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Meet the New World Religion

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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July 9, 2021 8:00 am

Meet the New World Religion

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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July 9, 2021 8:00 am

Jan Markell spends the hour with Pastor Billy Crone. Ufology is almost the new world religion as more believe in UFOs and aliens than believe in God. Additionally, more believe aliens will save them. What’s behind the latest intelligence report on UFOs? Is this what will be used as the excuse for millions missing after the Rapture? We carry Crone’s book in our online store.

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Would UFOs be a part of the great end time deception. We think so this morning that the government cannot explain those mysterious objects caught on video by the military welcome to understanding the times radio with Jim Markel radio for the remnant you buy all three ministries today. Jan visits with a ministry friend, Pastor Billy claimed they unpacked the mystery of identified flying objects now so much of it is we think there is a simple and logical explanation janitor just unpacked back this hour. Here is today's program I think it's a topic that we the church do need to get equipped on because the Scripture, I believe, gives us the answer.

Number one, number two, when we realize are not our world is enthralled with that topic right now just current stats and this is in the United States of America more people believe in the on-site America in the existence of UFOs and aliens in the do in the existence of God and people in United States America believe that aliens have visited planet Earth.

Then Jesus is the son of God, and are saying that you are philology because of Hollywood in this whole topic is promoting this in the live evolution. There saying this is become beautiful apology is the new religion of the 21st century in our own country where they believe that aliens are to save monogamy having you watch Star Trek or Star Wars and so like a lump.

It leave or not.

I like to say we need to deal with this because our world is being led astray welcome to the program. Glad you could join understand the times radio today if you'd be patient.

I want to take just a couple of minutes to set the stage for the theme of this hour, and you've obviously just heard it.

Pastor Billy Crone.

That was a little clip from Dave Reagan's Christ in prophecy are issues going to be male, aliens, UFOs, some of you may know that a few weeks ago, the US intelligence community really something quite remarkable. An unclassified report to Congress of unidentified aerial phenomena. Another term UAP otherwise known as UFOs unidentified flying objects so this is a nine page report and it isn't exactly an exhaustive study of UFOs but after decades of such phenomenon being hidden or excused, I would say it's progress. There are several basic categories for UFOs.

According to the report. There is random airborne things like little birds for that matter, whether phenomenon perhaps the weather balloons defense prototypes will be there from the US or foreign adversaries. And then there's that other category and the other category is almost unexplainable. And that's what will deal with this hour. My guest and I know that the mystery element to UFOs.

It really isn't a mystery.

We believe anyway they are demonically driven and will try to prove that today.

Just a heads up here that I did interview my guest pastor Billy Crone would've been a bout three years ago on the same topic of this is not to repeat program because were updating all the information we carry. His book will say more about that in just a moment. Pastor Billy Crone pastors the sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas, Billy Crone, welcome back to the program.

Thank you, Jen. It's always a treat to be on you and I talked about this about three years ago I would say since that time, more people are curious in this report that I just introduced the program with the conclusion is that they're talking about aliens. You and I would disagree and the Bible talks about a great end time deception. A delusion that's gonna come upon a lot of people both before the rapture and after the rapture could UFOs be a part of that the government report says they are real you and I knew they were real but is this just deception and delusion run amok and then we'll get into UF apology here in the fact that we think there demonically driven but speak into this please not specifically what we entitled the book you opposed the great last day infection and I'm convinced it has everything to do with the deception that Jesus warned about Matthew 24 the disciple said what some signs that we know it's getting closer coming in. The first thing out of his mouth was watch out that no one deceives you throughout Matthew 24, multiple times. He says defeat defeat this the one that I think these guys are going to be the ultimate excuse to explain away what can happen, the last days and what's next on God's prophetic timeclock is the rapture of the church, and you put yourself in the shoes of the people that are left behind.

The bulk of the planet. This is an event that you can't do what you do on CNN or MSNBC and just spinning away. This is a global event. People literally disappeared all across the planet and they were specifically only Christian, you can't spin that way for those left behind. You better have a good excuse to bring back some sense of normalcy in the minds of people across the planet is if you start to do the investigation.

That's what we did with the identity the background the history and what these critters are up to that saying that there aliens from another planet.

I'm convinced they are going to become the excuse it wasn't Jesus who came and got his bride, the church at the rapture. It was the aliens who being these people up to the spaceships and it's not just my theory that actually what they say yes and will get to that just a moment I'm going back here in history a little bit you actually go back to the 1800s and will get there in a minute but what I think is significant. Billy Crone is that the sightings increased enormously in 1947, 1948 did the demonic world know that the greatest end time sign and that would be the rebirth of Israel was about to manifest. I kind of think so. I don't think that's far out do you know no knowledge and now the enemy of course Satan is powerful, but is not all-powerful. He knows a lot because he's got one third the Angels to work with on a global scale to find out what's going on in the minds of people in their behavior. So he's got, interconnected, information system, but he's not all knowing what yes but he also knows the Scripture, and he also knows what we know if we read the Scripture that we don't know the exact day nor the hour, but we have been given signed by God when it's getting close.

In a course that was a big watershed moment 1948 when Israel became a nation pathetically. We know that you cannot have a seven year tribulation without the rebirth of Israel as a nation because they're one of the key players in one of the purposes of a seven year tribulation even know when the rapture happens. Nobody knows when rapture happens only God but he's got to know with the rebirth of Israel that is got to be getting close so you had better start working on your deceit plan to explain it away for talking to 1947, 1948 and I just had a conversation with Dr. Mark Hitchcock here in the last week and he's actually writing a book on UFOs won't be out for a year and he told me he met someone. This would have been in the mid-90s who worked for the Roswell New Mexico outfit in 1947 and Mark interviewed this gentleman, this again in the mid-90s and the gentleman said what happened. There is absolutely true at craft crashed in 47 and runs well. It was an out of this world craft and there were creatures on the craft and again there's lots reports like that can of interactions with you sometime in the past. The media has anybody wants to say that they had an encounter with a court of quotation.

They just write them off and they got tinfoil hat on or something like that.

But there are legitimate reports out there with governments around the world running into these scenarios, including our own government.

You mention Roswell but that's just the drop in the bucket and it isn't just United States.

It's a global phenomenon right that I mean, some folks plan their annual vacation since it Roswell, New Mexico, that sort of been the epicenter of all of this that were talking about, at least in more modern times.

I want to play a real brief soundbite here because one is looked into this and particularly since this US intelligence unclassified report to Congress.

This came out a month ago now and one was taken huge interest is Tucker Carlson Fox news this play that clip then want to come back and ask you a couple questions over the past 75 years, the US military has gathered evidence on a remarkable number of puzzling aerial phenomena most of which were definitely not weather balloons, unexplained flying objects have buzzed US military bases, missile sites, ships, aircraft, submarines, underwater, often at speeds in directions that seem to defy any known human technology depending on his said next to nothing about any of this in public instead is consistently covered up the sightings. Virtually everything we know about UFOs has come from whistleblowers by the time this show launched nearly 5 years ago. It was clear there was definitely something very odd going on in the skies above us UFOs were not some crackpot theory cooked up on late night radio. They were absolutely real.

The question was, what are they exactly over the years, several powerful political figures in Washington, including Sen. Harry Reid have pushed the US military to reveal all it knows about UFOs but in every case, they have failed to dislodge that information that last year Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida inserted a demand for transparency into a federal appropriations bill by the end of June, 20, 21, the government was required to turn over its full assessment of UFOs just a few hours ago.

That report finally came out late on Friday. We've only seen the public version. So far, but here's we can tell you government investigators seems sincerely baffled by what these things are today's report analyzed 144 separate sightings of UFOs by the US military, but in only a single case for the government explain what was in that case it was a large deflating balloon. The rest the other hundred and 43 remain a complete and total mystery. So the most sophisticated military has no idea what these things are or even how they move from place to place some of these aircraft, the report says quote appeared to remain stationary in winds aloft move against the wind maneuver abruptly or move at considerable speed, all without discernible means of propulsion. We do know that no government in the world possesses anything like this.

No technology like this exists that we know of the Pentagon seems fairly certain, these are not Russian and they're not Chinese. So what are they the report doesn't say you know it's only the obvious UFOs quote clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to US national security."

Natural is Tucker Carlson has looked into this extensively on his program. Just a quick heads up here that all history is carrying Pastor Billy Crone's book on UFOs title again UFOs the great last days deception you can find that in my online store and olive tree olive tree in my office a call get on our newsletter lists Billy Crone okay the government has acknowledged, at least in that little clip that these entities probably are a challenge to national security. Now whether or not that's the case, we are not, but at least somebody's paying attention and the government is alarmed by what they're observing and releasing as a report here.

I wonder what her motives are. Is it just are finally being forced to acknowledge in their quote alarmed from a military perspective could be.

Maybe Jan Emma quitted us that the Lord, but maybe they known this for long time and this is what's called self-disclosure that you slowly but surely, and feed the information to people so that psychologically it doesn't hit him like a ton of bricks in intercourse with the help of Hollywood to bring us into believing a certain narrative. Maybe that's the reason why to me. I'm not surprised that the closer we get to the rapture.

We don't know the date on our report getting close. Based on God's signs in the Scripture, but if in fact you oppose it and be the excuse. Then I expect the government to start, hand feeding official disclosure information that the real because that's what you need to have at the last stage before the rapture happens. Now you're ready to go.

Yorty admitted these things are real -24.

Quote the event to bring in the excuse and that's what's wild about what's going on right now him in the newsstand.

If this is going to be the excuse for those left behind to explain why the rapture then we've got to be getting close because the government right now is admitting you just made a reference to some occult influence and I just happened to pick up Gary because new magazine I'm reading to paragraphs and Gary of course is monitored the brush to the one world system for 30 years have had him on here here dozen times or more. He says the efforts and again the topic UFOs will just limited to that terminology here the efforts of determined globalists have been aided by a steady flow of well-crafted propaganda produced by Hollywood and more recently via social media, and he says I would like to expand, however briefly on the huge occult influence that Hollywood and the entertainment industry have exerted upon this generation, goes on to say over the past 50 years, I conservatively estimate that at least one in every three major films have carried an overreaching occult extraterrestrial message promoting satanic concepts and practices to the general public.

He says this should not come as a surprise when one considers the abundance of depraved souls embedded in that industry. And he concludes these films and occult base television series have gone a long way toward unraveling Western civilization, which has been built largely around a Judeo-Christian ethic. The deterioration of Western society is directly proportional to the increased rejection of God in his principles which have been overtly attacked and undermined by filmmakers who are often dedicated occultists. This has opened the door to an unparalleled deception and Billy Crone you have a background in both the New Age and the occult, and I know you would echo a hearty amen to that episode. Jan unfortunately I've been there, done that. Yeah, I was normally involved in the occult and Satanism, but I was also involved in New Age both of them are big proponents of quote UFO and aliens as at least it's been explained in the media and Hollywood, and it's not surprising because if in fact you're dealing with a demonic deception then is it surprising that people were involved in the occult or pushing that as well. I like the back of the timeline of this deception with aliens and we know one of the reasons why you're doing something demonic is because the Scripture says John chapter 8 that Satan is a liar and the father of all lies. Not only do these critters when they show up on the scene why to their contact these, but they lie about their identity.

The whole premise of aliens and UFOs is built upon the light of evolution. Yes, all racial right out of the gates before they even quote step out of that ship proverbially. They just lied to you what, what's the Scripture say what did Jesus say or do lights come from Satan so right navigate. You know you're doing with the line this lie really started 150 years ago when Charles Darwin and the enemy knows what he's doing. He slowly, methodically, is building this last days deception in order to get people to fall for the lie of aliens and UFOs.

He has to first supplant the Judeo-Christian mindset that we came from a create tour from God. The biblical concept, 250 years ago he started that that ran for about 100 years and then like you said Jim is not by chance you got Israel the birth of the nation activity 1947, 1948, but the same time, who kicked into gear.

That's when you start to see number one uptick in supposing UFO sightings and then speak of the occult, and people involved in it. What did Hollywood, do they begin to play their part. What did you have in the late 40s in the 50s and 60s all those Hollywood B movies about aliens, they begin to play the narrative. In fact, now it's gotten even more sophisticated with 3D technologies or actual facts to the plane for Hollywood unconvinced is not about entertainment. It's about indoctrination, education, propaganda. They have been working ever since Israel became a nation in the settings you oppose now that the world's been indoctrinated in the light of evolution.

They been propagandizing people to believe in this UFO deception. In fact, I will add this Jim if people pay attention. Unfortunately, people haven't.

Many of the UFO premise based movies. They are already also showing matches aliens insane or coming from another star system, Star Wars, Star Trek, all that stuff. But what they're doing is they're showing aliens sucking people up in their tractor beams and so why would you insert a thing like that and this is in multiple movies.

Recent movies is Jan again that visual that people are watching matches. Aliens are here, from the outer space supposedly, but they are seen and implant into the brain.

All that's what happened to those people. It wasn't Jesus was in the rapture. The aliens sucked them up closer listening, understanding the times radio is here wondering this is an art Bell or his successors.

This is just the usual programming here at this time but were taking a little bit different track because report has been just released to Congress and it's about the staggering number of unidentified flying objects that are being observed by just about everybody then were carrying Pastor Billy Crone's booking was say more about the DVD set that he offers on his website. You can learn more about Pastor Crone who Pastor Sunrise Bible Church in Las Vegas and get a life get a life and let me just say this because again going back to this report that I opened the program with and there's a gentleman. His name is Louis Elizondo and he's a Pentagon insider was doing a lot of talking and he told the Washington Post that he's convinced these aerial phenomena are quote beyond next generations technology. He says there are 50 to 1000 years ahead of us. You seen them on the media event everywhere. It's at 60 minutes. Fox he's everywhere that he says naturally. He postulated these probably are extraterrestrials.

He says this could be something that is extra hyper dimensional through observations.

We are quite convinced that were dealing with the technology that is multigenerational. Several generations ahead of what we consider next-generation technology so will be considered beyond next-generation technology, something that could be anywhere between 52 a thousand years ahead of us and for us. I think when you're looking at the observations of these things how they can outperform. Frankly, anything that we have in our inventory and were pretty certain anything that our foreign adversaries have in our inventory, then yes. Obviously, as human beings, we tend to go down that rabbit hole of speculation. I want to be very careful that I don't offer my opinion in an unqualified manner. Our voice stated this is exactly why we need a UAP task force. In fact, this is why we need a much bigger hole of government injury capability. Because at the end of the day.

We don't know what were dealing with. And frankly, all options have to be on the table until they're no longer on the table I could offer you my opinion right now but Jackie, in all honesty would probably be a bit of disservice because we frankly don't have enough information yet were just now getting to the point as a government and society that we are accepting the reality that this is real, whatever it is little article I read from concludes in a nation where 1/4 of the population reject organized religion. There's a huge spiritual vacuum waiting to be filled and how convenient that aliens cannot wait to fill that void your thoughts on that little clip Billy Crone.

Three. That's another clue of the identity of what you're doing and he specifically mentioned Jan enter dimensional travel. Believe it or not you read the Scripture, you'll see that there just happens to be enter dimensional travel going on by these entities called Angels, and of course demons are what fallen and yes in the Scripture records force when angels appear fallen Angels they often times they just appear and they just disappear to pop in the popout and the reason why is because they have the ability to traverse in our normal physical realm that we let them. But there's another room. The spirit and they could traverse between the two. Their interdimensional travelers will use that term.

But the Bible talks about that if in fact these are demonic entities deceiving the planet for a laugh. These deception to explain away the rapture, then I would expect them to travel, but the Scripture says demons travel and that's exactly what this guy is admitting. In fact, he talked about high-speed more than anything we yes right is just that they clock him at high speed, like 15,000 miles an hour but they make 15,000 miles American in the make an instant right turn concerning right there if it was a physical craft you would just disintegrate.

But these things don't and this is why secular you a philologist are saying these things are acting not so much physical in nature. Like it's a physical track, but something more spiritual.

Another thing he mentioned that they just come to pop in popout Inc. about it. Jim if these were physical craft but they're telling us and that there really coming from the backside of Jupiter or some star system and think about how come we never see them in a report on the news here they come.

Jim just one let you know the news reporting that we see a fleet of UFOs coming from around the horn of Jupiter buyer calculations at the rate of speed. We've got two hours and 37 minutes before they land on earth.

You never hear that rather what they do is they just pop on the radar and they pop right back out there interdimensional travel, which is what demons do. This is why based on this ability to just materialize and do you materialize. These guys are coming from another doorway or portal which gives what demons can do and this is why the secular you pull all just here's their synopsis not my Genesis.

There's they say there seems to be no evidence yet that any of these craft or beans originate from outer space."

One theory that can no longer be taken very seriously is that you oppose our interstellar space ships. Another words from the secular geyser same based on alley travel. These things are not coming from outer space. They're coming from interspace coming from another dimension they pop in popout. Wonder of wonders.

They not only lie like demons but they travel like demons. It's another clue who you're dealing with here we were talking earlier about Pope Francis, who said he would like to baptize an alien well that just gave 1 billion Catholics the impression that these aliens may be there friendly. Maybe we could become an ally of the heirs, and he suggests that ETS will become our new Savior. My goodness, Pope Francis is being reckless when it comes to what he's saying about this topic.

On the one hand, Jan, if you're dealing with something that is a false gospel works based salvation. And guess what that means.

Whoever believes in a workspace salvation of both gospel when the rapture happens there not a Christian not going to go to heaven so they can be left behind. So if in fact the pope in the Vatican are going to be left behind, then you better have some sort of excuse yourself as to why you're still here. I'm not surprised that they're going along with this narrative. In fact, I think it could psychologically be used, to help pacify people's hearts, and who better to make a global announcement as to why millions of people specifically Christians disappeared then somebody like the Pope. In fact, a side issue. They already have the technology to not only make global announcement, but even in 3D. The reason why he said he be willing to baptize an alien is nothing new at the Vatican and the Catholic Church. They have been years quote and this is their words on the search themselves to find ET and I'll give you just some of that fact. They have an entity called Borg VOR GP one check it out if the Vatican Observatory research group.

They have some the most powerful telescopes on the planet. I'm not making this up. It sounds like a plot from a science fiction movie, wonder telescopes is called that the ATT the Vatican Advanced Technology telescope.

Another one that they have one quarter interest in is called Lucifer. I'm not joking, it's the large binocular telescope near infrared utility with camera and integral field unit and extra electrical research, and it's so powerful that they say it's get better images than the Hubble telescope. Okay, that's wild. But why is the Vatican in a desperate search to validate ET because again, they believe that the so-called DTs are going to be our new Savior and that aliens are the ones who are going to usher in peace and utopia on the planet. Now that sounds like a wild speculation, but let me quote the Vatican priest in the Observatory. This is from father Gabriel foods that view NES is what they believe that ET. He said extraterrestrial life may not have experienced a fall and they be free from Original Sin.

Therefore, that means they have a closer relationship with the creator and since the unfallen and closer to God. As they say, which is not true. That's what they say. He goes they would not only be willing to baptize them. But listen the aliens are here and they're going to baptize us into their faith and it's going to require us to make changes to our knowledge and understand the gospel quote everything we think and know that the gospel is going to be thrown out working continue this discussion, I'm just gonna take my midpoint of the program break and sucks you know that there are some who are abducted by these graphs is not science fiction that actually happens. There's one group of people that they leave alone who would that be folks Bible believing Christian said to and there's a reason for that will get to that in just a minute or two don't go away and come right back. We hope you'll stay in touch with us online to follow three views.RG. That's almost 3 views.for follow simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 brightness to the mail. I follow three ministries of John Markel, PO Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible in this age of fake news and false teaching. Thank you for trusting understanding the times radio and follow through. The world is drowning in bad news.

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Rejoice that God has prepared for you Christians don't want to blame things on the devil don't you know there's like one of the planet.

Anything you don't understand this we say that the theme of the devil. Both these really working then you would expect that they would be reviewed in the name of Jesus Christ likely to be repeatedly throughout the Scripture will guess what, that's exactly what happened. We know you can always be via radio so just remember that our programming is posted to our website both its audio and video format still to follow three that's all of three then to radio also find us on YouTube rumble light source and his channel now here are John Markel and Pastor Billy crawled to wrap up the government releasing its highly anticipated report on UFOs. Officials say they have no explanation of the cases reported by military planes writing quote in a limited number of incidents unidentified aerial phenomena not reportedly appeared to exhibit unusual flight characteristics. These observations could be the result of sensor errors, spoofing or observer misperception and require additional, rigorous analysis that invests the objects quote clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to US national security. A lot of bureaucratic speak they're here to sort out is you also expert, Nick Pope Nick, thanks for being with us your reaction to this highly anticipated but not very exciting. Apparently report that were getting well.

It's fascinating.

I just had a quick read through it really was made available.

I think literally only moments ago and it's interesting. It's a mixed bag. It's it's a long way of saying this about nine pages of saying we don't know what these things off. Some of them may be misperceptions all the things this is interesting might be foreign adversaries like Russia, China, some breakthrough in our space technology, and frankly, a lot of them.

They simply don't know something. The important point is this report is not the end of the story, but should be the beginning of a much more detailed research and investigation program until we find out what we dealing with here. Sadly, you folks don't know the end of the story that would be in the Bible. And if you understand the Bible. Some of this will all make a lot of sense in spending the hour with Pastor Billy Crone.

We've carried a number of his products.

We have several of his DVD sets in our online store and olive tree olive tree for this particular topic. I decided to tap into his book. Let me give you a heads up. We carried the book for several years and then we discontinued at maybe a year ago, so you may have it so I don't want you ordering it and then you find out you have it. The title is UFOs the great last days deception I brought the book and the topic back for some obvious reasons and that is UFOs are hugely in the news because of this Pentagon report that came out first of June. We've heard clips talking about it now for over 30 minutes. People have a renewed interest in this topic like never before.

So I decided to put the book back into our bookstore UFOs to great last days deception by Ken by Pastor Billy Crone and you can call my office for its you can just sign up for our various newsletters EE imprint.

It will be offered in those as well. Then if you want the DVDs were not carrying them at this time, please go to get a life get a life and check out all the things that Pastor Crone's ministry offers including a DVD set on this topic, which again we're not caring that we are carrying the book. Pastor Billy Crone, you kind of got interrupted and I wanted to do finisher is sought, that you are beginning to make in the first half of the program.

Thanks again and we were taught about the Vatican astronomers yes they believe that these aliens have quote not experience the fall of man, so they're supposed to be in theory more pure in nature, a closer relationship with God so that when they come and make announcements to it. We need to listen to them. In fact, a direct quote. Everything we think we know about the gospel is going to have to be thrown out. Then they go further to say that the Bible quote justifies that heresy they're saying in the face because these nonhuman forms and this is from the Vatican are described in the Bible as Angel so they want us to believe that when the Bible talks about angels. It's really ET. That's how they try to justify they are saying very soon.

The nations of the world will look to aliens for their salvation, and it sounds crazy, but this is really what's going on with the Vatican. Then they throw this one out there. They said to not believe in the existence of aliens is going to be the true heresy of the future.

You don't go along with the narrative of these so-called angels while the leader angels are fallen angels or demons, but you don't go along with it. You're the new heretic because we need to listen to what they say, including a reinvention of the gospel. But listen to what the Bible says Galatians 1 pulses but even if we or an angel from heaven, should preach a gospel other than the one we preached you, let him be eternally condemned. They even go a step further. They try to justify. How can we take this why this evolutionary narrative aliens with the so-called new gospel, how we can squeeze us into the Scripture.

They say from the Vatican they would have you not believe that Jesus is really a descendent of alien life and that Mary's virgin birth was a direct result of an alien abduction, which is what that's what they say that he was quote genetically engineered to save us. At his first coming. Now the aliens are here again to save us in the coming catastrophes in the second coming to save us again like they did the first time Jesus showed up. Supposedly from the alien what Wilde is.

That's exactly what Jesus warned about Matthew 24 they said what are the signs of your coming and Jesus said watch out that no one deceives you, for many will come in my name, claiming, I am the Christ during and will deceive many. So that's what these beautiful aliens with the help of the Vatican is saying these are our new price are new saviors and they admit it's going to require in the direct quote, a rereading of the gospel as we know it.

They say you better get ready because it's coming soon and says if there is an alien presence on earth. Now in Pope Francis is preparing a major world statement about extraterrestrial life and his theological implications and wants to be ready with a statement about first contact gets right now. Now even the government are starting to admit it's all coming together coming together. Yes, I wanted to say a word here about abduction because this happens I don't care folks you may think it's beyond comprehension but abduction of people by these creatures happens. What would you say Billy Crone. It sounds bizarre. It sounds beyond science fiction, but it is reality and I teased with that first half is a group of people to probably leave alone, but this really happens. It really does happen.

And again, when you see what they do to people. It's another indicator you're dealing with a demonic entity. You certainly occult rituals limit to share with you one quote and this is from Dr. Jacques violate now. He is one of the top secular researchers on your all different decades. I believe he was the scientists featured in Spielberg movie close encounters of the yes that was in the early 70s. This is that guy Dr. Shockley. This is how long he's been into it and he says quote the medical examination to which of the inductees are said to be subjected, often accompanied by sadistic manipulation is reminiscent of medieval tales of encounters with demons. The symbolic display seen by the abductees is identical to the type of initiation rituals or astral voyage that is embedded in the occult traditions of every culture.

Thus, he says the structure of abduction stories is identical to that of a cold initiation ritual that they going to avoid one group of people.

As I said few minutes ago they going to avoid Bible believing Christians. Beyond that, one name will scare them away.

The name of Jesus, a Christian who does encounter them and pleads with the name of Jesus. The demons which is what these are. I can flee instantly. Now I'd like to see that in a Fox news broadcast what I just said here exactly that the flipside of the coin because the people that are experiencing as the secular researchers the same demonic occult activity with these abduction things going on the non-Christian. In fact, the secular UFO all just admit there's a strange trend in the abductee phenomena, and they admit that Muslims, Buddhists, agnostics, they all experience abduction that there's one group that they leave alone and that is true born-again Bible believer, I really appreciate this point that they made in the report and this is secular UFO researchers.

They said there are those that claim to be Christians, but they only talked the talk, they don't walk the walk. That's the word for Christian to Christian spring churches are flooded with that and there were the ones who really believe the Bible Christian fundamentalist. They are the ones 100% of the time they admit this is the trend there's one way to get rid these critters when they do show up in wonders of wonders. It's the exact same thing that you get rid of demons is when you rebuke them in the name of Jesus Christ and they do to get monogamy had one encounter in this from a gentleman in Florida. He gives his experience, that is Dr. being agitated.

Something was going to sleep and all of a sudden the experience of paralysis and he couldn't cry out. He said he was alive with Terry cutting the screen but he says I couldn't do anything so I said, Jesus, Jesus makes is when I did instantly the words that he had said Jesus had Kurt whatever was trying to mess with them and they immediately left. This happens Jan again and again if people think it's well you Christians you always want to blame things on the devil don't you know there's like one of the planets have anything you don't understand you just instantly say that the demon or that the devil folks.

If these really were demons, then you would expect that they would be rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ, like we see repeatedly throughout the Scripture will guess what, that's exactly what happens. I want to play one more news clip because the point that I'm trying to make this hour, which is perhaps different than when Pastor Crone and I attacked this about 2018. We talked about this subject is that the news media is absolutely fascinated by particularly the report that came out first of June, released by the Pentagon on all this mysterious activity that's been going on. Frankly, going back in the late 1800s. New reports five pilots coming forward over the weekend saying that had multiple area counters with highflying fast-moving objects as you have any guesses at the Hudson River right here in New York with Marty GAO, the Navy is now investigating. They are sincerely a lot of these UFOs have been captured on video. Some of them overwater and now at least one pilot says he saw them daily. You reporting this morning on unidentified flying objects in our airspace New York Times speaking with five Navy pilots of all said they've encountered UFOs during training missions up and down the East Coast. The pilots even noting that the objects were accelerating to hypersonic speed making sudden stops and instantaneous turns something beyond the physical limits of the human crew clearly nothing that recency, we submit a safety report saying that there was a unidentified object in a working space. We don't know what to do this on the eve of the new history Channel series called unidentified inside America's UFO investigation. The object and appears to accelerate rapidly. The show chronicles a year-long investigation that includes former military intelligence officials speaking out on numerous reported encounters we trust the American people to know that there are certain countries that have nuclear warheads and yet we don't trust the American people to know that there's something in our airspace.

We don't know what it is. Overnight the Navy telling us that in recent years there's been a number of reports of unauthorized and/or unidentified aircraft in our airspace and therefore they've implemented new steps to report further possible incidents and listen. Nobody at the Department of Defense is saying these are extraterrestrial. In fact, they say that there could be earthly explanations for all of us but a lot of people are left wondering you are listening to understanding the times radio and Jan Markel playing a little bit different topic, and we are carrying a product that will help you understand it and that is this extraterrestrial UFO phenomenon that has just mushroomed in the last couple years even more now with the report issued by the Pentagon first of June were caring pastor, Billy Crone's book UFOs the great last days deception. We carried some years ago, so you may already have it so heads up there. Send my online store olive tree views views as an Dollar Tree call my office get on our newsletter lists E or print get more acquainted with pastor Crone had his website yet a life get a life he pastor sunrise Bible church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Just a quick heads up in a little bit of an aside here because pastor Crone just had our rep at his church can Michael Ken will be doing a Twin Cities. This is for my Twin Cities and surrounding area audience.

The rest of you.

Be patient, don't lie, given local announcements, but it's important Ken will be doing in understanding our time seminar for three weeks coming up Sunday, July 11, 18th and 25th, July 11, 18th and 25th and they will be at 4 PM and revived church in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota Northwest suburban Minneapolis. It's formerly Brooklyn Park E free church can looks at current events ties them to the Bible. He was just at pastor Crone's church here a few weeks ago.

It will help you understand the time she'll help you become watchmen on the wall no cost.

No registration, you just show up at 4 PM at Brooklyn Park now called revived church pastor Mark Henry heard him on here with me just a couple of weeks. Gail pastor Mark Henry pastors that church pastor Crone. Let's whine this down a little bit. We still got the fourth of a program, but I don't want some things to get out of our sphere here because of time smell of sulfur explained that you talk about it we do it many different evidences as to why we feel legitimately there's biblical justification recall these things for demonic deception. We talk about how they lie like demons. They travel like demon their behaviors like demonic behavior. The rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ like a demon.

Often times just so happens when they appear on the scene and this is for multiple reports they smell like sulfur randomly. The odds of this white sulfur, why not stale milk. Career wise it specifically, sulfur will folks read the Scripture sulfur. That's the smell used to describe the lake of fire.

It all begins to stack up. It's not by chance, but reports of people who have encounter with demons not just aliens but demons often times when an actual poltergeist or demon shows up. Guess what is left on the premise a smell of sulfur. If the same thing. Jim maybe it's because of the same entities and I would say that's exactly what's going on. I'm going back to this report that came out here first of June unclassified report to Congress of unidentified aerial phenomenon that some of the terms folks at UAP also known as UFOs and everything's a mystery in this report because they're not taking it from our approach Billy Crone that were dealing with demons. They can't quite figure it out. It's a phenomenon that's going on that we can't ignore that it could be harmful to our national security. They conclude that they don't have any answer for what they've discovered and what they're reporting on that's what gets me with the unbelieving world is that for the next 100 years if they studied the scientifically they would not come up with our conclusion that what we are looking for. If I could sum it up in a paragraph is a set up for the post rapture world that it is demonic and that it was birthed with evolution.

At least that's what furthered the whole concept. It's furthered by Hollywood by the media who had been enthralled with aliens and demons. It's a set up for the antichrist. Who's going to come along with some kind of a spin on this whole topic, but this is all jumpstarted by this report that came out about a month ago now and had made major headlines in the Western world as far as what on earth is happening or what in the celestial skies is happening.

I just want to go back here for a minute to this set up for this post, rapture world, which is the whole point since the heads up that we want to get out there this set up for this again Hollywood, the media, everyone cooperating the for cooperating ignorantly unless they really want to get behind the promotion of the world of the darkness, then they're not doing it blindly and ignorantly, then they're doing it totally intentionally intentionally because their partner program you say the programming into the minds of people. The narrative that they want them to believe in them. Explain this Gentoo could maybe some people are still stopping out there importuning say like, oh, come on, again Christians, you always gotta blame it on something some demon and you're going to say oh it's the excuse for the rapture the church got no basis for that. Yes, we do not only scripturally but Jan this is my background I came out of this I came out of the New Age and the occult. I remember after I got saved and then the first time ever got into studying Bible prophecy and news of the rapture. I did know you got something for, but as soon as I did.

My mind starts firing off no no way that's what the new majors are saying this idea that the UFOs requote convenient excuse for the rapture. This is what the new majors are saying Melanie give you couple that the aliens are why people disappear. This first one is from a lady called Barbara Morse in the act. If she still live today.

Please pray for her. She's a big New Age or she gets these messages from suppose it aliens from the star system to ladies what they told her, which by the way, is another indicator doing something demonic. The only way apparently to communicate with these guys is to let them is that she would take over vocal cords. What's that is demonic possession. You think you're really a higher advanced way she could tap into my cell phone or send me an email.

But here's what she said the aliens are telling her to tell us there will be great ship teams within humanity on this planet, it will seem the great chaos and turmoil informing that nations are rising against each other morin and earthquakes are happening more frequently. Right there hate. They must have great knowledge because that happening. What hello do you think the demons can't read Matthew 24 that says that's what can happen.

She continues on, they say earth is shaken itself free a certain realignment or adjustment. As to be expected that people who leave the planet during the time of the changes do not fit here any longer. They are stopping the harmony of the earth, and when the time comes that perhaps 20 million people leave the planet at one time, there will be a tremendous shift in consciousness. For those who are remaining another New Age or Chandler name is Thelma Terrel.

She admits that she says mankind will be lifted or levitated by the beings of our smaller ships this what the aliens are telling her they call it project world evacuation and Jesus the great evacuation will come upon the world very suddenly. The flash of emergency events will be at lightning that flashes in the sky now.

Notice how the use typical terminology. They peppered in their to deceive people and leaving just one more because this is all over the place. They say quote some never die on this earth.

These missing persons have already been taken at the time was not up and they were not meant to go through the mice. They went through a list off from the UFOs etched directly from the New Age audience who I'm convinced he has been there done that is being communicate directly with demonic entities, so this is not my idea. They in their own camp are preparing the excuse that when you see people disappear. It aliens is not as rapture don't think about God and Jesus. They say for those who are left behind. It's actually a badge of honor your chosen one.

Now you get to be a part of the age of Utopia is that wonderful know you just got left behind.

Now you're in the seven year tribulation. Jesus, that is the worst on the history of mankind pastor Billy Cohen gives made several references the seller to the fact that you were a part of the dark world at one time. You obviously got saved and delivered from and I'm down to about five minutes. What I'd like you to do is give us our real brief summary of how you got out of the world of darkness and how my listeners can prepare themselves spiritually to be taken in that rapture of the church and not to be left behind to deal with some silliness that we've talked about this hour but sadly the silliness is going to become reality. It is right now with all the sightings and even the abductions going on now that just getting on overdrive after the rapture, but how did you get delivered from that lifestyle and how can our listeners spiritually prepare for the importance of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and to meet him in the air when he comes in that rapture only way Jim was by assuming the grace and mercy of God, and the best way to be prepared is make sure that you're a true born-again Christian that you have asked Jesus Christ to forgive you all resend your trusting in his work and his work alone to forgive you.

The Bible says if you confess Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the grave. You'll be saved.

That's the number one number two you need to get into the Scripture. The Bible is the only book on the planet that tells you in minute detail what the enemies can be up to the last days. Certainly, even the things that were talking about where my getting all this from this from the Scripture.

The Scripture dictates that what you're doing with is an alien demonic deception. So get a corporate that, but as far as how I got about Ginger talking to somebody I can identify with the skeptic and scoffer. I was one and all use this word, I hated Christians I thought Christians were a bunch duped idiots and had a book. Tell them what to do. I was much more intellectually superior than that in my stopping God used literal demonic care to get me to Melanie before Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, I had a roommate that turned me onto Satanism and Anton LeVay, the Satanic Bible that didn't help anything else. I had another coworker that turned me on the New Age, which is anything else but Christianity. The reason why I initially refused to go down the Christian route was because of the hypocrisy that I saw growing up was my justification.

I was involved about every other sin you can think of doing every other drug and immoral behavior can think of under the sun but guess who was with me doing that jam and guess where they would go on Sunday that they were too hung over professing Christian they never told me about Jesus and go figure. I wish they would've but the message they were sending loud and clear to me was Christianity is a joke and it doesn't work so when I did get interested in spiritual things. Unfortunately, I went along route in the wrong way in the course when you get involved in Satanism, the New Age and Nicole behavior. Guess what is going to get darker as you go. It did and they got so bad Jan I was probably not just oh press. I was probably Posa multiple times because I was trying to ask these entities to come inside me to make me that Chandler with this incredible information that planet Earth needs to hear from the space aliens or higher power. All the other Burbage they use. It was in 1993 I came home and had a literal demonic care. Scared me so bad this time I was all by myself. I was 25 I ran to my bedroom. I dropped to my knees and I said got up your real and if you really want this life you can have it, but I knew enough from two Christians who dared to witness to me and I was mean and nasty to that I had to specifically call upon the name of Jesus Christ.

So I did as a Jesus Christ, would you please forgive me and I instantly Jan it was night and day. I literally felt like the weight of sin the world everything darkness I was involved in left knee.

I felt as light as a feather. The first couple days, the sky was blue or the grass is greener, but I was laughing and crying at the same time because instantaneously Jan is a New Age or I tried every religion on the sun. I was even involved in the cold in Satanism self-help secular psychology, nothing work but for the first time with the name of Jesus Christ came across my lips.

Instantly, I knew it was real. And here's the point. Instantly I was delivered not only from the demonic lie and he saved me, but from the demons that were inside of me and it's the same thing. The one be prepared.

Make sure your born-again Christian that your protection pastor Billy Cohen you're coming back next week because were talked about the sign countdown the artificial intelligence invasion, folks, this is absolutely's dunning organ attack about next weekend carrying a product that will complement will be talking about so I appreciate you coming back again pastor Billy Cohen glad the program is we are totally out of time. The Bible says that the last days will be a time of chaotic upheaval and while it does not talk specifically about alien visitors from other planets. It says that it will be a time of gross deception and delusion. We talked about that for an hour and you can be the bearer of truth has watchmen on the wall. People are wanting to know what an earth is happening. Tell them the truth of biblical truth and that time as we know it is running out. That's the important message and the message of the cross with pastor Crone disclosed in. I want to thank you for listening and will talk to you again next week. Contact us through our website follows three that's olive tree follow simple time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444 your mail when you write to all three ministries and Jim Markel. Box 1452-year-old MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible. Guess where in strange times off is down and black is quite good to know that God remains in control he has you in the palm of his hands. Everything is falling. He deflects

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