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Roy Jones

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January 20, 2023 7:00 pm

Roy Jones

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 20, 2023 7:00 pm

Stu interviews Roy Jones about the informative and fun event "The Intensive"  listen to find out what great speakers will be attending.


This is the Truth Network. Again, thank you so much for being a blessing in this event.

I know you've got a lot of folks that have signed up. What can people expect of this event? Kind of set the tone for us. What are y'all praying God does at this event?

I know you've got a lot of prayer warriors on their knees just asking God to do special things here. The invitation Lee Strobel was a couple fold there. We felt like he could bring a perspective from an unbeliever, non-believer that some people may need to hear from. You know, he was an atheist and his wife got saved. He spent the next two years after she got saved and he thought she had joined some sort of cult. So he spent the next two years doing all the investigative research to prove the Bible, prove the theory of Jesus wrong and it just was a hoax. And at the end of that two years he realized that it wasn't and he became a believer as a result of the evidence. So our thought was that people would have an opportunity to bring those that are maybe on the fence about making a decision or those who were totally atheists in their thought process to say hey look, come invest six or seven hours over a day and a half period find out what this is all about and let the evidence show you what truth is. And so that was part of the fold. What they can expect is to hear the case for Christ, the case for the Creator and also the unexpected journey. He's going to be doing three sessions and unfortunately as you know that General Boykin has had to go through a medical procedure on Saturday so he's not going to be present with us but his, Lee has agreed to do an extra session so people that come this weekend get to hear Lee Strobel three times on Friday night and twice on Saturday and of course the lay leaders and pastors can hear him at the lunches we're doing together on Friday as well.

So we'd love to have you come out. John Burns has an amazing story. She was born in Uganda. Unfortunately as a child she saw her dad, was executed by the change of government the new government that took over executed her father when she was a child went into witchcraft, has an amazing story about her journey our theme is, is God real? Does God love even me?

And what is God's plan for me? And that's kind of what we're laying out there for everyone and we did a co-ed conference so the men and women could hear the same message and basically it's about getting people moving forward for the kingdom as part of a following of Christ. Stu as you know we've got to be working for the kingdom we can't just be followers of Christ we've got to be working for the kingdom that's hopeful what people will take from the event. I love it Roy, I love it. I love everything about it I love the fact, you know it's been a men's event predominantly now you're making it co-ed so the men that have come before they can bring their wives now to the Friday night and the Saturday sessions and it can be just an encouraging time or bring mom, bring grandma, bring you know bring your kids and you've got a full lineup Lee Strobel, Case for Faith, Case for Christ, Case for the Resurrection you've got his great book Case for Christmas and now Case for Heaven which I know everyone's buzzing about we've interviewed him a little bit on Truth Talk with that last book and a lot of great, great vibes a lot of great feedback and momentum and we're doing a special lunch with Lee for Pastors and Leaders on that Friday the 27th so please friends go to all the information is there we're partnering up with of course Roy's wonderful ministry in addition to that we're linked up with Energized Ministries and WBFJ and some other friends to make this possible and we're just grateful Roy, you have seen the Lord work mightily through these events, you've got Nikita Kolov of course our mutual friend the Russian nightmare now the Devil's worst nightmare, what is it like for you Roy to see people respond, to see tears in eyes, to see people bowing before God giving their life to Christ confronted with the truth of God's word tell us what it's like for you to see all that Well I guess that's the ultimate opportunity to celebrate our Father, right, to see others come to know him and know that their eternal salvation is now locked in and that their life will never be the same from that point forward and it's, you know we've seen marriages healed we've seen father-son relationships restored, father-daughter relationships restored, we've seen friendships restored and people act just like you can almost visualize taking just an extremely heavy amount of burden and weight off of people's back when they've made that decision to follow Christ and it's just very very special Stu, as you know we do it because it's building the kingdom, we don't do it for our own gratification or satisfaction but when you see it, it just makes all the labor and the effort worthwhile when you know that one life has been changed which means generations have been changed. Amen, well praise the Lord, well thanks for what you're doing,, get your tickets, learn more about the lunch with Lee that we're doing and get to know Roy and what they're doing and get out there this week and it'll be a blessing, I'm telling you you'll be encouraged next weekend the final weekend in the month of January of 2023, Roy thanks for what you're doing brother you're a blessing, thank you Stu, appreciate the opportunity to share
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