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Inspirational Insight Stu speaks with Dennis Worden of Rancher's Gift Fame

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 29, 2018 11:19 am

Inspirational Insight Stu speaks with Dennis Worden of Rancher's Gift Fame

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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Finding the purpose of life. Sometimes you gotta go to the big country sometimes you gotta find a mentor. Sometimes you need a mighty man or woman of God to come alongside look over your shoulder, someone to objectively speak truth in your life such a godly man is on the line with us right now but you talk weekend. He is the author along with a man named Jeff Dunn of the book called the ranchers gift Dennis Warden. I've called him for years. Uncle Dennis because he's been a mentor to me in my life never needed and Encouraging Word some honest feedback. He's been there just a great man of God. Uncle Dennis welcomed her to talk with you and spirited show in God today on the phone with you.

Well is good talk you into it. Thank you for for staying with me you I was tickled to death when I saw you would NRB which stands for national religious broadcasters and you handed me information about a book in the wild thing is you are usually promoting other people's ministries Max all these other guys in their books.

And here you hand me a book by you that I thought yes I finally long overdue. So what drove you to this project. It is just tell her listen. Everyone get ready faster seatbelt. Be ready for some really encouragement you know what it's exactly what you that I got three son-in-law and my son-in-law that actually came to me in a crate that you're always talking about living a life on purpose.

You're always talking about leaving a legacy you've always been working with these authors, John Maxwell caught Duncan out. They tell why don't you write a book about living life on purpose, and that was what really was the germ that started both the vision to write a book and you know what that taking on the last words of Jesus and and everything that you've done in writing a book.

It takes that it takes that vision for what you believe God wants you to share while praise the Lord will that's that's really been a space you've been in it, without giving too much away. When it comes to the ranchers gift in his wonderful book that you and Jeff Dunn of written tell us give us an account of the teasers on it what what what kind of what what should a reader expect.

What are some of the the driving points of this thing one you know we subtitled the book a modern-day parable of living life on purpose. What we did in writing this book as we set it and the big sky country of Montana. But Ryan, who is really the central figure in the book actually is a graduate of working with an MBA in business going to take over significant part of his father's business in the Northeast and his dad said Ryan.

I didn't do the job. I should've gone at the father and really instilling into view the importance of living a life on purpose. I was too involved in my business. I was too involved in making money and so I'm going to send you to the ranch bar while I would offend you that Bill active.

The big sky country in Gallatin Montana and that you're gonna work on the ranch for your uncle James and everything changes right. Oh, it changed because when he got awfully know that airplane in and landed in the big sky country and and you know gets up that first morning on the ranch you know and there's no bagels and coffee. You know, and there's no Jim to go work out. I had it going to be actually you know if they can egg and you're going to go out and your work ranch. You don't need a gym exercise.

You need to get out there and work work the ranch, well what is it about this generation that needs purpose needs to to connect with God. Your rig will book the purpose driven life course 30 books came out about you attacking him. There's no whenever someone has a book someone else comes out with something telling us you know why it's always like that to the counter of that but nonetheless it really struck a chord with many people thing about hey, why, why am I on this earth.

What Scott got here for you been such an encouragement to me. I Dennis Warden, author of the book the ranchers gift you've given this book is really a gift to so many folks all of her listeners.

I want to make sure you didn't read it to guide people through that purposeful, why is it so important. You have such a short time in her talk about that were quickly when you know what to do it it it it's like this you know in your 20s in your 30s. You're starting to make decisions you're making decisions that are are going to determine so much of the legacy you you leave and man and a big part of that is that we as parents we have the grandparents perhaps have not done an adequate job of really instilling in our children and our grandchildren.

The purpose of not just leaving for living a life on purpose, but leaving a legacy that looked like and if I'm going to be 65 or, to be 75 and I want to have you know live the life that brings glory to God. That is a life lived on purpose.

Then I need to start making decisions today that allows me at 65 or 75, able to look back and say because of those decisions I make than I'm able to enjoy. I am able to really enjoy what it means to live a life on purpose. I will take you down like me with younger kids grow quick grandkids outside of reading all all of them. A chapter out of the ranchers gift every night, which I'm going to strongly encourage what are some ways in addition to that, that we can challenge them to think purposefully, to think that you know anything about change this world for Christ. Yes, little time it it it. You know, James the rancher used used every day things tools to teach you know of, for instance, you know, in building the barn, the rancher James did not go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get two by fours and 2 x 6 and even get the lumber. The green lumber. He instead tore down in a 200 year old barn in the Northeast had it shipped to the ranch in Montana and he used the that little section of the story to talk about the importance of weathering the storms of life of becoming in a mature person that is able to when the heat is on not shrink or when it gets cold to not shrink in and then expand when it gets hot you know and all the things that go on and an end to BSkyB's daddy felt no lumber mailed the use the richest man in the county to teach about the importance of of love while I love how you are teaching all this through parables, again pointing folks to God. Jesus salvation but using a really cool genre of literature in parables and in storytelling which you've always been wonderful at doing uncle Dennis Dennis Warden is his name is book brand-new book the ranchers gift.

It's out and how to folks, get it. Uncle Dennis, well, you know, you just go to the ranchers and you can either order it through Amazon or through Barnes & Noble, but there's a link right there and and it and that you know it's out the door to you, probably.

That same day and and I was going to get there know something you know what I love about Western novels is just about every Western novel as a little bit of romance in it. I cite you and II you know Louis, the more you give a good Western novel. I love it and ants do we have a reef where more than just a brief but we have a romance that takes place between Ryan and Kayla and what is so cool about this romance is that not only does she learn some lessons about love and what it means to have sacrificial love but Kayla introduces him to the most important relationship that a person could have a relationship in Jesus Christ and then brings ultimate fulfillment of one's life is living a life on purpose. I love you working I love angle but again to point to the bigger narrative. The book is the ranchers gift.

Take take a break from the crazes of your life and read a cool book that's got a deeper Christ centered meaning that Dennis Warden Jeff Dunn of written a Dennis is been a great guest a great friend is my adopted uncle for many years as the radar rabbit running around TCF. Other tolls that you and dad are wrangling there not far from them all that the great outdoor showing of Oklahoma which took us to an man.

We had some great times with the DR family my love will you.

I certainly well and again at the ranchers gift got.the ranchers uncle Dennis love you pretty all right, you betcha about take your

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