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Out of the Shadows

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell
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August 15, 2020 8:00 am

Out of the Shadows

Understanding The Times / Jan Markell

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August 15, 2020 8:00 am

Jan spends part of the program with Jill Martin Rische and Eric Barger. Are occult influences at work in todays unrest? Their goal is to bring their deeds out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Then Jan monologues about the many stunning things she never thought she would live to see.

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The Bible says rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.

Everyone's for peaceful protest. They're burning Bibles in Portland. Instead of holding them on the bridge like the peaceful protesters did the 1960s.

Welcome to Understanding The Times radio with Jan MARKELLE brought to you by Olive Tree Ministries Radio for the Remnant. Jan spends part one of our programing with Jill Martin, Rishi and Eric Parcher. Paranormal Activity is to increase in the last days and today's paranormal community is determined to bring it out of the shadows.

Here is Jan markelle with today's program.

Welcome to the program. Always glad you can join me. Me a little bit different this week, and yet we're still hitting on some very current events. We've all been watching him. Various parts of the country kind of explode in violence this summer. I began to ask in certain locations and activities that go on actually be spiritual warfare playing out. I'll give you example here of my hometown. And you've heard me talk about Minneapolis in the last four or five months. And you may know this part of the country has a sizable Islamic population. And I promise I'm going to get pushback on what I'm about to say here. But let me just explain. Our liberal Minneapolis mayor allowed all the Muslim mosques this spring to beam their prayers publicly during Ramadan, April 20, third to May.

Twenty third, 2020, just a few months ago now. So Minneapolis acknowledged the prayers to a false God many times a day for a month, ending May. Twenty third on Monday, May 25th, George Floyd died. Was that a coincidence in timing? I doubt it.

The Twin Cities region is the home to a very large community of Wickens witches, druids, heathens and a number of just plain pagan organizations. As a matter of fact, some neo pagans in the U.S. refer to Minnesota as pagan as Stan. No, I covertly attended Pagan Understand 2019, along with Karl Tykerb. We reported this on air over a year ago just so I could interact with these new pagans and even if the opportunity would arise, share the gospel with them. It was stunning and it was a very tragic experience. Are there consequences to an area that is participating in such dark activities? Other areas where this is taking place would be the northwest, Portland, Seattle. Did you know that the demonstrators even began burning Bibles there? So it doesn't get much more pagan than that. I'm going to read an email that one of my guests for this segment sent me, Eric Barger. Eric wrote me week 10 days ago, and he says this. This Seattle area was the undisputed epicenter of the New Age movement for 20 years. The movement went worldwide. As we all know, and long ago ceased operating from the shadows, he says. As one who operated inside that darkness right here in New Age central, I can testify personally about the general godlessness and the occult here. In short, it is not a shock to me that Seattle and Portland are in the kind of shape that they're in right now with riots and destruction. Iraq goes on to say Satan hates order and authority and he despises peace and tranquility. Isn't it odd that the people who were once looking for peace, though, in all the wrong places, have actually helped to promulgate a spiritual movement that now seems to have transformed into the epitome of anarchy and violence? Well, what does the Bible say in first, Samuel? Fifteen, twenty three there. It says that four rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. We'll talk about that for a few minutes. In studio with me is the familiar voice of Joe Martin Ricci, who is the daughter of the late Dr. Walter Martin from the Great Northwest.

Joining us by telephone is Eric Barger. Welcome, both of you. Back to the programing. Great to be here, Jan. Thanks, Jan. Answer my question. I'll start with you, Jill. Is there actual satanic control? Could there be over some parts of the country?

Well, I think what we see happening today, Jesus warned us about and he warned us about that in Revelation 12 24, where he's talking to Thiab tyrannies, actually commending them for not learning the deep things of Satan. Jesus is saying there are these deep things of Satan that people learn. And we are seeing that now in primetime. We are seeing people so deeply into witchcraft, Satanism, even though they deny Satan as an actual being, a lot of them do. They are still into all of the bizarre evil imagery, that terrible spirit that we see there. And then you have witches blooming everywhere and all of their hexing and they're giving a primetime media coverage. Right? Right. These are the deep things of Satan that Jesus warns about and revelation.

We've got to keep reminding folks God is far, far greater than all of these folks and all the chaos they're committing. Eric, did you ever think that the verse for Samuel 15 23, that rebellion is as a sin of witchcraft would be so obvious playing out in our day to day headlines, Fox News headlines, all the other network headlines? Did you ever think you'd seen dare I?

You by saying, I never thought I'd see the day. It's true. I never thought I'd see it like it is right now. It is becoming very common place. I find it curious that Christians are not connecting together the violence we're seeing in our streets, along with what is going on in the spirit realm. How safe is manipulating people? And a lot of this is playing out in the natural. I've always thought that natural events could be a precursor or at least a view, if you will, of what is happening in the spirit realm. And to some extent, vice versa.

You also said in this e-mail to me, this is just a sentence I want to throw in. You said, I don't have any empirical facts to back it up, but I believe it is obvious to us that this entire region of the country you're speaking of, the Northwest, has been marked by the enemy for some time. I feel many people have chronicled this area and the dark spirituality it has produced and concluded the same thing. And I think, Eric, you're part of the country and you often say you're in the least churched area. You're outside of Seattle. Let me just quickly add that we have some wonderful listeners on AM 820 cagy and w that love the Lord and that supports this ministry. So please understand, folks, we know you're out there at the same time.

We know you're in an area that's very dark. Go ahead, Eric.

I'm in Pierce County, which is the next county south of Seattle, and it is and has been the least church county in the United States. By sampling Seattle area, King County has gained some Christians. Nevertheless, it is far less than Texas, with the exception of the years I spent in Texas. I've lived in the Seattle area all of my adult life, moved here in 1968, to give you an idea. It is a very dark area from place to place and time to time. You sense the spirit of darkness, if you will. And this is something that I've experienced from time to time. I mentioned to you, Jan, that first time I ever flew into Detroit. I couldn't wait to change planes and move on because of the way it felt spiritually, even as I was landing there. There there's some of that here, too, between Portland and Vancouver, B.C. You would find that the epicenter of the New Age movement, as you pointed out already, and the new age, of course, has proliferated worldwide and become kind of a self-styled. You can believe whatever you want to believe. Type movement. That's what it was back then in the 70s when I was involved and into the early 80s when I got saved. You see how every New Age writer and thinker would come here and address crowds. That is to some extent still true today. But we see the godlessness continuing just like it was in those days.

I would say the same, but the Twin Cities area as I open with an introduction. Here we have Pengana Starn, which headquarters here. We had the Muslim call to prayer five times a day and two days later, the George Floyd incident happened. It's hard to explain exactly what's happening in the spirit world. How much authority does God allow the dark forces to have in the element that we're talking about here? Because obviously the church is still here. So the church has huge influence for righteousness and for good.

We're talking in a fusion situation here where the churches battling against the darkness. It can be pretty tough at times. Like any spiritual warfare is a huge change. I've noticed from the time that my father, Walter Martin, was here and now is that it's all broken out into the open. It used to be in corners, hiding here in there. And actually many people even in the media were shocked if there was something having to do with it, which is, I think, on the Phil Donahue Show. When my father actually was debating some witches there, that was considered a very shocking thing today. That's nothing. So it's broken out into the open.

One of the places it's prominent is social media. We're very active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. I think we're on parler now, too, right, Joe? Yes. And if you really find what the world is thinking about, folks, you'll find it on social media. Folks, if you join me late, you might be wondering what on earth are you folks doing? Because I try to do a paranormal update at least twice a year because it is so active. You may not be fully aware of it. I promise you, your younger people in your world are very aware of it. And I think through the programing we've presented here on understanding the Times radio, probably getting a better understanding that it's everywhere. It's just a part of our daily lives. It's even crept into the church. Now we're talking about how it's playing out in some of the rioting in rabble-rousing going on in certain parts of the country, as Jill said. Now it is so in the open and you'll find it on social media. Let's just play a quick clip here.

Well, fairytale, which is might gather under the cover of Darkness Modern, which is a meeting on Instagram. They use the hashtag, which is an Instagram, which currently has almost two million posts.

The hashtag is really just something to kind of identify, like, hey, we're the witches of Instagram and we are here. This is a computer.

All which is varying degrees or levels and ages, ethnicities. It's really cool to see everybody's various practices and their lifestyle and things like that.

I've kind of connected with it because especially as a solitary, which I'm not able to have that community here physically with me using that hashtag, I'm able to connect and find other people that are like minded or get ideas from people or inspiration from them, which is use Instagram to post pictures of their craft as well as connect and support each other.

Those who have just come out of the broom closet can find advice and help for more established witches.

There's people from all different time zones. So no matter what time of day or night it is, there's someone to connect to. They really support you. They have your back and they reach out to you. And they want to know that you're doing okay and they want to see what's going on with you.

I never thought I'd be a teacher because I always think I'm an eternal student. But actually, I've been offered a lot of witches and I never said I would share like any spouse in my life because I was like that the private thing. But recently I've been like, you know, some people need guidance.

I really feel like through the online community, witchcraft is coming out of the shadows. And that's my personal mission in life, is to bring witchcraft out of the shadows and into the mainstream.

The witches of Instagram community is empowering for many witches who feel like they don't fit in anywhere else.

It was kind of liberating for me because even when I was in the Christian community, I never found my people. Somehow I was always pushed to the edge and never kind of seen. But here on Instagram and other platforms, you can feel like you're being seen by someone.

So many people think that there aren't witches. And we're everywhere.

Gilmartin Ricci. Her goal was to bring all of this out of the shadows into the mainstream. And she closes that clip. We're everywhere.

She succeeded. Yeah. And they are everywhere. Thank you. J.K. Rowling for Harry Potter. I mean that in a hot situation. But they are everywhere. I think that Harry Potter opened the door to the possibilities of witchcraft, to the acceptance of wizardry in witchcraft as something common in everyday spells as commonplace and tealeaf reading as commonplace and talking to the dead as just another adventure, the fruit of these types of books and media shows that we've seen out there. The spirit of rebellion is loose in the world today. It is causing people to want to search out the dark things.

Folks, if you join me late, you're listening to Understanding the Times radio. Jan Markell here talking to Joe Martin. Rishi, you can learn more or contact her through the website. Walter Martin, dot com. Walter Martin, dot com. On the phone from Seattle area is Eric Barger. Let me just reference Jewelz. Incredible book. She's got a couple of them, but the one I have in front of me is about a 700 page encyclopedia. The Kingdom of the are called. You can get a hold of that where books are sold. Eric Barger in Seattle at the moment. Find out more information about Eric. Eric Barger dot com, Eric Barger dot com and look into his book, Entertaining Spirits, Unaware the End Time called Invasion. And Eric, we're talking about we're the first generation to see some of this blossom into the mainstream. It's just everyday common occurrence. We're also the first generation to see, which is openly, keyword openly try to hex a U.S. president and Justice Kavanaugh as he was trying to get nominated to the court a year or so ago. In other words, a see which is proudly demonstrating against those with more conservative values.

Well, as you've already pointed out, the occult has become normal, which is don't dress as you think, a witch. My name is Harry Potter was promo campaign for witchcraft and the occult. That could never have been bought because it would cost so much to buy the advertising campaign that would do what it did. And you look around us, consider it. This is all just part of the spiritual warfare that we see in the scriptures. If you read the Bible carefully, you're going to notice that these things speed up at the end of days. I want to point out to Jan, and I know this is a point that you and I talk about a lot in jail. We all believe that we should bring out the positive. I am not frightened of the world of the occult.

I mean, I don't think they have power, but their power is counterfeit. They get their power from the second most powerful beginning here. Right. But not the greatest.

Not Jehovah God. This is not something we should be frightened of, but we should be aware of it. That's why a book like Jills is so important. From a Christian viewpoint, we can get understanding about the world of the occult and then know how to fight this in the spirit realm in our region.

Eric, in your region or the northwest, and it may become a. Trend may easily become a trend, they're burning Bibles. That was a bit of a terrifying sight with some flashbacks to some who might be old enough to remember Nazi Germany. But that's how they started out there, burning all sorts of books and Bibles. What were your thoughts when you saw that?

Just like in Hitler's day. The only thing they would rather get rid of is the Christians who are behind the Bibles because they simply don't want to hear from us. They don't want us to rain on their parade, stand in their way, expose them for what they are. And it's a perfectly free country. They should be able to propagate their religion as they see it. But we have also the same rights afforded does under the First Amendment. Of course, if you watch what's going on, the riots, unless you agree with the people who are rioting, then you don't have that, right? That's right. Not afforded to the mindset of the people in the protests. As far as I know, we haven't revoked the First Amendment. We still have a right to preach the gospel to expose evil as we see it. Of course, the lead people to Jesus Christ, which is the real answer.

And it's great seeing and hear about and talk to people who have been new agers or occult history. Even witches are seeing this and then finding crisis savior and being set free when, you know, those kind of stories are out there. Then you have great hope it could happen to any of the ones. And so we really need today.

Absolutely. Yes. Joel, the Bible speaks a lot about spirit of Antichrist, the spirit of lawlessness, heavily the spirit of Antichrist that's being poured out on the earth, particularly later we get into the end times. And Eric, raise a good point that all of what we're talking about, the Bible says second Timothy three in the last days, evil will wax worse and worse. This is nothing that's shocking, really, in a keeps getting ramped up. So every time it gets ramped up, it's a little more stunning to watch. But this really is what the Bible speaks about, Antichrist lawlessness just being poured out across the entire planet.

Yes, it is. And we should view this from the position of a victor. Yes, we are victorious. One of the things that our culture raises us with and you're saturated in it really from the time you're small. Is that good and evil are equal. And that is a lie. Good and evil are not equal. God is far greater than Satan, far greater. He's the creator more as we've talked about before. And Satan is simply a creation. Yes, he is powerful, but we do not need to fear him. We should look at this from God's point of view. Hank had says that greater is he that as in you than Ray, that is in the world. So as Christians, they fear us. And that is the position we should take and stand strong and fight.

Have an article in front of me from Brandwatch. This is an outfit that monitors consumer behavior title interest in the occult booms during lockdown. Let me read a paragraph. It can't just be us who've seen a skyrocket in a cold astrology black magic products on the market. They say from Instagram to read it, it seems like interest in products like tarot cards and astrology. All right. All time high. It had us thinking, has the pandemic affected this, too? We used our consumer research platform to investigate English language mentions in March and April to understand how the pandemic affected the nontraditional hobby and its rise to fame. Increases in conversation in both March and April indicate that people have used some of their free time in lockdown to learn about the mystic arts. Interest in all things paranormal spiked last days. All this to wax worse and worse to be nice. I think if I searched, I could maybe find an article that says interest in reading the Bible boom during the lockdown too. I just didn't search for them.

Actually, it did. Pew Research had a wonderful survey.

Yeah, you're right. Go ahead, talk about it. I saw something about Pew.

They actually documented how people were turning to God and not gods as in paganism, but back to God. Back to him and to the Bible that is peaking or may continue to peak in lockdown, since that seems to be an endless lockdown across different parts of America. I really rejoice in that. I think there was something that came out recently, too, that they've documented this from a radio station that broadcasts into Iran that 3000 a month since March have come to know the war.

Here's the Pew Research have found it actually printed it out. Some Americans say their religious faith has strengthened as a result of the outbreak. Even as the vast majority of U.S. church goers report that their congregations have closed regular worship service to the public, according to a new Pew Research Center survey, Americans in historically black Protestant churches and those who describe themselves as very religious are particularly likely to say their faith has strengthened. There you go. So interest in the occult boomed. And those who are people of faith say their faith has strengthened during this very trying time that began somewhere in March.

Eric, your thoughts?

Want to go back to our original thought there that the occult has definitely bloomed at this time and people are exploring it. Here I was raised in a kind of a Christian home. That's the way I describe my upbringing. My grandparents raised me, but it wasn't the kind of Christian home I would want to raise my family. And today, after I've been a Christian these years, I understand it better here. I was around Christian things as a child. I got sucked into it. I was throwing the arrow sticks, which is a form of Eastern mysticism attached to the idea of reading the Eychaner Book of Changes to find out what your future is. I was into astrology. Nobody warned me that I was sticking my hand in the furnace and eventually I would hit the sidewall and it would be burned to unrecognizable. And that's what's gonna happen. And a lot of people may be exploring the world of the occult. Now, this comes back to the church that we need to be vocal and warning whenever we have an opportunity. And we don't want to bluff people. We don't want to just sit silently while people are extolling the world of the occult and the arts, as it's called. We want to give answers and give people an answer for the hope that lies within us. I think part of the reason we're not doing that is because we're not being prepared from the pulpits virtues. And we announced as a constant theme that the three AMAI talking about for, what, 10, 12, 15 years now? It goes back to the Masters. If we are going to preach only the things that we think people want to hear, they won't be prepared for the things that they should be prepared to minister to others with.

Here's just a short paragraph from the Federalist magazine. As they turned to burning Bibles, Portland rioters show their true colors while rioters previously attacked federal buildings, businesses and even officers. Recently, they found a new target Bibles. A video posted to Twitter on Saturday shows rioters holding Black Lives Matter signs tossing Bibles into a fire. Bystanders stood and watched as the flames looked away at the pages of the books. Quote, Left wing activists bring a stack of Bibles to burn in front of the federal courthouse in Portland, wrote The Twitter user posted the video. Do not be under the illusion that these protests and riots are anything but an attempt to dismantle all of Western civilization and upend centuries of tradition, including Christianity. That is part of what's going on, folks. You may think these are just some kids who are bored for summer and are out getting some exercise. No, this is deep seated. This is a horrific thought. The goal is to dismantle all of Western civilization and upend centuries of tradition, including Christianity. Jill, you want to say something about Kingdom of the Colts?

Yes. And it's interesting, when I looked at all these riots going on, I did some research on a new version of Satanism called the Satanic Temple, or TSD. They call themselves. I looked to see if there were any satanic temples up in that area. Of course, yes, there is a satanic temple in Portland. So I looked at their discussion board and now those comments are missing. But there were a few comments there about people who were telling their experiences over in the riots in Portland. So they were Pardo's, that there were some participating over there. The thing about the Satanic Temple is they started out as kind of a joke attacking George Bush and his church initiative, where he was going to help non-profits and he had those grants that could be given. And that's how they started out. And they went from that to saying Satan was real briefly on their Web site and giving one of the most ridiculous things theologically I've ever read, which is actually something I recorded. They went from that to being atheistic. But there's a spirit of rage here. Gianna Eric, don't you think there's such a rage, especially evident sense 2016 when Donald Trump was brought in? I believe God says he raises up rulers. So Donald Trump was raised up and that literally unleashed such a fury that it cannot be contained. And it's growing and growing. And I think you see it in things like the Satanic Temple, which you can find out more about in the Kingdom of the Colts handbook. Something new we have out right now the Kingdom of the Colts handbook that you can use for a Saudi guy.

Okay. We're talking about two different books here, folks. I'm promoting Kingdom of the Hour called by Jill. 700 pages, approximately, encyclopedia of all things of conflict. That's what I've been referring to. Walter Martin dot com. Or where they sell books. Jill now just referred to Kingdom of the cults.

Explain a new thing we've done because we've been asked by people for years if we had a shorter version of the kingdom of the cults that could be used as a study guide or in classes. And that's what we did. We made a shorter version of the Kingdom of the Cults abridged with questions and answers. And part of that is a chapter on the Satanic Temple. And also on the New Age movement.

Best place to find these books wherever books are sold. Eric, give us a paragraph on entertaining spirits unaware of the ontime, a cult invasion.

The premise is. Nine forbidden practices of the occult. As you find a Deuteronomy Chapter 18, there's none other than listed there. We took each one of those and made it into a chapter. Then with a summary. And then I wrote a long addendum, 33000 word addendum. Seven years after the book was first published, we just dropped the price of the electronic, downloaded that book, too, so people can go to our Web site and Eric Barger dot com and get that. Well, I've got to make just for Yallock, and I want to digress into something which is seen as have a lot in common with Antigua and Marxist. That's why they've joined together. It's all about bringing the country down and bringing us into anarchy and, of course, into the mayhem that will follow. There are strange bedfellows in that way, but that's the whole connection.

Chill. You want to wrap it up?

We've got a minute and a half in Act 16. We are warned, we are warned about the doctrine of the demons and it is literally explained in that chapter. I think that what we are seeing today is the doctrine of the demons on steroids. It has gone literally around the world. It is infiltrating every place. Do not think that because you are in a tiny little town somewhere in Wyoming or Montana, that this is not going to affect you because a potential is if you have children or grandchildren, it may one day affect you because it is infiltrating everywhere. And the doctrine of the demons is something that Satan has promoted for centuries and he continues to promote it. Behind that, of course, is the spirit of rage. But God is greater, far greater. And that's why I rejoice. The joy of the Lord is your strength. That verse has taken me through so many difficult times where God has literally protected me from the darkness and I know it is real and strong. So the joy of the Lord is our strength.

I want to thank you both for joining me for this segment of Understanding The Times radio. Folks, stay tuned. We're changing topics after a real short time out.

We love friendly feedback. Contact us through our Web site. Olive tree views dot o r g. That's olive tree to use dot. Or you can call us Central Time at seven six. Three. Five five. Nine. Forty four. Forty four. That's seven six three five five nine. Four four. Four four. You get our mail when you write to all of three ministries and Jan markelle box 14 52 Maple Grove, Minnesota five five three one one. That's Fox one four five two. Maple Grove, Minnesota five five three one one. All gifts are tax deductible in an age of fake news and false teaching.

Thank you for trusting, understanding the Times radio.

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Why are many Christians looking the other way when it comes to this organization? Of course, black lives matter. But to God, all lives matter and most of all, eternal life matters. Isn't this what the church should focus on?

Jan markelle is known for her articles and commentaries titled I Never Thought I Would See the Day. She shares another installment of that today here on Understanding The Times radio, you're in remarkable times. We also remind listeners that none of this surprises God as he allows all things to fall into place. Here is Jan, Marco, and welcome back.

We're going to go on a little bit different direction for the balance of the program. My thanks to my previous two guests and their expert insight on the topic that we covered in the first half of the program. Let me just quickly say that we are extremely active on social media. So check us out on Facebook, on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. Our program is also airing on his channel, his channel, dot com. Just a quick heads up here as a concerned are programing on YouTube. And many of you do watch that. This is a wonderful visual platform that we have had weekly with as many as 100000 people and even more watching the program. The Twyla Brace program was taken down last week. In other words, censored. You can always find the visual form of the program at light source dot com. That's light source dot com.

That's a part of the one place dot com audio and video streaming. You can always find it at all. Tree views, dot org. Both audio and video. And a week later, you can find it at his channel dot com. I'm not sure how much longer we will have the YouTube option, which is owned by Google.

But again, last week's program was taken down by YouTube. And if you do write to us, always tell us just how do you listen? It helps us process things here in the office. Now, here's what I'd like to do for the balance of the program. And this will be a little bit familiar to some of you who are regular listeners because our times have changed so drastically here in just about seven months of 20/20. Almost everyone is breathless and saying what I have said now for a long time. They never thought they'd see the day when certain things would be happening right and left every day. Never thought they'd see headlines that they're seeing today. Whoever thought that an invisible enemy of virus, no less, could turn America upside down, and for that matter, it turned the world upside down. And as a result, I'm just going to give you my latest rundown of things I never thought I would live to see. I think you'll echo what a man with a lot of them anyway. Then I'll just have a few comments at the end. Kind of wrap things up. Here goes. Kind of a current list. We'll play some sound bites along the way as well. I never thought I'd see the day when prisoners would be let out of jail at the very same time, Christians were being kept out of church. Some localities are actually threatening jail time for people who do not wear masks with the Cauvin 19 ordeal. And the irony is that the same virus is being used as a pretext to release criminals so that they don't get covered 19 in the confined areas of jail, even though it's been proven that the reality of that happening is extremely low. But at the same time, prisoners are being let out of jail by the hundreds and the thousands. Christians, at least in the spring of 2020, were being kept out of church. Upside down world never thought I'd see the day when it would be so obvious to me why America is simply not a prominent player in Bible prophecy. Something had to neutralize us or a series of events had to weaken our super power status. Whoever thought that it would be an invisible enemy. A virus. Didn't we think it would probably be an army? No. An invisible enemy would be the major player in the scenario to weaken America's global influence, because this weakened us economically and in many, many other ways weakened us even politically. America has always been that shining city on a hill, and it still is. Evil has crept in and it's trying to remove lots of things are Christian base. It's trying to weaken the church. It's trying to install socialism and communism in our government. And it may succeed an invisible enemy. A virus has been the element used to cause a chink in our armor of this great nation. I think we must continue to be solved. White and try to delay the decay in our country, I cannot emphasize that enough as long as God keeps the church here.

We have to be Salzman light and delay the decay. Moving on.

I never thought I would see the day when people I admired and even trusted told me they were going to report good people to the authorities who weren't keeping the letter of the law, such as proper social distancing or not wearing a face mask.

Friends or reporting. Friends, neighbors turning in. Neighbors, even family members turning in. Other family members. Is love grown cold? How easily people turn on each other over issues that shouldn't be dividing us. But they have here in the spring and summer of 2020. It seems like mankind's character has been on display and it certainly isn't a very pretty picture.

There's been a lot of rage, be it about toilet paper or masks. The Corona virus pandemic sometimes results in aggressive behavior, and that has even led to death. French bus driver Felipe among your was killed by a group of teenagers after asking them to wear masks to get on his bus. Uncontrollable anger seems to be on the rise, lockdown, social distancing, mosque wearing and uncertainty about jobs on the future. Could all of that be causing a pandemic of stress and frustration?

Welcome to you, covered 19 special here, A.W. News. I'm Monica Jones. Very relaxed in Berlin. Good to have you with us. I don't know if you've observed this kind of aggression in your daily life, too, but the longer the pandemic lasts, the more people seem to be losing their cool. Well, I've suddenly noticed more road rage when riding my bike through Berlin. Is it just me or is there more of it?

This is a global problem with global ramifications and global fallout. As you just heard from another part of the world is happening in every city and capital of the world as people turn on each other. I just didn't think I would live to see that happen. Well, I'm going to move on because there are a number of other bullet points I want to hit in my rundown of things I didn't think I would live to see. And actually, some of the things are good. For instance, didn't think I would live to see the day that Corona virus would do us a huge favor. And quite frankly, at least for now, put drag queen story our out of business for a season at least four months. There were no debauched sessions at libraries or schools thanks to the Corona virus. And who would have thought that it would take a virus to put these people out of business and to spare the minds of little kids? Maybe that's one of the reasons God even allowed some of this to happen, would be for the good things that could play out in society as a result of our lifestyles changing thanks to, again, this invisible enemy that has done lots of evil. God always works good out of the evil situations. So I want to move on here. I never thought I would see the day when there would be talk of replacing gift. This our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. Now it's one thing to replace The Star-Spangled Banner, but there's talk of replacing it with none other than John Lennon's Imagine.

Imagine that Lennon's song celebrates what it celebrates communism, celebrates socialism, celebrates globalism, celebrates the fact that there might be no heaven, no hell. It rejoices that, quite frankly, the world is someday going to be one under the Antichrist. And that's what Lennon's song celebrates. This is a serious effort, folks. It really is. When it becomes a mindset that says our national anthem should celebrate these kinds of perverted things, that our country's taken a serious left turn. And we need to step up our prayers for this wonderful country.

Never thought I'd see the day the Dixie Chicks bravely changed their name yesterday to just the Chicks. They're so brave, boy. They're standing tall, aren't they? And now it's time to reassess America's national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. Last week, Lindsay Parker, editor in chief, writes, Protesters in San Francisco toppled a statue of the song's composer, Francis Scott Key, a known slave holder who once said that African-Americans were a distinct and inferior race of people. This week, a student at New York's Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts refused to sing the Star Spangled Banner at her virtual graduation ceremony. She told The Wall Street Journal, who evidently was interested in why she would do such a thing. With everything that's happening, she said. If I stand there and sing it, I'm being complicit to a system that has oppressed people of color. Instead, she sang Lift Every Voice and Sing, which is a hymn widely considered to be the black national anthem. That, incidentally, is one of the strong recommendations in this Yahoo! Article that replace the Star Spangled Banner, lift every voice and sing, which incidentally, is also a beautiful song. The first suggestion, though, in this article is John Lennon's Imagine, which I don't know who's quoted in this article, but whoever is quoted says it's the most beautiful, unifying all people, all backgrounds together kind of song you could ever have. You know the lyrics, right? Imagine there's no heaven. It's easy if you dry no hell below us. Above us only sky. Let's imagine. Imagine there's just no heaven. No hell.

Well, thank you, Mike Gallagher, Salem talk show host, for verbalizing my sentiment and my thoughts just perfectly. Never thought we'd see the day that John Lennon song again celebrating communism and putting down heaven, and they'd want to make that our national anthem. At least some on the left are thinking that way. Moving on. Never thought I'd see the day that the one institution pushing back on the despair of the church would be declared a non essential.

But there's a big but not marijuana shops. Not abortion clinics, even alcohol, was deemed essential in 2020. Churches, as I referred to earlier, churches were a major inconvenience and still are in many cities.

Parts of California pastures are being threatened with arrest if they hold services again. The church ministers to people think about it. The church comforts and counsels them. It saves lives. It teaches about eternal life. And it's the great stabilizing force on the planet. Maybe the only stabilizing force on the planet. But because we're in days when evil is called good, marijuana and alcohol were deemed far more important here in 2020. A values system that is not healthy took prominence.

Yes, stay at home order. California has made it clear pot is considered essential. It is an industry that has actually seen an uptick in business here in the last few weeks. And our tender's anchor, Lindsay Penya, spoke with a local dispensary to find out how they're keeping customers.

And their staff say while businesses slumped for many industries during the stay at home order, marijuana dispensaries have actually seen the opposite. At High Key in San Diego, owners tell to news things are starting to calm down after a huge spike last week. Contrary to what some might think, the industry is considered essential.

According to the governor's list, no pressure on the marijuana shops. No pressure on the outlets that are selling alcohol. Even the abortion clinics. No pressure. Very central.

I never thought I'd see the day when they would be declared essential. But God's house of worship. No, that is totally nonessential here in 2020. Moving on. Never thought I'd see the day when it would be so blatantly obvious that we are in the absolute last of the last days. In fact, I really think we're in the last hour, but our pulpit still insist on being quiet about that. I get the feedback by e-mail daily that the pulpits have not changed and many churches for the first time. Many people truly want to understand the times and how the Bible applies to now to today. But the feedback tells me that very little is being said to help people cope, to help them connect the dots. What is the Bible saying about our perilous times? People are telling me nothing has changed. The pulpit still, by and large, not all, but most remain silent and are not telling the people the truth. They're saying you can have your best life now and that we can have a time of prosperity. Pastors, more people have ears to hear now than ever before because they've lost so much. Maybe they've lost their employment. Maybe they've lost their lifelong business. Some are losing homes and they need to hear the good news. They need to hear the rapture of the church is imminent and they need to be asked, are they ready? Do they know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? More than ever, that needs to be preached from the pulpit. Well, moving on. Never thought I'd see the day. We're in just a matter of weeks. In 2020, people accepted surveillance in the name of health and safety. No one questioned the drones, the cameras, the apps that have the ability to be watching our every move. After all these apps, though, keep us well. It proves that the ends justify the means. Being spied on is just fine. If it will help to keep us healthy and well. There is always a cost to the invasion of privacy, folks. Always there is a terrible tradeoff. A free nation can become a nation keeping their people in bondage if they become a nation, removing privacy.

And we are becoming a nation, removing privacy through the corona virus pandemic not just in America, but around the world as being repeated in every country of the world. People are sacrificing their privacy in the name of the corona virus and protection from it.

Singapore, Israel, Iran, Taiwan and Russia have all adopted some or all of the Chinese methods to temporarily harness the power of data more expected to follow.

So how does China's data surveillance system work and how is it useful in a pandemic? It all starts with this, a national I.D. card. You need one to pretty much do anything in China from buying a mobile phone to using any app. Everything you do leaves a data trail, links back to your I.D..

In areas in lockdown, phone location data is being used to monitor movement and enforce curfews. If a patient is meant to be in quarantine, geo location pings on their phones can alert authorities if they stray out of their homes. Phone location data is also being used to map exactly where that person visited in the two weeks before being diagnosed.

Folks, these are things that have taken place in repressive nations, communist nations, socialist nations. Now the free world is toying with them. The loss of privacy all in the name of health. Keeping healthy, keeping well.

Keep your eye on this, because it's an exploding problem that's we're going to see mushroom here as we move on into 2020. I never thought I'd see the day where some cities are actually asking churches to keep logs of every person who enters their building so that they can be tracked and traced for the national contact tracing program, for that matter. The entire contact tracing program has made covered 19 much more like covered 1984 than we've ever had before in our lifetime. But it started by asking for a record of those who attended some churches and the churches complied. And then that effort spread quickly throughout the country. Privacy gone. Never thought I'd see the day when vaccines, hey, they once saved lives would get so corrupted that they now risk lives. Yet there is talk that all Americans must get a vaccine for the corona virus. Many, many people have weighed into this. Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz actually has gone on record saying that the government absolutely has the right to, quote, plunge a needle into your arm, closed quote.

Is the day coming when we can't do business as usual until we provide evidence that we have at a corona virus vaccination? This is apocalyptic language and it came along suddenly and abruptly here in 2020. I don't think many of us were quite prepared for it and I didn't think I'd live to see the day. So we're going to move on. Never thought I would see the day when two unknown doctors appeared daily in press briefings presenting their evidence that would, quite frankly, ruin our great country.

These two doctors who I'm going to have remain nameless, seemed like our leaders accepted every word they said and never gathered a second opinion. And when some spoke up to differ with these two experts, they were shut down. Many conflicting opinions were expressed, but without exception, those opinions were diminished. They were even silenced. Respectable doctors could not disagree with these two experts who presented a plan to deal with coronavirus that would cause, quite frankly, near economic depression in America. Those who disagreed. They weren't allowed to disagree. I thought we were a free nation, in everybody's opinion counted. Never thought I'd see the day when segments of the church and several denominations would celebrate the organization called Black Lives Matter, a blatantly Marxist outfit determined to destroy America. All of this in the name of social justice.

What is this to do with the gospel social justice? That is, why are many Christians looking the other way when it comes to this organization? Of course, Black Lives Matter. But to God, all lives matter and most of all, eternal life matters.

Isn't this what the church should focus on? Yet dozens of organizations and thousands of churches and denominations are all on board with Black Lives Matter rather than focusing on issues of eternity.

Well, here's one of the core values from the Black Lives Matter Web site. We disrupt the Western prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and villages that collectively care for one another, especially our children. To the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable, look, that alone could cause major concern for every Christian and nuclear family, which consists of a father, a mother and their children. Isn't something that is Western prescribed. This is something that was established by God and any organization that would seek to disrupt the nuclear family sets itself squarely in opposition against the creator of the universe.

Well said and helps make my point. Black Lives Matter is trying to dismantle the traditional family as well as many, many other things. And yet many churches are on board with the efforts of Black Lives Matter, when in fact, God wants us to focus on eternal life because eternal life matters to him. I never thought I'd see the day when I would watch America's history be dismantled by as lunatics who believe that even Abraham Lincoln was a racist. What spirit has taken over our country? Statues are coming down and history is being rewritten. I maintain it as a demonic spirit. And Christians need to be doing spiritual warfare. Let's do battle in the heaven, Liz, and turn the tide. In fact, we may be the only thing that will turn the tide. Our prayers, our efforts at combating these evil forces are pleading to God to defeat these forces of evil. Never thought I'd see the day when Jesus Christ would be too white for today's revolutionaries who are playing out demonic roles in our major cities as churches are now prime targets, folks. Jesus is a Jew from the Middle East, but to the revolutionary, he is too white. If the revolutionaries could find him as their savior, they would truly lay down their arms. And the turmoil would become calm.

I never thought I'd see the day when crime soaring almost 400 percent in some big cities. And yet the result of this is that city leaders are embracing the idea of abolishing their police department. I think this must be the end time strong delusion the Bible speaks about. The Bible speaks many times about delusion and strong delusion. And we see it daily in the news and in headlines. Common sense is out the window. But one of the biggest delusions I see is that the police are the root of our problem and they should be driven out of business. Will folks sin is the root of the problem. Only Jesus Christ is a solution to a sinful planet and a sinful country. Is the stage being set for the tribulation? Yes, I believe it is. And yet most people are clueless because Bible prophecy has been deemed irrelevant and inconvenient and the world is being prepared for a demonic savior. Its name is Antichrist. We don't know who that is. And masses are clueless. And yet, in the end, those who are unsaved and are not going to be removed in the rapture are going to run pell mell into his arms. He's going to promise to restore order out of this chaos. He's waiting in the wings. His title, again, is Antichrist. And in fact, I think all things are going out of control and into chaos, setting the stage for the Antichrist as we see the spirit of Antichrist active all around the world, in every city and in every capital. The spirit of Antichrist is out of control. All the more reason why the church needs to be the salt and light and help to delay the decay, the rapid, rapid decay that we are seeing. I've just gone through quite a list here. And I think if you were to admit it, you never thought you would live to see this day either, did you? So let me just kind of wrap this up by saying that we're not some kind of End-Time kook wandering down Main Street warning about some silly zombie apocalypse. No, we're warning that the Bible predicted some things that would set the stage for the final moments of history as we know it, that the church would be removed before the curtain could go up. And that final dramatic scene could be played out for that final scene to play out. The church must be removed. Many of the things I've talked about will, quite frankly, seem small time compared to what's going to play out during that tribulation time. So that final scene, I believe it's eminent. Everything is falling into place. Don't delay putting your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of your life. You are not guaranteed tomorrow to make that call. I would just ask you to just turn your life around, repent of your sins, pray a prayer that would ask the Lord Jesus to come in and become the Lord and savior of your life because no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. And in fact, for some of you, tomorrow simply may be too late for you to make that decision. I encourage you to make that decision even yet today. We've talked about some very heavy things, both segments of my programing today. I want to go out on a positive note.

And, you know, I love to use this little saying. It's encouraging and we all need that encouragement. When the time was right to see part and the walls fell down. The sun stood still. The waves were calm. The stone was rolled away. And the clouds were parted. And the Lord ascended. And when the time is right, the king of kings will return. God is never early. He's never late. He's always right on time. And his plan for you is good. I want to remind you that he's never early in your life. He's never late in your life. And his plan for you is very, very good. And the timing will be just perfect. Thank you for listening. We'll talk to you again next week.

It is both a privilege and a challenge to be born for such a time as this. Let's redeem the time while we have time. If we have made a difference in your life, let us hear from you. Contact us through our Web site. Olive Tree Views dot org. That's olive tree views. Dot o r g. You can call us Central Time at seven six three five five nine four four four four seven six three five five nine. Forty four forty four. We get our mail when you write to Olive Tree Ministries and Jan markelle box 14 52 Maple Grove, Minnesota 555 three one one. That's Box one four five two. Maple Grove, Minnesota 555 three one one oh. Gifts are tax deductible until next week. Know that God cares for you. He sent his son to die on a cross for you and he is coming again to rescue and redeem his bride. The Church.

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