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Fighting For Life!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 14, 2022 5:29 pm

Fighting For Life!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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July 14, 2022 5:29 pm

The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of life! Stu sits down with Steve Biondo, President of the Tim Tebow Foundation, at their world headquarters to talk about fighting for life and for our children.

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This is the Truth Network. Just moments ago, I heard the breaking news. The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of life. Now, why is this significant?

Well, for a lot of reasons. A lot of folks who are in heaven now have fought and shed their own blood to try to, in their life, to try to bring back a culture of life in our land. There's a foundation here. It's crazy who I had lunch with and who I'm hanging out with right now. These guys, if they're not about life, I don't know who is, but I'm with Steve Biondo and I'm in the Tim Tebow Foundation World Headquarters.

Steve, you heard the news about what I did, didn't you? Yeah, it's outstanding news. The defense of life is our job. It's our job. Anybody that is a part of the people of God who believe deeply in the fact that we are created as image bearers and everyone from conception to natural death is an image bearer, a precious, precious image bearer. All have the God-given right to be full of life, experience life, and to be that which God intended there to be. I'm grateful that this decision was made and we're thankful to be those who fight for life.

It's an epic moment in American history. It's sad that we're still in a country where we kill our own young, but I'm really encouraged by people like Tim Tebow, a man of God who hasn't let his success and fame go to his head. Rather, he's gone out there and shared the good news of Jesus. He's helping the helpless.

He's helping, and you guys are involved in all kinds of things. If you could summarize, Steve Yondo, the president of the Tim Tebow Foundation, TTF. I'm here in Jacksonville, Florida. We have an awesome stations down here that are hosting me today.

The Truth, 91.7 FM Jacksonville, 91.3 Brunswick, Georgia, just above us here, north of us, and then 91.9 St. Augustine going all the way down that area, Nakatee, all those areas. Steve, what is the thrust? What's the mission here of the Tim Tebow Foundation?

Yeah, it's real simple. We want to fight for those who can't fight for themselves. So you're working with the most vulnerable people on the planet, and when you think about unborn children, right, they can't fight for themselves, and they need the people of God to fight for them. They need righteous warriors to fight for them, to be their voice, voice of the voiceless. The Tim Tebow Foundation is involved deeply in fighting for those who can't fight for themselves, orphans, and those who have special needs, children with life-threatening illnesses and profound medical needs, and then as well, those who are trafficked against their will in the human trafficking space and in the online sexual exploitation space of children.

And so we just go into chaos. We have an amazing team of staff here. I mean, TTF, by God's grace, has grown to serve now in 73 nations. We've got these four areas of focus that are all about people who are very, very vulnerable. In fact, we kind of think of ourselves as working for the most victorious person on the planet, Jesus Christ, the MVP, right, the most victorious person on the planet, but we're fighting for the other MVPs, the most vulnerable people on the planet. I love that, and that's who Jesus Christ came to save and restore on this rescue mission, and it started with you and me, right? We talked about this earlier. As soon as I start looking at my brow, you know, my brow down on all these, how bad these people are, how are you, all these pro-abortion people, all these people.

Wait a second. God saved me from what? He saved me from sin, and I'm only here as one beggar showing another beggar where they can find bread. How did you come to know Jesus, Steve?

And tell us real quick a little bit of your journey to doing what you're doing now with the Tim Tebow Foundation. Yeah, so fast story, gave my life to Christ at the age of 17. Grew up in a religious, you know, family, knew about Jesus. So I believe that there was a historical Jesus, born of a virgin, you know, went to a cross and resurrected from there.

I believed that, but I didn't believe in, and I just didn't understand the difference until one day at an athlete's conference through fellowship of Christian athletes, this wonderful pastor broke down the other guy on the cross, right? The guy who said, you know, Jesus, I believe you are who you said you are. I deserve to be here.

You don't. Today will you remember me when you enter into your kingdom? And Jesus is like, yeah, today you'll be with me in paradise. Like what? No, no works, no stuff to do.

Like what? And I understood that the thing that I believed about, I needed to believe in. So at 17 gave my life to Christ.

Of course, the entire trajectory of your life gets changed. So my heart at that point in time was literally fight for those who can't fight for themselves, but I was doing it in the space of like special Olympics. And God was using all these amazing kiddos to remind me that I have no right to complain that they can push through. I can push through. And so there was just the beginning of a journey that led me to desiring to put my, my heart, my hope, my skills, my gifts, even my life on the line for most of the most vulnerable people on the planet. So, you know, fast forward now had the chance to serve in big organizations, but my heart, my wife's heart were broken for children who are trafficked.
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