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Shooting For Souls

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 28, 2024 5:18 pm

Shooting For Souls

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 28, 2024 5:18 pm

On today's program, Stu talks to two representatives from Crossfire ministries.


This is Robbie Dilmore from The Christian Car Guy and Kingdom Pursuit, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build a kingdom. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and share it. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Let's talk. A daily program powered by the Truth Network. This is kind of a great thing and I'll tell you why. Where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together.

Speak your mind. And now, here's today's Truth Talk Live host. Sharing the gospel with celebrities. When's the last time you witnessed to someone famous?

Or, did you get all starstruck? Did you get a little bit like Peter at the Mount of Transfiguration? He sees Elijah, he sees Moses, he sees Jesus, he sees the glory of Christ shining, and he's all of a sudden like, oh, my soul, let's build three tabernacles, let's build three tents for these guys, let's have a little party here instead of being in awe of the glory of Christ. And God has to remind him with a voice, this is my beloved Son.

Listen to him. And I love the ministry of Crossfire, because the two men of God who started this ministry, they've been all over the world, when they get around the likes of Michael Jordan, or the likes of Kobe Bryant, or the likes of other famous basketball legends and heroes, or even Deion Sanders, they don't get starstruck and get all kind of, you know, kind of warming up to them and give me my, sign my autograph, you know, sign my tattoo, whatever. They talk about Jesus, and Randy Shepard shared the good news of Christ, a quick interaction with Bill Walton, of all people who passed away yesterday, NBA legend, national champion, player of the year in the NCAA for UCLA, national NBA world champion on several occasions with the Celtics, the Portland Trailblazers, and with me right now in the hot seat on

This talk live is none other than Randy Shepard and Jamie Johnson of Crossfire Ministries. Brothers, it is good to have you with us. Well, it's great to be here, Stu. We love the Truth Network, and we appreciate you as well. Well, and Jamie, you're there too. It's so encouraging to hear your voice, brother.

And back from the Philippines, you're out there sharing Christ in high schools, college players, pro players. The Lord doesn't discriminate against anybody, does he? No, he doesn't, Stu. He doesn't. You know, we get around these people, we get all, you know, kind of like, oh my soul, that's MJ right there. Oh, what am I going to do?

How do I act? But Jamie Johnson, they put their socks on the same way you do, right? They sure do. They eat like we do.

They have to go to the restroom and take vacations sometimes and deal with the hardships of life so they're human, just like we are. Yeah. And Randy, to help us understand this, I mean, you were there not too long ago, I believe it was at the Final Four, and you were in a little restaurant with Al Wood. Set us up and tell us about the last time you saw, you laid eyes on Bill Walton, the legend, before his passing, which was just yesterday. Yes, Stu, I had been wanting to get a chance to share with Bill for many years, and at the Final Four, Al Wood and I and Jamie at times, we'd go down and do ministry wherever the Final Four is at. It was in Phoenix, Arizona, but when I saw Bill was in Houston, Texas last year, and we were in a restaurant, Al and I, and you know, the Lord gives us creative things to come up with, Stu, I like your creativity.

You're a man of words and wit, and you can speak very quickly. Another guy that was like that was Dr. Jerry Falwell. He always was right on time with his words. But I saw Bill sitting in a booth with his wife, I assumed, and Al and I had talked about it before, that Al and Bill were teammates on the LA Clippers. So I had actually tried to talk to Bill in the past, and people were around him, and sometimes if you have a connection there, it's easier to get a common ground with them. So I said, Bill, I'm sitting back here in the back of the restaurant with a teammate of yours from the LA Clippers. And Bill said, oh, who is that? And I said, the great Al Wood. And Bill just went crazy. He said, Al Wood is in here. I haven't seen Al Wood in years. He said, let me finish eating here, and I'm going to come back to the table. Well, people start approaching Bill, and he has to eat slow, obviously. So Al and I were finished eating, and we went back up, and he and Al hugged each other and reminisced on their days at the Clippers.

And his wife was with him, Bill's wife. She looked like she was Vietnamese or maybe Filipino, and she had a big cross around her neck. So I looked for things to start a conversation. Now, we know, Stu, that a cross doesn't mean you're a Christian.

A lot of people wear it for good luck or good presents or whatever, and hopefully people wear it, understand why they're wearing it. So I said to her, I said, that cross there, I said, does that mean that you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? And she said, I do. And Bill and Al were talking, and I shared with her, told her about Crossfire, told her about what we get to do and sharing the gospel around the world.

And she was encouraged, seemed to be. And then Bill and Al, Al introduced me to Bill and told him I was a good friend, and we traveled together. And so Crossfire on this side, there's a lot of pictures, but on the back side is the gospel.

And I'd like for you to read that when you get a chance. We share about our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And he and his wife took the card, and Al and I spoke with him a few minutes. He took pictures with us and so forth, and then we moved on. But you know, Christians out there, we're not responsible for the decision.

We're responsible for planting the seed. It's my prayer that they did read the card and that the gospel conversation I had with his wife would carry over to Bill. And that was the story. That was two years ago at the Final Four in Houston, Texas.

And he did not look sick at that point, but I understand that he's been battling cancer. And I pray that he did know the Lord. You know, I thought back about John Wooden, who coached him at UCLA. And I hope Wooden shared with him along the way and other people as well.

But some plants, some water, and we pray they make that decision. That is something. You know, you guys are all over the place. I love your clips. I love your Instagram updates.

I just posted me hitting a shot on Instagram, and I tagged my new buddies. And I'm giving a shout-out to them right now. I was over the Y. I couldn't ball out because of some injuries, but shout-out to Jake, shout-out to Keyshawn, Raymond, Camden, Rory.

Shout-out to Melody, Donna, and Saeed. Brand new listeners to Truth Talk Live. We've got Randy Shepard, Jamie Johnson in the house, other celebrities they've shared Christ with. And how have you been able to share the gospel with a celebrity?

And why is it important they need Christ, too? You don't know how long we'll have them. That was the last time they saw Bill Walton live. Your calls and more conversation with Crossfire after this. Hang on. It's an all-celebrity witness hour on Truth Talk Live.

I'm Stu Everson, your host. Does the gospel change just because you're with a celebrity? Does the cross, the message of the resurrection, does all that take on a whole different change in story narrative? Just because the person you're next to happens to have more digits behind their number? Just because they starred in a blockbuster film?

Or just because they played in the NBA and prolifically won three championships like Bill Walton did? It doesn't when Randy Shepard and Jamie Johnson walk in the room and step on the court, whether they were the head of state in one of the many, you know, dozens of countries they've been in sharing the gospel, or whether they're with just a couple kids who could grow up to be blue chippers, NBA players, or they could just grow up to be in the corporate world. Randy Shepard, Jamie Johnson, thank you, brothers in Christ, for always being level, because the ground is level for the cross and for always sharing the gospel, even with these celebrities. I mean, I look at your card and I hear you speak.

I'm like, I don't know if I could hold that kind of composure when I was someone like that. Randy, tell me more about that, and I'd love to get Jamie's shot on that too. Yeah, we kind of looked at it, brother Stu, that one of the great, I think it was Spurgeon, he said he sees an S or an L on the forehead for saved and lost, and I just ask God to give me and Jamie and Crossfire, I encourage you other believers who are listening, that God to give you a burden for the lost. And that we look at their soul over what they do.

Yes, I've got autographs, when I was a kid I got autographs and I turned right to the head coach. But then when the Lord got a hold of me, I decided not many people are approaching these people with the gospel for intimidation or for lack of time or whatever, so God just lays on our hearts to share the gospel with them. We don't do it rudely, we try to get a common ground, which for a basketball player is basketball, and then just get the gospel in there. Hey, brother, have you ever repented of your sin and given your life to Christ?

Or have you searched out the claims of Jesus Christ? I always try to have a gospel track with me, if it's a basketball player or people like basketball players and athletes, and give them that track and say, hey, this message changed my life, would you read it later? So I just thank God, it comes from the Lord, Stu, as you know, God gave us the courage to witness and just pray for burden as Jamie does.

I saw Jamie share with Coach K on Bourbon Street one time in New Orleans, and that was way back in 1993 when we were down there. Jamie approached Coach K right there on the street and shared the gospel with him. And whether it's a great athlete or a wino or a homeless person in downtown Asheville, we all need Jesus. Praise the Lord. Well, shout out to my buddy Joe, who's quite a coach and athlete himself, who's listening right now in the Raleigh area on the Truth app.

If you haven't downloaded the Truth app, your smartphone's about to get smarter, just go to Truth Network in the App Store and download that. Jamie Johnson, you've got hundreds of kids coming from all over the country to the Crossfire basketball camps, where you're going to give them the best basketball fundamentals, but you're going to give them Jesus. But you don't know if these kids could grow up to be the next Rockefeller, they could grow up to be the next Kevin McHale, or since not many people may remember who that is, they could grow up to be the next LeBron James. But Jamie, they all come into camp on equal footing with you, right? And you and Randy share the gospel with them, huh?

I try to. We're blessed, Randy and I, to see 26,000 plus boys and girls, teenagers ages 6 to 18, come to the camps from as many as 10 to 12 states, just in one overnight camp. And they come to, from every background, broken homes, good homes, rich, poor, black and white, church, unchurched, you know, come from a team, made the team. A, you travel ball, maybe being recruited for college.

So we get every shape, every size. And as Randy said, when they come in, there's an S or L on that forehead. Either they know Jesus or they don't. So they're going to get fundamentals, which is important about basketball, because, you know this, when you ball out with Baller Nation, Jon, tell them hello there. Jon, say hello to these guys. He's in the house right now. What's up, guys? How are you doing?

We've got too many celebrities on here right now. I'm just along for the ride, bros. What's up, buddy? That's right. So when you ball with Baller Nation or with Randy, when he comes down and speaks for you guys, you know, we know that basketball draws them in, we teach them fundamentals, but they need to hear about Jesus Christ, and that's what matters the most. I love that. We've got a caller from Dayton, Ohio. Big B's on the air. Let's put him on the line. Big B, you're on Truth Talk Live with Randy, Shepherd, Jamie, Johnson, talking about the upcoming Crossfire Youth basketball camps that everyone needs to send their kid to.

The Beautiful Mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, and they are talking about sharing Christ with celebrities. Big B, you jump on in here, sir. Absolutely, Stu.

This is awesome. I want to thank those two ballers for doing that. If I lived in North Carolina, guys, I would send any and all youth to you. I mean, because I know they're going to walk out of there with Christ, at least like our brother said.

He's going to leave, or she's going to leave with Christ to think about after they leave the court. So kudos, guys. Keep doing what you're doing. Yeah, I do have a story, Stu, of speaking to a very big celebrity. I happened to be in Worthington, Ohio, and I ran into Donald Trump Jr. Oh, wow. How about that?

Okay. And so you went up to him, you tried to get his autograph, you said, oh, sir, oh, I can't believe I'm shaking your hand. I'll never wash my hands again. Is that what happened? That is not what happened. I saw he was with his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and I knew they weren't married. And I was like, well, I'm going to go up and ask about his father. So I went up and asked him about his father. And I said, how's your dad doing with all the backlash that he's getting? And he says, he's holding up well. He says, you know, we're getting through it. He goes, Trump's are fighters. And then I asked him this, Truth Talk Live, I said, how's his faith in God?

More importantly, how's his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ? Wow. Amen. Amen.

I like that question. And his response, his response, guys, was his faith, he couldn't do what he's doing without his faith. And then my next question was, is how many indictments do they have on your father? He says, what is it, like 90? And he said that to Vivek Ramaswamy and Bernie Marino, who's running for Senate in Ohio. And they both, you know, kind of chuckled back and said, what is it, like 90? Mr. Trump said to his friends. And they was like, yeah, more than Al Capone was their response. So I don't know where they are with their relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I do know that people claim that they have faith in God pretty regularly. But that name that's given unto men where we might be saved was what was used. How about that? Well, thank you for that. Thank you for that witness. Thanks for mentioning that name, brother.

Yes, sir, what a blessing. I mean, Randy. You're welcome, brother.

Yeah, Randy. You're welcome, guys. I'm glad to be able to cloud up many witnesses, guys.

Keep doing what you're doing. Praise the Lord. God bless you.

Good, great call from Ohio. Hey, Randy, I mean, you know, whether it's the president or whether it's that little kid who can't hardly walk and chew gum coming to a Crossfire basketball camp. We all have the same need, don't we, brother?

Yes, sir. There's a void that we know, brother Stu, that God has created. We try to fill it with fame, money, relationships, cars, homes. They can only be filled with a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. I encourage you that are listening today, ask the Lord to give you boldness. Ask Him to give you divine opportunity to share the gospel, and He will.

Gas stations, in the streets, grocery stores. Hold that thought. I want to hold you over for one more segment, if you guys can.

Hang on. More with Crossfire, shooting for souls when we come back, and witnessing to celebrities on Truth Talk Live. Well, when I saw the headline that Bill Walton had passed away just yesterday, all over the news, you see this giant bearded hulk of a man dunking the basketball, throwing an outlet pass full court. My mind went to that encounter that one of my best buddies on this planet, both these men of God on the air with me, are dear friends, passionate about Jesus, passionate about the game of basketball. They are Randy Shepard and Jamie Johnson, Crossfire Ministries. And Randy, you were there with, for those who missed the first segment, go back and listen to the whole thing as we talked about, and as we're talking all hour long about witnessing and sharing the gospel with celebrities. The celebrity shows up, there you are, like sitting next to them in an airport, or next to them in a diner, or they're in line with you.

Do you just kind of go, gawk all over them? Oh, that's Bill Walton! Oh, you signed my menu! Oh wow, oh look, preserve that fingerprint.

I'm going to go case that in stone and make some monument somewhere. Randy Shepard, you and Al Wood, actually Walton was fanboying a little bit over Al Wood in that diner out at the Final Four, wasn't he? He was. He loved Carolina basketball, or he acted like he did. He was liking that Bill Walton famous voice that I can't do. He was, oh, Carolina basketball, Carolina basketball, one of the best programs in the nation. And he and Al had played together with the LA Clippers, and when he saw Al, he said, that beautiful jump shot.

So we know Bill can, Bill can, could, be a little dramatic sometimes, but that was part of his personality. We're grateful, Randy, that you brought the Lord Jesus Christ up in the conversation early and often. I know it was a quick encounter you and Al Wood had with Bill Walton and his wife at the Final Four, and you have these encounters all over the world, you and Jamie Johnson, Crossfire Ministries, you have campers that grow up to be pastors, leaders, celebrities.

Some of them may grow up just to be a shift worker, a line worker, or be a janitor, but either way, to tell everyone a little bit about the mission of Crossfire, and the importance of coming to get your kid in one of these camps, because this could be the encounter with Jesus that could change their whole life, and it's all around God's favorite sport, the game of basketball. Yeah, I won't slow it down, I won't let Jamie... Go ahead, buddy. No, go ahead, Randy, you're good. No, I didn't know you were going to start. You're up, buddy. But it's just to you, buddy.

Listen to these guys. No, you've only got five more minutes. Go for it, Randy. I just love being in this.

Guys, this is real life. These guys love Jesus, they're so humble, they keep handing the mic back and forth. Now, Randy, I think you've got to bolt to another meeting. Jamie's going to close us out. So Randy, why don't you jump in real quick about the camps and about your passion for sharing Christ, even with celebrities, and then we'll let Jamie follow that up with some real quick who, what, where, and when on the camps, because sign-ups are like right now. I don't want our listeners who want to take their youngsters to camp to miss that opportunity. Randy, you go, and then we'll let Jamie be the cleanup hitter.

Sure. July the 21st through 25th, I believe, Jamie can correct me. He's a master administrator, master evangelist. We'll have about 180 to 209 to 18-year-olds at a beautiful Marshall University campus. We just rent that campus.

The university has nothing to do with the camp. We rent it for four and a half days. We'll have a guy's dorm, a girl's dorm, all-you-can-eat food, air-conditioned, three basketball courts. We try to get the top 25 players of Western North Carolina there to sow into their life and then send them back into their high schools to be witnesses.

But last year we had ended up with full day overnight campers, about 220 from 10 different states. Mom and Dad, you can come vacation in beautiful Western North Carolina. Keep your young trough with us on a Sunday afternoon and we end with a parent program on Thursday. They will get all the fundamentals, passing, shooting, dribbling, rebounding, ball handling that they can get at Duke of Carolina.

Plus we're going to play 5 on 5, let they get AAU ball. But at nighttime we're going to have Christian videos. Right after lunch we have a service with a godly man of God that will give his testimony or share a message. We have some praise and worship before that.

We give an invitation every day to receive Christ and glory to God. In 33 years we've seen about 26,000 young people come through the camp and every one of them are important, Stu. We've got players going on to play university college ball and some that are just beginners. We have a staff of about 20 men and women like our nation there who love Jesus. We check them out, they do background checks, so it's a safe place to bring your youngster to further his game of basketball, but more importantly to further his game and his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

I heard a statistic the other day and I'll let Jamie take it from here. Less than 1% of young people will make it to professional sports, but you've got 100% chance of a young person standing before the Lord. Less than 1% will make it to the professional sports, but there's 100% chance that your young person is going to stand before the Lord.

We want to help you parents further what you're already teaching them to build on that. Sometimes in outside boys the person with the gift of evangelism can sow into their life and can help them make that difference. And as you said, many have gone on to be players, to be coaches, one player played in the NBA, doctors, lawyers, youth pastors, student pastors, pastors, and some have worked at Walmart, and that's okay. Amen. That's where God wants them to be. They're missionaries at Walmart.

I mean, you know, they're not just talking about savings, but they're talking about the ultimate saving place, right? Before I go, buddy, before I go, I was debating this, but I want to share it with your audience a little bit. I've got some strategic health exams coming up tomorrow offline in the morning to Denver, Colorado for three tests, and I know the Truth Network has praying people. So I'm just going to leave it at that and ask you to pray for God's healing and for wisdom and for direction. You know, we all in life face hard times, struggles, mountaintops, valleys, and we're there for each other as the body of Christ.

So I covet your prayers. We love Truth Network. We love you, Stu. Hopefully you can go to the Philippines with us one day or come up and help us with the camp.

Keep supporting the Truth Network, and I'm going to turn it over to you and Jamie. I love you all. Praise the Lord. We love you. We will keep you in our prayers, Randy. God has brought you a blessing in so many of our lives.

Thank you so much, and we're going to pray for you and your health and the continued blessing and favor of God on Crossfire. One of your alumni is in the studio in the house right now, Baller Nation. Baller Nation, you were at the camp, leading the camp, working with them as a counselor, playing in the counselor game, dunking that basketball, right? Yeah, it's a great camp.

I recommend it to anybody who has a son or daughter. It's an incredible camp, and you have incredible leaders who lead the camp and love the Lord. And so they're just going to get great basketball and also great mentoring, and they're going to get Jesus on top of all that. Yeah, and you know, you played at the highest level. You played AAU ball, you played college ball, you coached college ball. Baller Nation, John Perry, you do a lot of representative for your ministry, Baller Nation, for Crossfire, for Truth Network. They don't just—I mean, they give you the Lord, and you get the Lord really clear, and you get a lot of discipleship and biblical teaching and a clear invitation of the gospel.

But they also give you a good basketball. I mean, this is intense. This is next level.

Oh yeah, this is next level. I mean, you don't—it is not for the weary. You guys got to come ready to learn and to grow and to be in amazing facilities and amazing food as well. There's amazing food.

They get fed. And so it's just an incredible time to grow in the Lord, to grow in your skills. And you don't even have to know anything about basketball to come.

You can just come and enjoy the time and enjoy time with friends. You may be an injury-level player, or you may be advanced, and you want to play at the next level, or, you know, it's all up to God, of course. But Jamie Johnson, you guys talk a lot about celebrities. In some cases, you'll have a celebrity in to share their faith. You play this ACC All-Stars game every year, you know, with all these famous ACC players. They come in, they play. But you and Randy leverage those opportunities. You've had to share the gospel with Kobe Bryant, with LeBron James, with Michael Jordan, with Bill Walton, and all these, in order to share the gospel with the kids. Because you start dropping those names, and their ears perk up. So these are all different ways to remind us about what's really important.

Wouldn't you say, Jamie? Oh yeah, I mean, Stu, if you're going to go to a church in America, no matter where you go, and you're a pretty much consistent, active church attender as a kid to a teenager, and you're participating, and you're hearing names like the Apostle Paul, Mark, and John, and Peter dropped, as a kid, that resonates with your biblical understanding. When you go outside of church culture, and you speak names like you just said, pro-athletes, to the lost kid who is not in church, but he's on TV, he's on his cell phone, he's a baller, and he hears those names, that's his church mindset. Then that set sustains when you begin to bring in the gospel, teach him basketball, play a game, you've got him hooked.

It's an incredible platform. I love it. And these kids, they're listening to you and Randy talk, and I've seen it, it's mesmerizing. I mean, I go and speak a lot to these kids at my own church, our own youth group, and I'll get them, they'll listen maybe ten percent of the time to me, but Randy and Jamie step up. Of course, spinning the balls doesn't hurt, Jamie. It doesn't hurt to have a serious show like you guys.

I mean, you're spinning, I don't know how many basketballs, you're doing trick shots and all that stuff, but you're doing all things for all men, like Paul talks about, just to reach them for Christ. And having a camp, fun, food, basketball. Give the website for the ministry for folks to sign up for your camp today and get their youngsters in this thing.

Give us the website as we wrap up. Yes, dude,, You can register, pay online, or you can call our number, it's on the website, If you've got questions, call us. Let us answer your questions before you sign up. It makes you comfortable.

But I think your child, your teenager will have a great time. God bless you. Jamie Johnson, Randy Shepherd, Crossfire Ministries. So what's your witness to celebrity story? When's the last time you were the celebrity? When's the last time you were like, oh my, I just came to get ice cream? And there is famous actress, there is, insert name, famous basketball player, skateboarder, commentator.

Whoa, how about that? And it was really cool. I was at the ACC tournament last year in Greensboro Coliseum, and there is one of my childhood heroes I watched play basketball, Mike Jyminski, who played for Duke, amazing, and kind of that first generation of Coach K players that really started to put the team on the map, and then he played some pro ball too, but I just loved talking to him because I'd heard about his faith in the Lord, and we were talking about that!

We were talking about the Lord and what God had done in his life. I thought, how cool is this? That we're talking about this, I'm talking like, you know, because if anything I'm like, hey, sign my shirt, or here, you know, let's get a picture.

We did get a cool picture, I have to post that again. But what have you had happen to you where you're with someone who you kind of like goo-goo-eyed, like, oh wow, that was like a childhood actor, or that was a famous musician, and I just, you know, I paid so much money to be on the front row, or like a pro wrestler, like I remember first meeting Nikita Kolov, the Russian nightmare, because I used to watch him, I mean, I have seen him double-sickle both Animal and Hawk of the Road Warriors. This guy's like, this guy was like that most hated human being on planet Earth in 1986, Nikita Kolov, who is now on the Truth Network as one of our podcasters, one of our broadcasters. He sits in this chair, I mean, I'm sitting in the very chair. Grayson, I hope we haven't watched this since Nikita was here, because like the world champion wrestler sat here, you know, but think about how we get all geeky and oh, oh, you know, but these, these are human beings.

These are human beings with a unique DNA who ultimately need Jesus. And so our last segment, and get the whole podcast, we'll make this show a podcast, Grayson, he's title, I love your title, Shooting for Souls, which will be Randy Shepard, Jamie Johnson, Crossfire Ministry Abolination, did I get the website right? Parents, moms, dads, sign your kids up for their day camp, for basketball camp, for their overnight camp. A beautiful university in Asheville, North Carolina. A lot of parents will take the kids, drop them off and just spin, you know, do a little vacation, a mountain vacation, or go up there, hang out. Ballerination has actually played the counselor game, has actually been a part of that camp. He took one of our other interns, Marcus, up there.

You guys put on a big dunk show, I remember those videos, that's pretty awesome. But they bring in the best of the best, and they share the gospel with these kids. And when Randy Johnson and Jamie, when Randy Shepard and Jamie Johnson, I just mixed their names up, when they show up at the NBA All-Star Game, and there they are sitting with, you know, I think they told me they were in a lobby somewhere in Europe, and the NBA guys were doing a thing over there, an Olympic game or something, and there they were. And there's Kobe, LeBron, and a bunch of them walking in.

They didn't go, oh, can I get a picture? Oh, my nephew wants you to sign this. And I'm not saying don't get autographs, I'm not saying that's fine, that's fun, you know, we all like that. But they started sharing the gospel, saying, hey, you guys want to share this little booklet with you? I know you're in a hurry, you know, you got your session over here, you got your photo op, you got your, you know, you got to go do this little routine deal you're doing with the Children's Club, whatever, but I want to just make sure you know about Jesus. I want to make sure you know that if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul, what does it profit you?

Jesus said in Mark chapter 8. So those questions, that kind of recognizing that. So if you have a celebrity story, we have a few minutes left, or you share the gospel with a celebrity. If we have time, I'll share mine. It was Los Angeles, California.

It was on the Westwood campus, UCLA, and it was probably about 1990, 91. And I'll share that if we have time. Toll free 866-34-TRUTH. You're like, Stu, we're mad at you, you've told us too much.

You've given us these cliffhangers. 866-348-7884, your celebrity witness opportunity. Or, what celebrity would you want to witness to? If you could share Christ with any celebrity, who would it be? That is a fun, that could be a whole other, we may just have to come back and do a whole other show on that, but first, if you're in doubt on how to share Christ with a celebrity, whether it's a big basketball player like Jamie Johnson and Randy Shepard do all the time, or whether it's just a big actor or someone in Hollywood, we have a card you can order, and we're going to make that offer to anyone that calls the number or goes to this website for absolutely free.

F-R-E-E is a Share the Truth card, Jesse, you, my friend, have shared Christ with a Satanist, and you shared a card with them, and it didn't go so well, did it, Jesse, that first time around, but you're going to tell us what God did. Go tell us, man, good to hear your voice. Yeah, you too, too, thanks for having me on, hi everybody, I wanted to just say that God works in mysterious ways, you know, when you're out there with these three cards where one side has the ability for an unbeliever to go online and get video answers, it actually curtails itself to that person and their worldview, and it gives them what they need to hear, which is an amazing gift to somebody, it's all video answers, so if they're a Mormon, they're listening to a former Mormon, a Muslim former Muslim, etc., but these are well-done video, and if you just get one of these cards in those people's hands, you can make a huge impact in their life when they go home and hop on their screen and whatever it is, or mobile or computer, and they can just literally go on and get what they need, so I try to hand these cards out all the time, because hell is a real place, and if I'm supposed to love others the way I'm supposed to love myself, man, I would want someone to tell me about Jesus if I didn't know him. Yeah, and the Satanist believes in hell too, tell us what happened. Well, they actually started yelling, this is the first time I've ever had an altercation, I've handed out cards thousands of times, first time I ever got into a yelling match with a Satanist, he said something like, I'm going to go get a store manager, and then the store manager comes out and he starts yelling at me and saying, what are you doing, you can't be talking about Jesus, you can't be hearing about, or telling people about Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, and I said, well it's true, it sets you free and you should know about it, and here's the card, and I don't think those two took it, it's very rare that happened, but it was memorable, especially today, because after about a year and a half goes by, Tim, the manager, he came over to me today at lunch with a strut and a little bit of a smile, and he's walking over to me at his restaurant, and I looked down in his hand, I'm like, that couldn't be a Bible, and then I realized it was, it was a Bible. I'm like, Tim, this is awesome, how did you become a Christian? He said, well, there was just, a few months ago I gave my life to Jesus, and I felt totally different, I felt like I'm brand new, that all the problems that I've had in the past, it's like a big gilling war, that God had them, and I said, that's because the Holy Spirit came into your life, and he said, well this is the Bible I have, and I'm starting to read a Genesis, I'm like, well maybe you should try to read it in Luke instead, it starts off with a Christmas story, and that way you can get a grip on what Jesus thinks, like yeah, I was wondering where Jesus' words were, where I could read about Jesus, this is right here in Forest, Virginia, next to Liberty University, and this guy didn't, he was going into Genesis to look for Jesus' words.

This would not have happened if I would have been ridiculed and yelled at by him earlier. Yeah, so they laughed at you then, but then everything changed, and then, didn't they want to, didn't you give them a Bible or something, like here they are wanting a Bible? No, he wanted, he got his Bible on his own, I just told Stu about this before he hopped on the radio, and I gotta tell you, it was one of the most memorable moments of my life, you see him absolutely change, he was one man in the distance, I couldn't even tell that other man anymore, and I've known him now, I was interweaving into his life for about a year, and just being nice to him and all that, but man, I'll never forget, like him walking over me with that big book, I'm like, is that a Bible? That couldn't be a Bible, I'm like, it is a Bible, I'm so excited!

And to think about that, he's the same guy that was yelling at me saying, stop it, if you do this anymore, you're kicked out of the restaurant, you're not allowed to do that anymore here. And you may have that happen with you, you may share the Lord with a celebrity, and the fact is, they don't really know who you are, and likely they don't care who you are, and so if you're just another person saying, let's do a selfie, let's do an autograph, but you could just actually care about their soul, and just say, hey, let me tell you something, Jesus changed my life, and I just want to share with you, I tell you, the video we need to put at, Jesse, is that famous comedian-illusionist magician, you know, Penn & Teller, you know, the Penn, the tall big fella from Penn & Teller, Penn, he did a whole testimony, he said, I'm an atheist. He said, but after one of my shows, everyone wants autographs, everyone wants to goo-goo and fanboy all over me, he said, after one of my shows, a sweet man came up to me, gave me a little Bible, and said, I just want to ask you about your soul, and I want to tell you, if you died today, where would you go? And this stuck out in this comedian's mind of the thousands of people that had come and said, hey, here's a piece of fudge for my hometown, and I do all that stuff, that's all fun, but all these things are props to get people to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This card that Jesse's talking about, friends, you can order 200 for absolutely free, get on the website, it's as easy as going to that website, link to it, you can hear the weekly program, Jesse and I do a Share The Truth segment at the end of my weekly show, Truth Talk, we'll probably play this back for this week, because I've got Jesse on, as we've talked all hour about sharing the gospel with celebrities.

Jamie Johnson and Randy Shepard have been doing this for years with Crossfire Ministries, Michael Jordan, they bring all these big NBA names up, The Admirable, who's a believer, David Robinson, they talk about these guys and how they've shared Christ with them, and they get some of the most genuine feedback from people saying, you know what, I just have never had any of these fans, or even people like you, talking about Jesus. But Jesse, what else is there to talk about? Why do we waste so much time with all these other peripheral things? Oh, that hit song in 1984, oh, that really told my soul, I held my girlfriend's hand for the first time during that song. Well, that's fine, that's sentimental. But what's really important?

What's really an issue here? Heaven and hell, right, Jesse? Yeah, exactly, and I think that the fact is that they become a Christian, they can influence a whole lot more people to become a Christian, so you should be more dedicated to reaching those people. And on the website, you can get those cards for free, but it also tells you what to say, you just say, I may never see you again, so I want to give this to you, it's a website that proves Jesus loves you.

And over and over again, thousands of times, people take the card, it's so simple. What a great tool, wow, I love it. Watch the website one more time, we're out of time. Jesse, Connor, Share The Truth, what's the website?, love you guys. Share Jesus with celebrities, with everybody, because the world needs Jesus. This is the Truth Network.
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