says we are easily caught up in our daily tasks that take most of our time and attention away from the ultimate purpose for which we are created. The Bible reminds us that while God has made everything beautiful in its time. He also has put eternity in our hearts.

Ecclesiastes 3. No matter how hard we try we are never satisfied with anything less, than that which is eternal. Dr. Heinsohn said eternity is a long time. It last forever. Sometimes people ask what will we be doing all that time they assume once we die and go to heaven. That's all there is to your eternal life. But the Bible promises so much more. In fact, there are at least seven things predicted in Scripture that every believer will eventually experience and as time permits. Folks were going to talk about those seven things that are yet future. Dr. Ed Heinsohn is Dean emeritus at Liberty University. More specifically, the Rawlings school of Divinity is the distinguished Prof. of religion there. Dr. Heinsohn, welcome back to the program package at all is an honor to talk to you. I love your commitment to Christ commitment to the word of God and to getting the truth out of people in a way that can make a difference for both time and eternity.

We are carrying your new book and by the way, and has participated in my understanding the times conference activity I'm going to try Ed is much as time allows to hit some of the highlights contained in the book things that are yet future.

You say that most people want to go to heaven but they are not in a hurry to get there. They are tied to this world they can't comprehend the wonders of heaven and eternity. In a perfect place honestly at after the events of the last year and 1/2 or so. I am still shocked that many people still want to cling to this earth.I think allows things to come. Apart from time to time. From a human perspective to remind us that you not our final destiny right here and if you're dealing with people that live in the Third World against unbelievers. They want to know how soon can we go to heaven. But Americans are thinking have got the house at the beach and got the swine: the three cars in all my plans and let's not get in a hurry to get there. And yet at the same time if you ask them do you really want to go. Most people will say yes but you have to get your focus than on the Lord Jesus Christ is one of can take you there need to be ready to go at any time any of us could die at any moment. Or Jesus could come at any moment. So been ready to go keeps our focus in the right direction as you rightly say before heaven happens. Something else has to happen then let's to spend a few minutes on it and you say the next major event on the prophetic calendar is the rapture of the church. There are lots of things that might happen before the rapture occurs but nothing must happen before the Ark Angel shout, the trumpet sounds and we leave this world to be with Jesus Christ our people thinking certain things must happen first because I think it's a sign less event but speak to this place. I think a lot of people feel like there has to be certain things that must take place. The temple has to be rebuilt eventually there has to come a time of apostasy and unbelief. Some people would even try to argue that the antichrist has to come first.

I think second of points to make it very clear he will not be revealed until after the restrainer is removed and I'm not looking for the antichrist someone Jesus Christ for the believer at death to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord but your spirit goes to heaven. Your body goes to the grave and in some cases to the stresses of time at the rapture. Paul makes it clear in first Thessalonians 4 that when Jesus comes in the clouds. He brings with him, does it have been with him, the spirit returns and the bodies are raised were united with your spirit so that your body soul and spirit in a glorified body for all eternity. Then we do are alive and remain at that moment are caught up in a glorified body also to meet the Lord in the air and to be with all of them if he reunites the entire family of God in the rapture the rapture has to occur.

People can argue all day long about the timing of it. There has to be a time when the debtor raised in the living are caught up. You and I and so many others believe that has to be before the time regulation before the last of Christ is poured out on the world because he's coming for the Bly out of love and commitment to the Bly but that's an exciting thing to look forward to that, no matter what's going on on planet Earth and what's going long. God is always going right. Jesus is coming, the dead will be raised. A living will be caught up. The question is simply when but the real personal question is are you ready to go when the trumpet sounds.

I'm going back to the fact that this could be a sign less event and nonetheless, there are certainly signs for the second coming there outlined in Scripture, but couldn't. Some of those second coming signs. Matthew 24 outlines a lot of them couldn't that second coming experience be casting a shadow on the church age I think so. That's why he would say that eventually when you begin to see these things come to that. Every lookout when you only look up in anticipation of the rapture and the coming of the Lord. We should be aware of the fact that certain trends that we see going on right now are precursors to set the stage for the rapture are not signs of the rapture.

There signs of the return. Dr. Wahlberg from Dallas seminary years ago used to like to illustrated in the way that you went to the mall shopping in September.

They all had Christmas decorations up you know Thanksgiving is coming before Christmas. I see the signs of the return that'll tell me the rapture is coming soon and one of those signs is apostasy and unbelief. We are living right now 21 years into the 21st-century with a soon not me of that kind of unbelief not only sweeping the secular culture but impacting many of the churches and many of the younger generation as well. The problem of the conversion is happening all over America right now young people walking away from the face saying I made a profession.

I grew up in a church. I don't believe any of it all out. You believe, then, as I do the second Thessalonians 2 passage talking about the great apostasy the great falling away summer now teaching. That's the rapture. I think you and I believe it's clearly the great apostasy the great falling away from the safe, the great Leo just CM false teachings raging in the church that second Thessalonians to my right, exactly. And I think Paul also makes it clear in first Timothy for the spirit we said in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons, etc. Paul talking to Timothy about falling away from the faith in the latter days. He's talking to the Thessalonians about the fact that people will fall away from the faith.

The debate comes over the term fall away at post on the original Greek it means to stand away from. So it's like I few stood upright position is that I believe in a and then you walk away from inset on boys anymore believe BNC instead. You have walked away, stood away from your original position. The argument that is what can it mean depart my dear friend Tim will have a very, very close to him would point out often in English translations prior to the King James version.

That phrase was often translated depart the departure would come first.

And that starts with Tyndale's New Testament and was followed by other translations later in the interest of time I am moving on.

Because we've got similar categories in your book to cover again supposed to book his future glory living in the hope of the rapture heaven and eternity God that loves you enough to send us on the cross to die for your sins love you enough to come back when the time is right you can trust him for that plan your life like you a lifetime to serve the Lord but prepare your heart to be ready to go in a moments notice because at any moment God could call us home if you know the Lord is your Savior.

The promise of the rapture is a short for you if you die first spirit goes to heaven. Body goes to the grave. But at the rapture, the spirit returns the body is resurrected and reunited in a glorified body soul and spirit fraternity. If you're alive at the time of the rapture were here to the glory of God is going for the singling out of you do that why you get the dead guy out of the ground the same way, by the power of God. The same power that Jesus exhorted when he stood at the tomb of Lazarus and simply said while Lazarus come forth in the dead man came to life immediately and walked out. Somebody observed if he hadn't said Lazarus and just shouted, for all the debt of all time would've come forth is coming a time that is coming for the believer to call us someday have if you just you and me are listening to understanding the times radio and Jim Markel have on the line from the East Coast. Dr. Ed Heinsohn is we are carrying his newest book in the bookies outlining seven future things the believer is going to experience some of those include the rapture. The father's house. The marriage supper of the Lamb. We've got the second coming where we participate in that the millennial reign of Jesus Christ we participate in that we have the new heavens and the new earth, and I'm sure some of you have had questions about all of these categories we can cover them all today, but will cover as much as we can because this is our glorious future and if you're tired of the headlines like IM that I have to look at every day, then it's time that we focus instead on our glorious future, or as the book title is future glory and Heinsohn I moving to as you outlined the father's house. The bride must be taken to the father's house and you say this is one big house with lots of rooms and quite frankly, it's heaven. It comes out of John 14 let not your heart be troubled. Believe in God believe also in me. In my father's house are many rooms that were not so, what I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you. This essentially is heaven correct correct. The beautiful thing about it is that Jesus has been there now for nearly 2000 years preparing a place for the bride of Christ. It has to be spectacular beyond imagination thing about beautiful the world is and it's under the curse of sin. Despite that, the beauty of various places on this planet are incredible.

There nothing compared to what he has prepared for us, for all this time he's working on something unique for every single believer in what I love about it is were all there in that house together brothers and sisters coequal in the family of God. Serving in a glorified state where there is no sin. There is no animosity there is no competition of any sort. Everybody is there with a focus on the presence of Jesus Christ who makes it glorious for all attorney will all believers and citizens of heaven and Jesus says we are part of the different kingdom not of this world and this is why we don't see it in this world very well. The believer, particularly since things have gone so haywire here in the last year and 1/2 to 2 years.

Nobody feels comfortable here anymore, fear believer, and rightly so people got to lock down to success, prosperity, the blessing of God. All too often, as it did with ancient Israel and has done even throughout the church age. Sometimes when everything was going right we don't feel like really need God were not desperate for his presence. But when everything goes wrong in the bottom falls out and right knees. Then you understand it's really ultimately all about him and our relationship to him, and where that's going to take place in eternity.

So the seven things are seven things I like to remind people if you know the Lord. This is part of your future destiny.

Whatever goes wrong here on planet Earth is not being at. You have the rapture to look forward to the trip to the father's house that is promised only to believers. There we go to the judgment seat of Christ, we go from there the marriage. Both of those are clearly pictured in heaven. You have to go up in the rapture to go to the judgment seat have to go up in the rapture to go to the marriage but then from there we return with Jesus in his triumphal return and reign with him in his millennial kingdom on earth.

So when people say will all you guys believe in the rapture just escapist.

No, not at all. We actually believe were coming back to planet Earth.

Later, but only when the king comes back will we return with him and then his rule will be glorious and earth will finally experience the full blessing that God has promised to it, and yet even that is still not eternity. Beyond that millennial reign is the new heaven and a newer in the new Jerusalem.

One more click here. Dr. David Jeremiah speaking about the glorious kingdom of heaven to come. When you get to heaven you know all the people that you met down here and they're going to know you. It is unthinkable to me that in heaven we will know less than we do here. First Corinthians 1312 since this for now we see in the mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part but then I shall know even as I know we will have a greater sense of recognition in heaven than we ever had here on this earth well our new bodies will be indestructible. Our new bodies will be identifiable. Our new bodies thirdly will be edible and I mean that incredible verse 40 3B says we will be sown in weakness. We will be raised in power. We will be buried in weakness is not true in the body is buried it's without any strike without apartment. When we come out of the grave. It will be in power in our current bodies we are limited in our ability to sustain effort for very long. Is that true gets harder and harder as we get older and older. We work hard for a few hours and were exhausted, but in our new bodies we will have capacities and abilities without any limitation. Nothing will be outside the scope of the possibility for us in our new body. On one occasion. Listen to this. On one occasion Jesus actually enter the room without going through the door. He just appeared in the midst of his disciples. John 20 verse 19 says the same day at evening, being the first day of the week when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood in their midst and said to them, peace be with you in Jesus resurrection body. He surmounted the limitations of this life. Earth had no power to stop him and our bodies are going to be the same. We are carrying Dr. Hansen's new book future glory living in the hope of the rapture heaven and eternity find it in my online store olive tree views as an viewpoint, olive tree call my office get on our newsletter lists Ian print. You'll have the opportunity to get a hold of this very uplifting book. Dr. Heinsohn again in the interest of time I moving ahead here because once we are in the father's house or heaven and this is your third point here, then we are going to experience the judgment seat of Christ.

Let's just spend a couple of minutes on it. God keeps a record book of what we do for his kingdom and we will be rewarded will also be reminded of some things. Maybe we aren't so happy with. But if we were faithful to the Lord. We will be rewarded because the Lord himself is keeping the records. So after the rapture in heaven and it's before the Lord seat, which is the judgment seat. Second Corinthians 510 talk to us about it. Please let judgment seat of bema seat was where they ancient city administrators would often appear and rewards would be given out to those for their faithful service to Christian will stand before the judgment seat of Christ, and we will be rewarded for our faithful service to the Lord. Now our good works do not going heaven were already in heaven. At that point the good works are merely rewarded. Then, as he shows appreciation to some of those rewards are listed as crowns that we will receive, and then ultimately cast at his feet. So when somebody says only donate a lot of rewards you want some crowns to throw at the Savior's feet worship and appreciation for who he is and all that is done for you. I like to remind people do not have to be a preacher or leader to receive those rewards.

Every faithful believer will be rewarded for faithful service and those that have been faithful in much here on earth will be given much responsibility. Then in the kingdom and in eternity. I love to think of the lady that led me to the Lord and vacation Bible school. I grew up in a non-Christian all my tell that story in the book she had no idea this kid would go on to have a global ministry one day.

Well, whatever God's going to bless from my activities shall share in that because she was faithful in giving the word of the gospel to me and that's true for everybody listening today God keeps a record book of all that you're doing to serve the Lord and will bless you accordingly. Do you think we will regret some lost rewards yes and no. Yes, in the sense of how could you not regret it that it's missing. And yet at the same time, in a glorified mind and body, God will give us an eternal perspective where we see it from his perspective. You might even think of Simone bottle. She couldn't compete in some of her Olympic competitions. There was a loss of reward so to speak, and then she finally did. The last event and won a bronze medal and there was a reward.

So I think it's that kind of thing where we'll realize okay I didn't do the high jump, but God blessed me with this and etc. I think the motivation there is, we can't just take our salvation for granted and assume I'm Savior mama way to heaven.

It does not matter how I live or what I do.

The New Testament makes it clear yes it did were saved by grace through faith, not of our works are we saved in yet that same passage in Ephesians 2 goes on to say, but we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, and that word workmanship in the original Greek New Testament 20 aim is the word from which you get the word poetry we are God's people God is writing a beautiful story in your life. As a result of his grace in your response to that grace by faith and he's going to keep the record book and bless you and reward you for your faithful service. You say that God will judge according to the truths we have received no I think I know what you mean there, and perhaps those who don't have a lot of access to the Scripture perhaps will not be judge so severely. Would that be correct. I think so you have that implication given throughout Scripture.

Paul even says in one passage that because they did it in ignorance. In the past, etc. even Jesus from the cross, father forgive them. They know not what they do. They don't realize who I am.

That doesn't mean they're not responsible, but that it's more severe.

He said for those who know the truth and try to teach the truth but don't let it. Here's a quick clip of Dr. Erwin lutes are talking about the bema Cedar judgment seat of Christ.

First of all, were going to be judged fairly were going to be judged fairly few single words that in the text. This is, after all, the judgment seat of Jesus Christ, the one who died to read Dean must the one who loves us the one who became our brother. He's going to be doing the judging of course he would like to have us do. Well, he is going to be eminently fair standing there in the presence of Jesus. We will all have to deal with reality but reality.

No attorney to tweak it to make ourselves look better. No facts will be overlooked. If you were brought up in an abusive home. It affected the way in which you live, and so forth. All of those things are going to be taken into account and when your judgment is over. Nobody is going to disputed because will know that the judgment was indeed fair and Joss will be judged on the basis of what you did since your second birth, not your first birth. There are seven milestones that are ahead of us folks and were trying to cover those in the time we have today. Take all represent future glory. Can we still got several to get to. Obviously, we've already talked about. First, the rapture in heaven father's house.

The judgment seat the marriage supper of the Lamb.

The second coming, the millennial reign of Jesus as the new heavens and the new earth, one on earth would be the new heavens and the new earth is that going to be on the earth, or is that in heaven, or both. So we to talk about those and we get back we continue to go through the list here that I have. Again we can find it all in Ed Heinsohn's new book future glory living in the hope of the rapture heaven and eternity, and it is about 220 pages of almost all good news and is here is tired of the bad as I am, then this is something that will not only inspire you, but will cause you to look at the future I think with eagerness. So many are the Reading the future when you see what awaits us. I think you're going to have a different perspective on where you are going to be spending eternity. So I'm just take a real short timeout when I get back were going to talk about the marriage supper of the Lamb that follows the judgment seat of Christ. If your believer were going to a wedding, and it may be the greatest marriage of all time that in just a minute don't go away.

We hope you'll stay in touch with us online through all of three views.RG that's all of three call a simple time.

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Rumbled light source is here are John Markel and Dr. Ed Heinsohn wrapup number one.

The relative heaven on pastor company right now from the view of a skeptic maybe a skeptic is in the house are watching right now, there come on this religious John heaven.

My argument is why does man appreciate some sort of glory or paradise that speaks of grandeur is purely materialistic, promoting some sort of wealth and prosperity, bizarreness about the fact that there is something that God is within you, and apparently it means something to Jesus because you know John 14 he said to go away and prepare a place for you in my father's house are many not so, I told you I go now to prepare a place for you and if I go I will come again and receive you to myself, that where I am, there you may be also. That's amazing.

It's called welcome back Pastor Jackie and how he gets so excited. Thankfully, and rightfully so when he talks about eternity and what lies ahead for the believer. I'm talking for the hour with accurate Heinsohn Dr. Ed Heinsohn is Dean emeritus at Liberty University. More specifically, the Rawlings school of Divinity is the distinguished Prof. of religion there and his newest book is titled future glory is talking about living in the hope of that rapture heaven and eternity find by calling our office by getting on our newsletter lists I've read it cover to cover, because I needed a break from the endless litany of bad news that we've been dealing with now for decades and decades, but I think the last year and 1/2 or so is been on overdrive and folks are tired of it and we cover current events here almost every week on understanding the times radio but sometimes we just have to look at apologetics because that's much more hopeful so Dr. Ed Heinsohn of the seven items that you outlined in the book. I want to get to the fourth. Here because it's the wedding of all weddings. It's the marriage supper of the Lamb.

Now just having said that, there are listeners right now their churches aren't dealing with things were talking about and they hear about a marriage supper of the Lamb. And they're saying, you know, that sounds really strange, so can you make sense of it for them.

I think so.

I think the apostle Paul knew that he looked forward to it. The writers of the New Testament were convinced of that. That's what Paul said in first Corinthians to nine. I have not seen, nor ear heard the things that God has prepared for those that love him beyond our comprehension. It can be understood to appoint but not fully comprehended because it's beyond anything we've ever known in the whole emphasis on the marriage you have that in the book of Revelation very clearly in the 19th chapter, Jesus is preparing to return to earth. In Revelation 19 that's the climax of the whole book of Revelation. It opens with four hallelujahs and then the statement that were to praise the Lord and sing praises to him because the marriage of the Lamb has come. That's Revelation 19 seven. His wife has made herself ready and to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and bright and the fine linen represents the righteousness of the saints are the believers so the idea there is the marriage is a picture it's an illustration of our union with Christ. That prophecy is not just bad news about what's going to go along in the future. Prophecies bad news only for the unbeliever prophecies good news for the believer. The good news is Jesus is coming to take us home in the rapture to the father's house to the judgment seat of Christ to receive our rewards and then to the marriage to this celebration of a union spiritually with Christ forever. So like to remind people if they've never been married or how many overtimes they've been married. You're going to be married again in the future. There's a wedding coming and that wedding is described here in such beautiful way and the light of Christ is a term used throughout the New Testament, so it's not only there in Revelation. Paul refers to the church as the bride of Christ, that Christ, in essence, is spiritually married to the believer forever and that becomes a full reality at the marriage in heaven, and once you receive the white robe then when we return with Christ same chapter. Chapter 19 Revelation verse 14 the white robed believers come from heaven with Christ in his triumphal return, the bride of Christ comes back to reign and rule on earth with Jesus no longer the church vilified, martyred, persecuted, now she's the church triumphal new marches out of heaven with her warrior husband to reign and rule on earth that is still coming in the future destiny of every single born-again believer, the marriage supper of the Lamb actually takes place. Then, during the tribulation.

That's what's happening on earth. The saints are in heaven, so this would be during that seven year tribulation exactly so you have all that illustration throughout Scripture where Jesus will talk about going away to the father's house to prepare a place for you all in the Jewish wedding concept. The couple would be betrothed to one another, but then the poolroom would go back to his father's house, add a room or maybe several rooms under the house to prepare for the blind to bride was told you be ready to go when he comes back for you and he would return for the bride. When the room was ready and take her to the father's house.

I think that's very clear in what Jesus talks about. It's very clear in what the apostles taught about in the letters of the New Testament that the bridegroom is coming to take the bride home to the father's house in heaven, and take us to the marriage and that relationship is permanently consummated forever. We are now in a glorified body in a glorified state that is no longer subject to pain and heartache to disappointment or dissent, wherein a final fixed sinless state forever with the Savior. I'm going back just a little bit in our discussion here as it concerns the rapture, nobody knows the day or the hour. In the meantime, we have a job to do.

Don't fall for guys that I know the date of the rapture know you don't. I've been in the ministry for 50 years I've heard every crazy speculation. You can imagine 1972, 76, 88, 99,000 2011.

Whatever Jesus said. Nobody knows the day or the hour of my coming and what in the rapture to raise the dead and capture up the living and a glorified body strata. The clouds I haven't etc. so if nobody knows the time, so don't waste your time trying to guess the time be ready all the time because Jesus could come back at any time. Well.people you live with the balance and I am the sky.

He could come at any moment seat on the earth. I have a job to do in the meantime, I love the way you said that Dr. Hansen that was brilliant, moving on. Only in the interest of time to the next event, the second coming of Jesus. I think you say it's the second most prominent reference in the Bible next to salvation correct exactly. There are scores of prophecy about the return of Christ, and yet so many churches never talk about it. I thought about you die go to heaven.

That's it. But if you read the Bible. It's obvious know you go to heaven and you're going to the marriage and you're going to the judgment seat that you're coming back with Jesus to reign and rule with him when he returns.

The believers are coming back with the Lord Jesus Christ because the earth is devastated and breeding the seals and the bowls etc. that are in Revelation, we see why the earth is devastated and humanity is at its lowest point. I like the way you put it, Jesus no longer rides a donkey. He rides a white horse and the saints are with him, but had that could be literally millions of saints overtime and probably will be. Yes, this is a host that is stunning. It's at that point that when he returns triumphantly. Revelation 19 ends with those powerful statements he speaks a word with the sword of his mouth slave. The Army of the Antichrist beast and the false prophet are cast into the lake of fire. Satan is bound in the abyss for a thousand years. And Jesus is going to rain and rule on earth in a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity and blessing in the right sense of the word where the word of God, the law and truth of God will go out to the entire planet even as God promised by the Old Testament prophets as well as the New Testament apostles.

So we are going to proceed to reign and rule and this is when in Scripture talks about on his thigh is written, King of Kings and Lord of lords, and Satan is bound then for 1000 years, and that's the millennium or not.

Folks, because I'm still dealing with the second coming here of Jesus Christ.

We are going to rain and rule with Jesus Christ in our mortal bodies will get to that in a minute but this is the second coming, and I think Ed many denominations are fine with teaching about the second coming, but they're not fine with teaching about the rapture.

Now I don't fully understand that and then I think the rapture is so clear in Scripture. But why are they okay with the second coming, but not the rapture. Technically, the promise of the second coming is in every theological statement of virtually every denomination they all say that they believe Christ will return because he said he would at least go that far, then the problem becomes when and how does he returns it literally is a spiritual, is it before the tribulation after the tribulation, etc. the timing issue gets garbled up there and a lot of times people who don't believe that the rapture will come before the time of tribulation tend to say things like old and never will be a rapture know there has to be a rapture or you gotta take the process one is for lipid out of the Bible straightaway.

There has to be a time the debtor raise a living or caught up to question is simply when I'm convinced it is before the time of tribulation, because the time of tribulation is clearly described in the book of Revelation is the wrath of Christ and of last of God the father, while the church that's born again and say is not the object of the Savior. She's the object of the Savior's love and devotion. When you spoke and it's my understanding the times conference since two years ago. Now you put a picture from your PowerPoint presentation. The bride in a white count beaten up black and blue eyes, etc. can you said to the audience doesn't beat up his pride.

He died on the cross for his bride. Why would he beat her up and I think you made a point that I'll never forget that his goal for his bride.

Now Satan may attacker the world may attacker, but God is not going to attack the bride. He doesn't have to pour out wrath on the bride to purify the bride that starts to sound like Protestant purgatory, and Jesus went to the cross. He took the punishment for us, he took the beating. We deserve it, but we don't receive it because he paid it all for what I love about these positive prophecies of the future. They highlight the love of Christ.

They highlight the power of his atonement and his commitment to the bride that God is a wonderful future plan for every believer and my goal in writing the book was to help people see that actually wrote this in the first month of the covert shut okay couldn't go anywhere. At first, so I thought why waste the time that I preach on it. Let's write it up in a book so that all the horses and all the emphasis is there.

People can read it, study it for themselves and walk away with a wonderful sense of hallelujah we went that the future is really glorious and Jesus Christ you're listening to understand the times radio and Jim Markel.

I have on the line from the East Coast. Dr. Ed Heinsohn Blair carrying his new book future glory living in the hope of the rapture heaven and eternity. He consigned that in my online store by calling us are getting on our newsletter lists here and then I'm moving on from the second coming, because the saints that's you and me. Folks if you are a saved person we return in the second coming and we are going to populate the millennium and that's the sixth future promise that Dr. Heinsohn talks about the millennial reign of Jesus Christ.

Ed Heinsohn says in his book. Revelation 19 is probably the most dramatic chapter in the entire Bible is the final capstone to the death and resurrection of Christ in this chapter as a living Savior returns to earth to crush all Satanic opposition to the truth he establishes his kingdom on earth in fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies of his own promise to return. Having said that it had. There are sound and I might be one of them who has asked I don't any longer, but at one time I did, why do we need a millennium that's a thousand years right back here on this awful earth, though it's going to look a lot different during the millennium help us understand this literal 1000 years on earth, which we already have referred to the millennialist is going to make this symbolic and were in the millennium now and I've talked about that on here before, but there's no way were in the millennium now. But why am millennium because it fulfills the promise of the prophets that there has to be a Messiah, the son of David on the throne of David on earth in Jerusalem, raining in ruling and at the lawn truth of God would go out from Jerusalem to the world. We have to think of the millennial era as a time of unbelievable Christian influence Christian evangelism Christian messages Jesus is here in person in his ruling as King then every school to Christian school. Every hospital's a Christian hospital. Everybody who was born in natural bodies throughout the millennium will have every opportunity to hear the truth.

While Satan is bound in the business lockdown cannot get out of people said Millichap. Well, do you think I can build a chain to hold Satan literal while you think of this is little is the devil literal God can capture Satan nine limit him however he wants to.

The Scripture says he's going to do it for thousand years.

When he cannot deceive the nations and there is no war. The very fact that there are wars on the planet and there's massive deception audit tell us are not in the millennium, Satan is not bound at the present time.

Peter said he walks about like a roaring lion, James Jesus own blotter said to Christians, resist the devil and he will flee from you. Satan is very alive and well on planet Earth right now, but there will come a time and that millennial Lane, when he will be bound in the abyss and the opportunity for earth to finally experience the full blessing of God will come, it'll have to be renovated, and the devastation tribulation. There will be much for us to do and glorified bodies will return Lane and rule with him and have responsibilities in his literal kingdom on earth, and that is a glorious time that people can't fully comprehend and yet we see in many ways how God blessed America in its early days because of the commitment of so many of our leaders to biblical truth that they too were looking forward to that kingdom. In the future we realize today.

We can't bring that end by ourselves. The church even at its best is not gonna bring in the kingdom of Christ on earth, rolling in to get the kingdom. When the king comes back. People asked me never done this election.

They want to know I would choose love for if he were here. All the Jews were here, we would not be voting for anybody he'd be the king and it would be glorious.

But at the end of that millennium, Satan's release help us understand this. That's the great shock really is like you're watching this movie. Finally, the enemies captured and everything was going great and suddenly let out again.

I think God releases him one more time to demonstrate that salvation is of God, not the environment. The environment can be wonderful but it's not gonna convert you the message can be fully available to everybody, but you have to personally believe and I think Satan's final deception is to try to deal with those have been born during that thousand years okay to say you really want to follow Jesus are not are you tired of this, follow me and the sad truth is, many will follow him and that final rebellion is then put down and then the earth and its atmosphere and when he talks about new heavens and new earth. I believe is talking about the atmosphere around the planet. You have the three levels of heaven. I talk about that in the book. Yes I do atmospheric part of the planet. What we would call outer space and then the dwelling place of God. What Paul called the third heaven.

God doesn't need to renovate the third heaven, where he dwells. It's the planet and the atmosphere around it and some believe that that means elimination of the current planet is replaced by another. Others like they were Jeremiah's my good friend says he believes that the renovation where everything that represents sin and death is burned away and the planet is brand-new. Either way, the Scripture calls it a new heaven and a new earth, but the real key is the new Jerusalem that comes down from the ultimate heaven of God and the new Jerusalem, then, is the portal between heaven and earth in eternity. That's when the Scripture says every tear is wiped away. There is no sand there is no pain. There is no more death, we shall live in that glorious city, forever and ever and serve God in his vast universe. We need to get to the new heavens and the new earth, because that follows this thousand year reign of Jesus Christ on earth and subsets a literal thousand years.

I know there are many denominations teaching symbolic.

I understand that but Dr. Heintz and I believe that reign of Jesus Christ his literal thousand year reign. Let's spend a minute or two here and Heintz and on the new heavens and the new earth. This I really want folks to comprehend how will the new heavens and the new earth be different than the millennium and it well for one thing were going to get rid of Satan. Finally, in the new heavens and the new earth he's gone he's history and that the major difference at that point.

When this is described in the last two chapters of the book of Revelation, the city has the glory of God as part of my emphasis in the book on future glory. We are there in a glorified sinless state and it's in this city that there is no need, even of the son of the moon to shine because the glory of God illuminates it and the nations of those that are saved. Walk in the light of God that you still have your national ethnic distinctions from hers which are resurrected in a glorified body and all of us are there in harmony with one another brothers and sisters in the family of God forever the river of life is there the tree of life. Is there hasn't been seen in the Bible since it was lost in Genesis 3. Now this tree of life is available again and then he goes on with those beautiful descriptions.

Pain is wiped away evil is no longer there. You are in this glorious place forever and ever. And that's why think it even says in the Old Testament in Ecclesiastes got a set eternity in the hearts of men that were really not satisfied with anything less than that which is eternal. Somebody can live a long life here on earth and we can say well they had a good life.

But down deep, there's always the feeling that wasn't enough.

Nothing less than that which is eternal is enough and only Jesus can give you eternal life, and it's available to all who put their faith and trust in him is the new heaven and the new earth and heaven or on the earth for all the above for the above is the new Jerusalem, suspended between heaven and earth and the saints of God go back and forth to all these places and have access to the whole universe which we are serving God in the expanse of all that he has created, forever and ever.

So there's a river there there trees there there some emphasis on nature yet at the same time, there's the streets of gold in the walls of jewels, it's almost indescribable and just John the apostle writes those closing chapters in Revelation. He's trying to tell us what I saw was almost beyond descriptions.

It's so glorious you don't want to miss it and I want to go there in just a moment that it's beyond description. We don't want any listener to miss it but still talking here about the new heavens and the new earth.

So this is paradise regained correct exactly no curse no sin whatsoever. All of that removed all of that is been judged in the lake of fire.

The unsaved are not admitted into this place and will always ask me why, when she still give them another opportunity you not going to take unsaved people to heaven because it wouldn't have and it wouldn't be happy just help us better understand the holy city, the new Jerusalem because again some of this is out of this world literally so it's a little bit hard to grasp. That is, I think when he says the streets are gold, but it's transparent is glass not sure that that means little doll like we think of it, it looks like gold, but it looks like transparent glass and he keeps using lichen as comparisons, as is trying to describe this because he's trying to describe something you never seen before and that was beyond human description. The key is, it's the holy city, there's no crying there. There is no pain there because there is no sin.

There because the holiness of God prevails in that place and we are made holy by him because the Scripture reminds us without holiness no one will see God.

God is the one who grants us that gift of righteousness and holiness through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ that when Jesus died on the cross, he not only died to forgive your sin, but he dies to give us the gift of his righteousness, and we stand complete in him, and as you see the description of the people that are there.

It is obvious they are not just worshiping God, they're doing all of that, but they're also serving him and he calls them his servants who serve him for all eternity. I think will be busy because in a glorified body is not limited by human dysfunction in physical limitation as you say it's beyond description. It's our future glory it. If there's one person uncertain about that as we speak here and I am down to just a couple of minutes you've outlined the plan of salvation, actually two or three times when we do it one more time as we go out of the program here. Jesus came not just to teach a better way.

He came to get everybody up better life, died on the cross, taking the wrath of God against our sin put to death rose from the dead to offer us the gift of eternal life in the Scripture tells us whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved to call but says I really believe Jesus you are, you said you were your life today you can forgive my sin. You can change my life.

I am ready to say yes to you all the wages of sin is death. According to the Bible the gift of God is eternal life to all that will believe. So I would encourage you today. Your questioning in my on my way to heaven. John the apostle said. I wrote these things that you might know that you believe put your faith and trust in him. He hated all call to him.

Leo, if I'm trusting him. Jesus is the way the truth and the life he will fulfill all of his promises to you and me.

Heinsohn thank you for all you do. I can't think of her program more appropriate for me to close the something I do quite often and that's his little saying when the time was right to see part of the walls fell down the lines when hungry.

The sun stood still. The waves were calm. The stone was rolled away the clouds were part of the Lord ascended and when the time is right, the King of Kings will return God is never early. He's never late. He's always right on time and his plan for you is good.

I hope you seen that throughout this hour that the plan the seven incredible events that lie ahead of us that his plan for you is not just good, it's perfect one. Thank you for listening and will talk to you again next week. Contact us through our website. All of its reviews.RG olive trees use for placental time at 763-559-4440 476-355-4444 male would you like to all three ministries and Jan Martel Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 5511 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311 oh gifts are tax-deductible.

Remember that God has orchestrated events to play out as they are things in control. You are in the palm of his hands and everything is falling place

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