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Great Things Are Happening At TWR Part 2

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 8, 2018 11:33 am

Great Things Are Happening At TWR Part 2

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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How can we reach 60 million+ people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

The good news of the Savior Stu Epperson here with me is one of my good buddies back with us because these folks are ambitious about reaching our world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and there are so many people who never heard the good news John Sommerville Transworld radio one of our awesome truth that were part of you guys been with us for years we've got together to reach China to reach Cuba to reach Venezuela and Colombia and all over Benin and all kinds of places now are going to the 1041 and were going to places it never heard the good news of Jesus before taking Jesus into place where well. 99 point something percent have probably never heard the name of Jesus, and if they have heard the name of Jesus. They think is a prophet you know this is the opportunity radio can go places where no missionaries can go radio can can speak their language radio can cross the borders and that's the beautiful thing about what were doing here as we put in a brand-new transmitter into central Asia, a place where where most missionaries are not allowed to go.

This is an incredible opportunity, and we will invite you to be a part of it. You know you love radio people all over the world love radio.

Radio is a great tool to reach people for Jesus Christ today on the big giveback we try to do very frequently is to hook up with a partner like a transferable radio you're doing exactly what were doing stateside all of our wonderful affiliate security truth talk weekend Jacksonville Florida in a 91.7 FM 91.9 St. Augustine all the awesome Wilkins radio network stations. The Truth Network stations stations to his radio network. The folks in Greenville coast-to-coast to carry truth talk weekend. We're inviting you now to give you something so much bigger than you are to give to your hearing. Life-changing radio on the station you're listening to. You may have just found a maven listening to it, like the people I bumped into a restaurant not longer, thereby voices instantly Melissa since 2004 to the Truth Network God bless, yours are little fellas now grown up nice and evangelist of secular college.

He still listens on his own.

We forced into the fourth grade I listens on his own, but there's families like that multiplied by a million like 60 million+ in age that have never heard this so you have a chance. Listeners please listen closely, you have a chance to support the outreach of Christian radio to a desperately dark area that's never heard before, and John Sommerville all treasure radio needs is our truth listeners to the truth. Talk we can do this show call phone number and pledge an amount whatever they can give.

And it's like I could believe me.

Tony comes out like a penny a person which generates how much to give us the nuts and bolts of this campaign and you've heard Stu talking about 60 million people more time about 60 million people that's only people live under the umbrella of this radio signal that were clinging to put on the 200,000 W AM signal and under that umbrella live 60 million people now to put this radio station on the air it's gonna cost us roughly $593,000. Maybe there's somebody out there who can write a check for $593,000 today but my guess is probably not. And that's my take all of us together to do it to raise at $593,000 and so if you're thinking about 60 million people, $593,000 to put this transmitter on the air that's even less than a penny a person you heard just after guest on our show who have our persecuted, tortured, imprisoned in countries because they're sharing the gospel does not stop there still going in. These are some of the countries where it's very arduous, very difficult, very challenging to be a believer so you're talking 200,000 W is what were asking you to support it's a 200,000 W radio signal which no one probably is listing that kind of a kind of torque right now in the US a meter's 50,000 W signal to carry this program. There's some hundred thousand watt FM signals there's a 50,000 W FM signal in fair mother covers all of Myrtle Beach and coastal Carolina.

That's that the cross 100.9 FM 50,000 W for this is 200,000 W which touches 10 different countries in Asia with a potential audience of 60 million+ people in the audience is multiplying every day and they all have one thing in common they need the Savior rise are they absolutely did you know we talk about this much power and AM radio has the ability to be able to go for miles and miles and miles and miles as it bounces off the atmosphere at night if you listen to a radio station here in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can go down the dial in here radio stations from Cincinnati and Chicago and Boston Massachusetts are New Orleans and even as far away as Minneapolis and St. Louis and those are 50,000 W signals bouncing all the way into here and Raleigh North Carolina think about 200,000 W is going to be able to cross the border of 10 different countries I'm Stu Epperson some you want to pledge like right now all you do is call a phone number, a toll-free number. Not-for-profit organization fully 501(c)(3). Right Transworld radio you guys are full-blown legit all your money is going toward the advance the gospel treasury rate is been doing this a long time since 1954, 60, let's go ahead and give that phone number because people right now we need to pick up that phone, we need to be a part of God's doing to reach central Asia for Jesus Christ. That phone numbers 800-8804 TW are okay so the past we want to pick up that phone call right now your $100 gift mix makes it possible for 10,000 p.m. thousand to 10,000 people here is good any observers in your hundred bucks is gonna come to these guys by credit card by check, whatever.

However, towards what you give. And that money weathers hundred bucks hundred thousand bucks or or debt in a 10,000 bucks or thousand bucks or 10 bucks we had.

We had kids since I bought you love. It's not yours.

Anyways, not ours is the Lords is good to go treasure.

Radio nonprofits can go straight toward building a $593,000 or 200,000 W a.m. transmitter and as we put this into Asia in the central Asia we have the opportunity to be able to take the gospel to places where it's never been there for Transworld radio has a signal that is already in there that transmitter is full. We have more programs and languages on that transmitter than we that we have space for. So basically we are adding more programs listener from Uzbekistan who wrote to us and says we meet in small home groups at the end of each meeting.

The next meeting time and location is decided. We do this because were not registered. We meet together illegally.

These difficulties have forced us to adapt to this lifestyle and praise the Lord were able to have regular meetings, even though each time the meeting is going on in a different place a different location, different time just so that the authorities cannot crack down on a lot of social Colorado radio and big groups right in his countries and a list of the Bible solid Bible teaching sound doctrine.

It's building them up in the faith, and challenging them to go into their countries and there are some aggressive soul winners may not die for their faith over there and and the interesting thing to me many times we get listener letters that say I am the only believer in my whole village.

Now we don't know if they are or they're not because they may be to a Fraser to tell anybody else that there believer and those other believers might be too afraid to tell others they feel very isolated and alone in the radio becomes their personal friend. Okay were running out of time. In this segment John Sommerville Transworld radio right inviting our listeners right now to call his phone number if you go to our website.

There's a big link. We can click on the transfer. TW is on there and you can give to this ministry. You can also call a number John right now and play Jerry Penny's going toward reaching Asia with the gospel of Jesus Christ was enough that phone number 800-8804 TW R 800-8804 TW RSO area 60 million people are to be reach this 200,000 W transmitter. That's a penny a person let's reach these people.

The good news of Jesus 800-880-4897. Just call that number. Pledge whatever you can. As Lord leads lesson of that phone number 800-8804 TW R 800-8804 TW R thank you treasure radio for your amazing amazing ministry and for partnering with truth. Talk we can open it up at the website and on Instagram and on Twitter and everywhere else as well

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