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Saving Lives with Salem Pregnancy

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 22, 2018 5:00 pm

Saving Lives with Salem Pregnancy

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 22, 2018 5:00 pm

The team from Salem Pregnancy Care comes on the show to tell us about their organization, and about an exciting upcoming event with the Robertson's of Duck Dynasty!

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So what does Duck Dynasty have to do with saving lives. We're about to find out friends as I got a couple ladies in here on fire for God in there to tell you about something that it quite frankly opens not too late to get some people in with your really nursing going to hear Alan Lisa Robertson Juergen hear about that but also something God's doing through a ministry in Winston-Salem Northland is near to my heart for years, but let me walk to the microphone a talk right for that right in your chin, but he welcomed Kimberly with sale price is good.

Have you and Donnie the studio welcome inky Semites what is going on guys we look at this big poster knit together. Psalm one 3913 what went to Salem pricing care centers are good for those that don't know any of us fail in pregnancy care center is a place for when you have an unexpected pregnancy to go to for our resources in the community. They also provide education for teenagers in our school systems and for resources for women here maybe have had an abortion that need some healing from that we offer our Bible study based healing program for that as well.

You know people here about abortion they hear about all the politics of you know pro-life and pro-choice in my life and I chose whatever whatever whatever. But this is so much bigger than political is not me. If you listing the show all over the country that are awesome to talk weekend partners with his affiliates in Jacksonville Florida would get stations that carry their stations real soft light of the Curie this program what you say there one about like how you guys are not you not sit there are out there saying Democrat Republican you're trying you're going deeper on this arches.

Yet this is not really a political issue. We had said people Democrat Republican. It doesn't really matter what your political affiliation is.

This is really all about life and on helping they matters to contact centers have been let them be empowered to make a choice with all of the information and providing a nonjudgmental place for then where we care about them and we teach them and we listen to Dan and we learn from them and they learn from us and we can provide resources because it is some some of the women it's expensive it's difficult they don't have support and we can provide some of that for them introduces your partner in crime euros that are saving a little jealous of your passion. Yes I am semi passion for sale in pregnancy and that the calls for life is an one rooted in my own abortion story and I am post-abortive and that's actually how I originally came to Salem pregnancy back in 2006 and I went there to be a volunteer and when they actually when I told them that I had had two abortions and they just wanted to make sure that I was okay and said I joined the her twisty Hill which is their post-abortive and ministry, which was what Ken was talking about is one of the resources we offered to women and that was gosh can 11 years ago and now I work there and I'm over the her twisty Hill program now and we just want to help women that may be hurting and you know we want women to understand what their choices and say what they're choosing them so it's not about taking someone's choice of ways. We want to empower them to make the right choice and make sure they have all the right information because when I was trying to make that decision. Those choices were taken away from me. I wasn't given all of the information and so I have a heart to make sure that the women that we do see that they don't tell Judge that they feel left in a matter what their choice were there for them but we want to make sure that there empowered with the right information so his or her choice to do a special ministry old that is actual ministry. We did call her choice to Hill and is a post-abortive eight week Bible study healing Bible study that we walk women through there's hope there is act absolutely had a benign proof of that, and Salem pregnancy helped me and I am honored that I get to work.

In this capacity now for this ministry will figure sure that a lot of you go to Bible study medical you've always officers don't usually talk about all the different things you offer.

Yeah just Kelsey, which is that's right, then when no one comes into our door and then she things that they might be pregnant.

She might be pregnant. We offer pregnancy tests with a registered nurse and she can talk to her about the health effects in all of that on her body and for the baby and and then we offer ultrasounds and said that it's women mothers can see that baby inside of then and see the heartbeat and see sometimes the fingers and the toes even on Excel.

It's a real great thing that were able to do and then we offer resources on if they need medical care and what have you. We can't provide that we don't have doctors on staff that we do have referrals for them as well is diaper roof. It's a Bible study if it's open. Ultrasound is a pretty suggest this is just really it's you love the fact you Salem persecutors you're going. People are neither struggling as you amend are struggling husbands are boyfriends but there's there's people in the Lord, you'll you're trying to say we want to be a big open arms right and share the love of Christ with that is so cool.

Okay, so now there's some big coming on I got a grimace because this is all just crazy how big are already wealthier on the grant. But you're telling me that… So show this to you so you deliver no right duck dynasty. What is to Salem pregnancy was September 27. You guys have talked about this is bigger got his big poster you what's going on with Seattle. We got the beardless brother I was out about the beardless brother is Kevin Allen and Lou and his wife Lisa Robertson are common here to Winston-Salem on September 27 to the Benton convention center and we are there going to speak to us about kind of their own past issues and speak about life as well and on station does close on September 24.

Well it's not too late yet, but close. Guys goes Dody go to this thing also.

I just little 52nd room will be more okay to be a really exciting evening. I think these are awesome speakers and work and have a pretty full room. I think two sets can be great is going to be about house so Ellen Lisa Robertson about your lotto relationships marriage is important family and really report Christ right like that of the whole still be an enjoyable time. But but but y'all are making it very clear. You need people to come also to support this thing.

If your church is now were okay.

Maybe your your listing this in Iowa. Maybe your listeners in Utah or Richmond or Florida but wherever your churches speed imports just putting a little bit about your side for the local bright green oak creek care center going to talk on pregnancy yet.

We have a lot of services but it does cost quite a bit of money to run a services sell our goal at our benefit dinners $140,000 and I will say that every dollar raised at the benefit dinner this year is going to go directly to our mission because our dinner is completely paid for and I think I might actually be the first time that's ever happened.

So this is really big on the community is really speaking and saying that this is important and that sale hundred and $40,000 and only represents about four and half months of our yearly budget and that it is our largest fundraiser on and this pays for our ultrasounds and for the pregnancy tests and for our staff and we got 44 volunteers sale and we we have a small staff of five people that 44 volunteers, and those are just active volunteers. It's your client, you got more volunteers and that that do everything from cleaning the center to helping put up our website so you're not like a giant staff of people you want to get people to come out to support to someone to give you a thousand bucks. Talk about elected help. I don't show piece of equipment are great is all going toward like where's the money go to a real try to raise money fundamentally just all these new drug guys directly to our mission. Our mission is to you on speak God's love into these women's hearts so the mission and Salem pregnancy care center is to have a lot of God and in furtherance of the gospel of Jesus Christ to empower women to educate teens and to provide healing. So cool were so grateful what you're doing what you chose whether to someone is stuck will know who to turn to. And you know that there there maybe. Maybe one of their kids got for wedlock and there's a lot of shame, a lot of you soon.

As soon as you're trying to say is not what your what's your message of grace. Other latte.

The message of grace is that you know wherever you're at God can meet you there and I don't know what state you're listening and that there is a crisis pregnancy center in every state and so my prayer for you is that you would reach out to them and let them walk this journey with you. Let them help you with resources. It's an aunt got nonjudgmental environment and again I'm not there and take your choice away. They are to make sure that you understand what your choosing and I just want to walk this journey with you and most of the centers.

I know we do. We offer a long-term program to walk with a mother he chooses life and see you.

In fact, we have a program called the hit program. Raman can stay in the program into her child is 15 months old that if they come into the program. About seven or eight weeks pregnant with pregnant which is it the typical time we see women there in our program for about two years and so we offer this long-term stability, long-term support system and we try to meet their practical needs so you can do it and just reach out and seek help and and don't be afraid because you need that help you need someone to walk along this journey with you and just someone to, you know, kind of bounce you know kind of you.

I know you're maybe being overwhelmed right now a semi different thoughts and things you think that you can't do it, but I know that you can you can do it and with God's help, you can do it and that's what pregnancy centers. Therefore, to help you and this is who's on the other end of the phone if you call 336-060-3680 to go to this dinner with duck dynasty which is coming up like Sunnis of the 27th 2018 to get some help to call about a friend just to come over.

It's it's no one's going to judge you or be Muses were sure the love of Jesus, and encourage you Salem is their website. Find out about the dinner there as well say the 336-760-3680 and learn more truth there will put some stuff there, it will try to tweet some and we got the grant going crazy here to go was a guy six what you think it will see if there

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