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How Did You Come To Know Christ?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 12, 2024 5:26 pm

How Did You Come To Know Christ?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 12, 2024 5:26 pm

Guest host Alicia Grims and Bri Thornhill are in the studio to hear amazing testimonies on Truth Talk Live


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Happy Wednesday. Welcome to Truth Talk Live. Today's question, how did you come to know Christ? We want you to call in, share your story with us. Where were you?

What happened? Who shared with you? I'm Alicia Grimes, and I'm in the studio with newly married Bree Thornhill.

Wow. Bree, introduce yourself. So cool to hear my new last name.

Yes, my name is Bree Thornhill, and I have been married for about five weeks now. I know it's so exciting. And I am the director of operations and assimilation at Two Cities Church. So I've been on staff there for about two and a half years and really have the honor of just helping people walk through the membership process and get plugged in and connected to our church body. Fantastic. Well, we want you to call in this afternoon.

The number is 866-348-7884. Again, our topic is how did you come to know Christ? We want to hear your story. What happened?

How did Christ come into your life? I think we have a caller. Caller one. This looks like Elena. Elena, you're up. Hello. Hey, how are you? I'm well. How are you?

I'm doing great. This may be my favorite caller of the day. This is actually my daughter. Yes. What a good daughter.

Yes. Well, tell us a little bit about your story. Yeah, so my story really stems from my two parents, which is awesome because it really feels like it's coming full circle. But, you know, my pastor always says one of the greatest gifts that you can give the kingdom is who you raise. And I feel like that my parents modeled their faith and what it meant to walk with the Lord with me. And I became a believer at a young age. And through some hard things that happened, the Lord really drew me close. I saw him first and foremost in the home. So I think it's just a reminder that, you know, things start there and that's the first mission field. Oh, I'm going to let Bree say something.

I didn't I didn't pay you to do that. But, you know, it is it is very it's so affirming to see your kids grow up and follow the Lord. And I just tell people that God fills in a lot of gaps. We certainly had our share of gaps, but he's so faithful to to bring his word into your heart. So thank you for calling in and get back to your duties in the OR. Absolutely.

Thanks. You know, Bree, I was thinking in the Gospel of John, Jesus says, I'm the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. But the scriptures tell us very clearly there's one way to God through repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. The spirit of God stirs the love of God in our hearts and we place our faith in Christ. But there's only one way to God. But there are many ways that God uses to bring us to Christ. Maybe it was a camp.

Maybe it's through a friend or a stranger. I've got a friend who watched the Billy Graham Crusade on TV. And right there when she was 20 years old, she broke down in her living room and prayed to ask Jesus in her heart. So lots of ways that God's God works.

But I guess, Bree, let me throw this one back at you. Like, why is this important? Why is it important that we share God's story, our testimonies with other people? Yeah, I mean, truthfully, as someone that gets to walk with people through their membership process, one of the first questions I get to ask people is, what is your salvation story? And I hear on a daily basis just the wide variety, as you were talking about, of how people have come to know the Lord. And the reason it's so important to be able to share the gospel with another person and to share your faith with another person and articulate your testimony is because, one, the Lord commands us to.

I think very easily we're reading this book right now called Replicate with Some Girls at Our Church. And it talks about how the goal of our salvation was just to have eternal life for ourselves. If that was the goal of Christianity, after we got saved, we would all just immediately be raptured.

But that's not the goal. The goal is the Lord says, I want you to be a part of a commission, a great commission. And that means that you make more disciples, that you share the gospel with others. That multiplication command of the great commission is a huge reason why it's important that we're able to share the gospel. Absolutely.

And, you know, from God's perspective, somehow in His sovereignty, He's chosen to work through His church and through people to bring other people into His kingdom, to invite them into that relationship. And so it really does matter. You know, the research shows that very few Christians share their faith with other people. Why do you think that is? I know from a personal perspective, I can weigh on that. But do you have any thoughts on that?

Yeah. I mean, I think there's so many reasons that we're hesitant to share the gospel. But research also says that it takes on average three times for someone to hear the gospel and come to salvation. And so I think one of the reasons we don't share the gospel is because we get in our mind that it all relies on us. And what if we do it wrong or we say it wrong or we mess something up when really you're just maybe seed one of seed three. And I think another reason that we don't share it is because truthfully, we just have not really acquainted ourselves with the word or with our testimony. And so the Bible tells us in First Peter to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope that we have. And a lot of times when the moment arises, we're not prepared. And so we don't know what to say.

We don't know what to do. We're trying to pull random things from sermons we've heard before. And that makes it all the more convoluted instead of just sharing our story and sharing what we know about the Lord to be true.

Absolutely. Well, I love I love how we're getting started here. So if you're listening online and you want to call in and tell us your story, it's 866-348-7884. You know, I was just thinking today about the stories that I've heard from so many different people of how God spoke to them, how he reached them. Some people felt like they were seeking him and found him. Other people are that I was not looking for.

I was not looking for Christ. And he just crashed into my life. You know, missionaries around the world, they say that so many conversions are associated with a miraculous healing. That's not my story, but I think that's super cool.

We've got a friend. He grew out in the grew up in the country and just was very far from God in a dark place. And he had a friend sharing with him and reading the Bible with him. And one night he just went out into this field and God miraculously spoke to him and in a very unusual way.

And he just started to cry and he called his friend and he says, what is happening? He said, the Holy Spirit is speaking to you. And he became a believer through that. So God is so creative.

He is always drawing him, drawing us to himself. And so if you've got a story, then we'd love to hear it. In the meantime, we're going to talk a little bit about what is the story we're telling? Because that's super important if we say this is the story that we want to share with the world.

What is that story? We're welcoming in KP. KP, how are you? I'm doing good. How are you?

We're doing so good. We're glad to hear from you. We'd love to hear. Tell us about your testimony. Tell us where you were and what led you to salvation. Yeah, absolutely. I'd love to share.

It's honestly an awesome story. So when I was a little younger, I would say in my high school age, I didn't necessarily, like your first caller, have a Christ in her home to lead me to the gospel. But through school and through a church that I was attending with a friend, there was godly examples all around me in my life. So people who knew the good news of the gospel, who received it and believed it, they just lived differently. They have a different perspective on life, a light about them.

They're slower to anger. They just have all the fruits of the Spirit. And I was so drawn to that and confused at like what they had that I didn't.

So I just got to ask these people, like, what do you have? I want to know what this is. So just between other people sharing their testimonies and sharing the good news with me, I mean, I just came to know the good news myself and they were bold in their faith. So that's what's so encouraging to know that if you have the good news and you know it, that what you do and how you live your life matters, because it could be a random high school student that you're teaching or a co-worker or whoever that doesn't know that, but it's drawn to something that you have, which is super awesome.

Yeah, KP, that is so good. I think a lot of times we think that the only way to share the gospel is to go to Lowe's and buy some two-by-fours and build ourselves a platform. But truthfully, it's what you said. Sometimes it's just people being the gospel around you. They have that light, that shine about them, something that's different. And the way that they are living their life, they're not just saying words, but their actions are proclaiming the gospel that draws people near to them. Thank you so much for sharing. Yeah, and KP, that just makes me so thankful for the people who did that for you. And now you're doing that for other people, and we just continue to live out the gospel in our lives. So thanks for calling. We're going to continue the conversation. Absolutely.

Yeah, absolutely. We'll talk to you soon. So Carly brings up a great question, and when she's talking about the gospel, I think it's really important for us just to discuss a little bit what is the good news. What is the news that we're sharing? Because I think for some people it's very confusing.

Like, what is the core of what Christians believe? And when I think about how I explain that, there are a lot of different things that you can use, tools that have been developed. There's the Roman roads. There's the bridge that was developed by the navigators. Three circles was developed by the North American Mission Board. But really the best way to share the gospel is the one that you will share.

The worst way is to not share it at all. That's so good. And so when we think about the gospel, of all the things Christians believe, the gospel is at the very core. It's the heart of God's love for us, that he created us out of love. The Father, Son, and Spirit extended their relationship to us, and we lived in perfect harmony originally with God and with each other. But through sin, we chose our own way. We chose our image over his to be God instead of him, and that relationship was broken. And so now we are isolated from God, separated from him because of our sin. But the gospel, the good news, actually gospel means good news, that Jesus came, he added humanity to his deity, and he came here. And through his life, death, and resurrection, his life for us, his death in our place, his resurrection to make a way for our resurrection, when we repent and put our faith and trust in Christ, that his life counts for us.

His life, death, and resurrection are actually in our place for us. And through repentance and faith, we can be forgiven and restored and freed and then start to live out of that. So we're talking more about our moment of conversion, but that's the beginning of the rest of your life as a believer.

So Bree, take it from there. You had a few things to say really about what that looks like once you come to know Christ. Yeah, I think once you come to know Christ, really the next step oftentimes is baptism, immediate baptisms, and that is not the end of your salvation, but just the beginning of getting to know Christ. But in that time, really, I think if you are someone who is learning how to share your faith and what your faith kind of means to you, I think one good resource to go to is the book of Acts. I think Acts can oftentimes be our playbook for how to share the gospel. And as Alicia mentioned even, the best way to learn how to share the gospel is the way that you'll share it. Right, you want to be accurate. There could be a bad way to share the gospel.

But for the most part, if you dig in and you lean into the gospel yourself and you have that deep in your heart, God will open those doors. And I think we have another caller. We have Emily in High Point. Welcome, Emily.

Thank you so much. Also glad you're here. Tell us a little bit about how you came to know Christ. What did that look like for you? So like your first caller, I came to Christ because I had parents who were believers and kept me in church.

But that didn't feel like enough for me. I was told, oh yeah, you got saved when you were three, but don't really remember that. So my parents kept me in church, and I believed that I was a Christian. I mean, I think I was, but I went to Christian summer camp, and the second year I was there, I spent time with my counselor and I rededicated my life to Christ. I was like, I do want that moment where I feel like I'm making this decision myself. And then, you know, obviously high school and college and stuff happened, but I think the thing that kept me on that path, I just wanted to kind of call out what KP and Elena said, was faithful people.

So people who are so faithful in living the gospel. And I think that just the theme that you see is that that's how I came to Christ, because I had parents and Sunday school teachers who were pointing me to Christ, and then I've stayed on that path because people have continually poured into me and been Christ in my life. So that's a very simple version of my story.

No, that's awesome. Thank you for sharing. Yeah, Emily, I think what I'm hearing so far, and I think what resonates with a lot of us, is the fact that relationships are huge. And when we build relationships with people and we gain trust, and we really care about them as people and not projects, and we live, you know, we're not living perfectly in front of other people. We're living as sinners saved by grace, but hoping to follow Christ and walk after him and follow him, that it does make an impact on people around us.

And they do wonder, like, what's different? And then that's our opportunity to speak in to what Christ has done for us. And so thank you for, like, really pointing that out, that relationships are a tremendous part of how the gospel spreads from person to person. So thanks for calling. Of course. Thank you. And thank you both for doing the show. Yeah, we're having fun. Great.

Thanks. You know, we were talking a little bit earlier just to how you can transition a conversation. So so often we're in these casual conversations. And I think the hard part for a lot of us is how do we get there? How do we go from how's the weather to do you know, Jesus? And so maybe when we come back, we'll talk a little bit about how to move conversations from casual to meaningful to spiritual to gospel. So stay tuned.

The number is 866-348-7884. Welcome back to Truth Talk Live. I'm here with Bre and we're talking about how did you become a Christian? Who shared the gospel with you? What did that look like? If you want to call in, there's still plenty of time.

866-348-7844. Yeah. So we've been talking through a lot of things, as Alicia mentioned. And one thing that we left off talking about was just how relationships can deeply influence people to be to lean more towards the gospel.

And the importance of those relationships. And I think one thing that's important to keep in mind, you know, we heard Theodore Roosevelt. His famous quote is that nobody cares how much you love them until they know how much you care.

Yeah. And I think that is a worldly quote that we all stand by. But there's also this biblical example of Philip in Samaria and his relationship with the people. He is meeting their physical needs. He's healing the sick and do also preaching the good news. So he is evangelizing while also meeting needs and doing good works. And that just shows relationally how when people feel physically cared for, psychologically cared for, and you're showing them the gospel with your words, people can lean into that relationship. They see that something's different. You're not just saying something.

You're living it out in front of them. And from our callers before two of them shared that relationships were key in them coming to the gospel. And so I think it's just important for us to remember that meeting the physical needs of people and building those relationships, caring for them psychologically is just as important in sharing the gospel with them.

Definitely. It definitely paves the way. So we're going to talk a little bit about these transitions and conversations. So I think most of us are like, how do I get to that conversation?

When you're starting out talking about sports, how do you get to what is Christ meant to you? So, you know, casual conversations. Tell me about some casual conversations that people might have, Bree. Yeah, I mean, I think casual conversations really include, you know, small talk about vacation or sports or the weather.

And no one wants to be the awkward person that's all of a sudden like, oh, Jesus. That doesn't flow naturally always in a conversation. But as you start with these small talk conversations, you can move more into meaningful conversations. And hopefully you are doing that. Hopefully you are doing that by asking questions.

We see that in the Bible. Jesus is a great question asker. He really is. He turns things back on people sometimes, but he draws them out.

He's really trying to draw them out. Meaningful conversations, things you can use is like, what brings you joy? Where do you find hope? What do you feel like is your purpose?

What are your challenges? What are you passionate about? It takes it beyond the small talk and starts to look inside a person's heart and mind. And from there, it's possible to move to spiritual conversations. What do you believe about God? What do you think about organized religion? You may step into who knows what, but you're taking that conversation in the direction of spiritual. What do you think about the afterlife? Have you ever read the Bible?

What did you think about it? And then hopefully we can turn those to gospel conversation. That's right.

That's the last step. What would you ask for you to try to when you want to have a gospel conversation? What are some of the type questions that you might ask? Yeah, I think some questions that you can ask for a gospel conversation is, what do you think about Jesus? Or can I share with you where I find hope? Or can I tell you what has helped me understand Christianity? Or can I share with you even starting simple with about my church? I'd love to tell you about my church. You know, we so oftentimes talk about the things we're passionate about.

It's views out of us. And so that should be something that's natural of like, I have these people in my life, this community group, this place I go every Wednesday, Bible study, and I'm learning things there. Can I tell you what I'm learning? Do you want to talk about it? Because if you're if you're wanting to learn what they are passionate about, surely as a friend and building a relationship with another person, they're going to want to know what you're passionate about as well. Yeah, it occurred to me, Brie, a long time ago that everybody else on Monday morning at work talked about what they did all weekend. But I was shy to share what I had done.

And so I just started like, I'm just going to be in the conversation like everybody else. And if there was something super exciting that happened with the community group or through a retreat I went to, I would talk about it and not just not not hide away in the corner thinking that, well, if I put that out there, they're going to think I'm so weird. Well, maybe they do.

Maybe they don't. But you know that that's conversation. That is relationship. And so step into the relationship with who you are.

Be authentic about it. But don't don't shy away from just sharing the things that you're passionate about, because our world is certainly shouting from every rooftop about every brand and every food, every restaurant, you know, that they care about. So let's put Jesus out there. And honestly, I think most people in today's society are craving the community the church provides. We're designed for it.

We're made for it. And so to share with someone that you spent an entire weekend with people that love you or that you're going through something and these people from your church have shown up bringing meal after meal, that's going to be shocking to a non believer that doesn't have that community. And they're going to want to know more. You know, and thinks, wow, that's that sounds awful, right?

I would love a meal, you know, after I have a kid. And so it's just thinking through being able to share the people around you and what you're doing. Others are intrigued by that because it is so different when we're living it right. Right. Well, we have another caller, Bucksman from Dayton, Ohio.

How are you doing today? Is this the men's study? I'm sorry. I think this is the ladies study. Did I get the wrong room, ladies? You are in the right room. We are talking about how people became a Christian. So, yeah, I think we talked. I talked to you the other day with Robbie. We talked about discipleship.

Absolutely. We sure did, young lady. Tell me how you came to Christ. Tell me a little bit about your story. Well, it all happened when this Galilean went to a cross in the first century. And come to find out, he had me on his mind.

When I found that out, it melted my heart. And then later the Spirit came into me and I cannot shut up about Jesus even when you put tape on my mouth, ladies. Has anybody tried Bucksman? Has anybody tried that? I don't think anybody's going to try that. Oh, no. Guys, yes, they have.

Believe it or not, they have. And I won't go into it. But, yeah, I get, hey, keep that to yourself, Bucksman. That's for you, Bucksman.

All kinds of things. But I wanted to touch on something you ladies were talking about, about starting conversations. Do what I do, girls. Get a hat and a T-shirt that says, I have a T-shirt, ladies, that says, ask me about Jesus.

There you go. I literally wear that T-shirt. And then even when I'm working, ladies, I have a hat that says, Jesus saves. So it automatically starts conversations with everybody around.

And it's kind of a cool little, I don't know, analysis of human experience. Because you can find out, wow, this guy really is a Christian because he's wearing a name that is given unto men that we all might be saved. That would be the Christian's response.

And they sometimes look and say, I wish I was doing what he's doing. I kind of get that, those kinds of responses. Or, as Paul taught us in the book of Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, I believe it is, sometimes, ladies, I'm the stench of death. That name, today at the lumberyard, ladies, there was a guy that saw Jesus saves on my hat and he was very indignant, very short with me. I was trying to crack jokes.

As Robbie knows, he and I are both dad joke lovers and I'm trying to drop jokes on this customer and he wants nothing doing. And I realized, I think I'm the stench of death to this man, Buxman. You know, Buxman, that reminds me, one of our pastors always says we're not supposed to create spiritual interest, we're supposed to discover it. And so, you know, sometimes we are just planting seeds and seeing how people respond.

And, you know, they responded poorly to Jesus at times. And so I know that we'll experience the same things. But I appreciate your boldness. I appreciate your willingness to... Oh, it's the spirit in me.

It's nothing by me. All I'm doing, ladies, is being obedient. When the fasting comes, you just follow suit. We live and move and have our being in Christ, not in Buxman, not in Brie, not in Alicia. We have our move and being in Christ. And just watch what God does.

It's a wonderful life to be a Christian. Well, thank you so much for calling. And we're going to do a little reminder here and then go to break.

And if you want to call in, it's 866-348-7884. Thank you, Buxman, for calling. I'm going down to the men's study now. God bless you, ladies.

Okay, you too. Glad you joined us. When we come back, we're going to talk about the power of your personal testimony.

How to phrase that, how to write that, how to convey that to other people in a super simple way or a more expanded way. So we're looking forward to doing that. When we come back, we have Liren on the line from Winston-Salem. We're coming up on a break, but we will catch Liren when we come back.

866-348-7884. Hello, everyone, and welcome back. My name is Brie, and I'm here with Alicia today talking about how to share the gospel and why it is important to share the gospel. We've talked a lot about the importance of relationships and sharing the gospel and transitions and conversations with sharing the gospel. And we kind of want to dive into your personal testimony and how to share that. And so really, as I mentioned earlier, your personal testimony is really something that in 1 Peter 3 15, the Lord were told, all Christians are prepared to make a need to be prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.

Yet do it with gentleness and respect. And one of the best ways to engage people is through your personal story and how your life has been transformed. And you can do that through three questions. And those three questions, when you're crafting your testimony, are one, what was I like before Christ and how did I encounter Christ? And the third question is, how has Christ changed me? And I would say once you answer those questions, you can begin to share with anyone really in a testimony that's five minutes or less. Just who was I before Christ? How did I encounter Christ? And who am I now? And I think that transformation story is enough to tell of your experience to someone. And it shows Christ every time. Great points, Bree.

I like that the three parts. Who was I before Christ? How did I encounter Christ? And how has he changed me? You know, we I went to a training several years ago and they taught us this really simple pattern, but it's almost like a 30 second version. So you say there was a time in my life when I was and then and now I am. And so just a little bit different wording of those three.

But however you want to do that. But I want to share a few examples that I have. I've written a discipleship book. I started a ministry called Oasis Ministries.

You can find any of these resources at But sharing a many testimony here, this here are a few examples that I have in here just to help you think through how would you convey this to somebody else? I was trapped in addiction, but Jesus rescued me. Now I'm free and living for him.

I was searching for meaning. A friend shared the hope she found in Christ. And now I've found purpose and meaning in Jesus.

This is me. I was religious, but empty. When I encountered Jesus personally, I realized that it was a relationship and that has changed everything. A couple of more.

Bree, you want to throw in a couple more in there? Yeah, I think a couple more would be I lived in fear until I came to know Christ as my savior. I take my fears to him for strength. I was overwhelmed by guilt and shame, but I started reading the Bible and have experienced forgiveness and redemption through Jesus.

Yeah. So that's just a small version of a testimony. But as you're talking to somebody, you ask them questions. You're building this relationship and you will usually if you pray, the Holy Spirit is the one doing all the work anyway. So pray as you're talking to somebody and ask, where can I connect my story in a way that might resonate with what they're experiencing? And so you could probably write 10 versions of I was, this is what God did, and this is how I'm different from who I was before. So just think through those and maybe that's a good some good tools that you can use to start thinking about how you can share your story in a way that's not so overwhelming or intimidating.

Because people love to talk and they they would probably love to hear your story. OK, we have well, we have three callers. OK, let's start with Liren.

I think she has been waiting the longest. Liren, welcome to Truth Talk Live. Hey, ladies, thanks for having me. Absolutely. Tell us about your story, Liren.

Sure. So, yeah, I didn't grow up in a Christian home. My family still aren't believers, but I was always like a good girl, a rule follower.

So it never occurred to me that I needed saving from anything. And I guess I was just kind of like agnostic, like my family, like maybe there's a God, maybe not. I don't know.

Make your own choice. But anyway, so in eighth grade, we had a middle school walk in where, you know, it's just a bunch of kids having fun, staying up all night. But around midnight, one of my coaches and he's a teacher at public school, no less in Gilbert County. He got up and was just like, hey, I want to tell you guys something that's really important to me. And he just presented the gospel like really clearly to all of us.

Wow. Afterwards, he opened it up to like an invitation was like, I'm going to pray. And if you guys want to accept Christ and just pray this prayer along with me and something inside of me, which I learned with the spirit was just like prodding me to like just do it, just say the prayer. And I was like, all right. And as soon as I as soon as I said it, like the eyes of my heart were open and it was like a conversion moment. I still remember the day and time, but I could just like feel a difference immediately.

And I can't really describe it besides just like I could feel it. Yeah. And then as I as I started to learn more about God and read the word after that, like it just kept confirming that this is the truth and that I actually am a sinner and I can't get to God on my own. And Christ is the only way. So even like 21 years later, here I am, like still in awe of God, like the more he reveals himself to me.

So. Oh, thank you for that. Lauren, how has that changed you? How do you feel like your life is different because of that moment in time that changed forever?

Most of us instead of living for me and like with my highest purpose in mind, like living for others, living for Christ, but also like living for others and wanting to tell others and like help open their eyes as well. Well, thank you for calling. Appreciate your story.

I know you're impacting people wherever you are with your story. And next up, we have Carl from Dayton. Hello, Carl. This is Carl. Can you hear me? Hi, Carl. We can hear you. How are you today? I'm great. Thank you. So tell us, Carl, how did you come to know Jesus? When was your moment of salvation?

OK, I try to make this quick. I was in a hotel room with a woman and she wouldn't be my girlfriend. She was like, I guess I would call her my fornicating partner now. That's what I would call her. And we had sex.

Probably going to have sex again or even again. And I sat in the chair and I stood up and I said, I can't keep doing this. And she said, what are you talking about? And I said, I don't know what I'm talking about. And I really didn't know what I was talking about. But I said, I can't keep doing this.

And the Holy Spirit is like the wind. So it came up in the room and I still didn't understand. But I know I couldn't keep doing that. So I never slept with her again. My drug of choice was sexual immorality, but never slept with her again. And then I started reading Galatians, you know, 516 on down, lust for flesh, fruits of spirit.

Got that. So I repented. And then it was a year later.

I thought I had it together when I was a young lady, friend of mine. She came. We took her home. I took her home.

She came around the corner with a T-shirt on only had sex again. And after that, I knew I was different. And it's been 18 years since I've slept with a woman, kissed a woman, touched a woman in any sexual way. I don't even look at women that way anymore. And it's been 18 years.

That's been in 06. And I'm different. I've been redeemed and my life is new. I'm different. Yeah, I can see.

Wow. Well, that's a dramatic story for sure. And, you know, the Holy Spirit, he'll go anywhere, won't he? He intervenes. He sees us.

He knows. He knows how to draw us to himself. And we're so grateful that he, you know, he steps into our worst moments, our darkest moments, our worst times of sin and suffering. And he's there and he's calling us out because we were created in his image to bear his image. And unfortunately, we've chosen our own image, but he's not willing for us to be destroyed apart from him.

And so he's come after us. So, Carl, I appreciate your story. Can I say one more thing?

Yeah, absolutely. Here's the funny part. So now, you know, I haven't been with a woman in 18 years, seriously. And now, like, I've had a few dates when they really, I don't think they believe that I'm not going to sleep with them. But now I can't really get a date, which I'm not desperate for a date because I don't sleep with women.

Isn't that fascinating? That is. Well, maybe your relationship with Christ is just what you lean into right now. I'm good.

I'm in self-imposed unity right now. Well, there you go. There you go. Well, thank you, Carl, for your call. And we're going to just do a little bit of recap right here. Bree, anything to take us into a landing here? Yeah, I mean, I think the final thing I would say, we've talked about so many good things today.

If you haven't heard, I would definitely encourage you to check it out when they post it on Saturday. But I think really there's someone in the audience that is thinking, wow, I don't have a crazy dramatic story. If you're like me, you were saved at a young age by the grace of God.

And that might make you feel like your story's less than. But it's so important to know that the gospel is for us post-conversion and pre-conversion. It is for us because we are sinners and the gospel is for us always.

We are constantly in need of the good news and the reminder of the good news. And so if you're someone that doesn't have what would seem like a crazy transformation story, what I would encourage you to think about is what is said in Philippians 1 6 that Christ is not done with us until the day of completion. And so your transformation sentence, your transformation testimony, that can be something that's happening to you and likely is if you're a believer actively following God right now. Like you can say like as a believer, the Lord has taken my jealous heart and worked on it to be more accepting. The Lord has taken my pride and humbled me. And those are things that Christ is doing, working on you to the day of completion, even if you don't have a radical transformation story.

Right. You know, we we come to Christ through the gospel, but then we live by the gospel. We never get out. We never outgrow the gospel. Every day we remind ourselves that we have a God who loves us, who died for us, who took our sins upon himself so that we could be restored and redeemed and brought back into his family. So and just on that note, if you are listening and you don't have a testimony because you don't have a testimony, you don't know Christ, you're still on the other side of coming to know Christ.

We would just encourage you to seek him. Open God's word. I love the book of John, the Gospel of John will show you who Jesus is through the life of Christ. But we come to know Christ through repentance and faith and what Jesus did for us in his life and his death and his resurrection. So the gospel writers talk about today's the day of salvation. So if you hear his voice and you feel that call, like several of our callers said, the Holy Spirit just came into their life and started to draw them to to to the Lord.

And so reach out to a friend who might know Jesus and talk talk to somebody about that. We're so thankful for this time together. This has been awesome. We love you. Love you out there. And thanks for joining us for Truth Talk.
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