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Jeff Daniels: Watching Dan Campbell coach is like Spinal Tap at 11

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 23, 2024 1:23 pm

Jeff Daniels: Watching Dan Campbell coach is like Spinal Tap at 11

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 23, 2024 1:23 pm

Rich and the guys react to the Jamal Murray’s buzzer-beater that put the Denver Nuggets up 2-0 in their NBA Playoffs series against LeBron and the  Lakers, and to the Knicks torrid comeback to take a 2-games-to-none lead against the 76ers.

Emmy-winning actor Jeff Daniels joins Rich in-studio to discuss his upcoming Netflix series ‘A Man in Full’ based on the Tom Wolfe bestselling novel, the ascension of his beloved Detroit Lions, his famous death scene in ‘Speed,’ and shares some great stories about his ‘Terms of Endearment’ co-star Jack Nicholson.  

Rich breaks down the 2024 NFL Draft QB class and how the high hopes for the 2021 QB class went up in flames instead.

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It's too bad it takes two and a half months. This is the Rich Eisen Show. David Chudlow at three. Bang!

Bang! Jumper Murray got it to arm! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Dino clearly gets hit in the face on a drive. We have a replay of some of this.

It doesn't make sense to me. Today's guest, two-time Emmy Award winning actor Jeff Daniels. Fox Sports College football insider Bruce Feldman. Senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Greer. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Oh yeah baby, that's correct. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. It's our last of the week here in Los Angeles. As soon as this show is over, we're heading to LAX. We're flying to Detroit. No one's going to stop us.

No one's going to stop us. We've got three days of shows from the home of the National Football League Draft in the great football loving state of Michigan. Obviously, you know, me being an Ann Arbor guy, I have nothing but excitement for going to the state of Michigan, Detroit, Michigan, for the first ever draft held there. And the Lions have been on fire the last couple of years. It's going to be great. Guys, we're going to feel that heartbeat of that city.

And as if that's not going to be evident enough when we get there. Jeff Daniels is in our green room right now. A Man in Full is an outstanding six-part series that is coming up based on the brilliant Tom Wolfe novel from back in the day.

It starts streaming next week, next Thursday on Netflix, which you can see here on Roku. He's a diehard Lions fan. He's one of Central Michigan's finest. He's going to be joining us in studio in short order. First up on this program, and then Bruce Feldman of the Athletics is going to join us. He has a mock draft out that just came out and the latest individual who is plugged in, who has spoken to a ton of unnamed executive scouts and coaches. That's the way things go in an NFL draft. A lot of chatter in the NFL draft from people who don't put their name on stuff.

Very, very fun for us to start diving into that. Albert Breyer will join us in hour number three to see if there's any real validity to the insane amount of draft trade talk that's burning up the wires right now. And then there's you at 844-204-rich. Number to dial right here on the Roku channel, which is free on all Roku devices known to man. We're on over 70 terrestrial radio affiliates across the country listening to us live. Sirius XM, Odyssey streamers out there. We say hello to you, our podcast listeners.

It's your God-given right to listen to whenever you dine well, please. So we say hello to you. Good to see you on this Tuesday, Christopher. How are you? Rich, what's happening?

Mike Del Tufar, our audio executive. Good to see you. I'm here. TJ Jefferson, the candle is lit, is it not? The candle is lit, but the light inside my soul went out when Dante Vincenzo hit that three. Hey, listen, the big ragu has got a big three-pointer. Listen, we talked yesterday about how disappointing the first games of the first round of the NBA playoffs were.

It looks just like, you know, that engine just took a little bit to turn over. Took a little bit of time to finally start revving with all due respect to the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Orlando Magic. Place that game aside. Cavs are up 2-0. Place that game aside. The double dip on Turner last night.

Nick Sixers, Lakers Nuggets. That's what we're talking about. Because it had everything.

Had a little bit of everything. We had a buzzer beater. We had the defending NBA champs on the ropes at home. It looked like the Los Angeles Lakers with LeBron and Anthony Davis were about to draw finally some blood on a home team in these playoffs. And we saw Jamal Murray rip out the Lakers heart and show it to them pumping with a fadeaway jumper as the buzzer went off in Denver. Jamal Murray fading away over the seven foot tall Anthony Davis to win the basketball game that the Lakers had led by double digits. Step back jumper indeed. And this guy couldn't make a shot all game and had 14 points in the fourth quarter.

So there you have it. And believe it or not, the stat that we have at the bottom of our Roku Channel feed. First game winning buzzer beater in the playoff history of the Denver Nuggets.

How about them apples on that front? And that was after, that was after the Sixers and the Knicks had at it in Madison Square Garden. And the Knicks pulled a Reggie Miller on somebody else in that building for a change where it looked like a multiple possession lead for the opponent was going to hold up. And some craziness on an inbounds play led to back to back threes. And suddenly the game flipped in a matter of seconds as Dante DiVincenzo, the big ragu, one of the Nova Knicks, as they're being referred to, helped overcome a late game deficit and helped shock the Sixers who looked like they could hold Jalen Brunson down again. But Brunson makes his first three of the night by shooting a three pointer and the ball hits the front of the rim, it seemed, and somehow popped straight up in the air and landed through the basket home bounce shooters bounce. At least it was only one hop this time, TJ, not like Kawhi over Embiid back in the day. And then the inbounds pass where Tyrese Maxey had two Knicks draped all over him. Josh Hart did the hands up. I didn't touch him type move that usually does indicate a physical contact did actually occur.

Guys on the floor. It's wild how either A, that wasn't a foul, B, it wasn't a travel on Maxey because if he goes down. And isn't that a travel or C, there wasn't a time out awarded to him because it seems like a bunch of Sixers, including the head coach, made the international symbol of time out.

It wasn't awarded. And DiVincenzo launches a three and misses. Isaiah Hartenstein comes up with one of the million offensive rebounds the Knicks have gotten through the first two games of this series.

On the floor gets it to OG Ananobi who gets it to DiVincenzo at the top of the arc and that one was dead solid perfect. Sixers had one last shot at it. Hartenstein with a huge block on Maxey and it wound up in the hands of Embiid, who I thought was going to jar that three. But it went off the back of the iron and the Knicks survive by going up 2-0 with two of, I think, Brunson's worst back to back games of the year.

And the action was intense, surpassed only by some post game press conference gems. Starting with LeBron, who thought he was fouled going to the basket to put the Lakers up two, didn't get an and one. Even if he did make the free throw, though, Murray's two would have just put them up by one to win it as opposed to win it by two. But that said, LeBron did miss a three prior to Murray getting the ball and winning the basketball game with the first ever buzzer beater in Denver Nuggets playoff history. But that did not deter LeBron, who was not just focused on not getting his own call after the game. I don't understand what's going on in the replay center, to be honest.

I think I said it this year or last year or whatever, Delo clearly gets hit in the face on a drive. What the f*** do we have a replay center if it's going to go? It doesn't make sense to me. It makes no sense to me.

It bothers me. Sorry to ask you a question, but that is like and then I just saw what happened with the Sixers. Nick came to.

What are we what are we doing? And speaking of the Sixers, Nick's game, this is what Joel Embiid had to say at his locker after the game about the officiating towards the end of that contest. Unacceptable.

I mean, it's not far off the top. You know, we just had the same thing happen against Miami with all of you. That's just unacceptable to put us in that situation.

Yeah, that's unacceptable to lose a game like this, especially in the playoffs. That bombs flying. And then, of course, the question of who is put to Anthony Davis afterwards about what happened on the final buzzer beater. That Murray stepped back and shot it over the seven footer, who is already ornery because he was not named a finalist for defensive player of the year. Check it out. Can you take us through that last play and just what happened and what unfolded and what was I don't know if you were screened or what happened in that last play. Jamal Murray made a shot. That's it. See you.

My job. That's amazing. I mean, that is what happened. And, you know, it's a Magic Johnson where he would tweet that out. A NBA playoff action. It's finally arrived. Took a couple of days, but it is finally arrived just in terms of LeBron talking about what the replay center is up to.

Magic just tweeted two minutes ago. Well, here's the deal, because the replay center is not going to buzz in like the NFL in the last two minutes of the game. It's just not going to buzz in and the league is not going to allow it to buzz in because they could buzz in every play. Correct. Wouldn't you think?

Wouldn't you think it's like holding in the NFL? I totally get you as a six or fan would have major issues with the way that that ended. But however, OK, you know, as we talked about before the show, I'm not blaming that.

No, no. Hey, just gave up that Larry missed a free throw. He could have been up six and then he went that trip down the court for the next round pass in something that a veteran point guard should never have done. I mean, I'm not going to put that alone because the Sixers are all part of the reason why Brunson isn't having a very good first two games is they are all over him. The minute that he, you know, mean at the inbounds from their own from the Knicks own end line.

I mean, it's it's 40 minutes of hell that they're giving him. Similar to, you know what I'm saying, a full court press little Arkansas raising back back in the day. Seriously, like they're all over him and you could call foul everywhere.

And I had a problem over the weekend. The Knicks had an inbound at a possession awarded to Philadelphia when the ball went off the Sixers. Knicks challenge it and get the ball back because the refs blew the call, but they lost their time out. They had only one time out remaining for like the fourth quarter of their Game 1 victory.

And I'm like, well, wait a minute. Refs blow it. You have to use a time out to challenge. You get it right and you lose your time out. I got people saying a game is long enough. Too many time outs as it is. Well, maybe what the league should the association should do is get together, figure out maybe there's a couple fewer TV time outs of some sort. Make the game a little quicker at the beginning.

So at the end, you know, you do have a little bit better of an eye on the sky on it or. Games long enough towards the last two minutes of the game. I mean, I don't know if we can games long enough because you want to get it right.

You want to get it right. But couldn't you call foul on pretty much any play in the last 30 seconds of a game? It was like a brawl. It was an old school 90s Eastern Conference playoff basketball game.

I kind of liked it with no skin in the game. So that's. The issue is, I guess the refs have to be better on the spot. Yeah, so I mean, that's what I'm saying. Lebron's the one who brought up the replay center.

Unless he's saying one of those moments were challenged and they got it wrong. I'm just saying how he's referring to the what he saw at the end of the Sixers Lakers game. I mean, Sixers Knicks game.

That's the way it was back. You know, in the old 80s and 90s in the Eastern Conference. I mean, speaking of which, I think guy who's a Pistons fan is about to come out here. Sure, he saw a lot of the bad boys, Jeff Daniels. They were a little bit physical, but all I know is the NBA playoffs have arrived, everybody. Yeah, that's a great night last night. Oh, and Magic has tweeted. Yeah, just now in the last couple of minutes. OK, what do you have to say about it? We've got it right here. The chat chat, EMJ, EMJ. Last night I was so devastated I couldn't even tweet.

That's why he couldn't tweet. And a broken heart. An unbelievable shot by Jamal Murray. An outstanding comeback by the Nuggets. All right, so that was that one.

And there you go. Lakers have nobody but to blame but themselves. They did everything they're supposed to do. But win the game. 80 and LeBron both did their part.

They got scoring help from Russell and they still lost. So what do they have to blame for themselves? You just glossed over that party. Yada yada that.

Yada yada. I'm worried about Magic's broken heart. Don't be so sad. Don't be mad. He's going to have Jayden Daniels in two nights.

Don't worry about it. Maybe. No, he's going to. And we'll talk about that with Albert Breer in hour three. We'll talk about that with Bruce Feldman in hour number two. But let's take a break because we got Jeff Daniels in our green room. It's time to bring him out. A man in full is coming to Netflix next week right here on Roku. But on the Roku channel next, the man himself who is in full.

Jeff Daniels next on the Rich Eisen Show. Hey, folks, it's time for the NFL draft, which means for me, I need a good night's sleep because if I don't have one, just not myself, you know the deal. You know exactly how important it is to have quality sleep.

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Power dot com slash awards only at a sleep number store or sleep number dot com. Our house is a mess. Come on in. I'm Amber Wallin, Internet comedian and host of your new favorite podcast, Fly on the Wild.

That's pretty presumptuous to assume that this is going to be their favorite podcast, by the way. Anyway, that wasp that you just heard interrupt me is my husband and co-host Benjamin Moore. I'm all in listening as we discuss relationships and keeping our sweet baby kid alive.

Fly on the wall and wherever you listen. Back here on the Roku Channel already, audience is gone for the next couple of minutes, so let's sneak in a clip right now of a man in full available for streaming next week on Thursday on Netflix, the man himself, Jeff Daniels, is here on the show. Good to see you, Jeff. How are you, sir? Great, Rich. Thanks for having me.

You are here. All right, please. Yes, sir. No, no. Stay seated. Hold your applause to laugh through the clip because it's worthy as well. This is a man in full off of the fantastic Tom Wolfe novel from back in the day, Jeff Daniels on Netflix starting next week.

Linus Banks stands to lose half billion in write offs, at least. I suspect your boss directed you to find some common ground. Having a bit of trouble hearing you in this distance, want to crawl on over and whisper it in my ear? I bet the both of you just love to go back to Arthur and say, gee, we tried, but the bastard done challenged us to a fistfight in the parking lot, which is why you baited me. Calling my wife a bimbo.

Trophy. Well, guess what? My better judgment, which I don't typically call upon, says, don't give you the satisfaction. That's exactly what I'm going to do, Harry. You have a choice to make is that I'm either going to kick your ass in the parking lot or I'll do so right here in this conference room. Well, I'll be. You challenged me like that on one goodwill.

That's what I call a drop tailgate. I'm out there, man, it's so much fun. This is so much fun to do because, you know, acting as opposed to film acting is supposed to be less is more.

You know, you put on a cowboy hat, you look off at the Rocky Mountains and you count to 10 because you know there's going to be music under it and you just you just do that. This ain't that. This is this is I got to you and you just go big on it. And apparently I got away with it. Well, you certainly did a man in full available next week, starting Thursday, May 2nd, only on Netflix, six episode limited series on the late Tom Wolfe novel. Jeff Daniels starring in a fantastic cast, also three episodes directed by one of our favorites, Regina King as well. And that that was fun just to watch that the whole thing was fun. You were laughing during that, just watching yourself, because I remember the day we had Tom Pelphrey, who was there, and Bill Camp, who I've known forever. And it was just the three of us. And I said to the guys, I said, I'm going big, I'm going out on a limb with this. Don't leave me out there. And they went with me. And it was it was great fun.

It was great fun. So I'll be straight up with you. I mean, I had not thought of a man in full in a while. I mean, I read it a long time ago. So how did this come about for for a man in full to be put in Netflix and in front of you? David E. Kelly wrote all six episodes.

I've heard of him. Regina. Yeah.

Regina King was directing along with Tommy Schlamme. And so right there, you've got the people. Yeah. And they came to me and said, we're doing this. I was unaware of the book.

So once I said yes, I grabbed it and read it. And it's relevant today. Charlie Croker, who is a bigger than life real estate tycoon in Atlanta. This is in the late 90s, but we've kind of updated it to now, basically builds buildings on the bank's money and he owes about eight hundred million dollars in loans and things like that.

But he keeps buying a private plane and buying a quail plant plantation and spending way too much money on other things. And the bank basically, which is what the season part of that scene was, was they they call him in. They go, we're calling the note, you owe eight hundred million by Tuesday. And so then we then that over the six episodes, we find, you know, Charlie just scrambling to, you know, justify the fact that he's worth as much as people think he he is, which is her story is making a note and stuff like that, just generally speaking, ripped straight from the headlines in a way.

And so, again, that's on Netflix, which is available right here on Roku. Jeff Daniels here in studio. And for full disclosure, you're here in town doing some work and you have to stay in town this week, because originally we were slated to have you on our show in Detroit, which I was really looking for, which we were as well, because, I mean, an NFL draft in Detroit, Michigan, as the Lions are seemingly a rocket ship, I wouldn't say cresting because that would mean that there's maybe no higher peak than the one that they currently have. But it's going to be great. I'm looking forward to it in Detroit. First of all, Detroit is so cranked for the draft.

They are rolling out the red carpet. They are beautifying the city. They are, everybody's going to be there.

I got a, you know, a son-in-law and my boys are going, we should go down for the draft, you know, go down and just experience it. I mean, it's, it's going to be a great thing for the city. Detroit is a football town at the end of the day. I mean, the tigers, the red wings, the pistons, yes, but the Lions, and you saw it last year, the frenzy around the Lions success and that buildup to getting into the playoffs and then going into the playoffs a little deeper. I mean, we were out of our minds and it's, and I, I, I know Sheila Ham a little bit and I, I said, when you guys get there, it's going to be unlike anything that any of the other teams have done. It's going to overtake us because it's, it's, it's a football city at the end of the day.

I think the roar has been restored. I think we can at least say that Campbell and Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes and what Sheila has done. They have really just turned that organization upside down over the last three years. And the success they had last year was I think a year earlier than they thought. But they are, they are on a long range plan of being one of those teams that stays good, just doesn't have a year.

And then they're gone. I mean, that's what I see is that they are really trying to, you know, be good for five or longer years. Well, I mean, it's kind of fitting that the draft, a draft is in Detroit based on what you just said, Jeff, because the year early, I think arrived because of how well they drafted last year and Jameer Gibbs and Jack Campbell. And that people screaming about Gibbs, I can still hear him screaming.

You did what I know you did what? And apparently they, they beat several teams to the punch on drafting him, that there were a couple others that were just like, okay, he's going to drop. He's going to drop because everybody's talking about Bijan Robinson and he's going to just fall to us and the lines beat a ton of teams to the punch. And he is just unbelievable. I watched, I've been, I was at the last playoff game, the Tampa Bay game, and I was watching and they got it out to Gibbs in the flat and this happened, he got it and shoot, he was over here. He was 10 yards, that quickness of speed and the defender was waving and he was certainly in a defensive position to get him. And then he was over there.

It was something, that kind of speed and quickness. How loud was it in that building? Because that's all everyone was talking about is how crazy it was in Ford field for these playoff games. You know, it's been loud, but in the Tampa Bay game, the game we won before we went to San Francisco, that last minute and a half, Baker Mayfield had the ball on his 15 or something, made a completion.

Okay. And he threw the interception, was it Blades, I think, made the interception that basically sealed it for us. When he caught it, it was like a movie. On cue, I want all 65,000 of you to scream the word, yeah, that. And I was actually had my phone and I was going, well, this'll be fun.

I'll put it on voice memo and just record the last two minutes audio just for me. Right. And when that happened, it was if someone had queued the entire stadium to say that word go. Yeah. And it just, you felt the roof lift was so, and it was, you know, you've heard people scream and, and you know, generically and a whole bunch of the, but the one same word, 65,000 people, that happens probably better than the word that you used to say in unison in that stadium. Right.

Or all those years in the silver dome. I've heard that too. I'm sure 65,000 all at once. Yeah. Yeah. We're probably 80,000.

We're probably eight. Yeah. Yeah. I remember some of those days in the silver dome. It was a lot of decades where that was the lead word.

Which is why everybody was just sort of exhaling at the same time last year. I think it was Derek Barnes who was the one who came up with that pick because he's the one who whiffed on Dak Prescott in that Dallas Cowboy game that everybody thought was the one that screwed the lions out of their best chance to get to where they eventually wound up. He atoned. He redeemed himself.

Right. Totally redeem yourself. I mean, he did. He did. He did it. So still there.

Still there. That's amazing. Jeff Daniels here giving the people what they want on the Rich Eisen show.

Greatly appreciate that. Yeah. And so what, what is it like though, watching Dan Campbell make some of these decisions? Well, it's what got us there, you know, going forward and forth down and you're not going to hit them all. But he's always at spinal tap 11 here. You know what I mean? We could find a different volume, you know what I mean?

Like you could dial it down a nine. Yeah. I know.

I don't know enough about football to know what are the percentages are of going for it now. Right. Yeah. I mean, we're all just, I mean, when he's going, you know, and he's going for it and you're up off the couch and you're walking and your way and you're doing this, you know, you're doing all that. But look, he's dangerous. If you're the opposing team, the opposing coach, he's dangerous. And other coaches have followed that, you know, I mean, I come up in the air, I'm on fourth down going for it.

No, never ever. Now everybody does it. It's kind of crazy. And I think Dan's kind of, you know, led the way on that. Well, he did it in the opener in Kansas City in his own end, I believe on like the second possession of the season in Mahomes' house, they just raised the banner. So there is a track record understood, you know, but that's gotta be, it's gotta be just cool just seeing the team the way it is right now.

You know, I'm so hopeful. When they went to San Francisco, my theory is at halftime, if they had been, I think they were up 10, 14, if they had been tied or down three or down seven, they'd have stayed there. But I think they came out of the locker room and that's when they realized they're 30 minutes away from Super Bowl. And it's not fear of failure.

I thought it was fear of success. You think so, huh? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, look, well, I mean, look, they, they immediately tightened up and next thing you know, we're tied. And also that play word got popped up.

I think that was Blades, right? The one was popped up in the air and went right to Iook. Yeah. I mean, there's a photograph in the playbook. I don't see that. There's a photograph that we, we had, I don't know if we were that we'll be trying to call it up where the ball was actually surrounded in the arms of the lion's defender. And it mine is mind blowing that that winds up in the arms of Iook. Not to, sorry to go down that rabbit hole there. I just see those, those are the players that...

It was Vildor, that's right. I mean, like, I don't know how that doesn't, that's the moment. There's all of that. But I, I don't think it's like, oh, and then we're crushed and now we're just gonna be a mediocre team. I think the guys had to go through that and now when they get there again, it's not gonna be the first time or even the second time it's gonna be, we know how to handle it now. It's like Broadway. When you have an opening night and it's your first one, it's the Superbowl. It's the stage actor's Superbowl and you try to survive it and you know that all the critics are out there and all the whatever are out there and you get through it. And then the second opening night on a different production, keep up, it is, it is. You keep up with me. And now that's the second one, you can't do it on the first one, but the second one, I'm hopeful that, that Campbell and company and the players in particular, you know, they're young will go, we've been here before. We're not going to let it slip away again. That's, you know, I'm a Lions fan.

That's what you hope for. I got Jeff Daniels here on the Rich Odds and Show again, a man in full available for streaming next week on Netflix, six episode limited series. So one of the things I love about the draft traveling is you go to different towns and when the rivals of the local town gets put on the clock, there's booze. Now back in the day when it was in Radio City, the Jets or the Giants or the hometown. So when the Eagles were on the clock, the Cowboys were on the clock, lusty booze. Which team when they go on the clock in Detroit will get the loudest booze, do you think?

Jeff Daniels. Certainly everybody in our division. But which one, which one do you think will have the, the, the Brio, the particular Brio from the crowd here?

Now which one is the threat? I mean the Vikings are, do they have a quarterback? Uh, they have Sam Darnold again, but I'm, I'm with you.

Outstanding. The Bears, uh, were given up on Justin Fields. We're going to draft a rookie. And so they're, you know, are they really, uh, who else is in the Packers? And the pack, the Packers.

I think it's the Packers, not just because of Aaron Rodgers, whom we beat on his way out of town a couple of seasons ago. Thanks. Enjoy the Jets.

See you later. Um, but, um, Jordan loves playing and, and they're, I think they're, thanksgiving. And uh, and it's so close to playing them in the playoffs too. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's the rivalry, but just because the Packers feel like the team that's closer to having turned it around post Aaron Rodgers and are going to be a factor next year.

So I'm going to say Packers on the clock. That'll be the loudest. Yeah.

You won't be able to hear them announce whoever the hell they're taking because we don't care at the end of the day anyway. I love it, man. Fantastic. So, uh, I've asked you this before, but I'll ask it again because it's the first time that you're here in studio.

When you walk around and people see you, which is the movie or play or anything that you get from like, depends on the person. Okay. Uh, certainly a dumb and dumber is a, is a big hit, uh, you know, internationally and uh, pick an airport. Oh my God.

Dumb and dumber. Oh my God. Yeah. Um, uh, you know, and there's newsroom and there's Gettysburg and you know, you get those people, uh, uh, you know, because of Winn Dixie, which is a little family movie that I, you know, uh, was very happy to get paid for, um, was going Winn Dixie was my God.

I grew up on that. I'm going, okay. How about speed? Speed? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Did you get that a little bit? A little bit.

Okay. I mean, I was the guy back in the office, you know, go speed. I w I, I, uh, I remember getting the script and they said, um, and I died on page 22. I died in the elevator shaft and I, I, I said, you know, the career's in trouble, but it's not in that much, I'm going to pass. And the agent said, hang on, there's another draft coming.

You die later. I said, okay. And it did.

It came in about, you know, page 80, 60 something pages. I did. I'm going, well, okay, all right, I'll do it. And Keanu and Sandy Bullock and you know, it was like, okay, uh, happy to do it. Uh, and I get into the house and I've, and we're in somewhere near here, I think somewhere South of LA. And uh, and I've got, I've got full SWAT gear on, you know, it's like 80 pounds of whatever. And I got to crawl in through a little window and look like Harrison Ford doing it and catching on the window frame and all that. I finally get in and this, this, the moment in speed is I've got to turn and look at the thermostat and understand that that's not a thermostat.

It's a timer for a bomb and it's three, two, one and about to blow up. And so I'm going, how am I going to do that? I'm not going to do I make faces? Do I, you know, what do I cry?

Do I say, what do I do? And and I remembered an interview that Roy Scheider did for jaws and they asked Roy that moment, Roy, when you saw the shark, my God, I mean one of the great acting moments in the cinematic history, how did you do that? And Roy said, well, I looked down and when I looked over at the shark, I made sure my cheeks muscles were a little up and then I just dropped him. So I said, that's what I'll do.

So I'd looked at the thermostat, cut, lunch, and I have gotten critics that moment in speed Jeff. I mean, I get emotional talking about it. Yes.

Yeah. Well, I Roy Scheider, I love that story. Oh my gosh. And it's funny. You say that was right around here.

Cause the one oh fives right up. It was somewhere, some little house that they rented cause the one oh five freeway was just, it wasn't completed yet. And that's when right here, this freeway that's right here, it was used in speed. Yeah. Oh my gosh.

Oh my gosh. Uh, and Jack Nicholson just turned 87 yesterday by the way, bless that man. Did you have any interaction with him on the set of terms of endearment? Yeah, he was so, uh, uh, nice to me. Um, when we did terms of endearment, we got Jack and that legitimized the whole movie. And I remember on the set and being the last actor to walk over and meet him, Deborah said, have you met Jack?

No, I'm 28 years old. I don't know anything. He goes, come here. And she dragged me over and she, Jack, Jeff, Jeff, Jack, Jack said, uh, what have you had done? Well, you know, I've done some, uh, Broadway, some off Broadway and uh, you know, and he was very kind. He said, well, this ain't Broadway.

This is the pro game. And I'm, what would you like in your coffee? So I, but he was right in that the money involved, the that can happen, um, when they put the camera on you at four in the morning at beach and we're losing light, you got to hit it. All of that. That was the great light.

You don't get eight shows a week to refine it and all that it's now. So that made sense decades later, I'm doing God of carnage, which was a play on Broadway with James Gandolfini and hope Davis, Marcia get hard and we were the hit of New York and Jack came and he came backstage and he said, I can't do what you guys are doing. Really?

Yeah. Which was a very humble thing for him to say. And I thanked him for coming and all of that. And then we did God of carnage again out in LA about a year or so later at the Amundsen theater and same cast and he came again and he came backstage and we talked a little bit and then he was leaving and he turned around and he said, uh, I'm proud of you left. Well, yeah, that had a really hit. I think, you know, and I had done interviews where I said, you know, this is the pro game. I had told that story, but Jack coming back and saying to me, meant the world.

It's the review you hope to get from somebody that actually matters. Jack. Yeah.

One of the few people you say his first name, you know exactly what you're talking about. Yeah. Fantastic. Jeff Daniels. You're the man. Uh, thanks for coming here today. Congrats in advance of a man in full. Again, check it out starting next week, right here on the Roku platform through Netflix, six episode limited series, Diane Lane, Tom Pelphrey, who's been here as well. Uh, he's awesome.

Lucy Liu, just to name some in the cast, Regina King directing David E. Kelly show runner and the writer and the executive producer, Thomas Schlamme also directing. Congrats brother. Thank you. Thanks again. What a great opportunity to have you here and I will say hello to Detroit for you. Enjoy Detroit.

I'm waiting for you. Are your family members going to go to the draft? Are they going to do that? I believe there's talk. Yeah. Okay. This chatter. They just chatter at this point, but they might. Very good.

Well, if they, if they, if they, well, we'll, we'll talk about it, but, uh, hope to see them and for parking. That's monopoly, sir. Okay. This is the national football. This is the pro game. I'm sorry.

You're right. Jeff Daniels. Check out again, a man in full on Netflix back here on the rich eyes and show in a moment. America starts the day with America in the morning, three pushes of storminess. Hi, I'm John Trout, your host for the latest news, politics, entertainment, business, and weather speech with political overtones. Our staff of correspondents provide a fast paced look at the world with specialized reports from where news happened decision was based on finding there is a central bank appears to be threading that concise, accurate, and fresh each day. America in the morning, the podcast available wherever you listen. My favorite guests.

And I'm not just saying that because you're sitting right here. What are you on steroids or something actually on steroids, Brian Cranston, last flag flying and select theaters. Now we're going to have to disqualify this show because of your steroid use. You know what? I thought about that before taking that steroid, wouldn't it be disheartening if you took the steroid and you had the best show ever, then you'd go, Oh my God, Oh, I have to take more steroids.

How can you go off the steroids? Since you and I last spoke here on this show, uh, your Dodgers went to the world series. There was that five hour game that went in. That was insane. It was insane. And I am proud to say I stuck around to extra innings for that night.

I did see some people in this town, people that you would know, people that we have all seen on television. Call them out. I can't do it. Do it. I can't. You're on steroids. What the hell do you care?

I do have that as a fallback position. Do I not? But I would never do that to you. It is your honor. I was on steroids at the time when I made that comment, when somebody from arrested development got up, Jason Bateman in your face, Jason, there's a lot of people I'm disappointed Jason. Will Arnett. Wow.

But it wasn't. It just amazes me seeing and breaking Ben in better call Saul. The number of characters whose demise eventually is met because of your character is it is remarkable. I unfortunately have that association. If I spend any amount of time with someone, they end up dying surprisingly. So I would suggest you get life insurance.

You know, you want to protect your family and everything. Everything you do that. Okay.

Sorry. Uh, Brian Cranston's many appearances on our YouTube page back on the rich eyes and show radio network. I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry. Click Ranger has the right product for you.

Call click or just stop by. I love every second of that conversation. So great, man.

So great. What a story by Jack about, it's the pro game. It's the pro game. I've done Broadway, all Broadway.

This is the pro game so much man. Yeah. Oh yeah. Movies like a lot of people wouldn't remember, but there was a movie called welcome home Roxy Carmichael back in the day with the Ramona rider. Remember that? He was in that and you know, something wild with Melanie Griffin, the purple Rose of Cairo was right in the middle of Woody Allen's, um, remarkable run of movies. Remember that he played a, a silent movie character that came off the screen.

Yes. Remember that? That was a heck of a movie, heck of a movie. Um, and this one's going to be great too. I mean he dropped a dumb and dumber line. I mean, what do we, what do we, what do we, you guys, you guys shot up in your chair Christmas in the studio. Totally redeemed. It took a split second to go, wait, did he, did he, is that about Derek Barnes? Right?

Is that what you're saying? Go in there. Oh my God.

That's so funny. It's amazing that we're going to the draft and the NFL draft appears to be set up to have three quarterbacks taken in a row to start. And there's a serious chance of four in a row. I mean there is a serious chance as I'm sitting here right now, two hours before we're heading to the airport two days before we get the answers, it does appear Caleb Williams is going to go first and Jayden Daniels is going to go second where is how crazy it is. The 72 hour period from when I walked off this set on Friday and showed up back on this set on Monday to go on the air and say how the rumor mill was off the charts and how Jayden Daniels was trying to work his way out of DC cause he doesn't, you know, it's not as much of him not liking the commanders, but what I heard, no, no, no, no. What I heard is he just loves Antonio Pierce, loves Antonio Pierce from, you know, I guess AP was on, you know, is on the staff in Arizona state and they known each other for a long time or he vibed with the Vikings or that's all just a bunch of garbage. And the only time we've heard from the kid prior to, I guess, was he in the Shannon Sharpe's club on a podcast club. And so he, he said, he has said nothing, but I'm, I'm excited to play for whoever drafts me. And the conversation is that the commanders love Drake, they love Drake May and he loved the prospect of Palooza, he had a good time there. He was with Kevin Clark this week and talked about how JJ McCarthy was maybe the best golfer, but I hit it pretty well too.

Well, and at this point in time, we're going to get ready at this very juncture tomorrow on Wednesday show, we're ready to have JJ McCarthy on our set. So as of this very moment, after all of that chatter, now I'm hearing it's Jayden Daniels second overall and just move on. Just like I heard at the combine.

Move on. All these things you heard at the combine have come to fruition. So far, Trey Lance was the only one. The one where Trey Lance is going to be the plan B for the Vikings if they don't have Kirk Cousins back.

But they got Sam Darnold, former 49er quarterback as it were. Correct? Yeah. Yeah. What?

Right church, wrong pew? Yeah, exactly. Got it. So you're telling me there's a chance.

Nicely done. And then I think the Patriots 100% take Drake, I mean that that's going to happen. That's going to happen.

Truck emoji. 100% going to happen. And I'm down for that. I'm down for Marvin Harrison. And I just don't think Marvin Harrison Jr. is going to be anything but an Arizona Cardinal when it all comes down to it. The Cardinals are going to, you know, they got 11 draft choices as it is. Just use their first one on the guy who's a consensus, not unanimous, as you'll hear from Bruce Feldman shortly, pick as the best receiver in the draft.

And then we'll see what the Chargers do here in LA. But bring it all up by saying it's entirely possible we have four quarterbacks going in a row. And it's amazing that this draft happens three years after we saw three quarterbacks going in a row last time we saw that. And the first guy taken, Trevor Lawrence, won a playoff game and had an injury March season last year, quite frankly, after going, they were the one seed after 11 weeks, he gets hurt and then he has an up and down season.

There's no other way to put it. Injuries may have had to play a role in it and we just throw his rookie season out because that was the Urban Meyer thing. But the two other guys taken right after him, no longer on their original team after Zach Wilson traded yesterday. It's kind of wild. Four out of the five quarterbacks taken in the first round, all of them in the first half of the first round, four of them after the first one in Trevor Lawrence, all on different teams right now.

All of them. Zach Wilson taken second overall by the Jets traded two days before the, three days before the 2024 NFL draft, three years later for a pick swap, late round, late round, seventh round, the Jets send a seventh round with Zach Wilson, they get a six back. Trey Lance last year, last year before the season traded to the Cowboys for a fourth round selection. The Cowboys are going to give that one up, the Niners are going to use that on Saturday unless they traded. And what the bears, I mean what the Niners gave up to get Trey Lance, they gave up three first rounders, the one in that draft and two future ones and a third rounder.

Just to get back and forth. Matt Jones gets traded for a six round pick this year, in March and the Patriots will use that on Saturday unless they traded. And then Justin Fields, the Bears gave up for Justin Fields in that draft, they gave up a fifth round selection along with the first rounder and then a first and a fourth the next year and wind up only getting a sixth round draft choice for him in next year's draft.

The Bears won't be using the draft choice that they got from the Steelers this year at all. It could be a fourth depending on playing time in Pittsburgh. Now none of this is to say that your team that is quarterback needy should not take one in the first round. As a matter of fact, I think we're going to see six go.

If I had to predict right now, we're going to see six go. There's more quarterback needy teams than there are quarterbacks with a first round grade or first-ish round grade and that's just the way it is in the NFL. Even with this as a possible cautionary tale, canary in a coal mine, everybody's just going to say, we like the kid, we think he's got an upside, we can coach him, we're taking him. We are not passing up on him because Zach Wilson didn't work out in New York. That's a New York problem. That's a Zach Wilson problem.

Not an MP, not a my problem. That is one million percent the way it goes in the NFL and I don't think it will ever, ever change. But I think it's wild that this is what's happened just three years later and we're about to see it again. And nothing's going to ever change it.

Nothing will change it. Even the 49ers nearly winning a Super Bowl with the last pick? Even with the 49ers being able to say, we gave up all that draft capital. For a guy, because they gave up out of everybody on that screen that we just showed, the Niners gave up the most to draft that player. They got the most back, which is a fourth rounder in this year's draft. And the Bears gave up the second most and got the least, which is not even a draft choice in this year's draft.

And then the Jets and the Patriots are kind of tied here, but the Jets use the highest draft choice. And the crazy thing is for the Niners, usually that's what gets everybody fired, but they made the Super Bowl last year and they were a Super Bowl contender the year before. The year that Lance was supposed to be their starter and an injury cost his chance, which is another reason why a team says, well, you know what? They didn't have the right circumstance. He got hurt. Or in the case with the Jets, they're the Jets.

And they're like, screw it. We're taking Drake May one million percent. We're taking Jayden Daniels one million percent. We're taking Pentax. We're taking Knicks. We're taking JJ McCarthy and the Bears are 100 percent taking who they're taking.

Bruce Feldman coming up. The Rolling Stone Music Now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hyatt. Now, here is my conversation with Jacob Knoll. Your story is an amazing one. And obviously, you lost your dad when you're only one year old. It was definitely a screwy way to grow up. I think that a lot of people never heard of who I am and then they see me join this band and they must think this kid must have just handed everything or nepotism kid is a gift that I have an opportunity to sing in such a big band like my father and my uncle's band Sublime. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen.
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