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The Perfect Storm

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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November 14, 2020 7:00 am

The Perfect Storm

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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November 14, 2020 7:00 am

Jan Markell hosts Pastor Barry Stagner and Bill Koenig. Covid 19 led to the perfect storm that culminated in a contested November 3 election. What role did the Church play and evangelicals like the NAE, John Piper, and more? How was the election process tampered with?


So now what do we do pray and be assured that God sets up kings and takes them down. He always operates with a plan is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything that's exactly what happened and that was by Joseph Stalin. This is the marching orders allow for a long long time. Welcome to understanding the times radio with John Markel brought to you by Olive tree ministries radio for the remnant. Today we feature to gas to along with Jan Markel. If you are 2020 election. First is Pastor Gary Stagner from Calvary Chapel Tustin, California, and is then joined by correspondent Bill Canning was kept his eye on Washington from our nation's capital for over 20 years is the freest nation on earth, heading rapidly into socialism, or can this tide be turned as our recent election and its fallout speed up the last days timetable.

Here is today's program James O'Keefe he's a friend of mine does undercover care just in one county by one person in Texas. Watch the video see a lady said I have 5000 votes. She was telling them that you have been doing this for many election cycles. She said I have the Chief Justice of our Supreme Court in Texas. My back pocket and audit. And that's real thing on hidden camera real people talking and all she wanted from him is $72,000 cash and she would give him 5000 votes and its unfortunate when our electoral system is for sale to the highest bidder, but it is in the George Soros is in the hundreds of people like him are happy to funnel the money to those people to buy the votes to get the outcome that they want and I'm so glad you can join me for any out. We live in interesting times. Those were a couple of clips you heard second ago from Curtis Bowers. He's a course producer of the incredible DVD series and Chanda. Hopefully I'll get Curtis on air here in the coming week so we can talk about his insights to the election to let me make some opening comments here before I move into featuring a coupling gasket I didn't comment about her 2020 election last week. Things were so up in the air in a sense they still are. Though we apparently have a President-elect Biden. Let me open this segment with some comments here. The alarm was sounded. Obviously for months, certainly since the outbreak of COBIT 19 that the pandemic would lead to massive mail in voting that would then lead to voter fraud in our 2020 election as was the case, and I even did a segment.

This would've been peer in understanding the times radio with Michele Bachmann or five weeks ago, revealing that my neck of the woods Twin Cities was one of the hubs of voter fraud and that would be thanks to the antics of Representative Johan Omar, who was reelected in spite of her ties to everything anti-American, anti-police rhetoric, etc. but if we are going to return to a leftist agenda in our White House and I don't know that we know that yet because of recount and because of appeals to courts and higher courts. Still, we need to mentally and spiritually prepare ourselves and I can tell you right now as we speak. Hamas is rejoicing in the apparent results of the election of November 3 Iran is ecstatic and likely planning war with Israel. China is celebrating Russia is celebrating. They will now have puppets in the White House doing their bidding.

The Iran nuclear deal is back on the table. This certainly will lead to quite frankly, the battle of Armageddon because it's going to lead to a Middle East war sooner rather than later.

This re-installment of the worst foreign policy deal probably in the history of humanity and then giving a run hundred and $50 billion by Barack Obama some years ago now for those of you in the church.

Working with and for the church and counting on the church if you thought you've been under attack for the last nine months. You haven't seen anything yet and I'll reference the equality act in a minute if you love the green new deals socialized medicine wide open borders.

Those are all on the horizon. Hang on to your weapons. Folks if you are able. Beto Rooks going to be at your front door wanting every one of your weapons.

The attack against the Second Amendment is going to be relentless.

We've had a law and order president if things proceed as they appear. We hope we can change, but if they proceed will have lawlessness anti-police Pro criminal type administration. I don't think it's a stretch to say that we may be morphing from a constitutional republic if I could be blunt to a banana republic. If we aren't careful and I think what breaks our hearts is when we see evil win and when we see the guilty not prosecuted when corruption is successful, it crushes the spirit.

But remember again the words of Psalm two. I'm going to be quoting that verse so many times that God sits in the heavens and laughs at evil. He has a plan. It's an end of the age plan. It's in the works and every week here in understanding the times radio. I try to explain how it's all falling into place. Bottom line, we are racing towards the tribulation from which the church is absent.

That is the good news, but we don't know how much the church is going to go through before God calls us home in today's programming. I want to take a look at the role the church played here in the election. Back on November 3. I'm going to have a brief discussion here with pastor Barry Stagner and I want to zero in for a few minutes on the so-called evangelical left and their role in 2020 election men like John Piper and others.

The Gospel coalition, Russell Moore, national Association of Evangelicals, Jim Wallace, all defenders of leftism, how they justify this is staggering. I cannot make money and pray and wrap around it. John Piper, for instance, who claimed that a man's character, that of Donald Trump was equally troubling to him as the party that celebrates the slaughter of the unborn and about related issues. One talk a little bit about the organization called for the health of a nation. Why are evangelical outlets like the national Association of Evangelicals signing on to this massive leftist agenda that has perhaps resulted in a catastrophe here. Back on November 3 and yet Evangelicals played a major role pushing back against righteousness, so we'll discuss that in more in the hour ahead.

I'm joined for the first half of the program by pastor Barry Stagner.

He pastors Calvary Chapel Tustin, California been on this program. Number of times I've joined him in some prophecy conferences at his church in Southern California.

Pastor Barry Stagner.

Welcome back to the program that your drama was a pleasure to be with you till the very Stagner.

What do you think is the message to the church here as a result of campaign 2020. I think it revealed polarization not used nationally and internationally. But even within the church is we have so many things should manifested themselves because of one kind of position of the other one of the things you think it is so curious is that we have many within the church today who are simply taking a position that the church ought not to be involved in ball at all that I find that to be curious, in light of the fact that God is stated in Romans 13 that human government is his institution and ordinance and he even describes those who oversee governmental positions as his ministers why in the world would we, the body of Christ think that God would not want his people involved in his ordinance and whether that be through casting a vote making her voice was heard or even direct involvement in the whole system and process think that's been one of the curious things about this election season and hours shown at said within the church is just the two sides really go to been taken in this recent election not just about the tentative particular about the whole process and of itself. I think one of the more interesting angles. You have actually talked about this awesome air and that publicity rise of the evangelical left. I don't personally like that term. Others use and I find it hard to imagine how you can begin evangelical and be a leftist. We had Evangelicals for Biden. We had a movement called for the health of a nation we just say a word about this outfit because it's signed on biased staggering number of so-called Evangelicals.

It's more leftist politics being pushed in the church yet stressing poverty, stressing social justice, racial justice, it's initiated by national Association of Evangelicals. No surprise there. They headed left 25 years ago. Also signing on to this religious left movement of for the health of a nation world relief, J, Barnes, former president of Bethel University, St. Paul, from which I graduated.

Seward and Jill Briscoe Shane Claiborne Claiborne's socialist/communist neck haul all the editors of Christianity today evangelical environmental network president of Wheaton College president of Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota Ron Seiter. World vision Ed Stetzer Jim Wallace Jim Wallace blatant communist now socialist is a communist folks. Why is the NAEP Wheaton College Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota, and others signing on to the works of blatant communism in the church. Your thoughts on this very Stagner to get exposure. Something is happening within the church.

It is one of the most significant developments within our generation that is the infiltration of the social justice movement into the church. The primary objective within this movement is to meet the needs of the community over even the commission of preaching the gospel to learn French or the real drawback with this particular movement and its rise within the church, particularly the evangelical church as it makes an assumption that is not consistent with Scripture that if we solve the problems of the people around those within our own nation that will be a greater receptivity to the gospel.

The problem with can be summed up in one word and that is Israel. Jesus painting the Jews went to the Jews spoken administered to exclusively the Jews in his day he went into town and healed all those who were sick and infirm, cast out all the demons from those who were possessed in the practice of the very people who came to see rejected him and his message, in spite of the things that he did looking at this as a means by which to open a door in order to make people more gospel friendlier were something is inconsistent with what biblical history tells us, because the greatest preacher who ever lived, touch people's lives in ways that changed and transform their personal experience.

At that moment time and yet many of them were within the crowd yelling crucify him and crucify him when it came time for him to die for ourselves. I think it's just a huge misconception, one that this is going to better our opportunities to proclaim Christ and to that. It's our primary responsibility. You can't support that scripturally jammed nowhere does the Bible tell us that we are the social services network for the world. Jesus said, you have the poor with you always been just bolt otitis media. Urgent needs and of course we are to help where we can is Galatians for us to do good to all, but especially for those who are of the household of faith. The information regarding meeting social needs and social justice issues is nonexistent in Scripture yet has become the primary focus for many today we have to go out and do these things so we can prove to people that God loves them when the great commission is very simple.

Go to the world. Preachers preach the gospel of all said and fallen short of the glory of God. We all need a Savior. Christ is the Savior.

Is this bunch. This is called Evangelicals for Biden. Then again I go back to my position of a minute or two ago work this evangelical leftism. To me that's mutually exclusive. Then just don't call yourself an evangelical and they're probably going to say well they do stand up for life.

But again, then they can go into their issues with poverty, etc. just a one minute clip on next guest is the former evangelical pasta Joel Hunter. He served as president Barack Obama's spiritual advisor for eight years, but then he voted for Donald Trump back in 2016.

Well this time around he's backing VP Joe Biden.

Remember, of course, Christians falling from space but junta has formed a group called pro-life Evangelicals for Biden Healy is speaking to Michelle Martin about what made him change as usual, thank you so much for speaking with us, honored, glad to be on guard for trumpet 2016, but you're part of a group called pro-life Evangelicals provide why did you decide to join this group to help organize this group. First of all we want to make sure that pro-life agenda is expanded beyond Berks were no less antiabortion, but we know that the people could die from the pandemic of people who die from a lack of access to healthcare, it will die from poverty nuclear crisis in suicide and racism and the impacts of climate change on the loan are just as important to God as those people who were still in the bull very Stagner clip sort of backed up what you said a few moments ago and I want to bring up one other issue here before we move on your listening, understanding the times radio function and Markel. I have on the line from Southern California Pastor Barry Stagner. He pastors Calvary Chapel Tustin, California found this program number of times and I've been privileged to minister at his church on a couple of occasions, but the other pre-election issue and now it's postelection but still very Stagner men like John Piper came out right before our election and say well I'm not voting. One candidate the characters to flood and yet people like John Piper are then making as parallel a man's character and a party to celebrate the slaughter of the unborn, the gay agenda unlimited immigration that kills all jobs for minorities, the minorities they champion and that destroys religious freedom that underscores the fact that when you have the cart before the earth again that is going to creep into your approach on how we deal with the issues that are in our world. Our primary mission is to preach the gospel to every creature. But when you feel like you have the need to first resolve the temporal problems of society than that's going to determine your platform and your perspective on the political issues and or involvement in that arena or not voting strictly for personalities or even person were voting for platforms to equate some of these other things to the murder of an innocent child within the wall is just ridiculous yes or social issues. Of course were to be sensitive to racism as a blight and slavery is a horrible scar in our past, but we also have to recognize what the Bible poses a tells us how to operate within a flawed system when Paul was addressing the issue with no noticeable some runaway slave.

He said hey this is your brother, you didn't even address the appointment about whether or not it's right or wrong to have one who is indenture themselves to you or whether they were purchased and of course purchasing another human being is always going to be wrong at any age of history, but we have to realize this is how the Bible deals with these issues. We live in a flawed world were here primarily again to preach the gospel and open those doors for us as Christians an opportunity to influence society and culture, and politics by our involvement and our vote is for the attack on the church folks. We haven't seen anything yet. Mr. Biden plans on implementing the equality act against the church pastors you're going to be in the center of the storm. Here's Curtis Bowers, producer of the agenda DVD series. He's giving a very, very proper warning to you.

He said his top priority was to pass the equality act, which forces churches to bend the knee to every immorality imaginable. They have to hire homosexuals they have to hire transgender.

They have to have an equal proportion of them in their leadership positions.

That's what the John Piper and other evangelical leaders. They don't have a clue. That's what they fought for by being so ignorant to try to undermine and stop people from voting for Trump, a man they thought was prideful will instead they're getting to the Gestapo at the door of their churches saying you must have homosexual deacons and transgender elders you lost. We will close you down. That's the result of the foolish ideas of the current evangelical church. This led by such prophetic world pleasers you and I even wonder if America has gone too far.

At least in that particular ramp. The cultural issues the LGBT issues, etc. perhaps the country finally got his said enough. I've had enough you've had your chance. We don't know that he's a God of endless chances.

Perhaps he's not finished with us. Hard to say. His spirit is not always going to strive with man.

There is a point of no return, so to speak.

Looking at the book of a home with a good fit for you.

God, most wicked people that have ever existed. When Jonah went and preached always think it's interesting the message that God sent Jonah with them.

So many people today shy away from the judgment aspect of the gospel. We need Jesus because we are perishing, and headed for a devil fill with them the judgment of God and his righteous indignation are all real aspects of his character, but the message God sent Jonah with was quite simple. It was 40 days and yet Nineveh will be overthrown over the whole of his message. Jonah tells us that from the king all the way down to the least of the servants the people repented of this revival lasted for over 100 years and then later Nahum rights to the same city that the people had turned from what got it done for them. Experience his grace and mercy and rickshaw transition. Then the king said, let every person turn from the violence of their own hands. After Jonah preached and the people did and they repented, but then down the line.

Those who have been blessed by God touch my God government of the disaster that he was going to bring found themselves in a place where Nahum wrote in chapter 3 verse 19 that your injury cannot be healed and avoids it reached the point of no return and that point was identified by the return to the violent behavior and the despicable things they did is they sought to move out of rule the world. Yes, sir, is that biblical precedent of the country and people reaching a place where they no longer care about returning to God or what God is done for them in the past like Roman says or given over to the wrong thinking of delusional mindset, talking to pastor very Stagner Calvary Chapel Tustin, California. Since were now well into the final weeks here 2020. What in your opinion, is the most prophetically significant events of this year.

I don't know that I can bring it down to one.

But I do believe I can bring it down to those who would be the diplomatic agreements have been made between Israel and the United Arab Emirates in Bahrain and other Gulf Arab states because this began the movement towards the fulfillment of the protesting nations of Ezekiel's war through and 38, 39 so that the major product development, but those were going to say what's the point of this invasion when Russia and Turkey and Iran to Dan that Libya invaded Israel to take plunder. Now these areas very clearly identify the Scripture she ready to are now in alliance at least diplomatically, even if it is for the shared animosity they have with Israel towards Iran, they still made these agreements to restore or at least initiate diplomatic relationships in the other element that I see being equally significant, and that is the pandemic.

It has brought us into a place of being a global community in the sense of refining a common cause and we all need to react in the same manner the world leaders are all telling their populace what it is they need to do to write this common enemy.

This is really united the world in a way that has never been united before Alex government said whereabouts. Everybody puts on a mouse government said don't need no one beeps the government spent exactly what socialism means to do in Marxism is to do and that is with the government in the place of God, to give directives to society.

This I think is probably done more to prepare the world rapidly for what's going to take place during the tribulation that is all of your dwellers going to bow before man who is empowered by Satan and follow after him and worship is what Revelation 13 says it's really setting the stage for the New World order which I've covered on this program too many times probably, but I think it's so important I just don't think we've ever seen in your lifetime. In my lifetime very Stagner the setting of the stage quite like we have in the last year. Certain the last 10 years, but more specifically the last year. Yeah, I think it's important to recognize that what were having all the statistics reported near 1/4 million lives lost is no question that this is been exploited as an opportunity and it's been even stated publicly by the world economic forum that this is something we can't let pass by. We have to make sure that we take advantage of this moment.

If we really examine this. I think we've all known people who have lost their lives due to covert, 19 so we don't want to minimize the fact that this is real and people are getting sick and people have died. We also cannot look the other way and say this hasn't been exploited. Nobody dies of the flu anymore. I follow and track these things for years and you cannot find statistics on food us in the 2019 20 flu season.

Everything is covert, 19 there cooking the books so to speak, conflicting information that comes out of the CDC. Even in the midst of the realities of covert, 19 we can't deny the fact that is being used as a vehicle to advance a globalist agenda, Stagner Pierce state California has well, it's always been little bit different than some of the rest of the states here are election is now over. I believe he overwhelmingly voted Democrat to my right is absolutely and your Christians out there. Where are they at the church is so under siege in California and we are. This is shown the polarization within the church got those who are standing up and saying you know what this is not just anti-biblical it's unconstitutional.

I think we need to pair those things together as American Christians, even at fault advantage of his own Roman citizenship to defend himself so we do as American Christians need to stand first on the word and second on the Constitution. There is no provision within the Constitution that allows for governors or anybody else to violate the First Amendment right of our free assembly and for the government to somehow infiltrate and dictate how church can be held or when it can be healed.

We've been beating a person for some time. We had some funky stuff happens for the location, but as soon as a door of opportunity open to be back in our own place and we started meeting immediately. I want to thank you for joining me here in understanding the times were you the best place to contact you. Barry would be you can go to cc By me on any of the social media platforms right varies very active in social media there Stagner thank you for joining me for this segment. I want to go out of it, playing a portion of a postelection prayer that pastor Jack Hibbs gave at his church recently. This was right after our election and want to come back. I'll be joined by White House correspondent Bill Kane. I guess we continue to look at the voter fraud issue in the postelection chaos will do that in just a moment, let me display this short clip by pastor Jack hips Jesus, forgive us as a people we have slept when we should of been awake. We've played when we should've been praying we have faltered between two opinions and we have sound of the wind and resting for your forgiveness.

What I pray tonight for the salvation of Joe Biden guy that you touch his soul only knows is his version of Catholicism. He doesn't know you personally.

Father we pray for Kemal Harris.

She's had such a crazy exposure to spiritual things. None. The truth and so they have their agendas and they have their thoughts and their ways without you will be just like them, save them father tonight Pres. Trump is entertaining in his mind.

I'm sure it's almost impossible for them to entertain this in his mind, but rumor has it is never lost anything before and got I just pray that tonight he would lose himself and find you tonight father that you visit him in his dreams God, that you would take this very strong and able man who doesn't lean on anybody to go to his knees, Lord, may he collapse in your arms. Father we pray for Milani and we know that she does love you. She loves your Bible she loves you.

She's one of us can imagine.

Lord, the burden she's carrying right now strengthen her. I'm sure Baron is asking what's going on what's happening. Save and bless Baron father, I think were God, you know me, I'm stuck. I'm wrestling with you outback. It's like you did with Jacob and now you having to do with me. I just Lord Mike Pompeii was one of the most precious people in the world. I know and I just can't imagine him not being Secretary of State Lord on his desk, his Bible's wide-open is a man of prayer. He loves your word. You can preach your words. I'm so proud of him such a good man. Him and Susan such good people. Lord, if you brought Mike Pompeo to be Secretary of State only and now you brought Lord Amy Connie Barrett, the court in that sentence were done got. We in this room were still pro-life.

Here we know that your pro-life please God, have mercy in Lord, we pray tonight for such an amazing, faithful man, good man, a wonderful Sunday school teacher VP Mike pence Lord, I believe you brought into the kingdom for such a time as this. And I know Lord you are sovereign and you can remove people at any given second you do every day father as we cried out to you last night here in this place.

We ask you to remember the covenant of our Pilgrim fathers, and that you to renew that covenant. So father I ask my brothers and my sisters tonight.

The light of truth which shine on to every state right now that you to expose all wrong. All that's evil. All that's wrong. This is not a Republican or Democrat prayer. If there's Republican or Democrat shenanigans exposing you're not a Republican United Democrat, your God shine your light of holiness, righteousness, justice, and in the name of Jesus Christ, we ask you Lord God that you give us a president and his administration that is pro-Israel pro-life and pro-religious freedom, pro-police pro-military pro-jobs pro-Hispanic pro-black pro every other colored imaginable because your good folks. I'm coming back in just a moment or two don't go away. We love like us through our website. Follow three views the old large hollow tree sinful time at 763-559-4444 763-559-4444. Our mail would you write to John Markel and follow three ministries. Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311 Xbox 1452 Grove, MN 55311.

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Standard size by tapping our products website live online updates and our weekly radio program see how all the Bible predicted coming many people praying for this outcome. I think it would shock specially after that first couple hours. After a lot of overflow that looked like another landslide with Pres. Trump and middle begin to turn Jan is not joined by teenager who served four years in the White House press pool cleaning has outstanding Washington insights Denmark and Bill Canning have worked together since 2002. Bill is been a frequent conference speaker is parked to today's programming targeting our 2020 election and communism is the dominant philosophy in our world.

And when you put a procommunist president in the White House the only country left to stand against this, you're going to get a communist world quicker than you can believe it. So I tell y'all that for a couple reasons to think of these Marxist ideologues are bound by election integrity is daddy okay. They could care less.

They actually enjoy corrupting and perverting and destroying things so it's more joy to them if they can corrupt election and win fraudulently if they can would legitimately as much joy he did that legitimately they love that. Welcome to part two of the program.

The wise words of Curtis Bowers, of course, the producer of the very impactful agenda DVD series man how the communist agenda implemented in America hundred years ago is coming full force at us at this time going to spend the rest of the program with the familiar voice of Bill Kane eight.

He served in the White House press Corps almost 20 years working to talk about some of this voter fraud Bill Kane Nick welcome back to the program package and always great to be with you reading your newsletters, which I do on a weekly basis in your recent newsletter. This is now a week old you say this is going to be a battle in cars humane the aftermath of the election in your newsletter.

You had some outstanding analysis of the various voting systems.

The voter fraud. What do you mean that it's going to be a battle helpful ground number one is the manipulation of the paper ballots and the tabulating of the results. Also, the electronic potential manipulation through manipulating algorithms to come up with certain results of those are going to be the two areas at the White House is aware of conservatives are aware of that's going to be the battlefield to show that there was some voter fraud in at least five states may be more you apprised me of some voting systems that obviously I don't think the word deficient is acceptable that have to be just plain corrupt Dominion voting system. I want you to talk about anyway that the hammer all sorts of them that are out there and they do rely on algorithms we get listeners to at least talk with me not all that familiar with what an algorithm is in simple terms, folks, algorithm strategies involve making decisions on the basis of preset rules that are programmed into a computer and a programmer write code that executes actions when certain conditions are met or breaks the existing algorithms which may have happened with the dominion voting system programs use in six states. There were some strange vote dumps as we all know in early hours that mostly went to VP now President-elect apparently Joe Biden, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, silly forensic algorithm studies being done to prove or disprove how this happened and then Bill and we need to talk about Sidney Powell who happens to be Gen. Flynn's attorney.

She's been saying that it's these algorithms on the technology involved. That is what has thrown everything off base. Now be quiet and you please add to this by exactly let's say the program was put in place algorithm that if Joe Biden dropped 2% behind Trump that computer system could kick in and all of a sudden come up with some votes that would put Biden back in front are based on algorithm history are voting record history may determine certain patterns In certain states they could preprogram the algorithms to do certain things based on historical result. But the most important thing for them would be in the event the Biden hit a certain level.

The system would reestablish the boat and add some additional votes and that's what our biggest concern was the late-night motor jobs that will be studied in great detail through the forensic study and you indicated to me that even Sanders could have been a victim of this voting monkey business the dominion the hammer, etc. for the pallet.

A good point about I came up with the Jack that this is being used at the highest level of the Democratic Party and there's a possibility that Bernie Sanders was getting more votes than Joe Biden, but the system overrode Sanders votes and gave Biden the nomination may display quick clip of Sidney Powell actually access the link on your newsletter insults you can sign up for his electronic newsletter is subscription and his website, let's play this clip very insightful. The point is in the reason this is all happening is because there are trillions of dollars at stake.

The globalists the communist the Marxist the Chinese Communist Party want to control the world and the power and the dollars that go with it and they have to destroy the independence of we the people and the freedom and leadership of the United States to do that that's their last big target. We are the end of the line for liberty and freedom and any semblance of justice that they will spend any amount of money they are willing to do absolutely anything to try to continue the graft and corruption that all of the evidence that's now coming out against Joe Biden exemplifies.

It wasn't just Joe Biden. It's probably 80% of our public officials, at least in the federal government and many in the states to go Canning I don't want to quite good. He's devoting contention here, but she raised a fascinating point that little clip. By the way Bill you apprised me that her son is also very involved in the fraudulent aspect of the voting that I just want to access one of her points here. This is partly the globalist agenda.

This is motivated by the globalists.

They want their one world to get it by motorbike drug.

Whatever it takes. Just think from the time the president drop you elected, he was in battle after battle up until the time he was inaugurated in with the Russian hoax Ukraine hoax and then the code 19 thing was a tool that they used to vote by mail, constant blaming him for the size of the covert crisis in America and also the 200,000 died blamed him. They used very effectively to get the vote out and then to get a massive amount. I say 2/3 to 3/4 of the mail-in ballots were by also opened the door to fraud, especially great concern about what's Taking Pl. in Pennsylvania right now. Truck was 700,000 votes ahead on election night and all of a sudden millions of votes showed up by mail, the Supreme Court, unfortunately, did not stop mail received on election day.

They gave him three extra days to come up with more ballots you are absolutely right Jan they have done everything they can to take this president down.

That's where the focus needs to be on the voter fraud whether she algorithm or the vote by mail manipulation to get to the bottom of this and hopefully stop what is taking place.

Talk to us for just a minute about Sidney Powell son to see until you shared their assassinating as well is algorithm specialist absolutely object just a little brief note offers Twitter from Wilson powers that I immediately recognized a broken algorithm and allied data that was fraudulent because I worked at an algorithm trading hedge fund for almost 3 years as a head trader and my job was to find broken algorithms that can create algorithms that could not break this election was predesigned rig scam and a garbage mathematician had an algorithm that broke this is brought Trump wanted such a landslide that the algorithm broke and the scam is obvious Wilson Powell is a member of the Dallas County Young Republicans very well thought of God through my friends in Dallas.

He has written some other documentation on how this could happen in sport understand that information's work its way to the White House and I think that's what we've been talking about Janet before your program that we want the legal votes counted, and if there was spot. Let's identify if president drop lost legally. The let's stand without, but sure appears based on what I've been reading about and studying since election day that there was fraud electronically with the balance and also the manipulation algorithms and affected the vote totals.

Daily wire is reporting that almost 40 Republican House members since sent a letter to justice.

William buyer to investigate voter fraud.

Since the letter asserted with widespread reports of irregularities, particularly in the vote counting process. It's time for you to use the resources of the department to ensure that the process is conducted in a manner that is fully consistent with state and federal law. This is 39 House GOP members to Atty. Gen. William Barr to please look into this because we can't let this stand as is well here have to take an aggressive posture because what happened to solve the media could not move quick enough to declare Biden President-elect still have four states that we do not have a certified vote total.

Yet there is a discrepancy about what we discussed today, but they couldn't race through Quicken up declared to be president, which led into that Saturday coronation in Wilmington, Delaware, introducing him of the President-elect and VP like Harris and ran with this all weekend so what's forcing the conservative organ have to be aggressive in response to this. This, if at all possible.

But we have to have the faxed forensics legalities and that's what's happening right now. Very significant effort being put into place on this and I like the word the present drop and his attorneys used were going to begin the prosecution and that's what happened and he's got an outstanding legal team among them. Jay Sekulow oh Sidney Powell Rudy Giuliani he's got some the best of the best battling with him those attorneys in the front row. Jay Sekulow was tremendous. Giuliani suitable dog and fearless Pam bodies excellent. It's going to be a very formidable group. The other thing to Jan we talked about a lot is just a prayer, Christians have felt so involved with this process and also at the same time why Lord why is this happening were praying for the legal correct outcome. We don't want to see any election stolen regardless of the outcome. Christians have a lot riding on this Jan we have tens of millions of people to pray your good friend Michelle Bachmann and others led prayer effort across the country.

Jack Tony Perkins with family research Council. Many people were praying for this outcome and I think it was somewhat a shock especially after that first couple hours. After a lot of the polls were closed and looked like another landslide the decisive win for present drop and then all of a sudden things began to turn with Fox News coming out and say Arizona is been won by trucks and all this or that momentum changed. Just a comment here on socks. I think their true colors are coming out.

They have been for the last couple of years they still have great folks appreciate Tucker, I appreciate Sean Hannity, Laura Mark lives in Chris Judge Jeanine who was marginalized the weekend after the election. Socks refused to air her program, which was an effort to expose voter fraud, but there's an interesting article I picked up Catherine Murdoch who is the wife of James Murdoch.

James Murdoch is the inheritor of the Socks dynasty from Rupert Murdoch. Catherine Murdoch is an ardent liberal. She even urged Fox News to quote put country above their profits and start pushing anti-Trump stories she called Pres. Trump a dictator, etc. this is your Fox News folks, it is becoming a joke and it would be wonderful if Tucker Sean Laura Mark LeVan and others would just say so long to form a network of their own or sign on to another network that is truth telling Bill here in the media.

Even the media forever and ever. That's how I got acquainted with you, your thoughts on this, but actually write more more Christians are just turning off rock Tucker Carlson is doing a fantastic job.

He needs our prayers because he is currently under attack, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram are doing a good job, Mark Levine. What a blessing he is such a fireball. He stands on truth. Catherine was part of the Clinton global there should before she got married to Murdoch's very Democrat those things she said they have some influence, and that's not good for the future.

Fox, Chris Wallace and a few others, but are not favorable towards drop box took a tremendous amount of heat for an early declaration of Biden winning Arizona winning Arizona were still hundreds of thousands of votes needed to be counted and that infuriated the Trump administration and it could have affected other light height vote from other states know it's unfortunately true. It's getting harder and harder to find good conservative voices we look at 1520 different news sources everyday are WorldNetDaily still doing a good job Newsmax national review in the music you put out Jan you're listening to understanding the times radio Jan Markel have on the line from Washington Beltane you read Bill you'll hear him various places you hear in the prophecy conference is these Bennett at least six of my events since 2002 Emily, that's the first year and brought them to the Twin Cities bill that seems like an eternity ago and how 2002.

Things are so different back then.

I'm transitioning just a little bit here because I don't want time to get away before we do talk about the great reset the world economic forum. This generally meets every January believe it's been bumped.

Now back to June 2021. The intent of the world economic forum is to change the way the world operates to do away with capitalism to nationalize all sorts of things folks your checking account could be nationalized if the world economic forum in the great reset. That's what they want to do and they have an open door if were going to get a president Biden and VP Harris absolute evil has an open door, starting with the world economic forum. Pres. Trump stood in the way of globalism. He stood in the way of the socialist communist globalist agenda yet it's on deck for June 2021 were world leaders meet the scheme and plot and not for good Bill speak into this if you don't mind the vehicle that they'll use Chandler's covert yes unfortunately right now were seeing lockdowns again in France K Germany had a big problem as well. Spain possibility Canada. There were some good news this week that Pfizer want to come out with something that helps stop it before it even happened. Bill I don't know anybody who's going to take a vaccine that held no one in my severe who will take a vaccine that exactly right to watch 60 minutes. Very often, but there were talking about the implementation of the plan to get people care across the country and one of the gentleman being interviewed for the governance of the problem is, a lot of people will take the vaccine and I agree that I'm not ready to take a vaccine either. So here's the catch 22.

We got states and countries are going into lockdown. I've even heard there's a covert 21 coming with that. Having not God for bid something that would have even more girly than covert, 19, when you look at the timing of covert how it came about with Bill Gates thought she Johns Hopkins University big event that they had an October 2019 that spoke of what would the world doing the pandemic and that lesson hundred 20 days later we have a pandemic along with the world economic forum in their January 2020 meeting.

They were talking about a future reset.

What would create a reset well global pandemic that puts half the world behind their doors of their homes. Lockdown our people go to make a living and you had good programs on world economic form and appreciate what comes to currencies and things like that central bank manipulations, getting money and spreading it out giving everybody a weekly or bimonthly paycheck. You can see the areas of potential manipulation in the vehicle that they could use would be covert.

I think that's another reason we want to see Pres. Trump and pants for another four years because with Biden and his globalist and the people that have influence on him would fall right in line with this reset is very scary, very scary, possibly prophetic talking to you privately.

I know that you are optimistic that some of this recounting some of this taking this to the court system to battle for the integrity of elections and specifically this current election. You remain optimistic that we can turn this around and like you to talk about that because honestly I'm getting emails on a daily basis from people who are so disheartened because they know the grave implications of the socialist administration, I mean we become Venezuelan a few years it's it's blunt and tragic is that Janet main reason that I remain optimistic if the incredible outpouring prayer by tens of millions of evangelical Christians in the United States and voted for a reelection of Trump and pants and big many Christians that are associated with this administration. I think that number one reason of such heartfelt prayer to God for his involvement in this process to give us four more years. That's where a lot of my faith lies in number two is it some point I am hopeful and prayerful that this corruption of the election system will be fully exposed for what it is and that that can be corrected to the point that these elections are fair and not dishonest like this that's my optimism but got your good friend Jack Hibbs said yourself, Michelle and many others. We are praying for a good outcome, but the same time praying for God's perfect will.

In this at this particular time that were living in. I haven't send me something again from your newsletter. You write the perfect storm of Democrat and Republican actions that didn't help the president. I can't read them all. Let me read three or four number 1:19 led to massive mail-in ballots and opportunities for fraud. Number two pole manipulation was printed, daily, weekly, in newspapers and online throughout the country in attempted Trump voter suppression when it was stated in certain states that Biden was far ahead of the president. Three. The major social networks and big tech band Trump tweets, comments, and/or removed or froze conservative political statements. Another bullet point you write about the FBI didn't say anything publicly about the Hunter Biden emails the information discovered on the hard drive or any report, the FBI were to have the laptop and hard drive since December 2019.

Another bullet point John Roberts siding with the liberals on the Supreme Court allowed Pennsylvania. Three additional days to receive ballots which has led to more problems.

US Atty. Gen. done during didn't finish his Russian hoax investigation that could have and may still implicate Barack Obama and Joe Biden James Comey James Klapper John Brennan Susan Rice and others. This was a long list building your newsletter and folks sign up at his website. It is by subscription. It's well worth it headlined a title here the perfect storm of Democrat and Republican actions that didn't help Pres. Trump.

I am getting a little bit short on time bill but I want you to take at least a couple minutes here. To address this perfect storm that was so perplexing. I know that Pres. Trump has his own style. He has his own way of doing business, sometimes disruptive, but when you're taking on this world system like he is. They fight for victory. They do things that are not fairly user social networks they use 90% of their media for their tool they used the polls for manipulation so we know what the other side does.

But then when we don't get the cooperation from the conservative weather to the Supreme Court weather to the Justice Department or whether it's in Congress when Pres. Trump needed help with some of this corruption and things that have happened before hand that have taken place should've been part of the debate on the future of our country, but it wasn't brought up doing a lot of ways. Pres. Trump who did so much for the Republican Party against look at the house he should've turned, look at the fact that the Senate seats are staying in the hands of the Republicans look at the effort to be put in at the end of it is incredible is not spoken to many audiences over the years the audiences appreciated George W. Bush, but they really love Pres. Trump Mike. It's incredible difference in audience in the outpouring and appreciation for Pres. Trump. Then again he has his own style. That's what's necessary to take on this enemy city Powell says that wants to take over and will do whatever they can at all cost to do that. I think the biggest foreign policy issue that I am concerned about their actually dozen or more. The biggest one would be the reintroduction of the Iran nuclear deal, which has to be the most insane foreign policy deal. The last hundred years, maybe longer, virtually enabling Armageddon. We haven't even talked about the prophetic implications of all this, the hours so late all sorts of things have to happen for the final day scenario to play out, but spending just about a minute.

We got about a minute or two remaining here on this Iran nuclear deal. Prime Minister Netanyahu has promised to go to war if were going to have to reengage Iran on this ridiculous treaty. Give me a minute of your thoughts please. One good thing Jack Mike Pompeo sector state Pompeii was in Israel this week working on even tightening the sanctions even more determined to tighten up even more. In the event that Biden is successful and becomes president. That was a terrible deal the first place. Iran nuclear deal. They wanted obviously a Biden presidency. This will empower them if it gets rid of the sanctions Erewhon from Turkey is very problematic.

Some of things he's doing right now whether it's against the EU against NATO are grabbing oil assets that are not his and the Mediterranean being a disruptive force with the Palestinians.

Biden will never be able to stand up against Charter One. Also prudent or Iran and China. Well, he won't be a friend of Israel either well in spite of what the Israeli newspapers are trying to say that he's a great friend of Israel, that is baloney and I don't mean kosher baloney exactly right, and a week later, yet would not stand up against Iran, which is obviously Israel's greatest threat folks.

You can learn more if you follow Bill Bill caning and his website which is you can sign up again for his E newsletter caning save you from the White House. He served in the White House press Corps now for about 20 years. Just a lot of today's programming. I note this hours been little bit troubling, so let me just say that I sometimes wonder if God is shaking us up trying to wake us up so that we will look up as we say every week on understanding the times radio and nothing catches him by surprise. He has a planet.

All that is happening allows things to fall into place. He hates evildoers and he says so in Psalm two, where he says that he sits in the heavens and laughs a last of these people who devise evil schemes says in that passage, he will terrify them with his fury and I have a feeling that's certainly going to happen in the tribulation a man before, so we have interesting days ahead got his totally under control and in the end evil is defeated. I do want to thank you for listening and we will talk to you next week right us through our website.

All of three views.large almost 3 follow simple time at 763559444 763-559-4444 get our mail when you write to John Markel and altered ministries 1452 Grove, MN 55311, Box 1452, Maple Grove, MN 55311. All gifts are tax-deductible number. Nothing happens without God's permission causes everything falls into place

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